Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Case for Jewish-controlled MSM as Hate News or Ministry of Hate

The MSM has been called lots of things. Recently, the media have been mocked and ridiculed as ‘Fake News’ in light of all their lies & propaganda, conspiracy theorizing(about Russia Hacking), utter bias(in favor of Democrats), and spinning stories to fit the Narrative of PC rule-book compiled by Jews, Homos, and their cuck minions. But lies and BS aren’t as bad as what they are used for. After all, a lie is just a lie where as libel is more than just a lie. It is a mendacious attempt to smear someone’s good reputation. And if most lies are harmless, lies that lead to war and the deaths or suffering of millions are acts of evil. This is why it’s so important that the News Media remain objective(or try to be as much as possible), tell the real news in accordance to facts, and provide the proper context in which an incident or event has taken place. Especially in a democracy, we are supposed to trust the media because editors and journalists in a free nation are supposed to be committed to the truth without fear or favor. Now, if they want to dish out opinions, they can do so in the editorial pages, but the Core News must be based on objective facts and in a language that isn’t loaded with ideological bias -- consider a bogus term like 'homophobia' that implies anyone critical of homo culture is clinically sick in the head.

But we don’t have that kind of media, and in a way, the notion of ‘liberal democracy’ blinds us to the real nature of oligopolistic control of most of news and info. Now, even the much debased media in the West are still freer than most news in Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, China, and etc. But More Free doesn’t mean Truly Free, let alone truly honest. After all, if one person murdered ten people while another person killed five, the latter is less of a murderer than the former, BUT he too is a murderer than an innocent person. So, while the so-called Western Media are freer and more honest than outright propaganda organs in dictatorships where the state effectively controls or censors all media, we have to keep in mind that most of the media in the West are essentially Information Fiefdoms than Oases of freedom, courage, and honesty.

The Mass Media are expensive operations and can only be owned and controlled by those with Big Money. As such, they are more like Hollywood than missions devoted to truth and integrity. They are about stars and ratings, advertising dollars and big salaries. There is also ethno-monopoly of the media, especially troubling because the dominant Jews are only 2% of the population and filled with supremacist chutzpah against goyim around the world. Another pernicious myth we must bust is the notion of the journalist as a courageous truth-seeker who is willing to risk life and limb to get the truth. While there are indeed journalists like that, most members of the community are careerists with degrees from fancy colleges where the Narrative is favored over the Truth. Because most journalists are career-than-courage-minded, they will not upset the apple cart and risk being fired. If even a distinguished veteran journalist like Helen Thomas could be fired just like that, imagine what could happen to journalists on the bottom? Also, because most young journalists were trained under PC regimen, they see their main job as suppressing and snuffing out certain voices and views that run counter to the Jewish-controlled PC narrative. So, if there’s a honest critic of Jewish Power, these so-called journalists act like the Stasi and report on such people only to ‘dox’ them and get them fired from jobs. Journalism today is less about protecting one’s sources than outing people who disobey the Narrative so as to earn pokemon points to move up the careerist ladder. As so many journalist are Jewish, trained by Jewish professors or their cuck-collaborators, or seek favors from Jewish bosses — like US politicians suck up to their Jewish donors — , they play by the dominant rule-book without asking further questions. So, when it comes to White National Liberationists, all these journalists mostly ignore everything and just consult ADL(a Zionist Supremacist organization) and SPLC(an organization mainly funded by supremacist Jews). So, we have a Jew-run media ordering its Jewish-trained journalists to consult the ADL-SPLC handbook on what-is-what on certain hot-button issues. Jews are very incestuous in their use of power. It’s like Facebook and Youtube, both owned by Jews, hired ADL to shut down many pro-Palestinian and BDS voices. Jewish oligarchs conspire with Jewish supremacist activists to shut down views that run counter to the Zionist Narrative. There is a reason why the Jewish-controlled media especially target BDS & Palestinian National Liberationists and Alt Right & White National Liberationists. In order for Jewish Supremacism to remain in business, the national aspirations of gentiles must be crushed. So, whether it’s West Bank or the West in general, Jewish supremacist-imperialists seek to crush the dream of national liberation and emancipation of gentiles.
Anyway, a courageous journalist is as rare in the media landscape as a starving artist is in the most post-modernist art world. Today, most so-called artists don’t care about real Art or Meaning. They just pull some stunt to garner some attention to stoke their polluted egos or to cash in big time, like the loathsome Damien Hirst and the worthless Jeff Koons. Likewise, most journalists are children of affluent parents who attended fancy schools and want to work as hipster-propagandists who hang around privileged and ‘cool’ people in expensive cities like NY, Chicago, San Francisco, or DC. It’s more like joining a social club than committing one’s life to the truth no matter what the price. The mentality of your average journalist in the West is hardly different from that of the average hack who wrote for Pravda during the Cold War. Especially because the New Progressivism has grown so chummy with globalist oligarchs, Deep State, Deep Slate(the PC academia), and the military-industrial complex, we can’t expect so-called ‘progressive’ journalists to speak truth to power. If Jewish journalists mainly serve their tribal interests, the gentile ones have been hoodwinked by the Ideology and ‘Idology’ of PC to believe that the real dark power is in the hands of some hillbillies holding Confederate flags than by Zionist-Globalists who control Wall Street, Hollywood, Real Estate, Deep State, Ivy Leagues, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, NSA, and Law Firms to bend the will of all Americans toward serving EOJ or the Empire of Judea. So, while these journalists overlook the fact that Jewish Power utterly destroyed Libya, supplied arms to Alqaeda elements in Syria, and even recruited Neo-Nazi fighters to topple the regime in Ukraine, they throw hissy fits because some white people want to preserve the monuments and memory of men like General Lee. That is what PC indoctrination does to people. Their cartoonish caricature of history, plus the fact that they were raised on moronic Rap music with childish attitudes, sees everything in Manichean terms of Good and Evil. Since Jews are GOOD, even the worst things they do can’t be that bad. Since blacks are GOOD, they can burn down entire cities and beat up random people, and it’s no big deal. But if white people want to defend a monument to General Robert E. Lee and give speeches exposing the supremacist power of Jews? Since whites are deemed BAD, even sane and courageous things they do are deemed evil and must be shut down. So, it doesn’t matter that the Unite the Right rally did everything by the book and respected local authority. Their rally and scheduled speech had to be shut down on bogus pretext because the Jew-run PC narrative has deemed them as BAD. NO ONE in the Jew-run MSM looked into the facts of what really happened. Too many were trained neo-stasi dogs serving the Power. They were too blind to see anything but the Narrative. As for some journalists who did witness what really happened, they went along with the Narrative because they are, when push comes to shove, either committed to PC as their do-goody faith OR fearful of being canned if they were to report that it was the Jewish Mayor and the black police chief who sabotaged the event with extrajudicial means(with full support of the Jew-run and PC-infected media of course).

