Sunday, March 11, 2018

Is Tentrification the wave of the future?

Is Tentrification the wave of the future?

In the article above, tent = poverty. But what if perceptions were to change? What if the Tent Economy can overtake the Rent Economy?

What if Americans can be like the Arab nomads in LAWRENCE OF ARABIA?

Richard Florida said home-ownership is so over. We are moving into a Rent Economy.

But rents are too high in too many places. So, imagine if people can have tents like the Arabs did. Elaborate and sturdy, good enough for a king? And if they need to move to another city, they just take the tent there and set it up in some park designated by the state. The modern tipee.

A Tentrified Future? They say California leads the US in everything. So far, its tent people have been just a bunch of grubby squatters.
But maybe hipsters can change the image... if they make Tenting a kind of SWPL thing.

Now, for security... Maybe a Tenting Culture can develop whereby they develop attitude and habits to watch out for one another. Or maybe every tent community will have a locker space where people can store precious stuff.

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