Thursday, May 24, 2018

Is ‘Indispensable’ and ‘Exceptional’ America a Worthy Template for the Rest of the World?

When American Hegemonists speak of the US as an ‘indispensable’ and ‘exceptional’ nation, they are posing two contradictory ideas. One is that the US is so awesome and great that all the world should emulate the American model. The other is that, precisely because the US is so awesome and great, no other nation can ever come close to replicating the American Way. Thus, Americanism is both a model and a mirage. It is why Americanism suggests that (1) other nations should aspire and strive to make their nations into Another America but, (2) being unable to do so, should instead dream of coming to America to become New Americans.
Another contradictory stance of Americanism is that Americans are better than everyone else — after all, the people make the nation — , BUT, the would-be-Americans are MORE AMERICAN than existing Americans. So, non-Americans should admire the great Americans and want to be like them and even, via immigration, become them. And yet, in BECOMING American, they are said to be MORE AMERICAN than the existing Americans, especially ‘old white ones’. America is hyped as the ever newer, fresher, rejuvenating, and reinventing nation, and in order for America to be ‘born again’ over and over and over, it needs new ‘converts’ in the form of ‘immigrants’. But then, the New Americans soon become Old Americans and must, in turn, be replaced by yet Newer Americans.

Indeed, much of America reflects lack of constancy and continuity. A particular town in Greece likely had Greek inhabitants for centuries, even millennia. A village in Japan may have been Japanese for as long as anyone can remember. An Arab city was likely Arab for many centuries. But a part of American city could have been Anglo, then Irish, then German, then Swedish, then Chinese, then black, then Mexican, and etc. There are so many parts of the US where the people and buildings & monuments aren’t culturally or historically synced. A town with a Catholic Cathedral and Polish-themed monuments could be inhabited by Mexicans, Hindus, or Arabs. The working-class Poles who used to live there may have left for the suburbs or dispersed into other cities and towns. Or, as mere White Americans, they may have lost their identity, culture, and language.
Thus, the American Way is anti-permanence. After all, the movement to America has always been a Faustian bargain for would-be-immigrants. You come to a land of greater freedom, opportunities, land, and wealth... but you lose your roots, culture, and heritage; indeed, you may even serve the US in a war against your nation of origin. After all, America was born of betrayal against the Mother Country by the colonialists. Your sense of identity weakens and fades. In the end, there is only materialism, consumerism, pop culture, and PC... and their particular forms of idolatry and iconography.

But people do want to come to the US. Of course, many people also want to move to EU. The reasons are obvious. Humans are just higher animals and feel & act like creatures in the wild. Animals move toward greener pastures, toward places that are warmer(from the cold) or cooler(from excessive heat). Animals seek material bounty and greater comfort. Snakes and amphibians also migrate from higher ground to lower ground as seasons change. Humans are no different. If allowed, they will go from poor region to wealthier region. They will go from repressive places to freer places. EU, US, and Canada may be increasingly stifling with their PC, but they are far freer places than much of the world. Say or do the ‘wrong’ thing in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, and you can end up dead.
Also, people move from chaos to order. Even as people desire freedom over repression, they prefer order over chaos. South Africa may be free but for what? For acting like wild-ass ‘Jafros’ who be robbing, raping, murdering, and driving hippos crazy. If a nation like Saudi Arabia is too restrictive and repressive, a black African nation is too wild and crazy. So, it’s no wonder that so many Muslims and black Africans try to move to EU. And it’s no wonder that so many brown folks in messy and diverse Latin America try to move to Anglo-made US.

Now, there is a reason why the EU and North America have been nicer places. Until recently, EU was virtually all-white, populated by peoples with higher IQ(than world average), rich culture and history, and great achievement. And the US grew to such power and wealth because of Land, Legacy, Lineage, and Law & Liberty. There was plenty of land with good climate, fertile soil, and tremendous resources of all kinds. There was also the Legacy of Anglo founding, so crucial because Britain, at the time of America’s creation and long thereafter, was the center of world advancement in ideas, science, and technology. Thus, the US was an offshoot of the most dynamic and productive people on Earth... as opposed to Latin America that came to be culturally defined by a stagnant and declining power of the Spanish and Portuguese who had had a great head-start but fell behind in the longer race. There was also the element of genetic lineage. For much of the first half of American history, the US was overwhelmingly Northern European. There were lots of blacks in the South, but whites had tight control over them. In contrast, Latin America’s whites were outnumbered by non-whites or extensively mixed with them to the point of racial and cultural confusion, thereby leading to the formation of social stratification not unlike the caste system of India though not as elaborately codified. The US, in its critical formative and developmental period, had excellent genetic stock — higher IQ Northern European folks — ,and demographic consistency paved the way for greater unity and easier assimilation. After all, it was easier for a Swede or German to become Anglo-ized than for other folks. In Latin America, no matter how much a brown Gomezer tried to be white, the snobby Latin white elites might look upon the poor fellow with either derision or condescension. Finally, there was the spirit of Liberty, a can-do cowboy spirit like what John Wayne has in those Westerns. Compare the can-do spirit of Pike Bishop(William Holden) in THE WILD BUNCH with the way of Mexicans who just like to drink and laugh like simpletons. Now, Pike likes to party and have fun too, but when he must lead, he leads. He doesn’t go around making big noise about ‘stinking badges’.

It was those things that made America great. Indeed, America became the most powerful nation on Earth long before the 1965 Immigration Act that opened the nation to all the ‘darky’ folks around the world. Land, Legacy, Lineage, and Law & Liberty. And Germany and Japan also modernized quickly and became major powers because of they had unity and solidarity. They lacked the Land and Liberty(comparatively speaking) of the Americans, but they had rich Legacy and Lineage of their own. They rose to status as first-rate economic powers as homogeneous nations. In contrast, so many nations that were very diverse failed to make similar progress. Of course, homogeneity alone doesn’t mean anything. Detroit and Haiti are homogeneously black, but blacks being blackity-black, too-many-Negroes just mean things-fall-apart. If anything, a nation that is all black will be worse off than a nation that is half-black and half-nonblack. In the former, blacks will just do their ugabuga nonsense and tear things apart. In the latter, blacks could at least leech off the productivity of non-blacks. But, because blacks are essentially a parasitic and pillaging race, non-blacks would be much better off without them. A homogeneous white nation is better than a half-black and half-white nation, which in turn is better than a homogeneous black nation.

The real reasons for America’s greatness are Legacy, Land, Lineage, and Law & Liberty, BUT Jews, via control of media and academia, have fooled amnesiac Americans(made forgetful by Pop Culture and PC) into believing that American Greatness was the result of Diversity because, after all, LOOK AT ALL THOSE PEOPLE-OF-COLOR IMMIGRANTS. Of course, in fact, all those non-whites were attracted to America because it was already rich. They are not the ones who made it rich, though to be sure, blacks did considerable labor as slaves and Chinese did work on the railroads. (But what was a net economic plus with black labor later became a net economic minus with black crime, corruption, and parasitism.) Jews and progs like to yammer about how America was always a ‘Nation of Immigrants’, but not All Immigrants are the same. After all, Israel is a Nation of Immigrants, but it made all the difference that the immigrants were Jewish than non-Jewish. Just like Israel took in Jews from all nations — European, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and even few African — , America developed mainly by taking in white Europeans of various ethnicity. Initially, the US favored Anglos and Northern Europeans. But the need to settle more land and fill more factories with manpower expanded immigration rolls to more backward Southern and Eastern Europeans. This was bound to cause tensions due to bigger cultural differences, but in time, due to genetic similarity, all white Europeans were easily able to assimilate into Americanism. The two exceptions were the Southern Italians who were prone to corruption, clannishness, and crime. (Perhaps some of them were ‘part eggplant’ due to Moorish invasion of Southern Italy.)

More problematic were Jews who(with their high IQ and ambition) certainly contributed a great deal to America in terms of industry and culture but also caused lots of problems because, alone among the white immigrants, they arrived with a nasty baggage of neurosis that was bound to make them hostile, rabid, and virulent toward White America. In the end, Jews even came to promote ACOWW(Afro-Colonization of White Wombs) and Homomania(Queertianity as replacement for Christianity) as the New Official Credos of America. Jewish Credo works to destroy the Anglo Cradle that was bedrock of American Civilization. The Founders envisioned America as a great new extension of the Western Saga. In contrast, Jews rewrote the Book of ‘Western Values’ to fool whitey into believing that the ultimate meaning of Western Civilization is to worship Jews, Homos, & Negroes and to trample on the last vestiges of white identity, culture, and claim.

So, when we speak of Americanism in the 21st century, we mustn’t confuse it with Americanism a century ago, let alone at the beginning. Indeed, America today is a vastly different place than even America in the 1960s. Given the rise of Homomania, even the America of the 1980s may seem like an alien place. If we were to go back to the 1980s in a Time Machine and tell people back then that the main features of American culture and values would be (1) Attack, humiliate, and dehumanize Whitey (2) Worship Homos, believe in ‘gay marriage’, and destroy bakers who won’t make ‘gay wedding’ cakes (3) smash historical monuments (4) Jungle Fever and ACOWW and (5) restrict free speech as ‘hate speech’, most Americans wouldn’t believe it. They’d say, "You gotta be kidding."
Also, what goes by ‘liberalism’ and ‘conservatism’ in the Current Year has little resemblance to what those ideologies or movements represented several decades ago. And even though the US had already become overly favorable to Israel by the 1960s, the sheer submissive whoring to Israel and Jewish Power in the present would have been beyond belief even up to the early 1990s. Especially since Bill Clinton, the main theme of US politics has been Appeasing Jewish Supremacist Power.

Anyway, given the ways of the Current Template of Americanism, is it any kind of sane model for rest of the world? Now, one might argue that what-works-for-America-may-not-work-for-the-world, but the Globalist Message is "What is good for America is good for the world, for each and every nation." But then, is it really even good for America? Was America made better and improved as the result of the social, ideological, demographic, and political transformations especially since the 1960s? I would say, for the most part, NO. So, if it’s bad for the US, why would it be good for the world? Of course, we know the answer. It’s the Jews. While the changes haven’t been good for America as a whole, they’ve been spectacularly wonderful for Jewish power that gained not only supremacy over America but all the world by using the US as the Jewel in the Crown of the Empire of Judea. Jews are virulently ethno-centric, and their main concern is, "Is it good for the Jews?", and indeed, all the massive transformations and myriad revolutions have been very very good for Jewish wealth, privilege, and power. And that is why Jews, as ‘change-makers’, want more and more and more. They don’t care about the goyim or America as a whole. What they care about is their own power and on a globalist hegemonic scale. But if the lesson of America is that "What has been so very good for Jews have been mostly bad, even terrible, for others", then maybe just maybe Americanism is NOT a useful template for the rest of the world.

So, what are the main tenets of the Current Template and what kind of influence have they had on America? And if their effect on America was such-and-such, what would their effect likely be on OTHER nations that adopt them? For that purpose, let us imagine what Americanism will likely do to Hungary and Japan.

1. Worship-Diversity-and-Promote-Minority-Supremacism. That is surely one of the major tenets of New Americanism. So, what has its impact been on America? It meant the white majority becoming a minority in states like California that is now effectively a one-party state. It meant loss of prestige for the white majority population that is blamed for everything that is wrong among non-white minorities. Whites have become the scapegoat of American PC. In every facet of business, politics, culture, and life, there is endless complaint about ‘too many whites’ and ‘not enough diversity’. Prior to 1965 Immigration Act, whites were a comfortable 90% of the population. Due to Diversity-Worship, white share of the population keeps sinking, and some project that whites will become a minority in a few decades. Progs say THIS IS A GOOD THING.

