Thursday, March 25, 2021

What 21st century America under Jewish Rule has in common with 19th century China under Manchu Rule — On Jews and Queues, and When Will White People cut off their Mental Queues? — How Jewish Globalism uses the White Weakening to strengthen their grip over World Goyim — Jews and 'Spigotry'

American Renaissance has done important work, but it is ultimately useless because it pulls its punches or willfully misses what should be the main target: Jewish Supremacist Power. Take Jared Taylor's commentary of the US military in the video below. It's pure Pat-Condell. He blames everything but will not name the power behind the mess. Shhhh about the Jews.

SEMPER DIVERSITY by Jared Taylor of the American Renaissance

At this point, why should Taylor lament that Mexican-American soldiers proudly display the Mexican flag? Why not, when the US flag represents nothing abroad but 'twerking', Jewish supremacism, Wars for Israel, mindless animus toward Russia, ridiculous paranoia about China, nonstop hatred toward Iran, complete nonsense about Venezuela, BLM stupidity, and global dissemination of globo-homo ludicrousness? Americanism meant something when Anglo-Americans(and those properly Anglo-Americanized) ruled the nation with pride and confidence. Then, Americanism was based on the Great Compromise: A move toward a more merit-and-rule-based on the part of Anglo-Americans who took the land from the Indians, brought blacks in chains, and encouraged mass-immigration to develop the land. In return, non-Anglos would acknowledge the Anglo-foundation of America and try to be Good Americans. That compromise is no longer relevant because the US is now totally Jewish-supremacist, meaning the New Americanism is predicated on just about everyone and everything revolving around the question of "Is it great for Jews?" If Jews want it, they get it... eventually. No wonder the First and Second Amendments are now hanging by a thread. Jews don't like the Constitution now that they got total power.
Other than Jews, Jared Taylor should be blaming his own Wasp kind. Why did they hand over power to the Jews almost completely? That was the beginning of much of the rot since. Taylor bitches about blacks, Mexicans, and etc. not being properly patriotic in the new order, but who created the new order? Jews spearheaded the making of New America, but Wasps just played along. If Wasps are such worthless cucks to Jews, why should it be surprising that nonwhites would no longer respect whites? Of course, given that most nonwhites would find it odd if Jews told them, "Americanism = Jewish Greatness", Jews encourage the next-best-thing, which is anti-whiteness or 'scapewhiting'(scapegoat whitey for everything), as it unites all nonwhites with Jews in the War on Whiteness. War on Whiteness or WOW is great for Jews as it morally shames and paralyzes whites into having no pride and prestige, which translates into having no will and agency. Filled with shame and 'white guilt', whites become mired in mode of redemption, the terms of which are decided by Jews who advise Total Support for Zion, More Wars for Israel, More Diversity, and More Globo-Homo(proxy of Jewish Power).
The source of the problem is the Jewish-White relations. When whites handed over power to Jews, Jews made the key decisions, and those have been premised on whatever-necessary-to-secure-Jewish-power. #1 priority for Jews is then White Submissivism to Jewish Supremacism. If Taylor will not discuss Jewish Power, it's like complaining about the smoke without mentioning the fire. Also, does it make sense for whites to bleat about blacks, browns, yellows, and etc. when whites themselves cravenly collaborate with Jewish Power? Whites, especially the elites, don't stand for what is good for America as a whole. They suck up to Jews and support Jewish identity & Zionism. When whites act like that, why should nonwhites be good American patriots? Whites have led the way in betraying the original Americanism. In some ways, nonwhites, such as blacks into black power and Mexican-Americans into Mexican pride, are more admirable because, at the very least, they are tribal-patriotic about their own kind. In contrast, whites have betrayed both White Power and Traditional Americanism. They are now allergic to anything white-and-positive but also utterly lack a general sense of Americanism. White 'liberals' love to virtue-signal by supporting blacks, diversity, & globo-homo, AND white 'conservatives' love to cuck-signal by waving the Israeli Flag & yapping about how Israel is "America's best, greatest, closest, and dearest ally." Both groups fail at simple generic patriotism based on rules and principles. For white 'liberals', blacks are higher than other groups, and for white 'conservatives' it's Jews-uber-alles. In the current order, Jews encourage nonwhites to wave their own identitarian flag AGAINST whiteness while encouraging whites to wave the Zionist flag. In a way, one might say this Jewish strategy is foolish. After all, if nonwhites are made to be anti-white and if whiteness is made to be synonymous with support-for-Israel and praise-of-Jews, might it not lead to nonwhites being anti-Israel and anti-Jewish as well? After all, if whiteness = love-for-Jews whereas non-whiteness = anti-whiteness, wouldn't it lead to non-whiteness = anti-Jewishness since whiteness is so closely associated with cucking to Jews? Jews bank on two factors in this strategy. They figure (1) nonwhites are too dumb to connect the dots or (2) even if nonwhites connected the dots and became more critical of Israel & Jewish Power on account of whiteness = support-for-Zion, it will draw whites even closer to Zion as white-knight-defenders of Israel against the rising tide of darkies. We see scenario 2 play out with both Mitt Romney and Jared Taylor. They hope that powerful Jews will like them more if they stand with Jews against the 'antisemitic' darkies. It's like Jews encourage Ilhan Omar to be anti-white while white conzos beat their chests as noble defenders of Jews from 'Anti-Semites'.

