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Play the Game of AAJ or Ask-A-Jew - Then See the World Anew as Scales Fall Off Your Eyes - It’s Most Necessary Because the Fall of Wasp Power was even More Momentous than the Fall of Communism

Play ASK A JEW with Jennifer Rubin
Play ASK A JEW with Max Boot

The game of ASK A JEW. It’s a simple game that anyone can play, even a child. Its purpose is to understand the true nature of the People who rule over us. (For tips on how to play this game, skip most of this post and go to where it says *How to Play ASK A JEW*.) Why did the world begin to change so fast and so much since the End of the Cold War? The main reason was not the Fall of Communism but the fall of White Gentile Power, especially in the US. By hogging all the news, the fall of communism masked a far more important, momentous, and significant fall: The Fall of Wasp Power, White Christian Power, and Catholic Power. If, following the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States had remained under White Christian Power, we would not have witnessed the crazy accelerated transformation of so much of the world.
Since the end of WWII, Western Europe has essentially been the vassal of the U.S., but this wasn’t such a bad thing because, for most of the Cold War, the US was controlled by Wasps and White Christians. Conservative or Liberal, they had no problem with Europe being the domain of Europeans. They had no problem with European nationalism as long as European nations got along together instead of instigating new wars for hegemony. (The trauma of WWII, the fear of the USSR, and the reliance on the US made Western Europe emphasize mutual respect and cooperation above all else.) Also, the US stoked nationalism in Eastern Europe to inspire resistance there against the Soviet Empire. The European political norms of the 1980s were essentially moderate-nationalist. German citizenship was still based on blood and ancestry. UK, France, and Sweden had not yet gone utterly crazy with PC and Diversity. Jews and radicals had already spread such seeds, but the US, as the superpower, didn’t press upon European nations to adopt those ideas as sacrosanct.

So, how did the political norms of the 1980s come to be regarded as ‘far right’ and ‘extreme’ in today’s world? If someone in the UK today espoused views that were common in the 1980s, he’d be sent to jail. If German citizenship based on blood(that was still operative in the 1980s) were proposed for re-introduction today, it’d be denounced as Neo-Nazi. The crucial difference between then and now is that the US currently presses on EU and all its vassals to undergo vast social, cultural, and ideological changes to discredit, undermine, and transform the very meaning of what it means to be European and Western. When the US had been ruled by Wasps and White Christians, there was far greater respect for the national norms and local customs of other nations. The idea of the US using its power and money to spread Homomania and African-as-New-European would have been unthinkable back then. Even though the US was a kind of empire after WWII and throughout the Cold War, it wasn’t hellbent on forcing other peoples to become like Americans(who, by the way, were not the degenerate morons they came to be beginning in the late 60s). Sure, US sold consumer products and exported Hollywood movies and American music all over the world, but it was up to each and every nation to formulate their own national policy to deal with such influence. And those were considered as unserious popular culture.

Some might argue that the US got more arrogant after winning the Cold War. As the lone superpower, it couldn’t resist spreading its power, ideas, and (anti)values all over the world. But would this have been so IF the US hadn’t come under the control of Jews? Would US have fought those Wars in the Middle East if not for Jewish influence? Would US have been so hellbent on crushing Iran if not for Jewish power? Would the US be waging this ridiculous ‘new cold war’ with Russia if not for Jewish Power. Would the US be spreading Homomania as a neo-religion all over the world if not for Jewish Power? Would the US be forcing the Cult of Diversity into every nation if not for Jewish Power?

In the 80s, the US didn’t press upon Japan and Germany to become diverse. The US elites back then would not have shamed Poland and Hungry for wanting to preserve their national integrity. If anything, the US urged Eastern European peoples to reassert their national identity and interests to gain independence from the Soviet Union.
Bill Clinton has been called the ‘first black president’, but as the first boomer president who’d especially come under Jewish influence, he was really the first Jewish president(and Bush II was the first Neocon Jewish president, and Obama was the second Jewish president).

