Thursday, May 30, 2019

UMS or Urban Moving Systems, the Company of the Dancing Israelis of 9/11 Infamy, is a Most Useful Acronym for Jewish Supremacist-Globalist Operational Power

Philip Giraldi:

The license plate number revealed that the van belonged to a New Jersey registered company called Urban Moving Systems. At 4 p.m. the vehicle was spotted and pulled over. Five men between the ages of 22 and 27 years old emerged and were detained at gunpoint and handcuffed. They were all Israelis... According to the initial police report, the driver identified as Sivan Kurzberg, stated “We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.” ... The five Israelis were among 140 Israelis arrested after 9/11, most of whom had military backgrounds, including some who were trained in “intelligence.” The five were held in Brooklyn, initially on charges relating to visa fraud... The FBI also concluded that the Israelis had actually monitored the activities of at least two of the 9/11 hijackers... Inevitably, the George W. Bush White House intervened. After 71 days in detention, the five Israelis were released from prison by Attorney General John Ashcroft, put on a plane, and deported. Two of the men later spoke about their unpleasant experience in America on an Israeli talk show, one explaining that their filming the fall of the Twin Towers was to “document the event.” In 2004 the five men sued the United States government for damages...

A green network of Israeli Zionist-Supremacist spies operating in the US camouflaged themselves within a company called Urban Moving Systems that had been propped up as a front. They closely monitored the activities of 9/11 hijackers, and when the World Trade Center towers were hit, these Jews were dancing, celebrating, and congratulating one another. At this point, we are not sure to what degree these Israelis were involved in 9/11, but one thing for sure, powerful elements within the US government suppressed the investigation and allowed the Israeli suspects to depart for Israel where they were welcomed and protected by the government and showcased on Israeli TV. However cretinous and despicable these young Jewish spies may be, they are small fish who took orders from higher-ups in the Israeli and US governments. At the very least, it now seems clear that top Israelis and certain Jewish elements in the US knew something BIG was about to go down on 9/11 and how such a travesty/tragedy would present Zionist Globalist Supremacists with a golden opportunity to wage Wars for Israel all across the globe. Of course, it was all very ironic because the Muslim terrorists identified with involvement in 9/11 had nothing to do with Iran, Iraq, and Syria — three nations hated and targeted most by Israel — but had been, if anything, enabled(and even created) by the combination of the US and its allies Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Israel.
Indeed, the ‘war on terror’ was a rather amusing notion since the US had been instrumental in arming and using Islamic terrorists to undermine the Soviets in the 1980s and Russia/Iran in the 1990s. After all, virtually all terrorists have been extremist Sunnis, often indoctrinated and funded by Saudi Arabia, the #1 Arab ally of the Jewish-controlled US. Furthermore, Israel, that prides itself as ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’, is most closely aligned with neo-Medievalist Saudi Arabia while doing everything to subvert and destroy modernizing secular Arab nations. Just like Jews want nationalism only for Jews, they want modernity only for Israel in the Middle East. For all the Jewish talk of ‘spreading democracy’ and modernization in the Muslim World, the US and Israel have done everything to enable Islamists and puppet military-dictatorship(like the one in Egypt) against independent Arab efforts to modernize.

Consider the name of the company used by Israeli spies. Urban Moving Systems. ROTFL. How apt and fitting! Its acronym UMS perfectly encapsulates the character of Jewish globalist power in the world. It is certainly and overwhelmingly an URBAN phenomenon. And Jews are certainly MOVING all over the place. Even though they make a big fuss about how Israel must remain Jewish forever, they move in and out of any goy nation they can penetrate to plant spies, recruit collaborators(often homosexuals), subvert sovereignty, and spread degenerative filth. And of course, Jewish Strategy is highly systematized. It has developed into a formidable SYSTEM to manipulate and control the world. And it’s not just about government agencies but the media, academia, finance, entertainment, law firms, and much more that all coordinate their policies or campaigns to ultimately promote the Jewish Agenda of Globalist Hegemony. So, we have Jewish politicians and their cucks working with the Jew-run media to pressure Jew-run social networks to shut down ‘hate’(as defined by hateful Jewish Supremacists, of course). We have Jew-run banks working with Jewish-monopolized social networks to deny financial services to dissidents and truth-tellers, those who’d dare to speak truth to Jewish Power. We have academics silenced or fired for daring to criticize Israel. Cuck-goy-politicians, mere dogs of Jewish oligarchs, pass laws to criminalize speech critical of Israel & Jewish power. In states ‘blue’ and ‘red’, there are laws that prevent anyone who supports BDS from getting government contracts or being hired by the state.

