Sunday, March 11, 2018

How the Nexus of Jewish-Dominated Media and Jewish-Led or Jewish-Funded Watchdog Groups Really Operate - It’s like Master confirming the Bark of his Dog - Paul Nehlen and Kevin MacDonald

Consider this news story. Wisconsin candidate Paul Nehlen has recruited Kevin MacDonald to be a spokesman for his campaign. Nehlen is a Christian patriot and a free-enterpriser. But he also loves his own race, culture, and history... just like Jews love their own. Recently, Nehlen learned of the true nature of Power in the US. Thanks to open sharing of information on the internet, he was able to draw his own conclusions about what’s really going on. After all, it must be pretty strange for a White Conservative in America to make sense of GOP logic. Republicans say white Americans, indeed ALL Americans, must stand with Israel(unshakeably too) and praise Jewish people, culture, and history to high heaven... but the fact is most Jews are Democrats, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-morality(at least for gentiles who are to be turned into cattle), and scapegoat white gentiles all the time. While Jews sometimes tell their non-white allies(of convenience) that they, as Jews, aren’t really white-white, they blame gentile whites for all the power, privilege, and abuses of Jewish whites. Jews push causes like #OscarSoWhite because it distracts people from the fact that Hollywood is really totally Jewish. Jews also run Wall Street, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Ivy League universities, the Legal institutions, and the Deep State, but if anything goes wrong or if people complain about too much concentration of Power, Jews just blame it all on ‘white privilege’.

Paul Nehlen may not be the brightest bulb in town, but he has what most politicians don’t have: Curiosity and courage. It wasn’t enough for Nehlen to just make money and get along with the Power. He asked questions and drew his own conclusions. And he arrived at the irrefutable fact that the US is controlled by Jews, that Jews are tribal & loyal mainly to Judea(aka World Jewry) than to fellow Americans, and that Jews are a hostile minority that seeks to usurp power from the majority via (1) control of media, propaganda, and the narrative (2) vilifying and dehumanizing the gentile majority and, if possible, instilling them with ‘guilt’ or self-loathing (3) gaining financial monopoly and cutting off funds and loans to groups counter-hostile to Jewish nastiness (4) Diversity by mass immigration-invasion that turns the majority population into a minority. "With Jews, We Lose."
Indeed, the destruction of Palestine was a dress rehearsal for what Jews have in store for all white people. There was a time when Palestine was mostly Arab-Palestinian. Initially, a few Jews trickled into Palestine here and there, and they hardly seemed like a threat. But rich and powerful Jews bought off politicians of great powers like the British Empire. With the backing of imperialist might, Jews undermined Palestinian resistance against further invasive-immigration. As more and more Jews arrived, Arabs grew alarmed and beseeched the British to stop letting Jews in. Arabs got so angry that the British felt compelled to restrain the Jewish invasion somewhat. How did Jews respond? They used ultra-violence to attack the British and indeed pioneered modern terrorism. And when the British Empire was exhausted by WWII, the Jews went to the Americans and Soviets to back the Zionist project. Against the will of the Palestinians(who were still the much bigger majority), Palestine was cut in two and one-half was given to the Jewish minority. Naturally, the Arabs rose up, but Jews had it all planned out to carry out massive ethnic cleansing of the Arab population known as Nakba to the Palestinians. Thus, Jews(who bitch about other peoples trying to ‘wipe Israel off the map’) wiped Palestine off the map. To this day, there is no Right of Return for Palestinians whereas any Jew can move to Israel. And Jews continue to occupy West Bank and use forced segregation(or apartheid policies) to keep the ‘peace’ through threat of violence. What Jews did to Palestinians, they are now doing to the West. If Jews themselves could take over Palestine, Jews don’t have the numbers(enough of their own kind) to take over the West. So, they use non-white invader-immigrants. Since Jews let them in, these non-whites side with Jewish globalism even though they don’t much like Jews. Some, especially Arabs and Muslims, hate Jews, but they still side with Jewish globalists(even though Jews destroy Muslim nations) because their main dream is to gain access to the West for material advantage. In the end, most people are organisms above all, and they will do anything(even betray principles or their own kind) for more comfort and convenience. Since white gentiles(especially people of Northern European stock) made the nicest societies, non-whites want access to them as shortcut to the Good Life. Since Jewish elites control the whore-cuck-politicians who let them in, the non-white immigrants(even anti-Jewish ones) vote for globalist candidates.

Some people argue that because non-whites have less guilt about Shoah and don’t care for Jews as much as whites do, the rise of non-white demographics will be bad for Jews in the long run. This may be somewhat valid in European nations that are filling up with too many Muslims. But Muslims will never be a major force in the US. They will always be dwarfed by other peoples, and most Muslims don’t have the brains to rise very high to challenge Jewish power. Also, even if non-Muslim minorities aren’t particularly reverential toward Shoah and Jews, they tend to see White People as the main enemy, especially as Jews control the media, academia, and whore politicians. (Non-whites hate whites because they love white societies. They want to live in nice white nations built by whites, but in order to do so, white defenses must be lowered, and this is done by vilifying whites and instilling them with 'white guilt'. It is ironic that the main purpose of anti-white rhetoric is to bring non-whites closer to whites than away from whites.)
California is full of Diversity, but the academia and media raise kids of all color to hate white people. Jews manipulate blacks, browns, yellows, Hindus, and Muslims to hate white people uber alles. And because most people are stupid sheeple, they just go along with the Jew-run Narrative. And of course, whore politicians, Jewish or non-Jewish, play along too. Jews are for Jews and non-Jewish politicians are for Jews. Since every society needs a scapegoat, Jews have made the White Majority the voodoo doll to stick needles into by all groups.

