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How Jews Fixed the Problem of Dual Loyalty - They Bought out the Competition

Wherever Jews settled around the world, they were plagued with accusation of dual loyalty(which, by the way, wasn’t as bad as accusation of outright Treason, which also haunted Jews). The reasons were obvious. While Jews faced some degree of discrimination(varying in degree from region to region), they were also ‘auto-discriminatory’, which is to say they willfully set themselves apart from the gentile kingdom, state, or nation in which they set up their own community. Even as Jews plied their middlemen trade with the larger gentile society, they were mindful to maintain their own sense of identity, culture, and heritage. Because Jews had no claim to the lands of goyim(even though Jews now make such claim and try to secure control over white lands by promoting mass non-white immigration and then siding with non-whites against whites), the borders between themselves and ‘goyim’ had to be ethnic and cultural. And oftentimes, the gentiles were more than willing to oblige by restricting Jewish residence to the ghetto. But even upon Emancipation, many Jews maintained their own separateness from the gentiles in ways subtle and blatant. There were factors other than religion that reinforced separateness. One was in appearance. Even though European Jews were at least half European in blood, they did have distinctly Semitic features that set them apart. Also, higher intelligence and stronger personality also distinguished Jews from most gentiles. In most cases, the differences weren’t as stark as between William Hurt’s character and Albert Brook’s character in BROADCAST NEWS, but at any rate, the contrasts weren’t only about matters of theology. If indeed Jews simply happened to be just like any other white Europeans EXCEPT IN religion, Jewish-gentile relations would have been far less troublesome. Consider the Mormons who were initially persecuted in the US as a heretical sect. But over time, Mormons and other whites got along just fine. Why? Despite doctrinal differences, your average Mormon is just another white person who happen to be into the ‘Latter Day Saints’.

Anyway, the problem of loyalty haunted the Jews wherever they went. And it stemmed from the attitudes of both gentiles and Jews. For most of European history, gentiles were not willing to grant Jews full liberties or rights. Gentiles regarded Jews as a people apart. Perhaps essential for their financial services, but then, for that very reason, not to be trusted or even hated as ‘blood suckers’.
Granted, the problem of loyalty wasn’t as important prior to the rise of modern nationalism. Before the French Revolution’s new idea of nationalism, most Europeans, gentiles included, had no stake in the political process and had weak sense of larger ‘national’ community. Most people belonged to villages and serve the local nobleman. And they could even be ruled by foreign elites, like when Austrians ruled over parts of Italy, and Prussians ruled over parts of Poland. Prior to rise of modern nationalism, most people lived and thought locally. They might be called up to serve in the military, but it was to serve a nobleman or the king than the nation. As the people were supposed to serve the rulers than vice versa, there was little sense of loyalty to the larger nation and people. With the rise of modern nationalism, things began to change. Loyalty no longer meant just serving the local lord or the King. It meant serving the nation. Also, the king was no longer just a pompous monarch but the representative of the popular will. Even though the French Revolution and Napoleon were eventually crushed by monarchies, the idea of the nation-state and general will survived and were absorbed into the resurgent kingdoms that adapted to the new mindset. And it was during this period when the issue of Jewish loyalty became more problematic. Prior to the rise of the nation-state, the Jewish community only needed to be loyal to the local lord or the monarch. And the relationship was almost entirely financial. Jews would lend money to the lords, and lords would offer protection. There was no great meaning to the relationship. And Jews didn’t need to have any loyalty to the larger community as a whole. It didn’t matter because the people were seen as subjects and servants of the lord. In some ways, Jews liked this arrangement better. They only needed to form a mercantile bond with the lords and could just ignore all the ‘loser deplorables’. And when not working for the lord, they could devote themselves fully to Jewishness.

But, the rise of the modern nation-state changed all that. In some ways, Jews welcomed the new changes. The rise of people power and the principle of citizenry with rights could mean not only greater freedom for the gentile masses but Emancipation for Jews. So, Jewish freedoms would ride on the coattails of the new freedoms for the masses. And indeed, in most parts of Europe, Emancipation of Jews soon followed the liberation of the masses(that came under democratic rule) or increasing liberality(that eased up on monarchical authority). But these changes were fraught with dangers because Jews had traditionally forged alliances with the gentile elites, whose protection made it possible for Jewish merchants and tax-collectors to treat the gentile masses with disdain and contempt. In the New Order, Jews had more rights and freedoms(like the gentile masses), but the declining authority of the elites and the rising power of the masses meant Jews had to navigate between the elites and the peoples, both of which were undergoing great transformations that seemed beyond the control of any regime, institution, or ideology.

