Friday, March 2, 2018

The Real Problem Plaguing Free Speech Is Not about Left vs Right but about ETHNO-MONOPOLY of the Media and Internet platforms by Jewish Globalist Supremacists

Why should the current reality of internet censorship and war on free speech be surprising? Because the US Constitution guarantees the First Amendment protection of Free Speech, the current elites cannot criminalize certain ideas, viewpoints, and expressions like in European nations and Canada that have no Constitutional protection of free speech. In those nations, the elites only need to pressure their whore politicians to follow suit, and then, laws are passed to forbid a whole array of speech. It began with banning ‘Holocaust Denial’ but has morphed over the years into fines and even jail time for saying insulting things about Muslims or homos.

In the US, the elites haven’t yet found a way to nullify the First Amendment. Since the state guarantees protection of free speech, the elites and PC commissars look for corporate ways to limit speech. In some cases, we have Jewish elites owning entire industries and firing or refusing to hire anyone who goes against their narrative. So, the subject of Nakba, the systematic massive pogroms against Palestinians in 1948, has effectively been banned in Hollywood. It’s not illegal to express one’s wish to make a movie about Nakba, but anyone doing so will be effectively silenced in American movie industry. So, despite Constitutional guarantee of Free Speech, honest discussion of Nakba or even the term ‘Nakba’ are defacto banned anywhere near Tinsel Town. Because Jewish Zionists own all the movie industries, they get to decide what kinds of pitches and scripts are okay and which are not. Some years ago, the Sony-Columbia leaks revealed that Jewish Hollywood insiders were emailing one another about how to ban Penelope Cruz from further roles in Hollywood for her grave sin of expressing sympathy for Palestinians being slaughtered in Gaza.

But then, not all industries are owned by Jews, right? Some are owned by conservatives and libertarians, right? So, why can’t they allow the kind of free speech that challenges the Jewish Narrative? It’s because Jews control the media that shape public perceptions on every industry, every institution, and everyone. So, if a conservative business were to donate to a certain cause or protect certain views & opinions that run counter to Jewish supremacist interests, the Jewish-run media will all coordinate attacks to morally smear and discredit that industry or institution. For example, when Hollywood favors Zionists over Muslims and shows zero regard for Palestinians, the Jewish-run media never complain or raise a fuss. But suppose some prominent company donated a measly $10 to some Alt Right organization. The entire Jewish media apparatus will tie that company to ‘white supremacism’, ‘racism’, ‘Nazism’, and etc., and then the company could face severe backlash due to bad publicity cooked up by Jews. Also, all these industries and institutions rely on loans and investments via Wall Street that also happen to be dominated by Jews. So, if a company or institution is associated, even just slightly, with any cause or movement that had been made a pariah by nonstop Jewish attacks, it can suffer grave consequences in loss of customers and loss of financing.

Because Jews control the media, they control the Narrative and the Template. And that means they can attack and smear even conservative or gentile-controlled industries. Imagine what Jewish media would do to a baking company that was deemed unfriendly to self-indulgent homo freaks who demand homo-wedding cakes. The media will use terms like ‘homophobic’ that has been drummed into countless Americans to have the same effect as ‘witch’ in the Middle Ages.
So, Jews control speech in industries and institutions owned by themselves, but they also control industries and institutions owned by conservatives and gentiles because they control the power of media that can make or break any people with hysteria, denunciation, opprobrium, and shaming. Just consider what the media have been able to do with the utterly bogus Russia-Hacking fantasy. Jews, being hysterical and neurotic, have no sense of honor or principles. They will say and do anything to get their way. Deep down inside, despite their high intelligence and depth of knowledge, they have the personality of hagglers and con-artists.