Anyway, the fact is most people working in journalism, from editors to managers to reporters, are little more than craven careerists who either proudly wear the same tribal boots as the Jewish media oligarchs or busily lick them them in rimjob fashion. As such, most of what they do reflects the biases of the publishers & top executives(and of course the ideological leanings of their Jewish professors in Journalism School). Now, what is the nature of the Jewish oligarchs & publishers and their commissar-managers? And what is their purpose of using journalists as essentially hitmen or assassins for the Narrative. There is all this controversy about Gun Control, but the Truth can be murdered by endless hit pieces by hack journalists hired to do the bidding of Jewish supremacist ADL and sleazy SPLC that has enriched itself with Jewish donor money in the name of fighting ‘hate’ that, oddly enough, tends to coincide with all the peoples, groups, and individuals hated by Jews. SPLC is indeed little more than Jewish-paid Hit Squad against people they hate for resisting Jewish Supremacist Power.

Jewish oligarchs who control most of ‘mainstream news’ use their stasi-like goons as death squads against truth and integrity. As such, the MSM is a Hate Industry that disseminates Hate News in accordance to the rabid virulence of Judea, or World Jewry. Of course, Jews often project their own hatred, paranoia, and lunacy on other peoples. It’s like the saying goes, "Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you." Whatever bad stuff Jews do, they are sure to blame OTHERS(especially those who resist Jewish takeover and domination) for the transgression. We see this in the Israel-Iran dichotomy. Iran is a signatory of the non-nuclear proliferation treaty. It has played by the rules. It has no nukes. And yet, it’s been accused of nuclear ambitions and hit with sanctions. In contrast, Israel never signed onto non-nuclear proliferation, has 300 nukes(and even shared nuclear weapons secret with South Africa then under Apartheid), and never allows any kind of inspection, BUT Jews like Netanyahu(and the entire Jewish elite community in the West) blame Iran for everything that Jews do. Jews also keep stealing land from Palestinians in the West Bank but bitch and whine about how Palestinians don’t accept Israel’s right to exist. Imagine that. Zionists wiped Palestine off the map in 1948 and then in 1967 stole Golan Heights(from Syria) and occupied the West Bank and has been stealing its territory ever since, BUT the Jew-run Narrative in the Jew-owned Media is "Palestinians don’t acknowledge Israel’s right to exist." How can any people be so foul? And by the way, it’s not just Neocon ‘extremist’ Jews but Liberal Democratic Jews. Indeed, the Democratic Party gets 50% of its funds from Jews(who make up 2% of the population), and even so-called ‘progressive’ Democratic politicians are tight-lipped about the plight of Palestinians while singing hosannas about Israel. When a people like that own most of the media in the West, it’s hardly an exaggeration to notice that much of MSM news is little more than HATE NEWS.
The following is typical of the Jew-run media. Palestinians in Gaza shoot ineffective homemade rockets into Israel that killed one person over a prolonged period, but the Jew-run media make a BIG DEAL of it, as if Israel is facing some ‘existential’ crisis. But when Israel bombarded the hell out of Gaza with major explosives and killed thousands, all the AIPAC-bought goy-cuck politicians pledged their allegiance to Israel while not expressing even the slightest sympathy for Palestinians. ABC News(run by Jews) reports, "Israel under Siege", when it fact, it’s Israel that’s been choking Gaza into Humanitarian Disaster, not to mention the Occupation of West Bank that is now heading toward total annexation and expulsion of remaining Palestinians into Jordan and Syria.

Thankfully, there are some truth-telling Jews like Norman Finkelstein, but MSM have effectively banned him(which is he has to share his views on alternative news sites deemed by MSM as ‘fake news’), and furthermore, the Jewish Power structure has conspired to deny him professorship in many institutions. Due to machinations of loathsome Alan Dershowitz and Zionist-supremacist ADL, Finkelstein was booted out of Depaul. One thing for sure, Hatred against Palestinians is compulsory in the US Narrative.

