Saturday, March 10, 2018

Jews say the term ‘Globalist’ is dog-whistling about Jewish Power - We say the term ‘White Supremacism’ is dog-training by Jews to ensure White Submissivism - Jews are Not Anti-Supremacist; Jews attack 'White Supremacism' to protect Jewish Supremacism as the Sole God of Power

Recently, Jews attacked Donald Trump for using the term ‘globalist’. They contend it’s a codeword for Jews, especially because ‘white supremacists’ refer to Jews as such.
While it’s true that White National Liberationists do believe that Jews use globalism to further their agenda, they don’t dog-whistle about Jews. They don’t use ‘globalist’ to, wink wink, hint at Jewish power and influence. They go all out and mention the Jew. They say Jewish Supremacists do rule the US(that rules the world) and Jews use globalism to weaken gentile nationalisms. So, for White National Liberationists, ‘globalist’ is not a codeword for Jews. It is merely a description of Jewish strategy to expand their supremacist power around the world. Because gentile nationalism(that unites the native elites and native masses) is the most effective weapon against Jewish penetration and takeover, Jewish supremacists use globalism to weaken the bonds between native elites and native masses. White National Liberationists define globalism as a weapon of Jews, not as secret term for Jewish Power.

Now, there are some people who do use the term ‘globalist’(or ‘Neocons’ or ‘international bankers’) to mean Jews. And, surely Donald Trump knows that many people he designates as ‘globalist’ are indeed Jewish. Is Donald Trump anti-Jewish? No, he doesn’t dislike Jews for being Jews. But he knows Jews for what they are because he worked in New York all his life. And he knows that Jewish globalists are the most radically disruptive force in America. But for true-blue White National Liberationists, Jews are just Jews. Indeed, they take pride in saying it like it is and blurting it all out. No need for dog-whistling and code-words. Their way is to lay all the cards out on the table. They believe that Political Correctness and, before that, Culture of Sensitivity have held back honest discussion in American culture and society.

Perhaps, there was a time when it was good for social order to maintain certain proprieties and decorum. But that was when White America was predominant and felt confident enough to maintain the Order without being overly abrasive with the truth. Indeed, if the problem is manageable, it may be preferable not to say certain things for sake of peace and order. Suppose you’re a doctor and a patient is overweight but not grossly obese. Suppose the patient could be doing better by eating healthily and exercising, BUT you don’t want to upset her by calling her a fatty-fatkins, so you prescribe some drugs and offer run-of-the-mill self-care advice. Even though you didn’t speak the hard truth — that she really should lose more weight — , it’s not going to be fatal or unmanageable because she’s not TOO FAT.
But suppose your patient really is a hippo-woman, and her gross piggish obesity is THE reason for her serious health issues. In that case, you must speak honestly, even if it may hurt her feelings. You have to tell her, "Look, the reason you have all these ailments is because you eat like a pig, don’t exercise, and lug around all that weight like you’re a hippo, elephant seal, or a ton of dead gophers." Because truth often hurts, we often favor propriety over honesty for the sake of not hurting people’s feelings, and that is understandable. It’s like we can be tolerant of a dummy working at a low-level job. Suppose the dummy makes mistakes, but it won't be the end of the world since his job is of no great importance. Just to keep him employed, we could overlook his ineptitude... like with the Cliff Robertson’s character in the movie CHARLY. But suppose the job is something like managing a nuclear plant or operating a locomotive. In that case, we can’t be slack in our criteria and criticism because repercussions of something going wrong are too ghastly to imagine. Many people can be harmed or even killed by ‘mistakes’. So, when it comes to duties requiring the greatest of expertise and caution, we must be willing to ruffle the feathers and say it like it is. Indeed, consider how things got much worse in the Fukushima nuclear disaster because so many Japanese at all levels of government were willing to speak the truth. It was like the silence of skeptics prior to Pearl Harbor attack.

Likewise, consider the impact of the ‘mistakes’ of US foreign policy in Iraq and Libya. When men with immense power make ‘mistakes’ like that, it means devastation for entire nations and the ruined lives of millions. So, there are times when we must speak the truth no matter how many people end up with butt-hurt feelings and despite the fact that you may be fired or demoted. The fate of hundreds, thousands, or even millions may depend on it.
The world is now facing great dangers because no one in ‘respectable’ society has the guts to speak out about Jewish Supremacist Power that has gone pathological. Jewish Power is like an arrogant, spoiled, vile, and hideous Fat Monster-Man that is acting grossly and throwing up all over the place and making a total mess of things. When faced with such dangers, we can’t be like ladies and gentlemen obsessed with form and manners. We need to speak honestly and loudly and call out on Jewish Power. We can’t be like the restaurant staff in MONTY PYTHON’S MEANING OF LIFE who just keep serving the gross diner more and more(and then finally resolving the mess by having him blow up like a nuclear bomb and messing everyone else up).