Also, we must keep in mind that Jews are using white-elites as the template for goy-elites around the world, and of course, once the elites in other countries are turned, it's only a matter of time before the masses are turned as well. Consider the spread of Christianity in Europe. The elites adopted the new faith, which then spread among the masses as well. In a way, anti-white-ness in the US seems to weaken America. When the white elites of the majority population are so blamed-and-shamed into self-abasement mode, it does seem weak and pathetic indeed. How can America exert power abroad when it's so full of self-doubt? And yet, white cuckery is meant to serve as the template for other elites around the world, especially in the satellite countries. Indeed, look at the impact on Japan. For the longest time, the Japanese Way was seen as the opposite of the American Way. But Japanese elites(and those of Taiwan and South Korea) take cues from white elites, and they too promote 'diversity', globo-homo, mass-immigration, and 'anti-racism', i.e. opposing foreign invasion is 'xenophobic'. So, the white-weakening also serves to weaken the goy elites(and masses) of other countries that still take cues from the White Way. This is especially significant in East Asia, the only non-white part of the world that substantially caught up to Western standards of development. As these nonwhite elites come to worship the same gods(controlled by Jews) that white elites do, they also grow weak and fall under the sway of Jewish Power. White elites used to be gloriously race-ist and made common cause with white masses. Nowadays, white elites claim to be 'anti-racist' and look down on white masses as 'deplorables' or 'domestic terrorists'. And such attitude has spread in East Asia as well. And of course, it's the Standard in Canada and EU with 'leaders' like Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron. So, the white-weakening doesn't necessarily lead to a weaker America vis-a-vis other countries. If anything, precisely because most elites around the world ape the White Standard, they follow the White Way and weaken themselves... of course to the total delight of Jews. If only whites were affected by PC, the West might grow weak relative to the rest of the world. But insofar as the elites of the Rest ape the elites of the West(who now cuck to Jews, celebrate homos, and idolize Negroes), White Weakness is leading to Goy Weakness across the globe, which is just what the Jews want: All the goyim weakened. Now, Russia, China, and Iran are relatively free of Western Power, but this is only politically and militarily. Culturally and intellectually, many educated people over there still look to the West as the standard of 'progress' and whatever is thought to be 'more evolved'. Indeed, notice how most of the children of Russian, Chinese, and Iranian immigrants in the US and Canada turn into mindless minions of PC.
Another way that White Weakness can actually be a boon to US global power follows the logic of Christian morality. Christianity was about humility and guilt, and one would think such an ethos of passivity would have led to Western Decline, and indeed, some made the association between Christianity and the Fall of Rome. But later, this cult of humility filled Western Folks with spiritual-and-moral righteousness. Their sense of sinner-guilt before God made them feel holier-than-thou, thereby justified in conquering and converting other peoples. A similar kind of logic is behind PC. It's true that, on the one hand, it fills white Americans with guilt, shame, and doubt about their entire history and heroes. Whites now cuck before Jews, Negroes, homos, and even trannies. And yet, such cuckery also fills many whites with righteous indignation. They believe America and the West are better, superior, and more justified precisely because they kiss the sacred Jew's ass, wash the holy Negro's feet, and suck the tranny's magic-dong. Some of the most zealously aggressive whites are the 'woke' ones who feel that precisely because they cuck so hard to the Holy Three of Jews, Negroes, and Homos, they are better than not only 'racist' whites but many peoples around the world who aren't so 'woke' or keen on revering the Holy Three of Jews, Negroes, and Homos. After all, Chinese don't wash the Negro's feet, Russians don't bend over to Holy Homo, and Iran doesn't suck up to Jews. Today, the 'woke' US military is dropping lots of bombs in the Middle East painted with BLM and globo-homo symbols. Negroes are especially useful to Jews because Negrolatry has become the Moral Currency of the World. If there was a truly global currency, it would feature MLK or Mandela(or George Floyd). America says, "We've come a long way because we now feel so sorry about what was done to the Negro", and China, Russia, & Iran say "America is tainted for its 'racism' against the Noble Negro." So, China, Russia, and Iran, in using the Moral Currency favored by America, fall into the trap of Negrolatry. Thus, they too fall under the sway of the gods controlled by Jews.

