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Why does Transhumanism Promote Homomania, Trans-gender-mania, and Freakdom? - Transhumanism Promotes Freakery to Legitimize Frankenstein Science, BUT the End Result Will be Aesthetic Convergence than Divergence

Transhumanism hopes to merge biology with technology. Man and machine.

Transhumanists know many people will be freaked out by the prospect of bio-engineering and bio-mecha fusion. After all, it all sounds so monstrous and grotesque, an institutionalization and normalization of Frankenstein Science. Therefore, transhumanists believe that the masses have to be made less resistant to radical futurism for humanity into transhumanity.

That is why transhumanists push stuff like homomania, tranny lunacy, and 50 genders. They want to make us get used to the idea that humanity is infinitely fluid & malleable and could be(and should be ) molded into anything anyone desires. THAT is why transhumanists made an alliance with gender-bender community.

As the elites(especially those in high-tech) are geeks and nerds who grew up on science-fiction as religion and utopianism, they have a futurist-warped view of dream and destiny.

They want to evolve into ‘gods’. It’s like that lunatic Michio Kaku the Cuckoo talking about humans becoming godlike one day and even traveling through time. It would entail using bio-engineering to extend life to 500 yrs or maybe for eternity. It means increasing human IQ to 1000. It means merging brains with computers. It means having the internet and stuff inside our brains and bodies.

So, as machines become more like man, man will become more like machines. While some people are excited by such prospects, many(especially those who tend to be natural conservatives or natural humanists) will recoil in horror. Therefore, transhumanists seek to de-legitimize conservative or humanist convictions by promoting homomania as the New Normal.


Could one argue that transhumanism is a weird form of race-ism?

‘Anti-racism’ says that all races are the same and that evolution effectively halted for mankind 10,000 yrs ago. Following this logic, all races are alike except for skin color, and furthermore, the very idea of ‘race’ has no validity whatsoever and is nothing but a fantasy ‘social construct’ cooked up by white supremacist cranks in the 19th century. That’s all there is to it, there is nothing more to discuss, and everyone should just accept the iron law of human immutability.
Humans must be immutable since 10,000 yrs couldn’t make any further dent in evolution to create meaningful divergences among homo sapiens. In other words, it isn’t possible for the human species to evolve into different races even if it wanted to. Just like nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, nothing of any significance could evolve among humans since 10,000 yrs ago. ‘Anti-racists’ have been pushing this iron immutability of mankind as a good thing, i.e. we should give up on noticing group differences because all human groups/races are essentially alike, must be essentially alike, and have no choice but to be essentially alike since evolution just ground to a halt 10,000 yrs ago. If anyone does notice group or racial differences, he is either hallucinating or misreading the data OR the differences, while real, are too slight and superficial to have any impact on the future of humanity.

If the anti-‘racist’ dogma of human immutability(since 10,000 yrs ago) is ideal, then how could transhumanism be a good thing among ‘progressives’? After all, transhumanism envisions the means to create super-beings via genetic engineering. Transhumanist community wants to create a new kind of people who are taller, stronger, smarter, sexier, and longer-lived with future technology. It is obsessed with the prospect. Then, how come ‘progressive’ ‘anti-racists’ have no problem with transhumanism? And if the human DNA has been genetically immutable despite 10,000 yrs of divergent evolutionary pressures, how is it possible that it can suddenly be altered profoundly with a few tweaking in the laboratory? (Progs say 10,000 yrs of evolution couldn’t alter man’s nature BUT a man can become a woman in 1 day by putting on wig and declaring that his penis and testicles are ‘female’ organs.)

If progressive ‘anti-racism’ tolerates or accepts transhumanism, it will have to face up to some serious implications. In accepting transhumanism, progressivism will have done the following:

1. It will have demonstrated that humans are indeed mutable. They can be genetically and fundamentally changed, altered, modified, and boosted in all sorts of new/different ways. That being the case, how can anyone insist on the immutability of the human species in the past 10,000 yrs? Some argue humans haven’t changed much in the past 60,000 yrs.

