Saturday, March 10, 2018

If Nationalism is Passe and if We are living in a Post-National and Globalist Era, why shouldn't other nations interfere in US elections? - A Proposal for a New Kind TV: The Power Play

Progs attack Trump for favoring nationalism over globalism. Supposedly, in our Age of Global Citizenship, the notion of National Interest is no longer tenable. Anyone is an 'American', and if anything, US politicians should care about Americans-yet-to-be(future immigrants) than Americans who already are. Progs say we do away with nation-vs-nation antagonism and see the whole world as one community and US should allow endless immigration because there should be no distinction between the US and other nations. American military and money should flood the world, and the world's populace should flood the US.

But then, these same Progs say Trump is traitor for wanting Peace-with-Russia(that supposedly messed with US elections). Against certain nations, especially Russia, the US should be in total national defensive mode because... Russia is once against the Evil Empire? Because Russia hacked and rigged the 2016 election?

If Progs are truly anti-nationalist & pro-globalist, what does it matter if a foreign power messed with US elections? After all, Progs want foreign masses as new voters. (Of course, Russia did nothing of the kind, but when legend becomes fact, print the legend.)

If indeed, the notion of ‘national’ is passe and atavistic, so-called national elections should now be global elections. Democrats are now allowing illegals and non-citizens to register to vote in the spirit of globalizing US elections. But these same idiots bitch and whine about Russian meddling.

Progs say ANYONE should just barge into the US illegally, ‘dream’ of staying, and vote for Democrats.
Okay, if that’s the Prog logic, what is wrong with any nation interfering with US elections? If national sovereignty is atavistic and outdated and if millions of illegals have a 'human right' to invade EU & US and if Jewish globalists like George Soros should be allowed to game the entire world, then what exactly would have been wrong if Russia did mess with US elections, especially given that the US totally messed with Russian elections and even invaded and destroyed entire nations?

Progs may argue that Russian interference was intolerable because such breach of national sovereignty led to the triumph of nationalist Donald Trump over globalist Hillary Clinton, BUT if Russians helped an American Nationalist win, didn't they help BOOST American sovereignty? Wasn't their role akin to French support to the Colonies that made Independence from Britain possible?
If Trump is the Nationalist, and if Russians helped him win, how can the Progs attack Russia and Trump for undermining American national sovereignty when an America First Nationalist won the election and directs his energies toward serving the American people? Or, is THAT the real problem? The elites think globally and imperialistically than nationally and patriotically, and THAT is why they hate Trump's nationalism and increased sovereignty. It limits the elite's globalist reach around the world and compels them to care more about issues pertaining to Americans.
If Russian meddling made Trump the nationalist win and if Trump's nationalism strengthens Americanism, shouldn't the Progs be praising Russia if indeed the Progs really care about national sovereignty? The Prog argument seems to be, "Russia helped a nationalist who will strengthen American sovereignty when WE PROGS wanted the globalist to win to weaken American sovereignty." But if Progs don't care about American sovereignty, what do they care if another nation, allegedly Russia, messed in US affairs? "You violated our national sovereignty to make Trump win to strengthen our national sovereignty!" That seems to be the Proggy logic on Russia.


So much corruption and abuse unreported in the Jewish-globalist-owned MSM. Sadly, most people are either unaware or don’t care since they are hooked to Pop Culture and other nonsense.

Maybe the following proposal is what all societies need: An ongoing TV series about the most powerful peoples, institutions, and industries in America. The Power Play.

So, imagine a TV show called the FED that dramatizes what happens in the corridors of power. It has to be based on proved facts. Since it takes time to ascertain facts, these shows will have to feature events from at least a month ago. Time lag allows for verification.
And the show will be about what kind of decisions took place inside the FED.

And a TV show called SUPREME COURT. A dramatization of key things that happened in SC. Again, a month-lag on the dramatization of what really happened or were said on record.

And the same for The PRESIDENCY

And the CIA.

And the FBI.

And the NYT and other elite media.

And IVY LEAGUES. A show on the major decisions made by university presidents and deans.

And the Pentagon.

And Goldman Sachs.

And Amazon.

And Microsoft.

And Google.

And Apple.

This stuff can be made entertaining with good actors and expert pacing. Fictionalization won't be allowed as everything has to be in accordance with verified facts. Of course, the narrative will have to be ironed and streamlined of slack.

This will be a great public service as the public will have a glimpse, however incomplete, of the working of power in the most important and consequential institutions.

And maybe every city or local community can have a Play Production about City Hall. A never-ending series based on what happens among politicians, big time folks, and etc in the seats of power.

That way, entertainment won’t always be about escapism but about focusing on what is happening among the powerful. Instead of escapism, 'enterism'. Use art to enter to domains of power.

Now, there are shows like HOUSE OF CARDS that offer a vague inkling of what happens in DC. But with fictionalized characters and exaggerated situations, it’s more escapism than enterism.

We need Enterism in culture. We need to enter into the way of power.


  1. I agree with the sentiment of this piece as a whole. You make a great point. However, do you really believe that "Russia did nothing of the kind..." in regard to hacking our electoral process? I was one of the few saying (even before Snowden echoed the same) that I didn't think they would find any link between Trump and the Russian interference which, of course, turned out to be correct. But I still believe Russia actually DID hack our election. I believe that the facts bear this out, but I could be mistaken.

    Also, I consider myself to be a progressive. I honestly find it insane that anyone WOULDN'T be in favor of progress. In order to be against progress, one would have to be delusional enough to believe that we're all living in a utopia and nothing needs to be fixed, right? I think the people you're referring to as "progs" are actually what I term the "extreme left". They PASS for progs, only minus the logic and reason that us old-school progressives still utilize on a daily basis.

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