Friday, March 27, 2020

Goy Politicians are like so many Gladiators bashing each other to the Delight of Jewish Supremacists — And there is no Spartacus among them, not one

In the movie SPARTACUS(dir. Stanley Kubrick), Kirk Douglas plays Spartacus who leads a slave rebellion against the Imperial Roman overlords. These men who were trained to fight and massacre one another for the amusement of the Romans decide the turn the tables on their masters. Instead of fighting each other, they commit to unite and fight together against the Romans to regain their freedom. Their dream is to return to their homelands, whence they were wrested to toil, fight, and die as slaves in Italy. In the end, the rebellion fails, but it was a noble struggle for justice, freedom, dignity, and pride. One thing the rebels understood was that, as long as they remained gladiators, they could never win while the Romans always won regardless. Gladiator A might kill Gladiator B, and Gladiator C might kill Gladiator A, and Gladiator S might slay Gladiator Q who destroyed Gladiator C. But in the end, all gladiators lose because they have no agency. They are forced to fight one another. They have no choice. Furthermore, they can never fight the Romans, the power that is oppressing them. If anything, they must fight others just like themselves — they are all slaves after all — while the Romans watch and cheer/jeer for entertainment value. They are no better off than dogs in dogfights or cocks in cockfights. They slaughter others in the same boat while the very people who are oppressing them reap all the rewards. The gladiatorial combat was the most brazen and vulgar form of divide-and-conquer. Romans captured slaves from various parts of their domain and made them fight one another. As a gladiator’s chance to live for another day hinged on his luck in the arena, the mindset of ‘better you than me’ prevailed, and slaves killed other slaves for the chance to live for another day. It was a most miserable lot.

We might think, that was then, this is now. But in a way, US politics is nothing but a contest of gladiators. For the most part, the various goyim among the Democrats and Republicans battle it out but mainly to win the approval, blessing, and support from the Jewish Masters. While Goy A will attack Goy B while Goy C attacks Goy D who attacks Goy A or B and so on, the fact is, even as they viciously lambaste one another, they all sheepishly suck up to their Jewish Masters.
If politics is essentially a struggle for power and if a liberal democracy is one where politicians, as representatives of the people, speak truth to power that must come under heightened scrutiny and criticism, that is certainly not political scenario in the US. In the US, the most powerful elites, the Jews, come under least criticism and inspection. They are allowed to use the Deep State to spread hateful wars against ‘enemies of Israel and Jews’. They are allowed to use the Fed to bail out Wall Street’s Jewish banksters. They are allowed to monopolize so-called ‘mainstream media’, Hollywood, and social platforms without anyone making a fuss.
Indeed, the US is now a nation where far more attention is directed toward total fictions like Russia-Collusion-Hoax and the threat of ‘white supremacists’, as if KKK and Neo-Nazis are hiding behind every corner and under every bed. While super-Jewish crooks in the State Department and Wall Street are allowed to get away with all kinds of shenanigans, the Power is directed at the imagined threat of ‘white nationalist terrorism’ or funnier stuff like ‘Neo-Nazis spreading Corona Virus among Orthodox Jews’. Congressional Hearings are never about Zionist tyranny over Palestinians, Israel’s support of ISIS, Jewish economic rape of Russia, Jewish pornification of culture, Jewish peddling of opioids to the white working class, SPLC’s scummy ties, AIPAC’s promotion of Jewish Supremacism, and ADL’s gangster operations to shut down free speech. Instead, most of the attention is directed at the least-heard group in America: Those who dare to speak truth to Jewish power and those who call for White Liberation from Jewish Perfidy, Hatred, Contempt, and Supremacism.