When Wasp and White Catholics ruled the US, there was no American animus against European patriots and nationalists. The American Empire following WWII was mostly a live-and-let-live affair. It didn’t even have the messianic passion of the first wave of overseas American imperialism beginning in the late 19th century that sought to Evangelize the world. The international contract of Pax Americana following WWII was that the US would offer protection and markets to certain nations that would, in return, pledge allegiance to the US against the Soviet Union or any new power that might aspire to challenge the World Order of the postwar era. Now, the marketing of US consumer-capitalism was aggressive all over the world, but Americans never pretended that it had moral or spiritual value. Coca-cola was good to drink, Marilyn Monroe was good to see, and Elvis Presley was good to dance to. But they were not serious. But things are now so different. Globalist culture promotes trashy rappers as quasi-prophets, skanky sluts as idols of female empowerment, and homos/trannies as saint-angels whom young children should look up to. If, in the past, America marketed pop culture as just fun, entertainment, and recreation, the New America promotes pop culture as inspiration and salvation. So, people around the world are supposed to watch something like BLACK PANTHER and really dream of Wakanda. Or kids around the world are supposed to embrace Diversity and Interracism because the New Star Wars movies say they’re cool.
At least in the past, Hollywood tried to make adult-oriented movies to spread loftier themes and values. Think of TEN COMMANDMENTS, BEN-HUR, and THE LONGEST DAY. These days, the kinds of movies that get the most buzz even from the shakers and makers of cultural opinion are often based on superhero comics and childish fantasies.

Back in the day when Wasps and White Catholics ruled America, Jews who controlled much of movie-and-music culture had to watch themselves. If they promoted something too crazy and trashy, especially as message or propaganda, there might have been a white or Christian backlash. This is why Jews were savvy in promoting the notion of ‘antisemitism’ and tie it with Shoah(or the Holocaust). That way, if Jews did something slimy and sleazy and if whites called out on Jewish foulness, Jews could just yell ‘antisemitism’ and associate critics of Jewish influence with ‘Nazis’. This is how Jews got around to legalizing filmed pornography. Jews were the main forces behind it, but Wasps and Catholics were too afraid to name the Jew because of the Jew Taboo. Fast Forward to today, and Jews have weaponized pornography against the white race. Indeed, Jews weaponized everything: media, education, advertising, finance, the law, and even free speech(with the notion that ‘hate speech’ — speech hated by Jews — is not free speech and must be banned). Because so many gentiles get their ideas, idols, and icons from media, academia, and entertainment controlled by Jews, they become rabid true-believing lunatics, just like so many young impressionable Russians were turned into diehard communists almost overnight under Bolshevik Rule.
But Jews also use the stick as well as the carrot. By ruthlessly punishing groups like the Alt Right and BDS, Jewish power sends a message that anyone who deviates from the Official Narrative will be taken out. And it can happen even to those ensconced in the Establishment. Jason Richwine was a member of the 'esteemed' Heritage Foundation before he was purged at the behest of vile Jewish bitch Jennifer Rubin. Rick Sanchez used to work for CNN before he was banished for having noticed and blabbed about Jewish power. Even a veteran journalist like Helen Thomas couldn’t save herself when she said European Jews in Israel should go back to Europe. She died soon after being fired and dragged through the mud by the vile Jewish Power machine.

