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Jewish Powers vs The World and How the Game is Played — Marx Brothers beat Marxism as Manual for Future Power — Jerry Springer as Cartoon George Soros — How 'woke' Political Correctness aids and abets White Privilege — Evanglobals

It is about Urban vs. Rural

It is about Globalist vs. Nationalist

It is about Cosmopolitans vs. Patriots

It is about Tribal vs. Universal

It is not about Democrats or Republicans

It is about Identitarians vs. Americans

It is about the ‘as a’ people vs. Authenticity

It is about a ‘Great Reset’ vs. longing for greatness

It is about Jerusalem vs. Athens

It is really about the ‘last days of the Weimar Republic’ all over again.

Throughout its history, capitalism has been using different tactics to suppress opposition.

It's really about Jews vs the World. Granted, not all Jews are neo-satanist and crazy. Not all are powerful. There have been righteous Jews who tried to speak the truth or some portion of it. Stephen Cohen, Norman Finkelstein, Brother Nathanael, and etc. But they don't have the power. Finkelstein couldn't even keep his gig at the second-rate university DePaul because of JSP or Jewish Supremacist Power spearheaded by the odious Alan Dershowitz.

Now, there would be problems in the world without Jews. Even if all Jews vanished into the thin air, there would be conflicts everywhere. Consider the recent conflict between Armenians and Azerbaijanis. There are drug wars in Mexico. There are tensions between China and Vietnam. India and Pakistan hate one another. Still, Jewish Power makes it far worse by interfering in hot spots in the world. Instead of letting the locals come to terms a regional power playing broker, Jewish Power often intervenes by using its control of the US as the lone superpower. Would Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, and Afghanistan be in the states they are in if not for Jewish Power? Would there be a 'new cold war' with Russia?
Without Jewish interference, there would have been no coup in Ukraine and all the bloodbath that followed. Syria would be in one piece. Now, Assad is hardly an ideal leader, but what sane person would prefer Al-qaeda or ISIS? It seems Jews prefer ANYONE(even quasi-nazis in Ukraine) if it's GOOD FOR JEWS. That's about the extent of Jewish moral consciousness.
Just about ANY nation has internal divisions. They could be ethnic, religious, ideological, or whatever. There are some aggrieved factions or minorities in any society. Usually, they just go along because doing so is the best bet. It keeps the peace. But when the order becomes destabilized and these groups are supplied with arms & materials, a war can break out. Same is true of Israel. Suppose foreign powers undermined government there and supplied arms to Palestinians in both Israel proper and West Bank. Things would go up in flames in street-to-street fighting, like in Syria. Such a Yinon-ist divide-and-rule strategy has been concocted by Jews for goy nations. So, Syria is on fire and Yemen too. Why? Jews don't want those nations to be stable, secure, and close to Iran. So, ANYTHING is justified in undermining them. So, a limited conflict within Syria blew up into a major war. Thanks Jews.

But then, a low-level Yinonist Plan has been devised for the West as well. Why do Jews push for mass-immigration and Diversity on goy nations(while never for Israel)? Because Jews know that more Goy Diversity means they can play divide-and-rule game more effectively. But even in relatively homogeneous nations, Jews create and play on ideological and idolatrous divisions to tear them apart. Take Poland. Jews are masters of psychology and understand the Polish Mentality. Poles suffer from the Polish Disease of Slavic Inferiority Complex. Poles don't want to be associated with Oriental Despotic Russians who seem so crude and backward. They want to be considered as part of Western Europe. They never tire of bleating on about how they are CATHOLIC than Orthodox and how they use the Latin Alphabet than Cyrillic. Poles were once powerful but came to ruins and weakness. They got swallowed up by Russia and came to idolize the West. So, they are a bunch of suckass dogs who crave approval from the West. Jews studied the 'Dumb Polack' psychology and know what to do, which is why so many young Poles are into globo-homo and Afromania. (As Catholicism has been replaced by Gay Rites and Jungle Fever in the West, young Poles are dropping Catholicism and raising the new banner of BLM with 'rainbow' colors. They go with whatever is 'cool' in the West.) Their modus operandi is essentially 'West is cool and awesome, and Polish value depends on how much the West approves of us.' Now, this wouldn't have been so bad in the past when, indeed, the West was far more advanced than the East. Western Enlightenment over Russian Oriental Despotism. Also, there was a time when the West was more race-ist than the East. Russia, with its polygot empire, became somewhat mongrelized. In contrast, Western Europeans, especially of Central and Northern Europe, were more homogeneously white and proud of it.

