Saturday, November 17, 2018

Emulate the Rule-book of Jewish Power — If Jews are So Wise, Perfect, and Inspirational, then We must DO AS THE JEWS DO

Ever notice that we are obligated to LIKE Jews. When Jews want to demean someone, they’ll say something like such-and-such person "doesn’t like Jews". This assumes that one MUST LIKE Jews. But why? Why must we like Jews? Can’t we feel indifferent about Jews? After all, many people probably don’t have personal relations with Jews, not least because most Jews are concentrated in big cities. So, they don’t know if Jews are good or Jews are bad, just like they know little about Turks or Bolivians. And surely, there are people who’ve dealt with Jews and came way with generally negative impressions. So, maybe that person has good or valid reasons to dislike Jews. But that is not an option in our culture that is saturated with Philosemitism. We must like Jews, love Jews, adore Jews, admire Jews, praise Jews, and even worship Jews. Even if you know little or nothing about Jews OR even if you’ve experienced situations or relations with the Tribe that were wholly negative, you must LIKE Jews.
Now, imagine if you visited Iran or France. Suppose, having spent many years there, you came away with generally negative impressions of those peoples and cultures. Even though you know there is good and bad in everything and everyone, your overall impression isn’t good. Now, who would mind if you felt that way? No one in America is hounded for having negative feelings toward French people or Iranian culture. Some people may visit France or Iran and come back full of praise. Others may never want to return. Now, we don’t attack or demean Americans for having negative impressions about the French or Iranians. But for some reason, such is taboo when it comes to Jews. Even if you had terrible experiences with nasty Jews in NY or LA, you must tell yourself that it is your duty to like and even love Jews. If someone said, following his experiences in Israel or NY, that he has a generally negative view of Jews, he will be blacklisted from so much of society. But if he said such about China or Russia, no one would care. Jewish commentators often pontificate about the character flaws of Russians, Japanese, Muslims, Germans, French, Anglos, Christians, and etc., and attribute these failings to collective/traditional culture or habit. And yet, if someone spoke of the failures of Jewish character and associated them with Jewish history, culture, and habits, he would be called an ‘anti-Semite’, which, at this point, just means "You better not criticize anything Jewish."

There is now the Holy Three we MUST LIKE no matter what. Jews, blacks, and homos. Most people are Conditionals, i.e. we like or dislike them based on how they are like and what they do. We can like them or not like them depending on how they treat us. For example, the US hated the Japanese during World War II but came to rather like them in the post-war era when US and Japan were allies; then, during the 80s, there was much anti-Japanese animus due to trade wars; then, with the rise of China and the close interdependence between the US and Japan, Japan came to be liked again. So, America’s feelings about Japan(and Japanese in general) have always been conditional. In American eyes, Japanese people constitute a nation of Conditionals. They could be friend or foe depending on the situation.
In contrast, Unconditionals are like the ‘made’ men in the Mafia. They have a license to do anything as they please because we must UNCONDITIONALLY respect them no matter what they do. And who gets to choose the Unconditionals? Jews. Jews chose themselves and blacks and homos. Among the mafia, if some ordinary hood is killed, it’s no big deal. But if a ‘made’ guy is killed, it is a very big deal, and the killer better have a very good reason(or better be a ‘made’ guy himself) or else he is dead. It’s like the Media never paid any attention when white people were victims of Knockout Games perpetrated by blacks. But when a Jewish man was attacked, it suddenly became news. It’s like the Media generally ignore news about blacks and Muslims killing white Christian folks, but it’s BIG NEWS if Jews are killed, especially by white people. Jews are a ‘made’ people because Jewish Power gets to choose what is what. Jews are Unconditionals, and we must like them even when they spit in our face and kick our teeth in. Indeed, look how much Jews have heaped abuse on Trump, but the Don just praises Jews. If even the US President who is maligned endlessly by Jews must suck up to Jews, just imagine the kind of power that Jews have over America.

That said, let’s play along with Jews as great, wonderful, and noble Unconditionals whom we must praise and admire at every turn. Let’s assume that no people are as intelligent, erudite, perceptive, contemplative, and wise as the Jews are. Jews are the gold standards of humanity, and there are so many things to learn from Jews. After all, Jews Know Best! If Jews are indeed the finest people on Earth, then it only make sense for us to study them, know them, and emulate them. If Jews are great, then whatever they do is great. What Jews do is the summit of human thought and behavior. If Jewish actions and deeds guided by Jewish worldview are indeed the peak of human aspiration and achievement, then it only makes sense for ALL GOYIM to emulate the Jew. If Jews are the best, then what is good for Jews must be good for us. How Jews think should serve as the basis of how we think. How Jews act should be the guide as to how we act. We must become Emu-Semites, or those who Emulate-the-Semites. Or good Imi-Semites, or those who've mastered the art of imitating Jews. To become good Emu-Semites or Imi-Semites, we must carefully study and learn the Jewish Way. We must formulate the Rule-book or Handbook of the Jewish Way that can easily be understood and practiced by most goyim. It will be a blessing to mankind since Jews are the best, the noblest, the wisest, and surely the most wonderful. Indeed, it would be downright ‘antisemitic’ to refuse to learn from the glorious Jews and do as the Jews do. If indeed Jews are the best — so perfect that we must unconditionally LIKE them at all times — , then the only proper course for all of humanity would be to learn from and emulate the Jew. If we must admire Jews because they are good and wise, then it means that the way Jews think and how they act is the gold standard of social philosophy. After all, if you want to be healthy, it makes sense to follow the advice and habits of a healthy person. Likewise, since Jews insist that they know best and act with the utmost wisdom, it is imperative that we study them, learn their ways, and act as they do. We must emulate the Jews. We must be good Emu-Semites. We must imitate the Jews. We must be good Imi-Semites.

So, how do we become good Emu-Semites or Imi-Semites? First, we must understand the Jews, how they feel and think and why. And we must closely observe what they do(as opposed to what they say). And we must try to understand the logic behind why Jews say one thing but do another. Anyway, since Jews are so wise, whatever they do must be inspiring and noble. And in order for us to be wise, upon studying and learning the Jewish Way, we must also think and act in the same way. And then, a whole new era will dawn.
The problem with the world is Jews are so wise but we are so worthless. Why? Because Jews act Jewish, but we don’t act Jewish. How can we improve ourselves if we refuse to study and learn from the Noble Jews, the most perfect people on Earth? How can we be truly worthy if we keep failing to understand Jews and master their ways? A student who fails to learn from the master will never be a master. To become a master, one must master the way of the master. And then, one can be worthy of the title of master. Otherwise, he will forever remain a failed student or hopeless case. There is no reason why we can’t master the Way of the Jew, or WOJ. Sure, Jews may be smarter than us, but we are not apes, we are not animals. We are human beings, and that means we have enough brains to learn from the best and elevate ourselves to a higher plane. And since Jews are the highest in wisdom, wealth, and power, all of humanity have most to gain by studying and imitating the Jews. Imagine a world filled with Imi-Semites. A world where all peoples understand the Way of the Jew(or WOJ) and learn to gain wisdom and power. It will herald a revolution in mind and might, and finally mankind can take pride in having achieved their full potential.

So, what is the Way of the Jew or WOJ? Surely, an entire book can be written on this subject, but let’s begin with the basics. To learn the WOJ, we must closely observe Jews and see what they do. And then, we must ask, "Why do they do what they do?" And then, "How do they do what they do?" And then, we must ask, "Why do Jews do one thing but say another?" Once we have pondered those questions and arrived at the formula of the WOJ, we can do as the Jews do. And if Jews attack us for following the WOJ, we can defend ourselves by saying that we are doing only as the Jews do. Should Jews be maligning us for doing as they do? If Jews are so good, wise, and wonderful, it must be because of what they think and do. After all, it would be insane to say Jews are good, wise, and wonderful simply because they are Jewish. People must be judged by what they do, not simply by what they are. So, if Jews are wonderful because of what they DO, then what they DO must be wonderful. Naturally, it follows that we must DO as Jews DO since what they DO is so great. After all, it would be unbecoming for the master to put down a student for learning to do as the master. If it’s wrong for the student to emulate the master, then it must mean the master is doing bad things. If the master is good, then it must be because he does good things. Then, it only makes sense for the student to do as the master does in order to gain respect and prestige as someone worthy of master-hood himself.

As we ponder the WOJ, one obvious lesson to learn is that Jews believe themselves to be special, ‘chosen’, and distinct from other peoples. They have a Covenant mentality with God and/or History. Even as Jews mingled with different races all over the world, they maintained their sense of uniqueness and separateness. This way, they gained materially from dealings with non-Jews all the while working together to strengthen and perpetuate tribal & communal bonds. Without such mentality, Jews would have faded away as a people and culture. They would likely have assimilated into other groups(especially those that were more numerous than Jews).
To this day, Jews maintain their sense of specialness. Then, it follows that non-Jewish groups also must develop their own sense of uniqueness, distinctness, and specialness. If it did such wonders for Jews, it will do wonders for any group that develops a covenant mentality. So, unless a people develop their own sense of covenant-ness and specialness, they will eventually lose out in the game of history. For all peoples to achieve greatness, they must be good Imi-Semites and imitate the Way of the Jewish Covenant. Otherwise, one’s people are likely to fade into history like so many Ancient Tribes who were lost in time. Now, if your people develop their own sense of covenant and if Jews revile your people for being ‘racist’ or ‘exclusive’, you just tell the Jews that your people are simply emulating the Jews. If it’s good for Jews, why is it bad for other peoples? Shouldn’t Jews feel flattered that OTHER peoples are imitating Jews because Jews are so great and wonderful?

