Tuesday, August 27, 2019

'Refreshing' the Native or Majority Population of a Nation is a Bogus Idea — Why doesn't Israel share its formula for natal success with the White World — The Sheer Worthlessness of the White Elite that doesn't Protect and Serve their People but Plan for their Demise under Orders from Jewish Supremacists

The argument for Population 'Refreshment' is totally bogus. According to some globalists, mass migration isn't about the Great Replacement but something closer to Great Replenishment. The logic argues that since the native populations(generally white and East Asian) are not having enough kids to maintain existing population levels, there must be massive influxes of foreigners to keep up the current demographic equilibrium. It's like, if water in a cup keeps evaporating, more water has to be added to maintain the water level. Therefore, mass immigration shouldn't be regard as being about replacing white people but about replenishing them(indeed doing them a favor) because their balls and wombs have dried up and fail to produce More Life that is so vital to the future of the country. But this is a totally BS argument for several reasons:

1. If the point of mass migration is to maintain current population levels, why do globalists push for migration levels to vastly INCREASE the national population? Suppose there is a nation with 50 million whites, and due to low birth rates, the population will dwindle to 30 million in a generation. So, the globalists argue that 20 million foreigners must be brought in to keep the population at 50 million. But do globalists argue thus? No, they argue that the nation needs more and more and more immigration-invasion because More Diversity is always a good thing. So, they would not be aiming to keep the population at 50 million but to increase it to 60 million, 70 million, 80 million... 100 million and so on. Globalists argue that white nations can't have ENOUGH non-whites coming. Emanuel Macron wants 100s of millions of black Africans to come to Europe, beat up weaker white guys, take over sports and pop music, and colonize white wombs.

The US population was 225 million in 1980. If indeed the globalists were worried about existing Americans not having enough kids and the resulting fall in population, then they should have called for just enough immigration to keep the population at 225 million. But that is NOT what they did. They said more and more and more should come, and now the US population is over 325 million, or probably over 350 million if we include all the illegals. So much for immigration as a means to replenish the existing population that aren't having enough kids. It appears globalist mass-migration-invasion agenda is really to inundate white nations to the bursting point with non-whites in the crazed notion that Diversity is some magical formula; whereas US and Canada at least have lots of land for newcomers, European nations & New Zealand do not, but globalists push it on ALL white nations.

It's all the more idiotic(and immoral) when we consider Diversity in the New World has been the product of conquest, imperialism, colonialism, genocide, slave trade, and demographic invasions. After all, the Americas were once 'homogeneously' brown(or 'red' in North America). There were no whites, yellows, Hindus, Muslims, Africans, and etc. It only had the 'red' and brown natives. Then, what led to the Americas becoming crazily diverse? First, whites conquered and added diversity to the New World by taking over territories and 'raping' the natives. Then, whites added further diversity by bringing over millions of blacks to North and South America(and Caribbeans) without any approval from the natives who were never consulted over anything. Thus, the natives lost out not only to whites but to blacks. And then, to put down railroad tracks and man the factories, whites called on More Immigration from all over the world. So, what is so morally ennobling about Diversity when it's been the history of imperialism? And now, whites who once used Diversity to enrich themselves and boost their own power are being colonized and destroyed by their own tool(turned into suicidal weapon). Of course, to Jews(who now rule the roost), Diversity is a means to cause dissension among goyim so that Jews, as supremacist elites, can play divide-and-rule among the bickering and mutually negating goyim.

If anything, Diversity is not a cure for 'white guilt' but a furtherance of it. The New World became diverse precisely because of the 'historical crimes' of white people. Diversity is NOT something that the indigenous folks of the Americas asked for or celebrated. It was imposed on them by white invasion, white importation of black slaves, and white promotion of mass-immigration to create civilizations in the New World modeled on the Old. If 'good white people' are serious about redressing their 'historical sins', then they must realize that Diversity is the biggest consequence of their conquest, semi-'genocide', and mass-'rape' of the New World. To the indigenous folks, immigration was simply invasion, displacement, and even mass extermination by conscious policy or by outbreaks of disease to which they had no immunity.

Now, one could bring up the issue that the US(and even Latin America) for most of their history generally limited legal immigration to whites from Europe. Some might say this was 'racist' and 'exclusive', but we need to consider two things. (1) As they founded and built the new nations, it was their right to decide the demography, language, culture, and mythos of their nations. If non-whites of the Old World wanted to define the Americas, then THEY should have gotten off their asses, built ships, risked lives in ocean voyages, and conquered the lands before Spaniards and Anglos did. They most certainly did NOT, so they have NO RIGHT to lay claims on the Americas. (2) As white folks took the land from the native peoples of the New World, they owe something to those indigenous people and to NO OTHER. American Indians have valid reasons to gripe about the loss of their sacred hunting and burial grounds, but by what right should Asian Indians bitch and whine about how THEY are owed mass entry into the Americas? It's like Jews owe something to Palestinians because the land was taken from the latter. Imagine a bunch of Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans saying they have a moral right to move to Israel because Jews took it from Palestinians.