Gregory Hood's article is ultimately pointless because it is Jaredy-Taylor-made to cuck-to-Jews, of which there are two kinds: The Loud-Cucking of Conservatism Inc. that gushes about Jews as the greatest, noblest, wisest, most tragic, & most awesome people that ever lived AND the Silent-Cucking that remains mute on Jewish Power as the main source of anti-white politics. All said and done, what's the point of complaining about PC and censorship if one doesn't name the source of the problem? It's like complaining of the foul air without looking for the dead animal that is causing the stink.
Whatever pluralism that may have existed does no longer in the American Argument. We are told the US is more diverse than ever, and that is true of the population and middle-management, but the upper echelons of power have become more homogeneous or monomaniacal than ever: Jewish Supremacist globalist Zionism. Long ago, Anglo-Christians were on top. Then, things loosened up after World War II and especially in the Sixties. As Anglo-Americans lost their grip, other groups took on bigger roles, what with Irish Kennedy becoming the first Catholic president. Back then, Jews were powerful and rising fast. Still, they didn't dominate like they do today. And Catholics carried considerable cultural weight. And as the nation was less homogenized by mass media of TV that in time became the centerpiece of American identity & culture in all fifty states and every small town, power was regionally more dispersed. With Wasps waning and with other groups/forces ascending, the second half of the 20th century was probably when the US was most pluralistic at the top with various vying for influence or at least their sphere of influence. But over time, Jews or BUGS(busy urban globalist semites) gained at the expense of all others. Why? Jews took over the key levers of power. Also, Jews understood in the 60s that the youth, the boomers, were the key to the future. So, while the power of other groups was based more conservatively on tradition and community — Irish or Italian patriarchy, traditional hierarchy rooted in the Old World, Catholic moralism, etc. — , Jewish power was based on winning the hearts and minds(or mindlessness) of the young whose eyes and ears were glued to TV, radio, movies, celebrity-idolatry, and etc. The end-result was Jews not only controlling the key institutions and industries(media, finance, law firms, big tech) but controlling the gods and idols that came to mean most to the boomer generation and ones that followed.