And yet, maybe we are overlooking a crucial lesson of the WOJ. Maybe what seems like Jewish Hypocrisy is part of Jewish brilliance and awesomeness. After all, the world is filled with competition, and it’s only natural that your side wants to keep the secret to itself. If your side has the Nuclear Bomb, it doesn’t want other sides to have them. Naturally, if all sides got the Bomb, then your side would lose its advantage. So, we can understand why Jews insist on their own Covenant and sense of distinctness while impugning such notions among other groups. So, Jews denounce white identity. Jews mock the Japanese sense of being a unique people. But they are so proud of their own identity and heritage that are guarded with passion. Then, the lesson of WOJ is that, even as we develop, promote, and guard our own identity, heritage, and specialness, we must try to deconstruct, devalue, and destroy such ideas and feelings in other groups, especially those who threaten our well-being and survival. We must subvert the identity of our rivals while safekeeping our own identity. Since Jews are immensely powerful, they are naturally our rivals. So, based on THE RULES FOR IMI-SEMITES, we must do as the Jew. As Jews guard their own identity but subvert ours, we must do the same to Jews. We must guard and preserve our own identity while doing everything to subvert, disgrace, and destroy Jewish Identity. It’s the WOJ. And if Jews denounce us, we can defend ourselves by saying we are just following the WOJ. If the Way of the Jew is to guard his own identity while weakening and destroying others, then we must do the same to the Jews. This isn’t ‘antisemitic’. If anything, it is in respect and awe of Jews. It is Imi-Semitic. It is on the basis that Jews know best. Since Jews-who-know-best guard their own identity while attacking other identities, we must do likewise in admiration that the Jewish Way is the Best Way, indeed the Only Way. Then, it would be ludicrous for Jews to accuse us of ‘antisemitism’ because our actions — guarding our identity while degrading other identities — would be based on the WOJ.

Another brilliant way of the Jew is the use of Diversity-as-weapon. Upon studying the Way of the Jew in the West, it is obvious that Jews use Diversity to divide their rivals into bickering factions. And then, Jews encourage most groups to hate, revile, and blame the group that poses the biggest potential rivalry to Jewish Power. As Jews see it, white gentiles pose the greatest challenge to Jewish Power. Even though most whites aren’t anti-Jewish, Jews take no chances. As long as whites are seen as a POTENTIAL threat to Jewish Power, Jews encourage all non-white groups to pile on Whitey. This way, Jews kill two birds with one stone. They make non-whites weaken white power. Furthermore, by fanning anti-white hatred, Jews create a distraction from their own power that is most dominant in America. If non-whites are made to scapegoat or ‘scapewhite’ White Privilege for all the problems, then most people won’t notice that it’s actually Jews who have the commanding position in America. As Jews are so wise and wonderful, this tactic on their part must be wise and wonderful. Then, it is only natural that we learn this facet of the WOJ and do as the Jews do. We need to use Diversity as a Weapon too. We must encourage non-whites to see Jews as the enemy, the main source of all the problems in the world. We must use divide-and-rule against the Jews. We must tell non-whites that it’s the Jews who have the most wealth, privilege, connections, and exclusive power. We must make all groups feel intense hatred, resentment, and envy in regard to the Jewish community.
Now, if Jews accuse us of ‘antisemitism’, it would be most unfair. How can we be ‘antisemitic’ when, out of profound respect for Jewish wisdom and brilliance, we’ve learned their ways and do as they do? If we are ‘antisemitic’ for acting in such manner, then it would mean Jews are also ‘antisemitic’ since they act the same way. If anything, Jews pioneered the use of Diversity as an instrument of divide-and-rule. As it’d be ridiculous to accuse Jews of being antisemitic for acting Jewish, it’d be ridiculous to accuse us of antisemitism for doing as the Jews do.

On the matter of womenfolk, there is much to learn from Jews. Notice that Jews see non-Jewish women as a bunch of ‘shikses’(which means dirty filthy whores). Jews see non-Jewish women as pieces of meat, as mere commodity to be bought and sold. Naturally, such attitude may lead to hostility against Jews, and Jews are well-aware of this. So, Jews have cleverly set about driving a wedge between goy men and goy women. Jews have taken this furthest with the white race. Jews convinced many white women that white men are their biggest enemies. Jews pressure white women to ideologically and politically side with People-of-Color and Jews against the Evil White Male. Jews tell white women to hate their white fathers, white uncles, white cousins, white brothers, white husbands, and white sons. Even when white women marry white men, they feel like they’re living with the enemy because Jewish Power in media and academia told them, "White Males Are Evil". This way, Jews have gained great dominance over the divided white race. With so many white women hating white men, white race is fracked and confused.
When we ponder this, it’s obvious that the WOJ is truly brilliant as a stratagem of power. Yes, to reduce a people’s power, you must divide the women from the men. After all, the unity of men and women is the key to any power. It is from such union that there is love and trust within the group. And men and women work together to produce life and raise the kids to be patriots. To weaken such a people so that your people can gain mastery over them, your people must try to divide the men and the women. And that is precisely what Jews have done to the white race. What wisdom! What brilliance! WOJ surely is wise and wonderful. Then, the white race must learn from the WOJ and practice its ways. It must go about doing to Jews what the Jews have done to whites. White race must tell Jewish women that Jewish men are the most hideous, oppressive, nasty, vicious, vile, greedy, arrogant, contemptuous, lecherous, demented, perverted, venomous, and venal creatures on Earth. Jewish women must be made to hate Jewishness as a form of ‘racism’. Jewish women must be encouraged to see Jewish men as the source of all their misery. Jewish women must be made to wail and howl at Jewish Patriarchy(that denied freedom and equality to Jewish women through the ages), Jewish Pornography(that has commoditized so many sisters worldwide), and Jewish misogyny(that sees women as pieces of meat to play with, as the #MeToo movement amply demonstrated). Also, notice how Jewish Power seeks to turn white men into a bunch of cucks. It is a masterful Power Move. After all, a people will weaken IF the women no longer respect the manhood of their men. So, to weaken the white race, Jews encouraged white women to go black and have black babies. The idea is that blacks are tougher and manlier, and therefore, white women must reject wussy white men and have kids with black males. A potent weapon in the arsenal of WOJ. Then, whites must do the same to Jews. Jewish women must be told that Jewish men are a bunch of dorks, gorks, geeks, nerds, and gross pervs. Therefore, Jewish women should be encouraged to mate with non-Jewish men, especially Negroes, Arabs, Muslims, and Iranians. The white race must also denounce Israeli Family policy as ‘racist’ and ‘exclusive’. As we know, Israel has a natal program that encourages Jewish women to have lots of kids with Jewish men. This is sexual ‘racism’, and Jewish women must be enriched by mating with Negroes, Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians, and Iranians. Jewish wombs no longer belong to Jewish men. They exist to take the seeds of other men, especially Arabs. This way, Jewish wombs will be made ‘inclusive’.
Now, if Jews accuse whites of trying to commit ‘Jewish Genocide’ via race-mixing the Jewish Race right down to the last Jewish woman, it would be most unjust. After all, it’s just a lesson taken from the WOJ. It is the Jewish Way to weaken and degrade another people, especially one perceived as a Rival Race, by driving a wedge between the men and women and then by encouraging the women to reject the men of their own race and offer their wombs to men of other races. Since Jews do this to whites, it must be GREAT! After all, it’s the Jewish Way,and of course the noble Jews know best. Then, out of respect for Jews and their ways, white power that encourages Jewish women to hate Jewish men, turn themselves into wild sluts, and have sex with non-Jewish men(especially Arabs and Negroes) deserve praise because it is taking a key lesson out of the Jewish Rulebook of Power.

Another WOJ is to associate everything with what-is-good-for-Jews. Since Jews love Israel, Jews in America associate everything with Love-for-Israel. So, to be a good Christian means to support Israel. To be a good Republican means to support Israel. To be a good Democrat means to support Israel. To be a good homo means to support Israel. To be a good Hispanic means to support Israel. Israel, Israel, Israel. Indeed, such propaganda has been so pervasive that most politicians and goyim in the US believe that the highest priority of America and all its institutions must be do what is good for Israel above and beyond what is good for America. So, white politicians better support Israel. Black politicians must support Israel(or else end up like Cynthia McKinney). Politicians of all stripes must support Israel. Politicians of all religions must support Israel. Indeed, every person must put Israeli and Jewish interests before those of his own people. So many people have been led to believe that the first duty of America is to serve Israel. Well, what a tremendous lesson to learn from the WOJ!
Then, it only makes sense for whites to do the same. Whites must 24/7 drum home the point that Jews exist to serve whites. Jews must support the white race. Jews must serve the white race. Jews must praise and celebrate the white race. Jews must put white interests above Jewish interests. Jews must be willing to fight and die for Wars for Whites. Jews must give billions and billions toward securing white nations. And if whites have problems with a certain group or nation, Jews must always side with whites(even when whites are wrong). This would only be right because it is out of the Jewish Rulebook. After all, Jewish power has made whites support Jews and Israel at every turn, at all times. Even when Jews do wrong, whites side with Jews. Even when Jews massacre Palestinians, whites side with Jews. So, the Jewish Way is to make goyim obey and serve Jews no matter what Jews do, indeed even when Jews act wicked. Then, the lesson to learn from the Jew is to 'make the Other obey and serve your people'. The Other must be made to see your people as superior and worthier than their own. Therefore, the Other must prioritize your people’s interest over their own. Since Jews are the Other vis-a-vis whites, whites must do everything to make Jews serve whites. After all, if the Jewish Rulebook says "make the Other serve Our Tribe", then whites must make the Jews(as the Other) serve the White Tribe.