Also, even if we were to suppose that all the diverse groups were anti-Jewish, they are also likely to be anti-each-other. Thus, they won’t be able to unite to challenge and topple the supremacist power of Judea that has sunk its claws into America. Jews remember the Austro-Hungarian Empire in which many groups distrusted and disliked Jews but they couldn’t unite against the Jews since they were divided among their own kind.

Now, most white people have been friendly and supportive of Jews in the US, especially after WWII and double-especially since the 1960s when whites were made to feel especially guilty for ‘racism’ and ‘atone’ for their 'historical sins'. So, most white people became especially mindful of black and Jewish demands. And both political parties made it taboo to say anything critical about Jews. Virtually all Christian Churches praised Jews and pledged total support of Israel, Israel, Israel. White Christians slobber over Jews like dogs over their masters.

But Jews are nothing if not prophetic and forward-looking. Jews figure this pro-Jewish sympathy may not last forever. Why not? Because excessive Jewish success, power, and privilege may lead to whites noticing who the real masters are. But the bigger reason is that Jews know of their own insatiable greed and hideous nastiness. Jews know they can’t help being arrogant, abrasive, contemptuous, and vicious jerks. The likes of Albert Brooks, Jordan Belfort, Anthony Weiner, Sarah Silverman, Tim Wise, Bernie Madoff, James Toback, Bill Maher, Howard Stern, and etc. can’t stop being what they are. It’s just too much a part of their DNA. So, Jews figure that no matter how much white people try to like Jews and no matter how much sober Jews like David Brooks try to admonish his Tribesmen to act less obnoxiously, too many Jews will act like appalling a**holes and alienate everyone. Also, because Jewish DNA evolved as merchants and hustlers, one side of Jewish DNA tends to be craven and cowardly despite all the chutzpah. Even though Jews are aggressive and pushy to get things their way, when their whole scheme blows up, as with Wall Street or Iraq War, they blame everyone and everything but themselves. It’s like Dark Helmut blaming the other guy for the accident in SPACEBALLS. Jews simply don’t have a honor culture that defined the European gentile aristocrats. Of course, there were plenty of aristocrats who were heinous, nasty, dishonest, corrupt, vile, and craven, BUT, it was part of the aristocratic culture to maintain a good reputation and a sense of honor... and be willing to put one's life on the line to defend one's honor, which is why duels were so important among them. If a man was dishonored, he had to defend his honor. (Granted, proving one’s honor by shooting or stabbing is kind of stupid, but it still required courage and nerves.) Another reason why white gentiles had a higher sense of ideal was Christianity, the moral teachings of which were simple, pure, and consistent.

In contrast, Jews evolved as merchants, and those with haggly-waggly merchant-like genes were favored over those without. Also, Jewish theology was different from the Christian kind. Even though there were plenty of Christian liars, apologists, and propagandists, it preached sincerity, honesty, and earnestness as the highest virtues. Indeed, the fact that Christians failed to live up to these principles is what continues to haunt their conscience. In contrast, Jewish theology was about Jewish chauvinism and "Is it good for the Jews?" Also, like Arabs, Jews in the Middle East evolved in a far more tribal and clannish environment than people did in Northern Europe. So, Jewish theology didn’t instill Jews with virtues of sincerity and purity-of-heart. Rather, the Talmudic-minded Jews learned to twist logic, play word games, and use whatever tricks available to fool the goyim. And over time, Jews with such intellectual personalities were favored as Rabbis, and they came to define the Jewish Way. Though honesty is ideal in Judaism, it is permissible to harm other groups through deception and trickery IF it is good for the Jews. Thus, Jews feel no guilt about having used morally dubious means to get the better of goyim. Jews are like high-IQ gypsies in some ways.

