Monday, March 5, 2018

We Need Fun Control More than Gun Control - Dead Souls Will Lead to More Bullet Holes

Soul-dead Nikolas Cruz of Parkland School Massacre

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need guns. We wouldn’t have to protect ourselves and our property from criminals. And we wouldn’t have to take up arms against government tyranny. But our world isn’t perfect. So, good people need guns to protect themselves from bad people, the criminals and outlaws. And, freedom-loving people needs guns and vigilance against a government that can grow abusive and tyrannical.

It would be nice if only good guys have guns, but unfortunately, bad guys have guns too. In Western movies, both the lawmen and outlaws have guns. In HIGH NOON, good guy with a gun squares off against bad guys with guns. If the world was made up of only good guys and bad guys, most people would see the need for guns. Since bad guys use guns to commit crime, we need good guys with guns to fight the bad guys. Also, if there was only freedom and tyranny, we could support the right of free peoples to be armed to fight the forces of tyranny. Unfortunately, there are many grey areas between freedom and tyranny. After all, the US is a democracy with many freedoms, but many powerful forces in politics, media, and business, even as they expound on freedoms and rights, maneuver and manipulate to curtail our liberties and rights to maximize their own positions and power. And in our morally relativistic and even nihilist state of culture, there are too many grey areas between good and bad.

If we had two sets of people, the good and the bad, we would know who the friends are and who the enemies are. Bad people are rational actors just like good people. They are criminal and mean to do us harm. They are not crazy even if they may be empty in soul or low in character. They want a short-cut to something they want, and so they resort to crime. In contrast, good people play by the rules and don’t want to do something that will harm or hurt others. So, if there are bad people, the criminals and outlaws, who mean to do us harm, then we need good people to be armed with weapons to fend off the bad people.
In a world of good people and bad people, most people are rational actors. Good people know the importance of rules and understand why it’s necessary not to hurt or harm others. In contrast, bad people know the rules(and even their importance to society) but violate them because they only care about themselves. Rational bad people know they are bad, and they know they’re doing bad things. Some of them even take pride in being bad, like the hoodlums in GOODFELLAS. We know bad people when we see them. While criminals and gangsters may try to hide what they are doing or pretend to be law-abiding citizens, their true nature emerges sooner or later. They repeatedly commit acts of crime, and many of them make crime their main profession.

But what about soul-dead people? These people are not necessarily bad in the classic sense. They don’t intend to commit crime, and some of them never committed a crime. They don’t intend to be criminals, and they may even despise career criminals, thugs, and bullies. They may not want to be bad or even think of themselves as bad. And because they aren't obvious thugs or criminals, they could easily count as ‘good people’ based on superficial criteria. Some of them might have emotional or psychological issues, but the problem may seem surmountable or manageable with drugs or counseling. But what if their souls are damaged beyond repair. Could it be genetics? Some people are indeed born sick and crazy in the head. Could it be due to trauma? This too is possible. Some people who’d been horribly abused can turn out crazy, though not necessarily harmful to others. While some people are naturally crazy for genetic reasons(or from some disease like brain tumor that might distort one’s personality), there are people who are borderline disturbed but not predestined to act monstrously. Such people are likely to feel alienated from their peers and the community. This disconnect is bound to lead to some degree of hostility toward the community, even if stemming from paranoia or self-aggrandizing delusions of persecution. Yet, if the community is sound, stable, moral, and shaped by family-and-church life, the disturbed person is less likely to feel lost. The stability of the community may exert some pressure on him to be as normal and balanced as possible. Also, a community with morals and values will appear less mocking. Judgmental perhaps, but a person who feels judged tends to be less furious than who feels mocked, taunted, and humiliated. When judged, there is a sense that the community is admonishing him to be a better person. Even if unpleasant, there is a sense that the community cares and wants him to improve himself. In contrast, when someone feels mocked, the humiliation is total. It’s as if the community itself is corrupt and sadistic, indeed irredeemable. It celebrates its own excesses and mocks someone for not being ‘cool’ enough to be part of the orgy. Why is the eponymous character of CARRIE so distraught when she is splashed with pig blood at the prom? She feels mocked by some of the kids, and then imagines that EVERYONE, including the sympathetic teacher, is laughing at her. When Carrie did poorly at sports, and others jeered at her, it was nasty business, but there was at least the hope that if she improved her game, others might like her more. In other words, it could be construed as pressure upon her to be a normal girl. But what happened at the prom was something else. She came dressed properly, and she did everything right. But some nasty bitches doused her with pig blood, and then, some kids began to laugh. In shocked horror, she began to hallucinate that the entire school, all the students and all the teachers, were mocking her. And it was then that all her frustrations turned into full blast of fury.

In our soul-murdering culture, the nodes of insult, mockery, and humiliation have sprouted into something unseemly and monstrous. It has spelled doom for humanism, and what we are left is a culture of all-around contempt, cruelty, and sadism. It is all the crazier since so many voices and expressions that claim to speak for ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’ are themselves just more ugly dementia. Take something like Rap music. We are told that rappers are messengers of truth. Some even go so far as to say they are poets and prophets who inform and warn us of what is going on. But in fact, rappers are celebrants and debauchers of filth, ugliness, and degeneracy. They are not commenting on social sickness or moral degradation but flaunting it, amplifying it, and overflowing with it, like a backup toilet spewing shit and piss. After all, there’s a difference between a film like GOODFELLAS that honestly observes the world of the gangster and SCARFACE(especially the remake) that wallows in gangsterism. Whether one defends SCARFACE as being very good for its kind or not, one cannot say it’s an honest, sober, and moral commentary on the problem of crime and drugs. It is a celebration of thuggery, lunacy, and dementedness. Likewise, rappers are neither moral nor serious in their conveyance of the world they know. It’s not the equivalent of folk music of the past that despaired of social problems and called for reform. Those folks songs didn’t wallow in the problems they addressed. In contrast, rappers completely overlook the fact that their very attitude is the problem in the black community: An attitude of arrogance, thuggery, greed, crassness, immaturity, egotism, sadism. There is no selfless sense that one could help others or unite with others for common action. Instead, the main emotions are egotism and petty-tribalism of the street gang. It’s about "muh bling, muh guns, muh hos." Or, it’s about "muh crew" against all other crews. Rap culture doesn’t address the problems poverty, crime, gangsterism, and degeneracy. It wallows in those things. And its only vision of rising out of poverty is to sell drugs and murder the competition and drive in a limo with lots of ho's and blings.
Eminem and the nihilism of cleverness. Because he's clever at twisting phrases filled with four-lettered words, he is to be treated as the Mozart of our age. Never mind the utter bankruptcy of his imagination.

There’s nothing in Rap that addresses social issues in the manner of ON THE WATERFRONT or ‘The River’ by Bruce Springsteen. The emotional level of Rap is 13 yrs old tops. It’s like Bam-Bam on FLINSTONES, pure babytalk, foul-mouthed nursery rhymes of black kids with arrested mental and emotional development whose attitude is utter lack of curiosity or reverence for anything. And yet, these punks who respect no one and nothing demand that they be respected by society. And why? Because they are for ‘social justice’? But what is their idea of ‘social justice’? Celebration of thuggery, pathological narcissism, self-aggrandizement, sadism & cruelty, animal-style lust, utter shamelessness, and mockery of others.
Now, rap culture is bad as it is, but the truly demented thing is our soul-dead social culture would have us believe that rappers are the poets and prophets of America. Likewise, degenerate punk culture was promoted in the UK as the legitimate voice of the working class, and guess how that turned out? Trash culture like punk, heavy metal, and rap is bound to be corrosive and degenerative — though, to be sure, even ugly genres do produce their share of worthy songs — , but their impact is far worse when they are peddled as the righteous voice of truth, justice, and meaning. Imagine an entire generation of people raised on the idea that rappers are poets and prophets. That very generation also grew up to the nihilism of Quentin Tarantino the anal-wart-head. While one can admire Tarantino’s cleverness of dialogue, chronology, and style in a movie like PULP FICTION, it was plain-as-day that it was an utterly soul-dead and soul-destroying work. But even critics hailed it as if it was the second coming. This was different from the controversial defense of films like BONNIE & CLYDE, THE WILD BUNCH, and LAST TANGO IN PARIS. Films can be dark, disturbing, and even demented but still impart a tragic sense of life. In other words, life is not a game or stunt. There is a real price to pay even for those who treat it as a game. In contrast, the glib-smug-retarded hipsterism of PULP FICTION just flicked the middle finger, stuck it up an ass, pulled it out and licked it. Worse, PULP FICTION pretended to have a point when it had none. And the generation of boomer critics and Gen X idiots treated it like the greatest film since CITIZEN KANE.
Now, one can argue that nihilism and degeneracy have value in allowing creativity to run wild and free, unshackled from chains of moralism, normality, and standards. Even so, the fact remains that nihilism and degeneracy are still nihilism and degeneracy AND should be seen as such. They can never be the premise of morality, truth, and justice. Style isn’t substance. But PULP FICTION is the movie where the sheer power of style redeemed or render irrelevant the absence of moral substance. If you speak gibberish loudly and colorfully enough like Samuel L. Jackson did in the movie, it must be Da Truth. The same logic is behind those black students 'winning' college debates. Not with facts, reason, and persuasion but by sheer volume and circus-clowning.

And the same logic applies to the ‘morality’ of rap. Because rappers are so loud and seem to ‘passionate’ in their anger, sheeeeeiiiiit, they must have something BIG to say. It reminds me of what Eddie Murphy joked of James Brown: "Whatever James is saying is some real heavy shit to James." So much of black culture is about volume and outrage than real meaning. The whole nonsense of BLM ran on hysteria. Blacks just wanted to feel morally justified, especially as they noticed that homos and trannies were suddenly getting all the love.

But then, homomania too is degeneracy and debauchery that got so far with nothing but mindless pageantry, revelry, hype, and hysteria. It never made a logical, factual, moral, or rational argument. Instead, cynical power-hungry Jews came up with bogus terms like ‘homophobia’ to mute and suppress any study or statement critical of homosexuality. We were supposed to take on faith that it’s totally rational to insist that homosexuality is the New Normal while those who find homo fecal penetration to be gross and unhealthy were to be deemed as ‘irrational’ and clinically sick in the head. And then, Jews in Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Silicon Valley poured billions and billions into promoting Homomania as the new religion of the West: a neo-christianity or Queertianity that would owe its success and allegiance mainly to Jewish supremacists. It was bad enough to have promoted homomania as sheer decadence but it was utterly soul-destroying to promote it as the new morality and even new spirituality. So, we were supposed to believe that there is something rainbow-magical about homo guys doing fecal penetration, lesbians poon-grinding each other, or trannies getting injected with artificial hormones and going to doctors to have their natural and healthy genitals mutilated and altered to be the ersatz-genitalia of the opposite sex.

