Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Contra Cass Sunstein. We argue, IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED HERE. Jewish-Gangster-Fascism is the Real Power in the US, EU, and the West.

Cass Sunstein as Judeo-Nazi
Alan Dershowitz as Judeo-Nazi

This article in Counter-Currents makes for interesting reading: Cass Sunstein, the Unprincipled Man

It is by Margot Metroland, one of the most intellectual and erudite sophisticates in White Nationalist circles. She reviews the books of Cass Sunstein and finds him to be ‘obvious’ and hypocritical. Yes, Cass Sunstein is yet another one of those Jews who claim to be ‘liberal’ but can’t abide any goy noticing that his tribal ilk holds all the cards. These Jews call for Intolerance in the name of Tolerance and argue for Illiberalism in the name of Liberalism. If, at the very least, they were honest about their repressive and supremacist worldview and ideology, they could score some integrity points. But, typical of the ever-so-devious Tribe, Sunstein and his ilk want to have the cake and eat it too. They want to seem like angels on the side of ‘liberal democracy’ and ‘human rights’ while marshaling all their power to shut down their perceived enemies and rivals by the most illiberal, shady, and conspiratorial means. (Just ask Alex Jones, the target of a coordinated hit by Jew-run big media and Big Tech.) In LOVE STORY, Ali McGraw’s character says, "Love means never having to say you’re sorry." Apparently, Jewish Power means never having to worry about using the most specious arguments and dirty means to shut down debate and silence dissidents and critics who question the basis of the Globo-Homo World Order so totally controlled by Jews.

Anyway, the gist of Cass Sunstein’s shtick is that US democracy faces the danger of slipping into a fascist form of government, a worrying threat embodied by the figure of Donald Trump. Sunstein and others like him present themselves as the fragile hope of ‘resistance’ against tyranny foreboded by boorish Donald Trump and his unwashed ‘white trash’ supporters, aka the ‘populists’. Sunstein would have us believe that Trump represents dangerous demagoguery while his own kind(esp Jewish ones) represents the resilient and rational strains of democracy and rule of law. Therefore, all well-meaning, educated, rational, and humane people must unite to do whatever is necessary to destroy the poison roots of ‘hate’ and ‘fascism’. Just like a doctor must use chemo & radiation therapy and even risk hurting the patient in order to save him from a worse malady(cancer), good decent Liberals must be willing to consider illiberal means IF it will save the main body of Liberal Democracy from the temptations of Fascist Tyranny.
Personally, I also don’t believe a man like Donald Trump is good for democracy or civil discourse. I never liked his public persona or TV personality. I always saw him as a blowhard, crass huckster, swindler, bullshitter, and egotist. I always regarded his taste in buildings and women as appalling. I don’t much care for his family. The fact that he paid porn-performers for sex tells you something about his character. So, yes, I would agree that in a healthy and sane democracy, such a figure would certainly not be welcome. But the problem is we don’t live in a healthy democracy. Long before Trump became president, the US had already become an oligarchy. Indeed, not just an oligarchy but an ethno-oligarchy, namely that of Jewish supremacists. (Still, one could argue that only a devil-may-care crude personality like Donald Trump would have said some of the things that needed to be said in the public forum of politics. For too long, US politics has been overly fixed by insiders, choreographed by media 'experts', and stifled by PC. Even though Trump said some really dumb and even irresponsible things in the 2016 election, he also said much that other candidates were afraid to say but was on the minds of countless Americans who began to have serious doubts about globalism with its endless wars, anti-white scapegoating, deep state shenanigans, and mass-immigration-invasions. It took real courage for Trump, especially as a Republican candidate, to denounce Neocon foreign policy and call for a more realistic working relations with nations like Russia. After all, the so-called New Cold War with Russia isn't rational or responsible. It is the result of Jewish Tribal Dogmatism that hates any power that won't put out to it.) Also, as crude and crass as Trump has been, he wasn’t responsible for the overall vulgarization of American Culture. That was the doing of Jews who control Hollywood, music industry, pornography, and TV. Jerry Springer and Howard Stern are Jews. Comedians like Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogan, Amy Schumer, Chelsea Manning, and etc. are Jews. They filled Cable TV shows with foul language, pornification of mainstream culture, and nasty anti-human attitudes.

It’s funny how people like Rosie O’Donnell bitch about the ugliness of Donald Trump when their shtick has been little more than filth and degeneracy. Jews promote shows like SEX AND THE CITY where the main meaning of life revolves around hopping from one bed to another. Jews also gave us stuff like DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and promoted the Kardashians. Jews control Disney and turned it into a meat factory for churning out trashy porny nymphets like Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus. According to Jew-run Media, all young girls should bump-and-grind and ‘twerk’ as their favorite dances. Jews gave us the Lena Dunham show where a fat slob hag spreads her legs to a bunch of morons of all races. Jews promoted the utterly insane ‘progressive-feminist’ named Emma Sulkowicz. Jew-run Rolling Stone hired Sabrina Rubin Erdely, a woman with history of faking stories, and let her concoct a rape fantasy hoax that allegedly happened at a UVA fraternity. The vulgar Erderly was driven by ethnic animus against white people. Jews have no problem with young kids having access to pornography on the internet. If anything, they encourage it as ‘liberating’ because porn encourages jungle fever and ACOWW(Afro-Colonization of White Wombs)among white girls. Jewish-run music industry promote female tramps as pop idols and rap thugs as ‘messengers’ and ‘social critics’. Jews say Donald Trump is vulgar but have no problem with Hillary Clinton being endorsed by the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and host of other caveman celebrities. Also, this is the same bunch of Jews who built up Bill Clinton, a man whose libido has been at least 10x wilder than Donald Trump’s. And according to #MeToo bloodletting, it turns out so many so-called Liberal Jews in Hollywood and Big Media are horn-dogs who use their power or position to harass, molest, fondle, and even rape women, most of them ‘shikses’, the Jewish term for white women that means ‘filthy whores’. Also, according to Daily Beast, the favorite sexual fetish of Liberal Intellectual men is ‘cuckoldry’, which amounts to white/Jewish Liberal guys inviting black ‘bulls’ to hump their wives or girlfriends: And if you’ve seen the aesthetic tastes of the Podestas and their ilk, it’s obvious that the Liberal Elites are completely out of touch with what is healthy, sane, and normal. And even many Liberal Critics have complained that the Art World today is a joke controlled by investors, charlatans, cronies, and hucksters.

Liberals who have made a wasteland of our culture with their control of media, entertainment, and lifestyles are now calling Donald Trump ‘vulgar’. It’s like Jeffrey Dahmer accusing someone else of murder.
And then, consider gambling. Jews have spread it far and wide. Jews control most of the casino industry and rake in billions from what amounts to fraud and theft. The idiot masses are sold on the fantasy of winning Big Bucks & having a Grand Time and nudge-nudged into forking over their hard-earned cash to Jewish oligarchs who support the Judeo-Nazi Zionist-imperialist state of Israel that uses IDF death squads to mow down Palestinian women and children.

This is why the Jewish bitching about Donald Trump is so much BS. The fact is the vulgarization and degeneration of American Culture was caused mostly by three groups: Jews, blacks, and homos, the Holy Trinity of the Democratic Party. Jews controlled Hollywood, Gambling, Pop Music, and Pornography. Blacks turned their culture into an endless regurgitation of ‘Muh dick’, 'bitchass ho', and ‘Murder that Nigga’. Blacks turned schools into something resembling zoos. Things are so bad in schools with large black student bodies that even Liberal Teachers have no choice but to expend the bulk of their energies toward disciplining than educating black kids. How can you teach a bunch of kids who holler in class, cause havoc, and threaten teachers? But of course, since blacks are one of the Holy Three(along with Jews and Homos), they can’t be blamed for anything. They are untouchable by rules of PC. So, if black students are suspended more than other students, it must be because the schools are ‘racist’(even though black teachers and administrators also report most trouble coming from black students).
And then, there are homos and trannies with their insatiable vanity, pathological narcissism, and outrageous revelry. They’ve associated homo fecal penetration(that leads to anal cancer and penises befouled with fecal material) and tranny penis-and-balls-cutting with the rainbow. They turned entire city streets into crazed celebrations of sexual perversion and ugliness. Homos in fashion today design some of the trashiest kind of clothing. And homos and feminists in Women’s magazines recommend orgies, cucking, spouse-swapping, and ‘pegging’(whereby women are supposed to put on strap-ons and ram their male partners in the ass). This is what has become of Liberal Culture in America. (I won’t even mention the sea of ‘pussy hats’ worn by feminists, some of whom even costumed themselves as walking vaginas.)
What Globo-Homo Jews promote as the New Face of American Culture and 'Western Values'.
The Cultural Sensibility of Feminism in the Age of Slut Pride and Skank Celebration.
Jewish Globo-Homo Media say women should strap on dildos and bugger their men up the arse.
And yet, these supposedly sophisticated, rational, and educated people want to demean Donald Trump and his followers as trashy, uncouth, and demented. But then, Liberals who decry the looming storm-clouds of ‘fascism’ gleefully celebrate Richard Spencer getting sucker-punched in public and egg on Antifa goons into tearing city streets apart just to prevent free speech for nationalist and/or anti-globalist voices. (Hilariously, even the interracial Jewish Homo Milo Yiannopoulous and the Neocon Ben Shapiro were targeted for mass protest and violence in college campuses in the name of 'anti-fascism'. Infantile self-righteous supremacism has a way of veering out of control. But generally, Jews control Antifa and related groups to target most of their violence on those calling for White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism.) The fact is Liberals no longer have any moral or cultural credentials to attack the other side as trashy and vulgar. MTV and Cable TV have been among the most vulgarizing forces in American Culture since the 1980s, and 99% of it was controlled by Liberals and Jews. Disney, upon coming under Jewish control, became a how-to-be-a-whore factory for young girls. Yes, Donald Trump is boorish and trashy but actually less so than most people involved in Mass Media and Pop Culture. Jews bitching about vulgarity is like feminists bitching about bad male behavior when they’ve been promoting slut pride and whore culture that entice and encourage men to be bad boys than gentlemen.

But putting the issue of vulgarity aside, let’s consider the Power in the US. Is it democratic? Is it liberal? Now, let’s be careful with words. True democracy was really a form of populism in Ancient Athens. It meant direct rule by the citizens. The people would gather together and listen to debates and vote on certain measures. According to this purist definition of democracy, the US has never been a democracy but a republic, a representative form of government. People elect politicians who, ideally anyway, serve the interests of their constituents. But in the modern West, ‘democracy’ is used to mean ‘republic’, so, we will use it that way. So, is the US a democracy? Yes, there are elections. But does American democracy serve the core purpose of democracy, i.e. politicians are responsive to the very people who elected them and sent them to Washington D.C.? Or, has it all become an empty show, what with all elected politicians essentially being bought off by corporate, oligarchic, and elite interests and doing the bidding of the globalists while neglecting the true needs of their national constituents? After all, what good is a democracy if people elect politicians who pay more attention to men like Sheldon Adelson than to their own voters? And given the sheer expense of running for office, do the people even play an important role in who gets to put their names on the ballot? If not for Jewish money and backing, could a non-entity like Marco Rubio put forth as a viable candidate? And what really made Barack Obama? He hardly had a record of any achievement, but suddenly, he was made by the media into The One, the messiah. And supposedly rational and sophisticated Liberals were acting at his rallies like Jesus-freak nitwits in Evangelical churches. Falling all over themselves in rapture. And if Liberalism is really about reason over hype and about skepticism over blind faith, why were so many in the Press Corp. so willing to serve as propaganda scribes of the Obama Gospel? And when Obama turned out to be just another toady and shill of the Jews, why did the Liberal Media continue to cover up for him? Because Jews control most of the media and because local politicians rely so heavily on Big Money from oligarchs and corporate interests, it’s safe bet to say that genuine local politics is pretty much dead in the US. Also, a healthy democracy relies on an engaged and serious populace, a people who care to know what is happening at the local level, state level, national level, and world level(as the US is the lone superpower with the means to destroy other nations), but such ideal has been degraded by the vulgarization, animalization, and infantilization of society and culture by Jews who run Hollywood, Las Vegas, Music Industry, Pornography, Celebrity Culture, Fashion, and Big Media(that now operated like Tabloid news). With sobriety, responsibility, and accountability being reduced to dirty words in the Current Year, it’s difficult for the US to maintain the essentials of a healthy democracy. When the biggest priorities of so many Americans(of all races and backgrounds) are tattoos, piercing, anime-style hair dyeing, and dumb celebrity tweets & gossip, there is less chance of America being a nation of sober, sensible, and mature people. With so many donations to the GOP coming from gambling crooks, it’s safe to say the Republicans are no longer the party of family-and-traditional values. It’s a libertarian hornet’s nest of avarice and self-obsessed individualism, the kind represented by turds like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

But the most startling fact of current American Reality is that it is already a ‘fascist’ state. People like Cass Sunstein are being disingenuous when they talk of defending Liberal Democracy from closet-fascist-populist Donald Trump and his pitchfork-carrying mobs. We need to be careful with terms like ‘liberal democracy’. We need to ask what is really meant by them when uttered by cretins like Cass Sunstein and his Jewish Tribal ilk. Just like we mustn’t confuse the garb for the man, we mustn’t confuse the term for the agenda. Even a gangster can dress like a respectable gentlemen. In THE GODFATHER, all the top mob figures are impeccably dressed and publicly act like men of respect. But they are sharks who will even kill others to wrest control of the gambling or drug business. Even a sexual freak and molester can dress up like a reverend or priest. Both Protestantism and Catholicism are full of charlatans and perverts who dress for the part and speak the word of God, but in fact, they are crooks, liars, or degenerates who cynically seek pleasure by subverting the institution from within. Likewise, when Jews speak of ‘liberal democracy’, it’s just a dress-up job. It is just a garb draped over what is Jewish supremacist globo-homo gangster-fascism. To any honest person, it is undeniable that the US has become a Jewish Supremacist Gangster State. To deny this is like denying that Nazis ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. Look at all the indicators of actual power, and no one who is honest can deny that Jews own, control, and rule the US mainly to further the murderous supremacist agenda of World Jewry. In other words, IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED HERE. The main reason why Jews like Cass Sunstein pretend to worry about ‘fascism coming to the US’ is because their main worry is that something else might replace Jewish gangster-fascism that has near-total-lock on American Power. Jews know that their own gangster-fascism has one weakness: It is elite-based and hidden without conscious popular support. Goy elites must be kept chained to their Jewish masters, and the goy masses must be kept in the dark about who has the Real Power in America.

What is meant by ‘gangster-fascism’ of the Jews? Too often, ‘fascism’ is invoked to mean the use of political violence in politics. As an epithet, it’s been used against everyone. So, communism has been called ‘red fascism’. Pat Buchanan called radical homosexuals ‘homo-fascists’. Latin American dictators have been called 'fascist'. If brute use of power is fascist, then nearly all of human history has been fascist. Also, given that democracies also used political violence and repression, they could be called fascist too IF we define fascism so loosely. Wasn’t the US founded on ‘genocide’ of American Indians? Didn't the US wage imperial war on Mexico to grab the SW territories? Then, it was fascist. Didn’t US have slavery? Didn't Lincoln use State Power to suspend Constitutional Rights? Didn’t the US ‘intern’ Japanese-Americans during WWII? Then, it was fascist. Not surprisingly, plenty of anti-Americans have called the US ‘fascist’, just like the Americans have called their enemies ‘fascist’. American Left called the Christian Right ‘fascist’, and Christians attack anti-Christians as ‘fascists’. Antifa claim to be Anti-Fascist, but it’s been called ‘fascist’ for using thug behavior, threats, and violence. So, ‘fascist’ has become like the other F-word. It’s something your hurl at the other side. ‘Fascism’ is what every side denies but accuses the OTHER side of. So, Zionists say Palestinians are ‘fascists’, and Palestinians say Zionists are ‘fascists’. Obviously, such definition of ‘fascism’ is useless. Also, it is complete misreading of history and ideology.

