Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Real Threat to Children Will Not Come from Child Porn but through the Pornification of Mainstream Culture

With the institutionalization and even sanctification of sexual decadence and degeneracy, some may feel that we are on the cusp of legalization of child pornography, pederasty, and pedophilia as well. After all, things seem to be accelerating fast. Dances went from Negro-inspired Bump-and-Grind to Negromaniacal ‘Twerking’ where women move their butts like they are having sex on top. In a few decades, the US went from permitting freedom for homos to do their own thing to praising the ‘gay community’ to pushing for ‘gay marriage’ to destroying those who won’t bake ‘homo wedding cakes’ to festooning churches with ‘gay’ colors. And the US went from tolerating trannies(but finding them ridiculous) to teaching students that a man with penis and balls is a ‘woman’ if he so feels like it. And the media, being controlled by Jews and their brainwashed cuckbots, just pushed and enforced the lunacy.

Indeed, Jewish supremacist ethno-monopoly of America is at the root of much that is wrong with this country. Because Jews have used media and academia to make us worship them as Eternal Holocaust People, wonderful comedians, and wise Einsteins, we are supposed to believe Jews can do no wrong. And since politicians are bought and sold by Jewish oligarchs and rely on the Jew-run Media for good press, they are careful not to upset Jews. So, we have a nation where the most powerful people in America, the Jews, go unchallenged and un-criticized no matter what they do.
Because we are all supposed to praise and honor wonderful Jews, anything associated with Jews or favored by Jews must also be supported, honored, or at the very least, not opposed. Because Jews declared, "We love homos the most", even American Conservatives(so slavish to Jews and Israel) dared not oppose the Homo Agenda. And since Jewish media said ‘Bruce Jenner is woman of the year’, even American Conservatives dared not laugh at the utter silliness.

Because Jews wield so much power, they’ve been able to accelerate the pace of degeneracy like never before in human history. Thanks to Jewish control of music industry, we now have ‘twerking’ as dancing. We have pornography accessible to young children. While Jews go after BDS and Alt Right voices, they promote more pornography even for kids because (1) Jews control pornography and (2) Jews use pornography as interracial propaganda to infect white girls with jungle fever and white boys with cuckitis. Thanks to Jews, we have Slut Pride as the new feminism. We have illegal invaders being called ‘dreamers’, and that’s supposed to put patriots on the defensive. Thanks to Jewish control of media and education, we have soul-dead kids like Nikolas Cruz and their anti-social behavior. And when such kids imitate psychopaths sensationalized by Jewish Hollywood and gun down innocents, Jews call for gun-banning. Indeed, Jews don’t mind corrupting the souls of Americans. More corrupted souls means more gun violence by lunatics, and that means more ammo for Jewish agenda to ban guns so that the Jewish-run state will have monopoly on firepower.

Because of the rapid rise of foulness all around, might not kiddie porn be just around the corner? And if such is normalized, might not pedophilia also be normalized? But, real danger won’t come from kiddie porn if indeed Jews were to attempt normalizing it next. Even in our excessively degenerate age of tattoos, piercings, and overall filth, most people will see kiddie porn for what it is: An infamia, a monstrosity. And even if its artificially-made kiddie porn that is permitted by the state, people will still see it for what it is: Something for Sickos and Degenerates to do in their own place and time. Strictly not for mainstream, normal, and healthy society.

The real danger to children will come from the pornification of mainstream culture in a society where sexualization of children is the New Normal in schools and entertainment. Sexualization of children is tolerated or overlooked because it isn’t necessarily associated with pedophilia. Some parents who allow their kids to dress and act ‘sexy’ may just see it as cute. Or they may see it as a natural maturing process. The logic goes, "If it’s okay for young girls to dress up Barbie dolls, why not dress themselves up like Barbie dolls?" After all, kids playact at being adults all the time. Boys dress up as cowboys and Indians. Girls dress up like full-grown women and even play at being mothers with baby dolls. And since adult female culture has become far more slutty, it seems only natural to many parents/adults that young girls should playact at being full-grown sluts.
This isn’t seen as pedophilia because the girls are not dressing up to be sexual playthings for adults. Also, there are feminists who argue that the more young children are sexualized, the more liberated and empowered they will be. So, kids being sexualized is fine as long as they aren’t being groomed for sexual relations with adults. The thinking goes, if young boys can play at being soldiers as long as they aren’t sent to a real war, then what is wrong with young girls playacting at being sluts and skanks as long as they are not used as prostitutes and sexual playthings? Kids will always imitate adults. So, if motherhood was the norm in the past, and young girls pretended to be mothers, then young girls of today should emulate sluts and skanks since they are the new face of Womanhood in Jew-run America.