Anyway, when white folks allow more immigration, they are furthering the conquest of the New World that had, for 10,000s of years, belonged to the Red Man and Brown 'Indios'. This moral dilemma is quite evident in the case of Hawaii. If only the whites had invaded and took over from the Fat Hawaiians, it wouldn't have been so bad. Then, Hawaiians would have lost their island to just ONE people. But insane whites invited tons of Asians to come over(of course without consulting the native Fat Hawaiians), and that led to Fat Hawaiians losing their beloved land not only to whites but to all shades of yellow. And we know what mass immigration did to Palestinians in what had once been Palestine, wiped off the map to make way for Israel. (And yet, Jews tell lies about how Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map. Yeah, let's just forget Palestine was really wiped off the map, and West Bank is now targeted for the same fate. How vile. Yet, these Jews see fit to pass judgement on Goyim.)

2. A nation is not a number. In the end, a people, land, and culture are not defined by numbers, not by quantity but by identity. If anything, a nation should fear mass immigration precisely when its population is declining. For example, if whites have high birthrates, non-white mass-immigration would be less threatening to the survival of White America because growing white population would keep the nation majority-white. But if white numbers are falling while non-white numbers are swelling, the traditional Anglo/European character of America will be lost forever. All throughout history, nations/kingdoms/states underwent tremendous rises and falls in populations due to disease, wars, and other tragedies.

Jews surely understand this better than anyone. Jews lost millions in the Shoah. Now, suppose someone went to Jews and suggested that the Jewish community should include '6 million' non-Jews as New Jews to make up for the dead ones. But, such would reduce Jewishness to a mere number. After the devastation of WWII, Jews understood that in order for Jews to regrow, they had to cling to their identity and have more Jewish babies. Jews love to push the notion of 'New Europeans', but how would they like it if we insisted Jews should welcome tons of Arabs and Asians as 'New Jews' with full rights to move to Israel if they wish.

3. Speaking of Israel, Jews will say Israel has no need for mass immigration because it has a healthy birthrate among both Jews and Arabs. No need for replenishment when, if anything, the problem may be Over-Population in the Holy Land(turned into globo-homo Sodom and Gomorrah by modern Jews gone satanic). (But if over-population is the problem, why does Israel call for ever more immigration of Jews? It seems there's always more room for Jews, especially as more Palestinians in West Bank are slated for expulsion and erasure.) Anyway, if Israel has a healthy birthrate among both Jews and Arabs, it must be doing something right in the natal department. Since Israel arrived at a solution for demographic equilibrium(and even growth), shouldn't Jews be sharing their successful formula with the West(and East)? If it works for Jews, why wouldn't it work for white folks in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the US(not to mention places like Japan and Singapore)? But, Jews never seem to urge whites and other goyim to follow in the footstep of Jews. "Natalism for us Jews, Negation for you goyim." It's like Jews are mono-nationalist and believe Jews and Only Jews are worthy of national identity, national pride, and national territory. All other people are like cattle to be herded, domesticated, and controlled. Jewish Power isn't actually for 'white genocide' as Jewish Power would crumble without white managerial and military support. What Jews are after is White Herding, White Cattling, White Domestication. Jews are FREE to have identity and pride and be masters of the world. In contrast, whites, along with other goyim, are to be branded, herded, hormone-injected(mainly with estrogen), and when necessary gelded to serve Jewish Power. 'White Guilt' is the psychological whip used against whites(as the horse for the Jew to ride, the crypto-theme of Steven Spielberg's WAR HORSE: For the boy to love the horse, the horse must serve the boy; likewise, for the Jew to value the goy, the goy must serve the Jew, just like John McCain, Mitt Romney, Charlie Kirk, and even Donald Trump, a wilder horse who nevertheless is most loyal when Netanyahu and arch-Zionists are sitting on his back).

Anyway, if Jews found a secret to healthy demographic sustenance in Israel, shouldn't they be sharing it with the world, especially the Western World? After all, Israel prides itself as a bastion of 'Western Values'. If so, why not share its secret to National Life with the West that is suffering from birth dearth among whites? Jews constantly remind themselves and press upon whites that Israel must be vigilant and fecund to survive as a Jewish nation. Jews demand upon whites to sympathize with the challenges of Jews to maintain Israel as their Homeland by all means necessary. And yet, these very same Jews in Israel and abroad are telling white people to forsake their own racial identities and national territoriality. They say that whites must welcome Africans, Asians, and Arabs as 'New Europeans' or else be condemned as 'racist', 'xenophobic', and even 'nazi'. Tons of Israeli activists actually aid the mass movement of non-whites to Europe. Jews say white people should have a heart and open their nations to 'refugees', but (1) most migrant-invaders are not refugees but economic opportunists and (2) most real refugees are fleeing from Wars for Israel instigated by Jewish control of US deep state & media and The Lobby.