We need to define fascism more accurately and critically assess where it went wrong and how it can go right. For a useful definition, we need to go back to its origins in Italy when Mussolini came to power. Mussolini, who’d been a radical leftist-socialist for most of his life, turned rightward during World War I and then embarked on the Fascist movement. Even though Mussolini severed his ties with Italian Socialism, he didn’t abandon all the principles of leftism that was about the needs of the People. He came to realize that communists were too narrowly focused on class-as-the-key-to-everything, and he concluded that a society is best ruled on nationalist principles than on some vague notion of international brotherhood. (Eastern Europeans living under the Iron Heel of the Soviet Brotherhood-of-Man after WWII would have agreed.) But, Mussolini understood the needs of laborers and peasants. As Italy was relatively backward vis-a-vis northern European nations and France, Mussolini understood the populist need to reach out to the masses. Unlike communists who called for the eradication of the bourgeoisie and Big Business, Mussolini understood that a modern economy needs a ownership and managerial class. Given the fate of communism, of course Mussolini was right. Fascist economic theory is far saner than communist theory. Marxists argued that Fascism was about the state protecting the capitalist oligarchs to crush the workers and farmers, but the truth is Mussolini had widespread appeal among the masses. The majority of Italians appreciated his appeal to both nationalism and populism. Fascist reforms and attempts to seek a middle-ground between labor and management actually spared Italy(and later Germany under National Socialists) from the kind of bloodbath that visited communist nations where the ownership class was wiped out; sadly, communist nations like the Soviet Union and Red China ended up doing even more harm to workers and farmers who were often treated like slaves or starved to death by disastrous economic policies like forced-collectivization and commune system. (In the end, communist economies discovered there needs to be a owner-managerial class to keep a modern economy humming and producing.) Despite his turn away from radical leftism/socialism, Mussolini wasn’t a reactionary who denounced modernity. Rather, he believed everything has its place in the Sun. There is a place for tradition, religion, family, and Church. There is a place for renovation, innovation, and even a bit of revolution. There was no need to have Italy turn into a soccer match of left vs right on the zero-sum game of winner-takes-all. Though an atheist, he came to appreciate the role of Catholic Church in Italian life. His policy on spiritual matters was hell of a lot more humane than what the Bolsheviks did to Russian Orthodox Church. Jews often bitch about how the Catholic Church compromised itself by dealing with Nazis, but they overlook what the Jewish Bolsheviks did to Christian Slavs in the USSR. At the very least, the Catholic Church didn’t instigate and lead the Nazi wars and mass-extermination campaigns. In contrast, Jewish Bolsheviks were at the very forefront of the mass killing of Christian Slavs and destruction of Orthodox Churches. If Jews had integrity and self-awareness, they would understand that the reason why so many Christians came to support Fascism and even National Socialism was because Jewish Communist wreaked so much havoc on the Christian community in Marxist-Leninist nations. But, Jews are fixated on themselves as victims but never perpetrators of some of the worst crimes of the modern era. While the Catholic Church was indeed compromised by its relations with Nazi Germany, we need to understand that it had no power to do anything about it. In contrast, Jewish Bolsheviks had near-complete control in early history of the USSR, and they used their muscle for all it was worth to destroy countless lives and tens of thousands of churches. Jews need to look in the mirror sometimes for their role in the Slavocaust.

Now, if fascism was a creative fusion of capitalism and socialism, how was it different from Swedish Social-Democracy and the New Deal in the US? Under Mussolini’s conception, it was anti-democratic and anti-liberal. And its political support relied on the cult of personality and an impassioned shared sense of national pride. Also, as the great powers in Mussolini’s time were all empires — British Empire, French Empire, American Empire, Soviet Empire, Japanese Empire, etc. — , Mussolini wanted an empire of his own and embarked on military ventures into Africa. The hypocritical Democratic Imperialists of UK and France made a fuss despite the fact that their empires were far bigger. Still, it was a bad move for Italy as the logic of imperialism(esp the late-comer kind) had a way of going off the rails. And it sure did for Italy’s ally Germany when Hitler decided to play the imperialist game right in the heart of Europe, triggering events that finally spiraled out of control into World War II. As Mussolini made a pact with Germany, Italy went down along with Germany(unlike Spain that had kept its distance from Hitler). Another flaw of fascism was the anti-individualism that undermined the culture of criticism that could have prevented Italy from getting swept away with war fever. Due to Mussolini’s charismatic cult of personality and faith in Germany’s invincibility, too many Italians hoped to ride on the coattails of German victory. As ally and partner of Germany as the new hegemon of Europe, Italy would be the #2 power in the West. Demagoguery and over-excitement led Italians to overestimate the vision of Mussolini and the might of Germany while underestimating the will of UK and the resources of the USSR. Thus, Fascism failed and deserved to fail. Ultimately, the kind of fascism formulated by Mussolini and Hitler(plagued with pathological theories about race) couldn’t last for long.

Still, it’s wrong to write off the entirety of an ideology due to its failure the first time around. After all, democracies have failed many times over. Athenian democracy was a come-and-go affair, and Athens lost to Sparta. Also, the French Republic following the Revolution failed big time in a morass of mutual recriminations, radical policies, and bloodletting. And US democracy was founded on imperialism and practiced slavery. Its contradictions led to the horrible Civil War. And communist nations all failed in the end. Does that mean republican model has been discredited forever because of the problems of the French Revolution(that went from deposing a king to electing an emperor)? Does the failure of communism mean that everything about socialism and class-based politics is evil and wrong? Given the ‘sins’ of American Democracy — ‘genocide’ of American Indians, black slavery, mistreatment of Chinese railroad builders, its imperialist expansions and wars in Latin America and Asia, ‘internment’ of Japanese-Americans, Wars for Israel, etc. — , is it fair to write off Democracy as a bloody affair filled with all sorts of horrors? No, that would be like throwing out the baby with the bath-water.

In truth, fascism can be improved and reformed. It can also be humanist, democratic, and anti-imperialist. Where Italian Fascism and National Socialism(Germany) failed was in their cult of personality(of the great godlike leader), suppression of critical individual outlook(that speaks truth to power, something necessary in all healthy systems), and imperialism(that betrayed the ideal of universal nationalism where all peoples’ are allowed self-determination). Indeed, the French Republic failed for the same reason. The cult of personality around Napoleon and out-of-control imperialism(that finally reached into the heart of Russia) led to destruction by hubris. This is why True Fascism mustn’t rely on the arbitrary whims of Great Leaders. No man is god, and even great leaders can become carried away by vainglory and megalomania. To prevent this, the people must be encouraged to safeguard and develop their individuality. While radical individualism(of atomizing Libertarianism) is most harmful, we become little more than stupid children if we forgo our individual ability to see, hear, and think for ourselves and ask questions of power. Without individuality, we become the herd with a hive-mind that idolizes some Great Hero and follow him like a dog follows his master. The result of such hive-mind is the German and Japanese disaster in WWII. To be sure, hive-mind disasters don’t always lead to collapse of the entire system. Stalin and Mao’s policies depended on the herd-mentality of mindless followers and led to mass deaths, but the systems remained. And the hive-mind of Americans(whose worldview was molded by the Jew-run media and Zionist-controlled politicians) led to their crazed support for(or apathy about) the Iraq War and other Wars for Israel that turned out to be disasters for humanity, but the US still stands because there is no comparable power to punish it for its crimes. (Given what the US did to Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Palestine based on disgusting lies spread by hideous Jewish Supremacists, one could morally argue that US deserves 10x the punishment of what Japan got in WWII. If Japan had been stronger than the US, it would have gotten away with Pearl Harbor and other vicious acts of aggression. Alas, Japan couldn’t prevail over the US. But because the US is the sole superpower, it can commit any number of war crimes, shrug its shoulders over the rubble of other nations, and go on with its culture of hedonism and shopping.) Given the extensive crimes committed by fascist governments, democracies, communist nations, and monarchies — the US and UK have acted worse than Fascist Italy if not Nazi Germany in the 20th century — , no political system has a monopoly on Evil. Too often, Americans and others living in ‘liberal democracies’ think they are immune to Evil because, well, they are for ‘enlightenment’ values and ‘freedom’. But that is to confuse the clothes for the man. In terms of what many democracies have actually done, they’ve often acted worse than systems labeled as ‘fascist’. It was democratic France that committed atrocities in Vietnam and Algeria. It was the US that carried out a near-genocidal war in Vietnam. US also backed the Jewish Fascists in the creation of Israel over Palestine. And Wars for Israel in the 21st century belong in the Category of Great Crimes. Indeed, the democratic US has been the #1 criminal state in the 21st century. No other nation even comes close, and most of this is owed to Jewish Supremacist madness that controls the Deep State.

Now, what is meant by Jewish Fascists and Zionism? Let’s start by praising this aspect of Modern Jewish Consciousness. Our beef is not with Jewish desire for a homeland or Jewish Nationalism. Also, we can admire Zionism as the most successful form of fascism as its fascist emphasis was on themes than on personalities. It has been a thematic fascism. Thus, it could even be democratic and engage people as individuals. This way, Israel has been able to overcome the problem of the cult of the Great Man. If Israel had been led by a Jewish Mussolini or Jewish Hitler, the Great Man might have gone crazy and led his adoring followers into the abyss, like Napoleon and Hitler did. Fortunately, Zionists didn’t revere any single man as the Great Infallible Leader. What mattered most to them was Jewish Consciousness: Sense of Jewish Identity, History, and Territory. Jewish Themes trumped any particular Jewish leader. As famous and admired Moshe Dayan was, he was never the Nasser(of Egypt) to the Jews. Perhaps, Jews were skeptical of the Great Man Theory because they’d been burned by Hitler(and even by Stalin). Perhaps, individuality and intelligence were stronger traits among Jews, thereby making them less likely to follow a Great Leader as infallible. Or, maybe it was because Zionists were made up of Jews with various national backgrounds. Though bound by shared Jewishness, their different languages and experiences(among the many non-Jewish nations from which they emigrated) made it less likely for them to unite into a hive-mind collective. Whatever the reason, this allowed Israel to develop as a democracy with checks and balances against one-man rule. That said, the themes and outlook of Israel were fascist. Its core essence was not democracy or liberalism but Jewish identity, Jewish history, and Jewish territory, all of which came together as a kind of Modern Myth of Jewish Destiny. Any Jew in Israel will tell you that if he had to choose between Israel remaining Jewish & becoming un-democratic AND Israel remaining democratic but becoming majority-Arab or majority-African, he will choose the former: Jewish Themes come first. Thus, democracy in Israel is in service of something deeper, greater, and richer than political theory. Zionism is, first and foremost, about the need for a Jewish Homeland and Jewish Narrative as the unifying myth of the Jewish People. As long as democracy serves the Jewish majority well in Israel, Zionists will stick with it. But would any Zionist support democracy if Israel were to become majority Arab? Of course not. Suppose a plague passes through Israel and wipes out 70% of the Jewish population without killing a single Arab. Suppose Arabs emerge as the electoral majority in Israel and could win the next election to rule Israel(like blacks have ruled South Africa following free elections). Would Zionists still stick with democracy? No way. This is the difference between fascist-democracy and liberal-democracy or social-democracy. Fascist-democracy values what democracy can offer, but in no shape or form does it believe that democratic politics is the highest calling for a people and culture. A fascist-democrat knows that the democratic system is useful and doable in a nation in which his kind constitute the solid majority. And in order to maintain the democratic system, his people must do EVERYTHING to maintain their demographic ownership and dominance of the their homeland. Because the central theme of Israel is Jewishness than democracy, democracy there exists to serve the Jewish people.
In contrast, a liberal democracy and social-democracy believe that the practice of free elections or distribution of goods by majority demand is the central organizing principle of the nation. UK and France as liberal democracies don’t care if they are overrun by immigrant-invaders from Africa, Arab World, and Asia. As long as they have free elections, that’s all that matters. So, if France becomes 70% black African, and if those ‘New Frenchmen’ vote for blacks to rule France, that’s A-okay... because 'muh democracy' will remain in France. Or if Pakistanis and Africans become the new majority of UK, that’s perfectly fine as long as free elections continue. Of course, there is no reason for Liberal Democracies to take in tons of immigrant-invaders, but globalism has convinced Liberal Democracies that Liberalism and Democracy are not enough. They must also have more and more Diversity, something so wonderful that there can never be too much of it. So, it’s not enough that London is already majority non-British. It must welcome even more Immigrant-Invaders to make it even more black and brown.
As for Social-Democracy like Sweden, its core principle is distribution of goods to maintain the modern welfare state. Its core principle is not the preservation of Swedishness as identity, history, and territory. Its core principle is the materialist distribution of wealth to maintain safety nets and programs. This arrangement worked fairly well over the years due to Swedish work ethic — people paid into the system as well as took from it — , but then, Jewish globalists who control Swedish media convinced the Swedish elites that Welfare State isn’t enough. Sweden, like France and UK(and Germany), needs the magic elixir of Diversity. So, Swedish Social-Democracy was no longer about welfare state for the Swedes but for all the world that wants to come to Sweden. As such, according to current demographic trends, Sweden will be no more, replaced by Africans, Arabs, and Muslims. (Sweden that welcomes migration-invasion is all hysterical about threats of Russian Invasion. It is proof of how it is utterly controlled by hideous Jews. Jews have persuaded Swedes that non-white newcomers are ‘more Swedish than Swedes’ and that white Russia is the real danger that threatens the Swedish Ideal, which is defined as Swedish Desire to be replaced by Africans and Afghans. Jews mess with white minds like white settlers once messed with American Indian minds. Jews sell Diversity to whites like whites sold bean-necklaces to Indians for swaths of land.) Given what Jews push on Europe, one might believe Jews really believe in Diversity. If so, Jews would be pushing the same thing on Israel... but they don’t. Jews do everything to put Jewishness at the center of Zionism and Jewish Nationalism. Jewish survival and Jewish dominance in their homeland trumps ANY political ideology or consideration. If Israel has a better chance of surviving as an autocracy, theocracy, or military-state, Zionists will go with that over democracy. Jews are smart enough to know that any political system is merely a tool, an instrument. It is not the Be-All and End-All of what it’s all about. Then, why do Jews tell non-Jews to forgo considerations of identity, history, & territory and instead fixate on ideologies and abstract political theories? Why do Jews push Diversity on non-Jews? It is to WEAKEN the rivals of Jewish Power. A people with identity will ALWAYS beat a people without an identity. Identity unifies and concentrates power. Jewish identity means Jews uniting to protect and promote Jewish power. It is like the Spartan phalanx. It is nearly impenetrable because of the close-knit unity of the Spartan warriors. But suppose Spartan warriors were told to forgo Spartan identity and unity and just act as atomized individuals. Their formation would fall apart in no time. This is why the Jewish phalanx tells goy peoples to loosen and forgo their own phalanxes. With weak identity, non-Jewish orders began to come unglued and fall apart. Indeed, Jews can persuade a rival goy group that their identity includes foreigners as well. When a people come to regard foreigners equally as their own, their identity has been weakened beyond repair. Without a sense of us-and-them, their identity has no fixed meaning or purpose. This is why so many whites now act like serving Jews is the New Patriotism. They no longer know who they are.
Meanwhile, Jewish Power penetrates through the crevices of weakened goy identities and take over. Because Jews don’t have the numbers to take over non-Jewish nations, they use Immigrant-invaders as Diversity-mercenaries. Indeed, entry into White nations for materialist looting and/or sexual conquest of white women are the main booty for the immigrant-invader mercenaries. Jews use immigrant-invaders as mercenary armies to weaken advanced nations of the West and East(where the big prize is Japan). Jews gain supremacist control, and the invading hordes get to loot the richer and more successful nations. It’s highly likely that white elites in the West really know what is going on. Then, why do they work as race-traitors to serve Jews? Because Jews may have the dirt on them as most politicians are sleazebags. Also, Jewish offer top prizes to the comprador cuck-collaborators. Look how Tony Blair became a millionaire many times over for having done the bidding of Jews. Look what the Clintons got for having served the Jews. Jews dole out top prizes to the biggest cuck-collaborators. Another reason could be the white elites decided resistance is now futile. Their nations are now so far gone with Diversity Invasion that it might be irreversible and impossible to reclaim what had been. Also, because even the masses have been brainwashed by PC education and Diversity-worshiping Pop Culture, it may be that, even if white elites were to turn patriotic and stand against Jewish power, they will be attacked by their own people who are now committed to collective suicide as an act of virtue. Look at the many adoring fans of Bono who calls for Sweden to become like Morocco. Otherwise, it's 'boring' and 'nazi'.