When decadence and degeneracy spread excessively, society grows sick. But worse, when decadence and degeneracy are promoted by the ruling elites as the New Morality, New Meaning, New Truth, and New Holiness, it is an act of mind-murder and soul-murder. The US, under Jewish-supremacist control, is a soul-dead nation.

Now, I’m not saying that people who believe in ‘gay marriage’ will go out and kill people. But a society with such degenerate value system has no idea what real truth, real morality, and real spirituality are. And a society that takes seriously the notion of 50 genders has no idea of what real identity is. It can’t tell fact from fantasy. It can’t tell man from woman, citizen from illegal(now called ‘dreamers'), pop culture from pornography, real Africa from Wakanda, real news from fake news, and so on. For so many confused young people, the current culture makes no sense OR nonsense is the new sense. How can young people have any grounding in reality when the elites say 7 billion around the world should just pour into the US? How can young people have meaning when spirituality is now linked with guys indulging in fecal penetration? We have illegals breaking and entering BUT, with the blessing of the Jewish globalist elites, accusing America of committing injustice against them. We have Jews and homos desecrating the meaning of marriage but accusing the defenders of true marriage as ‘immoral’. Christian bakers are attacked and destroyed by state and federal authorities for their courage and morality of not taking part in utter degeneracy. The lying Jew-run media spin the story as "bakers refuse to serve homos" when those bakers are happy to sell pastry and cakes to anyone. They simply refuse to lend their hand to an utterly disgusting degenerate act that would associate marriage with homosexual and tranny behavior of fecal penetration, genital mutilation, and other sexually deviant behavior that goes against the laws of nature.

A lot of young people, in their need for meaning, decide to become teachers’ pets and go whole hog on PC, Homomania, Afromania, Diversity, and anti-white politics. After all, haven’t their teachers, the media, elite academia, and celebrities(mostly brain-dead idiots whose worldviews have been coached by Jewish supremacists and homo elites) said over and over that the three holies are Jews, homos, & blacks specifically and Diversity in a vague general way? (If we compare blacks and Mexicans, the former are appreciated for their specific success in sports and music, whereas the latter is appreciated in the generic sense of being part of Diversity that is useful to Jews in their war against whites.) But because these New Normals are so empty in calories, so devoid of meaning and substance, and so illogical and contradictory, they can only be sustained with constant hysteria, shrieks, bombast, and chimpouts.

It’s like the lunacy of radical Maoism in the Cultural Revolution. There was so little there-there that only mass mania could keep the movement going. Now, let's suppose millions of youths were encouraged to think critically of what’s in the Little Red Book and Mao Tse-Tung Thought. They would find it to be thin gruel, indeed even something to laugh at. Since Maoism couldn’t be sustained by real thought, real values, and real evidence -- its impact on China in the Great Leap Forward was devastating --, it could be sustained as the Faith of the Land only by endless hysterics, rallies, and exhortations. And of course, with endless purging of nay-sayers and then suspected nay-sayers.

The obvious truth doesn’t need to be backed by hysteria. One merely needs to demonstrate why 2 + 2 = 4 is true. But in order to convince people to believe 2 + 2 = 5, there has to be hysteria, mania, terror, and/or the leave of sanity & senses, because any cursory examination by fact and logic would show that the calculation is false. The reason why PC is so hysterical is because, at its very core, its purveyors know it’s BS. Because Jews gave us PC and because their power relies on it, they use their media might to promote hysteria and fill people’s minds with a cartoonish view of reality. It’s no wonder there are so many ‘hate hoaxes’, and then, even when the hoaxes are exposed, the PC machines grinds on to somehow justify the hoax as a ‘teachable moment’.

Indeed, this was why the rally at Charlottesville was shut down by PC forces(orchestrated by Jews). It wasn’t because the rally was about ‘hate’ or ‘white supremacism’ even though, to be sure, there were unsavory elements there. It was because Richard Spencer and some others were to give speeches about the REAL nature of power and control in the US. Jews and PC have no rational or factual arguments to rebut the claims of the Alt Right, so they resorted to state tyranny and antifa thug violence to shut the rally down and then unleash a slew of desecration of Southern monuments. Hysteria piled upon hysteria is the only way PC can be sustained. So, every ‘micro-aggression’ is worthy of rabid outrage. We need ‘culture wars’ on Halloween and Chinese-sounding salads in the cafeteria. We need endless ‘hate hoaxes’ with KKK and Nazi swastika vandalism, most of them done by Jews, blacks, and antifa idiots. And the reason why trannies are so crazy is because, under factual scrutiny and rational examination, the idea that sex is just a ‘gender’ to be decided by one’s wish-fulfilment is plainly absurd. It’d be like an ugly person imagining himself or herself to be beautiful. To sustain the myth of his or her beauty, there would have to be nonstop hysteria because, minus the hysteria, we would soon revert to and regain our normal senses and see the person for what he or she really is: ugly. Consider that fat ugly boy king of North Korea. He looks like the Pillsbury Doughboy with slanty eyes. But in North Korea, he has to be regarded as ‘hot stuff’ and genius-visionary. Such an illusion can only be sustained with hype, hysteria, and threat of severe punishment for anyone who notices that the emperor wears no clothes. If anyone in North Korea said, "Sometimes I do... notice Kim is just a fat ugly princeling brat", imagine what would happen to him. Kim’s goons and the public would tear him limb from limb because the unifying myth of North Korea is "Kim is genius and hot stuff".

Now, the US is far freer nation than North Korea, but the sort of people who run the system are just as cretinous. Indeed, if not for Constitutional guarantees and checks & balances — if indeed Jewish supremacists could do anything they as pleased — , the US wouldn’t be much different from North Korea. If Jewish Supremacists could have everything as they wished, the Supreme Court would be all Jewish, there would be just one party, BDS would be criminalized, Alt Right would be sent to prison, First Amendment and Second Amendment would be gone, all alternative media would be shut down as ‘fake news’ or ‘Russian propaganda’, and all white women would be pressured & encouraged to have babies with non-white men, especially blacks.

Just look at education, TV commercials, TV shows, movies, music, and etc., and it’s obvious that Jewish supremacists have no regard for freedom, rights, or truth. They only care about their own power, and if they could get away with it, they will resort to ANYTHING to get their way. And this craziness has rubbed off on feminism as well, but then, Second Wave feminism was a Jewish-led, Jewish-funded, and Jewish-promoted movement from the beginning.

The New Feminism is also such a lie that it can only be sustained with hysteria. It claims to be for equality but cares almost nothing for working class women and housewives. It has no concern for women of lower intelligence and ability. It is really focused on female elitism and praises only corporate women and privileged professionals(who do little but push PC dogma). Feminist elitism is about rising up the ranks to marry better kind of men. Feminism despises all men except elite men. If feminist elitists aren’t into love and marriage, they are about gaining wealth and privilege to live the life of self-indulgent princesses who can do as they please. Needless to say, a huge proportion of these rich bitches are Jewesses whose success, by the way, often rely on support of Jewish men.

Since most women don’t have the brains and skills to reach the top like Sheryl Sandberg and other higher-IQ Jewesses, they are sold on the dream of ‘empowerment’ via dressing and acting like privileged sluts on SEX AND THE CITY or skanks on GIRLS with blob-woman Lena Dunham. But acting like sluts and skanks without brains or ability doesn’t go very far in life, so there is now the #MeToo movement that would have women act like poor little victims of lecherous men.
Again, the sheer lack of logic and consistency in feminism necessitates its endless need for hysteria, mania, and lunacy. It has to be in PMS mode 24/7 because if anyone really sat down and thought about people like Sabrina Rubin Erderly, Emma Sulkowicz, and a gaggle of other slut-skank-feminists, he would realize what nonsense this New Feminism is all about. It’s about women saying it’s great to be sluts & skanks and seek empowerment by acting shameless and porny to allure men, but then, to go hissy pissy boo hoo hoo when they attract attention from the 'wrong' kind of men that don't live up to their fantasy of the ideal beau. But then, a lot of men accused by #MeToo deserved what they got. Many were unpleasant Jewish Liberals who, for the longest time, pretended to be champions of poor damsels who were supposedly held back from full empowerment because of the lecherous behavior of the Evil White Male. It turns out that Jewish Liberal Men have a special penchant for abusing, exploiting, and humiliating women, especially white gentile women.

Most young people who become intoxicated with PC don’t turn out to be killers. But their hysterical commitment to mendacity, lunacy, and degeneracy as the New Normal of Truth degrades the world around them. Also, even if most people into PC don’t go around physically attacking people, their culture of rabid virulent does generate a lot of social violence. BLM got so ugly and violent because of its benediction and support from PC. Antifa has been able to carry out so many hateful and violent acts because of protection of PC from media, academia, and government. At Berkeley, antifa thugs were given free rein by both the police, college administration, and city government to wreak havoc and shut down a planned speech by Milo. Charles Murray was met with thugs at a college where students screamed and threw fits simply because his calm and rationally argued truth was too ‘triggering’ to their neo-cultural-revolution hysterics. Such hysteria is founded paradoxically on the strongest conviction and most insecure fragility. For someone to believe that something is 100%, or 1000%, true, there mustn’t be the slightest tolerance of any counter-view that casts doubt on one’s holy of holies. Thus, every super-strong conviction is deathly afraid of the slightest evidence to the contrary. The evidence may not only weaken the conviction but totally destroy it. It’s like a crack in a dam may lead to more and more cracks until the water of truth tears it all down. Also, when something is so patently false, the ONLY way to maintain absolute conviction is to suppress the slightest hint of falsehood.

In a similar sense, the ‘greatest leader’ is also most anxious and fragile. If a leader is said to be good but fallible, it’s no big deal if people find out he’s not exactly superman. But if a leader is said to be so totally great and all-knowing, such an awesome reputation can be upheld only with mindless hype because the actual leader is so far removed from his cult of personality. This is all the more true if the leader happens to be utterly mediocre and second-rate, like Ceausescu of Romania. At least Napoleon had genuine greatness, which is why so many were willing to follow him even after his downfall. But when second-rate nobodies elevate themselves to the status of ‘great man’, the myth can be sustained only with total hysteria. It is ironclad fragility. Western institutions are like refrigerators to keep snowflakes frozen in summer.

The US, because of its electoral system, cannot have ‘great men’ in the mold of Stalin, Mao, Castro, and etc., but it has cults around icons and idols. In the past, such icons weren't sanctified with moral/spiritual revelry. Indeed, George Washington was admired for his modesty and temperance. So, the greatest icons of American history were meant to be admired than worshiped. And the great Anglo-American Founders wanted to be remembered that way.

