Friday, November 9, 2018

The Cancerous Pathology of Homomania paves the way for Pedomania — The Vampiricism of Jews and Homos

Consider the soul-and-social disease of Homomania. Like cancer, the diseased ideology or pseudo-religion of Homomania does not remain static. It spreads and spreads, which is the nature of lies. After all, a lie can perpetuate itself only by covering itself with more lies. Thus, lies confirm and protect one another.

Granted, most lies are ordinary, all-too-common, and all around us, like germs. As such, they are mostly harmless. But when lies are sanctified by institutions, mendacity is officially(and even 'spiritually') favored over veracity. And the elevation of Homomania had exactly that effect. It didn't merely put forth a lie but elevated and enforced it as the New Truth while suppressing the Real Truth that could expose the lie.

Now, it is a fact that some people are born homosexual. It is sane and sound that we should acknowledge this fact and allow homos to do their own thing as they can't help feeling the kind of lusts that they do. So far, so good, and no problem.

But then, the lies began. The lie said a homo man's anus is equal to a woman's vagina as a sex organ. The lie said homos can be 'parents' and 'have children' even though homo 'couples' only pretend to be parents while adopting children created by real sexuality involving male and female interaction. In a world dominated by vile and venal Jewish globalists who'd taken over the media, academia, and the courts, such insane lies were given the official stamp of approval of representing the 'progressive' evolution of society and human values.

Initially, the lies of homo propaganda were disturbing and disgusting but not necessarily fatal to a society swirling with countless lies and conceits of all kinds. They constituted merely one more School of Thought or Cult of Opinion(like on UFO's). But the media and academia, controlled by Zionist-globalists, began to push these lies as the New Normal and then as the Holy Truth to be associated with 'rainbow' colors. Thus, homo fecal penetration and tranny genital mutilation became synonymous with 'pride'. A lie wrapped in the cloak of sanity, health, and even sanctimony gained adulation and adoration as a kind of neo-religion.
Jews understood that an idea can be open to debate, scrutiny, skepticism, and/or invalidation AS LONG AS it is regarded as an idea. After all, ideas are rational units in the mind, and their veracity is to be decided or settled by constant debate and back-and-forth discussion. As such, ideas are not sacrosanct and always open to further discourse. As such, an idea is always vulnerable to future argumentation UNLESS it gains the aura of sanctimony. And one way to achieve this is to elevate the object most closely associated with the idea as something holy. This requires the use of 'idolic' or iconic image of the object closely associated with the idea. Take the idea of 'antisemitism'. One could argue the validity of liking or disliking Jews as an idea in relation to Jewish behavior. After all, a rational mind need not see Jews as eternal heroes or eternal villains. As there is good and bad in everyone and every people, one could argue that 'antisemitism' or anti-Jewish sentiments are sound in some circumstances while unsound in others. BUT, if Jews are 'sacralized' by use of emotionally charged images & sounds, then the idea of 'antisemitism' takes on the aspects of taboo. Once Jews are regarded as holy, 'antisemitism' can only be bad because it would be wrong to feel animus toward a sacred & tragic people. Thus, an idea becomes something like an 'ideol', or idea-as-idol. It is no wonder that 'antisemitism' has only one meaning in the West. As Jews are regarded as quasi-holy, we are obliged to harbor near-spiritual feelings about Jews. Such sense of worship precludes rational, skeptical, and critical thoughts on Jewish power, reach, and influence. Since Jews are sacred, everything they do must be holy, and that means being anti-Jewish can only be evil. We MUST admire and praise Jews at all times. This is the difference between religion and philosophy. In religion, some things are sacred and protected by taboos. In philosophy, everything is open to further discussion and debate. So, to shut down debate, an idea has to be restricted by taboo, and this is done by 'sacralizing' the thing most closely associated with the idea. Jews not only made it very difficult to think rationally about Jews but about homos as well. Prior to their 'sacralization', homos were fair game to all kinds of criticism and scrutiny. Homosexuality was a subject, not a sacredness. One could argue all the pro's and con's about homosexuality. As long as it remained an idea for further debate, the homo agenda was stalled. So, in order for Jews to elevate the homo agenda into Homomania, a delirious & rapturous near-worship of Homos and their ways, Jews needed to bless the homos as something akin to secular saints. Jews needed to turn fairies into angels. That way, it became almost 'sacrilegious' to cast negative aspersions on homos or anything associated with them. It's one thing to be critical of homos as people. But how dare anyone put down homos as angels? And so, any critical view of homos came to be condemned as 'homophobic' heresy. Once the idea became an 'ideol', debate and discussion effectively came to an end. As New York Times said about the matter, the 'debate was over', and that was that. Jews came to play the role of god.
Furthermore, those who spoke the truth about homosexuality were denounced and demeaned as 'homophobes'. In other words, those with veracity on their side were apparently afflicted with mental illness while those pushing the Big Lie were on the side of doctors and angels. Then, it's not surprising that homosexuality and tranny business quickly went from 'pride' to full-blown quasi-spirituality, a 'queer christianity' or Queertianity. As the post-modern epiphanies of 'pride' and miracle, their symbols were to be displayed in churches — an act of institutionally sanctioned vandalism — , and all groups were expected to seek benediction under the homo flag.