But here lies the danger. While no adult expects boys to use guns like cowboys or soldiers, there really are child molesters and pedophiles. So, when boys play with toy guns, good or bad, they are really in a fantasy world of play. No adult, upon seeing boys play cowboys and Indians, is going to want to join in the game with real guns and shoot the boys dead.
In contrast, there are adults who do intend to prey on young children as sexual objects. Some will even lure the kids, kidnap them, abuse them, and murder them.
Now, some libertines may use the same argument made for homosexuals to decriminalize pedophilia: The reason why so many homos acted degenerate and dangerously was because homosexuality was criminalized; this drove homos into the underworld to indulge in their vice in secrecy and shame, and this made them even more degenerate than they needed to be. Likewise, pedophiles go to extreme measures and even commit murder to hide their acts because society is so ‘irrationally’ judgmental about pedophiles.

But even if we were to try to remove the stigma from pedophilia, I can’t imagine how it can be any less disgusting. Also, increased freedom for homosexuals only made their sexual indulgence more out of control, culminating in the HIV epidemic of the 1980s that, to this day, is kept under wraps only thanks to highly expensive drugs, the development of which took away resources from other medical researches.

Another difference between sexual playacting and dramatic playacting among children is the former animalizes whereas the latter civilizes. Even war-games among boys can carry some kind of moral content in terms of good guys vs bad guys or cops-and-robbers. They come with certain moral or proto-political themes. So, even though young boys are unfit to be cops or soldiers, their playacting makes them think in terms of using violence to achieve certain goals.
In contrast, sexuality is animal, and encouraging children to indulge in premature or budding sexuality is to animalize them. There can be no higher, social, or political themes attached to sexualization. While sexuality is a big part of why people fight, compete, and gain power — people want to find attractive mates — , in and of itself it is just animality. So, if boys playing cops and robbers are pretending to fight for something, girls(and boys) playacting at sexuality are reduced to mere objects of desire without understanding the full implications of what they're doing. Perhaps, the sheer idiocy of things like the Pussy March is a sad indication of the consequences of the sexualization of children in the past 30 yrs. The souls of these women have become animalized by black culture that reduces human behavior to ape-hood and by New Feminism that models itself on prostitutes for ‘liberation’ and ‘empowerment’.

Another form of sexualization of children comes from homomania and its effect on education. In the name of eradicating ‘homophobia’, children are given instructions on homo fecal penetration from the youngest possible age. Since their parents have been converted to Homomania as a neo-religion, they regard pro-LGBTQ indoctrination for their kids as something akin to catechism and communion in Catholic Schools. The parents have been educated and brainwashed to believe that it’s sinful to find homosexuality to be foul and trans-genderism to be ridiculous.
Because it is all-too-natural for straight people to feel yucky about homosexuality and transvestite-ism, progs consider such natural feelings as akin to the original sin. You see, we are born with ‘homophobic’ tendencies, and therefore, we must inoculate children at a young age to be not only accepting of but ecstatic for homosexuality.
Now, most kids will react weirdly if you tell them that some men stick their pee-pee’s into poo-poo’s of other men. And there was a time when parents felt the same way and thought it natural that kids, upon learning about homosexuality, would go, "Ewwwwww". But today’s proggy parents don’t want to take that chance. They are convinced that homos are holy, and therefore, their kids must be taught from the youngest age THAT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH FECAL PENETRATION AND CUTTING WEE-WEE OFF TO GET A FAKE POON.