We need to call out on HATE NEWS for what it is. It is rabid, virulent, delirious, hysterical, toxic, noxious, odious, hideous, venal, demented, ugly, and downright murderous. It’s been said fish rots from the head, and it also hates from the heads. If Jewish hearts and minds hate, hate, and hate certain groups, peoples, and nations, then we too must share in the never-ending cycles of Two-Minutes-of-Hate(or Jew-Minutes-of-Hate). Just like dogs love or hate other creatures based on the wishes of their master, nearly all of US media and US politicians love or hate the world based on what’s in the thumbs-up-or-thumbs-down hearts and minds of Jews. Take goy dogs like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton, Nikki Haley, John Brennan, and etc. They hate exactly the same people and nations hated by Jews. Even Donald Trump, who ran against Neocon war-mongering and for improved relations with Russia, have found it impossible to maneuver against Jewish Hatred because Jews control all politicians, media, academia, and Deep State. The Jew-run Media machine is not about truth but the Power, that of Jewish supremacists. So, any improvement of relations with Russia is blasted by the Jew-run media as Trump being a puppet of evil Putin. Vile Jews spread so much hysteria and paranoia about Russia-Hacking and Russia-Collusion that they made it nearly impossible for Trump to work with Russia. Meanwhile, Jews go easy on Trump’s deranged yammering about Iran being the "#1 sponsor of terrorism"(a total lie as Iran cannot compete with US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel when it comes to supporting terrorism) because hating on Iran is good for the power of Judea.

Most people lack courage and autonomy. Paradoxically, many people grow more powerless as they gain more power... that is unless they reach the uppermost echelon of power and get to determine the Narrative and call the shots. Otherwise, in order for them to rise, they must play the rules as established by the uppermost power. Because Jews have the elite-most power, all those who want to move up the ladder of power and privilege must toe the Jewish-supremacist line. This is why a totally powerless man like Solzhenitsyn had more freedom and autonomy as an individual than the powerful commissars who served Stalin. To keep their positions, they could not say or even dare to think anything that deviated from the Official Line. Consider James Damore. He was fired from Google for his honesty. In contrast, Sundar Pichai, the dotkin Google CEO is raking in superbucks. But Damore is a free man who can speak his mind whereas, Pichai, in serving his Jewish masters(in the way his forebears served British Imperialists), mustn't mutter anything that upsets the official narrative of the company, no matter how bogus it is.
The less powerful can have more power to think freely, whereas the more powerful must watch what he thinks and says lest he lose his position, to which he is cravenly attached. That has been the one saving grace of having nothing and being oppressed. At least your soul is free from the craven rat race of status and privilege. The great evil of communism was that it tried to rob individuals of even this last refuge of pride and dignity. In George Orwell’s 1984, it’s not enough to arrest and lock up Winston Smith. He must be made to love Big Brother... sincerely. Maoist madness used similar methods to break down dissidents and ‘class enemies’. Break them not only in body but in spirit.
And Jews are no different. It’s not enough for Jews to gain dominance and make goyim comply politically and economically. Jews use PC to take over the very souls of white folks and make them hate their own kind. And Jews promote interracism to totally break white male pride by turning white males into cucky white boys who welcome ACOWW(Afro-Colonization of White Wombs) and promote Homomania as the new religion to totally break the power of Christianity.