We now have a country that indeed is more diverse than ever in terms of mass-demography, middle-management, and celebrity/idolatry/iconography but is also more mono-tribal-and-thematic than ever at the very top. Just look at Joe Biden's administration; the so-called 'adults in the room' with the most important positions are almost all Jews or total cuck-puppets of Jews. And what was Obama? A street-organ-monkey for the Jews. Kamala is an even bigger whore of Zion, if such thing is possible(and yes it is).
There was a time when feminists had something like real power. Today, Jews have all the on/off switches and decide who's-hot-and-who's-not at the moment. So, Jews can favor globo-homo and push blacks to the back of the bus. But when Jews needed black support again, they engineered the George Floyd riots with their control of media and deep state. So, in 2020, homos had to take the backseat to Negros who were allowed to indulge in Black Sack in the name of BLM. When Jews needed women to be hissing at Trump and everything he stood for, supposedly 'male chauvinism', they greenlit the Pussy March and the #MeToo movement. So, feminists, who'd been sidelined by globo-homo and gender-bender nonsense for some years, were brought back in force.
Of course, all these had unforeseen or problematic consequences for Jews. #MeToo ended up bagging some prominent Jews, especially those in media. It also exposed the power of Jewish men who act badly and get away with it. And BLM riots ended up harming some parts of cities where Jews dwell or work. But Jews see it as worthwhile gambit. Lose some but gain more, and they were hellbent on losing some to gain the White House from Donald Trump who, despite his obsequiousness to Zionist Power, reminded Jews of 'antisemitic' demagogues of the past. BLM and blackness became especially important in the Trump Era because what Jews fear most is WGTOW or whites-going-their-own-way and stop doing as Jews tell them to. Jews thought, "What can we use to elevate 'white guilt' to unprecedented levels so as to morally, emotionally, and spiritually browbeat whites into remaining on the Jewish-Supremacist plantation?" Jews figured it'd be BLM. Homos are anti-conservative and have a corrosive effect on whites(or any community), but globo-homo doesn't quite promote 'white guilt'. True, white homos are among the biggest collaborators with Jewish Supremacism, but Jews needed something stronger. What about feminism? After all, it's been useful in setting white women against white men. But all said and done, white men and white women still marry and have children together. Also, what with so many powerful white men being Jewish, something like the #MeToo movement showed how anti-male politics can easily end up hurting Jews. What about the Immigrants. But no matter how much the Jewish Media tried to caricaturize Trump's border policies as akin to Nazis rounding up the Jews, the great majority didn't buy the nonsense. Also, even if it's true that many non-white immigrant groups did suffer terribly at the hands of whites(Anglos or Spanish), they simply lack the idol-factor that blacks have due to sports and rap. No one really cares about the Guatemalans at the US-Mexican border. And so, Jews figured they must play up BLM even harder to perpetuate 'white guilt' and paralyze white agency. But, in the end, it's all bait-and-switch. Whites are made to feel guilty about blacks but then made to serve Jews. It's come to whites bemoaning Jim Crow in the South & denouncing Apartheid in Old South Africa and making amends by... supporting 'Jim Crowitz' and 'Aparschweid' in West Bank. Indeed, it's downright surreal that the very people who most loudly denounce 'racism' of White America then go about recruiting whites to support Jewish tyranny, wars, and semi-genocides in the Middle East and North Africa.

When Jews favor a particular group, it thinks it's on the rise, gaining real power, but it's really a ruse, like the workings of Hollywood. A certain star may think he or she is the hottest stuff and unstoppable, but Jewish bosses can bring him or her down at any moment. Jews giveth, Jews taketh away. This is truer now than ever as Jewish Power is the only game in town in the academia, media, big tech, finance, laws & courts, and etc. Also, as Jews control the gods and define what sacred-vs-profane, even the many non-Jews in important institutions 'worship' according to Jewish commands. Most goyim simply lack the will and/or aptitude to think outside the box constructed by Jewish Big Minds. Jews have their fingers on the spigots. The spigots get to say who are the bigots. Spigotry is where the real power is, and the Jews are the biggest spigots around. When the spigots are turned on for your group or side, you think you are riding high... but when the spigots are turned off, your plan fades into a mirage in a desert. It's like how Jews toy with blacks. If some Negro badmouths whites, Jewish spigots give him water. But if he also badmouths Jews, the spigots are shut off... unless he repents and attacks only whites while sparing and praising Jews. When the spigots were on for #MeToo, the feminists thought they had history by the balls. They were unstoppable, but the Jewish spigots said, "Enough of that" and turned on the water for the Trannies who soon put the feminists back in the kitchen to bake more 'woke' cookies from the globo-homo recipe. The problem is less bigotry in America than Jewish spigotry that plays thumbs up or down on the Current Year Winners and Losers.

There's all this talk of US vs China, and once again, Jews are up to no good. Jews are turning on the spigots for the China-bashers in the spirit of 'Better You than Me', or 'Better Chu than Jew'. Jews figure that, just as 'Russia, Russia, Russia' has the so-called 'left' focused on the Russian Menace than on the real Jewish tyrants in the West, 'China, China, China' will keep the so-called 'rightists' busy with hysterics over Fu Man Chu & Ming the Merciless than with the real Jewish Power behind globalism. And as most 'conservatives' are craven cowards and cucks, they go where the water is. As Jews are turning on the water for the China-bashers, all these craven conzos who never stood up to black thuggery, Jewish tyranny, and globo-homo degeneracy are making big tough-guy noises about Bad China. (Of course, Asians in America are no better. A bunch of yellow dogs, they are always stuck in Model Minority mentality. The great irony is that their rejection of the Model Minority monicker is just another expression of MM-thinking. After all, what is a 'model minority'? It is the one that makes the least trouble for the Ruling Power and sucks up to the prevailing norms & dogma. As Jews got the most power and push anti-white victimology among nonwhites, yellows with their model-minority-mentality do their best to conform to those PC expectations. They do everything to appease the Jews as the top power, and as such, are stuck in MM mentality.)