If you were to call for boycott against Zionist apartheid & land-theft in the West Bank and call out against IDF death squads mowing down innocent Palestinian women and children in Gaza, the so-called ‘progressive’ state of New York will fire you, blacklist you, and destroy you. Zionarchy is 100x worse than McCarthyism. If you dare say NO to Zionist Jim Crowitz laws against Palestinians, you will be deplatformed and turned into a non-person in ‘blue’ New York, aka Jew York. New York is faux-progressive. It is really controlled by globalist-supremacist Zionists who will trample on free speech and dissident rights to further Zionist supremacy at every turn. New York is a Jewish Supremacist state that aids and abets the murder and oppression of Palestinians. If you champion justice for Palestinians, Jews paint a target on your back. Just like IDF death squads target Palestinian women and children, Zionarchic power in the US socially or financially guns down any opposition to Jewish supremacy.
Now, we know why Jews have chosen homos as their main allies. As Jews promoted vain homos to holy status and promised them the world, narcissistic homos work diligently to further Jewish globalism. And since homos are now regarded as holy by so many stupid goyim whose values are molded by Jew-homo-controlled Pop Culture, whatever homos do must be wonderful. Since homos say Israel is wonderful because it puts on what may be the biggest homo ‘pride’ festival in the world, homo-worshiping cuck-straights just bleat along.

Think of Jewish globalist supremacist power as ‘urban’, ‘moving’, and ‘systematic’. UMS or Urban Moving Systems is perfectly descriptive of how Jews do their bidding in the world. It’s especially delicious as the label is now associated with 9/11. The reason why we don’t know of the full extent of Jewish/Israel involvement in the 9/11 attacks is precisely because of the power of UMS. Before the truth could be ferreted out from Israeli suspects, the investigation was shut down by orders from above. John Ashcroft, Attorney General under George W. Bush, was himself a puppet who took orders from those higher above. By now, it should be obvious that Bush was a mental midget easily manipulated by Jews. As for goy-cucks like Ashcroft, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, they were willing to do anything to win over Jews over to the GOP. After all, Jews were gaining the most money, influence, and power. But how could the GOP attract Jews when most Jews are comfortably on the Democratic side? Neocons assured Anglo-Cucks that more Jews might switch parties IF Bush II were to become the ‘Winston Churchill’ of the Middle East. It was a far-fetched idea but sufficiently attractive to Jewish Power, at least to the extent that even Democratic politicians were pressured to push the OK button on the Iraq War. And of course, the ‘liberal’ Jew-run media were overwhelmingly pro-war.
Perhaps, some of these Jews feared that unless the US targeted Iraq or some such nation as the main enemy, people might begin to piece together the puzzle and realize that maybe just maybe Israel and Jewish Power had a role in 9/11. But by fanning war fever against ‘terrorist’ Saddam Hussein(as New Hitler) and scaring Americans about WMD, maybe enough Americans would be distracted from the far more crucial issue of "What roles did Israel & Jewish globalists(and Saudi Arabia) play on 9/11?" To a certain extent, the Iraq War may have been smoke-and-mirrors to distract people from the Jewish role in 9/11.

Urban Moving Systems or UMS is also indicative of what we are dealing with when faced with Jewish Power. Jewish Power isn’t merely venal & nefarious but utterly shameless in its vileness, perfidy, and obnoxiousness. It wasn’t enough for Jewish Power that the Dancing Israelis were released and sent back to Israel. It wasn’t enough that the Mass Media soon buried all mentions of how Israeli spies were cavorting and celebrating the destruction of WTC towers in which 1000s of Americans died. It wasn’t enough that the investigation into Jewish-Israeli links to 9/11 were suppressed and forbidden. Those vile Jews got away scot-free, but Israelis(most probably with full backing of the Israeli state) have the temerity to SUE the US government for how the Dancing Israelis were treated. Here’s a bunch of Jews illegally staying in the US. They were monitoring(or perhaps 'nudging') the 9/11 terrorists and didn’t share information with the US government. They positioned themselves to observe the attacks even before the first plane struck, a strong hint that they had prior knowledge of the Plan. They were cheering and dancing while thousands of people were dying in the worst way imaginable. They obviously knew something, but due to orders from the Jew-run Deep State, they were set free and allowed to return to Israel. You’d think those Jews would count their blessings everyday. They’d be grateful for being the luckiest bunch of fellas who evaded the full brunt of justice simply because their Tribe controls the upper echelons of power in the US(whose real capital might as well be Israel). But these Jews who spat on American sovereignty, security, and honor(and even celebrated the deaths of thousands of Americans because the attacks might be good for the Tribe in laying the grounds for Wars for Israel) dare to sue the US government for having had their ‘rights’ violated. Wow just wow. US tax-payers send billions to Israel every year. US turns a blind eye to all the vile things done by Israel, whether it's lies & sanctions in regard to Iran, support of ISIS in Syria, and mass-oppression of Palestinians. Israeli spies are allowed to operate almost freely all across the US. Jewish Supremacists get special favors and VIP treatment in all elite institutions and industries. (Meanwhile, White National Liberationists who seek emancipation from Jewish Supremacism are denied freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and financial services. 'Uppity' whites are treated in the US like proud Palestinians are treated in Gaza and West Bank. And isn’t it funny how the ACLU does NOTHING to intervene. It has shown its true face that is Jewish and Supremacist. It was never about civil liberties. It only pretended to be in the past to legalize pornography and to provide cover for Jewish radicals and subversives who really did break the laws.)