So, if we are to understand anything about the current order, we need to tell ourselves it’s not about ‘left’ vs ‘right’ or ‘conservatism’ vs ‘liberalism’. If indeed those are true principles, how did the Left go from Mayday to Gayday(supported by Wall Street and super-capitalist oligarchs)? And how did Conservatives go from white racial pride to the present cuckservative state? All these labels in the Current Order are too malleable and fluid to have much meaning. As both Liberalism Inc and Conservatism Inc are controlled by big donors, official scribes, and whore politicians, their alleged values and supposed principles are always playing the game of changing-the-goal-posts. The very Liberals who foam at the mouth FOR something today would have been foaming at the mouth AGAINST it decades ago.
So, why did those principles or values change? Because the elites altered the meaning of ‘liberalism’ in accordance to their shifting interests. At one time, the Jewish-led Liberalism was totally for Free Speech. But once Jews attained top power in the US, they used PC to brainwash young people that Free Speech must be curtailed because ‘hate speech’ is bad. (Of course, Jews get to decide what is ‘hate speech’, which is why Zionists can get away with saying anything whereas BDS movement faces being criminalized all across America.) And there was a time when feminism was totally anti-porn and against ‘objectification’ of women. So, why did so much of feminism become so pro-porn and pro-sluttiness? Jews changed the goal-posts.
Same goes for Conservatives. At one time, most Conservatives favored non-intervention. So, how did so many conservatives become pro-war during Bush II years? Because Neocons took over and put out the official line that it’s unpatriotic to oppose the Iraq War. So, all of a sudden, Ron Paul and Patrick Buchanan were deemed unpatriotic. And apparently, Buchanan was no longer ‘conservative’ and only a ‘populist’.

So, to understand what is really going on, look less to labels such as ‘left’ and ‘right’ and look to the Tribe that holds the most power. The current crisis of Free Speech in America is all about the ethno-monopoly of the media, internet platforms, finance, academia, whore politicians, and legal institutions by Jews. Jews control big media. Jews own all big internet platforms or exert pressure on them via Wall Street finance. Twitter sucks up to ADL and Cloudfare banned service to Daily Stormer because they wanted more financial investment from Wall Street.
Also, Jewish control of finance and commerce can shut down people from doing business. Paypal has near-monopoly in online transactions, but it denies service to a host of people and organizations hated by Zionists and Jewish imperialists. Jared Taylor has been kicked off Twitter and has been banned from using Paypal. His organization, American Renaissance, couldn’t find a place to hold conferences because Jewish supremacists applied severe pressure on hotels not to allow Taylor’s organization. Jews harass and attack White National Liberationists like they do with Palestinian National Liberationists because gentile nationalism is a threat to Jewish Supremacism as the one and only true national identity that denounces all other identities and nationalities as ‘false’ and ‘made up’. It’s the Jewish Matrix of Power. Jews don’t hold one or two cards or even most of the cards. They hold ALL of the cards. When Jews pull dirty stunts, there is no major force that will stand up to them as counterbalance.
Now, imagine if a venue denied service to an AIPAC rally for representing Jewish tyranny over Palestinians and horrible Jewish Wars for Israel that destroyed millions of Muslim and Arab lives. Imagine how the Jewish-run media would react. It would denounce the venue owners as ‘anti-Semites’ and ‘Nazis’. Imagine what all the politicians would do? As lowlife whores whose careers were made on Jewish political donations, every single one of them will come forth in support of AIPAC and denounce the venue owners. And then, Wall Street will no longer offer loans to the venue owners while offering generous loans to their competitors.
Will the venue owners at least get some support from the academia? Forget about it. Most academics are mere scribes who rose up the ranks as teacher’s pets of Jewish Professors who filled their minds with PC. With Jews controlling so many top institutions, most academics know that they will never be promoted or be granted tenure if they do anything to anger Jews. Norman Finkelstein is a Jew with impeccable credentials, but he couldn’t get a gig even at a second-tier university like Depaul because of Jewish pressure.

