Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Why does Jewish Power that slaughters Countless Muslims clamp down on Jewish Voices against Islam? The age-old Imperialist Paradox.

Many of you surely noticed something strange happening. Jewish Power is clamping down on certain anti-Muslim Jewish voices. It seems odd because Jewish Power is hellbent on supporting Zionism(that continues to occupy Palestinian lands and oppress Palestinian people) and spreading Wars for Israel that, by some estimates, have killed anywhere from 500,000 to a million people since the Iraq Invasion. And the sanctions against Iraq during the Clinton years is said to have killed 100,000s of children. And sanctions against Iran goes on and on, crippling the lives of millions. Barack Obama went easier on Iran but destroyed Libya and Syria. Donald Trump is going a bit easier on Syria but is out to destroy Iran. What do Obama and Trump have in common? They are beholden to Jews. Iran, as you know, is a MUSLIM nation like many other nations targeted and destroyed by Jewish Power.

So, one would assume that the neo-genocidal Judeo-Nazis that control the US and globalist hegemony would be delighted by brash loud-talking Jews who openly denounce Islam and vilify(and even defame) Muslims. After all, Hitler couldn’t have been displeased by Germans who said ‘bad shit’ about Russians during Operation Barbarossa. As Germany was committed to wiping Russia off the map, why not encourage anti-Russian sentiments among Germans? Likewise, if Jewish Power is invested in destroying Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, and other mostly Muslim peoples, shouldn’t it be bestowing blessings on the most fervent Jews and Zionists who insult Islam and denigrate Muslims? One would think so, but Jewish Power does the opposite in terms of rhetoric. Why?
Take ADL and SPLC. ADL is an all-out Jewish outfit, and SPLC, like the ACLU, is mostly funded and managed by Jews. They are fully behind Zionism and hostility against Iran. They remain silent about Zionist-controlled US’s Wars in the Middle East and North Africa that have made life miserable for countless Muslims. The top Zionist leadership that cooks up Wars for Israel and other aggressions against Muslims are very close with ADL and SPLC. And of course, Jews control the mass media that they use to promote Hate News against peoples they don’t like: Russia, Iran, Palestine, Syria, and etc., generally nations that remain outside the orbit of Jewish globo-homo hegemony. And AIPAC, a Zionist-Imperialist outfit, goes among US politicians and "makes them an offer they can’t refuse" in pure GODFATHER style. And it has Nuremberg-like Rallies annually where goy politicians are dragged into attendance to bark their support for Israel, Israel, Israel and spew venom against any peoples hated by Jews — they mostly happen to live in Muslim nations. Given the nature of Jewish Power, why then are organizations like ADL and SPLC(along with Jewish-controlled Media) so insistent on suppressing, silencing, blacklisting, or at least ignoring people like David Horowitz, Milo Yiannapoulos, Laura Loomer, Pamela Geller, and on occasion, even the likes of Ben Shapiro? In many cases, openly anti-Muslim Jews have been either officially denounced or silently deplatformed.
Even Hollywood ‘liberal’ Jews who made many movies where Muslims are featured mainly as terrorists, Jihadis, subversives, white-slavers, or crazies go out of their way to condemn ‘Islamophobia’. And it’s interesting that Jews have been so shrill in denouncing Trump as a ‘hater’ of Muslims but then even shriller in decrying his moves to end Wars for Israel and bring the troops home. For some odd reason, ‘Liberal’ Jews who claim to detest Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry are most alarmed when Trump wants to stop bombing or wrecking Muslim nations(or wants to make a peace deal with North Korea). And for all their respect for Muslims and Islam, they are strangely silent about Trump’s restoration of sanctions against Iran.