Because of the Jewish Way and its tendency toward deceit, trickery, corruption, and nastiness, Jews fear that it will only be a matter of time before whites tire of Jews and even come to hate them. After all, deep down inside, Jews must know that Jewish expulsions from so many places couldn't have been entirely the fault of gentiles. Of course, the Official Narrative of the Jews is that Jews were guiltless and goyim were entirely to blame, but among themselves, Jews must know that simply can’t be true. It’s like adults will tell children one thing, but among themselves they know the truth isn’t so simple. Jews must know that they have a natural tendency to be obnoxious, abrasive, insulting, and exploitative. It partly owes to the tradition of the Covenant that said Jews have a special contract with God. But in modern times, it has to do with the combination of Jewish intelligence, Jewish spark/brilliance, and Jewish chutzpah/neurosis that led to tremendous amounts of wealth, prestige, and power. Objectively speaking, it’s fair to say Jews have been, pound for pound, the most accomplished people on Earth in the past 150 yrs. Now, Jews feeling pride over this is no problem. But pride can turn into arrogance and, worse, contempt for the less accomplished. Such arrogance can be self-defeating because those who are snubbed and made to feel inferior will hate the snotty a**holes. And this is why Jews pretend to care for the poor ‘victims’ around the world. Paradoxically, because Jews win so much as the Top Victors, they need to associate themselves with the Biggest Losers. That way, Jews launder their supremacist arrogance with ‘good work’, made all the easier by making the LGBTQ community, which is joined at the hip with Jewish Power, the favorite ‘victim group’. If Jews were high IQ but had personalities of Episcopalians, they would just be seen as rich people. But because of their nastiness and contempt, Jews could eventually come to be seen as something like super-rich Puerto Ricans. A people with all the money but no honor. Imagine Representative Luis Guiterrez with the IQ of Episcopalians, and there you have Anthony Weiner, the repulsive a**hole whose excessive behavior was so out of control that even Jews had no choice but to dump him. Or consider Lena Dunham and Emma Sulkowicz, both of whom are half-Jewish and utterly blind to their utter foulness. And even gentiles who come under Jewish management turn out crazy. Consider Miley Cyrus, a goy girl raised more by her Jewish handlers than by her trashy father who’s bad enough, by the way.

Jews no longer believe they can control their behavior. Their chutzpah is out of the bag and running wild. Jews pioneered pornography in the US, and Jewish porn-performers like Ron Jeremy saw America as just a white pussy. Oliver Stone, half-Jewish, projected the Jewish feelings about America on Tony Montana who says it is like a ‘big fat pussy just waiting to get fuc*ed’. To Jews and their black allies, white women are just pussies waiting to get fuc*ed by their dongs and white wombs exist to hatch Jewish or black babies.

And that is why Jews need Massive Immigration-Invasion of Diverse Non-Whites from all over the world. Without Diversity that Jews can manipulate with divide-and-rule strategy, a majority population will eventually rise up against Jews because Jewish attitudes and behavior are too appalling, indeed so much so that even Jews carried out a holocaust against other Jews like the Edward G. Robinson character in TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Of course, non-whites will come to hate Jews too, but they come from all over the world, and as such, they won’t be able to unite against the Jews either. Indeed, what do Mexicans, Hindus, Chinese, Turks, Iranians, Filipinos, Guatemalans, Colombians, Brazilians, Palestinians, and etc have in common? Nothing. Now, if ONLY the Muslims poured into the US, Jews might think twice. After all, plenty of Jews in EU are wondering if it was wise to support Muslim immigration, especially as the European Left is forging an alliance with the Muslim community to hate on Israel and Zionism. But American Jews have no such fears because most immigrant-invaders to the US are NOT Muslim, indeed far from it.

Anyway, Paul Nehlen noticed mounting evidence of Jewish BS, and after awhile, he did his own research and came to the OBVIOUSLY true conclusion that (1) Jews are the real ruling elites of America (2) Jews despise white goyim as cattle (3) Jews are carrying out massive ethnic-cleansing of whites in EU and US via endless invasive-immigration (4) Jews promote ACOWW(or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs) on the premise that white wombs don’t belong to the white race but to blacks and Jews (5) Jews use massive censorship to shut down dissident voices willing to speak truth to power.

Nehlen sticks out because he is so different from the cuck white politicians who fill up elite institutions. Because Jews rule the US and because Jews dictate the terms of admittance to the Elysium club, whites with craven and cowardly genes are favored. In time, white elites will grow ever more craven and cowardly due to genetic selection. Whites who tend to have courage and conviction will be shut out by Jews. Jews will ban Courage genes and favor Cuck genes. So, those with Cuck genes will be allowed into the elite world, and they will marry others with cuck genes and their kids will be born with cuck genes. In contrast, whites with Courage genes(like Nehlen) will be kept on the outside. Richard Spencer and Paul Nehlen have too much Courage genes in their DNA to take the thirty pieces of silver and sell out... like that fake former-southern-avenger Jack Hunter the dork whose career choice is wussier than his squeaky cuck voice. Jews weed out the cocky and favor only the cucky. Men like Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Lindsey Graham will say and do anything to get ‘what is mine’. They are useful to Jews as cucky-wucks. But Jews hate, hate, and hate Donald Trump because he’s cocky than cucky. But given the immense Power of Jews, even the Donald has to suck Jewish cock(though he only pretends to swallow). Jews know that the Donald spits out the Jew cum after sucking the Jewish Cock... unlike guys like Clinton, Biden, Bush, and Graham who not only swallow but plead, "Can I have a little more?" like Oliver Twist. And then, you have super-cucks like Paul Ryan who not only sucks and swallows but pleads, "Can you please fuc* me in the ass to Hava Nagila?" (There are four kinds of goyim in relation to Jewish Power. There are the Swallowers who not only suck the Jewish Penis but swallow the cum. Most goyim in high position are Swallowers. John McCain, Paul Ryan, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and etc not only suck but swallow. Then, there are Spitters who suck the Jewish Cock and pretend to swallow but spit it out. They are like Randall McMurphy in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST who takes the pill only to spit it out later. Jews get awful antsy with Spitters who are, however, tolerated as long as they don’t rise up too high in the ranks. Jews are angry with Trump because a Spitter became president. Trump does a lot of sucking of Jewish cock, but he later spits out the jism. And then you got the Swatters who swat the Jewish Cock away and refuse to suck it. Jews hate these people like a Pimp hates a whore who won’t do as told and suck. Just like pimps beat up prostitutes to make them suck, swallow, and spread, Jewish Power uses all its muscle to punish those who swat the Jewish dick away and won't suck. This is why Jewish Power punches hard at Swatters like Paul Nehlen who slaps the Jewish cock away and says, "Ewww, gross, I ain’t sucking it." And then, there are the Slicers. Slicers feel that it’s not enough to say NO and swat the Jewish cock away. Jews will never stop coming after goyim, just like Harvey Weinstein wouldn’t say NO to women who rebuffed him. They had to watch him, suck him, and fuc* him. He had the power, and this ‘god’[according to Meryl Street] demanded that women around him be suckers and Swallowers. And for that reason, Slicers believe that Swatters aren’t enough to deal with the Jewish Cockuestion. Just like Zeus dealt with Cronus by cutting off his balls, the Slicers believe that the Evil Scrotum of Jewish Power must be sliced open. Nehlen isn’t yet a Slicer but he is an adamant Swatter.)