Now, what happens when kids are told of homosexual behavior in graphic detail? While such instruction isn’t pedophilia per se, the kids are being told things that should really be discussed only among adults. While it’s true that kids are curious and talk about all sorts of things from a young age, a barrier is necessary between adult sexual knowledge and childhood experience. But when adults themselves use institutions to instruct kids about homo ‘sexuality’, the barrier between adult sexuality and childhood breaks down. Also, it’s one thing to discuss sexual matters with young teenagers who are undergoing the process of puberty, but it’s quite another to discuss sexual matters to children in elementary school who haven’t even undergone the process of sexual development.

Even more dangerous, there is the power of entertainment that is now utterly trashy and degenerate. Disney is a purveyor of sexualization of kids. Slut fashions in dress are marketed to young ones. Kiddie TV shows feature child actors with trashy attitudes. Is it any wonder that most Disney-sprung child actors and actresses turn into total shit later in life? What is called ‘wholesome’ by today’s standards is Whoredom Lite, and it’s just preparation for total whoredom later. So, Miley Cyrus, once billed as ‘wholesome’, turned into a total freak.
Jewish-controlled Disney uses girls like that, but there is hardly any condemnation or opposition from Americans. What does that tell you? If young girls are raised to act that way, what's happened to childhood in the entertainment industry? Perhaps, entertainment industry was always seedy and sordid at the core, but the breakdown of moral and spiritual institutions all across America now makes it possible for entertainment industry to restrain nothing in its spewing of degeneracy and filth on society.
Ariana Grande is promoted as a positive ‘role model’ for kids. Black culture like ‘twerking’ is deemed appropriate for kids. Every kid has smartphone and send pics of genitals. An entire generation of kids grew up to Nikki Minaj and her booty shaking. What is considered wholesome is really hole-some.

The problem is this: If such are deemed okay for kids, then it means kids should be encouraged to be sexual creatures. Then, it follows that children should be having sex with other children. (Still, no pedophilia yet, but wait for the next logical twist.) And if children should be having sex with one another, the next logical step would be adults should be having sex with children. Pedos will argue, sex is sex. If children should be sexualized creatures and have sex with other children, why shouldn’t adults join in also since both children and adults are now sexual creatures?

It is this indirect path to pedophilia that is insidious.

Indirectness is often more effective because it tricks us. Consider the Pavlovian means by which Homosexuality was made into Homomania the new religion. At first, most people, even as they came to tolerate homosexuality, found it gross and ewww. After all, what is great about homos doing fecal penetration on one another. And what is so great about trannies who get their genitals mutilated to get fake genitals. So, most people saw that stuff for what it was. So, Jews came up with the term ‘homophobia’ to reverse the shame dynamics. It used to be straight people felt normal whereas homos felt abnormal. But via ‘homophobia’,the idea was that it was rational and natural to be a homo, and it was ‘irrational’ and ‘phobic’ to have negative feelings about homosexuals. And then, the homosexuality was associated with rainbow colors. Now, fecal penetration and genital-mutilation have NOTHING to do with the beautiful rainbow, the but the Jew-run media associated the two together. Henceforth, most people thought of rainbow colors whenever they heard of homos or trannies. It was a Pavlovian trick. Once a dog is made to associate the sound of bell with food, the mere sound of bell makes the dog salivate. The dog associates the sound of bell with the yummies.
Once the homo agenda was associated with the rainbow, the Jews used their cuck-christian allies to place the homo flags in churches. And then, homo colors got associated with Christianity itself. So, Jesus and God were all associated with the ‘rainbow’ that was associated with the homo agenda of homos who do fecal penetration on one another. And so many dumb Americans fell for this nonsense.

So, if pedophiles have an agenda to legitimize and ultimately legalize pedophilia, they will go about in some roundabout way of gradual association where something illicit will be associated with something licit which will be associated with something legit which will be associated with something holy. In the end, Evil isn’t like the puking monster in THE EXORCIST. It is a smooth operator... like the Lucifer of Rolling Stones’ song "Sympathy for the Devil".

Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste
I've been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man's soul to waste

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  1. "Indeed, Jewish supremacist ethno-monopoly of America is at the root of much that is wrong with this country."

    Unfortunately, lost in some of your cogent points is your one track mind about Joos. A piece of advice here, although I fear that your hypergamy and solipsism will render it null and void.

    Niwdog’s Law—As an online discussion continues with multiple posters, the likelihood of a person making assertions that the Jews are behind everything in the world that is “bad” exponentially grows.