But what is the current West? It's about total cuckdom to Jews, Negroes, and Homos. It's about Erasism, or erasure of the native population. It's about the Great Replacement or White Nakba. If anything, current Russia is whiter than many parts of Germany, France, Sweden, Holland, and UK(which should stand for United Kolony than United Kingdom). But the Polish Disease is blind to all that. It only cares about seeking approval from the West that still hogs the global prestige. Due to the Polish Disease, Poles have no autonomous or independent way of gauging meaning and worth. All that matters is sucking up to the Prestigious West.
One may wonder why the West has prestige when its popular culture is garbage, its borders are broken, its elites are cucky-useless, and its cultural expression is 'twerking'? One reason is the power of hype. West controls the media machine and advertising. It creates the glitter in your eyes. But it's also because the nationalist, Christian, and/or conservative forces are so dull, boring, or corrupt. It's great to be nationalist and it's good to be Christian but one doesn't live on seriousness, morality, or eternity alone. People need sensory stimulation, especially in our modern era of electronica. It's like people love the celebration of Christmas more than its true meaning. It's the celebration of it that spread to Japan as well, a nation where only 1% is Christian. Consider the Beach Boys song, "Fun, Fun, Fun". Too often, people feel that the Right takes the T-Bird away. Of course, the Left took it away too under communism, which is why capitalism won the 'culture war' against communism. Capitalism offered rides on the T-Bird. Especially as Pop Culture prizes youth uber alles, shallowness has come to dominate social attitudes. And too often(and understandably), 'growing up' is seen as synonymous with losing one's idealism and coming to terms with the corrupt ways of the world. Too many 'grown-ups' are compromised professionals. Consider all those 'experts' in government. Would it be possible to create a culture where to be grown-up means to be more truthful and principled? To be wise than to compromise?

But it isn't easy to root out corruption since anyone who tries will have to go up against the whole system that put him into place. It's far worse when society is corrupt in general. Then, even as people gripe about corruption, they resist efforts to reform society because they themselves are so used to benefiting from it, which are the cases in Southern Italy and Greece. Southern Italians and Greeks complain endlessly about corruption but resist all attempts to end it as it's how most of them do business. It's like blacks complain about crime and violence but resist attempts to root them out as they don't like white police sticking its nose into black affairs.
Poland is also very corrupt from top to bottom. Perhaps, Poles associate corruption with the Eastern Way and look to the West for a cleaner model. But while the workings of the bureaucracy may be cleaner(at least in Northern European nations), the West is also deeply corrupt and compromised at the very top because it lacks national autonomy. EU nations are all vassals of the US that is controlled by Jews. You can't have a sound national policy when your leaders are essentially led by the nose by the likes of George Soros. The fact that cleaner government is no panacea to current problems can be seen in UK, Germany, and Sweden. They have cleaner governments than Italy, Greece, and Poland, but that didn't stop them from embarking on national suicide. If anything, perhaps cleaner government paved the way for the demise. Clean government means law and order, and law and order can lead to prosperity. Order and Wealth leads to boredom and neurosis(like with the characters in Ingmar Bergman films). Also, prosperity means a more generous and naive outlook about the world, such as 'Save Africa'. Also, extended peace robs people of the warrior spirit that can sense danger. (Of course, Jewish-guided PC informs white people that their survival instincts are 'atavistic', 'backward', 'extreme', and 'far right' even as Jews stress upon survival instinct in Israel. According to Jews, any white will to survive as an identity is a 'pathology'.) Boredom, naivete, and good-will have spelled doom for Sweden. One silver lining about less clean orders is people tend to be less trusting and more survival-minded than good-will-minded. Now, a trust-culture is better than a distrust-culture but ONLY IF the elites are worthy of trust. If the elites are worthless cucks whose agenda will lead to national demise, a trust-culture is the worst possible thing for that society. The people will trust the elites and go over the cliff like so many lemmings.