Anyway, Nehlen, with the aid of scholars like Kevin MacDonald, felt the scales fall from his eyes, and he saw the truth of Jewish Power. So, he recruited MacDonald to be his spokesman. Nehlen won’t back down even though he was censored and then even banned by Twitter that works with Zionist-imperialist Jewish-supremacist organization ADL to shut down patriotic voices. (Granted, what Jews fear most isn’t someone like David Duke whose reputation has been sullied long time ago by association with the KKK but someone more mainstream and respectable like Jared Taylor and Nehlen who don’t have that ‘white supremacist’ baggage. Jews target such people and then hang the label of ‘white supremacist’ on them. Unlike Jared Taylor who totally cucks out on Jews despite being dehumanized and deplatformed by the Tribe, Nehlen will name the Jew.) Though one may disagree with certain details or theories of MacDonald’s thesis, it is no longer tenable to deny the fact that Judea, aka World Jewry, controls the US(that controls the world) and that Jews are working overtime to destroy white identity, white pride, white power, and white unity... all the while brainwashing or coercing whites to support Jewish supremacism, Jewish identity & interests, and Jewish-Zionist imperialism over Palestinians and across the Middle East. Jews are also behind the ‘new cold war’ with Russia, all the sicker since Jews financially raped Russia in the 90s and bought-and-sold countless Russian and Ukrainian women as whores in a vast White Slavery ring all around the world.

So, how do the media react to Paul Nehlen’s partnership with Macdonald? The Talking Points Meme article linked below is an prime example of Jewish-Supremacist mendacity and perfidy made possible by their incestuous nexus between Jewish-run media and Jewish-funded-or-controlled ‘watchdog’ groups. Since the Jewish media cannot refute the factual claims of MacDonald and Nehlen, they try to discredit them by appealing to the ‘expertise’ and knowledge of ADL. In other words, Jews in media outsource final judgement to Jews who run a watchdog group lavishly funded by Jews. Imagine if Arab-Americans ran the Media and, faced with controversy that might undermine Arab-American power, just call on some Arab-funded organization to provide Final Say on the matter. It’d be ludicrous, right? But that is exactly what the Jewish Nexus of Power does. Jews in media collude with Jews in organizations funded by Jews. It’s Jews talking to Jews talking to Jews. Now, these Jews will hire cuck gentiles, aka shabbos goyim, to break the news, but then, these gentile journalists hired by Jews better report the news as Jews demand... or else they are OUT. The media are supposed to be skeptical, but on key racial issues, the media just call on SPLC(aka $PLC) and ADL, both mostly funded by Jews, to act as the final arbiters on the truth. Just like Jews fixed the World Series in 1919, Jews fix Free Speech with three-strikes-you're-out on Youtube. Of course, Jews get to play referee in calling strikes. They never call strikes on Jewish supremacism and go after whites who reject White Submissivism to Jews.

Now, what can be said about Nehlan and MacDonald? And what about MacDonald’s claims about Jewish agenda and power? Since looking into the claims of men like Nehlen and MacDonald might uncover inconvenient truths, the media just call on ADL(or SPLC) to offer their ‘expert’ opinion. Now, since ADL is a blatantly Zionist-supremacist group and since SPLC is funded mainly by Jews, what do you think their ‘advice’ and views will be? Of course, the usual platitudes about ‘antisemitism’, ‘white supremacism’, ‘hate’, and etc. In other words, if whites don’t go into White Submissive mode before their Jewish masters, they are ‘white supremacists’.

Consider this article in Talking Points Memo:

It says:

A controversial Republican candidate challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) announced Friday that his campaign hired Kevin MacDonald as its spokesperson, a former professor at California State University, Long Beach who is widely recognized as an anti-Semite.