WOJ understands the power of speech and the control of media. Cleverly, Jews have come up with the idea of ‘hate speech’ to shut down any speech that is deemed ‘hateful’ by Jews. In practical terms, ‘hate speech’ is any speech that speaks truth to Jewish Power. So, any White Liberationist who dares to say NO to Jewish Power or any Palestinian Autonomist who rebukes Zionist tyranny is deemed a ‘hater’ who spews ‘hate speech’. Once ‘hate speech’ is identified, Jews use all their institutional and financial muscle to have that person destroyed and blacklisted(1,000x more than any Jewish communist who was marginalized during the HUAC-McCarthy years). What an inspired tactic to guard the power and mastery of your own people while discrediting and destroying anyone who dares to speak truth to your people’s power. Via ‘hate speech’ hysteria, Jews have redefined Free Speech so that it’s a privilege only for Jews(and their favored allies) than a universal right for all Americans. Even though the US Constitution guarantees free speech for all, Jews control the law firms, banks, and media that can destroy people and deny them jobs, savings, and the means to spend their money. So, Jews have effectively killed Free Speech in America. Jews are so awesome in their Way of Power. They come up with brilliant masterstrokes to accumulate all the power for themselves, doling out a few favors to their cuck-collaborators. Since Jews know best and come up with the best strategies, we must learn from the Jew and do as the Jews do. In this spirit, we must invoke ‘hate speech’ to denounce and silence Zionism. We must declare that Zionism is a form of supremacism, ‘racism’, imperialism, and genocide. After all, Israel was created through massive ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Jews acted like Nazis with their Lebensraum plan. Jews stole more land in 1967. Jews still occupy West Bank and murder Palestinians. IDF death squads routinely mow down innocent women and children in Gaza. Jews spread Wars for Israel all over the Middle East. Because Jews hate Russia, they spread propaganda that tells us to hate Russia too. So, much of what Jews say is ‘hate speech’. Jews are filled with hate(for Palestinians, Russians, Iranians, Syrians, white Christians, white patriots, and those with the guts to stand up to Homomania) and spew their hatred all over. Then, it is only right that we call out on Jewish ‘hate speech’, denounce it, and ban it. We must work with BDS and any organization to resist Jewish hatred and silence Jewish ‘hate speech’ against goyim. We must say Jewish Power must be gagged because the Jew-run media have spread so much hatred around the world. Jewish Hollywood made all those anti-Arab and anti-Muslim movies where Middle Easterners are usually terrorist and lunatics. As a result, so many white Americans joined the military to kill bushels of Arab men, women, and children. Their minds were infected with the Jewish Hate Virus. And just when the world was sighing with relief over the End of the Cold War, Jews messed it all up with their greed and hatred. They raped the Russian economy, and when Russians said ENOUGH to the Jews, Jews started a Hate Campaign against Russia. And so, there is the ‘new cold war’. And wars in Iraq, Libya, and Syria were all instigated by Zionists. Now, that’s a lot of hate, and we must stand against this hate. So, we must denounce Jewish Hate Speech and work to destroy and blacklist any Jew who espouses Zionist imperialism, ‘racist’ Jewish identity, and Jewish supremacism. We must support Free Speech but not Hate Speech of the Jews.
If Jews react by bitching about ‘antisemitism’, it would be most ludicrous. After all, we are only taking a rule from the Jewish Rulebook of Power that says "maximize our free speech while minimizing the speech of our rivals and critics as ‘hate speech’". If such is the Jewish Way, it must be wonderful and sound. Then, it is only fitting that whites emulate and imitate Jews and do to Jews as Jews would do to whites.

And then, there is the matter of Borders. As we all know, Jews are adamant about guarding the borders of Israel. Jews are hellbent on keeping Israel as their own homeland, a place of sacred memory. Jews claim it is theirs, and they feel justified in doing everything to keep every inch of it. They go even further and say all white nations must support the Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish Homeland. But, at the same time, Jews call for Open Borders for Western nations. Why is this? Isn’t it rank hypocrisy? In a way, yes, but in another way, such duplicity should be admired as another lesson to be learned in the WOJ. The Jewish Way is to maximize Jewish Power, and the surest way is to support Nationalism where Jews are the majority and push globalism where Jews are the minority. After all, if non-Jewish nations went into Nationalist Mode, they will prioritize the interests of the non-Jewish majority, and that would undercut Jewish power. So, where Jews are the majority(Israel), Jews are happy with Nationalism that favors Jewish identity and interests. But in nations were Jews are a minority or non-existent, Jews push globalism so that the native majority will become deracinated, cucked, decadent, degenerate, and/or self-loathing. Then, Jewish globo-homo operatives can go to work and take over the key institutions and industries of those nations. Now, that is smart thinking. That is genius itself.
Then, it is only right for whites to think likewise. The Jewish Rulebook says "Nationalism & strong borders where Jews are the majority, and Globalism and open borders where Jews are the minority." Then, this rule, as adjusted for whites, would be "Nationalism & strong borders where whites are the majority, and Globalism and open borders where whites are the minority." That means all white majority nations must do everything to secure their borders and stop the mass-immigration-invasion by non-whites. Whites in white-majority nations must safeguard and prioritize white identity, white unity, white territoriality, and white power. But in white-minority nations, whites must do everything to undermine the national identity and borders. And for good practice, whites should begin with Israel. Whites should demand that Jews in Israel reject nationalism and celebrate Diversity. Israel must smash its walls and embrace Open Borders and let tons of non-Jews into Israel. And allow Palestinians the Right of Return. Whites must say it is ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’, and ‘exclusive’ for Jews to keep Israel as their own homeland. They must be ‘inclusive’ and share the Holy Land with immigrants and migrants from all over the world. Israel must call itself a ‘nation of immigrants’.
Now, if Jews were to retort that this is a case of White Hypocrisy that defends national borders for white nations while waging war on Israel’s borders & its right to exist as a Jewish State, that would be most ridiculous. After all, whites would only be taking a page out of the Jewish Rulebook. Since Jews are so wise and wonderful, what Jews think and do must be noble and inspiring. Then, why would it be wrong for whites to be Imi-Semites and do as the Jews do?

Anyway, there are surely many more lessons and instructions to be learned from the WOJ. The more we study the Way of the Jews, the more we will understand the wonderful Jews and their wise and noble ways. Since Jews are such a great and awesome people, surely what they think and do must be the gold standard for all humanity. Then, it is only right that all of humanity, including white folks, must learn from the WOJ and do as the Jews do. It will be the beginning by which Humanity can be cured of its foolishness. Learn from the best. Jews are the best, so learn most from the Jews. And then, do as the Jews do.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Why is Jewish Power so Obsessed about Donald Trump & Russia? It's a Matter of Jewish Globalist Supremacism vs Gentile Nationalist Sovereignty

DOCTOR ZHIVAGO - News of the Death of the Tsar and His Family
Remember the news of the execution of the Czar and his family in DOCTOR ZHIVAGO? The old man(played by Ralph Richardson) wonders why the Bolsheviks had to take such measure. Why kill the deposed man and his entire family? And Zhivago explains that the Bolsheviks did it send a clear message that ‘there is no going back’. Russia was then in the throes of the Civil War between the Reds and the Whites. Reds held the cities whereas Whites held the countryside. But the Reds had mass support as well since so many Russians had gotten tired of the disaster of WWI and expected more food and freedom from the Reds. To the masses, the Whites represented the Old World of privilege. Still, the Whites had considerable support among conservatives, clergy, traditionalists, and moderates who grew alarmed by Red violence.

Today, the globalists see the World in terms of a Grand Struggle. It is between Shlomo-Homo Globalism and Nationalism. Both sides have advantages and disadvantages.

Globalism’s power derives from the US, the lone super-power that is in neo-imperialist footing. As the US is controlled by Jews, globalism is essentially a Jewish project. Given globalism’s aggression and interference, many nations ought to be opposed to it, and indeed many are, and even many that are on-board have second thoughts about it.
Then, why does globalism seem so omnipotent around the world? One is bribery. As the US is the richest nation and controls world finance, it can offer bribes and sweet deals to elites around the world that comply with the globo-homo program. So, if the US promises sweet deals to nations that cave to homomania, they often do.
Also, even nations that cling to national sovereignty go along, at least halfway, with the globalist project since their wealth depends on global trade. China is a good example. China has a genuinely independent government(unlike Japan), but it relies on the globalist system of trade as devised by the US and EU. Also, despite all the problems of the US and EU, those parts of the world still have the best-managed, most innovative, and most productive economies. The problem of BRICS(Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) nation is there is too much corruption, incompetence, and inefficiency among them.

Also, because the US media dominate world information and because US academia train so many elites of other nations, many elites become mental-colonized by globalist PC. Most elites around the world aren’t particularly bright or original. So, when they come to the US to study, they soak up all the dogma & cliches and repeat them like robots. Some do it sincerely, some do it opportunistically to belong to the globo-Elysium Club.

But globalism also has big weaknesses. Ironically, its great power is also its Achilles Heel. It is now so powerful and all-pervasive around the world that ‘globalism’ has negative connotations. Also, even in the metropole of globalism, there are many who feel that it isn’t good for the world or for most Americans. It’s only good for the elites and upper classes centered around few key cities. Also, there have been rising populist tensions in the EU. European Union began as a grand project for Europeans Only. But over time, globalism remade it into what is now effectively a European-African-Muslim Union. Globalism says that Europeans must welcome replacism by ‘New Europeans’ from the Third World. If a European nation wants to preserve its borders and identity, it is now demeaned as ‘far right’, ‘extreme’, and ‘white supremacist’ by globalism. Betrayal is the New Patriotism. Traitors are hailed as the New Patriots(or 'Patraitors'). Due to globo-shlomo-homo power, betrayal has become the central fact of the Modern World, not as vice but as virtue. What a twisted world we live in. Naturally, in order for Jews to have control over whites, whites must be encouraged to betray their own identity and interests in favor of obeying and serving Jews. The white race has become one Big Rat that squeals on white patriots in the delusion that race-betrayal(especially to appease Jews) is the highest virtue. While Jews practice omerta among themselves, whites have been conditioned to inform on other whites who won't get with the the globo-homo program.
Nevertheless, more and more people are waking up to the fact that globalism isn’t about all peoples around the world gaining equal recognition and value but all peoples coming under the same set of ‘values’ such as homomania and same narrow expressions of culture, such as rap music and Hollywood comic book franchise movies. Also, it's about all the world groveling at the feet of Jews(and homos).

Given all the problems of globalism and its elite-centrism, why would so many ordinary people support the globalist project? Among non-whites, there is ONE REASON: the chance to emigrate to richer white nations. If that option wasn't available, they would oppose globalism as a threat to their national sovereignty. But with the bait of immigration-to-the-West, non-white masses are more than willing to work with globalist elites to move to white nations, live off white wealth, and hump white women(or marry and have kids with white men). For sure, Muslims would have NO REASON to support globalism that is about Wars for Israel, spread of homomania, and US aggression. So, why do so many Muslims go along? Because they are obsessed with the dream of moving to the West. They know that Western Nationalists oppose immigration whereas Western globalists promote it. So, for material self-interest, they collaborate with globalists, even Zionist ones. And globalist elites know this. They know that mass support for globalism around the world will diminish UNLESS non-white masses can be enticed with the chance of moving to the West. That is why 95% of Muslims in France voted for Macron. They may hate Western policies against the Muslim World. They may despise Homomania. But the fact is Macron wants more immigration-invasion whereas LePen wants to slow it down or even end it.