With the rise of nationalism, every modern state came to be defined by loyalty not only to the elites but to the people. Prior to nationalism, Jews only needed to demonstrate their economic usefulness to the local or regional elites. But in the National Order, Jews had to show that they were loyal to the Identity of the Nation. For some Jews, this was welcome. They had grown tired of Jewishness as an outdated tradition. They wanted to assimilate and just become Hungarians, Austrians, Frenchmen, etc. But some Jews reacted to it badly. Ultra-conservative Jews believed Jewish loyalty should only to be God and Torah-Talmud. The idea of Jews pledging their main loyalty to gentile national identity and culture seemed anathema to spirit of Jewishness.
But some Jews reacted to nationalism by adopting radicalism. They figured, "If goyim want me to reject my Jewishness and pledge my allegiance to their identity and culture, then I’ll go the one better and support a movement that calls for the eradication of all nations to create a world community of all humans as One People." To what extent such utopianism was fueled by idealism or revenge, it’s hard to say. But even secular radical Jews, on a subconscious level, may have felt that gentile nationalist demands were an affront to Jewish heritage and pride. Why should a people with 3,500 yr history reject their own culture and pledge allegiance to cultures and histories that were younger and less illustrious? But if gentiles were going to pressure Jews to give up on Jewishness, then why shouldn’t Jews push the logic even further and light the world aflame with a movement that compels all gentiles to surrender their national identities so that they can all be remade into the Universal Human Race? Perhaps, Karl Marx, on some level, did feel this way. One thing for sure, this dilemma still hasn’t gone away. Even today, we have Jews waging war on gentile nationalism and populism. Jews would rather deal with elites of the world and convince them to surrender nationalism in favor of globalism. Nationalism binds the elites to the people, and that makes it more difficult for Jews to ply their trade. Being smart and energetic, Jews are bound to reach the top. And at the upper echelons, they want to make deals with gentile elites. They feel contempt for gentile masses who are just seen as pigs and sheep. If gentile elites are in national mode, they feel some obligation to the masses, and that might get in the way of their dealing with Jews. Vladimir Putin, in serving the needs of the Russian people, restored some degree of nationalism that served as an obstacle between Jewish elites and Russian oligarchs. Jews would prefer it if the Russian elites & oligarchs just dumped the Russian people and dealt solely with Jewish globalists. (It's like Max dumping his friends in ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA to get "what's mine". Don't let the People stand in the way of your extreme ambition to have it all.) But Putin’s national concern for the Russian people has stood in the way of the Jewish Plan.
In contrast, prior to the rise of Donald Trump, Jews in the US had almost created a state-of-affairs where the white gentile elites lost all sense of obligation to the white masses. All they cared about was making deals with Jews to ‘get what is mine’. So, if white middle class, white working class, and white underclass were slipping more and more, who cares? Let them have TV as culture, let them grow dependent on opioids, let their daughters become sluts and skanks hooked to celebrity junk culture. Hillary Clinton and all the GOP candidates except Donald Trump seem to voice no opinion on the needs of American Nationals. They were to be ignored as Old Americans to be replaced by New Americans who, just to gain access to the richer West, were willing to vote for the globalist elite class. Given the chaotic state of affairs, it’s hard to tell what is or isn’t an American Interest. There was a time when most Conservatives and most Liberals would have been more-or-less agreed on what constitutes Americanism. But today, we have the likes of Nancy Pelosi saying that Illegal aliens "make American more American." If illegals who barged into the US by violating its Rule of Law are what America is all about, what is ‘America’? And this isn’t just some fringe opinion but the mainstream view of the Democratic Party and even of many in the GOP. Today, California looks more like Mexico and Guatemala, but I guess that’s what America is all about. And dirty Chinese money buying up swaths of real estate. Either Pelosi is really flaky & stupid OR, like most politicians, she is just a shill of Jewish globalists who have subverted nationalism by corrupting its meaning.
Indeed, Jews have changed their tactics against both gentile religion(especially Christianity) and gentile nationalism. If radical Jews in the past sought to eradicate both by smashing churches in Russia and erasing national identities, globalist Jews today seek to render them powerless and meaningless by changing their core programming. Instead of blowing up churches, spread Homomania into churches. Once Christian churches associate God & Jesus with homo decadence & tranny trashiness, Christianity becomes a silly and ridiculous religion. It’s like if you dress the king in a clown-suit, he is a laughing stock than respected lord. As for gentile nationalism, Jews decided to subvert it from within by using PC virus to alter the meaning of what it means to be a member of a nation. So, there is nothing essentialist about nationhood. It’s ‘all made up’, and that means anyone can become anyone. So, a Swede doesn’t have to be a traditional Swede. It can be a New Swede from Afghanistan or Africa. And white Swedes are to find fun and thrills in gaining New Swedes who add so much color and ‘vibrancy’ to their nation. Anyone can become a German, Pole, or Hungarian. Why are Poles and Hungarians insisting on their traditional national identity? Jews assure that Polish or Hungarian identity will not be threatened by massive immigration since the new comers will simply be New Poles and New Hungarians. Jews say that the invaders will add to nationalism by providing Poland or Hungary with fresh blood.
Of course, we know that is total Jewish BS. If anyone can be a Pole, then Polishness has no meaning. It no longer has any ties to Polish history, culture, and blood. A Pole with ancient roots in Poland would be no more Polish than a newcomer from Africa who, by the way, only came for better material life and to demand, "where the white women at?" We also know Jews are full of shit because they don’t push this nonsense on Israel. Jews take great pride in Jewish identity precisely because it is so rich in history, bloodlines, culture, and meaning. Jews know that if anyone could easily become Jewish and come to Israel, Jewish identity would turn to mush overnight. This is why Jews don’t try to convert gentiles into Jews unlike Mormons who now try so hard to win over new converts in Mexico and Africa.