Widely? By whom? Oh yeah, the Jews who control the media and academia who see gentiles as dogs to train than as individuals with independent minds. It’s all the funnier since Jewish media people and academic personnel are filled with all kinds of hatred, hostility, and vitriol against whites. But if someone notices Jewish viciousness toward whites(and a long history of it), he is an ‘anti-Semite’. Of course, Kevin Macdonald didn’t just wake up one day to ‘hate’ Jews. Rather, he couldn’t help noticing social and political trends wherein increasing Jewish power piled on more and more hatred on the white race. MacDonald noticed that Jews act as a tribe with a group strategy. ADL is supposed to be ‘anti-defamation’ but it is actually a PRO-defamation league. It defames any white patriot, Russia, Iran, Palestinians, or any people who won’t bend over backward to Jews. Also, its definition of ‘antisemitism’ is a complete joke. Anyone who notices Jewish power and realizes that what-is-good-for-Jews can be bad-for-my-people is an ‘anti-Semite’. Anyone who notices that Jews have power far beyond their numbers is an ‘anti-Semite’.

Now, Jews may argue that Jewish success and wealth owes to hard work and intelligence, but then, it’s ‘antisemitic’ to surmise that Jews may have higher IQ. Also, Jews who defend meritocracy for Jews excoriate whites for having too much power and wealth. Worse, ‘white privilege’ is invoked to mask what is really Jewish privilege. Do ‘whites’ really run Hollywood? According to ADL, America is ‘antisemitic’ unless it agrees 100% that American Interests are exactly the same as Jewish and Zionist interests. Jews claim to be ‘progressive’ and side with the underdogs against the Power, but they refuse to admit that they have The Power in the US, and they smear as ‘antisemitic’ anyone who notices the truth of Jewish power and realizes that what-is-good-for-Jews could be harmful to his own people. So, a Palestinian is also an ‘anti-Semite’ for realizing that Zionism led to Nakba pogroms that wiped Palestine off the map and reduced Palestinians into a permanent refugee population living under IDF terror and Jewish apartheid. And a white person who realizes that the Jewish Agenda is Ethnic Cleansing for whites in the US and EU is also an ‘anti-Semite’. A more accurate term would be Anti-PhiloSemite. Philosemitism is blind and childish worship and admiration of anything Jewish. A Philo-Semite looks upon Jews like a dog looks upon his master. A Philo-Semite acts toward Jews like the servant to his master in TWELVE CHAIRS.

Kevin MacDonald is an Anti-Philosemite, and that is why Jews hate him so. MacDonald has expressed admiration for Jewish intelligence and achievements, but he is not is fetishist of ability or the Other. Macdonald believes that white people's positiveness toward Jews should be conditional. If Jews are good to whites, whites should be good to Jews. But if Jews do bad to whites, whites should reciprocate in kind. White-Jewish relations mustn't be unconditional like between dog and master. But Jews demand exactly that kind of dynamics. Even when Jews beat on the goy dog, the latter is supposed to honor Jews.
We are supposed to revere Jews as a superior breed because of their great achievements, but power, wealth, and ability don’t necessarily mean truth, meaning, morality, and honor. Nazi Germany was a powerful nation with many men of talent and ability, but it was evil just the same. George Soros is a wizard at making money, but wealth doesn’t make him better or wiser as a human being.

Philosemites worship Jews for their wealth and power. It has little to do with Shoah or ‘guilt’. If Jews have an average IQ of 90 and achieved precious little since WWII, how many white Americans would be mindless Philosemites worshiping Jews? All this Jew-worship is really a nihilistic fandom of money and power. To be sure, Jews have cleverly used the Shoah narrative to fend off any criticism or challenge to their power. Jews just say, ‘Nazi’ or ‘anti-Semite’ as they do to MacDonald and Nehlen.

Unfortunately, this Jew worship is found on the White Right as well. Jared Taylor is so enamored of Jewish money and power that his dream is to have Jews come over to his side. Bill Buckley gave Neocons everything they demanded but Jews still didn’t come over to the American Conservatism. So, what chance is there that Jews will join with Jared Taylor? Taylor is like Sal in THE GODFATHER who hangs his hopes on Barzini whose power threatens to eclipse the Corleones'. Because Taylor knows a few Jewish HBD individuals, he seems to think some kind of Jewish-White alliance is possible. But it’s comical because Jews used all their might to smear Taylor, kick him off Twitter, ban him from Paypal, and etc. Jews can smell weakness. A chutzpah-istic people, they can only be dealt with counter-chutzpah. Any good will on the part of gentile is seen by Jews as a vulnerability, a hole through which Jews can worm in and take over. Also, Jews can spot craven opportunism when they see it. Jews know that most politicians praise Israel, Israel, Israel out of careerism than conviction. They know that these goy politicians are a bunch of cucks. Politicians are their whores. Even as Jews take care of such people, they feel utter contempt for them. What Jew respects a total wussy boy like Mitt Romney or Lindsey Graham? Or Paul Ryan? They are total wussy cucks who suck and swallow for doggy biscuits from Jews. They are like goy actors and crew in Hollywood who work for Jewish bosses.

Talking Point Memo cannot refute anything Nehlen or MacDonald have said, so it does what the rest of the media do: It refers to ADL:

According to the Anti-Defamation League, MacDonald was first recognized for his anti-Semitic views when he wrote a series of books arguing that Jews are “a hostile elite” in the U.S. whose goal is to undermine America’s European ties and “destroy Europeans.” He is also the leader of the American Freedom Party, a white supremacist group whose goal is to “to restore and preserve the legitimacy of White identity, White heritage, and expressions of White interests,” according to the ADL.