Anyway, given what Jews do around the world, we can how Zionism has become morally compromised. If Zionism was just a humble nationalism that respected other nationalisms, it’d be no problem. But it is a parasitic kind of nationalism that uses globalist-imperialism to weaken and take over other nations. Zionism isn’t for universal nationalism. It is for nationalism for Jews only and Diversity for everyone else. Indeed, the problem of Zionism was evident at the very outset. Instead of trying to create a Jewish nation in some unpopulated part of the world, Jews insisted on Palestine, the Holy Land. Now, we can understand why Jews had a longing for that piece of turf. It was rich in history and heritage for Jews. And to be fair to Jews, the area came to be considered holy only because of Jewish Mythology, without which there never would have been Christianity and Islam either. Still, the creation of Israel entailed the removal of 600,000 to 700,000 Palestinians in a massive ethnic cleansing. Though there have been bigger population transfers, the Nakba pogroms that wiped Palestine off the map has to be one of the most tragic in proportional terms: The vast majority of Palestinians were expelled from their land with blitzkrieg speed. Perhaps, even this crime would have been forgivable IF at least Jews allowed Palestinians to keep the West Bank. But using the Six Day War as cover, Jews invaded and occupied that territory as well. Not only did Jews occupy but started a process of colonization whereby Palestinians came to lose entire swaths of their remaining territory. This was done with full support of the US that became too afraid or enamored of Jewish Power to protest. Especially after Jews made a huge mass cult out of Shoah, denying anything to Israel came to be denounced as ‘antisemitic’, which means you’re a Nazi. Giving Jews everything they demand has become the New Normal because doing otherwise is 'antisemitic'. Ironically, the West must support Jews-acting-like-Nazis-against-Palestinians to atone for the sins of Nazis.

But the madness didn’t end there. As if what Jews did to Palestinians wasn’t bad enough, Jews took full advantage of the End of the Cold War to go fully into supremacist-imperialist mode. Pretending to be advisers, they took over the Russian economy in the 1990s and went about looting the place for all it was worth. In a few years, Jews proved all the ‘antisemitic’ stereotypes about them. Jews used gangsterism and corruption to pick Russia bone dry. And Jews used white slavery to ship Russian and Ukrainian women to Israel to be used as sex slaves for vile Jewish and Arab clientele. This was possible by a collusion of Russian Jews, American Jews, European Jews, and Israeli Jews.
This is why Cass Sunstein is full of shit when he blames ONLY the Germans for the rise of National Socialism. True, Hitler turned out to be a pathological lunatic who, along with his gross henchmen, made a tragic mess of Europe. But, the rise of Hitler and the Nazis wasn’t simply due to Germans losing faith in democracy or failing to defend liberty. It was because so many International Jews exploited German weakness to economically rape and culturally despoil that country. From 1918 to 1933, most Germans did their best to give democracy a chance, but the victorious Allies and the Jews made it nearly impossible with their greed and hostilities. Also, it was not like National Socialists came to power promising Evil. They offered much that was good. If Hitler had been more like Kemal Ataturk, Vladimir Putin, or even Mussolini, the great horrors could have been avoided. But he was pathological at the core. I believe Germans should reflect on their historical failings and make sure they don’t support something like Nazism again. But Jews should also reflect on their failings and make sure they don’t create conditions of crisis that drive people toward radical solutions. Given what happened with Germany — the rise of Hitler and Nazi imperialism — after years of Jewish-controlled Weimar degeneracy, you’d think Jews would be grateful that the tragic 90s didn’t lead to the rise of a Russian Hitler. Lucky for Russia, it ended up with a sober and responsible leader in Putin, but Jews have learned nothing. Instead of reflecting on their decade of greed that plundered Russia, Jews are seething at Putin for having prevented the total Jewish takeover of his country. Certain kinds of Jews are truly an atrocious people. Just take a look at the face of Max Boot, and you can see Jewish sickness written all over it.
Vile and Venal Max Boot the heinous Judeo-Nazi Supremacist who spreads anti-Russian hysteria and pushes white goyim in the US to fight more Wars for Israel and destroy millions of more Arab lives. IT HAS HAPPENED HERE. The US is a Jewish-Supremacist gangster-fascist state where whore-politicians are advised by parasitic space-alien-like cretins like Marx Boot.
Jews can only accept the victimology of their own kind(and their key allies). Jews scoff at the tragedies of other peoples, especially if they happened to be wronged by Jews. If Jews wrong a people and if those people hate Jews as a result, Jews blame the people but never themselves. It's no wonder it's nearly impossible to deal with Jews on the basis of trust and respect. Any people who act like that should be shunned. What is truly unnerving is that Jews who act like that are now the most powerful people in the world(after having taken over the US, the lone superpower). What is to be done?

Anyway, Jewish bad behavior didn’t stop with West Bank and Golan Heights(stolen from Syria). With Soviet Union gone as the other superpower and with Jews at the helm of the US as the Lone Superpower, Jews began to formulate a strategy of total Jewish hegemony around the world beginning with the Clinton administration. As far as Jews were concerned, George H.W. Bush hadn’t gone far enough in taking Saddam Hussein out and neutralizing Iraq as a potential rival of Israel. Also, Bush and James Baker’s stance on West Bank settlements angered Jews, and that meant ALL Jews, Democratic and Republican. So, under Clinton, Jews pushed a sanctions regime on Iraq that was meant to destroy the entire nation. And then following 9/11, Jews used the dummy George W. Bush(who’s like the flying monkey in THE WIZARD OF OZ) to invade Iraq based on false hysteria about WMD. And under Obama, Jews furthered their Judeo-Nazi madness by smashing Libya, aiding terrorists in Syria, and backing the Saudi war on poor Yemen.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jews waged Globo-Homo war on Russia and worked with Neo-Nazi elements to pull off a coup in Ukraine. Thus, Zionism wasn’t a humble kind of nationalism for Jews who wanted a homeland of their own. It became command-central, along with NY and LA and London, for the supremacy of the Empire of Judea, or EOJ. It became a cancerous kind of nationalism that, instead of minding its own borders, turned imperialist & supremacist and meddled in the affairs of all other peoples.

And that brings us to why IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED HERE. The US is already under tyrannical rule of Globo-Homo Jewish Gangsters. It's especially dire because it is gangster-fascism. It is not democratic fascism(that operates within Israel) or Neo-Fascism(of the National Humanist School). Democratic fascism is use of democracy to serve the themes of identity, history, and territory. It is doable in Israel because it has a majority Jewish population. In order for the US to be a democratic fascist nation, the white majority has to think and act like Jews in Israel. They must practice democracy in support of America conceived of a European-Western Civilization. While such a fascist democracy can have minorities(as Israel has a sizable Arab minority) who are accorded certain rights and generally tolerated, the majority population must prioritize the needs of their own identity and culture. Despite the vagueness of America’s founding principles, the US was in actual practice essentially a fascist-democracy until the 1965 Immigration Act. White Americans were very mindful of their race, heritage, and place in the world. They had pride of ability, aesthetics, and achievement. And that is why White America rose to greatness as a unified republic with a sense of connection from top to bottom.
Blacks were the big problem in American History, not so much because of the issue of slavery. After all, if Americans had enslaved whites, the legacy of slavery would have soon faded after emancipation as the once-masters and once-enslaved would have found commonality by blood. It’s like Japanese don’t divide themselves between descendants of oppressive samurai and descendants of oppressed peasants. Once the caste system vanished in Japan, the people just became one because they were united by race, culture, and history. But that was not the case between whites and blacks. Even so, the black problem wouldn’t have been so huge IF blacks weren’t stronger, meaner, and more aggressive than whites.
Consider: Whites and American Indians had a troubled history — one of conquest and race war — , but American Indians, despite all their social problems, don’t cause much trouble to whites because they aren’t particularly a tough and aggressive people. In contrast, blacks can handily whup white guys and, over the years, effectively destroyed white manhood. Thus, the most unintelligent and most troublesome race has come to be the symbol of manly pride in the US. White men, as ‘white boys’, cuck out to blacks figuratively and literally, and white women welcome ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs in both the US and EU. Due to racial differences, blacks have been a huge problem to whites. Compare Mexico and South Africa. Both nations have white minorities who are economically better off than the majority of blacks or browns. Still, despite all of Mexico’s problems of corruption and crime, the whites in Mexico feel far less endangered than whites in South Africa. Why? Browns are, all said and done, far less meaner and pathological than blacks. Indeed, paradoxically enough, part of the reason why crime is so out-of-control in parts of Mexico is because many Mexicans are ‘too nice’. Being too timid and afraid, they lack the courage to act like John Wayne and fight the bad guys. So, the bullies take control over the timid Gomezers(who act like Guillermo) and do as they wish.

At any rate, for most of American History, a kind of fascist-democracy prevailed in practice if not in principle. Like Israeli fascist-democracy prioritizes the preservation of Jewish demographic, economic, and political power above all else, the white-dominated American Democracy made sure that whites kept the power in numbers, wealth, influence, and power.
Likewise, for most of its history following WWII, Japan has been a closet-fascist-democracy. Though a political puppet of the US, the main goal of Japanese democracy has been to keep Japan Japanese and keep the power in Japanese hands. (This is finally cracking due to many factors, among them globalization via the internet and Jungle Fever among Japanese women. Prior to the internet, Japanese worldview was controlled by the national media. But with the internet, Japanese people, especially the women, have learned about the bigger world. And they listened to tons of hip hop and got involved in globo-sex culture and became addicted to Negro men. These yellow women reject Japanese men as inferior — and indeed, Japanese men tend to be timid, craven, and dweeby — and have kids with black men. Why is this significant even in small numbers? Because blacks are so much better at sports than Japanese. So, a half-black Japanese kid is likely to outperform Japanese counterparts by a mile. So, even a few half-black Japanese athletes means they can take over Japanese sports. As such, half-black Japanese, the products of black fathers and Japanese mothers, become lionized as the new heroic face of Japan. This sends a message to all young and impressionable Japanese girls that there is nothing cooler and more awesome than to have kids with tougher black men who whup weak Japanese butt. In this way, the New Japanese Ideal will be for Japanese women to have kids with black men while Japanese men cuck out to the New half-black Japanese Ideal. Thus, Japan will fade as the result of low birthrates and colonization of Japanese wombs by blacks and other men of bigger races. Japan's doom is spelled on the subway wall, and as the result, Japan will go from a healthy closet-fascist democracy to a liberal democracy committed to Diversity and Jungle Fever.) Once a nation goes from a fascist-democracy(where democratic systems serves the deeper themes of identity-history-territory) to a liberal democracy or social-democracy, it begins to grow anemic and weak. And when Liberal Democracy(one that prioritizes abstract political principles as the highest value) is combined with the Cult of Diversity, it is Game Over... unless there is a will among the populace to demand the return to fascist democracy or national democracy. Only a fool defines his nation, first and foremost, with ideology or political principle. A true patriot understands that his people, culture, and land have meaning beyond political systems. For instance, Poland didn’t become Poland with the rise of democracy. Poland was Poland regardless of its political systems. If Poland were to turn into a monarchy tomorrow, it would still be Poland because it would still be a nation made up of Poles and their culture in their ancestral territory. But if Polishness were to be defined by political ideology of ‘democracy’, then Poland would no longer be Poland if it ditched democracy. Using this logic, Poland under communist rule was not Poland because it didn’t have democracy. Also, the logic would imply that if Poland becomes majority African and Arab, it would still be Poland IF it has free elections. How stupid would such an idea be? Yet, Jews are pushing such nonsense to white folks. According to hideous Jews, ‘Western Values’ are about Europe welcoming mass immigration-invasion, celebrating Diversity, tolerating degeneracy of Homomania(and even worshiping it as the new faith), revering Jews as the holy race, and cucking out to blacks as the superior race who deserve to conquer white wombs in the spirit of "Where da white women at?" According to Jews, Emmanuel Macron’s agenda of Africanizing Europe with importation of hundreds of millions of muscled blacks who beat up white guys and sexually conquer white women is what the European Project is all about. And it is supposedly worth it because blacks won the World Cup for the cucky-wuck French who now collaborate with Globo-Homo supremacism even more than they collaborated with Nazi German conquerors during WWII.