Anyway, let’s look at the ways in which Jewish-controlled MSM serves as Hate News, fanning the flames of hostility and contempt against nations and peoples(even within the US) with whom most of us would have no problem with IF NOT for the supremacist agenda of globalists.

1. Hate News propaganda against Iran. There is no reason why Americans and Europeans should have a beef with Iranians. Iran did go through an anti-American phase but only because the US had installed Shah as puppet after the 1953 CIA-instigated coup. Furthermore, the US urged Saddam Hussein to attack Iran and instigate a war in which over a million people died. But over the years, Iran has normalized and wants to do business with the world and get along in peace. If Iran gets along with Christian Russia and Neo-Confucian China, why couldn’t it get along with the West? Indeed, Iran has never opposed doing business with the West. If anything, the sanctions have been imposed on Iran by the West at the behest of Jews who want to cripple the Iranian economy because Iran, with its population and talent, has the potential of becoming the other great power in the region. So, Jewish Power has used its control over the Media to spread Hate News against Iran. We are told over and over that Iran wants to ‘wipe Israel off the map’. Iranian leaders never said such thing. All that was said is the Zionist REGIME will fade away in time. This was twisted by the US media as ‘Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map’. This BS was picked up by both moron Conservatives and idiot Liberals. Just like the mania about Russia Collusion despite total lack of evidence, the lie about Iran wanting to wipe Israel off the map has become a viral lie that is repeated over and over. Now, it’s understandable why whore politicians would, in obeisance to Jews, bark at Iran like good little attack dogs of Zion. But it’s incredible that the so-called Liberal Media either report lies about Iran or remain silent even when they know full well that politicians are lying about it. Also, why haven’t the media hounded the GOP for its ties with Sheldon Adelson who actually called for a nuking of Iran? Jews say Trump is ‘deranged’ but overlook the fact that a total Zionist nutjob has such influence over the GOP.

We don’t want to hate Iran, a nation with a rich and proud history. We don’t want to bark at another people because Jews order us to. We need Moral Autonomy in deciding what nations/people we like or dislike. We need to break free of the Jewish leash. We need to stop hating a nation and people simply because Jews hate them. If anything, we should hate Jews for forcing us to hate another people who never did us any wrong. Jews must stop forcing us to hate other peoples.

2. Hate News Hysteria against Russia. There is ONE reason why Judea(or World Jewry) hates Russia. Judea wants to rule everything. Judea took control of the US, the most powerful nation on Earth. That means Judea indirectly also rules over EU, Japan, and much of Latin America that take directives from the US. So, if Judea wants to spread degenerate Homomania all the world, it does so through American Power. Judea has a power base in Russia too, but it failed to take over the entire nation though not for lack of trying as, in the 1990s, Jewish oligarchs took near total control of the Russian economy and its whore politicians. Jews also bought up most of the media and spread globalist propaganda as ‘liberal democratic news’. When Putin’s resurgent, albeit moderate, nationalism foiled the Jewish attempt to take full control of the nation, Judea used Homomania as proxy. But Putin sided with the Orthodox Church and nationalists to block the Culture War waged by Jews. Jews have been fuming at Russia ever since.

