Friday, March 9, 2018

'Domestic Occupation'! What Horror!

Funniest shi* I ever read.

"Domestic Occupation".

Yes, Ben Jancewicz declares that America is under 'domestic occupation'.

Hey!! We are occupied by our own domestic government.

What a strange and novel idea.

I thought FOREIGN OCCUPATION was the problem. It's like Palestinians hating Zionist foreign occupation in West Bank. Or Cubans and Nicaraguans detesting US foreign occupation in the past.
And Syrians aren't happy about US and Turkish occupation of whole areas of Syria.

But Domestic Occupation? What is that? Isn't the government of a nation supposed to enforce the Law within its borders? Aren't illegal masses the foreign infiltrators and occupiers? Now, if there were just a few, we might show some compassion. But then are millions and millions of them(possibly over 20 million), and they keep on coming because they see US as a beached whale to gorge on.

I can see it now... Israelis waking up one day and realizing... "Hey, we are under domestic occupation by our own government representing us as Jews."

What horror!

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