Just like there are many kinds of socialism and liberal democracy, there are many kinds of fascism. Social-Democracy is one form of socialism. New Deal is another kind. Stalinist tyranny is another. Khmer Rouge madness is maybe the most extreme. So, socialism can operate as a sane system and co-exist with relative freedom. Or it can turn radical and become full-blown communism. Likewise, a liberal democracy can be effectively run, usually on the National Model. It can be about well-informed citizens united by identity, culture, and history being represented by decent elites who are mindful of what is best for the nation. But liberal democracy can also become a globo-oligarchy, like the current US and most EU nations. The cuck goy elites of those nations do NOT represent the People. They are comprador-collaborators of Jewish Oligarchs & Supremacists of the Empire of Judea, or EOJ. The health of Liberal Democracies in the West has deteriorated under the domination of Globo-Homo Jewish Supremacists. A healthy democracy is one where the national elites serve and defend the national masses. Sure, there needs to be tolerance and protection of minorities. But, a democracy goes wrong when minority elites are favored in power and privilege over the National Core. And it is especially unhealthy when the minority ruling elites are shielded from criticism(whereby any critic of the Power is destroyed and blacklisted). Jewish rule over the US is not unlike British minority elite rule over India. A kind of shadow apartheid exists in the US whereby Jewish Power plays by its own rules. What applies to other peoples doesn’t apply to Jews. So, Jews can organize to raise all the money they want for Israel, the Zionist-imperialist state that sponsors terrorism all around the Middle East, BUT Palestinian-Americans are severely restricted in fund-raising because just about every single one of their organization is tied to ‘terrorism’ by Jew-run organizations. ‘Terrorism’, like ‘hate’, is defined by Jews as anything Jews don’t like. When Jews hate or sponsor terrorism, it’s not ‘hate’ or ‘terrorism’. But Jews accuse anyone they don’t like of ‘terrorism’ or ‘hate’. Jews can employ such double-standards because they control the media and finance of America. Most politicians rely on Jewish money and fear being destroyed by the Jew-run media. And so many Americans’ worldview has been formed by watching Jew-run news 24/7. Jews have all this power, but we are not supposed to notice it or criticize it because it’d be ‘antisemitic’, which now means "Shut up about Jewish Supremacist Power and kiss its ass." That’s what ‘antisemitic’ really means. It means "Obey Jews and shut up".
Now, if Jews were powerless and picked on by the powerful, I can see the need to sympathize with Jews. But when Jews have the uppermost power in the West but pretend to be the underdog, it is NOT good for democracy. The health of a democracy depends on people scrutinizing the Biggest Power. This Power can do a lot of good, but it can also grow abusive and corrupt. Even good leaders can make mistakes or lose their heads. So, the Top Power needs to be noticed and analyzed the most. But we are not supposed to notice Jewish Power. Or, even when Jews admit that many of their kind are in positions of power, they insist that they are working for the good of all Americans(and all the world) and not rigging the system to favor Jews over others. But just look at the record. Do we see consistency in how the Power treats groups and nations, especially since Americans came from all over the world? No, to any honest observer, the American System is rigged to favor the Jew. There is a shadow apartheid to keep Jews above the law that applies to the rest of us.
Worse, Jews rig the system to deny Constitutional Rights to certain Americans. We saw this at Charlottesville where Richard Spencer and others were clearly denied their rights of freedom of assembly and free speech. But the Jew-run media and GOP cucks cheered the Antifa goons and the cuck-police that took orders from a Zionist mayor and black police chief who arbitrarily shut down the event. And despite the fact that the Alt Right and Far-Right figures were the wronged party, they’ve been targeted, hounded, and denied basic services in finance and communication. Under Jewish Supremacist Power, the US has become a shadow-apartheid state where Jews are above the law and do as they please. So, there you go. A liberal democracy, under cretinous control by Jews, has become a gangster state that serves the supremacism of a certain Tribe. Ironically, what is called a ‘liberal democracy’ is, in practice, a Tribal-supremacist gangster paradise.

Just like a liberal democracy can be healthy & governed by Rule of Law OR diseased & ruled by Tribal supremacist gangsters, there are many kinds of fascism. A fascism can be national, humanist, democratic, and anti-imperialist. There are decent Zionists in Israel who want this kind of Jewish Nationalism. They want to end the Occupation of the West Bank. They don’t want Israel to play a belligerent role in the region. They want Israel to be a proud Jewish state committed to basic human rights and democracy within the national context. They insist on the defense and preservation of Jewish people, culture, history, and territoriality, but they want to respect other peoples and nations too. But such Zionists are sadly in the minority. The great majority of Zionists in Israel and the West are into Jewish globo-homo imperialism and world domination. Even as they press upon the West(and the Rest if possible) to aid and support Israel’s right to be a Jewish State, they work with Jewish globalists and their cuck-collaborators to weaken goy nations. What they do in West Bank, they do in the West in general. In the West Bank, Zionist-Imperialists promote the Jewish ‘right’ to claim-and-settle by suppressing Palestinian national aspirations and pride. Because Palestinian Nationalism stands in the way of Zionist Imperialism, it must be suppressed with tanks, bombs, IDF death squads, and apartheid policies. And because European Nationalisms stand in the way of Jewish globo-homo domination of Europe, they must be suppressed by PC, Diversity Cult, Jungle Fever, Homomania, and etc. Jews regard European Nationalism the way they regard Palestinian Nationalism. Both are goy nationalisms that stand in the way of Jewish seizure of power. Just like Nazi Imperialists had to suppress the nationalisms of Slavs in order to takeover Eastern Territories, just like Japanese imperialists had to suppress Chinese nationalism to create their empire, and just like French imperialists had to suppress Algerian nationalism to keep Algeria as colony, Jewish Globalist-imperialists are subverting goy nationalisms around the world to create conditions for Jewish takeover either directly or via their globo-homo proxies. A people without nationalism will not defend what they have. They will OPEN up their nations for immigration-invasion and foreign-elite-infiltration. If Zionism was a form of national fascism, good white folks could support it. But it’s turned into a form of globo-homo imperialism that seeks world hegemony. Therefore, it is only right that decent white folks identify with Palestinians who are struggling to preserve the last remnant of their national homeland in the West Bank. Troubles in West Bank is a microcosm of what is happening in the West. In West Bank, Jews have the numbers to colonize and take over the territory. But in the West, Jews don’t have the numbers, so they rely on Third World Hordes to act as their mercenary-colonizers. Granted, this can backfire on Jewish Power sometimes, as in the case of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party siding with Muslim Immigrants against Jewish oligarchic interests. But more often than not, Jews find the Diversity useful in the West for their divide-and-conquer strategy.
In one way, fascism is a theory of power. It identifies the Will-to-Power and Will-to-Cower dynamics in organisms, especially social ones. Among some organisms, the members fight for supremacy, and the winner command the territory(and/or the harem) while the loser withdraws and flees. Among social animals like wolves and monkeys, the winner becomes the alpha male with will-to-power dominance whereas the loser-males take up the will-to-cower role as supporters of the top power. When two grizzly bears fight, the loser male just runs away. While the winner male has will-to-power rights, the loser male doesn’t go for will-to-cower subordination. But among wolves, the loser-male goes into will-to-cower mode before the will-to-power male. Humans are social animals, thus closer to wolves and monkeys than to bears and tigers. Unlike bears & tigers but like wolves & monkeys, loser-humans go into will-to-cower mode before the winners. Japan lost WWII and became a puppet-whore of the US. Germany lost too, and East Germany was will-to-cower cuck to USSR while West Germany was will-to-cower puppet of the US. Whites in America lost in sports to blacks and lost in elite power to Jews. Thus, they became will-to-cower cuck-whores of Jews and blacks. It’s part of human nature as social animals. Loser groups serve the Winner groups. When whites were mighty and powerful, plenty of blacks were happy to ho-de-do before the masterful massuh and serve him real good. But when blacks were freed and began to win in sports, they began to regard the white man as ‘faggoty ass white boy’. And when blacks gained undeniable supremacy in sports and the streets(as toughest thugs), white guys went from will-to-power confidence of saying ‘fuc* you, monkey-ass nigger’ to ‘let me kiss your masterful black ass, let me be your white uncle tom’.
Even though Jews bitch about White Supremacy, they are really pissed at whites who refuse to COWER and cuck before Jews. (It's like Paul Newman's character refuses to go into will-to-cower mode before the bigger and stronger George Kennedy's character 'Dragline' in COOL HAND LUKE. This makes Dragline real mad. Over time, Dragline comes to cower before Luke's stronger will of personality. Luke possesses a kind of power that can't be measured simply by muscle.)

Jews feel that they are the rightful masters as they got the brains and the covenant, so other groups should cuck before them. But certain whites want emancipation from Jewish supremacy, just like Palestinians want freedom from Zionist tyranny(and blacks wanted freedom from bondage in the South despite the paternalism of whites who insisted the arrangement was actually good for blacks). Just like a master is angry at slaves who won’t ho-de-do and cuck, Jewish supremacists who hold the mantle of will-to-power are angry with whites and Palestinians who won’t accept their will-to-cower fate before the Holy Three: Jews, Negroes, and Homos. But being ever so tricky, Jewish supremacists accuse whites(who are only calling for emancipation from Jewish Domination) of supremacism while putting themselves forth as agents of ‘social justice’. Well, just ask the Palestinians as to what kind of ‘justice’ Jews really practice. Just ask the Iranians who’ve been economically crippled despite having no nukes while Israel has 300 nukes(made from uranium stolen from the US) aimed at Iran. That’s the Jewish idea of ‘justice’.
All revolutions happen when some people refuse to cuck and cower. The reason why East Asia, South Asia, and the Ottoman World became so stagnant was the spark of will-to-power was lost among individuals. Thus, there was only the Power served by the Will-to-Cower. In contrast, the West experienced revolutions in many fields because there were individuals who were willing to speak their minds and challenge authority in established religion, science, and theory of power & justice. And Jews gained ascendancy with their use of will-to-power. But with their dominant position, Jews now insist that whites all go into will-to-cower mode.
The fascist theory of power understands this element of human psychology as it relates to dominance and subservience. Most people with power seek to keep it. And most people without power or with less power are willing to serve who is most powerful. People seek to rise higher, but most know they can rise only so high. So, their real prestige comes not from having the top power but serving the Power at the highest level possible. John McCain never had top power but, like a most loyal dog, he served the top power, that of globo-homo Jewish supremacism. That’s why Jews gave him the biggest Pet Funeral of All Time.
Even after vicious Jews savaged him in the 2008 campaign, loyal will-to-cower dog McCain went on serving the Jews. He even sniffed and licked Obama's butt like a beta-male dog. And he barked at Putin, Assad, and Trump to win the approval of his Jewish Masters. He was such a good dog, and Jews want his will-to-cower doggishness to be the template for all white would-be-politicians. Be a good dog, and we will give you a lavish Pet Funeral when your time is up.

The fascist theory of power understands that Power has a logic of its own beyond ideology. In a way, George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM and 1984 are works of fascist theory of power. Most people think of fascism as tyrannical rule, and fascism can certainly be used that way. But humanist fascism need not be tyrannical. Rather, it would be a use of power where the dynamics of power is understood by all for what it is. We must understand the psychological dimensions of power in order to be vigilant of those with great power(even when they are on our side). Power has an effect on the ego like narcotics on sensations. It's easily addictive. Also, just like a certain kind of people are more likely to become alcoholics or junkies, a certain kind of personality(usually egotistical and sociopathic) are more likely to be drawn to power. We can see this even in school elections. It's usually not those with best character who run for those things.

ANIMAL FARM and 1984 are about social orders founded on the theory of Social Justice. They are governed by ideology. And yet, the REAL workings of power are often power-for-power’s-sake. The pigs in ANIMAL FARM compete among themselves for dominance, and then the victorious pigs gradually rig the system to serve piggishness. Sure, they keep changing the ideological goal posts to make it sound all legit, but in terms of actual governance, it’s about pigs amassing more power for themselves. It’s like Jews continue to yammer about ‘free speech’ and ‘liberal values’, but their actual practices lean more and more toward tyranny via censorship, paranoia, and hysteria. George Orwell noticed that even as communist nations continued to pontificate about Workers Justice, they turned into gangster tyrannies promoting virulent hatred against perceived or made-up enemies. In other words, despite the elaborate ideological underpinnings of the Soviet Union, the real power dynamics centered around personalities, egos, and addiction to power. In the end, the truth in the USSR became whatever Stalin-felt-like-it; and in Mao’s China, the only real truth became Mao-feels-like-it. So, the USSR could be the eternal-friend-of-China one year, but next year, the biggest-enemy-of-China the next year. And the figures once hailed as Mao’s greatest allies could be attacked as ‘capitalist roaders’ and ‘bourgeois agents’ out of the blue. While the situation became extreme in Red Russia and Red China, the power dynamics are much the same in so-called liberal democracies and theocracies. (Notice that even in sanctimonious systems founded on devotion to God and holiness, the practice of power devolves into a competition among personal wills and egos. In time, those better adept at the machinations of power win out over the sincerely pious and faithful.) This is where Francis Fukuyama was so naive in his theory of End of History. He thought Liberal Democracy would be the final arbitrator of history. In fact, the real END was the supremacism of the group most adept at exploiting the freedoms made possible by liberal democracy to amass most wealth and influence for itself. The END of history was not the triumph of Liberal Democracy but Jewish Supremacist Personality that could run circles around Liberal Democracy and twist it into globo-homo hegemony to favor the Power of Zion. For Jews, their own tribal power trumps any abstract theory. As far as Jews are concerned, theory-for-theory’s-sake is for the suckers. Jews love theories but ONLY IN TERMS of how such can be used to further the Jewish Covenant of World takeover. After all, theory is abstract and doesn’t exist in the real world. Theory serving theory is like myth serving myth. Theory should serve reality, like myth should serve man. Jews used Liberal Democracy to hoodwink goyim into serving Jewish supremacism. And Jews used the myth of the Covenant to serve the needs of Jew-as-Man. Now, because so many Jews seem nerdy and geeky, all brains and no brawn, many people have been led to believe Jews only care about ideas and have no stake in the real world. But if this is true, then how come Jews came to own so much, gain so much power, and destroy so much of the real world? Just ask the Palestinians, Syrians, Libyans, Iraqis, and etc. Just ask the EU that is being invaded by Africans and Muslims goaded by Jewish Power. Someone like Cass Sunstein looks and sounds like just another nerdy professor. He doesn’t come across as a Conan-the-Barbarian-like he-man out to conquer the world. But his ilks are intensely tribal, arrogant, devious, and supremacist. After all, it wasn’t he-man types who ravaged the Russian economy in the 90s. It was these nerdy-looking Jews who seemed all brains and no brawn. But they saw their chance for plunder and power-grab, and they picked Russia apart like a pack of piranhas ravaging a carp. No matter how large, a fish without teeth will lose to those with teeth. Jews have teeth and insatiable appetite. The video below is a useful metaphor for what Jewish ‘privatizers’ did to Russia. They privatized the Russian economy into the pockets of fellow Jews. The roster of Jews who pulled this off were intellectuals, scholars, bankers, and engineers. They seemed like people interested only in abstract theory. But when they could get their hands on the prize, they acted like Tribal Piranhas. The lesson of history is that size isn’t everything if you don’t have teeth. A whale shark is big but it has no teeth. It can be attacked and eaten by smaller marine animals with teeth. Jews have teeth. At one time, white America had teeth and bit back at Jews. But the Jewish globo-homo dentist pulled out all the teeth, and White America, now toothless, can’t bite back. White Nationalism is the dentures for the white race to regain its teeth to bite off the Jewish head. That is why Jews hate white identity and white unity. Just like a lion or bear without teeth is useless, a people without teeth cannot are doomed. They will be eaten alive by those with teeth.