Okay, we can now understand why Western/Jewish elites and non-white masses go with globalism. But why would white masses in white nations support globalism when it’s so anti-white? The fact that Macron got 65% of the vote means that he had majority support from whites as well. Also, 56% of young people voted for Macron. Why would so many white masses support globalism when it will demographically displace them? Why do so many whites choose to be 'patraitors' than patriots? Why do they think being a traitor is the 'new patriotism'? Well, many white masses were raised on PC education and Pop Culture. So, they’ve been made to sincerely believe that white identity and interests are evil. Also, Pop Culture has normalized Diversity, so that any idea of a White Europe or White Nation now seems wrong. The New Europe MUST BE Diverse. Also, the Western Left is based on virtue-signaling and feeling holier-than-thou. Due to dominance of PC, many white masses have been made to feel that the ONLY way they can feel morally justified and superior is by hugging Diversity and hating ‘white racism’. They've become addicted to the drug of self-righteous vanity. Today, even the desire of white nations to remain white is deemed ‘racist’.

Even white conservatives have been put on the moral defensive by PC’s diversity-mongering. So, the most that white conservatives can do is call for ‘civic nationalism’ and patriotic diversity. Morally disadvantaged, the Western Right can only play defense and can never be on the offensive. If indeed the consensus says Diversity is a wonderful thing, anyone who disagrees is automatically relegated to moral inferiority. Since even the Conservatives have chanted the mantra of ‘diversity is our strength’ over and over, they’ve fallen into a moral trap. If diversity is so good, how can they call for limits on immigration that stem the tide of wonderful diversity? Also, since the end of WWII, the reigning narrative has been that there is nothing worse than ‘white racism’. So, even white masses who are deeply anxious about Diversity feel morally unclean if they were to express their views. According to Official PC, any desire on the part of whites to maintain a white community is a ‘far right’ and ‘racist’.

Globalism is essentially a War between Jewish elites & their collaborator comprador elites AND white masses of traditional white nations. Jews have targeted such nations since bulk of Jewish wealth and power are concentrated there. Even though Jewish Power is a worldwide phenomenon, its nerve center is still in the West. Without that control of White Nations, Jewish power around the world in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America would be shaky. So, Jewish control of the West is key to control of the Rest. And in order for Jews to control the West, whereupon Jewish-globalist interests must always trump white-nationalist-interests, the white folks of the West must be taught that THERE IS NO GOING BACK. Just like the Reds killed the Czar and his family to send a message to Whites that there is no going back, Jewish-Globalists want to send a demoralizing message to white nationalists/populists that there is no going back: White identity, white interests, and white power are OVER forever. Whites must serve Jews.
Now, one might argue that Jews could be dominant forces in the West purely on meritocracy without diversity. After all, following WWII, whites rejected antisemitism and became supportive of Jews, even aiding Zionists in the creation of Israel. And Jews gained rapid success in EU and especially in the US since the 60s, even gaining elite power. So, why would Jews need Diversity?
It’s because Jews fear that the Holocaust guilt-trip will eventually wear off. Jews fear that increasing Jewish power will lead to excessive corruption and abuses, and over time, whites will grow angry and become ‘antisemitic’ once again. The Saxon will learn to hate again. To prevent such, Jews need Diversity so that the divided and contentious bunch of gentiles won’t be able to unite against Jewish Power(no matter how arrogantly or abusively it behaves); due to chutzpah and the nature of Jewish personality, Jews know they can’t resist being overzealous in their power-grabbing and power-mongering; so, ‘antisemitism’ is most likely to return, indeed even for valid and justifiable reasons; so, if such a day were to come, the only way to secure Jewish Power is to have diverse goyim be so angry with one another that they won’t be able to unite against Jewish Domination.

Diversity is an effective way to weaken and destroy white identity politics. If masses of whites are taught from a young age that they must serve Diversity above all, it means whites must put white interests in the back-burner while favoring Diversity. Now, whites serving Diversity may not always align with whites serving Jewish interests. We see this with the BDS movement where some whites support Diversity(that of Palestinians) against Jewish-Zionist power. British Jews are furious that Jeremy Corbyn's base in the Labour Party sides with Palestinians against Zionism.
Nevertheless, Cult of Diversity means that whites must always put non-white interests before white interests, and that suppresses the chance of White Power, the only power that Jews fear as the potential challenge to Jewish domination in the West.

How does Russia factor into this? Russia was on the path toward being just another part of the Jewish Empire. A huge carcass for globo-weasels to feast on. Indeed, Jews came so very close. And if Jews had prevailed, their power would have been unbreakable. Just think. Jews control the US that controls the EU. Russia is a vast land mass with immense resources. If Jews gain control of that as well, they got it made forever. Also, control of Russia means control of Central Asia and part of the Middle East as “Russia’s sphere of influence”.
But Russia slipped out of Jewish grasp(just like the Rhine maidens from the clutches of Alberich in DAS RHEINGOLD).
To be sure, it’s still not game over. Russia still has powerful globalist-elements. And even though Putin rolled back globalists, he needs them to run much of the economy since they have the connections and knowledge. So, the future of Russia is, as yet, unsure. Still, there has been a revival of Russian nationalism that puts Russian identity and interests at the center of Russian politics. Also, Russian nationalism isn’t apologetic like the national politics of so many Western nations. I mean, why does Canada and Ireland have Black History Months when they had few blacks in their nations? Afromania, like Homomania, is a cultural imperialist tool of the Jews. Jews are trying to make ALL WHITE NATIONS celebrate Diversity over National Identity and Degeneracy over Decency as the New Normal of Morality. Canada and Ireland have become just tools of Zionist-US empire.
But Russia won’t be having ‘gay pride month’ and ‘black history month’ anytime soon. While Russia isn’t overtly racial in its nationalism, it does have a proud and unapologetic sense of national pride and heritage. Russians don’t believe that Russians exist primarily to serve non-Russians, which is in contrast to the Western PC Ideal that whites exist mainly to serve non-whites: White lands exist to take in tons of non-white immigrants. White wombs exist to make black babies. White minds exist to serve globalism. White soldiers exist to fight Wars for Israel. White Death exists to make room for non-white bodies and make profits for Big Pharma run by Jews who peddle opioids to the millions.

In the Global-Civil-War, Russia still resists the Zio-Globalist hegemony of US and its vassal entity of the EU. What Jews fear most is that the Russian Example may spread and inspire other white nations to put national interest at the center of their ideology, politics, culture, and conviction. It will mean each native population of European nations putting their own people, culture, and land above others. If white gentiles begin to feel this way, they may not only push out the Muslims and Africans… but may come to see Jewish elites in their midst as outsiders also.
Most importantly, the die has already been cast to the point where it’s difficult for Jews to reverse their position. Jewish globalists have thrown their lot so much on the side of globalism and cult of Diversity that it’s now a game of WIN or LOSE. Sometimes, when you go ALL IN, you can no longer moderate your position. It becomes a zero-sum game of Win All or Lose All.
It’s like Hitler could moderate his relations with Stalin prior to Operation Barbarossa. It was an uneasy alliance between Germany and USSR, but there was peace and things could be worked out by compromise based on mutual respect and recognition of the other’s legitimacy. But once Hitler went all in and invaded Russia in June of 1941, it was WIN or LOSE. The die was cast.
There was a time when Jews had been more cautious, gently pushing for diversity but also being mindful of white national concerns. But over time, Jews decided to throw caution to the winds and go whole hog in their War on White or WOW. Jews have gone Full Tim Wise. It was perfectly encapsulated by the Newsweek cover of the Obama Conquest over the White Race.
The Jewish-Supremacist Message to the White Race: "We out-hustled you and used mass-immigration-invasion and Diversity to destroy White Power and Prestige forever." When Jews spit on whites with such contempt, it is truly amazing that so many whites, including conservatives, suck up to Jews.
So, all this stuff about Russia-collusion and Russia-hacking is baloney. Jews don’t believe in any of it. So, why are they peddling such nonsense? It’s all part of the Global-vs-National War in which Jews see Russia as the most dangerous model of white national sovereignty. And Brexit and election of Trump got Jews very worried.

Now, why should Jews worry about the rise of nationalism when Jews are doing just fine in Russia-gone-nationalist? After all, even though Jews are a small minority in Russia, they are better-off than all other groups and still control up to 20% of its wealth. So why? It's because Jews want supremacism, not just privilege and wealth. Jews feel that ONLY SUPREMACISM can guarantee Jewish power and wealth forever. After all, Russia is a nation where Jewish power and wealth can be taken away if indeed Putin decided to throw in his lot with ultra-nationalists with anti-Jewish bent. So, Jewish riches in Russia depend on the magnanimity and Machiavellian caution of Putin(who fears repercussions of Jewish globalist power if he were to move against Jews). The fact that Putin was able to bring down Khodorovsky means that, theoretically at least, he can bring down any Jewish oligarch who gets too out of hand. So, rich Jews in Russia feel more vulnerable than the rich Jews in the US who are protected by the entire network of power from Wall Street to legal courts to Deep State. Jews have Putin-like power x 1000 in the US. They are untouchable. Even with the election of a nationalist-populist president, Trump has been hemmed in on all sides by Jewish power and its Deep State agents.

But Trump is a savvy and unpredictable player, and there’s no telling what he might really do. He’s not like the pliable puppet that Rubio or Jeb Bush would have been. Trump likes to play the role of Lord of Chaos, and Jews fear that he may have some cards up his sleeve.
Anyway, if Trump comes to an understanding with Russia and forges good ties, it means NATO will weaken. And that means America's control over EU will weaken as well, as NATO will be perceived as obsolete and irrelevant. Decreased US hegemony over EU could mean the breakup of EU or the rise of nationalism in the absence of US domination(in service of the Empire of Judea or EOJ). And then, the globalist project may be threatened with the emergence of politics that are more nation-centric. When people of a nation put nationalist interest above globalist interest, it means they will favor native majority interest over minority interests such as those of Jews whose world power is really more reliant on global networking than national roots and foundations.