Anyway, if radical Jews waged a full-frontal attack on nationalism, today they are far more devious and pretend to help gentile nationalisms all over the world by training gentile elites to recode their nationalisms with Diversity and Inclusion. Every nation is to believe that there is no higher value than Diversity and Inclusion and that its national glory will greatly benefit from more Diversity and more Inclusion via mass immigration. Of course, pop culture and feminism are also used to facilitate this. A people hooked to pop culture will produce pimps and whores than fathers and mothers. And feminism will rob men of many jobs, and then, fewer men will be able to afford families. So, there has been a rapid decline in childbirth in European and East Asian nations. Jews assure those nations that Diversity and Inclusion via Mass Migration will boost their national prosperity and vibrancy.

Anyway, how have Jews solved the problem of being accused of Dual Loyalty? After all, many nations have felt that Jewish loyalty is, at best, questionable, and at worst, totally useless. Gentile elites had hoped that the Emancipation might cure Jews of their narrow tribalism. After all, Emancipation wasn’t just about granting Jews full rights as citizens but about Jews ditching their religion and tradition and embracing modernity. If secular or modern Jews abandon their tradition and culture, wouldn’t it be natural for them to identify mainly with the gentile nation in which they reside? Make the Jews leave the ghetto and identify with the nation-at-large, like Hungary, Austria, Germany, or etc. As it turned out, Jewish allegiance to tradition hadn’t been the main hindrance to patriotism and loyalty. The main hindrance was the rise of Judea, aka Power of World Jewry. If Jews weren’t scattered across so many nations and hadn’t gained prominence in so many of them, they might have been more willing to commit themselves to a particular gentile nation. But modern Jews everywhere couldn’t help but notice the rise of Jewish power in UK, France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Russia, Italy, America, and etc. Why should an Hungarian Jew offer his main loyalty to dinky little Hungary when he could see himself as a proud member of a Worldwide Empire of Jewry? And indeed, it became customary for Jews to use the term ‘Judea’ to denote this worldwide power of immense proportions. So, Jews considered themselves as Polish Jews, Hungarian Jews, Russian Jews, German Jews, French Jews, Italian Jews, and etc than as Jewish Poles, Jewish Hungarians, Jewish Russians, Jewish Germans, Jewish Frenchmen, Jewish Italians. Now, there might have been a temptation for Jews in the US to see themselves primarily as Jewish-Americans, but, despite being called that, they feel more as American Jewry. In the US, Jews don’t primarily identify with fellow Americans be they white, black, Mexican, Muslim, Hindu, or Asian. They identify mainly with Jews in Israel, Russia, UK, Germany, France, and Latin America. Because of this immense worldwide power, Jews have been reluctant to pledge their allegiance to any gentile nation in which they reside. Instead, every gentile nation is seen as a way-station for Jews always on the move to expand their control of the world. Jews see Israel as their wife but see gentile nations as just harems. They are to be humped but not committed to. The shotgun marriage between Jews and particular gentile nations never worked. Jews may blame WWII, the Shoah, and ‘antisemitism’, but there’s a bigger reason. The pride and power of Judea. After all, following WWII, there were great efforts