Thursday, February 11, 2021

Notes on "Hollywood Sold Its Soul to China … Now What?" by Christian Toto

If you want a sense of the retardation of the so-called American Right, check out this utterly moronic article about Hollywood and China.

It's another case of bash-china-cuz-zio-vagina. Because white Americans are such submissive pussies to Jewish Power, they would rather vent their frustrations on China(when not Iran or Venezuela) as release valve. From Russia-Russia-Russia to China-China-China, out of the frying pan into the fire... all because neither side, 'left' or 'right', dares to speak the truth on Jewish Power. 

Whites are so fearful of and cucked to Jewish Power that it would rather blame China than Jews for the woes facing America. By the way, why should any real American Rightist care about Hollywood's problems (if indeed Hollywood is in freefall) when it is the enemy of White America? If China is playing a role in the demise of Hollywood, white patriots should be cheering(and hopefully envisioning and creating their own entertainment complex free of vile Jewish globalist influences). 

Idiocies and hypocrisies abound in the article. First, take the title: <b>Hollywood Sold Its Soul...</b> ROTFL. Since when did Hollywood have a soul? Long before the rise of China's box office and investment in Hollywood, the Jewish-run industry had already smeared white Christians, white Southerners, and conservatives countless times and promoted all sorts of degenerate filth. On the occasion when Hollywood made 'pro-conservative' or 'patriotic' movies, the villains were usually foreigners who conveniently happen to coincide as objects of hatred or indifference to Jews. Consider all the movies where Muslims were little more than terrorists foaming at the mouth. Or all those movies where gung-ho US heroes/troops were mowing down commies(usually Vietnamese) or Russkies. 

In contrast, most Hollywood 'liberal' movies feature American Conservatives or Rightists as the bad guys. And not just bad guys but irredeemable monsters who need to be exposed and destroyed without mercy. So, even as Jewish Hollywood fanned hatred against American Conservatives, American Conservatives could only hate FOREIGN enemies. Given Hollywood's long history of hostility against Conservatives, why would any American Rightist assume Hollywood had a soul to lose? And besides, Hollywood was never about art & truth but about propaganda & commerce. Granted, on occasion Hollywood did manage to produce some first-rate entertainment and even art, but the industry was mostly about crass entertainment for maximum profit and mass propaganda. If Hollywood did have a soul and lost it, it was long before the Chinese Factor entered Tinsel Town. 

Beneath the headline, the author says: Chinese films are crushing U.S. titles, leaving Tinsel Town in the financial dust

Of course, the author means INSIDE China as Chinese movies have little export value. But why is that a bad thing? Why shouldn't Chinese movies dominate the Chinese box office? Is the author some kind of cultural imperialist who believes all nations should surrender to Hollywood dominance? A true conservative believes in nationalism and sovereignty, and if Chinese movies out-compete American products in China, that is a good thing, especially as so many Hollywood products these days promote little more than decadence, degeneracy, anti-white vitriol, black megalomania, globo-homo nuttery, and culture of contempt so common among Jews. And it seems some of these Chinese movies are patriotic and heroic, which would make them conservative and nationalist within the Chinese context. Why would that be a bad thing? If anything, white people in US and EU should take some cues from China and wean themselves free of Jewish Hollywood Control. The problem isn't that China is doing something wrong, but white people in the West are. Chinese make their own products whereas whites have outsourced their creativity, dreams, and artistry to Jewish Control. Even when directors and writers are white gentiles, they are ever so mindful not to offend Jews and their favored allies, homos and blacks. 

