Friday, June 26, 2020

Our is the Age of Deformation than Reformation — While Morality May be Protestantist, Culture Need be Catholicist — Conscience is Inherently Intolerant but Culture Is Ideally Tolerant

There was the Reformation. Now, there is the Deformation.

Reformation was often violent and bloody, but its core themes were God and holiness.
In contrast, the Deformation is vile and rotten to the core. It's about idolatry of the Negro, the most savage race, because he be best at basketball, rapping, and bumping-n-grinding. It's about celebration of homo-mania and tranny lunacy. It is about mandatory submission to Jews as the new master race and god-folks.

The Reformation believe in a Power and Truth above man. The current Deformation says the holy three of Negroes, homos, and Jews possess(indeed monopolize) the highest authority, and all of humanity must kneel, bow, and grovel before them. What about blacks committing the most crime and destroying entire societies? Never mind, 'black lives matter' and get on your knees. What about Jews in supremacist mode spreading wars, wrecking entire nations , looting entire economies, and spreading the culture of degeneracy? Never mind, just suck up to Jews as the eternal holy holocaust people and obey them... or else you're an 'anti-semite'. What about Homos being obsessed with vanity & narcissism and indulging in fecal-penetration and spreading disease while trannies are messed in the head and go for penis-cutting to get fake vaginas? Never mind, just celebrate all they do, and even drag your children to drag-queen story hours... or else you are a 'homophobe' or 'trannyphobe'.
And being a porny slut with tattoos and piercings(and green hair) is the new 'empowerment' for women.
An entire generation raised on demented violent video games, Tarantino gore-fests of sadism & nihilism(despite the recent partial redemption with ONCE UPON A TIME... IN HOLLYWOOD), retarded rap music, easily accessible porn even for kiddies & dick/vagina pic-'sexting' on smart phones, endless homo propaganda as the New Normal, vilification of whiteness as the new devil, ugly MMA filled with deranged lunatics with tattoos(made worse by female MMA slug-fests), erasure of heritage, and ends-justify-the-means nihilism(made worse by having ends that can never be met). In the case of Emma Sulkowicz, acting porny was the new puritanism. She actually made porn to make a 'moral' statement. And how fitting in our Deformed Age that George Floyd the junkie porn actor has been elevated as black moses-christ? But then, how surreal that the opportunistic sleazebag Donald Trump was embraced by so many as the nationalist hero. It's like we're living in a cartoon world.
The so-called new 'left' is about Negro Worship and Globo-Homo-mania or Queertianity financed by super-rich globalist capitalists. And why are Negroes and Homos favored over others? They found some of the biggest successes under capitalism. Blacks in sports and music, and homos in fashion and design. Classic Leftism, for all its problems, was humanist and saw value in all lives. The new 'left' pretends to be about justice, but its distorted and deformed notion of Truth rests on idolatrous capital valuation. Since Negros have value in sports/pop and homos have value in fashion/fanfare/pageantry, they matter more than other peoples. Palestinians, like 'white trash', mean nothing because they have little capital value. That is the new 'leftism'. It's no wonder that the proglodyte mobs don't attack Apple or Google headquarters. Or California agro-business for exploiting brown labor. As long as Big Capital wave the Noble Negro and Holy Homo banner, they have 'god on their side'.
Personally, I prefer Protestantism for conscience and Catholicism for culture. While the puritanical streak in Protestantism can be annoying(and even dangerous), the Protestant model is closer to true conscience because it's about individual agency and accountability in relation to God or the Truth. Instead of relying on the bureaucratic middleman and rigid dogma, you yourself need to peer into your own heart and make amends before God or Truth. On some level, one must be one's own priest.

But culturally, the Protestantist outlook can be destructive toward all that is deemed false or idolatrous. In seeking what is truly true, it has little tolerance for all that is deemed wicked, wrong, or deviant. It can lead to a cultural drabness. (Today, things are worse because the New Puritanism is in service to utter puerility. It is 'pueritanism'. Infantile idolatry of the trashy and trivial has the highest 'spiritual' value in our Deformist age. With Hollywood as the new vatican, is it any surprise that pop culture tropes and celebritism have become objects of highest reverence among the masses? And now that 'forever young' boomers are the old folks, we have childishness from old to young.)
On the cultural level, the Catholicist mindset is preferable, and one doesn't need to be a Catholic to cultivate and practice this approach. Catholicism found a compromise between the glories of paganism and the New Faith. It came to revere and preserve tradition in the arts and cultural expression EVEN WHEN those objects didn't conform to the spiritual ideals of the dominant Faith. Thus, it was multi-iconographic than iconoclastic in search of purity.
Martin Scorsese, in his two deeply personal documentaries about cinema — the American and the Italian — exhibited a Catholicist perspective on film history. They was criticality but also empathy and reverence. Sure, some of the past works may now seem 'racist' or were made under the Fascist regime, but they too are part of film history and should be studied, preserved, and appreciated. If certain narratives were overlooked or repressed in the past, the right way is to make new movies that address those matters than destroy old films. (In other words, don't burn all prints of Otto Preminger's EXODUS but makes some movies about Nakba from the Palestinian perspective.) After all, if puritanism takes hold in the cultural sphere, there is no end to the excuses for attacking, denouncing, and destroying just about anything. Also, puritanism can go into micro-purist mode, seeking out micro-aggressions even after macro-offenders have been banished. Iconoclasm can go into germ-freak mode. (PC is oddly quasi-fascist. Even though it denounces fascism as a kind of pornography of power devoid of classic idealism, PC sees everything in terms of Power and No Power. It is less interested in right and wrong than Power vs No Power. If your side has no power, then empowerment BY ANY MEANS is justified. It's no wonder Jews, homos, and blacks, along with feminists, have gotten so nihilistic. Jews no longer care about ideology. All that matters is More Jewish Power. Feminism used to side with socialists, but they now celebrate any woman who reaches the top, even if she serves US imperialism or predatory capitalism. Blacks just want blacks to be on top regardless of the ideology or agenda they're serving. So, who cares if Obama destroyed entire nations? He be a black dude who be calling the shots, sheeeeeiiit. Or consider the feminist praise of that vile movie THE LAST SEDUCTION. The femme fatale bitch in it is just awful and preys on innocent victims, but hey, it's FEMALE empowerment. In a way, the 'anti-fascists' really envied fascism because the 'pornographics of power' meant anything was possible without moral restraint. It's no wonder Nietzsche and Foucault became such neo-leftist icons in the postwar period. Classic leftism meant progressives must seek power in service to a set of ideals. Thus, there were brakes on empowerment. Attainment of power had to be justified on moral grounds. But once identity politics and power-for-power's sake came to define the new proggism, all that mattered was More Power for Myself or My People by any means necessary and for whatever ends. Jews really set the template in this as the Jewish Left and Jewish Right converged on More Jewish Power. Notice how Bernie Sanders eventually turned out to be a Jewish Supremacist First and socialist second because he willfully took a dive and chose not to lead a potentially true leftist movement against the System controlled by Jewish supremacists.)