If the US were truly the Land of the Free, the various political groups, the two main political parties, and most politicians should be talking about Jewish Power and its Globo-Homo Agenda. Even as they disagree with one another on key issues, they should be UNITED against Jewish Power, especially as it's shown itself to be so venal, vicious, toxic, and corrupting. Culturally, economically, technologically, and politically, Jews have been poisoning the well of Western Civilization for some time. While Jews have higher IQ and have the ability to do great things for humanity — and indeed countless Jews have contributed much to civilization — , most of today’s Jews are mainly in it for greed, arrogance, contempt, sadism, hatred, paranoia, and supremacism. Jews are never straight with us, just like adults are hardly straight with children. But unlike adults who sometimes bend the truth for the good of the children(who can’t as yet handle the truth), Jews lie and lie to keep swindling, robbing, and corrupting us. Jews know that the poor man’s ONLY advantages vis-a-vis the rich man are numbers and morality. There are many more regular folks than rich elites. And that's why Jews need to bring in Diversity so that the masses will be divided. Also, even those with little or nothing can possess moral wealth/capital and use it effectively against the rich who got the money but not necessarily moral capital. Look what happened to the Cuban elites who had lots of money but no moral dignity. They were swept aside by the Revolution. Indeed, it is the one ace card that George Bailey has against Mr. Potter in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. Potter is a lot richer than Bailey, but people respect Bailey because he’s a good guy. And Bailey stands up for the people because they’re decent folks and upright citizens. The people of Bedford Falls have moral capital whereas the people of hypothetical Pottersville do not. Jews are like Potter in that they fear Moral Capital among the goy have-nots and have-lesses. When a poor man with dignity and morality speaks up for justice, his words carry weight. But if a poor man has tattoos & piercings, raises his daughter like a hooker, has a son hooked on drugs, and has a skanky wife or girlfriend who acts like a guest on the JERRY SPRINGER SHOW, he has no moral capital and no respect. This is why Jews have sought to Potter-ize America. It’s not only because Vice Industries controlled by Jews are highly profitable but because the infestation by vice-lice robs the masses of have-nots of the dignity and moral pride they once possessed. The Joad Family in THE GRAPES OF WRATH have moral capital even though they’ve lost everything. But imagine Mama Joad with a nose ring and Papa Joad with an ass-tattoo. Imagine Tom Joad as a meth addict, and Ruthie Joad as a skankass whore-wanna-be. Indeed, capitalists not only seek to profit from mass vulgarity but rob the masses of moral pride that comes with restraint, sobriety, and maturity. In current America, how can we take any moral cause seriously when everything’s about wrong-and-wrong than right-or-wrong? How can we choose between Pussyhats and Lady Maga? It’s all a sad joke.

Now, it would be ridiculous to pretend that it’s all about Jews vs Goyim. Even if Jews were to vanish off the planet, goyim will have plenty of problems. Even in homogeneous nations untouched by Jewish influence, there are tons of corruption, abuse, and tyranny. Various factions of Muslims slaughtered each other without Jewish influence. Protestants and Catholics in Europe slaughtered each other of their own accord. It wasn’t Jews who forced Adolf Hitler to invade Russia. And so on. So, we must reject Utopian Antisemitism that assumes that the world will be put to right if we just deal with the Jews. Even among themselves, goyim will always have plenty of problems as life is problematic. And yet, it’d be just as stupid to pretend that Jewish Power does NOT play a disproportionate role in the demise of the West. Jews are immensely powerful, and the bulk of Jewish Power is hostile, paranoid, contemptuous, vengeful, and vicious when it comes to goyim. Jews bitch about the history of antisemitism, but Jews have had even a longer history of goy-mockery and goy-defamation. It is incontestable that Jews have spread gambling far and wide across the US. What is gambling but a form of organized mass theft? There is no doubt that Jews have orchestrated collusion between Wall Street and Washington to rig the system in favor of super-rich Jewish oligarchs. There is no doubt that Jews have played a key role in the pornification of popular culture, especially by spreading skanky harlotry among white girls whom Jewish men regard as sexual commodities.
Jewish feminists have long bitched about how MEN objectify women, but this was never a problem in the Christian West that, if anything, placed women on a pedestal. Such objectification of women, especially white women, has been spearheaded by Jews who were the leading agents of prostitution and pornography in both US and Europe — and in Israel, Jewish pimp-gangsters imported thousands of white Slavic women to be used as sex slaves for non-white men. Such is the history of race-mixing. Sordid and vile. If Jewish feminists are so opposed to the objectification of women, why are they so silent about Jewish men in entertainment turning white women into sexual commodities? It’s because Jewish Feminists are Jews first and feminists second. Jewish feminists have even lionized Marilyn Monroe, the 'shikse' whore whose entire career revolved around sucking Jewish cock. Indeed, Jewish Feminism, like Jewish anything-else, was really a means to boost and consolidate Jewish Power. Especially as Jewish women are insanely envious of ‘Aryan’ beauty, they take special delight in white girls being reduced to skanks who mate with Negro men and produce children with flat noses, fat lips, and nappy hair. Thus, white women produce kids that are even funnier-looking than Gabe Caplan and Eddie Deezen.
What was the main thrust of Jewish Feminism? It was to drive a wedge between white men and white women. Once white women were made to see white men as the ENEMY — notice all those Rape Narratives are about Blond Aryan Fratboys violating white girls, the kind pushed by the hideous Sabrina Rubin Erderly, even though the biggest rapists in the US are blacks, followed by illegal invaders — , Jewish men then worked on white women to turn them into skanks who should go with Jewish men or black men. Thus, white women went from comrades of white men to commodities of Jewish and black men.