in the US and Europe to make amends to Jews. If Jews wanted to be good Americans, good Canadians, good Germans, good Frenchmen, good Dutchmen, good British, and etc., they had all the chance in the world to take up on the offer. But what did Jews do with all their freedom and prestige? They only expanded the power of Judea while waging war on the national sovereignty of all gentile nations. And not only European nations guilty of Crimes against Jewry but on ALL gentile nations. Jews have used PC to train all gentile elites from around the world to reprogram their national identity with Diversity and Inclusion. (Jews stopped using ‘Judea’ as it attracted too much hostility and resentment. For example, when National Socialists came to power in Germany and implemented anti-Jewish measures, JUDEA declared war on Germany. This made Germans hate Jews even more. World Jewry was out in the open declaring war and pressuring gentile nations to economically destroy Germany. It not only made Hitler angrier but even nations that were wary of Nazi Germany didn’t feel like being told what to do by pushy Judea or Jewish World Empire. After WWII, Jews learned their lesson and stopped using terms like Judea. Even as their power kept expanding, Jews figured it’s safer to use other nations as fronts for Judea. Today, Jews don’t say "Judea declares war on Iran" or "Judea declares war on Russia." Too many gentiles will think, "Why are Jews declaring wars left and right?" and "Why should we aid and abet Jewish hatreds?" So, Jews today hide behind terms like ‘Neocons’, and they urge the US, UK, EU, and NATO to declare war(hot or cold) on Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc. That way, the agenda of Judea get laundered through Gentile nations. Even though it’s really Judea’s wars, so many gentiles are fooled into believing it’s their own war. So, Iran isn’t a threat to Israel but to the US! So, Russian power isn’t an affront only to Jewish supremacist globalism but Americanism because, gee whiz, 13 Russian Trolls ‘hacked’ the 2016 election.)

In the past, when UK and US were ruled by Anglos, Jews could be suspected of Dual Loyalty. Since the national interests and agendas of both nations were set by a people other than Jews, there was no guarantee that their interests would complement or jibe with Jewish interests. Indeed, British and Zionist agendas often ran counter in the first half of the 20th century. Even though the Brits had promised Palestine to the Jews, the restive Arab population sometimes left the Brits no choice but to renege on the promise somewhat. As British prioritized their position in the Middle East more than any Jewish dream of homeland, they didn’t want to endanger their good relations with Arabs. So, British interests and Zionist interests didn’t always run side-by-side. And when Jews used terror against the British, there were Brits who surely wondered of Jews in Britain could be trusted. Did British Jews side with the British Empire or with Zionists? Stalin also had trepidations about Jews and Zionists. Would Soviet Jews be loyal to the Soviet Union if it aided the Zionist cause? But when Israel leaned toward the US, Stalin decided Jews are not trustworthy. Their dual loyalty was all-too-real.
And in the US, Anglos worried about Jewish loyalty for three reasons. (1) Too many Jews were radical leftists and may be agents of USSR (2) American Jews may be more loyal to World Jewry or Judea than to Anglo-America (3) Being smarter, Jews may lose respect for Wasps and seek to gain dominance in the US and then change all the rules of what constitutes Americanism.