That’s how journalism works in the US. On any issue or subject that involves Jewish Power and their critics, just ask the ADL and it’s sure to give an unbiased opinion, right? And notice how white identity and white interests are conflated with ‘white supremacism’. According to Jew-run media, any white person who refuses to kowtow to Jewish Supremacism, i.e. rejects White Submissivism, is a ‘white supremacist’. This is how the Smear Media, or Smedia, operates. Jew-run US journalism is just a Jew-run operation that consults Jew-run ‘watchdog groups’ for 'expertise' and opinion. (Jew-run media and Jew-run watchdogs scratch each other's back. As the go-to-voice by Big Media, groups like ADL gain prestige as a 'respectable' organization. And since such 'esteemed' organizations cater to Big Media, the media is bestowed with respectability in turn. It's mutual reinforcement society. It's like how the financial bubble began in the US with all these Jew-run-institutions and organizations patting each other on the back. This is also how Jews get to say a certain view is 'widely discredited'. They create all these dummy front organizations that mutually reinforce each other's biases and interests. So, there's no need to actually think about Kevin Macdonald's thesis. Just have all these Jews and cucks in their front-organizations spout the same line and fire anyone who refuses to do so. And it is also how Jews make something 'valuable', like those financial derivatives during the Housing Bubble. Since Jews control so many industries and financial rating firms, they all wink-wink reinforced one another. Same thing with Russia-Hacking nonsense. Jews had no truth but created the illusion of collusion by having all the institutions that they control to spout the same Narrative points. Jews really colluded to create the illusion of collusion between Trump and Russia. And Jews also did this with BLACK PANTHER, creating a climate where ALL critics were obligated to praise it to high heaven. Well, if so many 'experts' say it is super, it must be. Jews just create an echo chamber where only their voices reverberate and are heard. Now, it's not like Jews call everyone up to tell them what to do. Because Jews control so much of media and academia, they cultivated and conditioned everyone to pick up the Correct Signals and act accordingly.)

Now, imagine if the Media on a host of controversial issues just called on the American Freedom Party(instead of ADL) for its views, advice, and expertise? How fair and objective would that be? Not very.
And yet, the media see no problem in just relying on ADL and SPLC to offer the final say on a host of matters. ADL and SPLC are the High Priesthood of Jew-run Political Correctness. Indeed, the media don’t even provide the reader with a disclaimer that ADL is a Zionist-imperialist organization funded by Jewish globalist supremacists. But then, if the media were truly honest, they would also remind readers and watchers on a daily basis as to WHO really own and control the media operation. But if they did, we would wake up to the fact that Jewish supremacists control the US.
Jews Galore in the Jew-run media
Yes, that is how the corrupt Jew-run Media operate. Jews bitch about how Russia, Iran, and China don’t have free press, but the US doesn’t either. All the media and platforms are owned and run by Jews. Jewish publishers and moguls hire Jews to run the operations, and if gentiles want to be part of the team, they better serve Israel and say NO to BDS. Don't be like Rick Sanchez who noticed Jewish domination at CNN, and don't be like Helen Thomas who called on Zionists as European Jews who stole land from Palestinians.
So, as with politicians, the Courage & Conviction genes will be weeded out among media gentiles. Only those who are Craven & Cowardly will be hired and promoted, and those Craven & Cowardly gentiles will produce the cuck-elites of the future. The US has freedom of speech as enshrined in the Constitution, but the only speech and expression that really matter are Power Speech that is EXPENSIVE as hell. It takes billions of dollars to own media operations.

Jews rigged the game so that they can work for Jewish identity, interests, and power. Consider AIPAC. Judeo-Nazis can have Nuremberg Rallies for Israel. Look at ADL. Jews can unite to oppose criticism of Jewish power. And no matter how disproportionately Jews are represented in elite institutions and industries, you better not say anything lest you be labeled as an ‘anti-Semite’. If you’re a gentile and want IN to the elite institutions that Jews control, you better be like Nikki Haley or Amy Chua. Even Jordan Peterson, who has courage to stand up to trans-gender freaks and Marxists, goes weak in the knees at the mere mention of Jews.

Jewish censorship, paranoia, and hysteria have grown only worse for two reasons: Donald Trump’s presidency and internet open forum. Trump sucks Jewish cocks, but Jews know he’s a spitter than a swallower. And this makes Jews angry as hell. They demand total subservience to Jewish supremacist power from goyim. Jews demand that white elites serve Judea’s globalism and morally ‘identify’ with People of Color. It’s like Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Jeb Bush, and John McCain praise Jewish oligarchs and speak for Diversity but NEVER EVER speak for the white middle class, white working class, and white poor. NEVER! Jews fear that if white elites connect with white masses, the organic reunion will constitute a force that will weaken white elite’s submission to the Jews. Consider what happened to Moses in TEN COMMANDMENTS when he reconnected with Jews. He no longer served the Egyptians and returned from exile to save and lead the Jewish people from bondage. Jews are the Pharaohs of the US, and white people are, ironically, the New Hebrews waiting for a savior and prophet to lead them to the Promised Land. This is why Jews hate Trump. Even though Trump is no white Moses, Jews see him as awakening something in White America... just like Napoleon feared the awakening of the Chinese dragon: 'China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world.' Jews feel the same way about White People. Jews want white people doped out on TV, drugs, porn, and pop culture. Jews want white elites to grovel for thirty pieces of silver. It is to keep white elites as compradore-cuck-collaborators of Jews. And if white elites serve Jews, they won’t lead the white masses. And the masses on their own without leadership will always dissipate and decay and lose their way. That's what Jews want, and white masses are to be replaced by Diversity Helots or Helottery.