Jewish vileness is the product of Jewish arrogance & contempt that are almost without limit. Take Alan Dershowitz being interviewed by worthless cuck John Stossel. Now, Stossel is right that US universities have become hotbeds of Political Correctness, Intolerance, virtue vanity, self-pitying self-aggrandizement, and mindless babytalk. But, it’s amusing that he would treat Alan Dershowitz as some paragon of free speech and civil liberty. Dershowitz pulled strings to have Norman Finkelstein fired from DePaul University. Dershowitz hasn’t done anything about the criminalization of BDS or the insane new law in Florida that bans criticism of Jewish Power and Israel. By the way, what does John Stossel the ‘libertarian’ have to say about the criminalization of BDS or the new Florida Law that bans speech critical of Jewish Power and Zionism in schools? Funny how these so-called ‘freedom-loving’ libertarians suddenly go silent on issues pertaining to Jewish power and privilege.

Indeed, if anything, all these blacks and non-whites of all stripes are taking their cues of Victimhood Politics from Jews. After all, it’s Jews who turned the Shoah into some kind of secular religion that cannot be questioned. And so many Jews have fraudulently promoted themselves as ‘Holocaust Survivors’. And all Jews forever and ever are to be regarded as the Eternal People of the Holocaust. And ADL would have us believe that any criticism of Jewish Power is road to a New Holocaust. Jews like Chuck Schumer say that we must support Israel no matter how brutally it behaves because of the Holocaust even though Palestinians had nothing to do with World War II. Furthermore, why should Americans carry the cross of sucking up to Jews when it was the Germans who killed the Jews(and it was Americans who, along with UK and esp USSR, were most instrumental in defeating Germany)?
If there may indeed be another Holocaust in the future, it won’t have anything to do with so-called irrational ‘Anti-Semites’ but everything to do with Jewish arrogance, contemptuousness, megalomania, nihilism, lawlessness, supremacism, and hypocrisy that just gets worse by the day. If Jewish behavior continues in the present mode, Jews will once again be a universally reviled people.
If Jews figure there won’t be effective anti-Jewish movements if white power were permanently crushed in the West, they could eventually be met with non-white anti-Jewish movements that will be harder to control via ‘guilt-baiting’ because most non-whites, especially Muslims and blacks, lack the culture of guilt-driven conscience that’s been central to Northern European Protestant Thought. (Furthermore, if many whites are less resentful of Jewish success because they themselves are reasonably successful, the same cannot be said for the Rising Tide of Color in the West who may well come to regard Jews as Uber-Whites. Given that Jews have been using Diversity against whites, the smartest thing for whites would be to use Diversity against Jews. But as most white elites are in cuck-mode, their priority is not white pride and survival but getting goodies for their individual selves by cravenly cucking before Jews.) Judging by developments in places like Venezuela, it’s very possible that a white minority nation brimming with ‘Diversity’ can turn against Jews. Indeed, the ONLY reason why some non-white nations seem either pro-Israel or Jew-friendly is because they are under the thumb of what are still white-majority nations that happen to be very pro-Jewish. Without the financial and military pressure of white nations & populations, there is no reason for Diversity to be pro-Jewish anything. For example, we know that everyone in Egypt really hates Israel and Jews. So, why have the Egyptian elites been reasonably friendly with Israel? Because they depend on the financial aid of white-majority nations. But what would happen if the US were to turn into something like Venezuela? With white people/power on the wane, Jews will have to work with Diversity, but should Jews feel confident of support from the so-called People of Color? Diversity was an effective Jewish weapon to weaken White Power, but what is Jewish power without the support of whites? Also, if it required the smearing and vilification of white people to promote Diversity, how would Jewish Power appear in association with white support? Indeed, this is the Trump Conundrum. Jews have vilified Donald Trump as Literally Hitler and ‘racist’, but Trump is full of praise for Jews and Israel. Jews say Trump and Conservatives are subhuman bigots, but such types seem to be the most vociferous supporters of the Jewish State. Furthermore, if whiteness has been deconstructed and desecrated, white people can no long cling to whiteness for pride and justification. They must cling to some other identity for redemption, and it seems many whites have chosen to cling to Jewishness that, unlike whiteness, is currently associated with Holocaust-Holiness. But if, as Jews say, whiteness sucks and if whites(who suck so bad with their vile whiteness) flock to Jews as their favorite people, what does this imply about Jewishness? If whites suck so bad while Jews are so holy, why are whites so attracted to Jews(like flies are attracted to manure)?
On the one hand, Jews need to dehumanize whiteness so that whites will forsake their own identity & pride and instead suck up to Jewish Power and serve Jews. This is surely a great boost for Jewish Power. On the other hand, if whiteness has been dehumanized, it doesn’t make Jews look so good to have the unconditional love and support of the vilest race in the world. Again the Trump Conundrum. Jews are eager to suppress white consciousness and pride, and so, they denounce any white identitarian support for Trump as 'white supremacist'. They even went so far as to denounce Trump as a closet-Nazi. But one of the main reasons why Jews have defamed Trump’s implicitly pro-white politics is to steer him to serve Jewish interests: More Wars for Israel, anti-Russian stance, more sanctions against Iran. And Trump, thrashed and beaten by the Jews, has delivered. But then, what is the end-result of all this but the perception that Literally Hitler Trump is in love with Jews and Israel. It sort of suggests that Israel is a Nazi State because it has the full support of Literally Hitler Trump. But then, maybe Jews aren’t much worried about such wild contradictions because they figure most Americans are too dumb to connect the dots and arrive at the message: "Jews are the New Nazis."