Anyway, it's about Jewish Power that is messing up so much of the world, not least because Jewish intervention blows up local conflicts into global ones. Syrian War would have ended quickly with Assad victorious IF it weren't for the fact that Jewish-controlled US encouraged Turkey, Saudis, Israel and others to descend on that nation like a pack of vultures. Thus, it turned into a major conflagration.
While US-Iran relations would be sour due to what happened in 1979, it would be a lot better if not for the Jewish Lobby that insists on Israel remaining the ONLY Middle East nation with nukes. How surreal that Israel with hundreds of nukes gets billions in 'aid' while Iran, a nation with no nukes, gets sanctioned savagely. And what's the beef between US and Russia? Sure, many Americans hate Russia, but why? They rely on the Jewish-controlled Media that say Putin is 'Putler' and etc., or Russia is evil because it won't have homo parades. It's like dogs barking at something because the master ordered them to. If not for Jewish Power, most Americans would feel no hostility toward Russia. They might not agree with the Russian Way, but no one would get worked up for another 'cold war'. Anti-Russian policy is totally about Jewish sour-grapes because Putin didn't allow Jewish oligarchs to do as they pleased. Also, the notion of a white majority nation being proud of its identity/heritage and its religion and saying NO to the NWO(or JWO) is threatening to Jews because it might spread to other white majority nations: No More Sorrows with Soros. Jews pretend that they oppose Russia because it's against 'liberal democracy', but these same Jews have destroyed free speech in the West. They use Antifa terror and thuggery to shut people down. According to Jews, 'democracy' is whenever their puppets win. If the people freely elect someone Jews dislike, it's 'autocracy'. Jews would have us believe Ukraine is about 'liberal democracy' because Jews and their puppets run it.

Jewish Perfidy goes all around the world. Why does Jewish Power make things so difficult for negotiations with North Korea? Because North Korea has nukes and sets an example for nations hated by Israel. (Never mind N. Korea rushed to get them because Neocon Jews urged Bush II to include that nation in the 'Axis of Evil'.) Also, why would Jews tolerate a possible reunification of the peninsula and withdrawal of US forces when South Korea is such a useful puppet in the global chess game?
This Jewish craziness extends all over Latin America. Jewish-run US policy toward Latin America is as follows: Any nation that exhibits any sign of defiance and independently negotiates with Russia, Iran, or etc. must be targeted for regime-change. So, Bolivia came under crossfire. Venezuela has been targeted. All this talk of Venezuela interfering in US elections is rich coming from Americans who've been interfering in Latin American affairs forever. But as the Jew Taboo dictates that you can never mention the Jews, you got to blame something other than Jewish Power. If a Jew kicked Alex Jones in the butt, he would blame the Arabs or the 'Chicoms'.

While Jews aren't the sole reason for the world's problems, they often make things worse by using their proxies, all in the name of 'good for Jews'. Whether it's George Soros breaking the Bank of England or Paul Singer financially leeching off other nations, there is the Jewish Hand. And who spread all this hideous neo-satanic globo-homo madness? Jews did. And why did so many whites become completely defenseless against such rot? Because their minds have been molded by the 2 PC's of political-correctness and pop-culture controlled by Jews. And of course, proxies of Jews spread degeneracy(especially of globo-homo nature) and conflicts all over the world.

Karl Marx failed, but a kind of Marxism did come to fruition. That of Groucho, Chico, and Harpo. Look all around and world politics is like DUCK SOUP(or Cuck Soup). Wily Jews pull all sorts of tricks and lead the stiff/square white goyim by the nose. The build-up to the Iraq War was like the scene in DUCK SOUP. Jews run circles around goy politicians like Groucho and Chico do with Wasps. Jewish Power is always several moves ahead, and the goyim are often taken by surprise and succumb in bemusement. Of course, as we're supposed to take it so seriously, current world affairs is like a straight-faced comedy, but what a joke it is. In an earlier time, one might have regarded DUCK SOUP as a satire of warmongers, but it no longer seems that way. It's more like a funny manual of how Jews can manipulate thick-skulled, square, lame, or dimwit goyim into just about anything. How is the scene in DUCK SOUP any different from what happens in Congress, CIA, or the Pentagon?