Okay, so let’s apply this Americanist tenet to Hungary and Japan by supposing that they embrace it as national policy. What will it mean for both nations? It will mean both nations will fill up with foreign immigrants who will be favored politically, legally, socially, culturally, and morally over the native population. Indeed, Japanese majority will be blamed for all the problems of immigrants in Japan, and the native majority will face the same fate in Hungary. There will be endless complaints about how Japan needs MORE foreigners whose needs must be accommodated at the expense of Japanese who are to be blamed for ‘racism’, ‘xenophobia’, ‘exclusion’, and ‘intolerance’. Even when the problems are caused by foreigners who prey on Japanese, the blame will be placed on the Japanese. After all, that is how the current Americanist Template works. No matter what goes wrong with non-whites, we must understand them and make excuses for them. As for whites, they need to just shut up and try to make things even nicer for Diversity.
Meanwhile in Hungary, certain Christian monuments will likely be torn down because they might offend Muslims as ‘New Hungarians’. After all, in a world of Minority Supremacy, the Majority must make concessions to appease and accommodate the Other. And if ‘New Hungarians’ from the Muslim or African world commit lots of crime or cause a lot of havoc, the blame must always fall on Hungarians for not having done enough to make things nicer for the foreigners, aka the ‘New Hungarians’.

In the long run, Japanese and Hungarians must look forward to a day when they will be reduced to a minority in their own nations. And they must WELCOME AND CELEBRATE such a prospect because, after all, one of the tenets of Americanisms is that a nation must be totally reinvented and transformed. The Old must be cast out to make way for the New. Thus, Japan will fill up with Chinese, Hindus, Muslims, Africans, and etc. And Hungary will fill up with Arabs, Afghanis, blacks, and riffraff from all over the world. And both Japanese and Hungarians must do their utmost to convince themselves that their nations will be immeasurably blessed by these huge changes.

Now, does anyone really think this tenet of the American Template would be a good thing for Japan and Hungary? To me, it sounds like the demise of Japan and Hungary... just like all this Diversity-mongering led to the demise of White people in California and threatens to do the same to other states and to the nation as a whole. White Americans are told that they must rejoice and welcome this. If so, replacement of the native majority is a MUST according to the American Template. And if it is implemented in Japan and Hungary, the people there must also welcome being replaced by masses of foreigners who will take over as the New Majority.
Jews insist this is a great thing... but when it comes to Israel, they say they must make sure, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, that Israel remains the homeland for Jews as the solid majority.

2. Another Tenet of the New American Template is Worship Jews and Israel. And in a way, Tenet #2 complements Tenet #1. Indeed, they were made to go together, at least in gentile nations. After all, it is much easier for Jews to gain a solid foothold in a Diverse nation than in a homogeneous one. If all people are united by identity and solidarity, they might come together and say NO to Jewish takeover. But if the nation is divided along various ethnic lines, Jews can play various groups against one another. So, Jews think, ‘more diversity among goyim, more opportunity for us’. Jews think this way, but it isn’t a foolproof formula for Jews. After all, Jewish Power and Wealth have depended on the power and wealth of gentiles. More powerful and wealthy the gentiles are, the more wealthy and powerful the Jews can become by piggybacking on gentile greatness. It’s no accident that modern Jews achieved most in Germanic and Anglo civilizations. As Germanics and Anglos had the most wealth, best institutions, and most advanced methods, it was to the Jewish advantage to live and work in their world. Surely, a Jew in homogeneous Germany was better off as a businessman or professional than a Jew in diverse Bolivia or Venezuela. There was a reason why Jews wanted to come to Anglo-made America. Jews knew Anglos could do great things; therefore, it was better for Jews to be with people like Anglos and Germanics than with corrupt Italians, backward Spaniards, or lazy Russians. But Anglo and Germanic ability also meant greater competition for Jews. Also, the racial contrast was starker between Jews and Anglos/Germanics than between Jews and swarthy and exotic looking folks in Southern or Eastern Europe. A Jew might look similar to a Greek, Southern Italian, or a Slav(with some Central Asian blood), but he stood out next to an Anglo or Germanic. So, not only were Anglos and Germanics more prone to seeing Jews as the Other but Jews themselves felt it too. Anthony Weiner and Eric Schneiderman look more out of place among Anglos than among Italians.
Also, the great pride of achievement among Anglos and Germanics made them feel special, and that meant they might react with greater hostility and resentment to the meteoric rise of Jews. And exactly this happened in National Socialist Germany that reacted to Jewish pathologies with a pathology all its own that was just as crazy if not crazier. Perhaps, if WWII and the Shoah hadn’t happened, Jews wouldn’t have been so averse to gentile nationalism and homogeneity, but the historical trauma of the period branded the Jewish mind with the idea that Gentile Homogeneity(especially if white) = Big Danger to Jews.
So, on the one hand, even as Jews sought out relatively homogeneous white nations as favored immigration destinations — Jews preferred North America to South America — , once they'd established themselves, they worked tirelessly to increase Diversity, even to the point of relegating the existing majority population into an eventual minority. Jews looked around the world and noticed that white majority or white-homogeneous nations are richer and offer more opportunities. So, Jews did everything they could to move to such nations, but once settled and gaining in influence, they worked to increase Diversity to weaken the pride and power of the majority. This was especially done through Minority Supremacism, which is great for Jews who are, after all, one of the minorities. If the template says the nation must be more sensitive and mindful of minorities than of the majority, it means people like the Jews get special consideration. Also, it means Jews and other minorities can scream ‘racism’ endlessly to berate and belittle the majority for not doing enough to appease and accommodate their demands. So, even though Jews and Somalis are at the polar opposites of political and economic power, they are allies as fellow minorities whose power expands at the expense of the white majority that has been made to feel ‘guilty’ of everything unless they try even harder to make things easier for the Other.

Now, one may argue that Jewish talent has been a great boon to the US, and there is a lot of truth in that. Jewish contributions to medicine, science, technology, business, arts, culture, and so many fields are truly astounding and incalculable. And if Jews were happy to be fellow whites and get along with rest of white society, Jews would have been a great plus to America. But Jews weren’t only intelligent and creative but hostile, vicious, nasty, and neurotic. Too many Jews had the vile, venal, and/or vindictive personalities of men like Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, Eric Schneiderman, Bernie Madoff, Harvey Weinstein, Louis B. Mayer, and etc. Granted, there are lots of a**holes in any group, but the combination of high IQ, chutzpah, and nasty personalities among Jews made their a**holery more dangerous. So, all the good things Jews did for America were, in the end, bad for America. Not because those things, in and of themselves, were bad but because the great wealth and influence that Jews gained through them were used to destroy what was so great and magnificent about White America.
Suppose I enter a community and invent a new medicine that is a wonder drug. The community respects and hails me as a great new member who did much good. But then, suppose I take my profits from the wonder drug and use the money to fund all sorts of things that are terrible for the community. In the end, the girls are turned into sluts & skanks, the Negroes are encouraged to beat up whitey, foreigners take over entire streets and replace existing folks, homos strut around as neo-aristocrats, and culture has been degraded to the point where men are a bunch of soyboy dorks and women are bunch of skanks. Furthermore, suppose I no longer make wonder drugs but make addictive nasty drugs that make the people of the community sicker than better.
And this is why the genuine contributions of Jews in America have, in the end, done more bad than good. Even Jews who gained influence or made money by honest success in business or technology ended up funding some of the most toxic and deranged ideas, idols, and trends in America. Immense Jewish riches funded Homomania, Afromania, insane forms of feminism, the pornification of mainstream culture, dehumanization of Whitey & other poison pills of PC, and the Third-Worldization of California, once the Dream State of White America that was on the up-and-up. Steven Spielberg is a great entertainer and film-maker, but what kinds of causes has he been funding and pushing all these years? Anti-white mania. Sergey Brin and Larry Page did something remarkable with Google, but they use it for Evil against whites, Palestinians, Russians, Iranians, and decent moral folks.

Now, let’s apply this tenet of Americanism to Japan and Hungary. Suppose both nations decide It’s-grand-and-glorious-to-welcome-Jews-and-let-them-take-over. Let us suppose that, in time, Jews do to Japan and Hungary what they’ve done to US and UK. Jews gain control of all financial institutions and steer the national economy to serve Jewish interests and funnel tons of money to Israel and Zionist causes worldwide. Also, Jews disallow their critics or enemies from using financial services. So, just as Jewish financial capitalist monopolists use their muscle to deny service to men like Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, and others, Jews in Japan and Hungary make sure that patriotic critics of Jews cannot carry out financial transactions. Would this be good for Japan and Hungary? To force patriots into penury? And, as in the US, Jews will use their vast wealth to take over all the media. Would it be good for Japan and Hungary to have all their media be owned by Jews? And suppose Jews take over elite academia and train Japanese and Hungarian elites to do the bidding of World Jewry at the expense of their national interests.
Also, the Cult of Shoah and Eternal Guilt about Jews are made to take front-seat to nationalism and patriotism that are pushed to the back... eventually out of the bus altogether. Who really thinks this will be a blessing for Japan and Hungary?

Incidentally, Hungary had this very problem with George Soros who used his riches to fund a university there to train an ‘intellectual’ army of globalists more loyal to the Empire of Judea than to Hungary itself. Thankfully, Viktor Orban and fellow patriots saw the dangers and did everything they could to drive Soros out of Hungary. But Soros still has his minions all over the EU, and they are all working together to force Hungary to take in Muslim and African ‘migrants’ who keep arriving in bigger numbers to colonize white wombs and turn Hungary into an Afro-Islamic nation.

Do the Japanese and Hungarians really want their nations to be ruled by Jews just like US and UK are. What are Jews doing to white majority populations in US and UK? Jews have insulted them and dehumanized them. Jews are mocking them while celebrating their racial demise. If the New American Template means giving Jews a blank check to do as they please, then Jews will do to Japanese and Hungarians what they’ve already done to whites in US(and UK and Canada).
When the majority population of any nation around the world studies America, they need to pay attention to what Jews did to the White Majority. They need to realize that what the New American Template did to the White Majority will do the SAME THING to them in their own nations. If Jews took over Japan, they would do to the Japanese majority exactly what they did to the White Majority in US. Jews would do everything to rob Japanese majority of their pride and claim to Japan. Jews will persuade that Japan has always been a ‘nation of immigrants’ and therefore must taken in endless foreigners from all over the world... until Japanese are a minority in their own nation. Also, Jews will convince the Japanese that future policy must be about favoring Jewish interests over Japanese ones and always putting foreign minorities(as the New Japanese) ahead of the Japanese in all positions in society. Good for Japan? Good for Hungary?