In a way, China, especially 19th century China, is worthy of comparison with the US. Now, this may sound absurd because there are many more differences than similarities. China in the 19th century was the 'Sick Man of Asia', in some ways in worse straits than the fast-declining Ottoman Empire(which would have fared far better with German victory in World War I). In contrast, the US in the 21st century is the richest and most powerful nation on Earth and will continue to be so for the rest of the century(and the century beyond that). The US with its land, resources, population, and talent pool(drawn from all parts of the world) can't help but to be powerful REGARDLESS of which peoples rule it and populate it. If, say, all Americans today were replaced by Hindus, the US would still be a great superpower. Of course, if US were to become all-black, it will fast turn into a Third World nation with nukes, but that isn't going to happen.

What US in the 21st century and China in the 19th century do have in common is the politics of demoralization or dehumanization of the majority population. China then was ruled by the Manchu dynasty. In some ways, they were 'Chinese', in other ways, they were rulers over the Chinese. Jews occupy a similar position in the US and the West. They are 'white', but they are not white. The Historical Narrative makes Jews out to be victims of 'antisemitic' whites, and current reality has Jews as the rulers over whites. Jewish-American Power is said to be American Power, and it's deemed 'antisemitic' for anyone to suggest that Jewish interests aren't aligned with American interests, let alone hostile to American interests and, as such, constitute a virulent anti-Americanism. Jewish Power glorifies America as a dream and hope but only in accordance to its own grand design. When it comes to White America, Jews are usually insulting, derogatory, and hostile.
Indeed, Jews even suggest that White America wasn't the real America because it betrayed what it really should have been(according to Jewish wishes or Jewishes). Jews argue that America was founded on justice, freedom, and equality, but whites really practiced a form of 'white supremacism', and therefore, historical America isn't the Real America, which is only now truly coming into being under Jewish auspices. And yet, Jews are full of BS because they pressure all Americans, especially whites, into supporting Jewish Power Uber Alles — just ask the Palestinians — and have created a hierarchy of who's-hot-and-who's-not that isn't all that different in kind from the List by the KKK Guy on the Howard Stern Show.

Also, isn't it odd that Jews mostly leave out the American Indians from the Moral Narrative. Jews say that whites were 'racist' and 'evil' for not allowing More Immigration to All Peoples(especially Jews) from around the world but say almost nothing about what mass immigration did to the native population(and later to Palestinians). Also, on the occasion when Jews do fuss about the tragedy of indigenous folks, it's a game of Blame Whitey. Thus, whites are made guilty of two crimes: Invading the Indigenous Folks and Not Sufficiently Inviting the Jews & Non-White Folks. But if mass invasion from the Old World led to the erasure of the American Indians, wouldn't Jews and nonwhites(such as Chinese who built railroads and Japanese who worked on farms in California) also be complicit in the Great White Crime of destroying the Indigenous Folks? And didn't Jewish merchants sell guns and ammo to cowboys? But no, the Jewish Logic doesn't work that way. Rather, it says Whitey Is Evil, so whitey alone must bear the moral burden of both wiping out the indigenous tribes and holding back the immigrant hordes. So, even though Jews and nonwhites rode on the coattails of white conquest and settlement of North America, they get to huddle with indigenous American Indians as 'fellow victims' of whitey. As nutty as such moral logic is, it makes perfect strategic sense. Jewish supremacism depends on white submission, therefore anything that fuels 'white guilt' and paralyzes white pride is good in Jewish eyes.

What Jews have done to whites, the Manchu rulers once did to the Chinese. Just like Jews claim to be American-like-everyone-else and part of Western Civilization, Manchus played up their credentials as rightful rulers of China and upholders of tradition and cultural prestige. And yet, they always reminded the Chinese of the difference between Manchus and the rest. Manchus were conquerors, victors, & overlords, and the Chinese, as the subject folks, better not forget it. Thus, it was more a case of the Chinese upholding Manchu glory than Manchus serving China.
Likewise, Jews insist upon an America/West where whites support and serve Jewish Power than where Jews serve whites or partner with whites on equal basis. As the Chinese outnumbered the Manchus many times over, the Chinese had to be reminded who's the real boss... lest they summon the collective will to throw off the Manchu yoke. Indeed, the real progenitors of China as the 'Sick Man of Asia' were none other than the Manchus, a semi-barbarian people who, with the aid of Mongol archers, conquered a China in decay. China had history, tradition, culture, and people but was in disarray, ripe for an invading power to fill the void. In contrast, the Manchus had martial spirit and will-to-power, that is until they eased into complacent Chinese Imperial sensibility, leaving them vulnerable when the Europeans arrived with bigger boats and guns. Anyway, in order to keep the far more numerous Chinese in line, the Manchus had to humiliate them, and one of the ways was to force all Chinese men to grow and wear queues as sign of subordination to Manchu authority. The failure to do so was a death sentence. Any Chinese male who lost his pigtail risked losing his head as well. Over time, wearing queues became the New Normal among Chinese men. It was as if they were born to serve the more virile and martial Manchus who came to own the Mandate of Heaven. Perceived as such, the Manchus controlled the gods.