The author, appropriately named Christian Toto, whines that Hollywood has pandered to China on the following matters in exchange for access to Chinese markets: 

Adding Chinese characters to existing stories

Shooting product placement scenes for Chinese theatrical editions

Avoiding stories that depict China in a negative light

Allowing films to be sliced and diced to appease Chinese censors

Adding Chinese characters to existing stories? Is this really a problem? How many Chinese characters have we seen in movies? At most, there might be some Asian sidekicks(often not Chinese), but Asians are far from prominent in Hollywood movies(and I'm not sure Chinese watch Hollywood movies to see Chinese people, which they can see plenty on TV and in the streets). Still, putting some Chinese in Hollywood movies actually makes sense IF it will boost box office in China. After all, Hollywood is a business, and the US abandoned nationalism in favor of globalism. Naturally, Hollywood regards the entire globe as its marketplace. It is no longer a national industry but a global one, but then this kind of 'free trade' was pushed by both Republicans and Democrats.

What makes far less sense is why there are so many Jews, homos, and blacks in movies. Why are less appealing Jews often favored over whites in prominent roles? Why are there so many homos in movies and TV, creating the impression among Americans that a whopping 25% of the population is homo? Of course, the most ludicrous casting involves blacks. Blacks are the biggest criminals and worst students in the US, but they are likely to be a heroic cop, wise judge, magical saint, or scientific genius on the big screen. And whose idea was it to promote Jungle Fever where white actresses are now routinely paired with black men, the message to white women being, "Black guys are the real men while white men are flabby maggots, so white women should abandon white dorks and go with black men. And, black men are noble of heart while white men are a bunch of closet-racists, so white women should invite Afro-colonization of their wombs and reject white 'racist' males." Jews have been pushing this line forever, but idiot cuck dorks like Christian Toto don't get it or are too cowardly to speak the truth. Notice this supposed 'anti-racism' is predicated on racial differences that says blacks are superior to whites. Jews pushed this craziness.

As for product placements, that's been around forever. True, they are annoying but hardly began with the Chinese. 

Avoiding stories that make China look bad. But again, why is this a problem? Hollywood is not about art but entertainment. Entertainment is about giving people what they want. And if Chinese now make up a big share of the box office and don't want to be insulted by Hollywood, what's wrong with that? The real problem is that white Americans take so much abuse from Hollywood but keep handing over their hard-earned money to Hollywood Jews despite all the anti-white insults. So, which people are making less sense? The Chinese who say, "We give you Hollywood Jews lots of money in box office revenue, so we ask you not to insult us as a bunch of nasty 'chinks'" or whites who say, "You Hollywood Jews piss and shi* on us and drag us through the mud and tar-and-feather us, but we will keep giving you tons of money and praise Jews & Israel to high heaven"? Which people are being retarded? 

Cuck-roach Brad Pitt in KALIFORNIA. Jewish Hollywood's portrayal of 'White Trash' subhuman.

Actually, white Americans in the past acted like Chinese today. They exerted considerable pressure on Jewish Hollywood. This is why Hollywood didn't insult the American South back then. It's why Hollywood was careful not to insult Christians and Christianity. White people said to Hollywood, "Look, we built this nation in which you Jews found freedom and made lots of money. And we make up most of the audience, so you better not shi* on us." So, Hollywood was mindful not to be brazenly anti-white. But Jews got ever bolder with their control of media, academia, and entertainment over the years and brainwashed whites to hate themselves, suck up to Jews unconditionally, cuck to blacks, bend over to homos, surrender to immigrant-invasion, and etc. 

If Chinese refuse to go down the same rabbit hole, good for them. The problem isn't with the Chinese but with whites. Whites caved to Jewish demands and grovel at the feet of Zionic Hollywood that spits on them. China is doing vis-a-vis Hollywood what whites had done in the past. It is the whites who've sold their souls to Jews, and people like Christian Toto seem resentful of the Chinese who have not. (It's like white cucks, such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who totally caved to Jewish Power grew resentful and secretly envious of men like Vladimir Putin who haven't. Dogs on the leash bark at dogs running free.) But instead of telling fellow whites to emulate the Chinese when dealing with Jews, Christian Toto gripes about bad bad China. His message to Jews seem to be, "We whites totally grovel before you like dogs while Chinese don't, so why do you Jews show more consideration to the Chinese than to us?" But the question answers itself. A man respects a strong horse than a jackass. China acts like a strong horse whereas White America is content to be a jackass to he Jews. No one respects the groveler, and no wonder White American jackass routinely gets kicked in the rear by Jewish Power.