We have now reached a point in history when we must speak the truth. Jewish Power is too big, too demanding, too corrupt, too megalomaniacal, too reckless, too insatiable, too remorseless, too shameless, and too murderous. Given what Jews have done to the world since the end of the Cold War, the craven silence is deafening. It’s rather like the silence of German society, high and low, when Hitler’s Wars began to turn everything into hell. The Culture of Consent & Silence was such that the fate of Germany became a one-man-show until the total collapse of Germany. Even though the US is too powerful to suffer defeat despite its imperialist ventures that have destroyed so many lives abroad, much of the world is suffering horribly because Jews feel entitled to have it all.
Also, even if the US can’t be destroyed militarily like Japan and Germany(indeed, even if the US were to act 100x worse than Germany and Japan in WWII combined), even many Americans end up suffering in other ways. Mass non-white immigration(engineered by venomous Jewish elites) has degraded and demoralized white Americans. Also, white gentile elite's allegiance to Jewish globalists than to the white masses has left so many white people feeling lost, confused, and directionless. It’s a fact that most people of any society lack agency or sense of purpose on their own. They must be led, just like the body must be 'led' by the mind. The white elites should be the minds of the white masses, but Jews cut the spinal cord between white minds and white bodies. Jews order white elites to serve Jewish supremacism and to attach themselves to non-white bodies of blacks and non-white invasive-immigrants. So, we have white minds serving Jews and representing non-whites but utterly neglecting the white masses that, on their own without representation and direction, grow disoriented, dispirited, and dissolute. (In the movie GET OUT, white liberals are so disassociated from their own identity that they want to literally attach themselves to black bodies.) The only worth of such people is to recruit them into the military and use them as cannon fodder in Wars for Israel. And their daughters are only good for sex workers for Jewish-owned industries.

Jewish supremacists see white elites as their managerial class and see white masses as cattle to be fed only to be slaughtered and sacrificed on the altar of ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ that are really codewords for (1) Jewish divide-and-rule strategy of pitting various goyim against one another (2) Invasion, which is what ‘inclusion’ really is. When an Order is made to feel it must ‘include’ outsiders, it loses its defensive rationale to preserve its character and integrity. Suppose Israelis were made to feel that their nation must be about ‘Inclusion’. That would mean Israel must have open borders that allow ALL kinds of people to be ‘included’ into Israel. ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ sound kind of ‘nice’, but they are just smiley terms that mask power-grab strategies by Jews.

Anyway, if ‘globalist’ is a dog-whistling term among weaker members of the Right — because the courageous Right will always name the Jew instead of using codewords — , Jews employ ‘white supremacist’ as a Dog-Training term. Essentially, ‘white supremacist’ means ‘Bad Doggy’ because Jews see white people as dogs to be trained to obey Jews. Jews have turned colleges into Obedience Schools because only well-trained dogs will obey Jews. Jews see gentiles like humans regarded the big beast in Steven Spielberg’s WAR HORSE. It is appropriate that George Orwell told a fable about animals in his most famous work. Despite Jewish claims of ‘progressivism’, Jews regard themselves as the Chosen, the true humans, while the rest of humanity exists to serve Jews like animals. Thus, domestication is the key. Jews need gentiles to be (1) domesticated and (2) trained to serve Jews. After all, dogs can be trained to serve gentiles and attack Jews. Domestication and obedience training alone don’t assure Jewish supremacism. The gentile-beasts-of-burden must be trained to serve Jews and to attack the enemies of Jews. Consider two such dogs. John McCain is a well-trained pitbull that growls and barks at anything Jews hate. So, his career was all about barking at Iran and Russia. And since Jews told him that the ‘moderate rebels’ are the good guys in Syria, McCain the dog cozied up to them. Next, consider Amy Chua. To be sure, she’s a curious dog and even sniffed her master’s butt in WORLD ON FIRE pertaining to Russian-Jewish oligarchs. She sniffed the Jewish butt and went "Woof!" But, in the end, she's a cheerleader and groupie-whore of the Power, and there is no greater power than Jewish Power. So, in her latest book, she plays the loyal dog of the Jewish Master. There is NO mention of immense Jewish Power in POLITICAL TRIBES while she dishes out the cartoonish Jewish talking points on the Alt Right. Jews are tossing her lots of doggy biscuits for her good behavior.