Just like Marxist theory can be used to better understand certain aspects of history and society, fascist theory can be used to better understand the nature of power. While some Marxists saw Marxism as an infallible blueprint for planning and ordering a society, others appreciated certain aspects of Marxist theory to understand the role of class and economics in history and society. They rejected communism but still found aspects of Marxism useful as critique of human relations and historical dynamics. Same can be said of fascist theory. A fascist theorist need not support the kind of system presided over by Mussolini or Hitler. Just like many later Marxist theoreticians decried the tyrannies of Lenin and Stalin, fascist theorists need not approve of Mussolini or Hitler. Even as they express admiration for certain aspects and achievements of Italian Fascism and National Socialism, they can readily admit that those systems were deeply flawed and bound to crash and burn. This is why Neo-Fascists mustn’t imitate the Failed Fascism of Mussolini and Hitler but carefully study why and where they went wrong. It’s like, when they build new models of cars, they not only emulate what worked in old models but reject what did NOT work in them. Theories exist to debug the system of its problems. If theories cannot play this clean-up role, they turn into dogma, and the system gets stuck in its failures. Neo-Fascists believe fascism can be salvaged and improved. Jews say otherwise, but the real reason for this is because Jews want to practice shadow-fascism for themselves. Don’t be fooled by Jews. Israel is a fascist-democracy, and Jewish Power in the US is a form of gangster-fascism, the worst kind. The real reason why Jews fear fascism is they know it to be essentially true. Therefore, they want it to be used ONLY by Jews. After all, it was the fascist unity of Jews that was the basis of Jewish Power in the 20th century. Capitalist Jews and Socialist Jews worked together. Jews weren’t tearing each other part as Jewish Left vs Jewish Right. It was this truth that Mussolini and Hitler came to understand. There is no need for nationalism, capitalism, and socialism to be irreconcilable enemies. Indeed, nationalism can be the glue that allows for a compromise between capitalism and socialism. And this is why Jews now underplay FDR's record because he brought American Labor and American Business together when the US was still an overwhelmingly proud white nation. When Jews hate something, it’s not necessarily out of hate for the thing itself. It is because OTHERS have it. Take guns and uranium. Given Jewish lobbying against guns in the US, you’d think Jews hate guns. And given Jewish hysteria about Iran and nukes, you’d think Jews hate nuclear weapons. Not so. Jews have no problem with gun ownership in Israel because majority Jews have most of the guns to be used against Arabs. And we know Jews have NOTHING against Israel having 300 nukes aimed at Iran. So, Jews love guns and nukes in Jewish hands and hate them ONLY when they may end up in non-Jewish hands. Same with fascism. Deep down inside, Jews love fascism. The real secret to their power is fascist. It’s about identity, history, and territory. It’s about the Covenant that combined Racial Consciousness with Spiritual Consciousness. It’s about securing Jewish Survival and expanding Jewish power. It’s about the use of Mythic Narrative to bolster all that is proudly and nobly Jewish. Jews love fascism when it serves Jewish power and interests. Jews hate fascism ONLY when others use it. Of course, Jews never say their own way of doing things and thinking about the world is fascist. To be sure, given the connotations of ‘fascism’, all sides claim to be anti-fascist. But all true theorists of power are fascist in their understanding of the real nature of power and how it really works on the psychological, political, and cultural level.

If Neo-Fascists study the history of fascism to learn what went wrong in the 20th century in order to formulate a better kind of fascism that is National Humanist, then gangster-fascists study history to devise a Tribal Machiavellian form of power to grab as much for themselves. It is Hyman-Roth Fascism, the kind Jews use it now around the world. Jewish gangster-fascism is predicated on "Is it Awesome for the Jews?" Jews are no longer content with "Is it good for the Jews?" Jews are now addicted to supremacism, domination, and total power. Jews don’t study fascism to create a more honest and humane form of fascism. Jews study fascism to create a stealth-fascism that won’t be identified as fascism by most people who are fooled by labels and rhetoric. Jewish gangster-fascism operates like the Stealth Bomber that evades the radar.

Jewish gangsterism masks and perfumes itself with talk of ‘human rights’, ‘spreading democracy’, ‘Holocaust awareness’, ‘opposing Nazism’, ‘denouncing white supremacism’, ‘condemning terrorism and waging War on Terror’, ‘spreading tolerance’, ‘promoting inclusion’, and etc. As such, so many people are fooled, but look at the results of all the Jewish-favored policies, strategies, and machinations, and it’s obvious that the ONLY REAL OBJECTIVE of Jews is total Jewish Supremacism around the world. But because Jews use stealth-fascism of the shadows, most people don’t know that IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED HERE. Yes, the US has already been taken over by fascism, the cancerous kind controlled by Jewish gangster-fascists. The US is ruled by a bunch of Hyman Roths in Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, State Department, Ivy Leagues, Law firms, and etc. Look at Jewish Power closely, and you will notice that there is NO MORAL OR ETHICAL CONSISTENCY to their arguments and practices. Jews act just like the pigs in ANIMAL FARM, always changing the goal posts of the debate in their confidence that goyim are either too dumb & amnesiac to notice the tricks or too willing-to-cower before the awesome Jewish power that they want to serve like dogs. Indeed, the goyim can be divided roughly between those who are truly hoodwinked by devious Jews AND those who know what’s going on but play along anyway because doing so can pay off in big prizes(while not doing so can lead to career destruction). I mean Mitt Romney must know the true nature of Jewish Power in America and the world. But by playing along with Neocons, he nearly got to be president. If he’d spoken honestly about Jewish Power long ago, he would have ended up like Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, and Peter Brimelow.

Now, let’s consider the ways in which IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED HERE in the US as Jewish Gangster-Fascist Paradise. The most obvious proof that the US is a Jewish gangster-fascist paradise can be found in its foreign policy. Especially since the End of the Cold War, the US foreign policy has increasingly been a form of Jewish gangster-fascist imperialism to gain hegemony for the Empire of Judea, or EOJ. All the talk of ‘human rights’ and ‘spreading democracy’ is bogus. After all, if any Arab nation needed to be invaded and transformed after 9/11, it was Saudi Arabia, the theocratic hotbed of radical Wahabism and from which most alleged 9/11 hijackers came. But the US was mum about the Saudi connection in 9/11 and targeted Iraq. Why? Because Saudi Arabia has been a toady of the US. Also, even its support of terrorism has been useful for World Jewry since Saudi-sponsored terrorists generally targeted Shia Iran, Russia, and secular modernizing Arab nations feared by Israel. Saudis stopped sponsoring Palestinian fighters against Israel long ago and is presently working with Israel against Yemen and Iran. So, the Wars in the Middle East under George W. Bush and then under Barack Obama were nothing but Tribal Supremacist affairs. They were Wars for Israel, hardly different from Nazi Wars to gain German dominance in Europe. The fact that American Power was used to further Jewish supremacist interests(despite the fact that Jews constitute only 2% of the American Population) goes to show that the US is not a healthy democracy but a Jewish Supremacist Tribal Oligarchy. And it goes to show that too many goyim are either clueless idiots(from too much PC and Pop Culture) or craven cucks(who will do ANYTHING to gain favor from Jewish Power that doles out most of the prizes; it’s like all the crooks lining up to work for Jordan Belfort because he was becoming a hot player on Wall Street).

Of course, the Jewish machinations to turn US foreign policy so utterly in favor of Zionists against Palestinians is another surefire sign of Jewish Gangster-Fascism. After all, if Jews are indeed about fairness and justice, why did they pressure the US to support Zionist ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians? And if Jews are so color-blind in their sympathies, why couldn’t they settle for Palestinian nationalism co-existing with Zionist nationalism? The fact is Palestinian nationalism in West Bank and Gaza stood as a reminder that Israel was carved out of Palestine through terrorism, war, and pogroms that Palestinians call the Nakba. So, Zionist imperialism decided to invade and occupy West Bank in 1967. It was not about the survival of Israel. Historians have long proved that Israel faced no existential threat from Arab nations in 1967. If anything, the Six Day War was a blitzkrieg affair started by Jews.

Given all these facts about the nature of Zionism as an imperialist project, why didn’t so-called Liberal American Jews call for equal treatment for Jews and Palestinians, especially as they were decrying inequality between blacks and whites in the US?
Also, it turns out that the main reason Jews hated George H.W. Bush in the 1992 election was because there were still some Arabist-Realists in the administration that called for the halt to settlement buildings in the West Bank. Bush thought he’d done Jews enough of a favor in the Gulf War by crippling Hussein’s power. But that apparently wasn’t enough. Even so-called Liberal Jews were foaming at the mouth over the fact that Bush and James Baker wanted Israel to stop taking land from Palestinians. So, what does that tell you? Liberal Jews are really fascist-gangster Jews who hide their Tribal Supremacism behind ‘liberal-sounding’ rhetoric. Despite the fact that so-called Liberal Democratic Jews are far more numerous and powerful than Neocon Jews and despite 8 yrs of Clinton and 8 yrs of Obama, the situation in West Bank and Gaza has grown only more dire for the Palestinians. Under Clinton, Bush II, and Obama, Zionists continue to take more land in West Bank. Under Obama, Zionists carried out massive campaigns in Gaza that killed thousands. And under Trump, IDF death squads routinely shot Palestinians protesters who commemorated the 70th anniversary of Nakba. These Jews who call Trump ‘literally Hitler’ have one thing in common with him. They both support Judeo-Nazi mass killings of Palestinians and the continuance of Zionist imperialism in West Bank. Jewish Liberalism is a myth. While there are genuine Jewish Liberals like Max Blumenthal and Philip Weiss(and some even in the BDS movement), the fact is most Liberal Jews are like Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein, Jewish gangster-fascists who will tell any lie and use any means at their disposal to keep the US supporting the Judeo-Nazi Zionist imperialist state of Israel.
But the Zionist gangster-fascist lunacy doesn’t end there. As Zionism seeks hegemony over the entire Middle East & North Africa and as most Western politicians are cuck-collaborators who shill out to Jewish oligarchs — Hillary Clinton’s top 10 contributors were all Jews and Sheldon Adelson is the #1 contributor to the cretinous GOP — , Jews have been able to use the might of US and NATO to do the bidding of Zionist Imperialism. This has meant spread of horrible wars in the Middle East, the kind unseen since Vietnam War and Algerian War and even WWII. People who’ve visited Iraq, Libya, and Syria can’t believe what wars have done to them. They look like Poland, Russia, and Germany in the wake of WWII. They look like parts of bombed-out Japan. None of this was about spreading democracy or human rights. Or even fighting terrorism. After all, Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11. Also, under Obama, the so-called War on Terror turned into an explicit War with Terror. The US, under Obama and Hillary as shills of Jewish gangster-fascists, were aiding Jihadi elements in Libya. And the US and Israel, along with Saudis and Turkey-as-NATO-member, were arming and supplying Alqaeda and ISIS elements in Syria. It was INCREDIBLE, but most of Media hardly made a stink because 95% of MSM is owned or controlled by Jewish globalists and Zionist gangster-fascists. As long as it passed the "Is it awesome for Jews and Israel?" test, it was all very kosher. And as most Americans were too apathetic, amnesiac, philosemitic, or invested in the mythology of Obama as a ‘historic president’, they looked the other way at this disgusting development. Jewish supremacist power was so out of control that it even recruited Neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine to pull off a coup, turning that nation upside down. Thus, a democratic government was overthrown. This is how Jews ‘spread democracy’ and ‘liberal values’. So, what does this tell you? It means the US is really controlled by Jewish gangster-fascists. Fascism has already come to the US, and it’s the worst possible kind, the gangster-kind controlled by devious and venal Jews who are insatiable in their vampiric thirst for goy blood. IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED HERE. Just ask the Palestinians. Just ask the Iranians. Just ask the Syrians who are routinely attacked by Israel without any protestation from the Jew-run US. Imagine if Iran or Syria regularly lobbed missiles at Israel or flew sorties to bomb parts of Tel Aviv. US Congress would call for war on Syria on behalf of Israel as most politicians are cuck-whores of Zion. But Israel is totally above the law. Israel’s support of ISIS and its air campaigns against Syria goes unremarked by both the American ‘right’ and American ‘left’ that are controlled by devious Judeo-Nazi gangster-fascists. When US foreign policy is so heavily geared toward serving the supremacist agenda of Zionists, it’s about time we admitted the US is ruled by Jewish gangster-fascists. People like Cass Sunstein who never objected to Obama’s Wars for Israel are really Jewish gangster-fascists. They pretend to be oh-so-liberal-and-wiberal and oh-so-nice, but their main objective is to secure an ever expanding supremacist pie for the power of Zion. Don’t be fooled by appearances. Just like Hyman Roth looks like some harmless old man but is a tough-as-nails Jewish supremacist gangster, lawfare gangster operatives like Cass Sunstein are hideous supremacists obsessed with Jewish Domination.

They always claim to be coming up with proposals to make for a fairer society, but they ignore the Great Injustice of America’s role in the World, i.e. it favors the Zionist Imperialism of Israel over Palestinians and carries out Wars for Israel to destroy millions of lives just so Israel can be the sole hegemon in the region.

Just like Amy Chua serves the Jews, so does Samantha Power. They are both married to Jews and play cheerleader for Zion. Chua is a power-obsessed elitist who puts out to the biggest power, and she knows it’s Jewish. And Samantha Power has been nothing but a toady and shill to the power of Zion. If she ever criticized Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, it was ages ago and long forgotten. Under Obama, she was a cheerleader-destroyer of Libya. She played along with the US support of Jihadis in Syria to rip that nation apart. (Needless to say, Nikki Haley, Trump's pick for UN ambassador, is also a disgusting shill for Zion. Imagine that. Even Trump, despite 24/7 attack from Jews, must stick with Jewish-supremacism over West Bank and Middle East. So, who has the Real Power in the US?)

She fans Russia Hysteria to be in good graces with Jewish Supremacists. She ignores the fact that Jew-run US is now in bed with Neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine. She is a vile creature, a cuckette of the Jews. Indeed, it is rather amusing how Jews play with white goy power vanity. White Americans in the Deep State want to FEEL THE POWER. After all, they are the elites of the most powerful nation on Earth, the lone superpower. But, it’s not like the old days when white Americans really ruled America. Especially since the 60s, the New Narrative has maintained that whites must feel ‘white guilt’ and atone for their historical sins, especially in relation to Jews and blacks. As Jews gained total control of media, academia, and finance(the water of the economy), they could make or break just about anyone. So, it became difficult for White Elites to exercise their power. After all, they are burdened with ‘white guilt’. In order to FEEL and exercise the Power, they needed the approval of and/or alliance of the Holy People, especially Jews. Since Jews are the Holy Holocaust People, white use of power can’t be bad IF it has the benediction of Holy Jews. Association with Jews or approval from Jews washes some of the 'sins'. Thus, white power vanity came to rest on Jewish Approval. Naturally, Jews approved of any white use of power that was good for Jews. So, if white elites in the Deep State wanted to flex their muscles to crush nations and peoples, they better look for targets that would be approved by Jews. This goes to show that White Guilt was never a consistent moral principle. After all, whites have done lots of bad things in Asia, but where is White Guilt about China? There used to be a bit of guilt about Vietnam, but it has evaporated. Also, where is White Guilt about Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims harmed by US power and Western Imperialism? Jewish media and academia don’t allow it because Jews need white America to keep bashing the Muslim World for the sake of Israeli supremacism. The issue of White Guilt comes alive in relations to Arabs and Muslims ONLY WHEN the West is pressured to 'welcome' those people as ‘refugees’. Never mind that so many Muslims became refugees and war-torn peoples due to Jewish-controlled US foreign policy that made a wreck of nations like Iraq, Libya, and Syria. And Yemen. Never mind all that. Just continue to do the bidding of Jews and keep destroying Muslim nations. And use the sanctions regime to cripple the economy of Iran. And don’t feel any White Guilt over any of that. Keep bombing and keep aiding terrorists to destroy Syria. Feel ‘white guilt’ only when the Muslim refugees(and others who exploit to crisis to pose as ‘refugees’) arrive in the West. And then, the very Jews who engineered the destruction of Muslim nations act like they care oh-so-very-much about Muslim refugees and berate white people for not caring enough. It’s like Madeline Albright, the butcher of 500,000 of Iraqi children in the Clinton 90s, called herself a ‘fellow Muslim’ in relation to the Refugee Crisis. So, Jews use US power as a Nazi-like force to destroy Muslim nations, leaving many Arabs and others as badly off as European Jews in WWII. If Jews really cared, they would oppose the use of US Power as Nazi-like hammer to smash the Middle East. But Jews are totally for more destruction of Syria and even expanding the chaos to Iran. Jews are utterly indifferent to the suffering of Arabs and Muslims as the result of Judeo-Nazi US foreign policy. BUT, when these refugees show up in the West, then Jews claim to sympathize with them as being akin to Jewish refugees in WWII and condemn the West for not doing enough for them. Imagine that. Jews use Nazi-like force to turn Muslims and Arabs into refugees but then accuse the West for not doing enough to save those Muslim Refugees who are said to be the New Jews. How more surreal can things get? Jews have gone utterly Twin Peaks with World Affairs.