3. The Third Tenet of the New American Template is Homomania as the New Official (quasi-)Religion. Every society needs some kind of myth or symbolism to hold it together. The spiritual and moral core of the West used to be Christianity, as Islam was for the Middle East and North Africa. But Jews have always hated Christianity as the Enemy Faith. Also, Jews weren’t willing to universalize their own religion and identity for all of mankind. Jewishness is only for Jews. Granted, one could argue Christianity was the Universalization of Judaism, but Jews regard it as ‘gentiles stealing our God’. So, Jews have been adamant about desecrating and destroying Christianity, and they’ve succeeded for the most part. But a civilization still needs some kind of spiritual symbolism and guidance. Without such, people become confused and lost. Then, it becomes difficult for the elites to create a shared sense of purpose. After all, in Marxist-Leninist nations, it was the mass communist rallies and symbolisms that brought millions of peoples together as comrades. In the West, people were brought together with a sense of purpose by Christianity and Nationalism. But not only do Jews loathe Christianity but they fear non-Jewish nationalism. So, what was to be done? How could masses of people in Western nations be brought together under some sacred vision or holy narrative? Jews chose Three Holies: The Cult of Shoah, Magic Negro Worship, and Homomania. Cult of Shoah paralyzes whites with guilt and brings them together in collective atonement(even though most whites had nothing to do with Nazi crimes). Magic Negro Worship, especially in relation to MLK and Mandela, makes whites dream of redemption by revering black jesus. It’s especially effective because it transfers unity among whites away from white identity & pride toward identification with and admiration for black nobility. And finally, Homomania is the new celebratory fanfare and missionary zeal among Westerners. If Shoah Cult is too gloomy for celebration and if Magic Negro Worship is too reverential for bacchanalia — though Jungle Fever and other forms of Negro-related Experience are meant for revelry and wild abandon — , Homomania can be fun and fabulous. It is popular in our consumerist celebrity-saturated age of neo-pagan idolatry where vanity and narcissism are the main modes of self-actualization. As vain Homos and narcissistic Trannies are into pathological self
regard, Homomania is a religion of self-worship, which is what most people want because their cultural consciousness revolves around superhero comic-book movies, fashion models, athletes, entertainers, and people who are famous just to be famous.

So, what has been the effect of Homomania on American/Western Culture? It has led to degradation of marriage as something to be associated with homo fecal penetration and tranny penis-and-balls cutting. It has led to desecration of churches that are now festooned with homo colors, indeed as if God and Jesus are all about blessing the ‘art’ of sodomy and genital mutilation. And it had led to threats against decent bakeries that won’t make cakes for disgusting ‘gay weddings’. Not only threats but financial ruin with the full backing of Jew-run law firms and Jew-run big media. By the way, why is the wonderful rainbow associated with guys who do homo fecal penetration or tranny-penis-cutting? Also, the spread of Homomania has people believing that being critical to homosexuality means you’re sick in the head, or ‘homophobic’. This is what Jews gave us. And Jews plan on spreading it all around the world because it is good for Jewish power. As far as Jews are concerned, the vast majority of straight people worshiping Homo minority is complementary to vast majority of ‘gentiles’ worshiping the Jewish minority. Also, sacralization of degeneracy means loss of pride of decency. A majority population with no sense of decency has no real pride. Incredibly enough, the majority of Americans now think Degeneracy is the New Decency because their only experience of culture is through Jew-run TV and other garbage. The normalization of sodomy via Homomania has also removed stigma from dirty ‘sexual’ acts, thereby quadrupling the number of anal-cancer cases among millennials.

Now, what kind of effect would this happen on Japan and Hungary? Of course, Japan and Hungary have already been affected by Homomania, the new missionary zeal of Jew-run West. Jews who control world media, world finance, and world institutions, have pressured EVERY nation(except some Muslim nations where Open Homomania will lead to violent backlash) to bend over to Homomania. According to Jews and Homomaniacs, other nations’ cultures and heritages don’t count. The cultures of other peoples must make way for the bigger god of Homoamania. Jews recruit and fund local homo collaborators all over the world to spread Homomania as the #1 neo-religion of the world. Since Homomania is a Jewish-created neo-religion, those who fall under its sway effectively become mental tools and soul-puppets of Jews. By spreading Homomania, Jews desecrate all other nations with filth. By means of money and power, Jews effectively threaten and pressure all nations to accede to the Worship of the Holy Homo Anus.

Though Japan and Hungary have conceded to Homomania somewhat, they haven’t gone as far as US, UK, and Canada. But suppose Japan and Hungary decided to go whole hog on the Tenet #3 of the New American Template. It means legalization of ‘gay marriage’ in Japan and Hungary. Thus, all marriages would be associated with homo fecal penetration and tranny penis-cutting. It means Japanese and Hungarian bakeries will be destroyed if they don’t bake ‘gay wedding’ cakes. It means endless homo and tranny propaganda in schools as defacto-Jewish propaganda. (By weakening national identity and moral authority via Homomania, Jews figure it will be easier to manipulate demoralized, corrupted, or confused non-Jews. Of course, there is always the danger of Jews getting high on their own supply. 70% of Israelis are for ‘gay marriage’, but the strong religious and moral power in the nation hasn’t allowed it.) Jews figure, "If we can make entire people worship men who take it up the ass or cut of their dicks, what can’t we do?"

4. Of the Holy Three, the third is, of course, Negroes. Therefore, Afromania is another tenet of the New American Template. Now, all peoples have a history of suffering, so why does black suffering matter more? Main reason is Jews control the media and use it to guilt-bait whites with moral paralysis. But why blacks than other groups? It’s because blacks emote and dramatize their suffering more colorfully, like Chicken George holding a dead bird in ROOTS. Also, blacks mix it with song and dance. And they are big in sports, holler loud(like negrovah-like god), and excite white folks with their larger dongs and bouncier booties(that made ‘twerking’ the #1 dance craze around the world). Thus, Negro suffering and tragedy seems more dramatic and eventful than the suffering of inexpressive brown peons in Latin America. Or consider PLATOON or APOCALYPSE NOW. When a Negro gets blown away, he be wailing crazily like not only he’s dying but the universe is about to turn off the lights. In contrast, the rice-and-rat-eating Viet Congs face death stoically with stony faces. "Nobody knows da trouble I seen, nobody knows but Jesus... sheeeeeiiiit"

Now, some reality check. The biggest problem of the US is Too-Many-Blacks. Whatever entertainment value blacks may have and whatever tragedies they experienced in America, the fact is blacks are dangerous due to BAMMAMA Factor: Blacks are More Muscular and More Aggressive. So many blacks act like thugs and lunatics. Just check out Colin Flaherty’s channel on — he was kicked off Youtube by Jews who own Google.

Indeed, it wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say 80% of America’s problem is due to blacks. In robbery, rape, murder, gun violence, thuggery, corruption, mayhem, ugly behavior, nasty attitudes, and etc., there is no more destructive race than blacks. While all races can be destructive, they can also be spectacular builders and reformers. But blacks only destroy and destroy some more... until the result is Detroit or Zimbabwe.

But if you go by the Jew-run media and entertainment, you’ll get the impression that poor, decent, and upstanding blacks are being gunned down by Evil Nazi white police. TV shows and movies will feature wonderful and noble Negro heroes while most villains are Evil Whitey. And even though blacks have committed so much violence and mayhem since the 1960s, there is a media gag-order, a consensus of silence, on all that, and we are supposed to revisit the narratives of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD for the umpteenth time.

Now, this is bad enough in the US. The bigger problem is this madness is pushed on other nations. Europe was far worse off than the US after WWII, but it had one blessing the US didn’t have: NO NEGROES. So, while European cities recovered and rebuilt, many American cities began to rot and decay despite the booming economy. Blacks destroyed huge swaths of cities. In some cases like Detroit, they nearly destroyed the entire city.
And yet, the Global Narrative had us believe that Noble Blacks were just using righteous violence to rebel against ‘racism’, ‘white supremacism’, and ‘bigotry’. Europeans swallowed this BS hook, line, and sinker. Also, as black Africans seemed so poor and backward, Europeans thought they would come to Europe with gratitude and happiness. Also, because of Black Cool in music and sports, maybe Europe can have fun singers and athletes too(like America) if they took in lots of blacks.
The current African invasion of Europe has roots in the American Template because it is in the US that the Negro gained the greatest traction as tragic narrative and greatest attraction as sports-and-music figure. Also, after the moral shame of WWI, WWII, the Shoah, and even Communism, Europeans felt that the Black Issue was the one they could exploit to morally brown-nose White Americans. "Okay, we killed Jews, but YOU white Americans enslaved those noble Negroes and kept them poor."
And by taking in lots of blacks from Africa, the Good Reformed European Whites would prove their moral superiority to white Americans who’d mistreated blacks. In a way, the current Africanization of Europe is more like an African-Americanization-done-right. By having blacks thrive in Europe, Europeans would prove their moral superiority to white 'racist' Americans who failed with the blacks.
Even though the blacks are coming from Africa, the EU is trying to make itself resemble the US with a heavy black presence. Since the New American Template makes Negroes out to be holy, this seems to be the right thing to do... for ALL THE WORLD. UK, France, Sweden, and Germany(and even Poland) are making a Big Deal of "Our Magical Negroes". But the result of Too Many Blacks is the same all around the world, and Europeans are now finding out the hard way that the (Jewish)American PC Narrative was too simple. Yes, it’s true blacks did experience slavery and humiliation in the US, but the main problem was biology than history. Blacks are genetically prone to acting like thugs and psychopathic loons whose pathological self-centeredness is blind to the rights and feelings of others.

Now, what would happen if the Tenet #4 were to be applied to Hungary and Japan? Actually, Japan already seems to be moving in that direction due to rising Jungle Fever. As increasing numbers of Japanese women are into Negro men, they reject their own men and fly off to Jamaica to have sex with Negroes, bring the Negroes to Japan, give birth to black kids, and have the black kids beat up Japanese kids in schools and sports. But it’s not yet a mass trend as in France and UK that have gone totally nuts with Afromania. But let’s suppose Japan goes whole hog on Afromania and open Japan to tons of Negroes. If Negroes can whup white folks, they will surely make mincemeat out of short, scrawny, and dorky Japanese who are shy, timid, and craven. Negroes will feed on Japanese like coyotes on rabbits. Also, once Negroes are in Japan in huge numbers, it will be difficult to get rid of them. As Negroes are Holy, the world community will condemn Japan if it mistreats blacks or tries to expel them. So, Japanese will have to apologize and take in more Negroes, spend lavish sums on blacks, and never ever blame blacks for all the troubles they cause. And as black men are stronger and bigger than dorky Japanese men, they will be no Japanese manhood left in Japan. In no time, all sports will be dominated by blacks, and Japanese men will become even more cucked than they already are.
As for Hungary, its fate will be predictable. It will become like UK and France where Negroes are already acting with supreme arrogance, contempt, and nastiness. Praised and promoted by PC and Afromania, the Negroes of UK and France regard themselves as demigods. Black women believe whites should worship their booties. Black guys go around in the mode of ‘muh dick’ and ‘where da white women at?’ And most white guys in UK and France are pathetic cucky-wucks who believe they must surrender their white women to black men whom they regard as superior in every way: creatively-musically, athletically, sexually, vocally, and spiritually(as Negro suffering just seems more colorful and dramatic).
So, why wouldn’t the same fate befall Hungary? Indeed, the problem for Hungary is that, even if it keeps Muslim and African ‘migrants’ out, they must take in blacks and Muslims who have citizenship rights as ‘New Europeans’. So, Negro ‘Englishmen’ can go to Hungary and aks, "Where da white women at?"

There are other Tenets of the New American Template too, of course. Decadent Feminism is one, but you get my drift. People around the world may fallaciously conflate all these tenets with American Power because, after all, the most powerful and richest nation on Earth embodies and embraces them. But they are not the factors that made America great. It was Legacy, Land, Lineage, and Law & Liberty. If anything, the New American Template is eroding everything that was great about America. In the end, the Land may be the only thing left if current trends continue. At any rate, only a foolish nation would mistake those tenets as the reasons for American greatness and adopt them. Just look at what the New American Template did to the White Majority in America. It divided the white population, spread degeneracy and decadence, and paved the way for White Death. If the New American Template did that to the Founding-and-Developmental Majority in America, its adoption will do the same to the native majority population of any nation. And of course, that is precisely what Jews want in order to weaken the unity and solidarity of every nation(except Israel) so that they, the Jews, can infiltrate and take over.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Richard Spencer and the George Bailey Rule — Why Clarence’s Law matters in Politics — Why No One is saying "I am Spencertacus"

If anything seemed certain at the time, Jesus got whupped real bad. He was captured, tried, whipped, stripped, crucified, and humiliated. It’s hard to imagine a worse whupping. The Romans didn’t take Him seriously. He was just another Jew who had to be executed. Most Jews rejoiced as they regarded Him as a heretic and blasphemer. And peoples of various other tribes who assembled to watch the punishment and death of Jesus may have found entertainment value in the spectacle. After all, Romans had crucified scores of people. So, the death of Jesus should have been just one more among the countless, and that would have been that.
But what made a difference? The fact is Jesus inspired such love, devotion, respect, and reverence among His Disciples and followers that even after they scattered, denied, and/or renounced Him, they were overcome with guilt that slowly hardened into a resolve to serve His spirit. And that small but steady fire would gradually spread and even convert & conquer the souls of Romans. Many of Jesus’ followers suffered and even died in their service to the spirit, but they were willing to do so because of their deep love and respect for Jesus. Without such devotion on their part, Christianity wouldn’t have had a chance.