But ever since the Jews took over all the media, they’ve been promoting cult of worship for men like MLK. Jews tend toward obnoxiousness, and blacks tend to toward self-aggrandizement. The MLK cult is combination of Jewish chutzpah and Negro bombast. And it has to be sustained as a religious cult because any cursory & rational look at King’s life shows him to have been a lecher, lout, leech, and low-life. Morally, King was hardly better than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. He was really just a jive-artist. But because he was at the head of what was admittedly a great social movement, so much of the hopes of America have been projected onto him. But such hopes were not realistic because the main problem of race relations in the US was not slavery or racial discrimination but the biological fact that blacks are naturally more aggressive, tougher, and less intelligent than whites. They are also more prone to psychopathy. For that reason, the white suppression of blacks was both unjust(from a constitutional point of view) and justifiable(from a biological point of view). Racial discrimination violated legal guarantees as expressed in the Constitution, but it made good sense from a bio-racial viewpoint because the tougher, rougher, and more aggressive black race posed a real social, criminal, and sexual threat to the white race. Whites understandably feared the Jack-Johnson-ization of America whereupon black thughood would totally destroy and humiliate white manhood — as white males are no match for tougher Negroes — and conquer & colonize the wombs of white women infected with ‘jungle fever’ as women’s main loyalty is to winner-men than to the tribe.

Anyway, even if the US political system prevents the rise of ‘great men’ such as Stalin or Hitler, the globalist-elite class has imposed the Cult of Icon. And the new icons are different from old ones. No one in America worshiped George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Andrew Jackson. Even Abraham Lincoln was not the object of worship. He was revered because of his leadership during a great tragedy and his assassination. As such, none of them constituted a cult.
But with John F. Kennedy, there was the beginning of a kind of cult, not least because Kennedy was the first telegenic, if not the first television, president. His youth, assassination, the next two troubled presidencies, and the Vietnam War created the myth that, "Had Kennedy lived, history would have been totally different." Kennedy was iconic in a way that most presidents were not. It’s like the fictional Nixon says in Oliver Stone’s movie. "People look at you and they see who they want to be. They look at me and they see what they are." There was much romanticism about Kennedy’s administration as ‘Camelot’, but the real myth-making came AFTER he was killed.
In contrast, the cult of personality around Obama had already been scripted and prepared by Jews long before he made inroads into politics. He was to be their Temple Negro. If Reagan was the first Hollywood actor as president, Obama was the first Hollywood production as president. After all, despite Reagan’s experience in Hollywood, almost no one liked him there. In contrast, Jews nurtured & cultivated Obama as their magical pet monkey, and they ran the 2008 campaign as one big Hollywood production. And Obama had trained himself to be charming but vague so that anyone could project their own dreams onto him. But given his utter emptiness and thinness as an individual and politician, the media had to lay on the myth thick and heavy because there was no there-there. Because Obama’s resume was so thin and because his promises were so vague, it had to be sold as a dream that would make people faint and pee their pants. As long as so many stupid Americans were distracted by Obamagic, Jews knew they could get away with much of anything. Since Obama is black, Jews knew the GOP couldn’t be overly harsh on him — like it was against Billy Boy Clinton — lest Republicans be accused of ‘racism’.
But even better, Jewish globalists knew that the ‘progressives’ and ‘leftists’ would mute their own criticism of Obama because he was a black guy. Being a bunch of cucks and/or Afromaniacs, those in the ‘progressive’ community would try their best to make Obama’s proto-Wakandan presidency a success. So, the Jewish overlords who pulled Obama’s strings could pretty much get away with their financial tricks & frauds and engage in more Wars for Israel. What were ‘progressives’ going to do? Denounce Obama and undermine a ‘historic presidency’?
After 8 yrs of Obama, it should be clear to any rational thinker that Obama was a Shamaba, a total sham & phony who shilled for Jews and homos. At the very end, he tried to be his own man and do something more daring. His Iran Deal was indeed good. And he finally slapped Israel on the wrist over West Bank, but it was too little too late. And to finally prove his blackness, he stepped up to the plate for BLM, but it totally blew up in his face because its premise was total PC hysteria. Indeed, even after Eric Holder combed through all the details of the incident at Ferguson, the fact was a white police officer simply shot a black guy for acting like a gorilla on PCP.

Anyway, since the US cannot have the tyranny of ‘great men’, especially after the amendment limiting the presidency to two terms after FDR’s long reign, we now have the tyranny of icons. And these neo-icons are dangerous because they demand worship, in contrast to the icons of the Founding Fathers who stood for values of modesty and appreciation of limits. George Washington was considered great precisely because he didn’t seek greatness or excessive power. He set a template for the rest of American history. But once Jews took over America, their prophetic personality and insatiable powerlust have led to the rise of tyrannical icons at whose feet we are supposed to kneel and worship. Worship the Magic Negro, worship the Holocaust-Zionist Jew, and worship the holy homo. And these Iron Icons can be erected and enforced almost overnight by the power of media, entertainment, celebrity, and legal decree. Consider how fast homosexuality went from a pariah to a pharaoh. Considered the overnight obeisance to the neo-iconic image of Bruce Jenner as the 'woman of the year'. Even comedians were deathly afraid to crack any joke about it.

For this reason, we need to focus less on individuals and more on icons. Indeed, Obama was much less a real individual who was being himself than a careful huckster who mastered the art of playing an icon scripted by Jews & orchestrated by homos. The real Obama was just some pimp jive-artist, just like a lot of homos are a bunch of wild deviants who go around ‘bunging’ one another all night long.

Since reality is often dispiriting and disillusioning(especially of false gods), Jews shroud their allies and puppets with 'insta-iconology'. What Jews learned from advertising(which they control) is that the pitch counts more than the actual picture. After all, how is that so many people persuaded into buying stuff they don’t need? Advertising. Why do kids want toys that they soon grow tired of? Because they watch ads that make the items seem special and magical. So, the power of ‘iconology’ can turn falsehood into truth and truth into falsehood. Consider how so many junk ‘art’ gained so much value. Why? While trash is just trash, if it is placed inside a prestigious art gallery and gushed about by 'experts', gee whiz, maybe it has value! So, even trash can be shrouded with holiness. In our current state of affairs when so many people have short attention spans, the hype and insta-sanctification counts more than the actual worth of the thing.

The hyper-‘iconization’ is so fast and furious that it doesn’t allow people to think.
Also, it comes with traps that forbid the noticing of truth. The main traps are ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, and ‘homophobia’ that discourage people from noticing and commenting that Jews are behind this nonsense, blacks are full of shi*, and homos indulge in behavior that is NOT holy or even decent. Even from the standards of animal-dom, fecal penetration is pretty gross. If men were threatened with being locked up in prison where female prisoners demanding sex, they might not mind so much. But the prospect of being locked up in prison with Tyrone or Bubba who demand fecal penetration... no man would like that except the likes of Milo and Andrew Sullivan who want to be Junglo-Saxons.

Anyway, we need to think seriously about the problem of dead souls in relation to the issue of guns. The problem is dead souls are among us. Dead souls are not like criminals who are OBVIOUSLY bad guys. Criminals are easily identified as people with arrest records who are prone to commit more crimes or become full-time criminals. Because their activities are so obviously criminal and brazenly anti-social, we can easily categorize them as bad people. And since they have illegal arms, it makes sense for good people to have legally purchased arms for self-defense.
But the issue of dead souls is different. Most of them are not criminal by nature or have extensive criminal records. Many have no criminal record at all. Some of them do have mental issues and/or have been medication but not necessarily deemed as dangerous or harmful to society. So, they can technically count as among the ‘good’ people. And as such, we might support their right to bear arms to defend the social order of good people. But one doesn’t have to be criminal to be monstrous or evil. And this is why pro-gun people must do some soul-searching and look for ways to prevent guns ending up in hands of soul-dead people. Thinking that soul-dead people are on OUR side because they don’t commit crime is to not see the tiger by focusing on the lion. In some ways, dead souls are even more dangerous than criminals because there is no sane rationale for their behavior. Criminals, as bad as they are, act logically. They want something for free. They want easy money, easy bling, easy sex(via rape). Soul-dead people, in contrast, act out their madness as a kind of psycho-drama that makes total sense in their warped minds but make no sense to most people.

And yet, the great irony is the question, "How can we condemn the soul-dead when our society and culture are so dead-souled and murdering-of-young-souls?" Our culture is filth, our values are a joke, our icons are worthless, and our elites are total sociopaths who serve Jewish supremacists whose power-lust and dementia are now on the order of Adolf Hitler. Our culture practices soul-sacrifice of the young on the altar of Mammon.

Among the dead souls, we need to distinguished those who are innately soul-dead and those who’ve been soul-murdered. Some people are born ‘evil’ though perhaps that term is problematic because it’s spiritual/religious than rational and scientific. But it’s true enough that some people are born with a personality that is either insufficiently or excessively empathetic. Those who lack empathy remain like emotional children forever. They feel that their wants and wishes are all that matter, and anyone standing in the way of their wants or anyone who won’t deliver what they demand are BAD people. Negroes tend to have this kind of personality, which is why psychopathy is so high among blacks whose mental mode is ‘Gots to have me’. When blacks see something that others got, they don’t think, "What can I do to earn it? What can I do for my children so that they can earn it?" They just think, ‘gots to have me’. So, blacks want ALL the grammies, all the Oscars, all the accolades, all the trophies, all the everything AND RIGHT NOW, MOTHAFUC*A!! Since blacks can't create and maintain a good society, they be whooping to Wakanda as a fantasy, sheeeeeiiit! This is what happens when people totally lack empathy. They turn into self-aggrandizing turds who think the world exists to feel sorry for them, honor them, praise them, deify them, worship them, etc.

But excessive empathy can also be destructive. There are three types of excessively empathetic kind: Cuckens, Zeligs, and Billy-boys. Cuckens are like Ken Burns, aka CucKen Burns. This dorky, dweeby, and wussy white boy is so empathetic with black tragedy + talent in sports/music that he believes his life’s goal is to serve and worship the Negro. Cuckens are found all over Europe, Canada, and America. Why do Swedes put Africans and Afghan over their own kind? They believe it is their calling as ‘good whites’ to try to UNDERSTAND the tragedy and suffering of other less fortunate peoples. Cuckens are the types who make your skin crawl. Indeed, is there anyone more sickening than the sight of that dweeby CucKen Burns?
Then, there are the Zeligs. Unlike Cuckens, Zeligs have no fixed loyalty. They believe they should adapt to anything that happens to be dominant around them. They empathize and fit in with the prevailing order wherever they go. It’s like Woody Allen’s character in ZELIG meld into dominant surroundings, even becoming a Nazi in one scene. In contrast, CucKen Burns’ main loyalty is to the Negroes. Negro history and culture are to his soul what a Negro dong is to Milo’s hole. In contrast, a zelig will morphs into whatever the surrounding happens to be. He has no fixed preferences but merely the desire to ‘understand’ and agree with the prevailing order of power, prestige, and dominance.
And then, there are Billy-boys who act like Bill Clinton. Billy-boys are like zeligs to the extent that they can shape-shift and ‘empathize’ with so many positions. But if zeligs alter their ‘empathies’ to serve the Others, a Billy-Boy reads the hearts and minds of others to make them serve his own ego, pride, and power. When Clinton said, "I feel your pain", he was just using people as suckers.