2. It will have demonstrated that it’s a good idea to create a new class, caste, or race of people who are far superior to the existing races of people. Transhumanists may not call the New Humans a ‘new race’, but that’s exactly what they can become. This goes against the Progressive ideology of equality, though, to be sure, via the agenda of transhumanism, the course of progressivism is coming full circle and returning to its roots of eugenics and racial improvement. After all, the original progressivism wasn’t about progressing into a world of equal mediocrity but about progressing into a world of superiority by weeding our mediocre and inferior traits.

If transhumanists find a way to create a new crop of people who are super-strong, super-intelligent, and super-beautiful(like the giant albinos in the beginning of PROMETHEUS) and if this new breed choose to mate one another and form their own separate community, how would that not constitute the creation-emergence of a new race, indeed one that will tower over us to be regarded and even discarded as the inferior race?

Because the New Breed will be demonstrably superior to us original humans, it will mean that reality of racial differences will become starker than ever. How perverse that the elites who decry notion of racial differences are so hellbent on creating superior races... though they will surely employ all sorts of semantic games to mask what they’re really up to.

It’s like Martine Rosenblatt parades around as a victim — Jewish, homo-tranny-lesbian, married to manly Negress, — , but his/her/its real ambition is to become superior to everyone else and gain god-like power over humanity.


Are we facing the end of humanism with the gradual but certain dawn of transhumanism?

Nazism sought to create the perfect hero, and communism sought to create the ideal worker. But perfectionist radicalization of ideals can be dangerous, and both Nazism and communism did incalculable harm to mankind.

In contrast, humanism reminds us to be what we are and accept what we are, warts and all.
Accept the real than obsess over the ideal, be it from the left or the right.

But with the explosion of freedom and abundance, the ‘real’ got boring to a lot of people, especially to the elites. Our consumer culture feeds on vanity and narcissism. So, everyone wants to be ideal than real, and people’s ideals are defined by their eccentricities. If the vulgar masses are satisfied with pop culture idolatry and celebrity culture, the elites want more than fantasy. They want the actual means to live forever and mutate into bird-man and god-man.

In certain respects, trans-genderism has been peddled as a kind of humanism, i.e. it’s about how we should be tolerant and accepting of trans-gender people for what they are than forcing them to conform to our ideal of what is proper and normal.
But upon closer inspection, it’s really a form of anti-humanism because so-called trans-gender people won’t accept what they really are — men or women with screwy bio-chemistry — and demand extreme medical procedures and semantic convolutions in order to be ‘transitioned’ into their impossible ‘ideals’. It is a form of transhumanism that rejects the natural-born-self as boring, unsatisfying, & restrictive and strives for(and even demands)the ‘ideal’ of what one wishes oneself to be... like Michael Jackson turning himself into something like a white cartoon woman.

The mentalities behind Elliott Rogers(the psycho-nut who killed innocents) and most trans-gender people aren’t much different. They are anti-humanist and obsessed with their own self-deluded ‘ideals’. Rogers was miffed that the world didn’t see him the way he saw himself: The coolest and handsomest dude that ever lived. And trans-gender people are angry that many people still refuse to see them as the divas they want to be. (If the grossly fat transvestite Divine at least understood the ridiculousness of his fantasy and camped it up, his counterparts today, with the full backing of the Establishment, are utterly lacking in irony & humor and demand that they be regarded as empresses of glamour.) Both Rodgers and trans-gender people cannot accept themselves as what they really are. They want to be something else, and worse, they demand that we flatter and confirm their self-delusions. It’s ironic that people who can’t tolerate their natural-born-selves demand that we not only tolerate but celebrate their false-imagined selves.

There is some of this in ‘cuckold’ culture as well. White men cannot accept their ‘inadequacies’ and so they sexually live through black men invited to have sex with their wives. Watching black men getting it on with their white wives, they vicariously identify with both the black male and white female as conqueror and conquered. Trans-marriage-ism?

At any rate, humanism is in sad decline. It’s seen as too humdrum in our Age of Excess.
Zeligism went from neurosis to the new normal.