Jewish Power is so pervasive that Jews can even get away with violating Constitutional Rights. Consider what happened in Charlottesville in August of 2017. The Alt Right and allies went through every legal procedure to secure their right of assembly and speech at Lee Park. They were impeccable with every detail(unlike Antifa mobs who attacked random people and trashed Berkeley in opposition to Milo’s appearance), and they got backing even from the ACLU on grounds of free speech. Alt Right came to the park peacefully. So, what happened? The Jewish mayor and his political pet, the black police chief, violated the Constitution and used police force to shut down the rally. And then, the police willfully pushed the Alt Right and allies into the streets filled with Antifa types and a melee ensued. The state violated and trampled on Constitutional principles, but they got away with it. Why? The media are controlled by Jews and ran a totally BS narrative. And all politicians, total whores of Zion, praised the mayor and the antifa scum who initiated the violence. And even though Alt Right was the victim at Charlottesville — Selma for Alt Right — , their websites were shut down, they were kicked off platforms, and they were denied financial services. And the ACLU, even though it had stood for principles, vowed never to defend Alt Right again because Jewish donors warned its funding would dry up. Even though the Jewish mayor and police chief should be arrested and tried for abuse of state power, they’ve faced zero negative consequences. In contrast, Richard Spencer has not only been hit with tons of frivolous lawsuits but NOT A SINGLE lawyer will defend him. They are that afraid of Jewish power. Prior to the Charlottesville, Spencer was working out at a gym in Washington D.C. and was accosted by a hideous Jewish harridan. Even though he was hassled by some Jewish hag, HE was denied entry to the gym thereafter. But then, these lowlife Jews even cheered the sucker-punching of Spencer and called for a fatwa pogrom on all ‘Nazis’ to be attacked randomly in the streets. These Jews are so lowdown and scuzzy that they even tried to extort money from Richard Spencer’s mother who plays no part in his movement. If anyone ever wondered why ‘antisemitism’ was so widespread and longstanding, we only need to consider Jewish hypocrisy, nastiness, and vileness that are evident all around.

When Jews, who comprise only 2% of the US population, own all the big media, own most of Wall Street, control most of the courts, own all the whore politicians, own virtually all internet platforms — Facebook/Instagram, Google/Youtube, Twitter, etc. — directly or indirectly, and elite academia, that is a lot of power for such a small minority. Jews have placed us inside a maze where there’s no way out since they control all the entrances and exits. Via control of online finance, Jews made it difficult for Alt Right people to raise money. Via control of platforms, Jews are shutting down alternative voices on Facebook and Youtube. And even though Jared Taylor didn’t violate any terms of agreement, he got kicked out of Twitter. And he can’t even use Paypal.
Now take someone like Alan Dershowitz or Abe Foxman who are lowlifes and disgusting Jewish supremacists who not only support Zionist tyranny over Palestinians and Wars for Israel but exert pressure on US government to force ALL OF US to support Zionist terror and tyranny. Imagine if Twitter removed one of their accounts. You bet the media would go crazy and denounce Twitter as ‘antisemitic’. And Jews in Wall Street will threaten Twitter with no more loans or investment.
Or imagine if one of them were denied service by Paypal for supporting the Zionist supremacist terrorist state of Israel. (Since Paypal is owned by Zionist imperialist supremacists, there is no danger of that, of course.) You bet Congressmen would make big speeches about how a wonderful noble Jew’s rights have been violated. You bet magazines, newspapers, and TV will run endless reports on the grave injustice. But Jared Taylor’s removal from Twitter and denial of service by Paypal. There is total silence, indeed even from the Conservative and Libertarian communities that purport to stand up for free speech.

Because Jews own or control all the big industries or institutions, we are like rats caught inside a cage on fire with no means of escape. Jewish power is utterly corrupt. Many people, including myself, once thought Jews were motivated by some degree of principle and idealism because, in the past, they supported ACLU and even defended loathsome Neo-Nazis. But it turns out Jews only pretended to care about free speech in the past because so many of them were pornographers or radicals(leftist or Zionist) and feared being shut down or censored by conservatives. But now that they have near-total control of all major industries and institutions, they fear free speech because free speech naturally tend to fixate on The Power. I mean who wants to waste time speaking truth to Eskimos or Hawaiians who have no power? In the past, Jews spoke truth to Wasp power because Wasps were then the ruling elites. Since Jews got the most power, it’s only natural that free speech should be used to speak truth to Jewish power. That is why Jews now brainwash young ones with PC to believe ‘hate speech’(always to be defined by Jews) is not free speech.

Jews at Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter claim to work with ADL and SPLC to clamp down on ‘hate’, but ADL is a Zionist Hate Organization that is into Nakba Denial, supports the Occupation of and Apartheid in West Bank, and pressures the US to threaten war on Iran, a nation with no nukes in contrast to Israel that has 300 illegal ones. SPLC is essentially a Jewish-funded organization. It’s a hysteria-mafia that takes money from Jews to scaremonger about mythical neo-nazis and fairytale KKK. Most of what it reports are Hate Hoaxes, and it totally ignores all the acts of violence and thuggery carried out by blacks and illegal aliens. It mostly goes after white Americans and Christian conservatives, two people hated most by Jewish globalist imperialists. ADL and SPLC pretend to be independent organizations, and they are able to get away with the charade because they are protected by the utterly corrupt Jewish-run media. Indeed,the Jew-run media report the
'findings' of ADL and SPLC as if they're holy writ not to be questioned. Imagine that. Jews fund ADL and $PLC, and ADL and SPLC say what Jews want to hear, and then the Jewish-controlled media uncritically and unquestioningly run with the 'findings'. It's like a Jew using three sockpuppets to create the illusion of autonomy among separate organizations.