US today is about Jews and Queues. Of course, whites wear figurative 'queues' than literal ones. Jews have the power of Manchus or 'Manjews', and whites at a moment's notice must show total loyalty to Jewish Power. When white cuck politicians(as well as non-white ones) make pilgrimages to Israel, don yarmulkes on the goy-kop heads, and stand before the Wailing Wall(and slip in pieces of paper into the crevices with messages like "I suck Jewish cock" and "I love to take it up the ass from Jews"), it's hardly different from Chinese men wearing queues and bowing before the procession of Manchu warriors on horseback.
Jews and Manchus are similar in that they have an ambiguously dual relation in regard to the larger population, much like Macedonians over the Greek World. Jews are, at once, Americans-like-any-other and the Rulers of America whom the lesser goyim must obey. They are both 'white' and non-white(or victims of whites). They are admired as victors and pitied as victims.
Likewise, Manchus were 'Chinese' and the conquerors & tyrants over the Chinese. They were both defenders of Chinese prestige & glory and repressors of Chinese national will, not least when the Chinese were clamoring against Western encroachment. Faced with the Western Threat, the Manchu ruling dynasty walked a thin line of leading the Chinese resistance to the 'foreign devils' AND collaborating with foreign intruders to keep the Chinese people in their place, one of subservience and obedience. In a similar vein, the Jewish Rulers of America both inflame chest-beating American Rage at foreign powers, especially Russia, China, & Iran(though Venezuela also joined the list) AND work with other nations & globalist elements to undermine sovereignty & autonomy in America(and just about every European nation within the US sphere of influence). Jews constantly bang on the war drums. Russia! Russia! Putin as New Hitler is attacking US democracy! Jews made a big deal of War on Terror. The Muslims attacked the US on 9/11 and good patriotic Americans must fight these Wars for Israel, I mean 'War on Terror', against the baddies. It was Chuck Norris Time all over again.

But then, these Jews, who call on American 'patriotism' to invade and attack other nations, then embrace the peoples displaced by these very wars, bring them to the West, and urge them to join the Democratic Party to combat American 'racism' and 'white supremacism'. Jews hoodwink white patriots into fighting Wars for Israel(branded as War on Terror), and then put their arms around Muslim refugees as comrades in the war against 'white terrorism'. Jews have worked with the Chinese to further the globalist agenda, the main beneficiaries of which are urban professionals, financial wizards, and big tech oligarchs. The Western 1%, among whom Jews are prominent, has raked in most of the rewards of globalism. Yet, lest the goyim in the West wake up to what's really going on, the very Jews who worked so closely with China(and India) encourage anti-China-bashing so that the blame for the problems of globalism will fall on the Chinese.

One thing for sure, globalism has pushed many whites to the breaking point, not least because the Internet has allowed the dissemination of ideas previously checked or suppressed by Jewish monopolization of the media. Jews had less reason to fear Free Speech in the past because, minus something like the internet, it was very difficult for dissident or alternative ideas/views to gain traction in a world where all the academic institutions and media industries were in the hands of Jews and their puppets.
But as information flows freely across the internet, anti-globalist views spread far and wide, and Donald Trump ran on them in 2016. Initially, Jews welcomed the power of the internet. They saw it as a tool for weakening nationalism and goy borders as people around the world would form trans-national communities online, and to a large extent, this has been true. Consider how the internet has eroded the sense of national identity even in Japan. And the power of the internet has transformed Russia, Iran, and China as well. People there have gained accessed to news and views from the outside, and of course, most global information and idolatry are controlled by Jews.