We see something similar in two films, IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE and SPARTACUS. What George Bailey realizes at the end is that all his good deeds and good works made him a beloved figure in the community. Sure, he had to sacrifice his personal ambition, and there were rough roads along the way, but the things he did for the community were remembered by the people of Bedford Falls. Furthermore, people respected him for his intelligence, conscientiousness, and self-sacrifices. In the end, even the capitalist enterpriser Sam Wainright sends him money in time of need. So, when Harry Bailey toasts his older brother as ‘the richest man in town’, it’s not about money. It’s about respect, gratitude, and trust. It is what Mr. Potter will never have despite his immense riches. Even though Bailey had been ground down by daily routine, the fact is every good thing he did earned him respect among members of the community. In the end, he reaps what he’d sown... in the positive sense.
In the case of Spartacus, his rebellion fails. The slaves are killed or enslaved once again. Or they are captured and crucified. The captured men are promised mercy IF they name Spartacus, but none of them does. They respect and admire him so much that they’d rather die with him than spill the beans to the Romans. Spartacus earned such respect because he’d proven by words and deeds that he was for all of them, for freedom and dignity.

Since Charlottesville, Richard Spencer has faced a rough road. And his deplatforming has gotten worse and worse. He is being targeted and isolated for the Kill by the Powers-that-be. A frivolous lawsuit has been made against him, but it carries weight because some of the most powerful Jewish Supremacist law firms and the Jewish-supremacist media are working hand-in-hand to bring him down to set an example for the world. As such, Spencer has asked for support and help, and some have been willing to donate funds to his defense.

But what is most striking is the general lack of care and concern for Spencer despite him being the most well-known face of the Alt Right. There is little affection and love for Spencer, and not much respect or trust either. In his time of need, Spencer is mostly an isolated figure... even though perhaps some might see value in Anti-Spencerism(by the elites) as a welcome lightning-rod. After all, if so much Establishment thunderbolts are aimed at Spencer, then OTHER Alt-Right and Dissident Right figures will be spared. They may figure, "Let Spencer draw and take bulk of the heat while we remain relatively safe and carry on with the conversation and financial transactions." Indeed, lightning rods have spared many communities from being blasted by heavenly rage. Because Spencer is the most recognizable figure of the Alt Right, much of the violence(physical or rhetorical) by everyone from the Establishment Elites to Antifa bottom-feeders has focused on getting HIM. Also, there is the Eastwood factor. Notice that in many Eastwood action movies, we learn that the hero had been nearly lynched by the Mob. It’s as if the mediocre-looking types want to destroy, out of subconscious envy, the figure who looks better than them. Indeed, much of Antifa rage is steeped in what might be called ‘Fassbinderism’(after the famous German director of the 1970s). It is the War of Ugly on Aesthetics. Anyway, the elites generally think a movement can be neutralized or destroyed by taking out the head honcho. So, the French thought their troubles were over in Algeria when they took out the rebel elites. And the Apartheid government of South Africa thought Mandela would be helpless behind bars. But in the end, the Algerian uprising returned with greater fury. And Mandela eventually triumphed. But then, even as those revolutionaries had been vanquished, exterminated, or captured, there was much love and respect among the masses for those people. It’s like the love for the dead rebel leader among the poor folks in UNDER FIRE.

But has any White National leader won such respect and devotion among his fans and followers? I can’t think of one. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that most of Modern History was one of domination of the Rest by the West. It’s far more difficult to feel sympathy for the over-dog or top-dog than for the underdog. And even when white warriors were on the margins and fighting an uphill battle, like the remnants of white colonialist types in Vietnam, Algeria, Rhodesia, and South Africa, they were regarded as struggling to maintain white privilege in lands that were not theirs. Jesus and Spartacus were clearly underdogs. And even though T. E. Lawrence was an agent of the British Empire, he took on an ‘underdog’ role by leading the Arabs against the Ottoman Empire that was allied with Germany.
In contrast, despite the uphill underdog struggles of men like David Duke and Richard Spencer, it’s hard for them to garner wider sympathy because the History and the Narrative for so long has been ‘white hegemony’ over the world. Also, David Duke ruined his chances as a White Advocate by doing stupid stuff like joining the ridiculous KKK and blaming EVERYTHING on Jews. Jewish Power is immensely important as challenge and threat, but Duke turned it into a cartoon. As for Spencer, it’s hard to see him as a man struggling for justice for his people when he spouts off about how the West must be like the Empire in STAR WARS, how super-rich Bruce Wayne(Batman) and amoral James Bond are Alt Right archetypes, how Africa must be conquered again under neo-Kipling-ism, and how the only game left is an endless struggle for Power in a globalized world of constant flux. Spencer’s idea is that the Classic West is over because the Dark Invasion cannot be stopped, therefore, the New White Right must learn how to conquer the world as the world conquers the West. It’s really a futurist-right variation of Soros-ism. In a world where borders and security can no longer be taken for granted, there is an endless struggle for domination, and Spencer thinks the white race can win this game and rule over the world like Darth Vader over Ewoks and Jawas or something. Well, at least Darth Vader had massive starship fleets to mess up entire star systems. And at least Batman had tons of money and all sorts of gadgets with which he could beat up ‘bad guys’. And at least James Bond was so favored by luck that even when he fell out of an airplane, he was sure to land on his feet on a yacht with bikini-clad babes. But reality is another matter. It just sounds ridiculous for Spencer to pontificate about Vaderian greatness when he can’t even pay for a drink with a credit card. It’s close to being comical, even pathetic.

Now, I don’t say anything with glee or personal amusement. I do respect Spencer to the extent that his life could have been smooth sailing IF he’d taken thirty pieces of silver and played the game like Peter Keating in THE FOUNTAINHEAD but did not and took a bold path in life. Spencer could have been someone like Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney. He could have been a well-paid shabbos goy toy of the Jews. Unlike some people who gravitate toward ‘radical’ politics or ‘extremist’ views because of they are ‘losers’ with low status and no talent, Spencer could have had a much better material and social life. He could have played the game. Though no genius, he is intelligent and had written some thoughtful and penetrating pieces about the nature of US politics. And he has the right personality and image that could succeed in politics or the corporate world. So, even his critics have to give him credit for giving up a lot to pursue a risky cause in our PC-dominant world. But like the character of PRINCE OF THE CITY, Spencer hasn’t given up enough, and that, ironically, is one of the main sources of his problems.

If you want to lead a cause, you have to dig deeper and push further. By this, I don’t mean ideological extremism or what is called ‘purity spirals’. If anything, his contacts with Andrew Anglin were unwise to say the least. It was handing ammo to the enemy to shoot him with. What I mean is Connecting with the People. The problem with Spencer is he grew up affluent, pretty, and popular. Though not uber-rich, his family was rich enough. And his childhood and youth were pretty easy. Due to his privileged status, image, and personality, lots of doors could open up to him if he made half the effort. Much of his life was about FUN. As long as he kept his radical politics under wraps, he could be a liked guy. That is all very nice but the wrong attitude(and expectations) to have in the calling of ‘radical’ politics. It’s like one can play toy-soldiers far from battle but not in a real war. And one can play around as a professional wrestler, but it’s real contest of will and muscle in true wrestling or boxing. There is NO MERCY from the enemy in a real war. And Spencer entered a real war but failed to understand this... despite having written time and time again on the Carl-Schmitt-ian theory that Logic of Power than Rule of Law really governs how things work.
How did Spencer fall into this deer-in-the-headlights illusion? For those who had social and economic advantages in life, there is a tendency to believe that destiny is on your side. It leads to vanity, narcissism, over-confidence, and ultimately hubris, usually the deadliest of all sins when the prize or grail is within view.

While Spencer must be credited with heading off the Alt Right movement with his first Alternative Right website, the fact is its momentum soon stalled. While some of the writers were provocative, many were either too fringy(especially Jack Donovon, the ‘machomo’ theorist) or ‘cringy’(especially the second-rate Neo-Nazi Alex Kurtagic). The original Alt Right failed to attract a core staff of first-rate thinkers, theorists, critics, or opinionists. Thus, its quality fluctuated wildly from thoughtful to downright insane. Whatever one may say of THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE, it is consistent in tone and quality(even if one disagrees with its general drift and core positions). The original Alternative Right website was like the boat in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST where no one has firm grip on the steering. It kept veering off in many directions. Also, the fiasco with Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki(and the bad blood that exists to this day) was the first clear sign that Spencer was capable of ‘betrayal’, as with the character in THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY.

Perhaps, ‘betrayal’ is too strong a word, but he pulled down the site that he’d effectively handed over to Liddell and Nowicki to edit-and-manage without consulting them properly. Why such impetuousness? The answer probably lies in Spencer’s character flaw developed in the formative stages of youth when he coasted through life and generally got what he wanted from loving parents, supportive community, easy connections, and physical likableness. His one liability, especially as he entered college and graduate school, was his un-PC politics, but his natural charm surely allowed him to weather the storm better than others without genetic advantages. The downside of such personality is egotism that may run out of control and sacrifices friendship and loyalty out of personal whim.
This is ironic since Spencer hasn’t been willing to compromise or sacrifice his principles or overarching vision. And yet, precisely because he’s enamored and committed to his Higher Vision, he has tended to grow impatient and indifferent to those around him when things don’t pan out as planned. The first Alternative Right site was supposed to create waves but generally failed to. Instead, it became the vessel of two Alt Right ‘nerds’ Nowicki, the beta-male saint at war with ‘whanking’, and goofy Liddell, the naughtier version of Mark Steyn: Liddell will Name-the-Jew.
This side of Spencer, a willful nature all too dismissive and inconsiderate of others, would set a template for things to come. He made unnecessary enemies of allies. Or, if not exactly ‘enemies’, he lost the respect and, more importantly, the trust of those who’d devoted their time and energy toward serving his project. At this point, Spencer shut down the original Alternative Right site(soon to resurface as a separate venture of Nowicki and Liddell in Blogspot) and started a new site called Radix Journal. In essence, there was no difference between the original Alternative Right site and Radix site except the change in name. In other words, it was as if re-branding could ignite what the original Alternative Right site had failed to. But Radix Journal met the same fate. It failed to generate buzz and didn’t become the focus of conversation in the political and ideological discourse. It was one of the many alternative or dissident political voices and sites on the internet. But far from the first.