The other reason why Jews are freaked is that Open Internet empowered independent voices. Suddenly, an ordinary middle class person could offer his views on Youtube and gain an audience as big or even bigger than those for Jew-run mega-media conglomerates. Though Pewdiepie is not an ideas or news person, his super-success with a simple Youtube channel demonstrated the power of the internet. Jews also fear that these independent voices have one key advantage over hired journalists. They don’t have Big Jew looking over their shoulder. While many journalists in the profession are smart, experienced, and have impressive credentials, the fact is they must stick to the Narrative dictated by their Jewish supremacist globalist masters. As such, much of their intelligence and research go to waste because their editors will say NO. Worse, they can’t have any real integrity as reporters of truth.

In contrast, independent voices on the internet may be less credentialed, less experienced, and less erudite, but they have integrity in speaking their minds on issues they care about. This is why Jews began to freak and shut down & censor content on the internet. As Jews control most of the platforms and have the support of Media, Wall Street, and Deep State, they can get away with it. Some people blame the ‘left’ for the censorship, but Jews also go after BDS Movement that is generally associated with the Left. Also, Ryan Dawson is not part of the Alt Right, but his Youtube channel has also been nixed because Jews at Google work with ADL Zionist supremacists to shut down dissident pro-Palestinian voices. As for craven academics like George Hee-Hawley, he’s too busy bitching about ‘white supremacism’ and ‘racism’ to notice that it’s Jews who have supremacist power in the US. America doesn’t face a threat from Neo-Nazis but from Judeo-Nazis as it’s the Jews who now act like Nazis and have Nazi-like Powers. GAP, or Go Ask the Palestinians.

Granted, just because Jews act like Judeo-Nazis doesn’t mean the White Right should condone Neo-Nazism or some such. It’s true enough that Kevin Macdonald has been associated with such people, but then, losers can’t be choosers. When your voice is shut down and your kind are exiled, the chances are you’re going to make common cause with other exiles, even if they’re extreme. So, it’s true enough that MacDonald has regrettably been associated with certain despicable Neo-Nazi elements. Robert Griffin who writes for OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER is especially contemptible as a soft-Hitler-apologist. Furthermore, Occidental Observer can be pretty censorious too. When I tried to post the following comment to rebut Griffin's fanboy article on Adolf Hitler, it was rejected.

Hitler can't be understood apart from his temperament, character, and personality.
Some of Hitler's ideas were valid, some were invalid, some were nutty. Granted, even many of the ideas and attitudes of the Progressives of the time would be appalling to many people today. Woodrow Wilson, the icon of post-WWI reconstruction, had no love for blacks. Winston Churchill was a bigot about Hindus. Eugenics caught the imagination of many Liberals and progressives. The US media ran anti-Japanese propaganda as a Race War. The Yellow Folks were totally dehumanized... as the Japanese had dehumanized Americans.
So, not everything that seems extreme about Hitler was so extreme within the context of his times.
Then, why did Hitler cause so much trouble?
It was his personality, character, and temperament.
I would wager a man with sound personality, character, and temperament with BAD ideas is less dangerous than a man with foul personality, character, and temperament with GOOD ideas. Notice demented people made foul use of even a loving religion like Christianity. Jim Jones for instance.
In contrast, had National Socialist Germany been led by someone more sound and stable like Albert Speer, I don't think it would have led to WWII and Shoah. Speer was a not a psychopath. He took up National Socialist ideology but wasn't a pathological gambler who would have played fire with history.
Same in China. Mao had a crazy personality and used communism to tear China apart. Deng also grew up believing in communism, but he had a more moderate and cooperative personality. He was willing to compromise and go easy. So, Mao used communism to wreck China. Deng used communism to restore China and even adopted other ideas in a spirit of pragmatism.
Some of Hitler's ideas were horrible. But if Hitler had the character and temperament of someone like Kemal Ataturk or Franco, he wouldn't have gambled so recklessly. He would have acted more cautiously and soberly.
And he wouldn't have been so utterly heartless in his wars of conquests that were meant to ultimately raze Moscow to the ground, kill tens of millions of Slavs, and turn all surviving Slavs into slave helots for the German master race.
Problem with Hitler was he not only had some bad ideas but a crazy personality that was willing to gamble everything. It was classic megalomania. Also, Hitler's grand vision was beyond crazy.
In war, every side does crazy things. UK and US bombed entire cities in Germany. Japan was nuked. All sides committed horrible atrocities. But the US, upon winning the war, used peace to restore order and sanity in the world. Soviets were more brutal in their victory over Germans, especially in the mass rapes. But when the dust settled, Soviets regarded Germans as fellow comrades. Soviets didn't deny the humanity of Germans, Poles, Czechs, and etc. The Iron curtain was repressive, but the governing ideology regarded all peoples are comrades and fellow humans.
In contrast, had Hitler won in Russia, the Peace would have been total genocide and enslavement for the Russians. Unlike Italian Fascism and Spanish Fascism, the German variant of fascism had some truly insane ideas about race that envisioned and justified mass extermination and enslavement of entire peoples.
And that makes Hitler a very evil man.
Now, one could argue that Hitler had some good sides. And there were wonderful things about National Socialism that surely would have worked HAD it remained national and not turned imperialist.
But because his pathological side was so dark and because his crimes were so heinous, the evil totally overshadows whatever was good.
Imagine if someone comes to your house, rapes and murders your entire family after torturing them. But then, suppose he pets and feeds the dog and waters plants in the garden. Sure, he's nice with the dog and good with gardening. So, is he 50/50 good and bad?
But those are irrelevant considerations when compared to the gravity of the crime.
Hitler loved animals and appreciated nature. But he had a murderous contempt for Slavs. And even though he began as a German patriot, he came to regard himself as bigger than Germany. He saw himself as God. As Hess says in TRIUMPH OF THE WILL, Germany is Hitler and Hitler is Germany. In other words, German people exist to serve him, glorify him, obey him. And when Germany was falling in the end, did Hitler blame himself? Did he apologize to the Germans who'd followed him like dogs? No, he blamed them for failing him. He ordered Albert Speer to blow up everything. He wanted Germans to be wiped out for their failure to fulfill his vision. Hitler's punishment for the Germans went far beyond the Morgenthau Plan. Hitler also ordered Paris to be blown up. But thankfully, Speer disobeyed him. And his officers in Paris also disobeyed him. Maybe they shared his ideology but they didn't share is pathology. Personality matters, and from childhood, Hitler was born 'evil'. In that sense, can we really blame him? If a child is born with extreme pathological personality, is it his fault?
Today, it's the Jews who've gone pathological. Any people have its share of extremist personalities. And any people can be misled by lunatics. It happened with Germany and Japan in WWII.
Now, Jews are intoxicated with power and going nuts, restarting a new cold war with Russia and using US power to wage Wars for Israel that have destroyed millions of lives. And Jews are engineering total lebensraum for the West whereupon white nations will be flooded with non-whites to be used as Janissary by Jewish lunatics.
Jews suffered greatly under Hitler, but they are the new Hitlers.