Among the three types of excessive-empathy, the third is the most dangerous even though the first one is most pathetic. Whatever one may say of CucKen Burns and their ilk, they can’t do much harm as individuals. They can do a lot of harm as a collective since a society of saps will act like the stupid Swedish. But as an individual, a cucken is not someone who will try to harm or cheat you for his own self-aggrandizement. Zeligs are also not very dangerous. Though lacking true character and spine, their lack of strong will and self-interest just turns them into adaptive conformists who are always so eager to ‘empathize’ with and ‘understand’ the new dominant norm. Like cuckens, zeligs are dangerous only as a collective, as when so many Americans decided to ‘understand’ the holiness of homos as promoted by Jewish globalists.
In contrast, Billy-boys use empathy as a tool and weapon to 'read' others to gain power over them. It’s like Michael Corleone in THE GODFATHER PART 2. One thing for sure, he has plenty of empathy in reading the minds and hidden agendas of others. As such, Billy-boys tend to be the most sociopathic among those who are excessively empathetic. Granted, Billy-boys are a combination of low empathy and high empathy. Emotionally, they are low-empathy and don’t really give a shi* about anything but their own ego, privilege, and power. But mentally, they are keen in the art of reading others. Obama is a Billy-boy. His Negro side tends to be like, "Gots to have me all the blings. Dang, I gots me a Nobel prize for nothing, but I deserve it cuz it be my bling!" So, emotionally, he's like so many other ‘groids’. But his cerebral white side could calm down the wilder Negro side that impulsively demanded "Gibs me more bling now, mothafuc*a" and could coldly read and calculate the silly minds of white folks and push the right buttons on their cucky-wuck selves.

Anyway, there isn’t much we can do about stillborn souls. They were soul-dead on arrival due to genetics. Granted, even such people are not predestined to become dangerous. Under proper guidance and controls, they may live out their lives without doing harm to others even if they have dead souls and numb sensibilities about humans and animals. We just need to find ways to identify such people so as to keep a better eye on them.

But then, there are soul-murdered people, and we have to ask what kinds of forces murdered their souls? Why did they become monsters later in life? Why is it there are more crazy acts like school-shootings today than in decades past? What changed? What changed in our economics, family life, sexual behavior, pop culture, TV, movies, music, morals & mores, spirituality, and media? What happened among the races? What happened between the sexes? What happened with America’s role in the world? What changed in the politics?
Another thing we need to consider is that there isn’t always a clear demarcation between stillborn souls(those born with dead souls) and living-souls-murdered-by-society. There are a lot of people who were born with living but troubled souls. People whose souls teeter between death and life. How can we push their souls toward life and meaning than toward death and nihilism? This is a difficult question, and there is no simple answer. But one thing for sure, FUN today is no longer funny. And this is why we need to take Fun Control seriously. Am I calling for government censorship? No. But there are ways to pressure and punish companies from saturating our culture with filth. Boycotts and marches can be organized to clean up our culture. The silly ‘Gamergate’ focused on sexy women in video-games when, in fact, the real problem is the overt gore and violence. As videogames are the main form of culture for so many children, this is important. While most kids who play violent games won’t go out and kill or even want to hurt others, such games do degrade the general sensibility of a people. Even if no one goes around committing acts of mayhem, is it a good society where people don’t even wince at images of blood spurting all over the place and limbs being hacked off? Even if kids who play such games don’t go around hacking or knifing people, is it mentally healthy to raise generations of kids whose minds are saturated with images of mayhem, gore, and dementedness? Such video-game aesthetics has even impacted movies. Take 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE. It has some good stuff like Eva Green’s performance and ‘cool’ pop-fascist aesthetics in sets & design. Shallow but impressive. But then, consider the violence. It leaves us completely numb to images of heads and limps being hacked left and right. Dismemberment and bloody gore are presented as matters of style and 'effects'. There’s no point to the violence except, "You see, it’s cool!" Now, most of us are sane enough not to go around hacking people after seeing the movie, but imagine some messed-up kid filled with confusion, anxiety, and anger. There’s no family or parents are either tattoo-assed idiots or like that woman hooked to TV in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. Suppose the kid isn’t well-read, isn’t well-bred(carries too many ‘loser’ genes), and hasn’t been instilled with character of patience, balance, responsibility, and consideration for others. What kind of impact will rotten pop culture or foul Fun have on him?
Now, if he grew up watching John Ford westerns, SHANE, TV shows like THE RIFLEMAN or THE WALTONS, he might get some useful, even ennobling, lessons from Pop Culture. But what do kids get from today's Pop Culture? Do they learn to be humane, responsible, balanced, and moral? No, the biggest stars and celebrities all promote trashy behavior. Nihilism has become mundane, household entertainment. Worse, this foulness is promoted as the New Normal and even as ways of 'empowerment'. So, rap thugs whose entire message is ‘muh bling’, ‘muh gun’, and ‘muh dick’ not only pollute the culture with savagery, dementedness, and trashiness, BUT the Jewish-controlled Media(and even the State, as Obamas just love the likes of Jay-Z) say that such thugs are our prophets and poet laureates. We have elites who line up to see HAMILTON that re-imagines the Founding Fathers as a bunch of ‘groids’ yapping and rapping stupid crap. We have even a ‘conservative’ like Terry Teachout the gross disgusting gluttonous fatty saying he cwied like a boo-boo-baby watching it. We have rap thugs talking shit all day and all night, but kids have been told it’s not only fun but righteous. But if rap ‘morality’ is real morality, how can we judge young kids who act crazy and shoot up a whole school? Rap’s message is "I’m the center of the world, fuc* you if you disagree, I know everything, I don’t have to learn nothing, what I feel at the moment is the truth, I’m better than you cuz I can kick your ass or if I can’t kick your ass I can shoot your ass before you shoot my ass, women are bitches who need to kiss my ass and suck my dic*, I don’t want to grow up and develop emotionally cuz I’m having too much fun with blings and flings, and yabbity-dabbity do." Now, if this kind of shit culture was just marketed as mindless fun — and there is a side to fun that is reckless and wild — , it’d be one thing. But when it’s promoted as The Culture and The Truth of America, what does it do to kids, especially those who grow up in troubled homes without proper learning, respect for books, and sane adults as guides? Bad is bad enough, but when bad stuff is promoted as good stuff, the Fun has turned into something filthy and foul. Same goes for porn. There was always pornography in one way or another. But it was considered seedy and sordid. So, it was either underground or kept to red light districts. And even with the advent of porno movies, it was strictly adults only. But two things happened since the 1990s. The internet dissolved the age barrier for porn. Just as the barriers that once protected the US and EU were dissolved, the barrier against young ones was gone in porn. As a result, adults now take it as a given that kids will grow up with easy access to porn. But perhaps even worse was the pornification of main-stream culture that finally led to stuff like Christian Agorilla, Miley Cyrus, Nikk Minaj, and dance styles such as ‘twerking’. Disney is now just a kiddie-porn factory. When porn was around but seen for what it was, its effects could be contained. But once it was mainstreamed whereby even non-porn singers and actors act like porn-performers, what counts as normal and respectable culture? It’s one thing to be sexy and alluring, it’s another thing to be slutty and skanky. Consider madonna who fused catholic spiritual imagery with jungle fever, thus setting the template for what came after. And now, some Cable TV shows feature sexuality that would have been X-rated in the 1970s and 1980s. What does this do to young minds? This kind of culture says the rap thug way is the right way of righteousness and empowerment. It says the thing that matters most in life is acting like a pimp or whore. It’s a world where only thugs and sluts matter.
If thugs and sluts were seen as bad people in the past, they are now seen not only as ‘cool’ but righteous. Rap thugs are heroes.

Movies like INGLORIOUS BASTERDS and DJANGO UNCHAINED that turn history and morality into violent porn fantasies of nihilism are promoted as Righteous. Well, if the problems are solved in such movies by the worst acts of smug, glib, snickering, and sneering sadism, then how can our culture condemn the crazy killers? The only difference between them and likes of Quentin Tarantino is that the former murdered bodies whereas the latter murder souls. With the exception of the truly remarkable and wrenching RESERVOIR DOGS(that makes us really feel the brutal consequences of nihilism), Tarantino’s movies are utterly soul-destroying. When I watched PULP FICTION, I knew something was really wrong in the culture, not least because so many critics were wetting their pants over it, ostensibly to show off how hip they are. Roger Ebert said the film would either end up on the worst of the year list or best of the year list. So, it’s obvious he felt something was not right with the movie. But he opted for fashionable hipness. He didn’t want to be Bosley Crowther of the 1990s. (Crowther’s star fell at the NYT when he failed to appreciate BONNIE AND CLYDE though he later came around to including it in his 50 greatest films.) But here’s the thing. One can appreciate some things about a movie while still denouncing its utter lack of humanity. Even I can appreciate the cleverness, humor, and occasional brilliance of PULP FICTION. But it is an utterly soul-dead movie where we are led to react numbly at monstrous acts that are simply not amusing. While it’s true that BONNIE & CLYDE wasn’t the most honest film, it does show the tragic and ugly side of violence. And the violence in Peckipah’s films are intense. In contrast, PULP FICTION gives us mayhem upon mayhem, and we are invited to guffaw and giggle like retards. Consider that scene in THE EXORCIST when the young priest enters the room to find Father Merrin dead. As he mourns over the dead body, there is possessed Regan giggling with hideous glee. That’s what PULP FICTION invited an entire generation to do. And the boomer critics and cultural elites, to show that they are so hip, cool, and ‘with it, man’ — unlike their parents who didn’t understand them — decided to fully endorse this most foul brew streaming out of Tarantino’s ass.

And then, as if to make themselves even more foolish, they endorsed the worse KILL BILL movies. Tarantino looks like an anal cyst of a culture gone utterly cancerous. Now, if he were just a piece of turd, it’d be one thing. But this purveyor of filth and degeneracy passes himself as a moralist pontificating about WWII, slavery, and police brutality. This shithead who turned a blind eye to all the perverted crap Harvey Weinstein was doing left and right somehow saw fit to play the preacher-man, like gangster turned nihilo-reverend in PULP FICTION.
Nihilism is sheer negativity, but a honest nihilist at least has the virtue of honesty(and courage to admit his lack of morality as kind of dark freedom). Tarantino’s sensibility is clearly closest to that of the opportunistic Nazi in INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, which is why he’s the only character with any entertainment value. He is ultimately a nihilist and huckster who will do anything to remain in the game. He wasn’t a Nazi by conviction but by profession as long as the Nazis were on top. But with the Nazis going down, he is willing to switch loyalties to the other side. He feels no grief over the fall of Nazi Germany. All he cares about numero uno, himself. He’s a player, a hustler, a con-man. He is type #3, a Billy Boy. He reads the minds of other people and soaks up any ideology and movement to be of ‘service’, so that he can pursue his main goal, which is little more than self-aggrandizement. He doesn't even have the dark passion of the Rod Steiger character in DOCTOR ZHIVAGO who really did love Lara in his own perverse way.