Still, Spencer did contribute to a broader awakening that was happening independently of but not entirely disassociated from Spencer’s basic concept of an ‘alternative right’. On their own, many young and fresh voices began to create their own sites, make their own videos, and form their own ideas(and ‘memes’) on sites like 4chan. Though Spencer was far from being the only or the central figure in the new awakening — HBD, Steve Sailer, Jared Taylor, Paul Gottfried, John Derbyshire, Brett Stevens, Greg Johnson, Kevin MacDonald, David Duke, Keith Preston, and many others had played their role — , he had played his part in getting some of the ideas across. It’s arguable and probable that Spencer hadn’t contributed much to the movement in terms of theory. His piece on Donald Trump, "Napoleon of the Current Year", possibly the single best article on the Trump phenomenon, suggests that Spencer could have been a more important figure as thinker, theorist, and pundit, but his main energies were expended on forming a movement and creating networks. If many Alt Right figures prefer to remain in the shadows, focus on theory than practice, or feel more comfortable with words than action, Spencer liked to be out there as the shaker of hands and organizer of men. Such personality types tend to be Natural Politicians, and this was both an advantage and disadvantage for Spencer. If Spencer simply wanted to make it as a political figure, he could have chosen to be more diplomatic and strategic. And this opportunistic side of Spencer is precisely what led to the fallouts between Spencer and others whose dedication to the cause was more earnest and straightforward.

And yet, there is another side of Spencer that is determined and resolute(on the Big Picture), and this has made him rigid at times in strategy, leading to huge miscalculation of the power dynamics. In a way, Spencer’s breakdown of Paul Nehlen’s implosion applies to himself as well. According to Spencer, one can choose the radical way with all its risks and dangers(but also the reward of pride of principle) OR the practical way of serving implicit Alt Right positions by playing it mainstream, a kind of Saul-Alinsky-tactic of the Right. Nehlen simply didn’t have the mind or manners to go the radical path and would have been better off shaking hands and kissing babies. Nehlen didn’t know what he was getting into and badly mixed All-Americanism with Alt-Right Awakening. Spencer’s insights on Nehlen were pretty much spot-on, but the same rules could apply to him as well. Spencer never seemed to ask himself whether he was in the Alt Right movement in a hardcore way to be its theorist & ‘prophet’ or in a middle-of-the-road way to be its manager & diplomat. Was he really in it for Fury or for Fun? If the former, why hasn’t he written a definitive book or tome to explain his position and vision? Why has he been so all over-the-map like a dilettante who does a bit of this, a bit of that, but almost nothing to completion? Or, if he wants to be the suave and smooth diplomatic figure of the Alt Right, why all the squabbles, controversies, hard talk, and hubris(bordering on megalomania of creating an Alt-Sphere as a galactic Darth-Vaderian empire)? It’s as if Spencer is trying to be Hitler and Speer at the same time. Or Mao and Zhou. Or Lenin and Molotov. He wants to come across as the rational, sociable, and approachable face of the Alt Right but then can’t resist personifying the Mad Man Theory. He goes Dr. Jekll and Mr. Hyde. For Jesus to have done what He did, He couldn’t play it like Paul. For Paul to have done what he did, he couldn’t have played it like Jesus. Spencer, like Nehlen, has never chosen a definitive role in the movement. The totally principled theorist, visionary, and/or prophet OR the savvy man of pragmatism attuned to the nature of power and playing the keys accordingly. And it may be this confusion on his part that has been responsible for his ‘betrayals’, i.e. Spencer didn’t mean to betray others, but it felt that way to those who lost faith in him because Spencer’s confusion stemming from a desire to do too much led to a kind of self-betrayal. A man who tries to do everything ends up doing nothing at all, just like a man who tries to save the world will end up saving nothing. In the end, one has to find one’s role or niche in the movement and stick to it. Even Jesus, supposedly the Son of God, couldn’t do everything. He needed the Disciples and especially Paul. Few men in history have been as Total as Muhammad, a man who managed to found a new great religion, inspire countless masses spirituality, and conquer huge areas via diplomacy, conversion, and war.... which is why a certain book considered him as the Most Influential Man that Ever Lived. Perhaps, Spencer's Commitment-Deficit-Syndrome owes to an easy childhood where, very possibly, he got whatever he wanted. He grew up feeling used to having things go his way. So, when things don’t work out as he’d planned or hoped, he either loses heart, gets confused, drops allies, and scrambles in new directions as if something else might be more ‘fun’. This lack of constancy and equilibrium seems to have attracted similarly confused personalities, like the half-mad Kyle Bristow who totally crashed and burned. And others in his inner circle seem to have lost heart or a clear sense of direction. Spencer’s general cockiness tends to attract others who are either equally cocky(like Gregory Conte) or toady-like. While a marginalized movement needs men of confidence and will, cockiness can easily turn into arrogance and over-inflated ego. As for toadies, they never know what to do on their own.

If Spencer wanted to play the role of intellectual and visionary, he should have worked on his tome or at least a manifesto, a testament to the world. Instead, there are only bits and fragments of articles here and there, speeches, and youtube debates. Those are all nice but not enough to constitute the Big Mind of the movement. Even if most people these days don’t read books and rely more on social media, the smaller ideas flow from big ideas. It’s like most people get their water from rivers, streams, and brooks BUT it all flows from the Great Source. The film MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON is about the adventure to find just that: The very source of the Nile. Does Spencer want to be a river to his people or not?

Karl Marx chose the lonely path of a scholar and prophet, but he did lay down the core principles of what would become the modern communist movement. He became the source of all future rivers and streams of the Radical Left. But something about Spencer prevents him from playing that role. He doesn’t have the right temperament. He’s too addicted to Fun, the action, the spotlight. There’s too much ‘batman’ and ‘007' in him, too much of the drama queen.
So then, if Spencer prefers the role of people-person, he should have been extra savvy and resourceful in building bridges among the sounder elements of the movement while burning bridges with those who are bound to cause the most trouble or cast the movement in a negative light. And here, Spencer and Daniel Friberg messed up big time. I don’t know what exactly happened between them and Greg Johnson(and John Morgan), but it just made no sense to divide the movement in such nasty manner. Even if Johnson is a jerk — I have no idea whom to trust on the matter — , there’s no doubt that his contributions to the movement have been considerable. Then, the differences could have been resolved among them in a more civil or dignified manner. Even if purges are eventually necessary, keep in mind Stalin’s purge happened AFTER the Bolsheviks came to power. And Hitler purged Rohm AFTER political victory. Clearly, Spencer and Friberg overestimated their power when they began to talk big and wage internecine warfare. Worse, such a move not only created bad blood between Spencer-Friberg Group and Greg Johnson & Counter-Currents but alienated many who remained loyal to Johnson. Also, for most of us who aren’t privy to who-did-what, the mudslinging at Johnson led to counter-mudslinging at Friberg. So, not only was Johnson dirtied but those involved with Arktos. Given rough times ahead, how sounder it would have been if Spencer had done a better job of building bridges. Then, he would have had much greater sympathy and support after the Charlottesville debacle. But because Spencer headed into the movement after having burned too many bridges with other members of the Alt Right — Nowicki & Liddell, Ramzpaul, Greg Johnson & Counter-Currents gang, and etc. — , many in the Alt Right were hesitant to lend him support, especially as their sites had also been attacked or deplatformed despite the fact that they hadn’t been consulted about the rally at Charlottesville. Even though the fiasco was the doing of the nasty Jewish mayor and corrupt city politics, Spencer had really put himself in a bad spot. At Charlottesville, he became associated with too many nutty figures like Andrew Anglin & Chris Cantwell or mediocrities like Baked Alaska. Indeed, why did Spencer approach Anglin at all? Whatever use Daily Stormer may have as a larp-nazi troll-farm, Anglin cannot be taken as a serious individual as thinker or leader. And there was Matt Heimbach, who turned out to be a total bust, which is especially upsetting since Heimbach had set out to do something of great importance, i.e. address issues pertaining to white working class and small-town America. Whether Charlottesville was sound or unsound as a plan, the fact is Spencer found himself mostly isolated afterwards because his egotism had stepped on or rubbed too many people the wrong way. And there are times when he seemed to be lost in the clouds. In the post-Charlottesville press conference, Spencer spouted off about how the media will continue to pay attention to him because what he stands for is so much more interesting than what Conservatism Inc. has to offer. Now, it is true that Alt Right has far more interesting things to say than the GOP and Establishment Conservatism do, but what made Spencer think that the Mass Media give a damn about meaning or truth? The ONLY reason why the Media had paid attention to the Alt Right was to build it up as the Evil Bogeyman with which to smear Donald Trump. The media’s interest in the Alt Right was simply that. But Spencer’s narcissism had led him to believe that the media were showering him with all the attention because they were really fascinated with his views and ideas. On the individual level, maybe some journalists were tantalized or provoked. But by and large, media policy comes from the top, and once the Alt Right was no longer useful to the Establishment as a political tool but instead threatening to emerge as a genuine ‘radical’ white national movement, the media decided to clamp down on Richard Spencer and Co., especially with the full cooperation of Law firms, Big finance, Internet Platforms, and the power of the State.
Spencer seemed even more deluded in the speech at Michigan St. University when he talked about the Power, how it is the real force that controls everything and tramples over principles. Now, if Spencer is cognizant of the fact that the Power trumps any set of principles, how could he have been so naively trusting of the Constitution and the Media to accord him the niceties of fair play and equal treatment?

Indeed, Spencer’s moral position fails because his ultimate vision is simply to be George Soros of the Right. As we all know, Soros is a globalist-imperialist, an empire-builder of the highest order. He creates chaos all over the world to create opportunities to install a new order to be manned and managed by minions educated and funded by his institutions. Soros has no respect for nations, cultures, borders, or sovereignty. He seeks to trample on everyone and everything to get things his way. And he isn’t alone but joined by other globalist Jewish-supremacist oligarchs who see the world as their oyster.

Now, the ONLY reason Spencer opposes such people is because he wants what they got. Ultimately, he wants to play god-emperor and have the Anglo-Roman-empire rule the world with new wars, colonizations, and occupations. Also, just like Jewish supremacists pay lip-service to ‘human rights’, ‘democracy’, and ‘rule of law’ but actually resort to ANY POWER MOVE to push their supremacist agenda, Spencer’s vision of the future is no different. His Order will ban or severely curtain free speech and use the brute force of the law to make us conform to the Order in thought and action. So, Spencerism isn’t about combating Jewish globalist tyranny for freedom & sovereignty for all nations but about replacing Jewish hegemony with Anglo-hegemony... or, it’s about restoring Anglo-hegemony that had been usurped by Jewish hegemony. After all, Jews didn’t create the modern hegemonic world. Rather, they inherited or stole it from those who did. Among the six great empire builders in modern times — Spanish, Ottomans, Anglos, French, Russians, and Japanese — , only the Anglo/Americans triumphed over all others. Ottomans were finished with WWI. Spanish, once very great, had retreated to second-rater status. The French lost WWII and then their empire. Japanese empire was spectacular if short-lived but, at any rate, all gone by end of WWII. Russian empire came crashing down with the fall of the Soviet Union. Now, the British Empire met the same fate as that of the French empire, but the US-Canada-Australia had developed eventually as a super-Anglosphere empire, and that meant UK, even in shrunken state, had a certain prestige that France and Spain no longer had. When 20th century was declared as the American Century, it essentially meant the World Domination by Anglo-Americans. They, not the Jews, had built this order. But Jews took it over with their control of the media(that shaped view of reality), academia(that determine the narrative), finance(that could make or break businesses), entertainment(that created idols and icons, heroes and villains), vice industries(that addicted whites and others to drugs, gambling, and pornography), real estate, and law firms(that could wage lawfare and bankrupt people). So, in a way, it’s not so much that Spencer wants to create a new empire but wants to take it back from the Jews who had stolen it from its rightful owners, the Anglos, who’d done most to build the modern world with its trade routes, networks, and bases of power.
So, Soros and Spencer are essentially on the same page. The main difference is Spencer is, either candidly or foolishly, brazenly honest about what he wants whereas Soros(along with fellow Jewish globalists) is utterly dishonest about his grand vision. Soros is motivated by insatiable power-lust. He wants to be the dark Emperor of a Globalized World. But unlike Spencer who confesses his intoxication with Will to Power, Soros and his ilk wrap themselves with talk of ‘liberty’, ‘openness’, ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’, and ‘justice’. In terms of integrity, Spencer wins hands down with honesty, but in terms of strategy, the Soroses of the World win because Power is most effective when camouflaged and weaponized in deceptive ways. The Corleones didn’t come out on top in THE GODFATHER by stating their intentions. Spencer, like Senator Geary in THE GODFATHER PART 2, laid it all out.