The first decoding of the DNA was prohibitively expensive. But now it’s cheap and available to any person for $200.

In the present, bio-engineering is still in its nascent stage, and available procedures are super-expensive. In the future, all manners of genetic-alteration may be possible, and they may be widely affordable(or even considered a ‘human right’), especially with the aid of A.I.

If civilization survives, future babies could be made this way:

Imagine a computerized glass panel. Would-be-father presses his thumb on a part of the glass that reads his imprinted DNA, and then the would-be-mother does the same.
And then the A.I. program combines the genetic codes of the ‘father’ and ‘mother’ and offers various possible combination of those codes. (After all, same man and same woman have different kids every time they procreate.) And then, the computer offers ‘bio-photo-shopping’ so that the basic choice-kid can be altered with additions of optional outside genes. So, if the man wants the kid to look more like Sean Connery, the kid will be Connerized with additional traits(to be provided by the A.I.). Thus, the father’s looks are ‘improved’ by Connerization. And if the kid is to be a girl, the computer can spice up her genes for the Patricia Neal look in THE FOUNTAINHEAD. The kid will be Nealized. (For the negress babies, their looks can be improved with additions of Diana Ross or Rihanna synthetic genes.) Also, the basic IQ can be boosted with Newtonization and Einsteinization.

And then the result will be allowed to grow in an aquarium and turn into a baby, to be milked by artificial robot nanny.

Currently, with so many freaks in transhumanism, the impression is that genetic-technology will lead to divergence: People turning into grotesque freaks and mutants in the future. But actually, if given the choice, most people will choose the Narrow Ideal. I mean most guys, if given a choice between having a son that looks like Sean Connery or Johnny Rotten, is gonna go with Connery. Most women, if given a choice between having a girl who looks like Patricia Neal or Jeanine Garofalo, is gonna go with Neal(or Donna Reed, so wonderful in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE).

So, it will be the great convergence than the great divergence. Currently, the trans-gender and transhumanist communities are filled with freaks, uglies, dogulas, frankenstepforders, and the like because we don’t have the technology to REALLY change people. The options are cosmetic, surgical, or bio-chemical. But no amount of dress & make-up, surgery, or hormone injections can really change someone. So, most men who want to be women and vice versa just look like perverse freaks. And most transhumanists who want to be like future androids just look like dorks at a STAR TREK convention. There is the impression that transhumanism is all about being ‘different’ and freaky.

But suppose in the future there really is a means to fundamentally change a person in the way he wishes to be. Suppose Bruce Jenner not only wants to be a woman but can walk inside a box and then walk out as a full-blown woman in every way. Today, he looks stupid because he looks like a man who wants to look like Claudia Cardinale or Raquel Welch. But suppose he could really be changed into a gorgeous woman. Then, he would no longer look like a freak but like a truly gorgeous woman. The reason why so many people look like freaks in the trans-gender and transhumanist world is due to the discrepancy between what they are and what they really want to be. Since there is, as yet, no effective way to realize their dreams, they end up looking like freaks, like botch-up jobs. Every ultra-freak is unique as a failure of fantasy. But in fact, ultra-freaks don’t want to be freaks. They are ultra-freaks because of the farce of trying so hard to be what they can’t be. But the more they try to become their ideal fantasies, the more freaky they look because of the sheer desperation of warping reality into fantasy. It’s like Michael Jackson got increasingly hideous as he tried to perfect himself. Often with ultra-freaks, we are not seeing their desired but their disastrous persona that failed to live up to their dream because no technology as yet exists to grant their wishes. While perfection and success have only one summit, imperfection and failure are strewn all over the slopes and valleys. Because, as yet, trans-genderism and transhumanism have led to so many laughable failures, we are fooled into believing that such divergences are the aims of the ultra-freaks in the movement. But in fact, most ultra-freaks want to be transformed into perfection, and if the transhumanist moment really arrives, there will be the great convergence since almost no woman will want to look like Lena Dunham or Divine if she can look like Ashley Greene, and almost no man will want to look like Michael Moore or Mack Beggs.

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