Anyway, what Jews did to the White America has been the template for what they did to Europe also. It’s no accident that exactly what Jews did to White America also happened to the EU at the same time. The cult of diversity & multi-culturalism, the rise of Homomania, the notion that one’s country is a ‘nation of immigrants’, the objective of economically destroying Iran(or any other nation hated by Israel), and the hysteria for ‘new cold war’ with Russia. Why is it that both the US and EU have been acting in tandem since the end of the Cold War? We need to understand that Jews see Europeans differently from how Wasps and White Catholics used to see them. White Gentiles in America saw Europeans as fellow racial and cultural brethren. They harbored no animus or hostility toward them. White Americans just hoped that Europeans would stop fighting one another and learn to live in peace. Also, white Americans respected European histories & cultures and didn’t want to mess with the narratives and symbols. If anything, there was a widespread feeling among White Americans that, even though there was something instantly appealing about Americanism, European histories and cultures have greater depth and that white Americans should respect and learn from this. In contrast, Jews always views the Christian West with hostility. Even though they found the US, another white Christian civilization, far more welcoming, they still regarded white Christians with resentment, hostility, and envy. So, if the Wasp hegemony over Europe had been live-and-let-live, Jewish hegemony became one of "do as I say... or else you are Nazi". So, if Wasp America’s power in Europe had mostly been political and military-related, the Jewish-ruled American power in Europe has been ideological and neo-spiritual. Jews want to penetrate, alter, and own the souls of Europeans.

Another key factor as to why Jewish domination of the US proved to be far more dangerous than Wasp domination ever was due to the Jew Taboo. Wasps were feared and respected but were not seen as a holy people. So, if Wasp America was perceived as doing bad, Europeans could push back a little and denounce American Power and Influence. The reason why Europeans were so hard on George W. Bush was he came across as a big dumb American cowboy trying to ride the world like a horse at a rodeo. Granted, he was controlled by Jews, but he was seen by Europeans as the archetypal Ugly American. Anyway, when the US was perceived as being ruled by Wasps, there was some push-back from Europe. There was no taboo against calling out against Anglo elites, Cowboys, Uncle Sam, and Yankee Doodle Dandy.

But as it became more evident that the US is a totally Jew-dominated nation, it became ever more difficult for Europeans to push back against the US. (Ever the fervent European opposition to Bush II focused on his cowboy image, not on the vampiric JEWS around him. And of course, when the Iraq War went badly, the Jew-media conveniently placed all the blame in Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.) It was one thing to denounce American foreign policy devised by Wasp Cold Warriors. But the ‘new cold war’ with Russia is a Jewish thing, and no one dares to remove the mask and say it like it is... lest he be accused of ‘antisemitism’, the biggest sin in Europe where Holocaust has been made a virtual religion(and not just in Germany). Also, the rise of American financial power and high-tech power since End of the Cold War has been spectacular, and those sectors are dominated by Jews. That means much more Jewish money greasing the entire institutional apparatuses of Europe where many bureaucrats, activists, and journalists are really little more than paid shills of Jews like George Soros.

Also, because of the Jewish transformation of both the US and EU, it is more difficult for Europeans to feel ideologically purer or more virtuous. During much of the Cold War, Europeans loved to turn the tables on the US for being a ‘racist’ nation of rednecks, stupid nation addicted to vulgar pop culture, greedy nation of uber-materialists, and reactionary nation of ignorant religiosity, but especially since the end of the Cold War, the US and EU have been merging into one. Most young people in the EU are now an anti-intellectual and addicted to trash culture as American youth are. Also, even though majority of Americans still claim to be religious, the power of religious institutions has vanished in the US. Christianity not only couldn’t stop Homomania but bent over to it. The Civil Rights Era is now a thing of the past, with rap music, black-dominated sports, interracist pornified TV being the culture of America. Also, the US even got a black president... which means Europeans could no longer accuse the US of ‘racism’. Also, with massive invasion-immigration, the US is fated to become white majority faster than any European nation. As the US turns less white, it will be deemed politically incorrect to condemn it because Diversity is worshiped as holy. This is why Europeans feel most free to disparage the US when it's ruled by cowboy types like Reagan, Bush II, and Donald Trump. Despite facing an existential threat from Mass Invasion from Africa and the Muslim World, the European Soul following WWII has been instilled with the notion that Historical Sin is uniquely a White Thing,and therefore, the ONLY approved way to score moral points is by attacking other whites for moral failings. (Granted, it's still OK to invade and destroy non-white nations IF the green light comes from Jews, especially with black president as a front. So, too bad for Libya and Syria.)
As for Europe, it is now as addicted to pop culture as America is. Its young people in UK, France, Sweden, and Germany are vapid trashy whores who worship crass celebrities and bling-strapped rappers. And with ‘gay marriage’ being the law of the land in the US(even before in some European nations), Europeans can’t wave the 'gay' flag to feel holier-than-thou with homomaniacal virtue-signaling. And with US universities now being a net exporter than importer of PC, Europeans can hardly feel more ‘radical’ or ‘progressive’ as they used to in the Age of Jean-Paul Sartre and Michel Foucault.