Tarantino gorged on all trashy 70s B-movies that wallowed in the worst kind of sadism and ugliness. With the end of censorship in the late 60s, free expression in American cinema unleashed both creativity and depravity, more of the latter as it’s hard to make a great film whereas any hack can use sensational sex and violence for the dummy masses. But if there was one saving grace about trashy 70s cinema, it never pretended to be anything other than trash. In contrast, Tarantino in the 90s repackaged the trashiness with inventive craft to make it respectable as both mainstream entertainment and ‘art film’. If Tarantino were at least honest, he would admit to his nihilism. But feeling empty after making a series of trashy movies, he decided he’s a born-again moralist. But his moralism just became more excuse to mask and ply his nihilism. So, instead of countering the immorality of slavery with a moral view, Tarantino just gives us bloody nihilism as the solution to problems. Instead of violence as a necessary evil against evil, we get violence as delirious celebration that feeds off evil. Nihilism simply uses the existence of evil as an excuse to exult in its own worse evil. This is the mentality of rap morality. Rap is really about thugs who love being thugs, but since thuggery-for-thuggery’s sake sounds too low, these rappers will indulge in thuggery in the name of fighting ‘social injustice’. Right, and Mike Tyson entered the ring to make a statement for brotherhood of men.

But then, fish rots from the head. We have the US government run by utterly corrupt and power-mad Zionist neo-Hitlers who invoke ‘human rights’, ‘spreading democracy’, and ‘war on terror’ to carry out what are nothing but militarist-nihilist, dollar-supremacist, and Jewish-globalist-imperialist ventures all over the world. When nihilists pretend to be moralists, that’s some bad shit.
It’s like everyone in BIG LEBOWSKI is really just a nihilist, like the German freaks. The old crippled man was just out to grab his loot. He cooked up the whole lie about the kidnapping. His young porn wife is a total nihilist. Lebowski’s fat friend played John Goodman is a nihilist. He goes on and on about Vietnam and pride in his sham-Jewishness, but they are all just cover for his own vanity, pride, and greed. He goes about teaching a kid that it’s not right to "fuc* someone in the ass" but his antics just end up effing Lebowski up his ass time and time again. And Lebowski the once anti-war protester is now just some pop-smoking goof who doesn’t care about anything. If some characters have any saving grace, it is in the sentimentality of bonds and camaraderie.
Why were Lenin, Hitler, and Mao so dangerous? Because, deep down inside, they were nihilistic megalomaniacs who masked their anti-humanism with BS about ‘saving civilization’ and ‘social justice’. So, Hitler’s idea of saving ‘civilization’ was ransacking Poland and invading Russia to turn everyone into a slave after horrendous killing of millions. And Mao’s idea of social justice was to turn the nation upside down with his hare-brained schemes just to show that he has the power of god than of a mere mortal. Sad to say, the kinds of people who now run the US are hardly better in character. We are living in strange times when someone as sleazy and trashy as Donald Trump has more character and sanity than the Deep State freaks who concocted the utterly ludicrous ‘new cold war’ with Russia, are arming Ukrainians for more war, illegally occupying parts of Syria, and pushing for new confrontation with Iran. The US is the main aggressor and corrupting agent in the world but blames other nations for what it does most. When the CIA and FBI were run by Wasps, at least the rising Jewish power(that felt some degree of sympathy for true leftism) and the idealistic boomer generation were willing to blow the whistle and call out the abuses. But ever since boomers and Jews took over FBI and CIA and deep state, the last thing they want is anyone to pry into all their dirty dealings. Oliver Stone is one of the few prominent members of the boomer generation that is still committed to exposing the abuses of the Deep State. But most boomers, powerful Jews, and young PC-addled millennials now see the Deep State and its collusion with US media as the pillars of ‘progressivism’.
So, it all comes down to power. In the past, Jews were allergic to any whiff of abuse by FBI and CIA since they were controlled by Wasps. But now that Jews and globalist boomers control all of the Deep State, it is allowed to lie, cheat, and abuse power as much as possible.

Of course, it’s not just Tarantino. TV shows have degenerated into the likes of Jerry Springer and Maury Povich. Music videos, under influence of hip hop and rap, got even more thuggish and pornographic. If the spirit of Rock was "Get out of my way", the thrust of Rap was "I’ll get in your way." The Punk culture’s limited influence on the US was a good thing. Punk, like Rap, wasn’t just about fun and hedonism but destruction and mayhem. Punk’s influence on UK’s youth and working class culture was devastating. In the US, Rap degraded cultural sensibilities worse than anything that came before. In the 60s, Rock had been brash and loud, but it was not arrogant and emotionally stunted. If anything, Rock artists felt it was necessary to grow, develop, mature, experiment, try new things, explore more. Beatles changed year after year. Brian Wilson wanted to push the envelope and discover new sounds. Bob Dylan had a wide range of interests from history to religion to culture. The Stones were conversant with many musical forms. Van Morrison fused Celtic soul to bluesy rhythm. And every Rock artist felt a need to be unique and different from others. In their desire to know more and push further, there was a kind of competitive humility. A sense that what they are doing NOW isn’t enough. They must push further, dig deeper, know more. As for those who stuck to established forms in country, blues, or whatever, there was as sense of reverence for tradition and community.
But with punk and rap, there was a middle finger to both the past and the future. Rappers think all they need is just yapping the same dumb moronic obscenities over and over. So full of themselves, it never occurs them to reflect on anything or question things. Even as rappers push into the 50s and even 60s, they are still emotional 13 yr olds. They got their formula and their bling, and that’s all that done matter, sheeeeiiit. If rap had a longer lifespan than punk, it’s because it’s jungle primalism of fighting and fuc*ing is more appealing at the base level. Also, its beats and rhythms are something one can dance too, even if like horny apes. In contrast, the emotions of punk is just degeneracy, which is less fun than savagery. Also, if rap is rude but rambunctious, punk is just unpleasant on every level. I mean, who the hell wants to listen to Sex Pistols more than once? It’s like being assaulted in the face with insect spray. Not unsurprisingly, the greatest punk band with some killer songs, the Clash, worked more in the vein of hard rock than pure punk. The Clash was like a hard rock band with punk flair than hardcore punk bands that were just repellent on every level.
Quentin Tarantino, Anal Wart-Head, became the pop-prophet of New Independent Cinema since the 1990s

Anyway, with grandparents in nursing homes and with kids raised on TV that increasingly became more cynical, degenerate, ugly, demented, and putrid, is it any surprise that we ended up with a generation as worthless as the millennials? In the film AVALON by Barry Levinson, we sort of see the seeds of destruction with the rise of the TV. It cut off kids from family and ancestors. But at least TV back then wasn’t degenerate. Shallow, thin, second-rate, cliche-ridden, and etc., yes. To the extent that it worked like an amnesiac drug, a visual soma, and fixated so many minds on silly nonsense, the TV was not a good thing for most people even back then. Still, it didn’t coarsen and vulgarize all Americans since childhood. TV had three positive influences: It broadcast many forgotten classic films; Sitcoms universalized the art of wit; It brought people the news. But otherwise, it was too much nonsense, too much propaganda, and too much advertising, which, over the years, became a tool of propaganda, which is why commercials today are little more than promotions of interracism, anti-white-male-ism, and homomania.

All the negative trends compounded one another, and we now have today’s utterly sick degenerate culture. Black culture has not only spread thuggery and skankery but, thanks to the reigning ideology of Afromania that assumes blacks got the Midas touch, we are supposed to believe that black influence on American culture is ALWAYS GOOD. Well, thank you, Negro, for giving us bumping-and-grinding and ‘twerking’ as dance forms and foul-mouthed nursery-rhymes as poetry and prophecy. This is what now constitutes American Values and gaining cultural hegemony over the world. Homomania was held back by the HIV epidemic in the 1980s, but clever Jews spun the moral disaster created by homo degeneracy to homos’ favor. Just like the Disciples spun Jesus’ defeat and death as a triumph, Jews spun HIV into a kind of ‘homocaust’. You see, all those innocent and saintly homos died not because they indulged in filthy degenerate behavior but because WE didn’t do enough for them, oh boo hoo. It was OUR fault for insufficient care and cure so that homos could go on buggering one another all the time everywhere without contracting some dreaded disease. Of course, as the ruling minority elites, Jews love to push minority-chauvinism or mino-chauvinism. Jewish minority elites and homo minority elites are partners-in-crime to gain total supremacy over gentile-straight majority who exist, like cattle, to serve the superior ‘global citizens’ of Jews and homos(and token mulattoes).

Now, degeneracy will not impact everyone equally. Those with good jobs in nice neighborhoods won’t be impacted as negatively. Successful people tend to have higher IQ, and that means their kids will have higher IQ. And their communities tend to be free of crime. Even Liberals who endorse cultural degeneracy in pop culture and as value system(like homomania as new religion) tend to be more sober and responsible in their private lives and in the raising of their kids. They don’t raise their kids to be like Miley Cyrus even if they don’t speak out against such things. In any society, those with more wealth and privilege will be better off. Even in poor Third World nations, the elites and their children in their bubble are sheltered from the problems that plague the larger society. Also, when wealthy people fail in life, they have safety nets of money and connections that help them get back on their feet. It’s like someone with nine lives can afford to take more chances than someone with just one. Being rich is like having nine lives. Your parents can help you get back on your feet even if you mess up a bunch of times. But for those without privilege, life is like walking on thin ice. If they make a dumb move, they can fall through the ice and freeze/drown. For this reason, the importance of morality and responsibility was stressed among the working class and poor folks in the past. There were churches, community values, family structure, cultural customs, and etc. But as America grew more urbanized and connected through electronica, moral life seemed boring and stifling to many people. And to be sure, some of these moral strictures by church and community could be philistine, stupid, hypocritical, and overly censorious. It’s understandable why people want more freedom, but somewhere along the line, Americans forgot the cardinal lesson that More Freedom calls for More Responsibility. Kids have less freedom but they are also less responsible for what they do. This is why juveniles get lighter sentences than adults for the same crime. The understanding is that young ones don’t have the full understanding of free will. Adults, in contrast, do have full rights and freedoms, and for that reason, they must be held to a higher standard. Americans used to know that, but under the influence of Jew-run media, the new message was "just be free to indulge yourself like a pig...and if something goes wrong, just blame the Conservatives for not offering more statist solutions to problems caused by individuals."

Against the growing power of the state, Conservatives supported the power of business, but capitalism can be just as corrupting as the state. If the statism corrupts our souls by undermining moral hazard, capitalism corrupts our souls by encouraging immoral degeneracy. Big Business tells us to eat more junk food, drink more sugar water, grow dependent on more drugs, watch more trashy morons on TV, watch more stupid movies that make you laugh like tards, listen to utterly degenerate music that makes you want to dance like horny gorillas, fully welcome the pornification of culture even at Disney, worship homos as gods, and honor the most savage and destructive race, the blacks, as the fount of wisdom and truth. If blacks are so wise, why does society turn to shi* when we heed the demands of something like BLM?