Anyway, a healthy democracy must be focused on the power. It must be honest about the character and nature of that power not only in terms of its political machinations and economic impact but ethnic bias and elitist prejudices. There is no doubt that the current power is not only heavily Jewish but heavily CONSCIOUSLY Jewish. In other words, the men and women of power are not simply Americans with Jewish backgrounds who work for the common good but are, first and foremost, JEWISH-ZIONIST GLOBALISTS who use America for their own ethnic aggrandizement and enrichment. Jews are so rich and can pay out of their own pockets to aid Israel, but Jews force the US government to send goy tax dollars. It’s not only because Jews are stingy. Jews know that, even if the US government withdraws every last penny of aid to Israel, Jews worldwide have more than enough to shower Israel with gazillions. Then, why do Jews insist that the US government keep giving aid to Israel? The main reason is political than economic. It is to reinforce the message to ALL Americans that they must serve the US government that serves the Jews. You see, that is as American as apple pie... or bagel & cream cheese.
With such a risible elite ruling over us, sensible Americans expect their politicians to stand up to Jewish supremacist arrogance & contempt and do what is good for most Americans who are goyim. Alas, the Jewish Master class not only controls the media — though a tool of communication, the mass media are used to suppress key information and shut down honest debate than to facilitate free flow of facts and ideas to raise awareness about the true nature of power in America and the World — but used their money power like gangsters to make an offer that the goy politicians couldn’t refuse. Jews hold a gun to every politician and demands that he sign a pledge to Israel and AIPAC... or else... they will fund another candidate who will get favorable coverage from the Jew-run media. Thus, just about every goy politician comes to be owned by Jews. Even when a somewhat courageous and principled goy politician goes against Jewish power and interests, he or she can never mention the Jew. Tulsi Gabbard opposed the Jew-guided US imperialism in Syria, but she never mentioned that Jews were behind it. So, even dissenting politicians just blame Big Oil, the Military-Industrial Complex, Money-in-Politics, and etc. but fail to mention the Jews. And in rare instances when people do blame Zionists, it's usually the Christian Zionists. According to mendacious Jews and craven faux-dissidents, the reason why the US foreign policy is so skewed toward Israel and against Palestinians is because of crazed Evangelicals and Fundamentalists who forbid Jews from making peace with Palestinians. These dummy Fundies cannot even stop ‘gay marriage’, but they somehow control the US foreign policy. In truth, clowns like Pompeo and John Bolton go with crazy Philo-Zionism because they're totally owned by Jews.

With all such politicians, bureaucrats, and appointees being controlled by Jews directly or indirectly, they are little more than slaves. And their politics is just gladiatorial blood-sport. It’s goy dogs barking and biting at other goy dogs. It wouldn’t be so bad if goy dogs barked at Jewish dogs as well, but Jews are not dogs in the American Political Equation. They are the masters, and so goy dogs are not allowed to bark at them. And that means, US politics is utterly worthless. If two dogs in the household bark at each other for the master's affection and doggy biscuits, they get to decide NOTHING. No matter which dog out-barks or out-bites which dog, the master is fully in control of the house.
And that is why US politics must change from one of gladiatorial sports to slave rebellion. While various goyim have their differences and conflict-of-interests, they must all seek liberation from the Jew. They must unite like the gladiators in SPARTACUS who, for a time, threatened the might of Rome. Of course, this is easier said than done because Jews have been master strategists who play politics like a chess game. Jews know white power has been the defining determinant in American History, and so, it had to be checkmated first. Jews pinned down all white advantages. Thus, white pride has been paralyzed by white guilt. If whites try to make a move against mass-immigration-invasion, they are attacked by charges of ‘xenophobia’. If whites say Jews are behind Diversity-as-weapon-against-whiteness, Jews attack with charges of ‘antisemitism’. If whites bring up the issue of black crime and pathology, they are attacked by charges of ‘racism’. Also, the white king and queen have been separated and trapped accordingly. Every move that whites might make have been foreseen and forestalled by Jewish strategy.