It used to be that Europe was a vassal of Wasp-ruled US. Because Wasps had a special relationship with Anglo-Brits, Continental Europeans used to see US-UK as a separate political-cultural entity: Anglosphere vs Eurosphere even as they made common cause against the USSR during the Cold War. Also, there used to be some pushback against English as the common language for all Europeans. There was a time when French and German had special prestige in Continental Europe. But that was then, this is now. All Europeans have surrendered to English, especially the American kind, as the new lingua franca. So, Americanism has spread all across Europe like wildfire as Europeans grow up immersed in everything associated with American English, which these days is mostly about worship of Jews, Negroes, and Homos. After all, Jews control media in the Anglosphere and Rap is the #1 musical genre in America. So, English, though Anglo in origin, is now the instrument of Jews and blacks.

Paradoxically, it's precisely because English has become such a world language that Continental Europeans are less resistant to it. When it used to be associated with Anglo-British Power and Anglo-American Power, Continental Europeans associated it with the domination of Brits and Wasps. The Narcissism of Small Differences made Continental Europeans feel resentful and envious of the Greater Power spawned by the troublesome Island Nation across the English Channel. But once English came to be regarded as a World Language that no longer belongs to Anglos but also to Jews, blacks, Hindus, Arabs, Chinese, and anyone who wants to do business and smoke the PC pipe, the use of English among Continental Europeans was no longer seen as triumph of Anglos over other Europeans.

If it used to be the case that Europe was under the thumb of Wasp-ruled America, the new reality since the end of the Cold War has been that BOTH Europe and the US(along with Canada and Australia) are under the rule of Judea, the most powerful empire in the world. When Jews took over the institutions of America, they didn't see themselves as the owners of American Power. They saw themselves as members of Judea or World Jewry, for whom America is the biggest prize, the Jewel in the Crown. It was like Alexander the Macedon was not content with the conquest of Greece. Though Hellenized and the new ruler of Greek peoples, Alexander didn’t see himself as First among Greeks. He saw himself as the Ruler of the World. He saw himself as lord of not only Macedonia and Greece but over Egypt, Persia, Afghanistan, and parts of India. Likewise, Jews are not content with being the New Elites of America. Their main identification is not with American Power but with World Power as Judea has networks all over the world wherever there are Jews, and this means in Israel, Europe, Russia, Latin America, and even in Iran. With Jewish men marrying Chinese women, Jews also aim to sink their influence into China itself.

This is why PC has accelerated all over the West. It is the Jewish weapon of castrating white power and enforcing White Submissivism in both the US and EU. So, we have White Submissivist cuck-collaborator elites denouncing nationalism in Europe as being ‘far right’ and ‘nazi’. So, we have cuck-dogs like John McCain never denouncing the mass invasion of Germany and UK — but then, he never opposed the Mexican invasion of Southwest territories either because Jews would be angry with him — while growling at Russia, a nation whose advice to Europeans is that they should defend and preserve their borders, race, and cultures. Because Jews are so little in number, they know that their power is OVER the minute white people begin to reject White Submissivism. Currently, most whites are under the impression that white folks wanting to defend their nations, peoples, and cultures from non-white mass invasion is ‘white supremacist’ when, in fact, it’s the non-whites who are aggressively conquering white lands and replacing whites who are left to drop dead like flies from opioids and other excesses urged upon them by the Jews. But there is always a chance that whites will wake up, especially in the age of the internet when even whites without establishment power can get their ideas and images across. This is why Jews go all out to infect whites with PC from the youngest age. Jews urge white parents to start the brainwashing in the crib lest the kids turn out, oh my god, ‘racist’! To condition white minds to cucky-wuck defenseless, Jews promote Homomania that idolizes wussy white men(as nobler than masculine white men) and lionizes trannies who make white people accept degeneration and disorientation as the New Normal. If a nation believes ridiculous-looking men with dicks and balls are ‘women’ because they wear wigs & dresses, then it can be made to believe in just about anything. It’s the infantilization of adults. It’s like kids who can be made to believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy can be made to believe in whatever.