Jews have either no shame or no self-awareness. Their vileness beggars belief. So, ‘white guilt’ is a ploy, not a principle. Even the Holocaust Cult is a mind-trick. While we should approach the subject of Shoah with respect and seriousness(as it was a great horrible tragedy), we should beware of Jewish exploitation of it to elevate themselves as Eternal Moral Superiors, the Holy Holocaust People. The truth is any people can commit something like Shoah, and that includes Jews. So, the true lesson of Shoah is the dangers of both extreme antisemitism and extreme philosemitism. Extreme antisemitism blames Jews for everything, even things Jews didn’t do. Also, it sees every aspect of Jewish life and culture as negative when there are indeed many positives. But philosemitism is also dangerous and may clear the path to more genocides. If we are to believe that Jews are always good, holy, noble, and wonderful, then we will become blind to Jewish bad behavior, corruption, and abuse of power. As Jews grow ever more arrogant and supremacist, philo-Semites will continue to praise everything they do. Conditions for genocide are being laid in the West Bank because Americans, being so besotted with Jewish Wonderfulness, simply cannot see what is happening: Wholesale dehumanization of a people and culture. And what has happened in parts of Libya, Iraq, and Syria is close to semi-genocide of entire communities. Even though much of the violence has been Muslim vs Muslim, the fact is the Jew-run West cynically upset the fragile political balance in those tribally and sectarianly diverse nations to pit one group against another. Indeed, recent Middle East tragedies reveal why Jews love Diversity among goyim. It’s so easy to pit them against one another and slaughter each other while Jews do the Yojimbo thing.

Remember how Jews used to warn us of the Authoritarian Personality in American Politics? Remember how Jews used to associate it with the Red Scare, Red-baiting, and Anti-Communist Hysteria? Supposedly, the Authoritarian Personality is plagued with paranoia and sees the world as a dark place plagued with threatening Foreign Elements. So, we’ve been led to believe that Joe McCarthy, the premier Cold Warrior of his time, represented the evil spirits of lurking fascism about to take over the US. (Oddly enough, according to Jews, Charles Lindbergh represented Evil Spirits for opposing US entry into WWII whereas Joe McCarthy represented Evil Spirits for his strong and aggressive stance against World Communism. Jews love wars when wars destroy their enemies and hate wars when they hurt their allies. In the early years of the Cold War, many American Jews were staunch communist-sympathizers if not outright communists. They felt greater loyalty to USSR than to the US, a nation that was still controlled by Anglo-Germanic Americans.) Now, if McCarthy-Era ‘fear-mongering’ represented Evil Fascist Spirits, what does it say about the current Jewish Supremacist fear-mongering about Russia? At the very least, Joe McCarthy and Anti-Communists were against Stalin(a real mass killer and tyrant), and the US government under FDR had been infiltrated by many Soviet elements, even in elite positions. Also, Jewish agents really did send atomic secrets to Stalin. When we compare Soviet threat & infiltration in the 40s & 50s with Russian influence on American in the present, there is no comparison. And yet, Jews have made McCarthy and Anti-communists out to be quasi-fascist lunatics while elevating hysterics about Russia and Putin as the essence of American Patriotism and 'resistance' against Trump as 'puppet of Putin'. So, past concerns about the real Soviet threat have been brushed off as ‘red scare’ but rabid lunacy about imagined Russian meddling has been lionized as the Best of what America is about. In other words, fearing a real wolf is ‘paranoid’ but hyperventilating about a fake wolf is the height of patriotism. It should be obvious by now that Jews are full of shit. Also, whereas Soviet Communism was hostile to the West both ideologically and militarily, the current Russia isn’t even anti-American. At most, it rejected American Advice because it got burned so badly in the 1990s as Jewish Americans colluded with Russian Jews to loot the entire nation and leave countless millions destitute. By Jewish Logic, US Jews colluding with Russian Jews to meddle in Yeltsin’s drunken regime to plunder all of Russia was No Problemo. But Russia saying NO to Globo-Homo Hegemony and staking out its own national agenda is the height of evil. Why are Jews more threatened by current Russia than the old Soviet Union? Soviet Union was a competing superpower and rival power. Current Russia seeks good relations with the US, as it does with China and Europe or any nation. So, why?
It's because Jews knew that MOST White Americans would never warm to Soviet collectivism, atheism, and repression. So, there was little danger of masses of White Americans turning communist and grabbing the wealth of Jews. But current Russia is no longer a tyranny. It is nationalist, pro-Christian, pro-tradition, and pro-sovereignty. Its values and policies may have widespread appeal among white Americans, especially the Conservatives and Christians, especially as Jews have waged total war on Christianity with Homomania, their newly chosen religion for the goyim. Also, under Jewish domination, the US is in Invade-Invite footing. Jews use US military and financial power to invade and/or infiltrate the world. And Jews use mass-immigration-invasion to replace the white majority with non-whites. Even though overt white-racial-nationalism is suppressed in Russia, it is permissible and even encouraged to show pride in Russian identity, history, and heritage. There is no 'Russian Guilt' that paralyzes Russians in their love of their own nation, people, and culture. In contrast, White Americans are denied pride of identity and history. In order to maintain Jewish supremacy in the West, Jews need to suppress pride of white/European consciousness. Jews need to make guilt-ridden whites atone for their ‘sins’ by serving Jewish identity and interests in the form of Jewish supremacism.
In truth, Jews know that Russian Meddling is BS. It’s all fantasy. What Jews really fear is the Russian Model. Even if Russia never meddled in the affairs of other nations, it stands as an example of a nation that finally emerged from Jewish supremacist exploitation and domination. During the Soviet Era, Russia was eventually able to wrestle itself free of Jewish Bolshevik domination. But then, Russia came under Jewish control again in the 90s when nasty Jewish globalists posed as good-willed advisers who could fix the Russian economy and steer the nation toward working democracy. Russians learned the hard way that Jews have profound contempt for goyim and, if given a chance, will totally fleece the nation for all it’s worth.
Of course, being an intelligent people with deep moral tradition, Jews don’t have to act this way. And many Jews aren’t crooks. But there is a certain kind of Jews who, upon smelling blood, simply goes into a frenzy and can’t help themselves. Just like Portnoy couldn’t check his libido about the ‘shikses’, these Jews will exploit anything, even the Holocaust, for their own self-aggrandizement. They do act like blood-sucking Jews, and one of the biggest blood-sucking of all time happened in Russia in the 90s. Russia was in such terrible straits that Jews thought they owned Russia for good. But, satiated with all that yummy Slavic blood, Jews took a rest like the hare in the tale of the race with the tortoise. It was then that Putin and other patriotic elements in Russian Deep State were able to outmaneuver the worst Jewish elements(though some of them still remain to undermine the Russian nation from within). The fact that Russia was able to do this is a testament of what is possible for goyim IF they have the will-to-power against bad Jewish elements. And this is why Jews hate Russia. Because Russia didn’t commit any injustice to the US, Jews in media, academia, and deep state have to make stuff up... just like they cooked up WMD lies, Iran nuke lies, and falsehoods about Palestine.

Also, it’s funny that Jews would be so worked up about protecting US sovereignty from foreign elements when they made the US serve as War Horse for Zionist Imperialism. Given that Jews are only 2% of US population(and there are Palestinian-Americans too), does it make sense for the US to be slavish to Israeli interests? Talk about foreign meddling. Also, no people have done as much as the Jews to undermine the Core Meaning of America. According to Jews, existing Americans matter less than yet-to-be-Americans, even illegal aliens who are idealized as ‘dreamers’. According to Jews, illegal aliens and their kids are ‘more American’ than Americans with deep roots in America. And yet, these vile Jews accuse Russia of ‘meddling’ in American affairs. Jews have fixed it so that illegal voting is hardly penalized in America. Jews, who force the US to support Jewish occupation of West Bank, bitch and whine about how any attempt to prevent voter fraud is an Anti-American act of injustice. Of course, Jews just want more illegal aliens to vote and for blacks to cast several ballots.

Now, let’s consider Jewish use of finance as a weapon of ethno-supremacism. Jewish ‘free market’ types have been calling for deregulation of Wall Street under both GOP and Democratic Party. Indeed, the biggest deregulation of Wall Street happened under Bill Clinton. According to these Jews, supply and demand should choose winners and losers, and the dynamics of the market economy works as rationally as with broccoli and carrots. But how did Jews become so rich through finance? Simply by intelligence and ingenuity? Now, people can become very rich with talent and knowledge. But too many Jews got too rich too fast to have relied on talent and hard work alone. They created a tribal network of INSIDER INFORMATION and INSIDER TRADING. You know it, and I know it. Jews acted like stereotypical Jews of the Antisemitic Imagination, plotting amongst themselves to grab as much as possible. But because ‘antisemitism’ is such a taboo in the West, Jews cannot be accused of acting like Jews of the 'antisemitic' imagination. Why, that would be ‘antisemitic’. So, Jews can act badly, even terribly, in the mold of Antisemitic Stereotypes, but you better not notice it because it’d be ‘antisemitic’. So, it's okay for Jews to act like the cretins in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. Never mind they are confirming 'antisemitic' stereotypes. As long as Jews are having a great time, it's wonderful, no matter how foul they are. But if you notice a pattern of such foulness among Jews, you are 'antisemitic'.
Imagine if Sicilians act like gangsters(according to stereotype), but you can’t call out on the problem of Sicilian Organized Crime because it’d be ‘Anti-Sicilianite’. We now live in a world where Jews can act in ways that validate Antisemitic Stereotypes, but we can’t notice it and call out on it because... it’d be ‘antisemitic’. Thus, Jewish behavior has gotten worse and worse. A Jew really has to go out of his way to be recklessly insane like Anthony Weiner or Harvey Weinstein(who got used to masturbating into plants in front of ‘shikse’ women) to finally be exposed and disgraced. Indeed, it’s amazing that it took so long for Weinstein. But then, Bernie Madoff had a great run as a Jewish Shark as long as he was fleecing goyim to enrich Jews. He was brought down only when his scheme crashed and burned for Jewish investors as well. So, if you steal from goyim to enrich Jews, that’s okay and you’ll be well-protected like Bernie Madoff, who was chummy with some of the most important people in NY. But if your scheme finally fails for Jews, then and only then are you disgraced and brought down. And of course, the Jewish Narrative on Madoff was that he ripped off Jews. It totally ignored the fact that he ripped off the wider goy world to enrich Jews. But even Madoff was small potatoes compared to what Jews got away with the bubble and housing bubble. With the bubble, Jews in Wall Street made initial investments in worthless firms and then hyped them so that everyone else would pour their money into them. Once the stock values climbed sky-high, Jews were the first ones to pull out before the bubble popped. But Jews showed their real face with the housing bubble. The very Jews who’d called for winners-and-losers according to rules of Free Markets claimed that some banks were ‘too big to fail’ and had to be bailed out by the government. So, these very Jews used the so-called ‘socialist’ Obama to funnel massive funds to banks. The banks invested those funds in the stock market(that had tanked) and rode the wave as the stocks rebounded(largely due to artificial infusions of cash). So, while most of America was suffering from the crisis, Wall Street had one of its best runs following the Housing Bubble collapse. The very people who’d done most to mess up the economy got bailed out by the government and then used those funds to make record profits. THIS is how Jews operate. And of course, with those vast fortunes, they bought up more media and internet companies and more whore politicians. And they donated to colleges to make them even more pro-Zionist, pro-Globo-Homo, anti-white, and anti-Christian. Thus, it is ‘heads I win, tails I lose’ with Jews. Even when Jews mess up, they are ‘bailed out’ because they got connections. They got Wall Street, law firms, media, whore politicians, and academia. Tribalism is strong with Jews. Because Jews are heavily represented in scholarly and intellectual fields, many people assume that abstract ideas and universal principles are first and foremost among Jews. They figure, "How can such a smart, scholarly, and wise people favor something so petty and crude as Tribalism over higher truth and principles?" But Jews don’t regard their Tribalism as petty and crude. They may regard other tribalisms as such because they see goyim as animals and cattle. But they regard their own Tribalism as deep, profound, and meaningful because of the Covenant and Spiritual Tradition. Even secular Jews feel this way. Finance is the water and oil of the modern economy, and yet the US has a financial system that is controlled by Jewish Insider-Traders and Fixers who can’t be called out on their foulness because noticing bad Jewish behavior in the US is ‘antisemitic’. So, Jews can act horribly like Antisemitic Stereotypes, but we can’t call out on it. Paradoxically, anti-Antisemitism has made Jews act even more like Antisemitic stereotypes. If we could call out on Dirty Jews, Jews would make an effort to be cleaner, and Good Jews will pressure other Jews to be more responsible. But because anti-Antisemitism penalizes any criticism of Jewish Power as bigoted, even Good Jews side with bad Jews than with critics of bad Jewish behavior. And since bad Jews can’t be called out on their foulness, they just get worse and worse, especially as they have the backing of even Good Jews. Over time, as Good Jews aid and abet Bad Jews, even they become Bad Jews. Wall Street now operates like a Casino where the House or the Temple always wins.
Even when Jewish sharks gamble and lose, they can rely on fellow Jews in media and government to bail them out and give them protection. And as courts are controlled by Jews, Tribesmen help Tribesmen. It’s been said almost no one involved with the 2008 financial collapse went to jail. Some of them paid a heavy penalty but from the profits they garnered from bailouts and reinvestment in the rebounding stock market. It’s all very incredible what happened. Only a gangster-fascist system can work this way, and Wall Street is ruled by Jewish gangster-fascists.