It may feel good, but others know where he’s coming from and what he is about. So, Michael is able to easily outmaneuver Geary. Hyman Roth is a different fish altogether. A slippery eel, very smooth but slimy and ready to shock the enemy when least expected. Spencer’s candor and lack of deviousness are refreshing from an ideological perspective but not very savvy in the game of power. The problem is his position in the movement is confused. If he wants to be the ultimate visionary, he must speak candidly and lay it all out. He must be like John the Baptist who never minced words and paid the ultimate price: He lost his head but gained the respect of others who regarded him as a straight-talking Prophet. There is this side of Spencer, the neo-Nietzschean would-be-visionary of the Alt Right. But there is another side that wants to play the role of someone like Bill Buckley. He wants to rub shoulders with the right kind of people, be chummy with the media, be the go-to-guy for the Establishment on issues pertaining to Alt Right or White Nationalism. To play that sociable role, one has to be far more diplomatic, devious, and deceptive. This is why Bill Buckley couldn’t be as brazen as Joe Sobran, the real thinker at the National Review.

Be that as it may, Spencerism cannot be the basis for any meaningful movement because his ultimate vision is nihilism than moralism. He favors power over justice, and that means his vision is just Soros-ism for the white race. While it’s true that nothing is possible without power, power must serve something higher, and that is justice. Now, justice is a loose term, and there are many kinds of justice. Also, every kind of ‘justice’ means ‘injustice’ to others. There never was a perfect justice. The figures who came closest to conceiving of such were Buddha and Jesus. But Buddha’s justice calls for the eventual extinction of all life because life itself is the problem, i.e. life exists through destroying other life, and desire/attachment of the ego favors one’s pleasures & priorities that trample on the needs of other lives. As for Jesus, His practice of perfect justice led to Him getting whupped and killed real bad.

For the rest of us, we need a more practical, useful, and limited concept of justice. Without the concept of justice, there is just might-is-right, and in a way, people like Spencer have no right to complain because the current troubles befalling the white race has less to do with excessive justice than might-is-right. Sure, the globalists(especially Jewish ones who wield most power) mask their might-is-rightism with PC talk of equality and justice, but that’s just the usual rhetorical smokescreen. It’s really about Jewish Supremacism. Just ask the Palestinians if Jews really care about equality. Just ask the Ukrainians if Jews really care about redressing historical wrongs. Just ask the Russians(whose economy was raped by Jews in the 1990s) if Jews care about fairness. Jews are just 0.2% of the Russian population, but 20% of the richest Russians are Jews, but even THAT isn’t enough for World Jewry that now wages Total War on Russia. Jews bitch about ‘white privilege’ but only as misdirection from the real problem of Jewish power and privilege that rules the US despite the fact that Jews are only 2% of the population. The current system is not about ‘Social Justice’. That is just a front used by Jews to sustain their might-is-rightism. Deep down inside, even so-called ‘leftist’ Jews like Paul Krugman are really Ayn-Randians-at-heart. It’s just that they figure their supremacism is better served hiding in the shadows than being out in the open. When Obama, the pet monkey of Jews, bailed out Jewish banksters on Wall Street, Krugman and fellow ‘leftist’ Jews sure didn’t complain much.
Imagine a theater. Suppose it is owned and managed by Jews who take in all the profits and exploit the performers and workers. But when the spotlight comes on, does it shine on the owners and managers? No, the light goes on the performers on-stage who seem to have all the glory and power. But in fact, they are just tools of those with the real power: People who finance, produce, and manage the production and the building.

Jews are all about Might-is-Rightism. So, all this talk of Power by Spencer is old hat to them. If anything, they find Spencer stupid for spilling all the beans. Deep down inside, Jews agree with Spencer. Yes, it’s about the Power. And they got it. And they will keep it by any-means-necessary. The differences is that, whereas Spencer admits what he is all about, the Jews go for the same thing — THE POWER — but pretend they are nobly resisting SUPREMACISTS like Spencer in the name of defending poor helpless Negroes and other folks of color.

This matters because Spencer has NO moral justification to decry all the nasty things that have been done to him. Spencer’s world-view is POWER MATTERS, therefore THE SIDE WITH POWER MUST DO WHATEVER TO KEEP THE POWER. He says, if and when the Alt Right does come to power, they will ban free speech, lock up enemies, and act like Batman-as-Darth-Vader allied with white clone-army of 007's. Well, if that’s Spencer’s vision of how the world is and must be, what moral argument can he have against Jews doing to him what he would gladly do to others IF he had the Power? It’s like the opening scene of PAT GARRETT & BILLY THE KID where the editing suggests the circular logic of Garrett’s life, i.e. when he turned against freedom and went after Billy and crew, he was effectively killing himself because the very power dynamics that hired him to kill Billy and crew will eventually bring him down as well. But Spencer seems to be blind to all this because of the ‘spoiled brat’ syndrome. He grew up with affluence and affection, and he seems to have this idea that you can have the cake and eat it too. It also looks ridiculous because it’s a near-comical sight to watch someone without Power rant on and on about Power. It’s like all those Randian nobodies fantasizing they are Howard Roark of THE FOUNTAINHEAD, which is useful as a dramatization of archetypal personalities but useless as guide to life.

Given Spencer’s stated world-view, he has no good moral or ethical defense against all the wrongs done to him because, by his own Logic of Power, the Jews did nothing wrong. If those with Power must wield it by-any-means-necessary to secure their power, then the Jewish elites have done the right thing in deplatforming Spencer and denying him myriad financial services. The Jews are right to use Lawfare against Spencer since, by his own account and preferred power-logic, the Ruling Power must do whatever necessary to secure their position. Such political-philosophical rigidity on Spencer’s part makes it difficult for people to feel any sympathy. After all, he’s just being forced to taste his own medicine. He wants to be Batman-Darth-Vader ruler of the universe and do as he wishes with The Power. Well, since Jews now have The Power, they will act like Emperor Palpatine and treat Spencer like a mouse trapped in a maze with no exit.
Indeed, when Spencer said Alt Right is like ‘Zionism for white people’, he was falling into the same trap as the one that ensnared Jared Taylor. Even though Spencer is more hostile to Jewish power than Taylor(who foolish offers a fig leaf from a position of weakness, which is useless) is, a side of him still longs to be recognized and approved by Jews. He understands that Jews rule the world, and he wants to be where the Power and Prestige are. He wants to be like the Jewish globalist hegemonists or wrest back the empire from the Jews(who’d usurped something really built by whites). If Jews have rejected Taylor, there is no reason they will be any nicer to Spencer. Taylor wishes for an alliance between Jews and whites on equal footing. But Jews don’t think this way. Jews are steeped in Covenant-thinking and the idea that their God is the only God and they are the Chosen. Even secular Jews have this habit of mind and personality. Jews cannot allow equal partners. They must dominate, they must rule. So, even though Taylor reaches out to Jews, it’s no use. If anything, Jews have targeted him more than David Duke(who still has presence on Twitter that is now supervised by ADL and SPLC). If anything, Jews hate Taylor more precisely because he comes across as so urbane and reasonable(compared to David Duke who can be cartoonishly goofy with his one-note bash-the-Jew message). Jews want whites to SERVE Jews. They don’t want to be equal partners. In order to make whites serve Jews, Jews paralyze whites with the venom of ‘white guilt’. Thus, having no pride of their own, whites must latch onto the Holy Three — Jews, Homos, and Negroes — to be redeemed. Furthermore, Taylor reaches out to Jews from a position of weakness. He has no support in media, academia, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, or the government. He is all alone with his small band of followers at American Renaissance. He can’t even use Paypal. If Taylor were powerful like Anglo elites of old, Jews might be willing to cut a deal(if only temporarily until they gain total power), but there is no need for all-powerful Jews to respond to Taylor’s overture. After all, Taylor has nothing to bring to the table whereas Jews got everything. A poor man cannot hope to deal with a rich man.

Anyway, if Jews loathe Taylor, imagine how they feel about Spencer. At least Taylor wants Jews to be equal partners. Prior to Charlottesville, Spencer put forth 20 Alt Right principles, among which one was JEWS MUST GO THEIR OWN WAY. So, in a New White Power Order, the rule would effectively be No Jews Allowed. And yet, Spencer still seems to think there can be an UNDERSTANDING between whites and Jews. He went on Israeli TV to explain that Alt Right is Zionism for whites. Now, Spencer isn’t entirely wrong. There are parallels between white nationalism and Jewish nationalism. But why try to convince Jews of anything, as if that’s going to do any good? If anything, the Alt Right, in the current situation, is far closer to the plight of Palestinians or the BDS movement. But Spencer, being so conceited with Nihilism of Power, would rather associate the Alt Right with Zionism and Jewish Power than with Palestinians and BDS. After all, Jews = Winners whereas Palestinians = Losers. But losers can’t be choosers. And in the current order, Alt Right are big losers and MUST ACCEPT the reality of their loser-status. It’s like a boxer doesn’t become champion by comparing himself with the Best right away. He works up the ranks by fighting the palookas and losers. He starts out as one of the lower-rung losers and then gradually claws his way up to higher ranks. In the current order, the Alt Right is much better off identifying with Palestinians and BDS movement. No amount of stated admiration for Jews, Israel, or Zionism will convince Jews to be any nicer to the Alt Right.

So, from a tactical viewpoint, the Alt Right is better off focusing on Justice than on Power. The powerless that goes on and on about how they’re going to have the power and rule over everyone is like a poor man yammering about what he’s going to do with his millions upon winning the lottery. It’s a pipe dream. Also, it’s crass and arrogant as well as delusional and ridiculous. But even apart from tactical considerations, the idea of justice is necessary because might-is-right is rule of thuggery and megalomania. Even if we could have an all-white society, without a powerful idea of justice, the end-result will be something like North Korea or Animal Farm. Granted, the cult of justice can be invoked and manipulated by the power-hungry. Communist tyranny began as a movement for justice. And Jews always hid behind the shield of justice to dupe goyim into falling for Jewish mendacity and agendas(mostly for Jewish supremacist power). But then, ANYTHING can misused and misapplied by humanity, especially if it's turned into a cult. Communism became more a cult of justice that act of justice. It led to vanity of justice. This is all the more reason why we must fight for true justice.