This is what all this Russia Stuff is about. No Jew believes in all this stuff about hacking or collusion. The Jewish-controlled Mass Media just keep putting it out there so as to vilify Russia. If Russia is cast as the Grand Villain, it will be difficult for Trump to do anything constructive in improving relations. He will be denounced as COLLUDING with the Enemy. So, this hysteria is not about what Trump or Russia might or might not have done. It’s about preventing what they MIGHT DO as friendly nations. It is to rig the game so that US cannot have friendly ties with Russia.

But then, this trick should be familiar to the American Right that used to castigate ANY attempt by Democrats toward friendlier ties with the USSR as ‘going easy on communism’. And when Reagan finally decided to work for peace with Gorbachev, there were plenty of Cold Warriors who did everything to derail the effort by accusing Reagan of being senile, weak, or stupid in trusting the Evil Empire.

It’s like what James-Wood-as-Haldeman says in Oliver Stone's NIXON.

Excuse me … Are you talking about
recognizing China, Mr. President?
That would cost us our strongest

No … I can do this because I’ve
spent my whole career building anti
Communist credentials.

If Johnson or Kennedy tried it, they’d
have crucified them, and rightfully

It’s damned risky, Mr. President. Why
don’t we wait till the second term?

Anyway, Jews are looking for the KILL-THE-CZAR moment with Trump to send the message that There Is No Going Back. They want to do something so powerful and shocking so that there is no chance of Trump working with Russia on a friendly basis and changing the status quo of hostility. As Jewish Power put all the eggs in the globalist basket, any chance that Russian nationalism might inspire other nationalism in white nations is an alarming development to Jews(and homos who value globalism as a missionary vehicle for Homomania).
Now, there are times when Jews will support little nationalism against Big Nationalism. So, Jews supported Ukrainian nationalism against Russia, indeed even going so far as to work with Neo-Nazi elements. Though Jews hate Ukrainian nationalism too, they see it as useful for the time being against the more challenging Russian one. Also, whereas Russian nationalism is self-sufficient, Jews know that Ukrainian nationalism would collapse without US-EU support as there is no meaningful internal unity or core identity among Ukrainians. Of course, to mask the far-right characteristics of Ukrainian Nationalism, Jews urged the new government to put on a homo parade there so as to sell US involvement in Ukraine as Project-Tolerance. Today's progs will support any war if the bombs are painted in Homo Colors.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The National Core of a People is Revealed with the Loss of Empire — Feminism’s War on Mutual Empowerment

The French Empire unraveled after WWII. But it was not a total loss. The French colonialists reconnected with the National Core. They returned home to France. Back then, French colonialists had a place to go back to. But what is France today? It is a demographic colony of Muslims, sexual colony of Africa, and political colony of the Jews. And Netherlands doesn't lift a finger to save White Boer Farmers in South Africa. New Holland's identity is 'multi-culturalism', which means that it belongs more to Africans and Muslims than to the Dutch themselves. It is now a crime for the Dutch to say, "My country belongs to my people", but it is wonderful for Africans and Muslims to say "We have a right to colonize and take over Dutch lands and wombs."
In the end, true nationalism is defined by Core Nationalism. National identity, interests, and territory become confused and muddled with imperialism. As a people gain dominance of other peoples and their lands, their sense of national destiny becomes entwined with that of other peoples. Thus, distinctions between the National and Imperial become unsure and contradictory. As Amy Chua discussed in her concept of hyper-powers, the conquering/ruling people must be 'tolerant' and 'diverse' in order to maintain a great empire. While a determined people can use brute force to conquer weaker peoples, it is nearly impossible to rule over, with brute force alone, such vast lands inhabited by different peoples. In the case of American History, white people could just remove the relatively small number of native folks and create a White empire-nation. But most empires were about one people ruling over others who vastly outnumbered the ruling/conquering people. Also, even though the conquered peoples were relatively lacking in technology and organization, they were not hopeless primitives like the American Indians who had no chance against whites. So, to have an empire, the ruling people must be reasonably 'tolerant' and pro-'diversity' over the conquered peoples. Empires are inherently diverse since they are about a people conquering and ruling over other peoples of different races, cultures, and religions. Also, in order to win over collaborators(or, better yet, converts at least in religion or ideology), the ruling people must be reasonably 'tolerant' and offer carrots along with the sticks. Nazi Empire was doomed in the East because its plan was extermination/enslavement. But in a sick way, even Hitler understood historical truths. An empire can survive in only two ways: Via 'diversity' & 'tolerance' OR eradication & homogeneity. He understood that while D&T method was useful and effective, it was ultimately doomed. All D&T empires eventually faded from history. The only kind of permanently successful empire is where one people take over, effectively exterminate or crush the natives, and become the ruling majority. Anglos could achieve this in North America & Australia and Russians could accomplish this in Siberia because they were met with only sparsely populated primitive opposition. But it was a tall order for Germans to pull off such a campaign against the Soviet Union that, in 1941, had 170 million people and advanced civilization. Easier to kill a gopher than a bear. So, if the German Empire were to become permanent and last a 1000 yrs(in Hitler's prophetic dream), the German Empire had to effectively be a Big German Nation. Not so much Germans ruling over others but Germans as both rulers and ruled in the vast Eastern territories. D&T method, while effective, usually led to the conquerors being either expelled or absorbed by the larger native populations. Mongols were absorbed into non-Mongol peoples or, in time, driven out by native folks. Alexander's Macedonian and Greek rulers eventually faded into the local domains that they conquered. The Aryan Conquerors in India may have used an extreme and elaborate system of race-separation ideology to perpetuate rule over the natives permanently. But despite DNA studies showing lingering differences among the various castes, lots of Brahmins in India look dark like the natives. Over 1000 yrs, they've been absorbed far more than they'd like to admit. Libido will do that over time.

Anyway, under the policy of 'diversity' and 'tolerance', an empire can grow and flourish. Initially, the ruling people nevertheless maintain a sense of 'us' over 'them'. While the conquered 'them' are offered carrots, they are still in an inferior position vis-a-vis the conquering 'us'. But as time passes, the conquerors come to rely more on the conquered for materials and manpower. Also, among the conquered, some perform their duties so loyally that they are accepted into the conquering tribe. There have been some cases where, over time, the conquerors and conquered merged into one people. This was especially true IF the either the conquering people or conquered people(or both) had weak cultural identity. Mongols were fierce and aggressive but had a barbarian culture. As such, they could be absorbed into more complex cultures. Or when an elaborate culture conquers a weak/primitive culture, the latter joins the former. Christendom and Islamic World converted and absorbed many peoples. And long ago, a few gentile tribes were absorbed into the Jewish Tribe with a most powerful sense of culture rooted in the Covenant. The merge is usually doable IF the conquerors and conquered are of the same race despite cultural differences. Plenty of Germanic and Slavic barbarians became 'Romans' or 'Greeks'.
But when a powerful culture conquers powerful cultures, neither side is willing to be fully absorbed into the other culture. This is even truer if the peoples differ in race as well as in culture. Latin America is an interesting case. Because the natives mostly had weak cultures, they were absorbed into the conquering Latin Culture. They took on Spanish names and language. And they accepted Christianity. Now, if the natives of Central and South America were white, they might have just become ONE with the Spanish. But as they were brown, strong distinctions and separations remain between the conquerors and conquered despite the effective cultural 'latinization' of the whole continent.
At any rate, empire eventually confuses the distinctions between the conquerors and the conquered. This confusion is a double-edged sword. In some ways, it facilitates further integration between conquerors and conquered. If the conquerors come to identify more with imperial glory than with the national core, then they are bound to feel a closer bond with the conquered folks who've come to serve the empire. And if the conquered folks come to share in the pride of imperial glory, they are bound to look to conquerors not so much as foreign tyrants but rightful rulers. But this confusion also leads to all kinds of anxieties, paranoia, tensions, distrust, and resentment. Also, both sides realize that there has to be a limit to the merging of the two realms because there is the real danger of losing one's identity and culture forever. Then, it is hardly surprising that most empires faded in time. Latin America is in a strange kind of limbo state. In one way, it seems like a successful and permanent merging of conquerors and conquered. In other ways, it looks like an ongoing imperial project where something BIG might happen with drastic transformations in power politics.

Where nationalism becomes most vital and vivid is when empires fall apart. Such collapse finally decides what is Core Nationalism and Expansive Imperialism. It's like separating wheat from the chaff, the gold from the sand. Core Nationalism is muscular and lean, Expansive Imperialism is fat and round. An empire is like a person with excessive fat. He has eaten too much, and it has made him bigger. He carries a lot of weight, and can push others around. BUT, all that fat also serves as a burden. There are advantages to be sure. After all, a sumo wrestler gets a lot of leverage with the fat. But, he tires easily and has to keep eating and eating to maintain his size. Now, when a fatso decides to exercise and lose weight, does he shrink to nothingness? No, he will lose the fat, but he will reach a point where he is mostly lean muscle. That is the Core Person. Without all the fat, he may look diminished and won't win something like sumo matches, but he will feel healthier and lighter. So, if one wants to know what a fatso really looks like, the fatso must lose the weight. All the flab makes the fatso look like other fatsos. They are defined by fat that covers their body. But with exercise and healthy eating, a fatso will lose weight, and then he will really look like his true self.

This also goes for empire. Empire confuses the identity of a people. The conquering people may come to identify so much with the empire that they forget what they really are at the ethnic, cultural, and territorial core. Indeed, because they've come to covet the empire so much, they may feel that loss of empire will be the end of the world, the end of everything. But not so. Losing the empire finally reveals the Core Essence of the People and Culture. It is not total loss but loss of Imperial fat in exchange of re-emergence of the National musculature.
So, when the British lost their empire, they had their core in Great Britain. It still remained. After the French lost their empire, they had Core France, the land to which the French colonialists returned. When the Turks lost the Ottoman Empire, they no longer ruled over Arabs and Balkan folks, but they had the National Core in what is now Turkey. When the Japanese Empire collapsed in Continental Asia, there was still Core Japan. Austrians lost the empire, but they still had the Austrian Core. Russians lost the Soviet Empire but still have Core National Russia. And Germans lost their empire in WWII but still had the German national core.