Now, morality, in seeking what is true, cannot hold too many conflicting values together. If you're opposed to slavery, your morality cannot say "slavery is not okay here, but it's okay over there." You should oppose slavery as a principle. However, culture isn't only about morality. It's a remembrance of the past, the realization and understanding that ideas, values, and attitudes changed over time, a sense that we can't expect other times and other cultures to think and feel just as we do in the righteous moment.
Thus, cultural(and historical) sense has to be more tolerant and empathetic than the moral sense, which by its nature cannot be too tolerant. Ideally, one should be morally righteous but culturally broad in the appreciation of the arts. Surely, even an atheist should be able to appreciate Angkor Wat, Temples of India, Mosques of Arabia, and Cathedrals of Europe. Likewise, even an 'anti-racist' should see merit in THE BIRTH OF A NATION, even an anti-communist should see value in BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN, even sympathizers with American Indians should recognize the glory of American Westerns, and even a Jew should see value in Richard Wagner's operas and Leni Riefenstahl's two landmark 'documentaries'(which are more like 'propamentaries' or propaganda-documentaries). And even an anti-Jewish person should see value in Gustav Mahler, Mendelssohn, and Mel Brooks.

The current Deformation is the worst of all worlds. Not only does the Rage of the Moment dictate moral puritanism that is utterly destructive and demented but the supposed morality is really an immorality. The truth sought in the Reformation was about God and Holiness. One could disagree with the interpretations and arguments of the opposing sides, but at their core it was about genuine search for and defense of sanctity as they understood it. At the very least, they knew better than to worship the cult of man and things. Even Catholics accused by Protestants for idolatry understood that God, Jesus, and Truth were infinitely higher than anything made of stone by human hands.
In contrast, the Deformation cannot conceive of anything higher than George Floyd as Magic Negro. Or consider when Michael Jackson died. You'd think it was the death of god hisself. Deformation cannot conceive of anything holier than drag queens and homos prancing about by hogging the word 'pride'. Deformation cannot think of a higher loyalty that 'Muh Israel' and 'We stand with Israel(as it sucks out the life of remaining Palestinian communities in West Bank). The Deformation isn't merely about tolerance of vices, such as gambling, but promotion of vice as the new virtue, e.g. "Look, gambling is morally justified because it provides reparations for them Indians, thus washing away America's sins!" (How about a casino at Auschwitz?) The Desert Inn Has Heart, the Desert Inn Has Heart. Las Vegas, the Christmas Place To Be!!! Homosexual vanity isn't merely to be tolerated and contained in the homo community. It has to be 'spiritualized' and its symbols must hang in churches!
We've been fed this narrative about linear human progress, but spiritually and morally, are people in the West better off in the crazy 21st century than during the Reformation? Is it 'more progress' to worship Mammon, Magic Negroes, Tooty Homos, and Insane Jewish Supremacists? We were told that mankind went from religion and superstition to reason and sense. So, where is rationality in elevating the criminal Negro up on the spiritual pedestal? Where is the sense in supporting Zionist lunatics in their maniacal schemes? Where is the science in saying a man with penis & balls and wig on his head is really a 'woman'? This sounds more like the Age of Endarkenment than Enlightenment.

If this keeps up, even Scorsese's two magisterial documentaries will have to be scrapped in the spirit of 'canceling' bad culture because too many works discussed can be associated with this-ism, that-ism, or whatever-ism. For the longest time, the Left made kids read Arthur Miller's CRUCIBLE as a warning against authoritarianism, ideological puritanism, and the culture of paranoia. But the warning has now become the blueprint. But then, the same happened with Kafka's THE TRIAL and THE CASTLE. The way Jewish oligarchs are behaving with their power, we must all navigate like K in the novels. We must deal with repression with vague rules where goal posts are constantly moved. We're rendered like the anti-hero in COOL HAND LUKE who must keep digging and digging. But then, there was something disingenuous about Jews like Arthur Miller. He attacked the political puritanism of the American Right in defense of communists whose puritanism and purge-culture were through the roof. This suggests that, in essence, Jews resisted repression not for the ultimate goal of more freedom for everyone but to amass the power to repress all others.

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