Sunday, March 25, 2018

Without Race-ism White People are Done for - Fall of Patriarchy leads to Fall of Civilization - White Weakness leads to Clash between Jungle and Jihad

With Neocon stooges Mike Pompeo and John Bolton standing over Donald Trump’s shoulders, the polemic against Iran and radical Islam is likely to heat up. But Iran is strictly little league when it comes to terrorism, the champion sponsors of which are the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.
People who push for wars in the Muslim World are Zionists who seek regional dominance and global hegemony. Though Zionists have low regard for ALL Muslims, they cleverly use one bunch of idiot Muslims against others. Zionists shroud their contempt for Muslims by feigning compassion for Muslim/Arab ‘refugees’ and ‘immigrants’. Of course it’s the white gentiles who are burdened with providing sanctuary to all them hordes. Don’t expect Israel to offer even Golan Heights, stolen from Syria, as safe haven for Syrian refugees. Zionist foreign policy destroys the Muslim world and sets off a refugee crisis, but nasty Jews shame white gentiles of insufficient compassion for Muslims and not taking in even more ‘refugees’. A dirty game indeed. Pathetically, too many stupid whites fall for this Jewish shtick, not least because they were raised from cradle to worship ‘Diversity’ as preferable to Continuity and to regard whiteness, especially as embodied by proud white males, as the greatest moral stain. Most people in the West, ‘right’ or ‘left’, believe ‘racism’ is the worst thing that ever existed in the universe. In the Current Year, 'racism' doesn’t only mean something extreme like Nazism but the mere desire of white peoples to defend and preserve their nations. If Austrians want Austria to remain Austrian or if Italians want Italy to remain Italian, the Jewish-run media smear such expression of patriotism as ‘far right’.

In truth, a nation will fall without race-ism. (Ism means belief, and Race-ism should mean belief in the race as reality, racial differences, and need for ethno-racial consciousness.) Race-ism means being mindful of one’s own race, one’s own ethnic culture, and one’s own nation. A people of a nation must favor their own kind and their own land. A nation is impossible to maintain without such mindset because humans, being organisms, are naturally invasive. Unless a people define who they are, lay claim to a certain land as theirs, and enforce laws to prevent mass-invasion, they cannot survive. Otherwise, other human organisms will take over, gradually or rapidly. Without race-ist territorialism, the people of the nation can also turn traitor(even as a 'virtue') because PC anti-race-ism instilled them with the idea that it’s ‘hateful’ to deny foreigners the ‘human right’ to be ‘included’ into your nation until they take over.

When white nations were race-ist, white folks connected with and cared for one another. They circled the wagons and protected their own domain, narrative, and interests. But now that whites have been made anti-race-ist, they dread to assert their own identity and interests. What had once been the most natural thing to express with pride and joy has been turned into the most shameful thing that must be repressed and expunged. Even the notion of “It’s Okay to be White” is denounced by white cucky-wuck elites and white proglodytes. Without race-ism, a people inevitably turn cucky-wuck because they no longer feel compelled to act in common interest for their race/nation as a whole. They feel virtue only when serving the Other, especially those favored by the prevailing PC who, in the Current Year, are Jews, Negroes, Homos, and the ‘Dreamers’(aka Illegal Alien leeches). In the long run, those who cling to their identity will prevail over those who don’t. Since Jews, blacks, and Muslims take pride in their identities, they keep gaining over whites in Europe, Canada, and US. (Also, interracial marriage or childbirths favor Jews and blacks. Half-black kids invariably identify as black, and most half-Jewish kids take pride in Jewishness, especially because it opens so many doors of privilege and power.) Though white people are usually tagged as ‘racists’, Jews and blacks are nothing if not obsessed with their own identities and interests. They are not merely race-ist but race-supremacist, trying to gain hegemony over all other races.

Race-ism makes a people proud and powerful. And only a proud and powerful people will be respected by others for obvious reasons. People respect those who respect themselves. People despise those who despise themselves. So, if white progs think they are scoring pokemon points with Jews, blacks, and Diversity through racial self-flagellation, they are fooling themselves. No one respects someone who spits up in the air and lets the saliva fall back on his face. Whether a people are good or bad, they will be respected ONLY IF they respect themselves. It was ultimately American Power and Pride that made the Japanese bow down to the US. And it was black pride & prowess in sports and Jewish pride & mastery of money-making that earned them respect and fear even from whites and Christians.