And yet, the internet, in allowing everyone to participate, has also made people more aware and anxious of the rapid changes afoot. And, more people than ever, at least in a long time, have been awakened to the JQ. So, Jews value the internet as a spreader of globalism and seek to ensure that it will spread nothing but globalism. For Jews, the internet should be a free-flow-of-information-approved-by-Jews. It's like Jewish neo-definition of 'free speech'. You're FREE to agree with Jews and spout their favored narratives & dogma. But if you dare go against the Jewish Decree, you are not practicing 'free speech' but 'hate speech'. You are a 'hater' and must be silenced. You must be denied financial services. You might as well be labeled a 'terrorist'. So, 'free speech' means you are 'free' to suck up to Jews, and 'free-flow-of-information' means you can freely exchange ideas and views approved by Jews. If not, you end up like Donald Trump on Facebook and Twitter. If they can do it to the President of the US, it means your freedom is kaput in the Jewish Supremacist or 'Manjewrian' World.

The 'Manchurian Candidate' invokes the danger of prominent figures in America serving a malevolent foreign power, even unwittingly or unconsciously. The concept goes far beyond the notion of 'useful idiots', who are always a dime-a-dozen. It plays on the paranoia that figures in key positions could have been 'manufactured' or 'constructed' abroad at the psychological level. As such, they don't really know that they are tools because the manipulation has been at the subconscious level. In the famous movie, a patriotic war hero has been programmed to follow any instruction when placed under hypnosis triggered by a game of Solitaire. In that regard, he is anti-American only under the spell and only for specific operations, like carrying out assassinations. He and his comrades, who'd also been 'brainwashed', haven't been made to consciously work against America. In contrast, the manipulation is far subtler, thereby more profound, in INCEPTION. There, a certain young man has been subconsciously modified to believe his conscious decisions are entirely his own when, in fact, they are manifestations of the alteration. As for the guy who carries out the inception, he wants to go home to his children so badly that he's willing to do something that is ethically dubious, to say the least. But then, the British soldiers end up betraying their French comrades to scramble for home sweet home in DUNKIRK.

The current political reality is closer to INCEPTION than MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. After all, it's not as if most US politician and goy elites are patriotic good Americans MOST OF THE TIME and act against their own nation/people only under hypnosis. No, they are traitors 24/7. They betray their own race during waking hours and probably in their dreams as well, in which they probably cuck even harder to almighty Jews. But why? Because they've been shaped by the academia, media, entertainment, and idolatry-iconography controlled by Jews. Jewish control has penetrated so deeply into their psyches that they can't differentiate the manipulation from their own minds. They truly believe that what they think and do is good and the product of their own agency and will. It's like Justin Trudeau is a pathetic cucky-wuck dork-maggot of Jewish Globalists but truly believe that he's a good guy and that 'Canadian Values' are really about Diversity, Jew-worship, Negro-worship, and Globo-Homo.
Granted, much of Jewish manipulation is far from subtle, but when something is so pervasive, it becomes persuasive by volume alone. It's like even non-Christians get into the 'spirit of Christmas' in a society where most people are Christians who take Christmas seriously. Jews are, of course, of two minds about Christmas as well. For them, it is a big cash cow, too good to ignore or let go. But, it's also the one celebration shared by all Western and European folks. French, British, Germans, Russians, Americans, Canadians, and etc. have different dates for national holidays, but they are all united in observing Christmas. This angers Jews, but there's just too much money to be made. But then, Jews did everything to commercialize Christmas as much as possible, and it is now more about rioting at Walmart during the shopping season than observing Jesus' birth.

Current Jewish Power configuration is the most perverse thing in the world, maybe in all of history. Has there been anything like it? The most powerful power in the world controlling the US as the Lone Superpower but hidden from sight(or is it hidden in plain sight?), but few dare speak about it. Just like codewords such as 'teens' and 'youths' are used for blacks, people prefer to talk of 'leftists', 'globalists', 'communists', 'Soros' & gang, 'oligarchs', and etc. than speak of Jews. On occasion, some may critically call out on Zionists, but few dare to name the Jew.
Granted, Jews could pull this off in the West because they sufficiently blended with the European race to pass as 'white'. Whiteness is both a target of Jews and their protective shell. Take Jews and South Africa. Jews control the diamond mines, the banks, and much else, BUT they can always hide behind whiteness. Jews-as-whites means white goyim tend to see them as Fellow Whites or Special Whites and go easy on them; Jews-as-whites means that blacks will tend to attack them as 'whites' than as Jews. It's win-win for Jews. It's the same in the US, e.g. the #HollywoodSoWhite. Jewish Privilege wears a white mask. As such, many whites go easy on 'white' Jews as fellow whites, whereas nonwhites attack Jewish-run Hollywood as 'too white'. So, even as or especially because Jews bash whiteness, it has great value to them. It serves as scapegoat for all the bad things Jews do, all of which can be blamed on 'whiteness'. White conzos tend to eye Jews favorably as Fellow Whites whereas white libby-dibs & non-whites see 'white privilege' wherever Jewish Power dominates. Thus, Jews win with both sides with 'whiteness' that can be seen as a blessing or curse. Jews get to be 'zeligish' with whiteness.