Now, think of the incestuous relationship among Jewish centers of power. Jews control all the big media. Jews provide most funds for SPLC and all the money for ADL. Both are effectively tools of Jewish supremacist power. They defame anyone or any group hated by Jews as potential rivals or critics of Jewish supremacist power. They totally serve a tribal agenda and work in tandem with Big Media that, contrary to its professed impartiality and objectivity, are totally owned and operated by Jews and filled in their ranks with either Jewish managers and journalists or with gentile ones who’ve proven their worth as good little teacher’s pets of the Jews. So, when ADL and SPLC works with Twitter, Facebook, or Google, it’s just tribal power plus tribal power plus tribal power. And it’s not about ‘leftism’ or ‘rightism’ but about tribal supremacism.

Now, just think. Suppose Hindu-Americans or Chinese-Americans owned Google, Facebook, Twitter, all Big Media, all whore politicians, all elite academia, Wall Street, and the top courts. Would no one see any problem with this? Should such a small minority have so much power, especially if they are utterly corrupt, supremacist, arrogant, and contemptuous of other groups? If Chinese-Americans or Hindu-Americans(or even Mormon-Americans) had such power, I think there would be serious discussion of the unhealthy concentration of wealth and power by such a small group whose loyalties, by the way, may not be with fellow Americans but with China or India.
And yet, there is no discussion of Jewish ethno-monopolistic power in America, especially when Jews are now using every dirty trick in the book to suppress, silence, and blacklist anyone who dares speak truth to Jewish Power?

In a nutshell, Monopoly Capitalism leads to Monopoly Intellectualism, esp if the monopolization of industries is controlled by a single ethnic group.

In the end, free speech is secondary to Power Speech. Even if every American has equal speech rights as an individual, most voices will go unheard. If, out of a thousand people, everyone has the same right to speech but ONLY ONE PERSON has control of the megaphone, only one voice will have Power Speech that drowns out all other voices.

Not only is there a corporate monopoly of the media but there is an ethno-monopoly as well. It is especially tragic because the US is the lone superpower with the means to make or break any nation. So, if Jews in Deep State want to destroy a nation and push for war, they can rely on their Jewish brethren in the Big Media to spread war propaganda as happened in the buildup to the Iraq War when even New York Times were beating the drums for war. And of course, Jews at NYT and other publications gave cover for Obama’s war crime in Libya, support of terrorists in Syria, and collusion with Neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine.

The Mass Media has long been monopolized, especially ethno-monopolized. The internet allowed some degree of alternative voices, but Jewish Platform Monopoly by Google, Facebook, and Twitter means entire voices will soon be shut out or shadowbanned. Also, financial services like Paypal deny service to men like Jared Taylor who never committed a crime while criminal thugs of ADL, BLM, and Antifa get to use the service all they want.
And of late, it seems the Jewish-monopoly Media exist mainly to stir up ‘Russia Hysteria’ to spread fear and paranoia so that alternative news and voices will be smeared as puppets of Putin as New Hitler.

Some say this is ‘leftist’ or ‘cultural marxist’, but isn’t it odd that Monopoly Intellectualism also targets the BDS Movement, trying to criminalize it nation-wide? BDS has long been associated with the Left, but even Democratic Party big shots side with Sheldon Adelson and Neocons when it comes to issue of Palestinian rights. Hmm, gee, I wonder why that is?

The dogma of PC and cult of Homomania also further Monopoly Intellectualism because so many scholars and media people were raised from cradle with the notion of Holy Homo. It’s their neo-religion, and it was propagated by the cabal of Jewish academia, Jewish media, Jewish finance, Jewish entertainment, Jewish control of courts, and Jewish purchase of whore politicians.

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