Another revealing figure about the Jewish Way is Jerry(or Jewry) Springer. What was his shtick? He would bring on these disgruntled goyim and make them beat one another up to the audience chant of 'Jerry, Jerry, Jerry'. Naturally, people have gripes all across America, but Springer exploited it and blew up these squabbles into 'national' feuds, a kind of World War Trash. He exploited trivial matters and turned them into big comedy-drama for national TV. And while these hapless and stupid goyim made total fools out of themselves(while also delighting in their 15 min of fame as insta-celebrities), Springer stood apart, safe and aloof, giggling with contempt at the easily duped goyim.
How is this any different from how Jews play world politics? True, there are deep-seated tensions and problems all around the world. But they are local in nature and remain limited in their implications AS LONG AS some global power doesn't come between them. The Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict wouldn't have gotten this bad IF Soros didn't encourage Armenia to make dumb decisions and if Israel didn't supply Azerbaijan with weapons. Notice how Jews play both sides, just like Jerry Springer pretended to have a sympathetic ear for all his guests when, in fact, he was doing everything to goad them into violence. On the show, there was Jerry Springer as the grandmaster, a kind of Soros-ian figure. And the big beefy security guys were like the US military. They kept the order. But did they keep the order for order's sake? No, the order was kept on stage just to make the guests fight like demented gladiators and make total fools of themselves. And what happens to these hapless goyim? Just ask the Armenians... or will anyone learn? Jews mess with the world, but the world pleads with Jews for sympathy as the Tribe has ungodly powers of finance, media, academia, big tech, gambling, deep state, and Shoah Worship(which deems any criticism of Jews as 'antisemitic' and 'nazi'). So, even people like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump who've come under special abuse by Jews (must) go through the ritual of appealing to Jews for 'advice' and 'approval'. It's like a mafia extortion scheme where one must pay 'protection money' and show respect. But protection from whom? From the one providing the 'protection', as if you don't pay, your place will go up in flames.

In this new ‘Left’ Identitarian amalgam, every ‘as a’ voice is welcome except the White one.

It's been said Diversity Craze and PC(or 'wokeness') are about Anti-White-ism and celebration of all non-whites, but this isn't really true. If it were truly anti-white across the board, it would gain little traction with most whites. Why then do so many whites embrace it? Because it's white-elitist and appeals to the suppressed 'spiritual' side of man. A white person who adopts PC feels morally elitist over incorrigibly 'racist' whites and socially elitist because most higher institutions are governed by PC codes. Furthermore, man is naturally spiritual even if irreligious. Just like vegans crave meat — mind can be moral but the body isn't — , modern secular folks, despite their conceit of rationality, crave the sacred and spiritual because emotional balance demands it. Of course, if one needs spirituality, it's better to go with real religion or mythology, just like it's better to have meat-protein than the soy kind.
Religion says God is above all. Now, why is this a problem for Jews? Because if Christianity or Islam is true and if God is above all, then it means all races should bow down before God as the ultimate judge. Under God, Jews and Goyim would equally be judged. Jewish Supremacists don't want equality with goyim, and so, they pushed for secularization. Now, the secular order can also be for justice for all. If the Law calls for equal justice regardless of race, color, or creed, that means Jews must be treated and judged like anyone else. But, that's no good for Jewish Supremacist ambition. So, Jews, the masters of psychology, infused the modern secular mind that hungers for spirituality with the quasi-spiritual worship of Jews and their favorite allies.
So, Diversity isn't about equal celebration of all non-white groups but special celebration and apotheosis of Jews, along with blacks and homos. If PC or 'wokeness' were truly about equal justice for Diversity, then the media would run as many pro-Palestinian and pro-Syrian stories as pro-Jewish stories. Hollywood would have made many TV shows and movies about Nakba and the dark side of Zionism. But, while the media almost never run anti-Zionist stories, they are filled with anti-Syrian, anti-Iranian, and anti-anything-hated-by-Jews stories. When Michael Brown strong-armed an immigrant business owner whose store was later ransacked by black thugs, where was the concern for his kind? None. Blacks matter, they don't. If Diversity is about celebration of all sexual expressions and deviancy, how come there is no month-long celebration of incest? It's telling that most non-whites don't stand up for their own identities and cultures but seek attachment to one of the sacred identities, namely Jewish, black, and homo. How many non-whites would succeed in Wall Street, Hollywood, or Big Tech if they displayed the Palestinian Flag? A Burmese-American showing pride in Burmese identity doesn't get him very far. An Iranian-American extolling the greatness of Iran wins almost no wokemon points. For approval or success, they are better off waving the homo flag or displaying a BLM sign. In contrast, it's great for a Jew to say he's proud to be Jewish. It's sensational for a homo to say sodomy is 'pride'. It's awesome for blacks to pontificate about how 'black lives matter' even though blacks are main killers of blacks. So, Diversity is less about the celebration of non-white identities but about most non-white groups circling around the altars of Jewish Identity, Black Identity, and Globo-Homo, the Tri-Supremacism.