But then, let’s not forget Barack Obama was chum-chummy with Louis Farrakhan, Bill Ayers, and Zionist supremacists, but that was no disqualification for him to be President. And let’s keep in mind CNN hired avowed communist Van Jones. And Howard Zinn was good friends with Bob Avakian who, to this day, admires mass-killers Stalin and Mao. So, MacDonald is hardly alone in having some extreme associates. If anything, it’s no big deal for those on the ‘left’ to be associated with all sorts of extremists. NYU hired a professor who was fired from Drexel university for calling for ‘white genocide’. And Nikki Haley and Amy Chua are cheerleaders for Jewish globalist power that have destroyed millions of lives in the Middle East and crushes the hopes of Palestinians. So, for globalist snakes to accuse people like MacDonald of ‘extremism’ is disingenuous to say the least. If the elites don't want extremism, maybe they shouldn't have let the colleges be taken over by insane Jewish Supremacists, Homo degenerates, and anti-white lunatics.


  1. Hitler wanted peace and was rebuffed on multiple occasions by Churchill and his Jewish backers. I think perhaps you need to read up some more on WWI and what ultimately led to WWII. The bad guys (Jews) won and it's why we're in the shitty situation we are today.

  2. Great essay. Jews really are disgusting beings. I have studied the nature of the Jew and whites intensely and I keep coming to same conclusion: Jews are individually following their immediate interests. They believe in ideology that serves their interests. All the contradictory results that flow from application of this flawed ideology in practice is either ignored or rationalized in some way. They dont care to test their ideology for merit and they are able to rationalize the most absurd things.

    What I am trying to say is there is no agenda or conspiracy among Jews to get rid of whites as this article suggests. There might be few individuals who say that out loud, but they are out-layers. Most of them are just looking out for themselves. What Jews want is world where they can freely do their jewing while being safe from persecution. WW2 certainly changed them to become genocidal towards us, but its not on conscious level, at least not for most of them. Jews do everything that is described in this essay without conscious deliberation. They can deliberate about strategies they use against us, but they didn't choose to be anti-white, they simply are anti-white.

    I am sad to see this kind of behavior in white nationalist/alt-right movement too. Survival instinct is starting to wake up in white men. Those who are fully aware of the threat are stubbornly clinging to WN narrative: blame Jews for everything, idolizing of Hitler, etc. Any time I try to point out a contradiction or say something that doesn't follow the WN narrative I get censored or attacked.

    I try to be open minded about everything and not get emotional when examining stuff. Before I came to WN movement I was in environmentalism. It gives me a bit different perspective than most people involved with this, because I understand that humanity will have to get by with A LOT LESS resources than what we currently consume in not too distant future. I am very certain that the clandestine agenda that is going on in western countries is about depopulation. I am not certain about the Jewish role in the agenda (are they really the main instigators or perhaps collaborators or merely scapegoats). I cant say for certain what they want to create and what they have in the store for us. But white nationalism/alt-right has had phenomenal growth and everything is in place for it to continue. Is this a coincidence or flaw or the intended outcome?