Okay, so what is this really about? Why is Jewish Power acting this way? Why does ‘liberal’ Jewish Hollywood, which has been feeding us non-stop Muslims-are-Terrorist propaganda, sounding the alarm about the dangers of ‘Islamophobia’? Wasn’t Jewish-run Hollywood most instrumental in creating ‘Islamophobic Tropes’ that inspired so many White Americans(and other gentile dupes) into joining the Military to go OVER THERE to ‘Muzzie-Land’ to kill bushels of them ‘raghead’ terrorists?
Either Jews are neurotic-verging-on-psychotic and pathologically lacking in self-awareness OR they are acting out of immense chutzpah that they can get away with just about anything since they hold most of aces in the media, academia, and Deep State. The latter scenario is far more likely because Jews are too smart to be unaware of their outrageous hypocrisy. A filthy lowlife Jew like Rob Reiner is no dummy. He’s been around. He’s been an actor, comedian, writer, and director. He knows powerful people, lots of them. He’s no meathead and has been part of the in-crowd among powerful Hollywood Jews. The character of Meathead of ALL IN THE FAMILY may have been stupid, but being a ‘dumb polack’ he was sincere and naive in his idealism. For Jews with their merchant-mentality(or merchantility), idealism is mainly a tool or instrument. While they may believe in it for awhile, they always have something greater, higher, or deeper to serve: Jewish Identity and Power. So, if goy idealists center their lives around a certain idealism(usually coded by fiendish Jews), Jews make sure that the idealism revolves around them. Notice how Jews push anti-nationalism among goyim to ultimately ensure that goyim, devoid of their own sense of identity and heritage, will end up supporting Jewish nationalism and identity as the ONLY blood-soil-and-tale worth supporting and preserving. Or take the Politics of Speech. At one time, Jews were the main pushers of Free Speech. Were Jews being idealistic and principled? No, they were just trying to protect Jewish radicals, expand Jewish subversion, and legalize pornography(that would be used by Jewish men to turn white women into sexual commodities to be bought-and-sold like cattle or candy). Notice how Jews today are the biggest enemies of Free Speech. How did this happen? Because Jewish Supremacists control America, and they fear Free Speech as a means to speak truth to Jewish Power. Jews use corporate monopoly in media, internet, and finance to shut down free speech. And Jews use whore-politicians in government, aka the cucks, to shut down free speech by criminalizing the BDS Movement that calls for justice for Palestinians. And the First Amendment doesn't matter in Florida, a state totally owned by Jews. In Current America, the New Bill of Rights is, from 1 to 10, "Is it good for the Jews?" All Power and No Limits make Jews an Evil People. People may complain it goes against the Rule of Law, but the US is really about Rule of Lawyers. Unless you can afford lawyers to challenge unconstitutional laws, violations of the Constitution remain in force. Of course, if you CAN afford lawyers, you can even turn the degenerate perversion of 'gay marriage' into 'law of the land', as Jewish Power has done. Also, even pro-Constitutional lawyers often decide against challenging unconstitutional laws out of fear of Jewish backlash and reprisals. Jews will target for destruction ANYONE who crosses them. And as most sheeple have mush for minds, Jewish control of media and academia ensures that most minds are nothing but clay in Jewish hands.