Allowing China to censor and re-edit films. But EVERY nation does that. Arab nations often cut out things deemed dangerous or offensive. It's just the way of business. McDonalds in India don't sell beef. And Jewish Pressure in the US either censors, re-edits, or bans foreign works. For example, Pokemon cartoons in Japan featured Buddhist swastika symbols(which have nothing to do with Nazism) but they were excised in the US version because Jews didn't like it. Miramax, Harvey Weinstein's company, was notorious for cutting out entire chunks from foreign movies for whatever reason. Israel has its own censors. US publishing companies still hasn't released Alexander Solzhenitsyn's book about Jews and Russia. And today, Jews are the biggest censors and book-burners as they pressure Amazon and other companies not to sell certain titles that Jews find offensive. Also, Jews dominate censorship on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and much else. Indeed, the mere act of supporting free speech can get someone fired, blacklisted, or deplatformed. Just ask Parler. Facebook had more to do with communications behind the Jan. 6 melee in Washington D.C., but Parler got the boot, not Facebook. Jews also shut down BDS movement in many states. Jews shut down free speech through control of private enterprise and public institutions. Where are American Conservatives on this matter?

By the way, if Hollywood is such a sanctuary for artistic freedom and social truth, how come it hasn't made a single movie about the Zionist Nakba(that destroyed Palestine), Jewish role in the Brazilian Slave Trade, Jewish role in Opium Trade in China, Jewish role in Cheka & NKVD terror campaigns in the Soviet Union, Jewish role in exploiting black talent in music & sports — Spike Lee did touch on that a bit in MO' BETTER BLUES but got abused badly by Jews — , Jewish Neocon mendacity that led to the Iraq War, Jonathan Pollard's treachery in cahoots with Israel, and Israel's attack on USS Liberty? Now, what would happen to anyone who proposed such a movie in Hollywood? He'd be blacklisted and gulaged faster than any dissident in China.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood elite ignored China’s human rights violations at every turn. Celebrities railed against Georgia’s strict abortion legislation but looked the other way as China operated concentration camps for minority Muslims.

I'm sure there is mistreatment of Uighurs in China, but the sensationalist reports sound about as plausible as last yea's scare-mongering stories about Covid in China. Some are totally over-the-top. Also, whatever the Chinese are doing, it is within their own national borders. In contrast, US has illegally invaded Muslim nations and supported terrorists. What the US has done, directly or indirectly, to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iran, and Afghanistan is infinitely worse than anything done by China to Uighurs. I don't recall any Chinese official saying it's worth it to kill 500,000 Uighur children like Madeleine Albright said of Iraqi kids. 

Also, let's not forget that the US aided and abetted the Nakba pogroms that erased Palestine off the map. The US lends support to IDF death squads that mow down Palestinian women and children. The US looks the other way as caravans of illegal Jewish settlers march into West Bank to take the grab the remaining Palestinian territory. Israel also aided ISIS killers in Syria. 

And, US was created by mass invasion and mass 'genocide' of its indigenous population. And it was during the so-called Good War of WWII that US dispossessed over 100,000 Japanese/Americans and had them 'interned'. And US meddled in Vietnam and ended up killing over a million people. So, where do Americans get the nerve to point fingers at OTHER nations? 

In the insane year of 2020, US was a Jewish-controlled lunatic asylum where the authorities encouraged mobs of Antifa thugs and BLM scum to terrorize, attack, and rob Americans in every city and town. And now, Joe Biden, the puppet of Jews, intends to 'uighurize' all Deplorables as 'domestic terrorists'. And yet, Christian Toto, like Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson, whines about China as the source of America's woes. 