Anyway, what's good for the Jews should be good for the Neander(thals, aka Europeans). Just how did Israel, a modern nation-state, manage to procure healthy birthrates for itself? Does it have something to do with national pride? Sure, a people who are more positive about their own kind want to produce more of their kind. Does it have something to do with Israeli leaders representing Jewish people? After all, the main role of national elites is to protect and serve their own folks. THAT is their main duty, just like the main duty of the police is to 'serve and protect'. Imagine if cops aided trespassers, burglars, and invaders against the well-being of home-owners. That'd be terrible, but that's the kind of elites that white people have. Take the worthless traitor cuck governor of Minnesota who says his state is all about endless immigration-invasion from Africa, and if white-Americans who built up that state have reasons to complain, they should shut up or leave. With elites like that, who needs foreign occupiers? Sadly, via the power of media and academia(largely controlled by Jewish globalists whose motto is 'Identity for me but not for thee'), even many of the white masses are totally supportive of their own replacement because... 'muh white guilt', 'muh restaurant', and 'muh hipster creds'. (Is Somali cooking all that great?)

Anyway, what is the point of having national elites if they don't defend the nation's foundation and definition, if they don't defend their folks, culture, and land? Imagine the leader of Israel telling Jews to shut up about their identity and that his main priority is to allow massive non-Jewish immigration so that Jews will end up just like the Palestinians before them: Replaced and non-peopled. Fortunately for Jews, the Israeli State ensures the Jewish population that the government and all top institutions are always looking out for their interests above all else. No wonder Jews want to have kids in Israel.
Another factor for Jewish birthrates in Israel is ethno-consciousness and ethno-competition. The Jewish state and media never tire of reminding Jews that they better have lots of kids because, otherwise, the damned Ay-Rabs will overtake the Jews and turn Israel back into Palestine. And Rabbis are hard at work telling Jews that they must have kids for spiritual and ethnic reasons than merely for personal or material ones.
Jews do all that, but when it comes to the West, they order their white goy cuck-collaborator elites to denounce white identity, white unity, and white obligations. So, while Jewish folks have Jewish elites who look out for them in Israel and around the world, white people have elites who tell them to shut up about their whiteness, piss on their own past, welcome replacement diversity, wave the globo-homo flag, and celebrate ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs via jungle fever and cuckery. When Hungary went about trying to reverse its population decline with pro-family policies, Christian values, and nationalism, Jews shrieked like hysterical rats even though they have no problem with Israel using nationalism, pro-family policies, and Judaic values to boost its Jewish population.

If Jewish elites serve the Jewish People, white elites serve the Jewish elites and snub white folks who are constantly excoriated by both Jews and cuck-collaborators that 'whiteness' is a myth and that even European history was always as much 'African' and 'Muslim'(and of course Jewish) as Greco-Hellenic, Germanic, Celtic, Latin, Slavic, and Christo-Pagan.
Jewish elites and cuck-collaborators plan for replacing the white masses with a new people, but what really needs to happen is for white masses to replace the Jewish elites and cuck-collaborator scum with New Real Elites — Donald Trump ain't it as the stupid moron turned out to be just a loudmouthed neocon shill who blabbers about nothing but Israel, Israel, Israel while insulting Palestinians whose homeland was destroyed by massive Jewish immigration. Anyway, Jewish natal success in Israel seems to have something to do with (1) unity of Jewish elites and masses (2) generous economic incentives to those who have lots of JEWISH kids (3) raising awareness of natal competition from Arabs. But if whites in the West were to resort to the same strategy to boost white birthrates, we know these hypocritical Jews would scream 'Nazi', 'racism', 'xenophobia', 'hate', and 'fear-mongering'.

4. Finally, if indeed the national population is falling, return the land to nature. Animals and plants can always use more land. Birds can always use more habitat. It's good to have more forests, ponds, and prairies. It's good for nature, it's good for the environment. Also, if the national population were to regrow once again, it's feasible to take the land back from nature. But if tons of foreigners had been brought over to occupy the land, it's be a messy 'human rights' issue to take the land from them if the nationals were to reclaim the land for development. Indeed, consider all the headache involved in Jews taking their homeland back from Arabs who'd taken over and settled over the years. (Incidentally, Serbs tried to do the same thing in Kosovo — take the land back from Muslim-Albanian settlers — , but Jews led the way in having Serbia destroyed. Again, "Identity for me but not for thee.")


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