Jews want whites to serve Jews, but this doesn’t come naturally to whites. After all, most people want to serve their own kind. Only suckers want to serve others. Jews certainly serve their own kind and, furthermore, want others to serve them. If Jews simply wanted to succeed as individuals, they could do well in professions. But they want power as Jews, and they work and coordinate their strategy across institutions and industries. Jews hire other Jews for media control. Notice most magazines and journals have Jewish editors hired by Jewish publishers. Notice how Elena Kagan filled up her law department with Jews galore. Jews are not content with success as individuals. They’ve grown accustomed to being the Supreme Rulers of America. But how can the 2% rule over America all on their own? Even with immense wealth and influence, the 2% can only do so much. So, naturally Jews need the support of gentiles, and the most crucial support must come from whites who form the majority and have the most talent(after Jews; some may say Asians have lots of talent, but they are just drones and grinds). While Jews play the role of rulers, elites, visionaries, owners, and prophets, they need a managerial class to run the system. And the bulk of such people come from white gentiles.

But, who’s to say white gentiles will suppress their own identity and interests indefinitely to serve Jews who are often nasty like Albert Brooks character in BROADCAST NEWS? (Brooks’ character has integrity but is a jerk through and through.) Just like dogs have to be trained to follow all commands, white gentiles must be trained to obey Jews. How? Jews researched and pioneered much of psychology just for this reason. It was to the devise the most effective ways to take over the minds of others. Psychology became a full-blown applied science. It came to be more associated with political science and marketing than with medicine. And Jews learned about the shame/guilt triggers and mechanisms of carrots/sticks in the brains. Jews know the power of ideas and icons, and they used their control of Hollywood, media, and academia to train gentile dogs into feeling so sad(and even guilty) over Shoah and eons of ‘antisemitism’. Since WWII was a horror that happened in Europe, white Americans had to be guilt-baited with something else: Slavery and Jim Crow. This ‘guilt’ is supposed to be eternal if Jews can help it. After all, today’s Jews are not going to live forever. If future Jewish descendants 200 yrs from now are still to be served by future white gentile descendants 200 yrs from now, ‘white guilt’ must still be going strong like the Energizer Bunny even then. It’s a 1000 Yr Guilt. All future children of Jews are to be served by all future children of gentiles. Partly, it will be because Jews are smarter and will make more money but also because future Jewish kids will be instilled with pride and righteousness while white gentiles will be instilled with guilt and shame. Guilt and shame will paralyze the moral pride of whites, and as such, whites will seek to serve the Holy Group that can offer them a bit of benediction and few redemption points for their service. Like Joseph K in Franz Kafka’s THE TRIAL, white gentiles can never ever be cleared of their guilt. Whites are seen as patients with a chronic infection that can never be eradicated. Thus, they must always do as the Jewish Doctor orders them to in order to keep their said 'disease' under control.

So, what happens when whites show any sign of white identity, white pride, white autonomy, white sovereignty, or white desire for emancipation? What if they get a just a bit uppity toward Jews. Jews use the stick on the dog and yell "white supremacist", which means 'bad doggy'. When Alt Right whites went into Wolf Mode at Charlottesville, the Jews unleashed the police dogs and Antifa dogs on the patriots. How dare these proud White National Liberationists assert their own identity and interests! To Jews, it was the equivalent of Negro slaves telling their white massuh, "I don’t wanna be your slave no more, honkey!" Even though white Americans are not technically slaves like blacks were, they are soul-enslaved to Jewish supremacist power. Whites in the military must fight Wars for Israel and kill innocent Arabs/Muslims. If Jews tell white gentiles that Russia is the enemy, white gentiles must bark at Russia. If Jews tell white gentiles that ‘gay marriage’ is the law of the land, white gentiles must obey. If Jews tell white gentiles that they must welcome being demographically replaced by massive non-white invasion-immigration, white gentiles must show happiness and enthusiasm. Whites are not chattel property of Jews, but white heart, minds, and souls have been infected and colonized by Jews. They’ve been soul-enslaved by Jews who mastered the art of political psychology.

Then, ‘white supremacism’ is not about real white supremacists. It’s about shaming and taming even the slightest sign of white identity and interest that is independent of Jewish approval. Just like the men on the chain gang in COOL HAND LUKE must ask the Boss permission for the slightest hitch from the work detail, whites may have a bit of independence here and there ONLY WITH THE APPROVAL of Jews. And these permitted expressions of mild autonomy must nevertheless be mindful that Jews are the best. So, Christian Evangelicals and Mormons are allowed to express ‘independent’ pride AS LONG AS they praise Israel 24/7 and align their interests with PC mantras such as ‘Diversity Is Our Strength’. It’s like black slaves in the Old South were allowed a bit of independence here and there AS LONG AS they never forgot who their real master was. So, a black slave might be allowed to set up an ‘independent’ trade as a blacksmith, but at the end of the day, he had to hand over part of the profit to the master.

In current America, Jews cannot own people as outright slaves. But through psychological manipulation, academic obedience training, and financial blackmail, Jews can effectively own the souls of white gentiles who end up doing the bidding of Jews. And that is why ‘white supremacism’ is just a dog-training order that means little more than ‘bad doggy’.

Looks like an AIPAC rally for gentile dogs

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