Even so, Jews know that the power of PC is all in the mind. If whites were to eject PC from their minds, they could abandon White Submissivism and stand up to vile Jewish Supremacism and smash it. It's like, once the character in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE is disinfected of the mental virus, he can see everything clearly.

So, the ONLY sure way for Judea to rule over the West forever is to create massive Diversity, whereby they can play divide-and-rule among so many different gentiles who can never agree on anything. And even if all those gentiles were to dislike Jews, they would also dislike and distrust one another and thus fail to form a united bloc against Jewish supremacist power. Even if every white person were a razing Nazi, he couldn't do anything if his race made up only 30% of the population.


*How to Play ASK A JEW*

Jewish Power is up to no good, but Jews love to put white gentiles on the defensive by accusing White People of ‘supremacism’ whenever white folks insist on their identity, inheritance, history, and right of territory. Jews don’t want white folks to have autonomy of history because it is natural for all groups to be ‘ethnoistic’, just like it’s natural for individuals to be egoistic. Every person wants to feel that his or her version of events is most correct and most justified. Even when people do wrong and know it, they seek emotional justifications for why they did what they did. Consider the Akira Kurosawa film RASHOMON where each of the three characters admits to the murder(or suicide) but passionately justifies what he/she did on emotional and egoistic terms.
This is why, to control memory means to control the world. Because all individuals and all groups tend to shape their memory, personal or political, to justify their actions and deeds, people who gain control of others’ memories gain control over them, and people who lose control of their memory to another people become owned by them. Indeed, NOTHING is more important than control of memory that serves as the basis of the Narrative that validates an individual, a group, or a people.
If a man has memory and 10 million dollars, he is a lucky man. Now, what would be worse? For him to keep the 10 million and lose his memory OR for him to lose the 10 million but keep his memory? Of course, the latter. Money is precious but memory is priceless. None of us would know what or who we are without memory.

Also, there is another side to memory. It’s the management of memory. Memory itself doesn’t ensure pride and power. It all depends on how the Memory is Managed. For example, Jews committed massive pogroms to expel Palestinians to create Israel. All Jews now know this part of Israeli history. So, why aren’t they filled with shame and guilt? Because Jews have Management over their Memory. Even as Jews admit to what they did to the Palestinians, they manage and spin the memory in such a way that justifies their actions. Now, imagine what would happen to Israel if the Palestinian minority were to gain control of most media & academia and bought up all Jewish politicians to do the bidding of Palestinian power. Suppose Palestinian elites gained control of Jewish memory and its management. Suppose they suppressed any memory that makes Jews look good and Palestinians look bad. And then, suppose they managed the memory of the founding of Israel in such a way that makes Jews look especially vile and evil. It won’t be long before Jews lose pride & confidence and turn into putty in the hands of Jews. Unless Jews wake up and regain their memory and its management, they are sure to be a doomed people who, year after year, will lose out to the Palestinians who will gradually take over Israel and turn it back into Palestine, especially with Right of Return instituted as historical redress.