White people were once feared and respected by peoples all over the world, even by those who hated them. Good or bad, white folks seemed incredibly powerful and proud in the eyes of non-white folks around the world. A weak and humble people may be objects of sympathy, but they are not respected. The Corleones and Hyman Roth in THE GODFATHER saga are feared because they have pride and command respect. White people used to be like this. But now that they lack assertive pride, they are no longer feared and only reviled. If whites on occasion do show zeal, it is in renouncing their racial identity, denouncing other whites who won’t do likewise, and hyperventilating about how they, unlike the ‘deplorables’, are doing their utmost to purge the stain of ‘racism’ from their hearts and from the white community as a whole. These cucky-wuck whites are like dogs without moral autonomy. Indoctrinated to feel morally deficient vis-a-vis other races(especially Jews and blacks), their worth can only be validated with the stamp of approval from the Other. Because all their past glory and accomplishments are denounced as ill-gotten, white cucks grovel before Jews and blacks for atonement points. This is true among both highly educated whites and undereducated whites. The former tend to be more indoctrinated because they hung around institutions totally controlled by Jews and their cuck-collaborators, and the latter tend to get most of their worldview from pop culture that mostly consists of rap music, sports, and Negro-worshiping movies like GET OUT and BLACK PANTHER.

Because whites are denied pride, solidarity, and purpose(except to cuck before Jews, blacks, and homos), their power and prestige keep slipping with each passing year.
White folks have forgotten that race-ism is the force that discourages the temptation to betray one’s own kind as people are wont to do. Every individual is tempted by thirty pieces of silver paid in wealth or status. Collaborate with the enemy to get something for ‘me’. It’s like Fredo betrayed his younger brother Michael in THE GODFATHER II to get something for himself in personal pride and position. Without the strong dosage of race-ism, many people will betray their own kind or collaborate with the enemy for self-gain, thrills, or ‘narcissism of small differences’.

How did Jews remain Jewish despite egotistical temptations for betrayal throughout the ages? Their Covenant was race-ist in insisting that they stick together, preserve identity, and put their own kind first. So, even as Jews-as-individuals were tempted to betray their own kind for "Is it good for ME?", enough of them kept true to Jewish race-ism that emphasized "Is it good for WE?". Without such race-ist dynamics, Jews would have betrayed their own kind as individuals and turned collaborator and faded as an ethnic identity... like the Wasp Episcopalians.

Patriarchy is also necessary for the preservation of identity. By their nature, women are likely to run off with OTHER groups deemed more powerful. And young ones are restless and want to try something ‘new’ and ‘thrilling’. This makes them more likely to go over to any side that seems more fun.
Patriarchy(preferably one that is wise as well as stern) imposes tribal elder male power over womenfolk and young ones. Jewish Patriarchy was instrumental in keeping the Tribe together. As Jews were often a weaker & smaller group vis-a-vis other civilizations, many Jewish women naturally wanted to run off with more powerful goy men. But Jewish patriarchs forbade this and made sure Jewish women had kids with Jewish men. Also, Jewish fathers insisted that their sons stick to Jewish identity than have their puds succumb to the siren song of shikses.

Though Jews still have their race-ism and identity, the ebbing of Jewish patriarchy could prove to be fatal. Without patriarchal control over Jewish women, many are just turning slutty, vain, demented, or jungle-fevewitz. Too many Jewish women are turning out like Lena Dunham and Emma Sulkowicz. With Jewesses acting like that, more Jewish men will marry Chinese women, and their Chewish kids will have that lame yellow genes and lack chutzpah, the fire of the Jewish Soul. Also, without patriarchal control over Jewish boys, too many Jewish men are turning Animal-House-like and making total fools of themselves like Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein. Also, too many marry shikses who are either bimbos(thus lowering Jewish IQ) or careerist & castrating harridans.

In PORTNOY’S COMPLAINT, there’s an older cousin who wanted to go with a shiksa but the Father said NO, so, the cousin went nuts and smashed all the bottles in the cellar. The father beat the crap out of him, but the cousin took the beating despite being stronger. Patriarchy was still operative back then, and the authority of the father kept the kid within the Jewish community.

But with the fading of Jewish patriarchy, too many Jewish boys grew up with endless porny jokes about dongs and schwarz, and their cultural sensibility got stupid and shallow. Lucky for Israel, it still has patriarchy to keep enough Jewish males in line to defend the Order. With too many Israeli Jews being decadent, they will fail their nation if patriarchy isn’t around to restrain their worst excesses. Consider that 70% of Israelis are for ‘gay marriage’, but it is banned in Israel because of the patriarchy. It’s like Moses’ patriarchal authority saved the Hebrews from the decadent revelers for whom the only truth is ‘my ding-a-ling’ or ‘my pooter’(or cooter).