As it happened, all three came to pass, but (1) faded in significance since Jews eventually tired of communism which collapsed in the USSR at any rate. Still, many Jews had indeed been more loyal to Soviet Union than to the US. As for (2), Anglos were totally correct. Jews anywhere in the world first-and-foremost identify with World Jewry than with the local gentile population. As for (3) it did indeed come to pass, and in time, Jewish elites became the new ruling class(or even caste) of America.
And that is how Jews fixed the problem of Dual Loyalty that had plagued Jews for so long. Jews had been accused of Dual Loyalty because they didn’t get to devise and control the main agenda and narrative of gentile majority nations. When gentile elites ruled gentile nations, they decided "What is good for our nation" and "What our nation is all about". Naturally, such could run counter to the Jewish Agenda or Narrative, most spectacularly so in National Socialist Germany, but in any nation(even ones mostly hospitable to Jews) where gentile elites hold the reins of power. Even in a Jew-friendly nation, the gentile elites might vehemently disagree with the Jewish minority, World Jewry, and/or Israel.
But what if Jews gain control of the institutions that get to decide the Agenda and the Narrative of the nation? If Jews get to write the book on what US and UK are ‘really about’, then the problem of Dual Loyalty is no more. If Jews say that "Israel is America’s greatest ally" and "What is good for Israel is good for the US", then how can there be any dual loyalty? The formula would be Americanism = Zionism. Under Jewish domination of America, the main themes of America is "ADL and SPLC only speak the truth", "Israel, Israel, Israel", "Palestinians suck so bad", "Russia is an Evil Empire", "Iran sucks worse than Palestinians", "Americans must praise and worship Jews", "Shoah is new religion", "Homomania, proxy of Jewish power, is holy", "white identity is evil, therefore whites must channel their tribal instincts toward Israel", "BDS is un-American and must be shut down", and etc. Since Jews control the media, internet platforms, finance, academia, and all the whore politicians, they can push their Agenda and Narrative as being American as apple pie... or as bagel and cream cheese. If Jews get to decide what Americanism(or Britishism) is all about, then Americanism and Patriotism is whatever Jews say it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad for white Americans, black Americans, or brown Americans. The fact is Jews get to decide. It used to be said, "What is good for General Motors is good for America", but today, the Agenda says, "What is good for Jews is good for America(and the world)." And if you disagree, maybe you’re an ‘anti-Semite’, and of course, there is nothing more ‘anti-American’ than ‘antisemitism’ since New Americanism is all about WE LOVE JEWS. Because Jews get to control the Agenda, they get away with stuff like "Would-be-immigrants are MORE AMERICAN than Americans with deep roots in America." So, some Burmese who wants to come to America is MORE AMERICAN than a Wasp whose ancestry goes back to the 17th century. Because Jews have such total control of media and academia, even many white Americans have been sold on this Jewish globalist agenda. But they don’t see it as a Jewish Agenda because Jews used shabbos goy shills like Clinton and Bush to hoodwink Americans into think it’s all a ‘mainstream’ and inevitable historical thing.

In a nutshell, the charge of Dual Loyalty is no longer a problem since Jews used media and government to push the Narrative that US and Israel interests are one and the same. They bought up all whore politicians to spout the same line. So, dual loyalty has been made into a single loyalty since the official US line is "What is good for Israel is good for the US."

It used to be Dual Loyalty when Jews didn’t control the US. Back then, American interests could diverge from Jewish/Zionist interests since Anglo elites didn’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with Judea. But ever since Jews took over, they rigged the system so that whatever Israel wants, the US has to oblige, and all politicians and all of media must sing praises to Israel, mute any criticism, and chant over and over, “Israel is America’s greatest ally.” That way, Jews fixed the problem of dual loyalty. They made American interests same as Israeli interests. Just like there is ‘Judeo-Christian’ to preach that Judaism and Christianity share the same values, the New Americanism might as well be called ‘Judeo-American’ to imply that Jewish interests ARE American interests. Under this logic, any gentile American who disagrees with the Jewish agenda is deemed ‘un-American’ or ‘unpatriotic’, as indeed people like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan were smeared as when they opposed the Iraq War. In other words, True Patriotism is to blindly obey Jews.

Indeed, that brings up another issue. The real problem wasn’t so much Jewish dual loyalty as their denial of dual loyalty to other Americans. By making the Jewish loyalty to Judea(and gentile loyalty to Jews) the ONLY True American Loyalty, Jews denied dual loyalty to others. Jews made their dual loyalty into a single loyalty by brainwashing or forcing all gentiles to share in the Jewish loyalty(even against their own interests), and this denied the chance of dual loyalty to other groups. So, whites can’t have dual loyalty to both America and their European homelands. Polish-Americans better not support Polish patriots defending their motherland.