The Russian example angers Jews for several reasons. Unlike smaller European nations that rely totally on world trade(under the helm of US that is controlled by Judea), Russia has enough natural resources to survive economic hibernation caused by sanctions. Also, having been targeted by the West, Russia naturally drew closer to China and Iran. As an ally of Iran, it helped defend Assad’s regime in Syria. This infuriated Jews even further. Also, Russian nationalism and traditionalism run opposite the deracinating globalist agenda pushed by Judea and the George-Soroses of the world. Jews fear that the Russian example might inspire white people in EU and America. So, Judea uses MSM to spread all sorts of Hate News against Russia. Everything Jews said about McCarthyism is true of Judea’s War on Russia, except Jews are 100x more hysterical than McCarthy and ‘Red Baiters’ ever were. Furthermore, whereas the anti-communists were at least correct about Soviet infiltration of the US government, everything that the Hate News has said about Russia(hacking and collusion) hasn’t been backed by a shred of evidence. But, as they say, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Because Jews have near-total control of the media and are shielded from criticism because of the Jew Taboo of labeling anyone an ‘anti-Semite’, Jews have been able to mount this Hate Campaign against Russia in the vilest manner.

3. Hate News Agenda against Palestinians. Though Palestinians are hardly the only people to have experience tyranny and oppression, it’s a specially sad case because the power over them has the full backing of the most powerful nation on Earth and all the nations that rely on business with the US. They will pay lip-service in the UN and go for symbolism decrying the Occupation but take no meaningful action against Zionist tyranny and the US bouncer behind it. The US, which makes so much noise about how it must redeem for its sin of ‘racism’, has no qualms about backing Zionist imperialism and apartheid policies in West Bank. The US that says it had the right to drop bombs to kill millions in Japan(revenge for Pearl Harbor) and Vietnam(to contain communism) says the Palestinians have no right to use violence to defend what little they have left in the West Bank. When two skyscrapers were brought down in NY, the US had the right to invade an entire nation(Afghanistan) and then another(Iraq that had no hand in 9/11), BUT when a people have been mass-expelled from their own land and then forced to live under Occupation in the remaining territory that is being nibbled away by yet more Jewish settlements, they better choose the path of ‘peace’ and nothing else. (By the way, never mind that Zionists used extensive terrorism to create Israel.)

Yes, the US is an evil nation under the control of Judea. Not only do Jews do evil but they force the rest of us to collaborate in their evil. Not only do Jews hate so many peoples but they order us to bark along to share in their hate. The Jew-run media are so wicked that even bombed-out Gaza was reported as Israel by that idiot shikse whore Diane Sawyer.

4. Hate News Contempt for white Americans who defend the First and Second Amendment. Judea fears freedom of speech as it allows speaking truth to Jewish power. So, the Jew-run academia and media have been waging a campaign of Hate News against Free Speech. Jews say free speech that speaks truth to Jewish Power is ‘hate speech’. While there are extreme neo-Nazi types who blame Jews for everything, that is not what Jews are really after... though Jews try to conflate any white critic of Jewish Power with 'white supremacists'. Jews go after Alt Right for noticing that Jews rule America against white interests. Jews go after BDS speech for exposing the brutal occupation of West Bank and the economic strangulation of Gaza. Jews, being experts at projection, accuse their critics of hate that they feel themselves to any goyim who say NO to Jewish supremacism in the interests of gentile emancipation from stranglehold of the Judean python.
Jews also use Hate News to spew vile propaganda against NRA and law-abiding white Americans with guns. Jews hate the idea of gentiles having guns because Jews are only 2% of the population. So, Jews want to take away all our guns and make us defenseless against the armed state controlled by Jews. To take our guns away, Jews seek to abolish the Second Amendment. Jews accuse NRA for gun violence, but the three main reasons for the mayhem is Jewish soul-murdering of youth with vile degenerate culture, black pathology, and rising diversity(of mass-invasion-immigration pushed by Jews). Young people who come under Jewish cultural pollution lose their souls and become nihilistic. Blacks are prone to be violent due to evolutionary factors. And Diversity leads to more alienation, disorientation, and desperation. So, Jews push rap music, cultural filth, and diversity to create more social problems but then accuse the NRA and law-abiding gun-owners for all the problem. As the media are run by Jews, they spread Hate News against white Americans who own guns to defend themselves from (1) physically stronger and more aggressive blacks (2) the Judea-controlled state.

At Charlottesville, we saw how the First Amendment doesn’t mean a thing to the Jews. The Power violated the right of assembly and speech for patriots who were willing to call out on demented Jewish tyranny. When Americans’ right of First Amendment can't even be protected, there is only the gun as last resort for self-defense. But Jews want to take away your guns as well as your right to free speech.