And for the conquered peoples, the National Core remains even under Imperial Waters. Polish people and civilization were long submerged under Russian and Prussian Imperialism, but they remained as a steady rock that re-emerged once the empire subsided and receded from history. This was also true of the Greeks whose ethno-rock was long submerged under the Ottoman Imperial Sea.

So, true nationalism is Core Nationalism, and it reappears when a people lose the empire. They may be frightened that the loss of empire is loss of everything, but it's actually a realization of and a re-connection with the National Core. In the end, was it so tragic that the French in Indochina returned to France or the British in Kenya returned to Great Britain? Even with loss of Imperial Glory, there was National Integrity.

What is truly ominous and tragic about globalism is it is an attack on the Core itself. Apparently, it wasn't enough for the Brits and the French to lose their far-flung empires. They must lose their national cores as well. And not just them. According to PC, George Soros, and the UN, the attack on the Core must be universal. Even though Swedes and Poles didn't have overseas empires, they too must lose their cores. According to this article, even though Polish Conservatives mouth patriotic platitudes, they are collaborating with globo-homo capitalists to import tons of non-whites and spread Homomania everywhere. Also, rise of deracinating Pop Culture, anti-ethno-PC, and anti-life feminism have led to Child Dearth all over the Modern World. Women take jobs from men and then wonder why there aren't enough marriageable men around. It's because women took their jobs. Feminism is narrowly focused on female careerist empowerment while overlooking the fact that this leads to overall weakening of a people. While relative freedom for women was an advantage to the West, the West's greatest rise came when there was a balance between the ideal of equality and the reality of biology. Thus, Western women enjoyed more freedom and rights than women in other cultures, BUT they still performed their crucial biological functions as wives and mothers. This led to the triumph of the West. (If modern feminism had hit the West in the 18th century, there would have been no Rise of the West.) There was a sense of All-Empowerment for the entire society, and this required a complementary relationship between men and women. But materialistic feminism led to women seeing themselves as a separate and independent group apart from men. Instead of working with men to create a powerful society for all, women opted for the narrowest goals of personal/sexual entitlement. Of course, most women lost out in this order as only a handful women are going to succeed in the most glamorous fields coveted by most women addicted to celebrity and vanity. But the toxic mindset infected most women, and they lost all sense of what is GOOD FOR ALL or Mutual Empowerment. They just opted for the narrow empowerment of themselves as a separate group.

There was a time when even the loss of empire meant that a people would not lose all. Fall of empire meant that the conquered peoples regained(or conceived of) their own nationhood while the conquering peoples withdrew into their national core. Both sides got something. Liberation for the conquered, Re-connection for the conquerors. Imperialists returned home and reconnected with nation and kin... like Lawrence(of Arabia) who had enough of imperial ventures and returns home to Britain. Or the guys in THE DEER HUNTER who want to say goodbye to all that(imperialism) and return home where family and friends are. Fall of empire was like declaring bankruptcy. You lost lots of stuff, but you got to keep your core house and property. So, if you speculated in lots of bad real estate deals and got burned, you needn't lose your core home. But globalism says even the Core possession of a people/culture must be placed on the auction block or turned into something like a brothel. The culture and ideology of current UK is a whorehouse or a house-party. It is not a home where anyone would feel safe. In DUNKIRK, we see how the soldiers feel safe 'at home' as they make it across the channel. Today, London has been colonized by the Other. British Police looked the other way when girls were turned into sex slaves in Rotherham(or Brothelham). And yet, this is the the New Centrism, and anyone who calls for Core Nationalism is 'far right'... unless he happens to be an Israeli.

We are told endlessly that Global Warming will raise sea levels and submerge sea coasts all around the world. But even more alarming is the prospect of Global Swarming that may well submerge all the First World under the rising tides of Third World invasion egged on by globalist Jews.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Should the GOP have welcomed and embraced Mexicans and Immigrants in California and Texas? A Response to Ron Unz’s Racial Politics in America and in California

Most Mexicans and Central Americans in the US are not criminals. If anything, it could be that there are problems with excessive organized crime & violence in Mexico because too many people are overly nice and passive. Too many passive Guillermos and not enough Wild Bills to take a stand against the bad guys. So, bad guys run free and kill freely... like in THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN where the bandits push around the overly nice villagers, that is until white gringos arrive to protect them.

Still, even if most Mexicans in the US are not criminal and tend to be reasonably law-abiding(perhaps even more than 'white trash' elements), their increasing presence tend toward social mediocrity and cultural lethargy. (Indeed, this seems to be Steve Sailer's main gripe about Too Many Mexicans. They don't turn LA into Detroit but nevertheless turn it into Guillermopolis.) Much of Mexican-areas in the Southwest may be stable, but it's also so humdrum and 'lame'. Is it good to have such a large mass of passive people without agency(except for leaving Mexico to live in the US)? Having lots of Mexican neighbors may be okay -- and not dangerous like having black neighbors -- , but it also means social and economic stasis. Mexicans follow but don't lead. Also, even if these Mexicans don't commit crime, the fact that many of them do depend on government assistance of some kind will have a long-term depressive effect on society. White Flight from black is due to violence and mayhem. Whites generally don't run from browns on those grounds. But when Too Many Browns make for a depressed economy with low wages, many whites will leave just the same. The reason why white share of California population went down was not only because of mass immigration but mass flight to other states. So, obviously, the dramatic increase in Diversity meant something went wrong for many whites. It made them want to move out.

Could the GOP have earned the loyalty of Mexicans if it weren't anti-immigration in California under Pete Wilson? I doubt this. Even if GOP weren't 'anti-Mexican' -- these days, the mere opposition to more immigration is 'xenophobic' and 'racist' -- , the fact is Democrats will always offer more in terms of government benefits and holy victim pokemon points. At most, GOP can offer Mexicans an equal playing field and chance to be good fellow Americans. In contrast, Democrats offer them more government aid, favorable affirmative action, and elevated status as a 'victim group'. (Even though CA got rid of Affirmative Action, it lives on through many 'holistic' methods.) Of course, the majority of Mexicans will take the latter. It's the same thing with Jews. GOP is even more pro-Israel than the Democratic Party. The likes of Bush and McCain were more brazenly servile to Zionism than Clinton was. But the fact is Democratic Party is sufficiently pro-Zionist, and besides, Jewish elites prefer the immigration-diversity policy of the Democrats because it ensures Jewish domination in yrs to come: Turning whites into just another gentile minority is good for Jewish domination, or so the Jews think. Whites won't be able to politically or electorally gang up on Jewish power.

Now, let's suppose GOP could have won over tons of Mexicans by being Mex-friendly. Suppose Pete Wilson kissed brown babies all day long and suppose Texan GOP went full Jeb-Bush and hailed Mexicans and welcomed more brown immigrants. As a result, suppose the majority of Mexicans in Ca and Tx voted GOP, and in time, browns outnumbered whites.
But in the end, for many white American patriots, it's not about the Party but the Nation. What good is the GOP even if it wins elections IF it allows the browning of America? White patriots will take a white Democratic-ruled America over a brown Republican-ruled America. GOP is secondary to white patriotic interests. They support it because they see it as the less of two evils in the demographic transformation of America. If GOP was for mass-immigration and if Democrats were for preserving the racial composition of White America, most white patriots will go with Democrats. In the end, political parties are means to an end, not the end. It's like blacks went from voting Republican to voting Democratic because the latter offered them more stuff in programs and holy victim points.

Now, what is wrong with Ca and Tx turning majority brown IF most browns are nice-okay people? If the only priorities that mattered are social stability and economics, the browning of America might be tolerable. After all, large numbers of Mexicans may lead to some economic stagnation but nothing like the degradation in black areas of Baltimore or the jungles of Detroit. But white patriots have a historical and cultural view of what America is. It's not just about crime rates or economics. After all, Asians commit less crime than whites. So, if a white community were to become 60% Asian, it might have even lower crime. If the only thing that matters is crime rates, that would be ideal. But white patriots have a sense of connection to the land and its history. Now, amnesiac whites probably don't care. White Liberals and whites of Conservative Inc. don't have much in the way of memory and bond. But white patriots do have a sense of historical America, and they want to preserve it. And in a way, it is history that gives meaning to a people. History makes a person see a particular land in a special way. Surely, an American Indian looks upon the hills of South Dakota differently than a recent Chinese or Hindu immigrant does. The immigrant will look at the scenery and say, 'very nice'. But he has no sense of historical connection or claim to the land. But to the American Indian, there is more to the land than the land itself. It's a sense that this was the land of his ancestors who hunted, fought, died, and were buried. And surely a black in the South, if he has a sense of roots, has a different feeling about the land than a recent immigrant from Guatemala does. To the Guatemalan, some town in Georgia is just an economic zone to find a job. But to the Negro, it is the land where his folks were once slaves and picked cotton and sang coded songs that might have meant, "I'm gonna get even with whitey one day and whup his ass and hump his daughter." So, a Negro in the South feels a special attachment to the land. Or, take Jews and Israel/Palestine. Why did they feel this powerful need to choose THAT part of the world to create or recreate their homeland? Why not some piece of Africa or Siberia or North America? It was due to a deep historical sense that it was on that land that the founding stock of Jews received blessing from the Lord. Then, why wouldn't white patriots feel the same way about American history and territory? America wouldn't exist if not for white adventure, white conquest, white conception, and white creativity. Now, amnesiac whites don't care about the past. They just think of the here-and-now. And white PC-types see the past as one of 'guilt' and 'shame', so whites must welcome racial demise for atonement. But white patriots feel that white folks created something unique and great in the New World, and they should remain the dominant people on the land. This side of white patriotism cannot be appreciated with mere numbers on crime and wages.