So, Jews use their control of media, internet, and state to create the illusion that alternative or dissident speech that challenges the Official Narrative and Iconography is ‘hate speech’. Jews are an incredibly a**hole-like people. They are shameless in their mendacity as Harvey Weinstein was with his dong(which he used to ejaculate into potted plants in front of ‘shikse’ women). Just consider how Jews, who’d been bitching endlessly about the Red Scare and Hollywood Blacklist, pulled off the greatest hoax-hysteria campaign in US history with Russia Collusion paranoia. The ONLY reason why US relations are worse with Russia than during the Cold War is due to Jewish Power. US foreign policy must revolve around Jewish hatreds and resentments(and Jews hate and resent any people who won’t bend over to them and take it up the arse). Jewish funded-and-trained Antifa made a total mess of Berkeley to prevent a speech by Milo. Jewish mayor and Antifa made a hellish mess of Charlottesville where violence erupted from collusion of police(under orders from Jews) and Antifa, but the Jew-run media would have us believe the event spiraled out of control because of ‘white supremacists’. But then, why should this surprise us? What have Jews done to Palestinians? If Jews treat Palestinians in such manner, why would they treat YOUR PEOPLE any better? It's like Jeffrey Dahmer. If he goes around killing people, why would he spare you? (The first step in the healing process must be for whites to admit they’ve committed a grave injustice against Palestinians by aiding and abetting Zionist immigration-‘genocide’ against those people. White people need to purge their souls like the character in PRINCE OF THE CITY. In a roundabout way, the Israel Project has proven to be fatally detrimental to whites because Jews were allowed to run wild-and-free and DO ANYTHING with no repercussions and, if anything, for more rewards. Jews were appeased and rewarded for bad behavior, indeed far more than Hitler in 1939. By indulging Jews in their destruction of gentile Palestinians, it established a new political model whereby Jews would be above-the-law and beyond criticism & ethical standards[at least by post-WWII Western principles]. Whites must have expected Jewish gratitude for their key role in aiding and abetting Zionist destruction of Palestine, but Jews, with their immense egotism and megalomania, must have EVERYTHING. The world must be made their oyster or goyster. So, what Jews were allowed to do to Palestinians merely came to serve as a prelude and plan for the fate of whites. Jews just regarded whites as More Palestinians. Israel-loving Trump-supporters should ask themselves, “How come white Americans can’t defend their borders, and how come Palestinians in West Bank can’t defend their borders either[against Jewish caravans]?” Jews can invade and take over more parts of West Bank, and Palestinians can't do anything about it. If whites are so pro-Jewish/Zionist and so eager to root for Israel, why is their sorry lot closer to that of Palestinians than that of Jews? Let’s be honest now. It is because both whites and Palestinians are under Jewish globalist occupation. White servitude to Jewish Power is the #1 reason for white decline. When you serve the very people who happen to be most hellbent on your people’s demise, your kind is finished. Whites should never have allowed Jews to get away with what they did in Palestine. It only emboldened Jews with the arrogance that they can manipulate white goyim in the US to do ANYTHING for Israel and Jewish Power. When Palestinians complained about their suffering, destitution, and humiliation, whites laughed at them, mocked them, belittled them, and called them names. Now, Jewish globalists figure on pushing Great Replacement on whites to gain total and permanent hegemony over the West. The White Nakba: Push Mass-Immigration-invasion and then use divide-and-rule among the much divided goyim in a nation without a ruling majority. So, who’s laughing now? Maybe, one can take comfort in Palestinians having something to laugh at as well: Whites who aided Jews in destroying Palestinians are now being destroyed in turn just like Palestinians were by the very Jews they appeased and sucked up to. If a zebra helps a lion kill a wildebeest, it shouldn’t expect gratitude from the lion. After feeding on the wildebeest, it will turn on the zebra. “But I helped you", bleats the zebra. No matter. The nature of the lion is to kill more and more. Jewish mentality in regards to goyim is the same. Jewish Power must grab more and more, and if your ilk was stupid and unethical enough to help vicious Jews destroy another people[especially an innocent one], it will be targeted next. And you have no right to complain since you gleefully aided Jews in the destruction of a people who never did you any harm.)

Jews used to worship God. They decided playing one is even better. You goyim, Obey the Jews. They are perfect and all-knowing. If you dare challenge Jewish power, you are a blasphemer, aka ANTI-SEMITE!
The way Jews are going, they are no longer Semites but Supremites(or Supremacist-Semites). What goes by the name of ‘anti-semitism’ is really ‘anti-supremitism’. It’s Okay to be an Anti-Supremite. Join the ASL or Anti-Supremacist League. Denounce supremacism of all kinds. Hateful hubris has no part in the world. We need White National Liberation from Jewish globo-homo Imperialism.