Judea hates, hates, and hates white identity and white pride because white people with a sense of autonomy will toss away the mental chains of White Submissivism and chart their own destiny. Just like a rider is lost if a horse runs off on its own, Jewish supremacist power is nothing if the white horse tosses the Jew off its back and regains freedom. So, Jews use Hate News to berate, insult, and whip whiteness into submission. According to Jews, any white desire for emancipation from World Jewry is ‘white supremacism’. Once again, Jews project their own pathology onto another people. And this is why there is so much Hate News against whites. Even when whites did NOTHING WRONG in the death of black thugs, the Jew-run Hate News media blame whites. Judea would have us believe that George Zimmerman the mestizo-mulatto is a ‘white southerner’. The Hate News media had us believe that Michael Brown the big fat stupid Negro thug was some gentle giant who said ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ before being gunned down in cold blood by some white bigot cop. And then, Jews encouraged blacks all across America to hate on whitey with BLM hysteria. Jews control Hate News and use it thus to slander and defame whites.

5. Hate News sermonizing against true Christians and secular moral folks. Jews know that moral pride is a pillar of communal pride. Also, a people who are sure of their values and convictions have confidence and righteousness. Most real Christians believe in traditional spiritual values. And most normal and sane secular people believe in the morality and values based on nature and truth. Jews fear such sense of righteousness among Christians and the gentile majority. So, Jews pushed Homomania through their Hate News Network. Though sold as ‘love’ and ‘equality’, Homomania was a rabid and virulent hate crime against nature, normality, morality, sanity, history, and tradition. Homomania’s hatred for truth led people to believe a homo man’s anus is equally a genital as a woman’s vagina. From there, the demento-logic led to the idea that a man with penis and balls can be a ‘woman’ if so he feels. Such contempt, disregard, and hatred for the truth was unprecedented in history, but Jews got away with it because they have near-monopoly of media, academia, finance, law firms, and the Narrative.

Jews also created a hate crime against language by concocting a bogus term called ‘homophobia’. The term implied that if you find homo fecal penetration or trannies having their penis & balls cut off is gross, ugly, and disgusting, then YOU are suffering from a clinical malady. By abusing language, Jews waged a Hate War on truth and reason. But so many Americans, addicted to TV and celebrity, fell for the nonsense hook, line, and sinker. It was made all the easier because Jews committed a hate crime against the rainbow, a beautiful thing. Jews associated the sublime rainbow with homomania. Because people always felt a bit queasy about what homos do, Jews insisted that we call them ‘gay’ and then see rainbow-in-our-eyes on the topic of homos. As a result, so many Americans now feel that homosexuality and tranny business are about the rainbow than about homo fecal penetration and tranny dick-and-balls-mutilation.

When people are made rabid, they become filled with hatred for those who won’t bend over to the lunacy. And so, Homomania became a War on Christians as bakers and other businessmen who refused to service Homo Degeneracy such as ‘gay marriage’ were picketed, protested, and driven out of business. But then, the idea of ‘gay marriage’ was one of the greatest hate crimes in human history. Nothing is more important than the institution of marriage, and all the peoples around the world knew what it was about. But Jews waged a Hate War on marriage and associated it with homo fecal penetration, the ludicrous notion of ‘two mommies’ and ‘two daddies’, and trannies cutting off their dicks and balls.

Now, if Homos and Trannies want to practice their deviant kind of love in their own time and space, okay. But that was not what Homomania was about. It was the idea that what homos and trannies do have equal or even higher value that what happens among men and women who produce human life.

There are many more instance of Hate News by the Jews. And it is time that we call out on the vile, rabid, and virulent hatred of Jews that knows no bounds.

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  1. "Recently, the media have been mocked and ridiculed as ‘Fake News’ in light of all their lies & propaganda...Now, if they want to dish out opinions, they can do so in the editorial pages, but the Core News must be based on objective facts and in a language that isn’t loaded with ideological bias...But we don’t have that kind of media..."

    I agree wholeheartedly. And WHY don't we have that kind of media? Remind me again, what party was it that proposed doing away with the Fairness Doctrine? Oh, that's right. The REPUBLICANS, led by Saint Reagan. And who, as a member of the Reagan administration, was the "media consultant" that pushed Ronnie into eventually abolishing said Fairness Doctrine? Oh, that's right, it was none other than ROGER AILES; founder of Fox "News", the granddaddy of all phony "news" outlets.

    My point being that ALL American MSM is a joke, but the left certainly doesn't have a monopoly on biased journalism. The right INVENTED the whole "lets pass our opinions off as news" paradigm. Hell, as I noted in the paragraph above, Ailes went so far as to RIG THE SYSTEM in order to make his lies easier to implement.