So, the Conservative-Libertarian agenda didn’t do much good for morality and culture. After all, if capitalism is so great, why not celebrate Hollywood and Las Vegas since they are all about Big Business. The fact that so many ‘conservative’ GOP politicians rely on the likes of Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas mogul whose made his billions by encouraging vice on the masses, goes to tell you how totally sick and corrupt America is.

Anyway, if rich people got safety nets, poorer people don’t. Also, those with more safety nets(of wealth and connections) also tend to be more responsible. As Charles Murray showed in COMING APART, the people who are best positioned to weather and survive personal failure also tend to be more cautious in their life choices. In contrast, those who are least able to weather failure tend to be most reckless in their behavior. Why? One reason could be genetic. In the past, there was far less likelihood for people to rise up based on meritocracy. For most of its history, Europe was aristocratic, and privilege was passed down by blood. Also, the bourgeoisie was relatively a small share of the overall population. Most people were farmers or factory workers. And even in the democratic nation of America, most people had limited choices. They worked on farms, factories, or some manual-oriented jobs like on railroads or slaughtering noble pigs. Only a small number of people went to college. So, most communities had their share of smarties, middlies, and dummies. Also, due to stricter sexual mores, if some smart guy humped a not-so-smart girl and got her pregnant, the community pressured him to MARRY THE GIRL. Today, in contrast, a smart guy can go around humping tons of bimbos for run and finally settle down with a smart woman. So, bimbos get used while smart woman has the advantage.

Anyway, as higher education greatly expanded and huge sectors opened up for smarter folks in science, technology, academia, and many other credentialed professions, the smarter folks from all communities around the US gravitated to Prosperia. Over time, Prosperia was filled with an excess of credentialed people, whereas most local communities were left with middlies and dummies. In other words, all the Sam Wainrights and George Bailies of the world left Bedford Falls long time ago for NY, Chicago, San Fran, DC, Los Angeles, or handful of other cities. So, there was severe brain drain from most communities.
But worse was to come. While a community of middlies and dummies is clearly disadvantaged, it can still be a pretty decent place. After all, you don’t need to be creative or genius to have meaningful lives. As long as there were local industry and community values, living standards could be sufficient and life meaningful with family, church, and tradition. But once electronic media streamed into every home all over America, the Jewish media moguls in LA and NY could fill every local town with soul-destroying garbage. Initially, TV was mostly shallow and stupid but not degenerate, nihilistic, and demented. But over time, with the rise of shamelessness and an amnesiac disregard for tradition and heritage, American culture got cruder and trashier. Also, the rise of PC had a terrible impact in muzzling or silencing the necessary criticism of the people who were most responsible for the degeneracy: Jews, Negroes, and Homos. Political Correctness has been sold as new moralism teaching people the virtues of tolerance, diversity, equality, and inclusion. But those are not virtues. A virtue is about conviction and a willingness to stick by one’s conscience even if one has to pay the price. Tolerance undermines conscience and conviction because it says we should have a live-and-let-live attitude with people we disagree with even on core values. Now, tolerance does have a value even if it’s not a virtue. For people with different views and outlooks to get along, they need to tolerate people who are different. Such tolerance sullies and tarnishes any true conviction or vision, but if everyone tried to be utopian with his or her set of virtues, the world would be in endless conflict. So, tolerance is necessary for social order. Better to have Catholics and Protestants tolerate one another than start a new war of which side upholds the True Virtue. Tolerance is generally useful in society, but it doesn’t do much for the individual. Even if an individual needs to tolerate others, his virtue derives from being as true to himself as possible. So, even if he tolerates liars, he must not try to lie. Even if he tolerates cheaters(to a degree), he must try hard not to cheat himself. Even if he tolerates the lazy, he himself must not be lazy.
As for diversity, it’s a condition, not a virtue. The idea that diversity, in and of itself, is a good thing is open to debate. It has its advantages and disadvantages. But in the case of the US, it was never diversity that attracted so many immigrants. If the US could be 100% Anglo once again, would people want to come here? Yes, from all over the world. Why? Because Anglos were best at creating an order of Rule of Law and economic expansion that made for more wealth and opportunities. Diversity was never the attraction of the US, Canada, or Australia. It was their Anglo-dominance in laws and economics. After all, if diversity is so wonderful, people should prefer to move to Latin America than to Canada, US, or Australia. Or, if ‘too many’ white people are the problem, then immigrants should go to Africa, Asia, Arab nations, or non-white-majority Latin American nations.
But, if anything, people in those nations want to move to UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Why? People never seek out diversity for diversity’s sake. People seek out money, opportunity, success, and benefits. And Anglo- and Germanic-made nations have most to offer in those goodies because they did the best job of creating stable and prosperous nations. So, people all over the world want to go to where-the-whites-are, and diversity is the result of non-whites chasing after whites. If non-white-ness is so wonderful, then non-whites should stay in their non-white nations or, if they must move, they should move to non-white nations. But they don’t want to. Why not? Suppose the US were very diverse but had NO white people. Suppose the US were 10% Hindu, 10% Arab, 10% Chinese 10% Iranian, 10% Mexican, 10% black, 10% Moroccan, 10% Egyptian, 10% Kurdish, and 10% a bunch of non-whites. Would anyone want to come here just for that Diversity? No. Without whites and their white way, the hypothetical super-diverse nation will most certainly be a mess. Also, how would all that diversity get along without white institutions, white language, white rule of law, and white majority to serve as a Core and common bond? The only reason diverse peoples were able to find a footing in the US is because they had a template in terms of language, history, laws, habits, and norms, all of which were white.
Now, some may argue that Americans have become more Jewishy and blackish due to their cultural influence. But what do we really gain by acting like Lenny Bruce or Howard Stern? Society just become coarser and nastier. And even if the black style may have entertainment value — the blings, the caps, the baggy pants, the gestures, etc — , it’s a recipe for social disaster if applied outside pop-sphere. Blacks act like that 24/7 in their own communities, and just look at the violence, corruption, idiocy, lunacy, and savagery.
Remember that black basketball player who stole stuff in China but got bailed by Trump? Remember his father’s reaction? Total shamelessness. Now, multiply that kind of attitude by 1000x and what kind of community will you have? This idiot goes to another nation, and the first thing on his mind is, "Gots to have me" and he steals. He got arrested, but Trump was nice enough to get him freed. But his father’s attitude is "fuc* you, mofo". The black style may be ‘fun’ but it’s foul and putrid. It’s the way of the spear-chucking and bongo-banging savage. To understand why communities fail, we need to use the Multiplication Rule. Just take a typical individual of that community and multiply him by 1000x. Just consider the result for that society as a whole. Imagine that trashy black father by 1000x. Imagine that idiot athlete son by 1000x. A society filled with such morons will be full of shameless and retarded trash. But then, can we really blame blacks? Evolution made them savage. Their genes were not culturally selected for obeying laws and following orders. White folks and Asian folks evolved in societies that severely punished savage or unruly behavior. And so, the savage genes got weeded out some. In contrast, Black African savage tribal societies most rewarded those warriors and hunters who be out there killing, looting, chucking spears at hippos, howling like apes, and driving gophers crazy.

People of lesser means and lower intelligence are more vulnerable to cultural degeneracy and moral relativism, just like people with naturally addictive personalities are more likely to succumb to alcohol and other substances. In the past, strong families underpinned by patriarchy and religious forces held impulses under check. Those impulses had always been with us, and every advanced culture and civilized people came up with harsh penalties for those who violated the norms. In some cultures, control was mainly external and from above. Draconian punishment was meted out to those who failed to obey or conform to norms. Fear Factor kept the social order. In some cases, there was communal pressure in the absence of clear higher authority. Everyone understood the values of the local community, and those who violated the norms were shunned by their neighbors. The more sophisticated form of control was to instill each person with a individual sense of conscience. Paradoxically, this was both the most controlling and most liberating mechanism. Unlike the Fear Factor and Shun Factor, the Conscience Factor seeped deep into the psyche of the individual. Control wasn’t by the whip or the skip. The trick wasn’t to beat you or ignore you. The trick was to plant a seed within you so that YOU YOURSELF would believe it is WRONG to do something. There are three ways to prevent theft. One way is to give the thief a good lashing. He will be afeared to do it again. The other way is for the community to look upon the thief as a piece of turd. He will be made to feel shame and skipped over for any responsible duty in the community. It’s like felons are not allowed to vote in the US. In contrast, the third way to prevent theft is to instill the person with a conscience that makes him feel guilty to steal even if he could get away it 100%. Now, some people take to conscience more easily than others do. Blacks, for instance, are difficult to implant with conscience. It’d be like planting seeds in sand. There’s low chance of them sprouting and growing. Because of the black nature that tends toward egotism, impulsiveness, nastiness, self-aggrandizement, and blame-everyone-but-me emotions, something like conscience and guilt will not take to Negroes easily. But even among white people, the mental soil vary from person to person. Some are easier to control with conscience because they possess an emotional core as fertile soil for seeds of right and wrong.

Anyway, the reason why control by conscience is both most intrusive and most liberating is (1) it really gets deep into the soul of the person, but (2) once the conscience takes root, it grows of its own accord and takes on a life of its own. Indeed, the growth of conscience is the beginning of true meaning of free will. If parents want to both effectively control and ultimately liberate their child, it’s a matter of planting the conscience. A parent who controls only with Fear Factor and Shun Factor will not get to the root of his child. Also, the child will eventually come to read the signals and manipulate his parents. The kid will learn how to avoid the hard fist or cold shoulder. But if the kid is instilled with conscience, then he will always be under control of the parent because the conscience acts as his second heart, his own compass. Yet, he will understand true freedom as well because conscience isn’t about blind obedience to authority but commitment to one’s own sense of right and wrong. This means the child may even disobey his own parents based on his sense of conscience. So, even if the parents are good people and planted seeds of conscience in their child, it doesn’t mean that the child will always agree with or obey the parent. Based on his own use of moral logic, he may disagree with the parents, and the parents should see this as a promising development because the child is learning to feel and think on his own.
The great genius of Northern Europe was that Protestantism planted a conscience within each individual. Unlike Catholics who looked to the Church for dogma and approval(and feared its disapproval), a sincere Protestant could commune directly with God and think on his own. Thus, Protestantism is both more intrusive and more liberating than Catholicism.