In the West, the loss of race-ism has meant loss of white identity, pride, and purpose. So, even though whites still got money and status, they got no respect and therefore berated, demeaned, and mocked by non-whites. Also, many whites turn on their own kind and join with enemies(esp blacks) to cheer on their own racial demise as some kind of blessing to mankind. As a result, white people grow weaker every year in demography, iconography, status, and wealth. Also, whites who have wealth only care about themselves and feel no sense of responsibility to their white racial brethren. Indeed, the formula of retaining white prestige in the Current Order is to balance wealth accumulation with virtue-signaling. In the increasingly competitive environment, it’s sink or swim for many whites, especially with the erosion of the middle class and collapse of the working class. One can win big or not win at all. But in the current climate, any white person will be ‘doxed’ and destroyed if he has the ‘wrong’ kind of views. JewCarthyism is in full gear, and organizations like $PLC and ADL, in coordination with the Jew-run media, seek to ruin anyone who happens to be associated with ‘hate’(which means being proud of being white and rejecting White Submissivism to Jews). So, whites who hanker for success and status have internalized the mechanism of two-minutes-of-hate as constant reminder to play by the rules because they can lose it all in a heartbeat. Not only will they lose their jobs and status but they could be attacked by antifa thugs who are protected by the System that orders the Police to stand down and uses the courts to set them free to cause more havoc against patriots.

It is then no wonder that the fading of white race-ism is leading to the rise of the Jungle(black revelry) and the Jihad(Muslim reaction). Loss of white race-ism means that white men aren’t allowed to unite to defend their pride and manhood. In the past, white men had done just that, created a great civilization, and kept it as their possession and posterity. And white unity in command and battle facilitated great successes over other peoples, even against the odds.
In the movie ZULU, when faced against tough savage warriors, white British soldiers fight side by side with discipline and espirit de corps. And in the American South, white men maintained their solidarity against the black threat. Since a Negro could easily whup a whitey on a one-on-one basis, whites had to coalesce into a racial community to send a clear message to blacks aiming to rob, rape, or murder whitey. Also, white race-ism kept Jungle Fever under wraps. Since white men cooperated to keep the power and maintain racial pride, white women respected white men and had children with them. Also, because any white woman who went with a Negro was reviled and shunned, white womenfolk thought twice before betraying their race.

But the end of white race-ism commands that white men must NOT work together ever again in racial solidarity. Indeed, they mustn’t even entertain such notion and, perchance noticing such sentiment among peers, blow the whistle and have the transgressor destroyed right there and then.
Without racial unity and group effort, white men cannot win against black men. On one-on-one basis, most black guys can kick white guys in the butt and demonstrate superiority of manhood. (It’s like wolves are helpless against a bear or moose on their own. Their power to overwhelm bigger beasts comes from unity and coordination.) White males are allowed only two social modes: Outright cuckery before Jews & blacks and Libertarian Individualism. Cuckery is obvious surrender and abandonment of power and pride. Libertarian Individualism does offer the chance of personal success and pride, but real power is about the convergence of individuals, not their separation. Even if every individual were to retain his own beam of light, it can be part of something great only if it coordinates with other beams of light to come together to create a far brighter light:
So, even if white males reject cuckery, their beams of light remain separate and weak. They don’t converge to create the sun of power.
Also, with the fading of white male pride, white women are realizing that black men got more muscle, bigger dongs, and louder voices. White women have lost respect for white men. (Even white women who don’t have jungle fever have been programmed to blame everything on the Evil White Male.) With each passing year, many more white women surrender their wombs to Negroes to be Afro-colonized. Worse, the Official Power encourages and promotes Jungle Fever among white women and Cuck Feeble among white men. Indeed, it’s telling that white cuck-wuckery isn’t pathologized but just regarded as the New Normal. Blacks now sense the white wussy(the males) and the white pussy(the females). They see that whites are now addicted to jungle music and jungle power.

Without race-ism, white civilization loses out to animal aggression and Negro lust of savage domination, thug power, and funkery. The New Normal says the nations that white people built exist now to be invaded by the World. It also says white wombs that created white children for tens of thousands of years are now to be claimed and colonized by blacks to create mulatto babies who turn out like Colin Kaepernick. And white minds exist to be colonized and tamed by the Jewish supremacist Narrative, all the better to serve Judea. So,whites no longer have autonomy over their lands, bodies, and minds. They've all been hocked to other peoples.