Also, Jews are so rich and/or powerful that they’ve been able to buy off entire swaths of the goyim with gifts and bribery while threatening others with destruction. Of course, much of Jewish bribery is done with white money and wealth than with Jewish Money. For instance, when Jews bring over tons of foreigners and dump them on some white community, it’s white goyim who must pay. Jews take the credit for their ‘compassion’ but the buck is passed onto whites who must deal with Somalis in Ohio and Minnesota. For many non-white goyim around the world, their main dream is to come to the West for insta-material-improvement, and that means they will work with globalists against the native population. But Jews have also divided the white community by using carrots and sticks to control white elites who today are little more than comprador cucks like Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and the Bush Family who can’t remind white folks enough that it’s so very wonderful for them to become minorities in their own nations like US, Canada, Australia, and all of Europe. White comprador elites know their position and privilege are incumbent on sucking up to Jewish super-elites and saying the kind of stuff Jews want to hear. But there are also plenty of white ‘idiologists’ — idiotic ideologists — who’ve stupidly bought into the White Guilt Narrative and believe it’s the obligation of whites to repent for their historical sins by sucking up to Jews, blacks, and Diversity. (If white guilt in the US were genuine and true, white people would feel most guilty about the American Indians and do their utmost to revive the Native-Indigenous community. But white morality lacks agency and autonomy. It isn't the product of deep white reflection on history but whatever theme was programmed into white minds by Jews who control media and academia. Incredibly enough, even though it was mass immigration of whites that destroyed native-indigenous cultures and tribes, white people ignore the dark side of immigration and regard it as the greatest good; furthermore, they feel they owe something to folks around the world whose lands whites didn't take. According to current 'white morality' cooked up by Jews, America owes more to Asian-Indians than to American-Indians. This goes to show white morality is really a sham. It's a matter of whites wanting to feel holier-than-thou about something and outsourcing the moral themes to Jews who concoct whatever to their own tribal advantage. Since Jewish American Identity is tied to immigration and because Diversity weakens goyim with divide-and-rule opportunity for Jews, mass-immigration has been of late been promoted as the Greatest Moral Good.) As people are naturally superiorist to some extent and as whites aren’t allowed to feel superior in terms of identity, they seek feelings of superiority via virtue-signaling, i.e. if whites can’t say they’re better than non-whites, they can still say they’re better than OTHER whites who aren’t sufficiently ‘woke’ or with the program. And of course, Jews have driven a wedge between goy men and goy women via feminism, male infantilism, and the spread of skank culture. Such divisions among goyim are to Jews what manure is to maggots. Jews feed on that stuff and get fat.

This is why the goy world needs truly inspired leaders of all stripes in all fields to spread the truth about Jewish supremacist perfidy so that America and the West can have True Politics once again. Not one of slave gladiators bashing each other in deference to the master caste but one of free men and women who dare to speak truth to power and to wield the hammer of justice against any individual or group that dares to violate norms of decency and abuse power & privilege for its own self-aggrandizement. In 2016, many foolishly saw Donald Trump as a Spartacus-like figure, and that’s why they stood by him during the years of Russia Collusion Hoax, but it turns out Trump is just another dog. Despite all the anti-Trump hatred of the Jews, all he did was suck up to Jews. He is a dog, not a man, like the rest of goy politicians. Jews accuse Trump of ‘white supremacism’, but Trump hasn't lifted a finger to aid White Liberation and, if anything, has enabled Jewish oligarchs in Big Tech and Big Finance to shut down white people who dare speak the truth. Of course, vile Jews defame White Liberation as ‘white supremacist’ or ‘neo-nazi’, and it is about time white liberationists shot back and pointed out that Jews are now the Judeo-Nazis or ‘Jewzis’ because their gangster-fascism now robs the world and ravages humanity.


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  4. Dwight D. EisenhowerApril 1, 2020 at 5:08 AM

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