Also, the danger of immigrants leading to Democratic domination has something to do with Jewish Power that has grown demented over the yrs. While non-whites supply the votes for the Democratic Party, they don't command the heights. They supply the coal for the ship's engine, but they don't get to steer the ship. Jews control the Democratic Party, and so, when Democrats win, Jews get to decide and steer the future of America. Indeed, I would be less worried IF the Democratic Party were controlled by Mexicans like Guillermo. He seems like a nice guy and have no agenda beyond saying, "hello Jimmy" and getting chubby on tacos. I wouldn't mind if Guillermo were governor, senator, or president. Or the head of Harvard or Yale. But the fact is Mexicans supply the votes but don't control the commanding heights. They supply the feet but not the brains of the Democratic Party. And even Mexican and non-white politicians who do get elected just become puppets of Jewish globalists. Look at the Ocasio character from NY. As a street activist, she used to be pro-Palestinian. But headed to DC, she is suddenly with the Zionists. Look at Elizabeth Warren, the pseudo-Indian. She is just a squaw whore when it comes to Jewish Power. And Negro Obama was supposed to be a socialist who cared about Main Street. As president, he did little but bail out Wall Street, push Homo-Worship, and wage more Wars for Israel.
Now, if Jewish Power was only moderately liberal, it'd be no big deal. But it's gone crazy. It's pushing Homo-Worship as replacement for Christianity. It is promoting all kinds of degeneracy. In the foreign policy field, it's more Cold War with Russia and more neo-liberal or neocon wars or subversion. I don't think most Mexicans are that crazy. But when they vote Democratic, they are not really voting for Mexican power. They are voting for Jewish power that is hellbent on pushing 'hate speech' laws, taking away guns, spreading anti-white hatred, and waging more Wars for Israel. As for Asians, they do better than Mexicans in climbing the ladder, but what do successful Asians in the Democratic Party do? They are like Sarah Jeong who serves as whore to Zion. And that Yuree Koh bitch at the Wall Street Journal who helped to shut down Alt Right Youtube channels like the Killstream. We have all this talk of the New People, but we don't see anything like the New Elite. Indeed, would Jews support mass-immigration IF they regarded yellows and browns are real threats to their hold on Elite Power? No, they just see browns as easy votes and yellows as easy toadies. There is no Elite Equality in the US. Now, suppose anti-Israeli Arab immigrants have higher IQ than Jews and, as immigrants, are poised to reach the top and take over elite power from Jews. Would Jews push for mass-immigration? I think not.

Anyway, even if most Mexicans don't commit lots of crime in California, they(and Asians) did totally change historic California. If one is amnesiac or purely materialistic, I suppose it doesn't really matter. (Indeed, it seems the problem with white Californians is they went from GRAPES OF WRATH mode to 'Good Vibrations' mode. Too much affluence and leisure robbed them of their worker-warrior spirit.) But if one has a sense of history, it is a great loss.
The same applies to the Palestinians. Under Jewish-Zionist rule, many Arabs have done pretty well in Israel. They are materially better off living with Jews than they would be otherwise under Arab rule. After all, Israel is a first world nation, and even Arabs have lots of opportunities there that Arabs in Arab-ruled nations don't have. So, if materialism and individual well-being are all that counts, many Palestinians(those allowed to stay in Israel) certainly benefited from the rise of the Jewish State. But if they have a sense of history, they feel the tragedy of how Palestine was wiped off the map and many of their brethren were expelled from the land. Palestinian individualist-materialists are happy to live in modern and prosperous Israel. But Palestinian patriots with a sense of history feel the pain over the fact that their homeland was taken by another people and that many of their brethren live under occupation in West Bank.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Jewish Power is the Intersectionality among the Deep State Players

The term 'deep' is problematic because it implies that the Power comprises a set of institutions, the workings of which are hidden from view.

It's really the extended interconnections among institutions and industries than the hidden depths of a core institution that defines the true character of the so-called 'deep state'.

It's about the connections among intelligence services, Wall Street & Federal Reserve, Ivy League, Hollywood, oligarchs, big media, Pentagon, and long-term career politicians(grown totally cynical). Now, surely all those institutions and industries have varying(and even contrasting) viewpoints and interests. There is the danger that they will work against than with one another. Then, what is the Core Intersectionality among the institutions and industries that keep them all within the gravitational field of power? It is Jewish Power, not only because Jews are immensely rich and powerful but because they are a Holy People by rules of PC.

Big Media get to decide the Narrative. It is pro-Zionist, promotes Holocaust as a religion, and denounces any whiff of anti-Jewish criticism as 'antisemitism'. Elite Academia is dominated by Jews who claim to be 'liberal' but are mostly ardently pro-Zionist and Jewish-supremacist, like Paul Krugman. There is a nexus of Jewish media and Jewish academia. Jews are immensely powerful on Wall Street and control finance as their tribal waterworks. They can turn the faucet on and off when it comes to money supply and lending. Also, with the control of the Fed, they hold a gun to the head of the economy.
Jews control Hollywood, and it almost never gives us Jewish villains or movies about the Nakba Pogroms that wiped out Palestine. Even crazy Jews are promoted as lovable and funny. Jewish Neurosis has been the fount of the New Normal. Also, Hollywood made many Shoah movies designed to 'sacralize' Jews and many anti-white movies intended to paralyze white pride and power.
So, even if non-Jewish whites are heavily represented in elite institutions and industries, they are not allowed to have moral pride and confidence like their forbears, the tough & brave white folks of old. So, no matter how much wealth, privilege, and leverage they have, they must feel as if they don't deserve those advantages, indeed even as if the assets were STOLEN from others. In order for white businessmen, politicians, and other figures of significance to feel justified, they must associate themselves subserviently with Jews(and blacks & homos, the two allies of Jews, though the alliances are getting a bit weird because Jews now promote Muslims as semi-holy-victims of Evil Trump. It's risky because if Americans are made to cheer for Muslims, it will be more difficult for Zionists to push Wars for Israel against those 'noble' Muslims).

The crucial power of the Narrative illustrates how Money isn't enough. The Shah of Iran was immensely rich, but he had little respect among his people because he was seen as the illegitimate puppet installed by US imperialists. So, without control of the Narrative, even the richest and most powerful people are on shaky legs. It is the Control of the Historical Narrative(and power of idolatry & iconography) that determines whether a people are justified or not. When whites controlled the Historical canon, they had effective control of the Narrative. While admitting the tragedy of Indians and blacks(slavery), they also emphasized the redemptive and transformative role played by Great Whites in the US. But once history came under control of Jews, it emphasized whites as illegitimate robbers and destroyers of other peoples. Every group was compelled to seek justification and elevation by defining itself in terms of 'victimhood' vis-a-vis whites. "How my people were wronged by whitey" became the obligatory essay for every group in the PC contest of who-are-holier-than-others. To divide white power, Jews also encouraged white women to see themselves as victims of White Males. The Official Dogma of the US conferred blessing upon white women ONLY IF they renounced white men, the scapegoat of every social ill in the nation(and the world).

Given the Rules of Current PC, America can only be redeemed by Jews, blacks, and non-white immigrants(who, like immigrant Jews of yesteryear, supposedly arrive guilt-free without the stain of having perpetrated the 'genocide' of Indians and slavery of blacks). Apparently, America can be saved by homos as well because Homomania is the designated replacement for Christianity(loathed by Jews) as the official neo-religion of the West.
Since politicians depend on money, they have to rely on Jews. Also, as the Narrative extols & sanctifies Jews but reviles & de-legitimizes whites, all politicians(despite being overwhelmingly non-Jewish white) cannot stand up for white identity but instead must serve Jewish identity and interests. And so, we have the familiar mantras from the white running dogs of Jewish Power: Israel! Israel! Israel! Down with Putin, the New Hitler! And, of course, we must have several Holocaust Days, Jewish Month, and Happy Hannukah on par with Christmas(even though Jews are only 2% of the population). So, Jews got Big Media, Wall Street, Ivy League, and Congress.
Now, to a large extent, Jews gained power in these institutions and industries through merit and ability. But when power keeps accumulating in a people and if that people have been 'sacralized' and shielded from scrutiny and criticism, things began to rot and fester. One thing for sure, if Bernie Madoff hadn't been Jewish and known the right kind of people, his scheme would have been uncovered much earlier.

Now, one could argue that the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the military should be more independent of Jewish Power. For one thing, the military draws people mostly from non-Jewish white men who lean conservative. The rank and file of CIA and FBI hire people by merit, not by elections where politicians have to suck up to rich bosses like Saban and Adelson.

So, how did intelligence services become shills of Jewish Power and globalism? The heads of the FBI, CIA, and NSA are appointed by the president who is just another politician(bought and sold by oligarchs and big donors), and they have to be approved by Congress which is a parliament of whores to the donor class. Also, Big Media can turn on or off the heat on the Intelligence Services. If CIA, FBI, and NSA do what the globalists want, the media go along with their agenda. But if they turn against globalism, media will feign outrage and turn up the heat on them.

Also, the people who work in elite government were educated in Ivy League schools under globalists, many of whom are Jewish. And since they rely on Jewish-dominated media and think-tanks for their Worldviews, they themselves have become mentally colonized by globalists.
Besides, most people who work in such institutions are careerists first and idealists second. They will do ANYTHING to move up the ladder to gain status and access to Nice Things. Players like Edward-Snowdens are rare and weeded out either through principled resignation, dismissal, or acts of defiance(as Snowden pulled off). Meanwhile, cynical toadies, servile enforcers, and Jewish supremacists rise higher up the ranks.
As for the military, it's been castrated by globalists with all this homo-ism, feminism, tranny-ism, and diversity-ism. Even though much of the US military, especially at the top, is still a bastion of non-Jewish white conservative power, it is on the moral defensive against the reigning cults of the US that are Diversity, Homomania, White Guilt, Feminism, and esp. Jew Worship. As a result, not unlike rich white businessmen, the white generals in the military lack autonomy of moral pride. As white males, they are on the defensive and must prove their worth ONLY BY sucking up to Zionists, Magic Negro cult, feminism, homos, and trannies. They lack Moral Autonomy and rely on Moral Dependency to justify any power or prestige they have.

Essentially, Jewish Power is the intersectionality of the Deep-Wide-State. Whatever differences may exist among various institutions and industries, however much they may want to tear each other apart, they are all united in their total obeisance to Jews and the Jew-chosen dogma-and-narrative. Without the Jew Glue, the current deep-wide-state would begin to unravel and fragment as America is now such a confused place.