Anyway, henceforth, Jewish Globalist Supremacist Power will be called UMS or Urban Moving Systems. The Dancing Israelis were a perfect microcosm of the real nature of Jewish Power whose true face has been revealed in the 21st Century. While Jews accumulated immense power in the past, especially in the 19th and 20th century, they didn’t quite have the near-absolute power to reveal their true nature. It’s the nature of power to hide its true character until it gains what it smugly feels to be absolute power. Adolf Hitler often presented himself as a moderate nationalist until he gained supreme power and then revealed his true nature as an Aryan Supremacist-Imperialist. Mao Zedong, prior to achieving power, presented himself as a humble agrarian reformer and nothing like a hardline communist. It was after he gained supreme power that he showed his true face as a radical Oriental Despot. And Jews artfully maneuvered themselves in the 19th and 20th centuries as mainly idealists, intellectuals, philosophers, thinkers, and theorists. And back then, many such Jews, feeling that the Tribe would never inherit the world, might have been more sincere in their universalist or abstract concerns. But as it became clear to Jews in the late 20th century that they could take over the US, the lone superpower(especially after the Cold War), Jews began to show their true face. And in the 21st century, with total Jewish mastery over the US, their true face has been bared, and its countenance is that of megalomania, supremacism, contempt, arrogance, obnoxiousness, perversity, nihilism, nastiness, and ruthlessness(as evidenced by the 'Globodomors' of mass deaths in Iraq, Libya, and Syria, all to serve Jewish-Zionist interests. Jewish financial policy in Russia of the 90s exposed an essentially tribal-supremacist agenda that was willing to sacrifice any number of lives to realize the objective of "Is it good for Jews?") Of course, not all Jews are like this, and there are sincere Jewish critics of Jewish Evil such as Brother Nathanael. But we’ve now seen the face of Jewish POWER, and it is foul, vicious, ugly, and cruel. But then, just ask yourself. Why would Jews treat your kind with any decency when they treat Palestinians like shit? Jews act nice only as a hustle. Jews certainly hustled the Palestinians, assuring the indigenous Arabs that Jewish immigration would NOT lead to erasure of Palestine. Well, look at the result. Palestinians who fell for the hustle paid dearly. Arrogant Jews feel contempt and arrogance for goyim and suckers. They don’t care about you or your kind. If they act nice, it’s just a hustle, like what the Joe Mantegna characters pulls in HOUSE OF GAMES by David Mamet, a revealing dramatist of Jewish neurosis of power, paranoia, and control.

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