Jews sure love to mess with white/gentile minds. Jews do it so well that so many white Progs and Liberals are convinced that Jews are so noble, saintly, wise, and wonderful. They’ve been brainwashed by Jews to believe that Evil is something almost unique to whites(and Russians, Iranians, and Chinese). They look up to Jews as knowing more, understanding more, and being morally superior. But are Jews really this way? Indeed, what are they really like and what are they really about? To access that truth, it’s best for these white progs and white cucks to play the game of ASK A JEW. Now, what kinds of questions should they ask to the Jews?

Here are some suggestions. Just look Jews straight in the eye and ask them to answer the following questions:

1. Is it true that you Jews want Hungary and Poland to be mass-invaded by Muslims and Africans while Israel gets to protect its borders and preserve its Jewish ethnic identity and cultural integrity?

2. Is it true that you Jews believe that gentiles, especially Europeans, have NO identity based on blood, history, and territory? So, Irishness, Italianness, and Germanness have no roots and lineage? They are just pieces of paper that anyone can apply for to become, virtually overnight, New Irish, New Italians, and New Germans? If so, should Jewishness be defined the same way in Israel? Anyone who wishes to be ‘Jewish’ should have the right to move to Israel and claim identity as 'New Jews'?

3. If you Jews believe that race is just a social construct, why do you not notice that all those sports teams owned by your kind are dominated by blacks due to factors of real racial difference? After all, if race is a phony social construct and peoples of all races are the same in everything but skin color, why are Ashkenazi Jews far more likely to make big bucks and own sports teams while blacks are far more likely to dominate sports and make big bucks that way?

4. If you Jews believe that American History was stained because it favored whites over non-whites, why do you insist that the New and Improved America should favor Israel over Iran and favor Zionists over Palestinians? And if the US, as a Nation of Immigrants, should have equal respect for all nations and all peoples, why do you Jews command us to chant "Israel is America’s greatest ally"? And where is the evidence that the US needs Israel for security or prosperity?

5. If you Jews love Immigration, why do you stay put in the West? Why don’t you take up immigration again and emigrate to Africa, Asia, or the Middle East? Why stay put in places like NY, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami? Why not get back in nomadic gear and immigrate to other nations? After all, you Jews say all Nations are ‘nation of immigrants’ since all of them were created by invasions and migrations. Since all nations are ‘nations of immigrants’, isn’t it about time you Jews moved to, say, Africa? Or how about Latin America? You Jews say it’s great that whites will be a racial minority in the future. You say Diversity is awesome. Well, if that’s true, shouldn’t you move to Latin America where whites are already minorities in very diverse nations made of all sorts of mixed races? Why do you stay put in the West?

6. You Jews decry inequality and call for 'fair' representation. If so, why do you Jews freak out whenever people point out that YOU JEWS are over-represented in many elite institutions and industries? And if white people should try to hire non-whites as much as possible to promote Diversity, why are you Jews so prone to hiring and especially promoting fellow Jews in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Media, Academia, Law firms, and Deep State?

7. Why do you Jews oppose gun ownership in the US but support the right of Jews to have assault weapons in Israel? Is it because Israel is majority Jewish and that means an armed Jewish majority with the firepower,esp against the Arab minority? In contrast, because the US is mostly gentile, maybe you Jews fear all those gentiles with guns? Since you Jews control the government, you want guns to be monopolized by the state so that the people won’t be able to resist when the Jewish-controlled government comes after them, right?

Surely, we can come up with many other questions for Jews. Anyway, it’s a fun game for the whole family and all your friends. Just look at the discrepancy between what Jews say and what Jews actually do. Don’t be a dummy and remain silent. Come up with questions and ASK A JEW. One thing for sure, it’s better to Ask-a-Jew than Ass-Kiss-a-Jew.

Maybe we can even have an Ask-A-Jew March where many people hold up placards with QUESTIONS FOR JEWS(as the dominant power in the world). It’s smart to pose questions to the most powerful power, which is currently Judea. It’s dumb to just obey the ultimate power and never ask questions. And if you remain mute out of fear, then it’s just craven cowardice.

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