If humanist-fascists try to upgrade the culture and character of a people, gangster-fascists try to degrade the people into degenerate animals and hedonists. After all, masses of morons are easy to control via Pop Culture hysterics and PC antics. Jews have elevated Homomania as the main ‘spiritual’ movement of the US. Jim Goad’s piece on Homos and Catholicism makes clear that the homo agenda is part of a ‘religious war’. It’s no longer about secular individual rights for homos to do their thing. It is about homos, with the help of Jews, taking over the sacred symbols of Christianity and associating them with ‘rainbow colors’ that glorify homo fecal penetration, bath-house fisting, and tranny penis-and-balls-cutting. Whatever one thinks of Christianity and Homomania, it is no longer only about the Church and the State. As not only Homo Rights but Homo Privilege has been adopted by the State(controlled by Jewish judges and lawyers and their cuck-idiots), Homos are now fixated on taking over the Church as well. It’s not enough for vain and megalomaniacal homos to have State power on their side. They must have the Church bless and shine their ‘gay’ ass too. Homos are now so out-of-control that worldly narcissism isn’t enough for them; they must have spiritual narcissism too. They must have churches decorated with homo ‘rainbow’ colors. And of course, Jewish gangster-fascists love this as a vengeance on Christianity.
But Jews have many other ways of degrading goyim into trash and cattle. Most of what passes for Pop Culture is devised to vulgarize, dehumanize, and uglify. And Jews are hellbent on corrupting goyim from the youngest age possible. So, Jews promote gender dysphoria among young ones. Jews encourage watching of porn at the youngest possible age. Jewish idea of an ‘ideal shikse’ girl is Miley Cyrus or what has become of Ashley Judd the ‘nasty woman’. Even as Jewish men see goy women as ‘shikse’ whores to abuse and exploit, they instill these ‘shikses’ and bimbos with the notion that they must resist ‘patriarchy’ that ‘oppresses’ them when, if anything, their lives are in ruins due to Slut Culture and Skankery. Incredibly, Jewish men who are notorious sexual harassers and perverts try to convince white women that the greatest threat to womenfolk are Evil White Males. Jewish women have been covering up for foul Jewish male behavior forever. If anything, they took pleasure in Jewish men using ‘shikse whores’ as human trash to be abused and disposed of. And of course, Jewish men have been promoting vile Jewish bitches like Sabrina Rubin Erderly and wenches like Sarah Silverman and Michelle Wolf(who looks like Richard Simmons after a sex-change operation).
Jews are like Nazis in this regard, which is why Jewish Power can be said to be Judeo-Nazi. (In specific terms, a Nazi is a German Radical of the Hitler Era. In general terms, anyone who acts like Nazis is a ‘nazi’. As Jewish Power now acts nazi-like in its Tribal supremacism, imperialism, warmongering, and pathological hubris, Jewish Power is the most nazi-like force in the world today.) Nazi Germans regarded and treated most Germans and Nordic peoples with respect and dignity. But when it came to Jews and Slavs, there was mostly derision and contempt. They were to be treated like cattle or slaves. Jews feel the same way about goyim. Just ask the Palestinians. Just ask the Russians who suffered Jewish Avarice as a plague of locusts in the 90s. Jews respect the humanity of fellow Jews, but they see non-Jews as just meat, property, animals. This is why Jews go out of their way to degrade non-Jews with Pop Culture filth. Jews especially enjoy doing this to white people because they hate the fact that such a lowly bunch of goyim look better than Jews. Thus, white goyim must be vulgarized, uglified, and race-mixed, especially with blacks. Granted, some Jews get hooked on their own supply. They or their children succumb to the same filth they peddle onto others. But a careful assessment of groups will show that a much larger percentage of goyim are adversely affected by the degrading filth that Jews promote as Pop Culture. And this kind of trash has become the much-imitated template all over the world. If Las Vegas Jews degrade whites economically by addicting them to gambling, Hollywood-Music-Industry-and-Pornography Jews degrade whites and gentiles by hooking them to mondo trasho pop culture. There used to be serious Jewish critics and commentators who countered the influence of Jewish Vulgarians and Pornograhers, but intellectually and culturally, Jewish Influence has grown cynical and exploitative from top to bottom. Also, as Money has become the measure of all success, every Jew is mainly fixed on money, money, and money than any other consideration. Since hedonistic trash is usually most popular, Jews compete with one another to feed us more trash. And in a world of so much trashiness and vulgarity, celebrities must outdo the competition in the game of demento-outrage. For aging stars, the Outrage Factor is the only one left to keep them ‘relevant’. How many times have madonna reinvented herself as super-whore, ultra-whore, mega-whore, and etc?

This is all a sign of Jewish gangster-fascism. If Jews regarded non-Jews as fellow comrades, they would not use their power to degrade and dehumanize them. So, even as Jews pontificate about ‘liberal values’, it doesn’t mean dignity through freedom and culture but degradation through excessive wallowing in filth marketed by Jewish media moguls. Jewish media give us globo-homo propaganda for news, and Jewish Hollywood and Music Industry give us mindless stupidity for pop culture. Granted, there are plenty of nations where entertainment corporations feed trash to the masses. Japan is a good example. Japanese control media and entertainment but create and promote so much degrading stuff. Still, that is Japanese shitting on their own kind. It is their business. But when Jews do it to another people, it is essentially a Culture Race War. If Jews shat on themselves, it’d be their own problem. But when Jews shit on others, it is a far bigger issue. At the very least, Japanese limit their filth to their own kind. They don’t use their filth to take over World Culture. In contrast, Jews spread their filth to every corner of the globe.

Jewish gangster-fascism can be seen in the degradation of Free Speech, Freedom of Assembly, and other civil liberties in the US. Whatever one thinks of the people who assembled at Charlottesville, the Constitution was on their side. If Communists, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, and Judeo-Nazi Zionist imperialists can assemble and speak freely, then surely Whites calling for Emancipation from Jewish Supremacism should also be able to assemble and speak their minds. Granted, the Unite the Right Rally did also attract unsavory Neo-Nazi types, a huge moral failing on the part of the organizers. Still, they had the right of assembly and speech on their side. But what happened? The Jewish mayor and the black police chief violated the Constitution and shut down the rally. Worse, the police was ordered to act like state goons and push the Unite-the-Right attendees into a swarming crowd of Antifa crazies. Those are undeniable facts, BUT the Jew-run media spun the story to blame all the violence on the Unite the Right. (A Jew cries in pain as he strikes you.) Also, Jew-run Media lionized Antifa even though it instigated the violence. Also, the Jew-run media had no problem with the shutdown of the event by the Jew mayor and his pet Negro police chief. So, this is how Jewish Power really works. Jewish gangster-fascism is okay with free speech and free assembly AS LONG AS it doesn’t threaten Jewish Supremacism. So, any bunch of people can assemble and howl about White Supremacism and White Privilege, but white people better not assemble to give speeches about white identity, white heritage, and the need for whites to free themselves from Jewish Supremacist tyranny. The Jew-run media aided & abetted tyranny and censorship. It praised violent Antifa thugs. This wasn’t a fair media but a gangster-fascist media working in cahoots with Antifa. According to Jewish logic, Antifa guys acting like ‘fascist thugs’ is okay because they fight ‘fascism’. But such logic would seem to prove that Liberal Democracy is a myth. If a Liberal Democracy cannot maintain itself without turning to ‘fascist-like thuggery’ to prevent fascism, then it would suggest the ‘fascists’ are right. After all, according to the PC Narrative, if ‘fascists’ are accorded the rights and civil liberties of Liberal Democracy, they will conquer and rule. Thus, Liberal Democracy cannot survive by sticking to principles of free speech and liberties for everyone. It has to suppress certain kinds of speech and expressions with quasi-fascist threats and violence because failing to do so will lead to the victory of their purveyors. So, if the only way a Liberal Democracy can survive is by employing quasi-fascist tactics(against fascists), then it subscribes to the fascist theory of power. A system, even a Liberal Democrat one, has to flex its fascist-like muscle to fend off fascist tyranny. But is that a true Liberal Democracy? Doesn’t a true Liberal Democracy believe that all peoples should be accorded freedom of speech, whereupon good ideas will naturally prevail over bad ones because people are rational thinking creatures, the great majority of whom will gravitate toward good ideas? If Liberal Democracy cannot trust people to be rational and has to resort to ‘fascist’ tactics to prevent fascism, then fascism has won because the Liberal Democracy acts like a ‘fascist’ system. If Jews have to act like Nazis to prevent Nazis, then Jews are the New Nazis. If Jews really believe in Liberal Democracy, they must trust in the power of Reason among the people. If Jews have no confidence in the rational power of most people, then they are closer to the Old Fascists who regarded most people as irrational than rational.

But, of course, the main reason why Jews freaked out about Charlottesville was not because the Unite the Right rally posed a threat to Liberal Democracy. It was because the rally could have highlighted the truth that the US is actually NOT a liberal democracy but a Jewish gangster-fascist tyranny. Also, despite certain unsavory Neo-Nazi types drawn to the rally, the fact is there were also Alt Right elements present who had a far more rational, factual, and cogent view of the world. If Unite the Right was a straight-out Neo-Nazi or KKK rally, Jews would have been less opposed. After all, the Jew-run Media could have justifiably reported on the event as a gathering of nutjobs and imbeciles. But the event drew some intelligent and rational people as speakers, and THAT is what really freaked out the Jews. Jews claim to defend Reason from Unreason, but the fact is Jews fear nothing more than rational discussion of race and power. This is why Jews have especially targeted Jared Taylor despite the fact that Taylor has gone out of his way NOT to vilify Jews. He comes across as too smart, factual, and rational on matters of race, identity, and culture.

Reason and Facts can spell out the Political Truth about America, namely that it is essentially a Jewish gangster-fascist empire. Jews know they are in a bind. Their relation to whites is akin to white southern plantations’ relations to blacks. Southern Plantation Owners dehumanized blacks but also depended on them. If the Plantation Owners depended so much on black labor, why did they devalue blackness? Because only by making blacks feel less-than-human could they persuade blacks that it was only right and natural for them to serve and toil for whites. Since blacks were ‘backward savages’, they had no right to freedom and autonomy. Their lot was to serve the superior white man and seek salvation through labor. After all, if blacks didn’t feel that way, they would have demanded emancipation from white tyranny. White Plantation Economy depended on black labor, and to keep blacks laboring in the fields, whites had to manipulate black psychology into believing that it was natural for lowly blacks to serve superior whites. Thus, there was both contempt and dependence on the part of whites in regard to blacks.
Jews are the same way with whites. On the one hand, Jewish Supremacist Power simply cannot do without white support. For Jews to exercise their supremacism all over the world, they need white people to do most of the managing and repairing. After all, a ship’s captain can’t do everything on the ship. For him to focus on the steering, the subordinates have to do everything else. So, Jewish supremacist power depends on white talent, white labor, white numbers. But then, why would whites want to serve Jews, especially when so many Jews are nasty and vicious? This is why Jews must use their power to beat down white identity and pride. They must dehumanize whites like Southern Plantations dehumanized blacks. Dehumanized, whites will feel they have little self-worth as moral or spiritual creatures. They will feel that they need to find atonement and salvation by serving a better people, and of course, Jews say, "It’s us, us, us." In order for Jews to keep whites dehumanized, they must treat whites with moral contempt. They must constantly whip whites with cracks of ‘white guilt’ and ‘white shame’. The slightest hint of white awareness or white identity must be denounced as ‘white supremacism’ and ‘nazism’. Even the "It’s Okay to be White" must be attacked as ‘hate speech’. Just more proof that we live in a Jewish gangster-fascist paradise.
Jews are full of shit about ‘hate’ because the Jew-run media never denounce AIPAC rallies that call on whore-politicians to sing praises to the Judeo-Nazi state of Israel that was founded through ethnic cleansing, waged constant wars on its neighbors, occupies West Bank & practices apartheid, aids terrorists in Syria, and aims 300 nukes at Iran, a nation with no nukes. AIPAC Conferences are like America’s Nazi Nuremberg Rallies. It is an over-the-top meeting of ‘leaders’ and celebrities to praise and celebrate Jewish Supremacism. American politicians don’t attend similar rallies for any other group. (Imagine if Palestinian-Americans had conferences calling for an end to the Occupation in West Bank. How many US whore-politicians would show up and declare, "West Bank is our closet ally" or denounce the killing of Palestinians by IDF death squads armed by Jewish gangster-fascists who control the Deep State?) Check out the whore Nikki Haley sucking up to Jewish gangster-fascists. Even though her Asian-Indian kind were once subjects of British Imperialism, the brown whore now sides with Jewish gangster-imperialism over brown Palestinians. Power truly corrupts indeed, especially the narcissistic, opportunistic, and socipathic.

Jews and ONLY Jews get that supremacist treatment in US politics. If Jews were truly liberal, why don’t they denounce AIPAC rallies? If Jews really oppose all forms of supremacism, why don’t they encourage Antifa to attack AIPAC events? Indeed, how come Antifa never show up at AIPAC gatherings? Of course, the top leaders of Antifa are Jewish Zionists and Jewish Homos who take funds and directives from globalist oligarchs. AIPAC rallies aren’t about sending aid to helpless Jews in the Middle East. It’s about praising and sending more aid to the most powerful nation in the region, one that uses tyranny and terror on its neighbors and Arab subjects. It is a totally supremacist Judeo-Nazi rally. And yet, we don’t see it condemned in Congress, in media, or in academia. If anything, most Jews are either supportive of or silent about the shameless display of power and influence at the rallies. If Jews are for ALL Humanity and for equality, why do they have organizations like AIPAC pressuring whore politicians to favor Israel and Zionists over ALL OTHER PEOPLES? Jews bitch and howl about any white politician who mutters anything faintly about white identity, but they pressure all these white politicians to hail Israel and Jews above all other Middle Eastern nations despite the fact that they’d been ravaged by Jewish Supremacist Power. Yes, we are living in Jewish gangster-fascist state. IT HAS HAPPENED HERE.

Jewish gangster-fascists are the worst kind of hypocrites. They yammer about how all homogeneous nations must be made 'diverse', but they insist on Jewish-Only Immigration to Israel. Furthermore, Israel has a natal policy that favors Jews over any other group. And even as Jews seek to demographically mess up other nations, they demand that these other nations defend the right of Israel to be a Jewish State. Imagine the brazen chutzpah and hypocrisy. The fact that Jews can pull this off with such shamelessness means that the West is ruled by Jewish gangster-fascists who are ABOVE THE LAW. After all, if people didn’t fear Jews so much(or weren’t brainwashed by Jewish control of media and academia), they would call out on the Jewish hypocrisy and perfidy. Instead, white elites go out on a limb to praise Jews and Israel even as Jews piss down their throats. There is no Rule of Law, no Respect for Integrity. The rules that Jews impose on goyim are never imposed on Jews. The rules that Jews use for themselves and Israel aren’t meant for goyim.
For example, take Poland and Israel. Jews say Poland must have open-immigration, celebrate Diversity, and welcome being replaced by Africans and Arabs. If Poland will not comply, it is targeted by the World Media as ‘far right’ and ‘neo-Nazi’. In contrast, Israel has a right to be a Jewish State, allow Jewish Immigration Only, and promote pro-Jewish natal policies; and for those very reasons, Israel is to be showered with $4.5 billion in aid every year and to be declared as the closest and dearest ally of the US, thus promoting Jews uber alles when it comes to US favoritism. (So much for Jewish support of equality.) Also, even as Jews and Israel condemn Poland for its patriotic policies, they demand that Poles support and praise Israel’s pro-Jewish-nationalist policy. Worse, they insist that Poland and other nations EVEN SUPPORT the Zionist Imperialist Occupation of West Bank and Israel’s treatment of Palestinians that isn’t far different from Nazi German treatment of Occupied Poland. To any person with integrity and honesty, the ways of Jewish Power can only seem vile and hideous. But, Jews can do this out in the open because they control virtually all the media and most of the whore politicians. And they also use Pop Culture to turn so many dummies into worshipers of Diversity because, apparently, a nation is all about ‘cool rappers’ and ‘more restaurants’: wiggling asses and waggling taste-buds. So, it should be obvious to all that IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED HERE. We are living under Hyman-Roth gangster-fascism in the US and EU.