Anyway, how does the age-old Imperialist Paradox work in the Current Era? As follows: Jewish Power makes a big show of caring about Muslims to mask its hegemonic ambitions over Muslim territories of Middle East and North Africa. (When the conflict is only between Jews and Palestinians, Jews need no such moral justification. Instead, they only need invoke the Torah & the Covenant and replay the Narrative of Israelites of the Exodus vanquishing the Canaanites on order from God. Jews in Israel don’t justify their aggression against Palestinians on the basis of Love for Palestinians but on "Is it good for Jews?" Israeli Jews are allowed to be openly hostile toward Arabs, Palestinians, and Muslims. But because current Jewish ambitions aren’t limited to Israeli borders but seek domination over the entire region[and beyond], Jews need to fool the goyim in the West that their agenda is premised on sympathy than hostility toward Arabs and Muslims.) Especially in modern times, empires have disingenuously tended to profess concern and sympathy for its foreign subjects and victims. After all, if Jewish Power ranted like Nazi Germany and blatantly spelled out its hostile and murderous intentions against the enemy, all Muslims would rise up, unite, and resist US globo-homo-shlomo lunacy. Why wouldn’t they when Jewish Power Worldwide would be screaming "We hate Muzzies!" and "Let’s Murder the Muzzies!"
An empire has to act smart, especially when it is led by a small minority whose power is precarious despite all its privileges. A clever empire feigns respect for ‘human rights’, ‘democracy’, or some ‘noble’ theme as it employs aggression on the Other. It’s like how the US pretends to care about Venezuelans as it goes about destroying Venezuela to reduce it into yet another satrapy of the US empire. The trick is to feign friendship while gaining mastery. During World War II, Japanese also justified its imperialism by pontificating about the noble project of the Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere whereby Japanese and fellow Asians would all live as allies and partners. Japanese didn’t say, “We are gonna invade you inferior Asian breeds to serve us, the great Yamato race” though its actions were premised on just that.

Furthermore, people within the imperial domain may not support the empire if its agenda is characterized in terms of naked aggression, plunder, and mass murder. It didn’t matter much in pre-modern times when brutal conquest and military glory were deemed as the highest goods, self-justifying upon victory. Roman folks didn’t care if their military destroyed millions of lives to expand Roman Might. If anything, they shared in the glory and triumph. But due to the influence of Christianity and modern concept of Human Rights, it has become increasingly hazardous for empires to justify their power and aggression on glory and might alone, either to the world or their own peoples. (Also, as most people in the West are now materially comfortable, they don’t feel the desperation for improving lives via imperial expansion. In contrast, plenty of whites and immigrants were uncaring of the plight of American Indians and other folks because their own lives were marked by hardship and poverty. If they could take land and resources from the Other to improve their own lot, they went with their hunger than their hearts. For the masses, it was imperialism of the stomach. Jews today being so rich and privileged, why do they feel a need to play this never-ending and ever-expanding game of empire? For Jews, it’s imperialism of the mind. They see the world as a chessboard and must win, win, win, just like Bobby Fischer. It’s part of their God Complex.) The empire has to pretend to spread enlightenment, freedom, and liberation to preempt populist, moral, and/or radical condemnation of its foreign policy. Otherwise, it might be met with stiff opposition from the conscientious elites and mass-activists at home(especially if it calls on the young to serve in Wars for Empire with mounting casualties). Consider all the good Christians who supported Western Imperialism because it spread the Faith. Today's deracinated and decadent people of the West worship Homomania as their neo-faith, and the Empire merely needs to paint the bomb 'gay' to win support even from 'progressives'. Thus, war and imperialism are 'moralized'.

Take the Soviet Russians during the Cold War. They were imperial overlords over the Eastern Bloc. So, were Russians allowed to publicly insult Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, and East Germans as hapless subjects of the Great Russians? Were they allowed to badmouth other peoples, especially Soviet subjects, like Milo and Geller love to badmouth Muslims? No, the Soviet Union forbid Russian voices to be openly hostile toward non-Russian groups, especially those in the Warsaw Pact. Soviets had to maintain a facade of Brotherhood of Nations to justify Soviet hegemony over Eastern Europe. In order for the Russian Core to ideologically justify its rule over its imperial subjects, the Soviet Union had to be portrayed as an agent of liberation and social justice for workers of the world, Russian and Non-Russian alike. To maintain this illusion, Russians were forbidden to express hostile views of the Other.