True justice can be universal, mutual, or pragmatic. Catholicism and Communism present universal visions of justice though, to be sure, in different ways. Catholicism says there is only one God and one path to Salvation: Through Jesus Christ who redeems souls and allows them into God’s domain, Heaven. To be saved, one must hear the word of God and accept Jesus. This is open to anyone, rich or poor, white or non-white. In contrast, classic communism says class dynamics will eventually lead societies to develop capitalism that will culminate in accelerated contradictions that will finally result in communist revolution. Even though communism spread around the world with missionary zeal, Marx didn’t think any people or nation could be ‘converted’ to communism. Instead, they needed to have the necessary material conditions that will lead to economic contradictions that can only be resolved by communism. So, by classic Marxist theory, what happened in relatively backward Russia and very backward Asia(and later even Africa) were not true communist revolutions. Still, Marx thought this Theory of History and Justice would eventually visit much of humanity as economic forces tend to go from primitive to barbarian to feudal to capitalist to socialist to communist.
At this point, it’s fair to say it makes no sense to conceive of a Universal World Order. The world is too big, and there is no authority that can reign over all peoples. Still, universal values don’t have to be executed or managed universally. For example, even if democracy is considered a universal political ideal, it doesn’t mean all the world has to be under a single democratic government. Instead, each nation can have its own government that is elected on the national level, e.g. Mexicans elect their own government, Turks elect their own, and so do Iranians and Taiwanese. Also, a universal value like ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill(meaning murder)’ doesn’t mean all of humanity has to live under one order. Each nation or community can enforce such justice on the local level. So, universal value doesn’t necessary mean universal power. Just because we reject Universal Power doesn’t mean we need to reject every facet of Universal Justice. ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’, ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’, and ‘Thou Shalt Not Rape’ are pretty good universal moral standards for all peoples(though I doubt if a bunch of Negroes could practice them well).

The relation between justice and power is a complicated one. Power shapes justice but is, in turn, shaped by justice. Power uses justice to its advantage but is also restrained by justice. It is the idea and authority of justice that allows saner and sounder relations among the various groups that make up society. Without justice, power can only rule by fear, as in the animal world, or by fooling people into believing the power is divine & infallible, as in Stalin’s USSR. But rule-by-fear and rule-by-fooling don’t last very long. One relies on servile cowards and the other relies on dupes and dummies. Ideally, the Power must not only rule and judge but be judged and restrained in turn. The idea that certain people should be Above the Law or Above Justice is bound to corrupt or destroy society. Totalitarian societies stagnate and rot from the inside. A demagogue with god-like powers can do what Hitler or Mao did. In the US, Jews are now Above the Law and Above Justice. They judge others but cannot be judged. They need not face the consequences of all their foul behavior because Jews are virtually worshiped and obeyed as a godlike race. This is why the concept of Justice is necessary. We need to bring Jews to justice. (Spencer's Theory of Power overlooks the fact that the most effective societies are ones that allow adaptation of power to change and progress. The Ottoman and Chinese East was more effective than the West in maintaining the Power status quo, but that also meant stasis and lack of progress in so many fields. In contrast, the power in the West ebbed and flowed among various elites or brought forth new systems, and this led to greater progress and advancement in everything from political theory to agriculture to weaponry to chemistry. And the parliamentary system was devised to ensure legal and peaceful transfer of power from one group to another. And contract laws and property rights made possible the rise of capitalism that led to great transformations in economic might. After all, would it have been better if the once-dominant railroads had prevented the rise of automobiles as a threat to trains? Would it have been right for IBM to prevent the rise of Microsoft in the name of maintaining its power? The advantage of the Western/American system was not in the rigidity of power but in its fluidity, flexibility, and change. The genius was in the system of transferring power from one group/sector/industry to another without violent wars of resistance vs change. Rather, political contracts and norms would allow the losing side to peacefully concede to the winning side that, in turn, would respect the rights of the lesser power. That system allowed far more dynamic change than autocratic system in Spain and Latin America where the traditional elites clung to power by suppressing change, even in science and technology, that might threaten the prevailing way of life.)

But instead of leading a moral crusade against Jewish supremacist power, Spencer’s position has been "We want what the Jews got", which is globalist hegemony. This is all the more ironic since it gives Jewish supremacists an opportunity to blame Spencer and Co. as the supremacist specter haunting mankind. Jews with supremacist power are condemning Spencer for supremacist ambition, thereby making themselves out to be the forces of justice defending mankind from neo-Nazi menace. This is why Alt Right should have moved forward as a Justice Movement for the national liberation of white folks from Jewish supremacist globalism. Framed in that way, the Alt Right would have had firmer moral footing in theory of justice. Instead, Spencer steered Alt Right into some futuristic-sci-fi-Batman-007-Star-Wars fantasy where Alt Right guys, as superior natural-aristocratic specimen, would rule the universe. Such delusional arrogance also had a way of corrupting and poisoning souls. Take Kyle Bristow. He could have been a good guy, a conscientious lawyer working on behalf of white national liberation from Jewish supremacism. Instead, with his head in the clouds just like Spencer, he made a lot of ludicrous and repulsive statements like he’s the prophet of doom or something. What was he on? Drugs? You’d think the Alt Right was led by guys not unlike the nutjobs in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET.

Instead of sobriety, decency, and morality, the Alt Right got doped high on delusions of grandeur, vanity, and reckless egotism. It was like the Boxer Rebellion in China where Martial Arts experts thought their bodies would be shielded from bullets by magic. One way or another, Alt Right vaped on too much self-delusion. Instead of choosing the National Humanist path, it chose the Crypto-Nazi Peter-Pan path. Granted, strictly speaking, Spencer wasn’t directly responsible for much that happened. When he said Hail Trump at the post-election conference, I’m sure he didn’t expect several morons to stand up and give the Nazi salute. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit provocative and enfants-terribles playfulness. Also, strictly speaking, the fiasco at Charlottesville was the doing of the local authorities. Still, given Spencer’s past statements about the nature of power(based on Carl Schmitt), he was naive to trust that the Power would accord his movement the same rights as that of AIPAC and Antifa. As for Spencer’s interaction with Andrew Anglin, that was just plain dumb. Why associate a nascent movement with such utter trash? Now, Anglin and DAILY STORMER may be useful for trolling and mocking PC shibboleths, but it’s best to let them do their thing. They are too crazy and toxic to approach as allies. As for Heimbach and Trad Worker, it’s understandable why Spencer came to rely on them. They were the only ones willing to risk life and limb out in the open against Antifa thugs shielded and enabled by the Power. Still, there was bound to be a huge downside as fatboy Heimbach made no bones about his movement being Neo-Nazi.

Things would have been much better for the Alt Right if it had a humanist and nationalist basis. Instead, Spencer chose ubermenschism and imperialism. When Spencer said the movement needs something more than ethno-nationalism, he was right to the extent that the globalist threat forces all white folks to look beyond their ethnic kin. When all of Europe is threatened by the Afro-Islamic tide, Europeans must think and look beyond ‘saving my little nation’. Just like the combined unity of Christendom that stopped the Muslim tide at the gates of Vienna, every white/European ethnic group must think not only in terms of ‘my ethnic nation’ but ‘our racial sphere’. It’s like various Hellenic city-states had to put their differences aside to defend against the Persian invasion. Such a perspective is compatible with the more nationalist-oriented views of Greg Johnson who prefers to stress the sovereignty of each nation and culture. A people can, at the core, safeguard and preserve their own ethnic kin and nation while also cooperating with other whites to defend the wider Western world from non-white threats and challenges. Whatever divisions may exist among various ethnic whites, they should be able to make common cause against the non-white world. As things stand at the moment, there is no pan-European or pan-white consciousness. American whites are mainly allied to the Empire of Judea. Western Europeans also serve the Empire of Judea and are merging with Africa and Islamic world. Macron calls for Eurafrica. Merkel wants to darken Germany with Muslims and Africans. Anglo-Saxons want to go ‘black’ and turn into Junglo-Saxons. Also, as vassals of the Empire of Judea or EOJ, they are hostile to white Russia, thereby pushing Russia into alliance with Iran and China. Ideally, white North Americans, Western Europeans, Eastern Europeans, and Russians should be working together. But the West has been set against Russia, with Eastern Europe caught in the middle — Eastern Europe is anti-Russia but anti-EU on immigration and demographic replacement. Eastern Europe joined EU to be part of a larger Europe but is discovering that EU is now about union of Europe with Africa and Muslim world as orchestrated by Soros and other Jewish oligarchs.
Asia suffers the same problem. Ideally, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and etc. should all work for the common good of Asia, but China is now allied with Russia while Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam remain servile to the US. Such divisions are most useful to Jews who don’t want racial unity among any people. Indeed, consider how Jews messed things up in the Middle East so that Arabs will fight Arabs and Muslims will fight Muslims. Now, all these divisions had existed for a long time — they were not created by Jews — , but Jewish globalism exacerbated them far beyond what would have been the usual run-of-the-mill tensions and differences. For example, the mess in Ukraine wouldn’t be half-as-bad IF Jews hadn’t interfered in local affairs to set one bunch of Slavs against another. Notice the various kinds of Jews, though divided on many issues, mostly stick together and don’t allow non-Jews to exploit the divisions. Indeed, even during the Cold War, the leftist Jews and rightist Jews felt closer to one another than with any non-Jew. Capitalist Jews covered up for Socialist Jews and vice versa, eventually merging together under Zionist globalism.

Anyway, if Spencer saw the need for wider racial consciousness than just a narrow ethno-nationalism among whites, it would have made good sense. After all, despite all the ethnic conflicts among Europeans, they must surely realize that they all share the same challenges when confronted with demographic imperialism(mostly from Africa and Muslim nations) in a globalized world. However, it is now clear that Spencer meant something far more, and this makes his position untenable both strategically and morally. Spencer isn’t just calling for white unity and sense of shared purpose world-wide but for white hegemony over the world. He’s calling for the white race to do what Soros is doing. On the strategic level, it is crazy because the world today isn’t what it was in the 18th and 19th centuries. Imagine France trying to colonize Vietnam, Algeria, or any other nation today. Imagine UK trying to take over India, or even nuclear-powered Pakistan. When Europeans spread out over the world prior to the 20th century, they had a huge technological advantage and, furthermore, there was a lack of nationalist consciousness among most non-white folks. So, what had been cannot happen again. Also, the idea that white Europeans can be inspired once again to go around shooting people left and right to gain imperial hegemony is really kooky STARSHIP TROOPERS stuff.
But it’s also strategically stupid because it makes the Alt Right sound like a supremacist movement that wants to conquer and rule the world. Who can sympathize with such movement? It also makes Spencer sound like a deluded Don-Quixote-like figure because of the huge discrepancy between his actual status and his dream. It’s like a mouse talking like an elephant. It’s like the story of the dog with bone looking at its own reflection x 1000. Spencer can’t even have a Paypal account but he dreams of ruling over the Third World like the Empire in STAR WARS over the planet Naboo.

But it’s also repulsive from a moral angle. The Age of Empire must not return. Granted, Western Imperialism did a lot of good for the world. It discovered and united all the globe. It forced stagnant, repressive, and backward civilizations/societies to open to new ideas, developments, and opportunities. The process was traumatic and violent but ‘necessary’ and inevitable to the extent that SOME people had to do it. The West did it. It’s like a forest fire is destructive but also clears the way for new growths. But eventually, a people don’t want to be ruled and pushed around by others. Also, now that the entire world is cognizant of the benefits of science, technology, world trade, and communication, there is no more need to FORCE other peoples to open up and learn from others. All the world have opened up and learn from others. If anything, nations like Iran have been prevented from trading with the wider world because of the nastiness of Jews. When all of humanity can benefit and learn from one another through peaceful means via modern communication and agreed-upon rules of trade, what need for more imperialism and empire-building? Why not have each nation defend its independence and sovereignty? That would seem like the sane and moral thing to do.
And, to the extent that globalism prevents such by imposing the hegemonic will of the Empire of Judea on much of the world, the Alt Right could have been an effective MORAL voice for the pragmatic and mutual Justice of National Rights. A Nationalist Theory of Justice is one that works best. Why not let Hungarians decide what is right for Hungary? Why not let Russia decide its own values? Who are Jews to insist that Hungary take in tons of migrant-invaders or that Russians worship Homomania(hatched as a replacement religion in the West by sinister Jewish globalist elites)? It is hubris for Jews to act like they own Universal Justice that applies to all of mankind... which is especially repulsive since what Jews force on other peoples/nations, they don’t force on Israel. Jews turn a blind eye to IDF shooting Palestinians in Gaza but screams ‘far right’ and ‘neo-Nazi’ about Hungary refusing to be inundated by tons of African and Muslim invaders. But with Spencer, such moral logic has no meaning because he’s all about reviving a STAR WARS version of Kipling’s White Man’s Burden policy. It is having one’s head up in the clouds. (Of course, even in a world of universal nationalism, some nations will hold greater sway than others. Russia will be more powerful than Armenia, China more than Burma, and the US more than Costa Rica. But with basic respect for the sovereignty of all nations, the future can be of peace. Contrary to Spencer's view, World Peace doesn't require an empire. If anything, US neo-imperialist financial or military meddling since the end of the Cold War has led to more instability and blowback. Russia, which gave up on empire with the fall of communism, has been a far more stabilizing force than the US on imperial footing.)

