Monday, March 19, 2018

Leading Two Peoples is as Pointless as Serving Two Masters

Just as it’s difficult to serve two masters, it’s difficult to lead two peoples.

Why are so many white working class and underclass folks so lost and confused? Why are they so lacking in moral compass? It is because they get no leadership: politically, socially, culturally, historically, spiritually.

In the past, white leaders felt a racial-cultural-national connection with white masses and led them. White body was guided and watched over by the white mind. The white mind had a clearer sense of right and wrong, and it prodded the white body to act accordingly… like Moses leading the Hebrews.
But now, the white body has no leadership because the white mind no longer feels a direct connection with the white body. The covenant between the white elites and white masses has been broken. Jewish Globalists insist on the separation of white mind and white body.
Jewish academics inculcated white elites with ‘white guilt’ and promised them redemption ONLY IF they were to dump the Archie Bunkers of the world. Also, the Jewish Globalists, via control of mass entertainment, vulgarized the white masses with junk culture and Jerry Springer-ism so that they’d be deaf to sound advice if they ever heard it.

Today, white leaders/elites are expected to represent and care for ALL peoples than feel especially responsible for fellow white folks. But the interests of blacks, browns, yellows, Hindus, Muslims, and etc. are different from those of white folks(as well as from one another). When white leaders are supposed to represent Diversity than whiteness — esp when whites must bear the brunt of ‘white guilt’ — , white masses get no leadership. Also, as ‘white privilege’ is deemed evil, white elites(who still retain privilege) try to justify their own tainted privilege by cucking out to non-whites and especially Jews who, despite their super-privilege, flash the Shoah Card of Eternal Victimhood. (It must be said that the Current Order requires white elites to serve Jewish Globalist uber alles, and so it gives the lie to the notion of ‘anti-racism’. Jewish Power banished white identity from respectable discourse not so much to make white elites color-blind but to make them serve Jewish supremacism. After all, if Jews really want white elites to care for all groups equally, why do they push Palestinian-American interests to the back-burner in favor of Jewish-American interests.)

A man who tries to serve two or more masters will end up confused, betraying all the masters as well as himself in the absence of meaningful integrity of loyalty.

A man who tries to lead two, three, or more divergent peoples behold an impossible task. Imagine if Moses had tried to lead Egyptians, Hebrews, and Canaanites.

Even a figure as inspired as Gandhi couldn’t, in the end, represent both Muslim India and Hindu India and had to relent to the partitioning of British India into a Hindu majority nation and a Muslim majority nation, Pakistan. (Notice Netanyahu doesn’t pretend to represent Palestinians as well as Jews. He is a Jewish leader of Jews through and through.)

In time, the would-be leader of multiple peoples just becomes jaded and cynical. His pompous talk about Diversity degenerate into self-serving machination of careerism. As he finds it impossible to lead many peoples, he is resigned to serving himself and the one master: The Zionist-Globalist elites.
Even as the current white elites are dazed and confused in their failure to represent and lead all peoples, they are focused on serving ONE uber-master, the Glob. It’s easier to serve one master than lead many peoples. Currently, the West has only one master that counts: Jewish Globalism. No wonder then that so many politicians opt to serve the Jewish globalist uber-masters. Easier to serve the one than to lead the many.

Ideally, white elites would stop serving the Glob(aka globalist supremacism) and start to serve the white masses once again. Let non-white groups rely on their own non-white leaderships.

Anyway, the white race needs to think like blacks with NAACP and Jews with AIPAC. Even apart from electoral politics, blacks and Jews are represented by organizations that explicitly cater to their identities and interests. And Hispanics have La Raza, lately renamed to something else.

Whites need something similar. Of course, this pro-white organization that ALWAYS is geared to represent white identity and interests(regardless of winds of political fortune) must be sane and responsible. Unfortunately, explicit White Identity has been associated with KKK and the like, not least because the Jewish-run media and Jewish-funded watchdog groups like ADL and SPLC have created this impression that anything related to white or European consciousness must be associated with the ‘far right’ and the ‘Nazis’.

A National Humanist White Organization is most necessary. One that is moral and responsible.

Because most whites only rely on electoral politics, they feel represented or unrepresented depending on who wins elections. But if whites have powerful and well-organized socio-cultural organizations to represent them apart from politics, they will always feel empowered regardless of shifting political fortunes. It’s like Jews have ADL and AIPAC working on their behalf regardless of who is president, senator, or governor.

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