Jewish Power does the same thing. In order to carry on with Wars for Israel and Zionist-US aggression in the Middle East, it has to feign sympathy for Muslims. Just like the US claimed it was protecting Vietnam from communist tyranny to justify its hegemony over the southern half, Jews claim they are spreading ‘democracy’ or fighting ‘terrorism’ in the Middle East(even though Israel and the US have been using terrorists against Syria) to sustain their current hegemonic policy. And just like Soviet Union suppressed Russians who voiced hostility toward Poles and Czechs(or any subject people of the Soviet Empire), Jewish Power clamps down on fellow Jews who openly espouse anti-Muslim views. In private, Jewish Power is just as anti-Muslim and anti-Arab as figures like Pamella Geller and Laura Loomer are but understands the need for Pro-Muslim public image if the Jew-run West is to continue intervening in the Muslim World(at the cost of huge loss of lives among Arabs and Muslims). Also, notice how Jews try to morally whitewash the crimes of Wars for Israel by pretending to care about 'Muslim refugees'. Jews never denounce the Wars for Israel that violated national borders of nations like Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya. Jews never take responsibility for aiding and abetting terrorists who tore nations apart and set off the huge refugee crisis. They just direct the focus on the 'refugees' and pretend to boo-hoo care so much. Imagine Nazi Germany wrecking Poland and then morally condemning OTHER nations for not taking Polish refugees. Judeo-Nazis are as vile as German Nazis.

Only by pretending to be pro-Muslim can the Zionist-controlled US justify its wars to the American people. Americans may be decrepit in their current state of degeneracy, but I’m guessing most Americans still have enough decency to oppose naked American Imperialism around the world, even if it’s in the service of Holy Jews. But then, most Americans get their ideas, values, and views from the Jew-run media and academia. They are mentally colonized. They so easily fall for the Jewish pretense.
Also, only via such pretense can Jews forge alliances with some Muslims(such as Saudis) against others like Syrians and Iranians(and Palestinians). It’d be far more difficult for Saudis and other turncoat Muslims to collaborate with the Zionist-controlled West if there were so many Jews openly calling for hatred against and destruction of the Muslim World. So, when some Jews talk out of line and spill the beans about how Jews REALLY FEEL about Muslims, they are gagged and denounced by Jewish Power. It’s like plenty of Jews privately agree with Donald Sterling's(the former owner of L.A. Clippers) views of blacks, but they went out of their way to publicly denounce him since Jews profit so handsomely from black entertainment and sports. Also, Jews rely on Jewish-Black alliance to sustain ‘white guilt’ in order to paralyze white pride and make whites serve Jewish supremacist interests. Likewise, Jews pretend to push feminism and women’s 'rights' to obfuscate the fact that they are the main purveyors of pornography, main practitioners of sexual harassment(at least in upper echelons), and main pushers of brainwashing young white girls into slutty mental slavery to Pop Culture that is totally owned by Jews.

But because Jewish Power is sometimes harsh toward people like Loomer, Geller, and David Horowitz, it gives the false impression that the Western Jews & Elites are pro-Muslim and anti-Jewish. "Look how they praise Muslims and Islam while deplatforming someone like Laura Loomer!" But it’s actually Powerful Jews trying to prevent Vulgar Jews from letting the cat out of the bag. Powerful Jews know they must smile at Muslims in the public relations department to smack them around in the foreign policy department. But noisy Jews like Geller and Loomer either don’t get it or believe that the current Jewish Strategy is a bad one(and vent their spleen about how something must be done about Muslims).
In a way, it’s emblematic of the split between Upper Jewish Imperialism and Lower Jewish Survivalism. To Upper Jews who see the world as a global game with huge stakes, accommodating Muslims is a useful and essential gambit. The Muslim Gambit. Let there be Muslim immigration to the West and let Muslims carry out some terrorist attacks, even against Jews. As problematic as that may be, the illusion of Western-Muslim friendship allows Zionists to use the US as sole superpower to intervene all over the Middle East and North Africa. In the 90s, even as Jews were killing 100,000 of Muslims in Iraq via sanctions, they professed sympathy for Muslims by siding with Bosnian Muslims against Serbians and Croatians. But to Lower Jews who think mainly of survival, the Muslim Problem is something they see in the streets and town squares. Upper Jews have a bird-eye view, Lower Jews have a groundhog view. But then, the British Empire operated in a similar manner. While Lower Anglos were shooting the indigenous folks of Australia like animals in a Race War to grab the land, the Upper Anglos publicly denounced such excesses as they'd give the Imperial Project a bad name. Matters of prestige and public dignity matter far more to the elites than to the masses.

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