With the rise of such lunacy, one would expect a moral and spiritual backlash from the white community. But in the absence of race-ism, whites are loathe to invoke God and morality to denounce black savagery and Jewish perfidy. If anything, Christianity has been eclipsed by Jewish-conceived Homomania that is the defacto official ‘religion’ of the West.

However, when a society is overcome with so much degeneracy and debauchery, the cultural/moral reaction has to come from somewhere. Since it cannot come from whites(who are either too self-debased or self-centered), it is coming from the Muslims who are rapidly filling up Europe and Canada, even some local communities in the US. Because Christianity is now little more than a shill for Israel or aid to Homomania and because white morality is all about ‘white guilt-and-atonement’, the pride of morality can only come from non-white cultures. And it is primarily coming from Islam.

It is Islam that is filling the spiritual vacuum of post-modernity to denounce debauchery. So, while the likes of Ariana Grande sing about how their mudshark pooters are stretched out by black dongs, Muslim terrorist target rock concerts as sinful dens of decadence and degeneracy. The crude moralism of Islam wages Jihad on Savagery of African Jivery. But instead of Muslims directly waging war on Africans, both groups wage war on the whites. Blacks wage war on whites by wussifying white boys and colonizing white wombs. Black guys beat white guys in sports and in the streets and turn white men into scared wussy white boys and white-uncle-toms. And white girls offer their wombs to be colonized by black seed, and this is promoted by both the state and entertainment all across Europe and America. So, blacks wage sports and sexual war on whites.
Muslims find the Jungle pretty loathsome, but as both Muslims and blacks count as ‘people of color’ and part of wonderful ‘diversity’, they maintain a semblance of ‘intersectional’ camaraderie against the Official Evil of ‘white racism’, ‘white xenophobia’, and ‘white privilege’ despite their opposing cultural modes.

As white nations become culturally Afro-junglized, Muslims attack this degenerate white society as the ‘sick west’. Muslims find the modern West to be vile and debauched, but they overlook the fact that black influence(esp with backing of Jewish power) played a huge role in turning the West into a cesspool of neo-savagery. The Great Reversion of blacks to savagery has now spread throughout the West. White elites listen to reggae as their primary music, and ‘white trash’(and white middle class) take cues from rap thug music.
So, blacks junglize the white world, and Muslims denounce and attack a junglized white world with Jihad.

Now, if whites still had race-ism, they could unite to push back the neo-savage blacks. Also, being a powerful and proud people, they would strike fear into the hearts of Muslims who would respect them and think twice about waging acts of terror against the West.
Alas, current whites seem so wussy to both whites and blacks. Indeed, white men are allowed to be tough and ‘proud’ ONLY IF they join Antifa to attack other whites or join the military to fight Wars for Israel.

Though blacks and Muslims couch their condemnation of whites in PC terms of ‘injustice’, what they really mean is "You weak!" Blacks don’t understand higher morality. Blacks only understand the right-and-wrong of rough justice decided by fists, hollers, clubs, and guns. They only respect the power that kicks butt and makes them say, "daaaaaaaaamn". When they see weakness(no matter how well-intentioned and/or sincere in contrition), they see it as ‘pussy-ass-faggotry’. It’s like hyenas respect powerful lions that can tear them limb from limb. Hyenas hate them but respect them. But if a wounded lion went to them and begged forgiveness for all the hyenas it killed in the past, the hyenas would just laugh and say ‘you weak’ and tear it apart.
This is why ‘white guilt’ won’t work. Black mentality only respects power. Blacks respected the Old South more than today’s goody whites. Even as blacks hated the Old South, they feared it and with fear came respect. But no matter how nice today’s whites try to be, blacks just see weakness and feel nothing but contempt. When blacks scream and holler slogans about ‘justice’, they really mean ‘you weak!’

And Muslims, despite their spiritual values, are also into power. Islam is about justice AND power. Muhammad was a warrior, and there can be no justice without power in the Islamic worldview. So, when whites act nice and apologetic, Muslims just see weakness and an opportunity to gain advantage. They feel that such wussy people no longer deserve to own the West. It’s about time another people, one with more pride of conviction and values, took over.

Unless whites bring back race-ism, they are done for. Year after year, they will lose more and more... until they got nothing left.

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