Now, China may no longer need U.S. movies to entertain its populace. The L.A. Times reports Chinese-made films dominated the country’s 2020 box office charts. The highest ranking U.S. film, “Tenet,” came in at number 11.

Well, kudos to China. White America should do the same thing. Build its own industry and make its own movies that aren't all about cucking to Negroes, bending over to Homos, caving to Trannies, and sucking up to Jews, Jews, Jews. 

White American Conservatives have long complained about Hollywood. Then, why not unite and make their own movies? Chinese did it. Could it be White America so cucked to Jews that it cannot conceive of an arts, culture, & entertainment independent of Jewish dictates? 

The (Chinese) government, eager to embrace film’s cultural soft power, is promoting patriotic fare for audiences to lap up. Compare that to U.S. studios, which routinely strip away pro-U.S. elements to appease foreign markets.

But what would be 'pro-US elements'? American Conservatives have been telling themselves that Jews are the greatest, Israel is the holiest, and all patriotic Americans should grovel before Jews, Jews, Jews as the holy Holocaust People of the Holy Book of the Holy Land of the Holy History. (Never mind Jews turned the Holy Land into Sodom and Gomorrah with massive freak show 'gay' parades.) Well, if we follow the American Conservative logic, nothing is more patriotic, American, and wonderful than sucking up to Jews who know best. Since Jews run Hollywood and say the New Americanism and New Patriotism are all about Diversity, White-Bashing, Tranny-mania, Globo-Homo, and BLM celebration, that must be the New Americanism. After all, Jews demand it, and American Conservatism says Jews Know Best. Americanism in the Current Year, according to both 'left' and 'right', is What Jews Want, or WJW.

More recently, celebrities laid low as alarming news regarding China’s lack of transparency over COVID-19 leaked out.

Right, because America is so transparent unlike China. That's why the US went to war over fake WMD in Iraq. That's why the Deep State pulled the Russia Collusion Hoax for three straight years. That's why the Deep State, medical community, big media, and various institutions(most of them directly or indirectly controlled by Jews) conspired to exploit the vastly exaggerated Covid hysteria to ensure massive fraudulent mail-in voting and recession that paved the way for Biden's win. Don't you just love the US as paragon of truth and transparency, one where 350 million people must take orders from the likes of Fauci? That must be why Edward Snowden is still in Russia and why Biden administration(filled with Jews) are going after Julian Assange hard. US loves transparency and admires whistle-blowers... unlike big bad China.

Now, I have no illusions about China and its massive corruption and political repression. But let's stop pretending that the US is a 'city on a hill' or a 'liberal democracy' governed by Rule of Law. The US is a Jewish-supremacist gangster state where the real law isn't the Constitution but "If Jews want it, they get it." 2020 was a spectacular demonstration of what Jewish Power is capable of to get the results it wants. These insane Jews didn't hesitate to ruin the economy and destroy countless livelihoods and then humiliate/punish America with George-Floyd Riots to get their way. And what did the authorities do? Even though innocent people were being attacked, they poured gasoline on black rage to discredit Trump's America. 

Meanwhile, the Hollywood elite savaged President Donald Trump’s pandemic response while praising the work of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whos disastrous policies likely led to thousands of unnecessary deaths. 

Finally, some truth, but it wasn't just Hollywood but all the big media and the deep state and the medical community that pushed the Big Lie. And those are controlled by whom? Eskimos? If Hollywood spread lies while the more sober institutions of media, medical industry, and the US government stood for truth and transparency, the US would indeed be a nation of Rule of Law. But Hollywood was a secondary player to the madness that was really commandeered by Deep State, Wall Street, Big Media, and Medical Community. The SERIOUS sectors of US conspired to change the outcome of the 2020 election. It was Jews, not China, but don't expect spineless cucks like Christian Toto to ever speak the truth. The likes of him will stick to bash-china-cuz-zio-vagina.



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