Now, what do whites get from this? While many whites do lose out, it offers quasi-spiritual succor to elite whites and wanna-be-elite whites who, lacking privilege, settle for the next-best thing, which is attitude(of virtue-signaling), as in "I work at Starbucks and live in a crammed apartment, but I listen to NPR and read the New Yorker like all the sOpHiStIcAtEd people". Oh wow, we are so impressed.
PC is designed so that not all whites lose out. While it beats many whites with the stick as 'racist', it offers 'spiritual' and careerist carrots to those who repent and seek redemption. This atonement can be sincere(among the naive & childlike) or cynical(among the craven & opportunistic), but what matters is it either bestows immediate status or justifies the existing privileges of those whites who've chosen to be 'baptized'. In a way, 'wokeness' is more exciting for whites than for non-whites. Whereas Jews, blacks, and homos can only feel righteous rage, whites can experience the full drama, the passion play, of sainthood. Or the Road-to-Damascus Moment, though it's more like 'dumbass-cuss'. Just like it's refreshing to take a shower when one's dirty and sweaty, it feels great to be washed of 'sin', which among secular whites is 'racism', 'antisemitism', and 'homophobia'. Evangelicals are about being Born-Again, and white secularists are essentially Evanglobalists. They feel born-again, hallelujah.
Furthermore, the notion of 'white privilege' has a perversely empowering effect on whites. After all, if 'white supremacism' is built into the System, then it means whites are indeed superior in power, wealth, and everything. That means whites have two options. Be greedy and keep all the goodies for themselves OR share the bounty with the less fortunate and show off their magnanimity. So, privileged whites who buy into 'white guilt' regard themselves as the all-powerful group that is being so kind and generous than a declining racial group being bullied and intimidated into acquiescence(even though the latter may be closer to the mark).
Besides, 'wokeness' really aids and abets white privilege. How? If White Power(meaning the shared and united power of all whites) is taboo and must be stamped out, then there can only be privilege for white individuals. The notion of 'privilege' NEVER applies to all members of a group. In Old Europe, the privileged were the noblemen, not all white people. So, if white people cannot consolidate power as a group or collective, then the only option is for white individuals to seek privilege for themselves and children.
When PC speaks of 'white privilege', it's as if ALL whites share in it. But, privilege is inherently exclusive. For example, the white advantage over blacks in Old America was the result of white power. Whites were united then and identified with one another, top to bottom, east to west. Power cuts through privilege, i.e. poor whites without privilege shared in the power of whiteness. Power exists without privilege.
If power is forbidden, there is only privilege for those who seek it on their own. So, for whites who don't want the burden of uniting with all whites and leading them as a united folks(as Moses did with the Israelites), PC is just fine because it allows them to work only for their own privilege than for the power of the whole race. After all, privilege is a less daunting task than power. It would have been easier for Moses to keep his privilege in Egypt and live well than give that up to strive for the power of his people as a collective unity.

Besides, as 'born-again good whites', these white cucky-wucks are allowed to feel oh-so-righteous and holy-schmoly, and this is in more ways than one a continuation of Christian Psychology. Elevate oneself by humbling oneself. "Oh, I'm a sinner, I admit it, and I said my 'Hail Marys', and that means I'm so much better than those who haven't, let alone the benighted who aren't even of the faith." Humbly bowing before God and Jesus means your kind is holy and has the right to conquer the heathens and destroy the heretics. It's the Christian Paradox: The lower you kneel, higher you feel. Same with today's cucky-wuck worshipers of Anne Frank, Barbra Streisand, MLK, Mandela, George Floyd, and Harvey Milk. And this mentality now infects the so-called 'right' as well as the 'left'. Look, Trump has the endorsement of magical rapper Kanye!


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  1. Nice summery of why Poland leans towards globo-homo and why North Korea is targeted.