Now, today’s ‘progressive’ parents may think they are instilling conscience in their kids, but PC actually does the very opposite. PC basically boils down to Fear Factor and Shun Factor. PC says, "You will be fired or should be beaten by Antifa if you don’t agree with the program." PC says, "We will not invite you to cocktail parties if you’re not one of us pod-people."
As for PC morality, it’s just ethno-iconography than truth and courage. In religion, there is an authority higher than people. So, as noble as some people can be, they are still sinners and nowhere near God(and Jesus). While some people are clearly better than others, it would never do to worship persons or groups. As people, they are too flawed. And even if they were victims of history at one point, they were the oppressors at other times in history. Also, virtually all victims of history didn’t choose victimization like Jesus or the saints. They were just defeated, and if they had THE power, they would have done the same to other groups. It’s like animals. It’s sad to see old or wounded lions be attacked and killed. But when they were young lions, they attacked and killed others. It was sad to see Muhammad Ali in his final state. But when he was young and strong, he taunted and whupped Joe Frazier and even called him ‘big black ugly gorilla’. Virtually all victims were just losers in history. They didn’t willfully lose out of some pacifist principle but just got beaten by bigger powers. This is why, if one must worship something, it’s better to go with God than with persons or groups. If you don’t worship God or choose to be religious, you must be careful not seek new gods in the material world. One should never imbue persons or groups with sanctity. People are just thinking animals. Take the pernicious worship of MLK. According to PC, he was bigger than Jesus and is the noblest saintliest man that ever lived. In fact, he was a gorillian through and through. He was a lecher and lunatic. When he wasn’t doing his Noble Negro act, he was talking like a rapper and fuc*ing like one too. His behavior was closer to that of some lowlife thug than Jesus. So, the sensible thing is to understand that he did play(act) an important role in history BUT the real man was so much at odds with the myth.
PC implants only bogus-conscience based on ethno-iconography. True conscience would ask each and everyone of us to ponder the true meaning of MLK’s life. What was he about, what did he do, what did he say as opposed to what he really did? And this goes for every prominent figure in history. Even great and noble men worthy of admiration are not worthy of worship. Even the best of men are too flawed, too animal. True conscience should ask us to think and feel clearly and deeply about everything and everyone. But PC would have us mindlessly worship certain individuals and groups. That is not conscience. With true conscience, we should be able to understand the horrors of the Shoah that killed so many Jewish lives. But true conscience would also have us ask tough questions about Jews. After all, Jews are humans and, as such, animals like the rest of us. All humans are thinking animals driven by base instincts. Jews are not god. So, even if our conscience makes us ponder the dark depths of Shoah, it should also make us ask, "Why did people come to hate Jews so much?" Was it entirely the German fault? Clearly, the Germans went crazy under an especially vile ideology of Adolf Hitler, but why did so many people(and not just Germans) become so hostile to Jews? True conscience allows, indeed compels, us to ask that question and seek an answer, whereas PC says we must worship Jews or else it’s ‘antisemitic’. The bogus ‘conscience’ of PC should be called Iconscience(Icon-conscience). It isn’t about principles and values but about certain favored iconized groups, mainly Jews, blacks, and homos who are on the List of Permanent Nobility Council Members whereas other groups have to take their turns. Muslims, for example, made the list temporarily because the so-called ‘Muslim Ban’ made them useful tools against Trump. For awhile, Jews even sided with Linda Sarsour, but then changed their tune because she might go off the script and promote BDS than bash Trump.

PC is also especially damaging because it prevents us from honestly criticizing the three groups that have done most to defile, degrade, and corrupt America. It’s the Jews, blacks, and homos. Jews control Las Vegas and gambling. Jews used big pharma to turn so many Americans into druggies. Jews control Wall Street and use it to fleece the whole world. The fact that the Jewish bankers, the main force behind the 2008 financial meltdown, not only got away scot-free but got bailouts and made the most profits during the recession should tell you how corrupting their influence is. Jews also gained control of foreign policy since Clinton, and their wars have not only destroyed entire nations but destroyed so many lives of US soldiers who came back damaged one way or another. Jews control pornography and made sure there would be no internet censorship of that stuff that is now readily available to children. Jews also spread anti-white hatred that is bad for both whites and non-whites. Whites are made to feel shame or self-loathing. Those who reject ‘white guilt’ are made to feel bad for being ‘racist’. But anti-white-hatred is bad for non-whites too because they come to hate and reject the model that can serve as a model for them. Blacks and Mexicans have something to gain by acting ‘white’. But because whiteness is so vilified, smart blacks in schools are sometimes attacked by fellow blacks who despise anything associated with ‘whiteness’. Rejecting ‘white values’ in a white majority nation made rich and strong by white values is self-defeating among non-whites. Blacks acting more black or browns acting more brown will only turn their own communities more like Africa or Guatemala.

Jews also control the media, the laws, and academia. They spread so many lies or distortions about the world and history, almost always to protect or expand their own narrow tribal interests while pretending to care for all humanity. Jews also control the Music Industry and have filled it with little else but degeneracy. And via control of media, Jews have promoted tattoos and piercings. As if lower class elements don’t have enough troubles, Jewish media and entertainment tell them to waste their money and time on splattering their bodies with stupid words and ugly images. If we are serious about cleaning up America, we have to discuss Jewish power, but Jewish-controlled PC simply won’t allow it. Imagine trying to deal with the illegal drug problem without mentioning the main druglords and their networks.

Because so much of our media, finance, and entertainment are corrupt, we really need to take an honest look at the people who control those institutions & industries and fill our eyes with lies and fill our souls with filth. There can be no real change until we call out on Jewish power.

Blacks are the other very corrupting force. Black athletes are now thugs and trash. But then, why should black athletes try to be respectable when they so despise their white fans as a bunch of slow, flabby, ‘faggoty’, pussy-ass, cucky-wuck dorks. Men despise wussy men, and when black guys see white guys, they seek wuss-ass-dorks who worship them and come with an attitude, "Oh, Big masterful Negro, come hump my daughter." White obeisance to blacks have corrupted both. It filled blacks with contempt for the slow, ‘faggoty-ass’ white boy, and it filled whites with dorky-shmorky dweeby pussy-boy behavior best illustrated in the figure of the disgusting CucKen Burns for whom the greatest honor would be his daughter having an orgy with a bunch of ‘groids’ to the speech of MLK and Jazz music. Just like slavery degrades both the master and slavery, cuckery degrades both the Negro and the whitey. The Negro is filled with contempt for the pathetic white boy. Contempt isn’t far from hate. And the white male welcomes his own humiliation and wallows in defeat. It’s no wonder gender dysphoria is now so common in our culture. With the rise of jungle fever, both black men and white ‘mudsharks’ feel total contempt for the ‘faggoty-ass’ white boy, and the white guy begins to either act like CucKen Burns or begins to turn tranny-wanny. Since he can’t win as a male — white manhood cannot exist alongside black manhood as the black man can easily beat up ‘whitey’ — , he might as well try at being a woman, like Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner. What do blacks feel when they look at ‘Caitlyn’? It’s simple. They feel, "Okay, we’ll fuc* the white women, so you white boys now try to be white girls and dream about being humped by us Negroes too."
If Quentin Tarantino was the Pied-Piper of Soul-Destroying Nihilism since the 90s, CucKen Burns has been the schoolmarm of Soul-Sapping wussy-boyism. Tarantino and Burns are two sides of the same coin. One peddles cynicism, and the other plies do-good earnestness, but both are incapable of staring truth in the face.

And then, there are the Homos whose impact has been terrible all around. Homos went from struggling for the freedom to be ‘gay’ and to do their own things in the privacy of their own residences. But then, with their naturally narcissistic and vain egos pumped by Jews, homos realized they could turn ‘gay rights’ into Gay Rites, a neo-religion of Homomania. It not only associated the rainbow with fecal penetration but desecrated marriage. And now, we are supposed to believe a man with a wig and dress is a 'woman' if he feels like it. And millennial morons have been raised to be ‘morally passionate’ about such nonsense.

Anyway, we want good people with guns in America to defend themselves against bad people with guns, whether they are in the government or in the streets. We know there are lots of bad people or criminals roaming the streets. Many of them are black. And we know there are many bad people in government. Many of them are Jewish. If not for the US Constitution, Rule of Law, and Armed populace, imagine what the US government would do to the people of America? The US government used sanctions to kill 100,000s of women and children by starvation and disease in Iraq. The US government fully backs the Zionist-Israeli Occupation of Palestinians and cheers when Israeli bombs and rockets kills and maims thousands of people in Gaza. The US Deep State is filled with monsters who knowingly aided terrorists in Syria to serve the interest of Israel that hates Syria as an ally of Iran. The US deep state led by Zionists engineered a coup in Ukraine by recruiting Neo-Nazi elements. If bad people in the Dark Streets rob people and murder individuals, the bad people in the Deep State wreck and destroy entire nations. If cynical criminals justify their behavior on ‘racism’, the cynical imperialists justify their behavior on ‘human rights’, ‘spreading democracy’, or ‘preventing genocide’ when, in fact, US intervention usually ends up killing than saving many more lives. Most American people are not monsters with the possible exception of blacks, 50% of whom seem to be close to psychopathic one way or another. Most Americans don’t mean harm to others, but many of them do end up supporting monstrous causes or policies because they come under the control of the Jewish-supremacist-controlled media and academia that poison minds with dementia, hysteria, degeneracy, filth, fanaticism, paranoia, and fantasy. Most schools today are little more than PC Madrasas. The reason why so many Conservatives supported Bush’s wars and why so many Liberals went along with Obama’s wars had to do with the Jewish Supremacist lock on the US media and politics. As nearly all politicians are puppets and shills of Jews, there is no real opposition to the warmongering agenda cooked up by Jews that would have the US use its might to benefit Israel and harm any nation or people hated by Jews.