Now, things are getting even more dire. Since the pedophile community has close links with the homo community and since so many elites in Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Las Vegas lust after young kids as sexual objects, there appears to be a gradual slide toward normalizing pederasty as well. Jews control globalism, and Jews chose homos to be their main right-hand man/woman. As masters of vanity and narcissism, homos & trannies exploited their domination of arts, fashion, & entertainment to make celebrity & hedonism the centerpieces of Globo-Culture. And if society is all about wanton pleasure of the powerful and privileged, then the well-connected pederasts with close ties to homos who have close ties to Jews must get their jollies too.

Thus far, pedophilia and pederasty remain in the realm of ideas. As pedophiles and pederasts haven't yet been 'sacralized', open debate about them is possible. If anything, because society adores children as innocent angels, there is something close to a taboo about rationally discussing the merits and demerits of pederasty and especially pedophilia. When it comes to children, especially their own, most adults are not willing to 'go there', and for good reason. As children are physically and psychologically underdeveloped, most people would be seriously appalled by 'rational' discussion of children as possible sexual agents. And yet, because our culture is so sexualized and even market 'pornification' to young ones -- the likes of Ariana Grande is marketed to pubescent girls as 'role models' -- , there is a cultural tendency to treat children as sexual creatures. Thus robbed of their innocence, their utility can be discussed as if they're adults. This is paradoxical because the sickness of pedophilia/pederasty is an attraction to pre-sexual 'innocence' as a sexual fetish. So, the pederast, especially pedophile, denies the innocence of children(as unfit for sexual activity) while being attracted to that very innocence as sexual fantasy. Our decadent and degenerate culture has become not only insanely homo but alarmingly pedo because there is now so little concern among social critics about the easy accessibility of porn to even children and the marketing(even by Major 'family entertainment' Corporations like Disney) of 'slut' fashions to little girls(whose mothers themselves grew up on nothing but junky pop culture, their only cultural reference). What happens when kids are no longer seen as innocent angels but as sexual creatures? Rational discussion of kids as sex objects will be normalized. And then, what if the mantle of angel-hood(taken away from children) is transferred to the pedos who are, after all, the bosom-buddies of the holy homos who, in turn, are best-friends-forever with the holy Jews? A world in which we can rationally talk about children as sex objects but cannot speak critically of angelic pedos(as yet another 'sacralized' group) lest we commit the heresy of 'pedophobia'? It sounds outlandish now, and I don't think society will ever embrace pedomania, but who knows what a society so far gone in degeneracy(as ours is) is capable of? Especially since the 1990s, it seemed the Power could pretty much get whatever it wants. And the Power is growing increasingly shameless and monstrous in its tastes and lusts. A world where adults never mature past the teen mentality, a world where glitzy whores are praised as 'wholesome' role models for girls. A 'whoresome' world.
Also, it is the nature of cancer to keep growing. Homomania is a cancer of the Big Lie, and it won't stop. Degeneracy seeks validation by sprouting more(and stronger) degeneracy as the New Normal. More degeneracy means what was once shameful becomes shameless and then even 'sacrosanct'. There is safety in numbers, after all. So, lies and degeneracy multiply inexorably and spread their cancer cells far and wide. A mere lie is just another lie. A lie wrongly sanctified as the 'new truth' won't stop growing. It must spread and spread to seek strength in size and numbers as a lie is always paranoid of the truth that may expose it to light. Empowered Lies are like vampires, essentially parasitic, sucking on the blood of the living, always on the lookout for new 'converts' to the coven. Spreading like rats and roaches but always fearful of the light of truth that can expose them and do them in. It's been said that Bram Stoker's DRACULA was meant as an allegory of Jewish Subversion. INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE the movie has been interpreted by some as an AIDS allegory. Then, we can see some patterns of thoughts and behaviors that tie the Jews and homos together. And in the sickness between them, there may rise the monstrosity of pedomania, yet a new cancer.

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