Jews love to pontificate about openness and fair representation. But when we look at the media landscape, where do you see fairness? Not only are most of media owned by Jews but Google and Facebook rig algorithms to favor
news and info from Jew-controlled corporate media.

Is it fair or healthy for a so-called ‘liberal democracy’ to have a Mass Media and Internet Platforms that are mostly owned by the 2%, especially the 2% that is utterly hypocritical in promoting nationalism for Jews but national-suicide for all other peoples? Just ask the Palestinians how Jewish Justice works. Of course, some so-called Liberal Jews in the US say the problems of Israel are due to right-wing elements like Netanyahu and the Likud Party. In fact, Israel was founded by Jewish National Socialists who employed extensive terrorism. Also, the Israel that was founded by ‘Jewish Socialists’ carried out the massive Nakba Pogroms that ethnically expelled 600,000 to 700,000 Palestinians. In other words, the only difference between Likud and Labour in Israel is that the former has been more strident and forthright about what Zionism is really about. Labour, like J-Street in the US, is more adept at hiding the true agenda of Zionism. So, the notion that Israel was some ‘liberal democratic’ paradise that only recently turned to ‘right-wing’ politics is so much nonsense. The fact is Zionism was left-and-right from the beginning. It was about the fusion of Jewish Nationalism and Jewish Socialism.
Indeed, ideology isn't at the center of Jewishness. Due to ‘Covenantial’ thinking, Jews aren’t satisfied with commitment to ideas alone. Ideas must serve something concrete. For Jews, what matters most is the Tribe. Thus, Jews use ideology to serve Jewish Identity. This is different from Christianity that says ideas have values in and of themselves. According to Christian Faith, ideas = words = spirit. Thus, our flesh is just compromised sinful material that we must shed to be one with the purity of the spiritual idea. In contrast, even as Jews conceived of a highly abstract God, they affixed His spiritual idea to the tangible Tribe of the Jews. The source of Jewish Power isn’t merely high intellect but the unity of mind and body. Jewish thought, no matter how abstract, is attached to Jewish flesh and blood. One should never surmise that because Jews are masters of abstract thinking, they prize abstraction above all else. No, Jews think abstractly to arrive at higher truths to ultimately empower the body of the Jewish Family. It’s like Jews didn’t do nuclear physics just to come up with math formulas. No, they wanted to make the Bomb and own it. Israel sure has lots of nukes(aimed at Iran and Europe in the case of the Samson Option). This is why Episcopalians, though as smart as Jews, lost out. Over time, they came to favor ideas over identity. Thus, their egos lost the fire, and egos without fire has nothing like the chutzpah that acts as flaming sword and shield. Intelligence is never enough. It must serve an identity and ego. Wasps became bland and flavorless, mere slices of bread to be use for the Jewish Deli meat. This is why Jews, despite their small numbers, have grown stronger than Christians. Jewishness bonds mind and body. In contrast, Christianity detaches the mind from the body. This is also why Hindu power is rising far above that of Buddhist power. Even though Buddhism is universal and welcomes converts from all over, it is all about detachment. It is about disassociating the Idea from the Body. The idea is to reach Nirvana and be forever liberated from what we call reality. In contrast, Hindus, even as they believe in abstract spirituality, are about how the cosmic laws impact the specific tribe of people of the Asian sub-continent.

Intellectual-types may be drawn to high concepts, but most people want ideas/ideals to be embodied in something tangible, familiar, and recognizable. The reason why Ayn Rand had such a huge cult following was her ideology was about the Individual. Instead of being about the need of individuals to serve An Idea, her philosophy posited that the Individual = Idea. Supposedly, an individual of intelligence and vision with freedom is capable of just about anything. Thus, Freedom for Individual is the only idea that counts. Of course, whatever advantage such a view may have for individuals, it isn’t enough for the survival and triumph of the Tribe. And in the end, the Tribe beats the Individual because an individual, no matter how rich and successful he may be, can only last a lifetime whereas a Tribe, no matter all its problems and failings, can survive for thousands of years. This is why the Amish and Mormons are better-positioned than Episcopalians for long-term survival in the US. Even though there may well be many more successful Episcopalian individuals than Mormon ones and (certainly)Amish ones, their success is measured in single lifetimes since they lack a sense of Tribal identity and unity. In contrast, there is a close-knit Amish Community and strictly rules-based Mormon Community. Also, even in the most talented communities, the heroic and genius types are few and far between. Even among Jews, the fact is MOST Jews are nothing special. While the tail-end of Jewish achievement is very impressive, your average Jew is just somewhat smarter than others. So, if Jewish Success was measured only by top individuals, it would leave out the rest of the Jewish community that ranges from smart-but-not-genius to not-very-smart. For a Tribe to survive and thrive together, the Covenant must be shared by all those within.

The problem with Jews is not the Covenant or Tribal unity & loyalty. We can admire them for it. The problem is they insist on this for themselves but deny it to others. Worse, Jews ask other groups to help Jews in their Tribalism even as Jews work overtime to destroy the last vestiges of identity and unity among goy groups. This is why Jews are gangster-fascists instead of decent humanist fascists(who believe in universal identity and nationalism for all peoples).
Just consider... the very Jews who bitch about need for fair representation have NO PROBLEM with Jews and Zionists occupying 50% of all top pundit positions in the US. (Also, even most non-Jews are cucks who suck up to Jews who hire them.) Jews say there is a need for more diversity in the newsroom to combat White Privilege, but they totally overlook the fact that Jewish Power and Privilege really define the Elite Institutions and Industries. Also, even as they recruit well-trained anti-white yellow dogs like Sarah Jeong, they never ever hire Palestinian-Americans to write columns for New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Time magazine, Boston Globe, and any other publication. Indeed, even goy publishers who may feel a bit of sympathy for Palestinians dare not hire a Palestinian-American columnist because he knows his publication will be targeted by the vile and venal Jewish Cabal of gangster-fascists. Just ask the Palestinian-Americans. IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED HERE.

A nation that supports the ongoing Occupation of West Bank by Zionist Judeo-Nazis is a gangster-fascist state. Worse, local US governments take orders from Jewish oligarchs and elites to clamp down on BDS, criminalizing it in places like NY and California. Jews not only use their Payment Processing Monopoly to shut down White Emancipation from Jewish Supremacism but to deny fund-raising capacities for pro-Palestinian organizations. In the current US, Judeo-Nazi Zionist organizations can raise billions upon billions to send to Israel that uses IDF death squads to mow down Palestinian women and children, but good decent people better not even think of boycotting Zionist tyranny because local governments in various states will come after them. Jews also control the IRS and selectively target Christians, Conservatives, Arab-Americans, and White Identitarians who struggle for Liberation from Jewish Tyranny. Jews look about White Civil Disobedience like the British looked upon Indian Civil Disobedience.

IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED HERE. We are living under Jewish gangster-fascist tyranny. So, when Cass Sunstein gets into hysterics about how ‘fascism’ might come to America, he is actually doing a smoke-and-mirrors trick to fool us from realizing that the US has already come under the oligarchic gangster-fascism of the Hyman-Roths of the world. And he is merely one of their many Jewish scribes and propagandists. The great irony of the current situation in the US is that even though Jews smear David Duke as a ‘former KKK member’ and ‘white supremacist’, what Duke says about Jews is closer to the mark in getting at the Real Power in America. Not that Jews are entirely wrong about David Duke, who has been and still is associated White Supremacist groups(like Stormfront). A nation ruled by Duke and his cohorts wouldn’t be a nice place. But then, Duke and people like him have no power in the US. And it’s not because the US is ruled by the Rainbow Power of Diversity. It’s because the US is ruled by the supremacism of Jewish gangster-fascists. Also, we can’t blame white people for the lack of fair representation at elite institutions and industries. After all, Google, Facebook, and other Big Tech companies are owned and run by Jews. If these Jews(who love Diversity) really want to hire blacks and browns to fill up elite ranks in their industries and institutions, NO ONE is stopping them. Also, if Jews are indeed so into Equal Representation for all, NO ONE is stopping Jews from promoting Arab- and Palestinian-American voices in Big Media, Big Tech, Big Finance, and Deep State. Jews have the power to hire and fire anyone. If Jews want Diversity-elite-management in Hollywood and Las Vegas, they can hire non-whites and non-Jews, indeed in favor of blacks, browns, Muslims, and yellows, for the next 20 yrs. Jews can easily achieve Diversity in elite ranks. There are no David Dukes in high places to stop Jews from favoring Diversity over Jews who are vastly over-represented in elite positions. Yet, we don’t see Jews doing that, do we? We don’t see Jews hiring Arab-Americans to run Hollywood, Las Vegas, or Wall Street firms. We don’t see Jews working to right past wrongs by lobbying to appoint Arab- or Palestinian-Americans to become presidents of Ivy League schools. David Duke was a former KKK member, but the organization he belonged to had no power. And even today, he has no power and hardly any allies. If anything, he'd decided to drop the most stridently radical positions and adopted mainstream Paleo-Conservative positions. This wasn’t entirely sincere on his part. And to be sure, Duke is a very confused and compromised man. He defends Russians as victims of Jewish Bolshevism but makes light of what Nazi Germans did in Russia. No, David Duke isn’t the most principled man in the world. In terms of character, he is no better or worse than most elite Jews. However, he and his kind have no power while Jews have immense power. And because Duke is a powerless critic of the powerful Jews, he speaks more truth than all of the Jew-run media that are the biggest Lie Factory in the World as it’s in the business of promoting Jewish gangster-fascism while pretending to be ‘progressive’ and in ‘resistance’ to White Supremacy. What the Jew-run MSM are really doing is suppressing valid and justifiable white identity and white desire for liberation from Jewish Supremacism in order to keep white Americans supporting the hegemonic ambitions of Judeo-Nazis around the world. We must always remind ourselves that Judeo-Nazis are stealth-fascists who hide their power-moves and supremacism behind others. They are shadow-fascists. Even though Jews played a HUGE role in organized crime, most Hollywood movies about gangsters have been about Italians. Even though Jews have been at the forefront of Wall Street robbery, most Hollywood movies feature Wasp-looking villains as the real thieves. Even though Hollywood, Harvard, and other powerful institutions/industries are dominated by Jews, we are distracted from this truth with endless nonsense about ‘white privilege’, giving us the false impression that Power is held by White Christians and Cowboys. And it is for this reason that, oddly enough, David Duke has been effective in smoking out the truly stealth-fascist and gangster-fascist nature of Jewish Power. Cass Sunstein pretends to be some harmless, fuddy-duddy, well-intentioned egghead, but don’t you believe it. The guy is a total Tribal Supremacist who makes all these noises about fascism-coming-to-America because he’s worried that people might wake up to the fact that the US died as a Liberal Democracy long ago. Especially after the Cold War, it’s been a Jewish gangster-fascist oligarchy. Sure, Jews pretend that US is becoming more fair to the entire world due to Mass-Immigration and Diversity. But the fact is most immigrants supply the votes(mostly to Democrats) but don’t control the commanding heights of institutions and industries. The only prize they get is MORE IMMIGRATION-INVASION and more government benefits for their own kind. It’s like Mexicans supply more votes than Jews do in California, and this has led to Democratic Party dominance. But WHO controls the politicians and the elite levels of business and government? Mexicans? No, Jews. Even if most Immigrant-invaders don't like Jews or care for Israel, the fact is they will vote Democratic because they want more Immigration-invasion and more welfare services for their kind. So, they vote Democratic, but the crucial decisions on Big Issues at the top of the Party are not made by Mexicans(or blacks or Asians) but by Jewish gangster-fascists. And it’s all about Israel, Israel, Israel, and shut down BDS. Make no mistake about it, We are living in Jewish gangster-fascist state. IT HAS HAPPENED HERE.


  1. Jesus Christ, how brain dead do you have to be to keep playing into this same old bullshit narrative that Nazis = The Ultimate Evil... Surely you will wake up some day eh?

    "It's super easy to look back at the World Wars and see who benefited, and who orchestrated them. Western capitalists and Eastern communists, working together under the hidden hand of the NWO elite global kosher banking syndicate. You HAVE to see the globalist money power planning it all and pulling all the strings.
    Look how bad the world got hoodwinked. Communism. Zionism. You should have fought the communists, not the Germans. Even after the fact, you still don't see it, because you believe in that silly holofraud propaganda. Muh gas chambers! Dummies. They never existed. It was all psy-war. It's a documented fact. Hence the soap, lampshades, shrunken heads, and all that other corny junk that even the museums themselves have been forced to admit are totally fake. You may see my 'holocaust denial' as shocking. I feel the same way, about your extreme stupidity. You;re the dumb-fucks, not me. You believe in something so far-fetched and ridiculous that it signals the alarming level of your general incompetence. I want you to remember that.
    Do you think the world would have still gone along with the wars if they had known what was going to happen? Hundreds of millions people dying because of communism, half of Europe getting annexed by the Soviet Union, the other half being devoured by the kosher syndicate under the banner of Western capitalism. Muh Freedumb! It was just so stupid.
    Then, just a couple years after WW II, Israel is magically created, and the Middle East and the rest of the world continue to pay for it every day! And this is of course on top of the 80 MILLION or so people who died in the wars themselves. And the death tolls continues to ascend into the stratosphere. When will people notice?
    The kicker is that people are actually PROUD of this crap. It is difficult to fathom that level of stupidity, yet it still persists!"

    Why Did Hitler Invade the Soviet Union?


  2. I'm not sure if I can finish this idiotic drivel...

    "Ironically, the West must support Jews-acting-like-Nazis-against-Palestinians to atone for the sins of Nazis."

    Like seriously? LOLOLOL more like Jews acting like Jews, acting like they have always acted for the last 2000+ years, the reason why they have been expelled 109+ times ( new sources show in the thousands ) over the last 2000+ years.

    Jews acting exactly like they acted in Russia, Bolshevism / Communism killed what 100+ Million people?

    But keep regurgitating that jewish nonsense about Hitler and National Socialists being the Ultimate Evil, it will really help fix the world's problems...

    Hitler did nothing wrong, he was the Hero of Europe, the second coming of Jesus.

    It took the combined power of the jewish Capitalism and jewish Communism to take them down. The jews used all their jewish controlled proxy states to destroy Germany because Germany freed itself from jewish control and if left unchecked would have been an example for all White Nations the World over!

    General George Patton realized we (America) fought on the wrong side of the war, unfortunately he realized this too late, and then the jews had him offed in Germany so he couldn't spread the Truth.

  3. "They were Wars for Israel, hardly different from Nazi Wars to gain German dominance in Europe." Like what the fuck are you even talking about? What "Nazi Wars" to "gain German dominance in Europe"? WW2 was a jewish war to destroy Germany a second time because they didn't roll over and die like jews wanted after WW1.

  4. We get it NPC, "Moustache Man Bad" just like "Orange Man Bad". "Moustache Man Bad" was the original meme though that gave them the idea for "Orange Man Bad" though, so there is a thing!