However, despite the complicated mess that is the US foreign policy, most good Americans of whatever ideology don’t mean to do harm to other people. They are for minding their own business and protecting themselves and good people from bad people. The only real complication here involves blacks. Even though all whites and non-black minorities know something about the problems of black crime and violence due to direct experience, news, or hearsay, they’ve also been raised to worship the Magic Negro, the cult of MLK, and the ‘badass nigga’ who be ‘cool and shit’. So, one side of them is aware of how awful so many blacks are. They know of the crime, violence, and mayhem. But the Black Taboo prevents any honest discussion of the problems. If anything, the cult of Negro Worship makes whites and non-black minorities feel ‘racist’ and ‘guilty’ for having negative perceptions and feelings about blacks. Blacks, like Jews and Homos, are Above the Facts. No matter what blacks do, they are cleansed of their transgressions and violence because of the cult of MLK and Badass Nigga. So, even afer all the murders, rapes, beatings, robberies, looting, pillaging, and mayhem all over America, we are supposed to push the reset the button and feel sorry for the Negro in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Or, even after Negroes have burned down a city and beat up a whole bunch of whites, we are supposed to look upon them as heroes because, sheeeeeeeeiiiit, black athletes brought home the trophy in football or basketball. So, things are awfully complicated with blacks, the race that is the most aggressive, violent, rude, vile, and nasty but whom we are to regard as holy because of the never-ending cult of Noble Tragic Negro and the mindless hype of the Badass Nigga. Of course, such dereliction of duty when it comes to the truth can only have a corrosive effect on morality. If a particular group acts so terribly, foully, vilely, putridly, and dementedly but is always praised to heaven — even Trump, who freely bashed Muslims and Mexicans, dared not say anything negative about blacks, the champion lunatics of America — , what kind of message does it send to America?
The Black Taboo has corrupted both the elites and the masses. Deep down inside the elites know of the black problem. Why else did they support Clintonite high-incarceration for blacks in the 90s, along with gentrification and stop-and-frisk, if they didn’t feel, in the heart of their hearts, that blacks are indeed a big problem? Indeed, the northern white Liberals and Jews always found the South to be a useful scapegoat. By denouncing the south, they misdirect northern black rage away from themselves to the ‘rednecks’. But in fact, everything that happened in Baltimore, New York, Detroit, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and etc, only bore out the semi-legitimacy of the Southern Narrative on blacks. While it’s true that the South didn’t give a fair shake to the Negro and sometimes used severe violence to control blacks, it wasn’t just over skin color. Blacks are naturally more aggressive, wilder, and tougher. So, unless whites sent a clear message, "Don’t mess with us, or we’ll hang you from a tree", blacks were prone to go around robbing, raping, beating, and murdering. And that is precisely what happened in the North. Despite Northern cities being run by Liberals who denounced the South, many blacks just saw whites and Jews as easy prey. And that is why even Liberal Jews got so fed up with black lunacy that they voted for Rudy Giuliani two times in the Big Apple. So, the elites do know the truth. But because Magic Negro cult has become such a replacement religion for Americans, what with MLK being bigger than God and Jesus now, the elites just lie and lie. They do one thing but say another. Indeed, one of the main reasons for elite support of immigration is they want to use yellows and browns as buffers against blacks. And elites would rather deal with African immigrants who tend to come from the upper-ranks of Africa.

But elite lies don’t just stay on top. It has a trickle down effect and rots all of society. Because elites control the media, they set the rules of discourse. And that means even the hoi polloi who know of the black crime on the ground level are not allowed to honestly talk about it. And Conservatives are supposed to believe that Detroit went under because of ‘socialism’ or the Democratic Party. Funny how there are plenty of prosperous white cities and towns run by Democrats and even socialists. So, we have a funny situation in America. So many people get guns as defense against black crime and thuggery, but they will pretend that blacks need guns to defend themselves from the KKK! The reason why whites want guns is because blacks are stronger than whites. So, if an unarmed black guy enters the house of an unarmed white guy and if they fight, the black guy will whup the white guy and then rape the wife and beat up the kids. That’s why the white man needs a gun. But because of the Black Taboo(and also because white males don’t want to admit they are scared shitless of blacks), we are not supposed to talk about any of this. We are supposed to lie, but a society based on lies can only be a corrupt one that grows ever sicker and sicker.

Because we need to save souls, those on the New Right or Alt Right must be mindful of what they are doing. Sure, it’s fun and edgy to be irreverent, but when does cynicism turn into nihilism? When does the breaking of PC taboos lead to celebration of tyrannical and murderous impulses on the Right? It’s one thing to mock the Jewish exploitation of the Shoah narrative, but what happens when Nazi genocide is turned into a joke? It’s one thing to expose the distortions of history by the Other Side, poke holes in PC taboos, and drag down their shibboleths, but are we doing it for the truth and greater justice OR are we merely countering one form of lunacy with another? It’s one thing to attack Jewish Power for its hypocrisy, double-standards, and mendacity. After all, Jewish history is as troubled and bloody as any other. Also, Jews played a huge role in communist mass killings and tyranny. And Jewish corruption and foulness fueled the rise of Radical Right in Europe. And the subject of Zionist Nakba pogroms is needs to be addressed(especially as
this is the 70th anniversary of the destruction of Palestine), but Jewish control of the Narrative by ethno-monopoly of media, academia, finance, and Deep State has enabled the continuance of lies about Israeli-Palestinian history. World Jewry or Judea is the most powerful force in the world. It is the superduperpower that controls the superpower of the US. And given so much bad behavior by Jews, it makes sense to be harsh in our criticism of Judea's global malfeasance. We need to be very critical of a power that can lay waste to entire nations and defame entire peoples and cultures.
But we have to draw the line somewhere. Just because many Jews were foul doesn’t mean anyone should be making light of the Shoah that was truly evil and ghastly. While we need to oppose the transformation of a historical event into a quasi-religion — after all, no matter how much Jews suffered under the Nazis, it doesn’t make future Jews good and noble for all eternity — , call out on charlatans like Eli Wiesel and Abe Foxman who shamelessly milked Shoah as a cash cow, and defend free inquiry & revision of the Shoah narrative, it is simply soul-destroying to make light of mass killings of men, women, and children by Nazi lunatics. Too often, in the spirit of being edgy or rebellious, certain enfant-terrible types in the Alt Right will treat the horrible tragedy as some joke.
The impact of such nastiness is soul-murdering, no less than when rappers celebrate mayhem, Tarantino wallows in sadism, and Southpark sniffs nihilism like glue. While we can defend the freedom of speech/expression(even to be offensive), we need to draw a moral line in our hearts somewhere that understands what is mere irreverence and what is total immorality. Given what Judea is doing to the world in our time, it’s understandable why so many people are lacking in sympathy for Jews. I don’t have much sympathy either. I see most of Jewish Power today as hideous, vicious, and pernicious. I believe Jewish power has grown utterly corrupt and deranged. However, that doesn’t undo the fact that (1) the scale of Nazi crimes was unprecedented, not just against Jews but against Slavs, a fact overlooked by Jewish control of media (2) Nazi violence wasn’t limited to passion for vengeance but fueled by supremacist contempt for certain races/peoples. While the Nazis didn’t invent genocide, they took it to a whole new level that still confounds us. Also, Nazi argument for historical justice became moot when their violence was meant to continue long after victory and revenge. For example, if we were to argue that Nazi Germany waged war on the East to defeat evil communism, the violence against the Slavs would have ended with the fall of communism. But, even greater violence was in store to wipe out tens of millions of Slavs and the reduction of the rest to slave status. The war violence was just a prelude for planned 'peacetime' violence that would have exterminated or enslaved the entire Slavic population.
Because Nazi violence was fueled essentially by supremacism and not revenge-or-justice, it would have continued on and on until Germans gained total mastery over certain peoples deemed as ‘untermensch’.
While the UK and US committed some atrocities(and even evil acts) in WWII, their violence was fueled by want of revenge and justice. Thus, once the dust settled with their total victory over their enemies, there could be reconciliation and rebuilding. In the heat of war, the UK and US sometimes lost their heads and carried out atrocities that, in retrospect, seem unjustifiable and even evil. And yet, their core motivations were different from that of Nazi Germany that had in store for Russia one of the most evil plans ever devised against another people.
Mass Extermination - No Light Matter - Going Southpark on the Shoah is soul-murdering

In the game of realpolitik, statesmen and diplomats play the game of ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’, and some on the Right may be tempted to make excuses for the Nazis since Judea or World Jewry has gotten so nasty, vicious, and even evil, i.e. Nazis were good because they attacked Evil Jews. But two wrongs don't make a right. The argument also fails because there is a limit to what should be done with the enemy, no matter how evil it is. This point can be demonstrated with the case of Nazi Germany itself. As an evil power, its list of horrors was endless. As such, it deserved to be counter-attacked and destroyed. But because of the evil done by Germans, would it have been justified to wipe out millions of German men, women, and children in death camps? This is why the issue of Hiroshima and Nagasaki(and ten other cities the US intended to nuke if the surrender hadn’t been forthcoming) is still unresolved. While Japan turned evil in WWII, was the total annihilation of Japanese cities justified? The case of Germany in the 20th century shows that a good people can become an evil people, and an evil people can be redeemed into a good people. It was because of the belief in the redeemable-ness of humanity that Germany and Japan were given a second chance. But Nazi Germans, had they won, would never have given a second chance to Jews or Slavs. Their violence against Jews and Russians went far beyond revenge or any issue of justice. For this reason, the Right should never make light of great tragedies like the Shoah. It’s also a sign of smugness and glibness of a generation that grew up without direct experience of the horrors of war. For those who’ve been blessed not to know war and hunger, there must be appreciation of their good fortune and sympathy for people in the past who didn’t have it so good. We need more humanism and less nihilism. It is useless to fight the nihilism of Jewish-homo-Negro-supremacist globalism with nihilism of Neo-Nazism. If anything, the Sane Right should expose the so-called ‘liberal’ and ‘humanitarian’ globalists to be a bunch of imperialists, nihilists, and mass killers. It should expose Jewish Power as the closest thing to Nazi Nihilism in our world.

Another thing that the Right needs to realize is that the GUN, as important as it is to our liberty and security, is always a LAST RESORT. It’s like insurance. It comes into play only in a case of emergency. Emphasizing guns 24/7 is like trying to maintain one’s health by constantly wielding the scalpel. But surgery is the last resort. Most times, there are OTHER ways to deal with illness and pain. 99% of human conflict is fought with words, images, ideas, and culture, not with guns. But because the Right is so focused on guns, it tends to neglect the culture wars that are far more crucial in winning over the hearts and minds of Americans and saving souls from being murdered. The fact is so much of our so-called ‘liberal’ culture is ugly, demented, unhealthy, degenerate, and pathological. We need to counter such sickness with not only necessary criticism but with a better culture and better ideas. To win the culture war, you need the pen, the brush, the keyboard, and the screwdriver more than guns and bullets. Guns and bullets are useless 99% of the time. They come into play ONLY AS A LAST RESORT. It’s like war is the last resort when all diplomatic options have been exhausted. So, even as the Right is correct to defend the Second Amendment, its fixation on guns neglects the crucial firepower in the culture war of words, icons, and sounds.
Imagine two guys facing off in a culture war. One guy does all the speaking while the other guy just holds onto his gun. But the use of the gun is justifiable ONLY IF its owner is assaulted. It's useless if the other guy just talks and talks. So, against the talk, there must be counter-talk. Just holding onto the gun won’t do any good. If anything, since the other guy does all the talking, the gun-owner may be swayed by his argument. Therefore, the Right needs to remind itself that guns are good only as the Last Resort and that the first, second, third, and fourth lines of defenses must be fought with words, ideas, images, and icons.
To be sure, this hasn't been easy since Jews and Liberals gained such cultural monopoly over the institutions. And today, the ethno-monopoly of the platforms and the media makes it ever more difficult for the Right to make counter-arguments. But then, the Right must get to the core of the problem and honesty expose the truth — JEWISH ETHNO-MONOPOLY OF THE MEDIA AND PLATFORMS — and without resorting to Neo-Nazi bullshit. When the whole point is to expose and denounce the supremacism of Judea, one’s moral validity is annulled by invoking 14/88. After all, what’s the point of denouncing Jewish supremacism if your idea of righteousness is white supremacism?

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