Anglo-Americans don’t mind Jews having dual loyalty to US and Israel. But Jews can’t stand Anglo-Americans having dual loyalty to the US and white-Anglo-UK. If anything, Jews say UK must take in tons of blacks and Muslims as ‘new British’ while they never pressure Israel to do the same. If anything, most Jews support the exclusive immigration policy of Israel. Jews seethe at any Anglo-American who says the US has a SPECIAL relation to UK as the mother country. But Jews strong-arm all white politicians into saying US has a special relation with Israel. Jews criminalize BDS and Palestinian-American agenda. Jews not only serve Zionist interest but insist that Zionism = Americanism. So, even Jewish dual loyalty(to Israel and the US) is sold as a single loyalty. In contrast, Palestinians can’t be loyal to both the US and to Palestine. BDS is being criminalized and suppressed left and right. Worse, even if Palestinian-American were to forgo Palestinian ties and decide to become 100% American, it’s impossible since the New Americanism = Zionism. What’s the point of a Palestinian-American pledging loyalty to a nationalism that says one of its main missions is to aid and abet the Zionist destruction of remaining Palestinian territories and praise Jews 24/7 while pissing all over Palestinians?

If all peoples can have dual loyalties, there would be far less problem in the US. But ONLY Jews are allowed this. And because ONLY Jews are allowed to have it, their dual loyalty has become a mono-loyalty since US and Israel has been joined at the hip into USrael. All politicians and all media now agree that Israel is the closest ally of the US and that Israeli interests and American interests are one and the same. So, it’s not even dual loyalty anymore for Jews since they melded Americanism and Zionism into one. But if American interests(in a nation where 98% of people are gentile) are the same as Jewish interests and if 98% of Americans have no choice but to say YES, then the US is about ONLY JEWISH INTERESTS ALLOWED.

For there to be dual loyalty, there must be divergence of interests in the objects of one’s loyalties. So, if two nations are enemies, but if a person feels great love for both nations, then there is a crisis of dual loyalty. But if one nation’s interests have been made totally subservient to another, then it’s not a matter of dual loyalty but of Total Mastery and Mono-Loyalty. Jewish Power has Total Mastery over non-Jews in the US whereby all gentiles must go along with “Israel is America’s greatest ally.” Even Palestinian-Americans must see their tax money go to supporting the Occupation.

If Jews were in a situation where they had to juggle dual loyalties, the US would be in a much healthier shape because it would imply that the US is independent of Jewish supremacist power. It would imply that US interests could conceivably go against Jewish interests. And that had been the case in the past when Jews did have dual loyalty because their agenda were often at odds with the interests of other or even most Americans.
Jews were angry over this and, over time, rigged the System via media, whore politicians, deep state, finance, and the courts to make sure that the New Narrative is “US interests and Jewish/Israeli interests are ONE AND THE SAME.” It’s like Jews associated homosexuality with the rainbow and even with the Christian church. Homosexuality = rainbow = christianity. Such Pavlovian tricks have made so many Americans salivate liked dumb dogs at the mere mention of LGBTQ-ism. Rainbow! Rainbow! It’s fruitcake weather!

Through suck trickery, Jews can no longer be accused of dual loyalty since American policy has been made totally subservient to Jewish interests: Israel is America, America is Israel.
Indeed, if anyone questions this crazy arrangement, HE is accused of being ‘anti-American’ when he simply wants Americanism to be independent of the will of a small minority. When one company buys and merges with another company, there is no longer any divergence of interests or competition between them. They share the same interests. And that is what happened in the US. The Jews bought up all the competition and turned them into whore-spokesmen for Jewish Power.

Jews are not hated because they are rich or successful. They are resented because they try to gain total mastery over non-Jewish nations. It’s one thing for Jews to feel as masters in Israel, a Jewish state. But Jews want mastery over Russia and other nations as well. Russia is 0.2% Jewish but 20% of the richest people are Jewish. But Jews hate Russia because it won’t allow total domination by Jews. IN A NATION WHERE JEWS ARE 0.2% of the population.

Now, imagine if Polish Catholics made up 1% of Israel but controlled most media, finance, entertainment, academia, and etc, and used the power to instill Jews with self-loathing and then called on Jews to allow massive non-Jewish invasion in the name of Diversity.
How would Jews feel?

One reason people have problem with Jews is the discrepancy between what Jews preach and what Jews practice.

Italians, Iranians, Chinese, Turks, and etc don’t go around preaching to the world in the self-righteous manner that Jews do. They do their own thing in their own nations, and leave others alone.

But Jews preach to the whole world about how their way is the only way… but they don’t practice what they preach.

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