Now, I’m not knocking the need to dream. Most dreams don’t come true, but then, no dream ever came true without it having been dreamed in the first place. But there are good dreams and there are nightmares. And Spencer’s dream, if realized, would be a nightmare. Worse, it is already here in the form of hegemony by Empire of Judea, and it sure ain’t pretty. The world would be much nicer if all nations respected one another. But under the Imperial Hegemony of Judea, the US is used to militarily invade nations to serve Israel’s interests. Result is humanitarian horror. And this set off waves of Muslim and African invasions to the West. Of course, Jews want both the ‘invade’ and ‘invite’ aspects of the New(or Jew) World Order. Jews want the US, as lone superpower, to pound all nations hated by Israel. And Jews want to flood the West with Diversity so that Jews can play divide-and-rule over the many goy groups. Jewish Empire also uses financial gangsterism to threaten and destroy nations. It uses Homomania as the New World Religion. It imposes a mono-culture of Hollywood, Rap music, and Jewish-controlled pornography. And many nations are either helpless or loathe to do anything about it because they are so under the thumb of US power(that is controlled by Jews). Jews treat most of humanity like garbage because Jews see goyim as inferior. To the extent that Spencer and his cohorts have such a low opinion of non-white races, how would they be any better in treating the rest of mankind?

Now, as far as I’m concerned, it’s perfectly fine NOT to like other peoples or even to despise them. But at the very least, leave them alone in their own worlds, and let them have their sovereignty. It is not up to the US to be telling Georgians to have homo ‘pride’ parades or pressuring Iran to become more like some degenerate part of Los Angeles. Jewish hegemony is a nightmare for much of the world, and I fail to see how a world ruled by Darth Spencer would be any better. I don’t have a high opinion of Zimbabweans, but at least I don’t want to rule over them crazy ‘groids’. Just leave them be. If they want to trade with some nation or beg for aid, let them. But there is no sense in the West seeking domination over the Rest. China seems to have the right idea when it comes to places like Africa. Just regard it as business. Build them schools and roads in exchange for raw materials. End of story.

Spencer is right that one of the distinguishing features of the Modern West, especially among Anglos, was the spirit of adventure, the daring to go beyond what is deemed impossible. The will to try to run the mile under 4 minutes. The will to climb Everest. While other races had also been great conquerors — Zulus in Africa and Mongols in Asia — , there was an element of Discovery and Quest that went far beyond mere hunger for land, loot, and women. After all, the voyagers who first circumnavigated the Earth did it just to do it. Many Europeans went on ventures not for power or money but to accomplish what no one had done before, what others thought was impossible. Charles Lindbergh embodied this spirit, and indeed Americanism turned that spirit into a formula across a vast continent that seemed limitless in potential. We see that spirit in George Bailey in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. He’s a romantic bursting at the seams with imagination and energy. He wants to do wild things and build stuff. He’s been that way since he was a child. And in the novel THE CALL by John Hersey, an American farm boy wants to Evangelize China and bring all those hundreds of millions of heathens to Jesus. That kind of spirit, drive, and passion characterized much that was great about the West.

A man’s dreams and visions can be unreal, even foolish, but still noble and inspiring. All the men who lost their lives in the invention and development of avionics were maybe a tad too reckless, but without such men, we wouldn’t have flight. And the reason why communism got some sympathy despite its horrors was its dream of social justice. And as long as National Socialism remained nationalist and patriotic, it too had plenty of sympathizers among both Conservatives and Liberals. After all, Hitler had restored Germany from the economic and political brink. That was a good and noble kind of dream. But when Hitler turned to war and conquest to create his ‘Aryan’-supremacist empire, it was a nightmare, not a dream. The horrors that ensued couldn’t even be redeemed by nobility of vision because the vision itself was rotten to the core.
Now, I don’t think Spencer ever called for Nazi-like domination of the world... though some of his associates do sound more radical and even amoral. (I get the sense that Gregory Conte actually wishes that Nazis had won in Russia. He seems not to care what would have happened to Russians had that been so.) Spencer’s neo-imperialism is more along the Old British style. But times change, and a new Western Empire would be as foolish as Mussolini playing Roman Caesar. How did that turn out? Or, it’d be like the Russians trying to reconstitute the Soviet Empire. Not going to happen, and even if it were to happen, there would be just more bloodbath and bad blood. Not worth it.
Spencer may argue that globalism is now unstoppable and that the New Normal for All the World is invade-invite, i.e. every nation will be swamped under globalist financial, cultural, demographic, and military domination; there will be no sanctuary. In the New World Order of No-More-Borders and Constant-Invasion, the only game left is to form strong identities(like Jews) and seek dominance over others because, otherwise, they will gain dominance over you. Now, if indeed that were truly the ONLY option left, then Spencer’s argument might have some merit. But, the future is far from certain. Also, globalism may be on the wane in many parts of the world. There seems to be a rise of nationalism in parts of Europe as well.
Furthermore, Spencer’s pro-imperial argument isn’t merely defensive but outright offensive. He seems to believe that it is the white man’s destiny to conquer and rule. It’s just part of the white DNA, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Whiteness is dynamic, and unless whites conquer other worlds, their energies will be invested in radical social experiments at home that will turn everything neurotic and crazy. Just like young boys have to burn their energies with sports, white energies must expand outwards(and even to the stars). Boys who aren’t allowed to play outdoors end up doing harm to themselves because their energies have no outlet. And perhaps, white energies are now doing so much self-harm because they haven’t been allowed to expand outwards. If whites in the 19th century conquered the American West, too many today expend their energies on tattoos, piercings, and bad drugs.
But then, the main reason for all the nuttery is maybe PC and Jewish domination. After all, there have also been many examples of sane and stable white communities that have long said NO to imperialism. Hungary and Poland seem to be relatively sane in nationalist mode. Also, in retrospect, expansive white energies did good only where the winning was easy and permanent. It was easy for whites to conquer mostly empty North America and Canada. But America’s ventures in Philippines, Korea, and Vietnam have been painful and traumatic. And the more recent neo-imperialist ventures in the Middle East and North Africa have been utterly disgraceful. Spencer opposed the Iraq War as a neocon affair, but would he have supported it as an Anglo-hegemonic venture? Either way, it would have caused too many deaths and heartbreaks. Worth it? No.

Where Spencer failed most was in his inability and unwillingness to connect with the people. A lot of this has to do with his vanity, narcissism, and obsession with aesthetics. He is attracted to the stage, the spotlight, and the glamour. He finds most ordinary and average people to be boring and humdrum. He has no rapport with the white working class or underclass. At most, he wishes them well but doesn’t want to be associated with them. His sensibility is too much Bruce-Wayne-Batman and James-Bond-007 to have a humanist feel for real peoples and cultures. His aestheticism hankers for celebrity and pizzazz. And that’s why his Alt Right fame and notoriety came to rest on ‘favorable’ coverage by the Big Media. (By ‘favorable’, I mean giving him a modicum of benefit-of-doubt and using him as the Face of the Alt Right.) His initial success with the college tour filled his head with the idea that it’s going to be FUN. He’s going to do the tango with the media network that loves-to-hate-him. He would be James-Bond-and-Villain-rolled-into-one. And he figured this would last forever. He would be the new edgy Bill Buckley on the up and up.
Now, there was surely an advantage to this approach. But there was one huge disadvantage: Spencer’s fortunes would come to rely TOTALLY on the whims of media. He’d invested so much on dillydallying and playing cat-and-mouse with the media that he neglected the more important business with connecting with the people. He fell into the Buckley Trap but didn’t even know how it worked. Buckley, as we know, depended totally on the media. Most conservatives didn’t get him. He talked in a snotty way and seemed too ‘intellectual’. He was charming and all but didn’t mean much to an average patriotic American. The Buckley Charm was a media thing. If he had a place in the media, he was still in the game. But if he were shut out of the media, he was nothing as he had no popular backing among the hoi polloi. Like Buckley, Spencer came to rely almost entirely on media access and attention. As long as the media put the spotlight on Spencer, he was a somebody. But the minute the spotlight was turned off and when even the bare minimum benefit-of-doubt vanished(whereupon Spencer was simply vilified as ‘Neo-Nazi’ and ‘white supremacist’), Spencer was suddenly Less-than-Zero, indeed lower than even Milo who could, at the very least, keep shilling for shekels by waving the Israeli flag.
Now, it’s understandable why Spencer didn’t want to work at building a base among the people. Most people are dull, unintelligent, ignorant, and pain in the ass. After all, even Jesus was often frustrated with simple minds who didn’t understand Him. And healing all those sick and wretched made Him want to throw up. And George Bailey in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE finds it a drudgery day in and day out to deal with regular people. It’s not glamorous. It’s not fun. But then, humanity is what it is. In the end, we need connection to reality. A doctor goes among the sick, not the healthy. Likewise, a leader must go among the needy and gain their trust than mug for publicity from the greedy and powerful.

But Spencer put all his eggs in the Big Media basket. Blinded by vanity and narcissism, he thought the media would keep treating him as the go-to-guy, the glamorous ‘bad boy’, the indisputable leader, and ‘interesting’ personality(contra those boring dullards of the GOP), but in fact, when the Big Media either had enough of him or deemed him too dangerous(especially after Charlottesville), there was a concerted effort across media, finance, law, and internet to silence him and shut him down. And the sad thing is Spencer doesn’t have much support, affection, or sympathy from the people or from his ideological peers. The nasty business with Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents crowd just led to feelings of Schadenfreude. Perhaps, that’s going too far, but the attitude of many seems to be, "Richard Spencer got his comeuppance."

Not only did Spencer fail to connect with white masses — necessary for a political movement as opposed to merely an ideological agenda — but he seemed to pick fights, often unnecessary and petty, with other people in the same political sphere. For example, he insulted Peter Sweden who, though limited and one-dimensional, does good work in informing the world about the troubles of Diversity. There are times when one must be forthright and critical of others in the movement, but it can be done without creating bad blood. As for guys like Peter Sweden, it’s just best to let them do their thing. But too many barbed attacks and insults didn’t endear Spencer to a lot of people who came to either dislike or distrust him. So, in this most crucial time of need, there aren’t many people to express support for Spencer or come to his aid. A scrooge of vanity than a Bailey of humanism, Spencer has isolated himself. In LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, the hero connects with the Arabs who come to feel affection for him and trust him. They are even willing to die for him. Spencer never attracted that kind of affection because everything about him is about him. Arabs realize that Lawrence really does CARE for them. It makes all the difference. Lawrence says the Best of Them won’t come for money but for him. The Arabs respect and trust him that much. But how many would come for Spencer? This was never about Fun.

Remember Clarence's Law: "No man is a failure who has friends." Spencer has spectacularly failed at friendship by being a selfish player too often dismissive of the advice and feelings of others.