Jews fear that others may notice this. Now, it's inconvenient for Jews if there are only Jewish fingerprints and footprints in all networks of power and privilege. People will feel that Jews, far from being a Holy Victim People, are the conniving masters of everything. So, Jews promoted Homomania to make it seem as though it's the homos who are really in charge. And homos, in their vanity, fell for the bait... like the gay-ish dummy in IVAN THE TERRIBLE Pt 2: Of course, Jews also invoke Diversity and Inclusion to create the impression that the elite institutions and industries are filled with so many interests and voices, but in fact, it's just a chimera because most members of the Diversity Coalition rarely reach the true heights of power and because even ones that do reach relatively high(especially Asians who do well academically) lack the 'sacral' value that confers pedigree and authority as the Holy Power around which all revolve around. While Asians don't carry an albatross of 'guilt' around their necks like Whites do, they don't have the pontiff's hat and staff either. So, Jewish Power and Prestige are what keeps the 'deep state' together. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the Magic Jew Factor were to vanish in American Power.

Friday, November 9, 2018

The Cancerous Pathology of Homomania paves the way for Pedomania — The Vampiricism of Jews and Homos

Consider the soul-and-social disease of Homomania. Like cancer, the diseased ideology or pseudo-religion of Homomania does not remain static. It spreads and spreads, which is the nature of lies. After all, a lie can perpetuate itself only by covering itself with more lies. Thus, lies confirm and protect one another.

Granted, most lies are ordinary, all-too-common, and all around us, like germs. As such, they are mostly harmless. But when lies are sanctified by institutions, mendacity is officially(and even 'spiritually') favored over veracity. And the elevation of Homomania had exactly that effect. It didn't merely put forth a lie but elevated and enforced it as the New Truth while suppressing the Real Truth that could expose the lie.

Now, it is a fact that some people are born homosexual. It is sane and sound that we should acknowledge this fact and allow homos to do their own thing as they can't help feeling the kind of lusts that they do. So far, so good, and no problem.

But then, the lies began. The lie said a homo man's anus is equal to a woman's vagina as a sex organ. The lie said homos can be 'parents' and 'have children' even though homo 'couples' only pretend to be parents while adopting children created by real sexuality involving male and female interaction. In a world dominated by vile and venal Jewish globalists who'd taken over the media, academia, and the courts, such insane lies were given the official stamp of approval of representing the 'progressive' evolution of society and human values.

Initially, the lies of homo propaganda were disturbing and disgusting but not necessarily fatal to a society swirling with countless lies and conceits of all kinds. They constituted merely one more School of Thought or Cult of Opinion(like on UFO's). But the media and academia, controlled by Zionist-globalists, began to push these lies as the New Normal and then as the Holy Truth to be associated with 'rainbow' colors. Thus, homo fecal penetration and tranny genital mutilation became synonymous with 'pride'. A lie wrapped in the cloak of sanity, health, and even sanctimony gained adulation and adoration as a kind of neo-religion.
Jews understood that an idea can be open to debate, scrutiny, skepticism, and/or invalidation AS LONG AS it is regarded as an idea. After all, ideas are rational units in the mind, and their veracity is to be decided or settled by constant debate and back-and-forth discussion. As such, ideas are not sacrosanct and always open to further discourse. As such, an idea is always vulnerable to future argumentation UNLESS it gains the aura of sanctimony. And one way to achieve this is to elevate the object most closely associated with the idea as something holy. This requires the use of 'idolic' or iconic image of the object closely associated with the idea. Take the idea of 'antisemitism'. One could argue the validity of liking or disliking Jews as an idea in relation to Jewish behavior. After all, a rational mind need not see Jews as eternal heroes or eternal villains. As there is good and bad in everyone and every people, one could argue that 'antisemitism' or anti-Jewish sentiments are sound in some circumstances while unsound in others. BUT, if Jews are 'sacralized' by use of emotionally charged images & sounds, then the idea of 'antisemitism' takes on the aspects of taboo. Once Jews are regarded as holy, 'antisemitism' can only be bad because it would be wrong to feel animus toward a sacred & tragic people. Thus, an idea becomes something like an 'ideol', or idea-as-idol. It is no wonder that 'antisemitism' has only one meaning in the West. As Jews are regarded as quasi-holy, we are obliged to harbor near-spiritual feelings about Jews. Such sense of worship precludes rational, skeptical, and critical thoughts on Jewish power, reach, and influence. Since Jews are sacred, everything they do must be holy, and that means being anti-Jewish can only be evil. We MUST admire and praise Jews at all times. This is the difference between religion and philosophy. In religion, some things are sacred and protected by taboos. In philosophy, everything is open to further discussion and debate. So, to shut down debate, an idea has to be restricted by taboo, and this is done by 'sacralizing' the thing most closely associated with the idea. Jews not only made it very difficult to think rationally about Jews but about homos as well. Prior to their 'sacralization', homos were fair game to all kinds of criticism and scrutiny. Homosexuality was a subject, not a sacredness. One could argue all the pro's and con's about homosexuality. As long as it remained an idea for further debate, the homo agenda was stalled. So, in order for Jews to elevate the homo agenda into Homomania, a delirious & rapturous near-worship of Homos and their ways, Jews needed to bless the homos as something akin to secular saints. Jews needed to turn fairies into angels. That way, it became almost 'sacrilegious' to cast negative aspersions on homos or anything associated with them. It's one thing to be critical of homos as people. But how dare anyone put down homos as angels? And so, any critical view of homos came to be condemned as 'homophobic' heresy. Once the idea became an 'ideol', debate and discussion effectively came to an end. As New York Times said about the matter, the 'debate was over', and that was that. Jews came to play the role of god.
Furthermore, those who spoke the truth about homosexuality were denounced and demeaned as 'homophobes'. In other words, those with veracity on their side were apparently afflicted with mental illness while those pushing the Big Lie were on the side of doctors and angels. Then, it's not surprising that homosexuality and tranny business quickly went from 'pride' to full-blown quasi-spirituality, a 'queer christianity' or Queertianity. As the post-modern epiphanies of 'pride' and miracle, their symbols were to be displayed in churches — an act of institutionally sanctioned vandalism — , and all groups were expected to seek benediction under the homo flag.

Now, things are getting even more dire. Since the pedophile community has close links with the homo community and since so many elites in Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Las Vegas lust after young kids as sexual objects, there appears to be a gradual slide toward normalizing pederasty as well. Jews control globalism, and Jews chose homos to be their main right-hand man/woman. As masters of vanity and narcissism, homos & trannies exploited their domination of arts, fashion, & entertainment to make celebrity & hedonism the centerpieces of Globo-Culture. And if society is all about wanton pleasure of the powerful and privileged, then the well-connected pederasts with close ties to homos who have close ties to Jews must get their jollies too.

Thus far, pedophilia and pederasty remain in the realm of ideas. As pedophiles and pederasts haven't yet been 'sacralized', open debate about them is possible. If anything, because society adores children as innocent angels, there is something close to a taboo about rationally discussing the merits and demerits of pederasty and especially pedophilia. When it comes to children, especially their own, most adults are not willing to 'go there', and for good reason. As children are physically and psychologically underdeveloped, most people would be seriously appalled by 'rational' discussion of children as possible sexual agents. And yet, because our culture is so sexualized and even market 'pornification' to young ones -- the likes of Ariana Grande is marketed to pubescent girls as 'role models' -- , there is a cultural tendency to treat children as sexual creatures. Thus robbed of their innocence, their utility can be discussed as if they're adults. This is paradoxical because the sickness of pedophilia/pederasty is an attraction to pre-sexual 'innocence' as a sexual fetish. So, the pederast, especially pedophile, denies the innocence of children(as unfit for sexual activity) while being attracted to that very innocence as sexual fantasy. Our decadent and degenerate culture has become not only insanely homo but alarmingly pedo because there is now so little concern among social critics about the easy accessibility of porn to even children and the marketing(even by Major 'family entertainment' Corporations like Disney) of 'slut' fashions to little girls(whose mothers themselves grew up on nothing but junky pop culture, their only cultural reference). What happens when kids are no longer seen as innocent angels but as sexual creatures? Rational discussion of kids as sex objects will be normalized. And then, what if the mantle of angel-hood(taken away from children) is transferred to the pedos who are, after all, the bosom-buddies of the holy homos who, in turn, are best-friends-forever with the holy Jews? A world in which we can rationally talk about children as sex objects but cannot speak critically of angelic pedos(as yet another 'sacralized' group) lest we commit the heresy of 'pedophobia'? It sounds outlandish now, and I don't think society will ever embrace pedomania, but who knows what a society so far gone in degeneracy(as ours is) is capable of? Especially since the 1990s, it seemed the Power could pretty much get whatever it wants. And the Power is growing increasingly shameless and monstrous in its tastes and lusts. A world where adults never mature past the teen mentality, a world where glitzy whores are praised as 'wholesome' role models for girls. A 'whoresome' world.
Also, it is the nature of cancer to keep growing. Homomania is a cancer of the Big Lie, and it won't stop. Degeneracy seeks validation by sprouting more(and stronger) degeneracy as the New Normal. More degeneracy means what was once shameful becomes shameless and then even 'sacrosanct'. There is safety in numbers, after all. So, lies and degeneracy multiply inexorably and spread their cancer cells far and wide. A mere lie is just another lie. A lie wrongly sanctified as the 'new truth' won't stop growing. It must spread and spread to seek strength in size and numbers as a lie is always paranoid of the truth that may expose it to light. Empowered Lies are like vampires, essentially parasitic, sucking on the blood of the living, always on the lookout for new 'converts' to the coven. Spreading like rats and roaches but always fearful of the light of truth that can expose them and do them in. It's been said that Bram Stoker's DRACULA was meant as an allegory of Jewish Subversion. INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE the movie has been interpreted by some as an AIDS allegory. Then, we can see some patterns of thoughts and behaviors that tie the Jews and homos together. And in the sickness between them, there may rise the monstrosity of pedomania, yet a new cancer.