One reason Jewish Power has gone unnoticed or pretend-unnoticed is due to its viral nature. If Manchu conquest of China was violent, Jewish infiltration of America was virulent. Manchus conquered the entire land and people; Jews penetrated and gained control of the goy elites who then colluded with Jews against their own kind on condition that they would keep their wealth & privilege(and win more prizes) if they play second-fiddle to the Fiddler in the Ivory Tower. When someone beats you up and takes control of you, you know you've been beaten or 'owned'. Whether man or beast, it's visible and obvious when he or it attacks and destroys you. But germs go unnoticed when they enter the body, and Jewish Power gained access to power that way.
Jewish attempt to gain supremacy over goyim didn't begin in America, but the themes of American Pride and Holocaust Guilt did wonders for Jews. In the past, when Jewish bankers tried to take power by financial machinations, the goy elites might eventually tire of them, call them out as 'blood-suckers', and toss them to the goy mobs who reviled them as 'Christ-Killers'. But the Holocaust Guilt made 'antisemitism' an unforgivable 'sin' and ultimately even a crime. Thus, it became ever more difficult to call out on bad Jewish behavior as ANY negative aspersion about Jews, however justified, came to be denounced as 'antisemitic'. And Jews especially gained from America's self-perception as the land of the free, land of equal opportunity, the land of meritocracy. American Ethos set itself against the Old World deemed oppressive, discriminatory, and tyrannical. In contrast, ANYONE could make it in America with hard work and respect for the law. Jews flattered the Anglo-American elites for having created such a wondrous system, and Wasps fell for the flattery... even though Jews had designs on Wasp power itself. Jewish praise of White-America-as-paradise was a set-up to deconstruct it as White-Betrayal-of-American-Principles, thereby delegitimizing White America's authority.

Of course, just like white cells notice the germs entering the system unbeknownst to the human eye, the white goy elites couldn't help but notice that Jews were making headway into elite institutions. Jews were gaining at such rapid pace that quotas were implemented in the most prestigious universities and Wall Street firms. The white elites could see up close what was happening as they held the power and privilege. But, in the end, they didn't band with the white masses or volks against Jewish power but formed a partnership with the ascendant Jews as Fellow White Elites in the hope that Jews would reciprocate in kind as they gained in power. But Jews insisted over time that white elites become the Bitch of Jewish Power. Just like a white inmate takes it up the ass from the stronger Negro in prison, white elites have to bend over to Jewish Power. In that sense, the Jewish promotion of globo-homo is apt. Jewish elite power buggers the white elites who f*** White America in the ass. Just look at the cucky-wuck faces of the likes of Mitt Romney, and it's so disgraceful. He always looks like he's been sucking Zionist penis when no one's watching.

Anyway, that's how US in the 21st century is like China of the 19th century. But there finally came a time when the Chinese finally began to stand up and cut off the queues. It's about time White America cut off their mental queues and demand liberation from the Jews. Under the current system, all white goy males must grow and wear mental pigtails of 'white shame' and 'white guilt'. Sadly, many whites carry this shame with 'pride'. Being on the mental plantation of Jewish Power, they've been conditioned to believe that whites are especially guilty and must atone for their 'historical sins', especially in relation to Jews and blacks. So, they use every opportunity to virtue-signal about how 'woke' they are. It is akin to the dog pride in serving the master. But then, a similar social phenomenon happened in China under Manchu rule. Though initially made to wear queues as sign of obedience to Manchus, many Chinese got so accustomed to the style that they couldn't conceive of life without one. So, even when the time came for the Chinese to rise up and cut off the pigtails, they clung to theirs as dear to life. It is then no wonder that so many whites cling to their mental pigtails of 'cuck' and/or 'woke'.


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