Wednesday, July 1, 2020

To Understand the Current Madness with BLM & Antifa, One Must Address JEWISH SUPREMACIST POWER — Whites have Manpower and Materials but lack Mettle and Morale — How Jewish Supremacism Exploits Noble Negro Cult for Its Own Vile Interests

Name the Jewish Power, and things come into focus.

Why all this use of blackness to blame and shame whites? Who controls the media? It ain't Eskimos. Sure, there have always been white do-gooders and white atoners, but they were in balance with white patriots and noble race-ists. Who tipped the balance toward white self-hatred? Jews did. (This is what Paul Gottfried doesn't much talk about it. He's right about the long history of white do-gooders, but he fails to address the factor of Jewish Power in tipping the scales to white self-denial.)

Now, why are Jews today especially desperate to bash whitey? Reasons are pretty obvious.

1. Jews have bad press around the world despite their control of global media. Many peoples associate Jewish Power with War Street, Neocon Wars, and Zionist oppression of Palestinians. Jews must spend lots and lots of money to buy support, but support based on money isn't very strong. Once the money dries up, the support vanishes. Jews invoke Holocaust, but it only really works in Europe. Rest of the world had NOTHING to do with it, and the notion that Palestinians deserved to lose their homeland because of what Germans did is surely absurd to the world community.
Jewishness once had great moral mileage after WWII, and it still does in the West but not so much in the Rest. Also, as Jews have gotten richer and richer while many blacks remained mired in poverty, black resentment of Jews have grown. Also, blacks feel neglected of late due to all the attention showered on globo-homo-mania, another Jewish Agenda. Jews have used globo-homo-mania effectively to gain sway over the world, but holy homo victim-hood isn't really that potent. For one thing, the most prominent fruits are whites, and many around the world associate globo-homo with 'white privilege' and Western cultural imperialism. Because Jewishness is increasingly associated with super wealth, uber-privilege, and Zionist crimes and because there is a limit to moral capital to globo-homo, Jews push Noble Negro stuff. There's 'guilt by association' but also 'sanctity by association'. As black Africa has been poor and colonized by the West and as there was indeed a compelling history of racial oppression in the US -- and because Africa and much of Black America are still stuck in poverty -- , one can easily create the impression that innocent and noble blacks have been WRONGED by whitey. Just like 'the butler did it', there is 'whitey done it'.

Jews are effectively trying to kill two birds with one stone with Noble Negro shtick. By closely associating themselves with blacks, Jews seek moral shield. Jews need it due to all the crimes they've committed in the Middle East and all the hatred they are stirring up against Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, and etc. So, if people say, "Jews oppress Palestinians", Jews say, "We Jews are the best friends of Noble Negroes. How could a people who feel such compassion for Noble Negroes have a wicked heart, boo hoo hoo?" This shtick is so obvious in scum like Jerry Nadler. An ardent Zionist who doesn't care about the countless dead due to Wars for Israel and Zionist terror but bleating with crocodile tears about black 'victims'. It's all a moral bait-and-switch. But, Jews have pulled the same shi* with globo-homo. They first spread homo-mania in the West as the new mass cult, the new sensation, the new quasi-new-age-spirituality. And then, they said Israel has the biggest 'pride' parades whereas those 'less evolved' Muslims and Arabs persecute homos. Also, as the US military became a vessel of globo-homo, its wars became palatable to many progs. Jews gained a lot of moral mileage for Israel by associating it as the 'gay place to be'. Now, there was a time when most whites associated homosexuality and tranny-stuff with deviancy, decadence, degeneracy, and even disease. But as whites have lost culture, community, tradition, and roots, their main culture is pop culture, and they get their 'values' from sitcoms. And of course, education has gone from cultivating critical free-thinking minds to conforming to PC. So-called 'Critical Theory' is anything but. It's about teaching kids to be 'critical' of anything Jews don't like while ignoring anything that undermines the Agenda.
Because ever-increasing Jewish Power & Wealth leads more and more people associating Jews with oppression than with victim-hood, Jews are seeking 'sanctity(or innocence) by association'. Jews are especially going all out on this with blacks because they know that many blacks don't like nor trust Jews. Many blacks see Jews are super-rich whites. Blacks certainly feel NO guilt about the Holocaust and, on some level, may agree with certain Naziesque sentiments about Jews that are voiced by Nation of Islam. Also, despite the Memory Hole about South Africa, surely many blacks do recall Israel was the #1 ally of Apartheid South Africa during the Cold War. And Jews and blacks are opposites in that Jewish Power is about mind whereas black power is about body. What they have in common is a certain vulgarity, egotism, and shamelessness, but given Jewish money is about finance whereas black money is about robbery, Jews get more shekels while blacks get more shackles. Indeed, it was Jews who pushed Stop and Frisk in New York to bring down black crime. Indeed, since the end of the Cold War, Jews(and homos) led the way in gentrifying cities, and that meant getting tougher on black crime. Black resentment simmered over this even as blacks themselves benefited from less killings and muggings in their neighborhood. Blacks often react with pride than understanding of facts and sense. During Obama years, black rage was kept in check because many blacks just assumed they were in charge because the president was black. Just like Billy Boy Clinton, the 'first black president', could get away with tougher crime laws because blacks perceived him as 'whitey who likes black folks', Obama could get away with expending most of his energies on serving Jews, expanding gentrification, and prioritizing globo-homo because he's a black guy. And even Bush II was a 'compassionate conservative' who said he cried the most tears when Kanye West said Bush don't like black folks. But after all these years, black problems still fester. (Now, we know why. It's genetics, but such truth is too triggering in our times.) And so, blacks are up in arms again. Of course, Jews sort of inflamed this rage to use against Trump, but they surely didn't know things would get this crazy, just like Mao was taken aback by the extent of Red Guard fury and destruction. Play with fire, and it get burn out of control.

Anyway, because rich & privileged Jews are losing moral credit as a 'victim group' around the world(and even in some proggy communities that support BDS) and especially because Jews played a prominent role in gentrification, favoring globo-homo, and locking up lots of blacks, they are now trying to memory-hole those facts and make themselves out to be the #1 sympathizers of Noble Negroes. So, this is more a Jewish thing than black thing. After all, Jews, not Negroes, control the media.

2. The second reason why Jews push Noble Negro cult is to ensure 'white guilt'. Jews know that white identity-independence-pride will lead to (1) whites serving their own interests and (2) whites being fair to all groups than favoring Jews over others. If whites were truly free in mind, spirit, and body, their priority would of course be, "Is it good for whites?" Also, when dealing with non-whites, whites would be free-thinkers and try to be fair-minded and hear all sides. Whites would listen to Jews and to Palestinians. Why would whites want that? Jews want whites to feel guilty and ashamed of their identity and then steer that guilt into serving Holy Jews and Noble Negroes. "Sorry for Holocaust and Slavery, must suck up to Holy Jews and Noble Negroes." Jews claim to fear 'white supremacism', and in the past, this had some validity because a variant of white supremacism, Nazism, had a devastating impact on Jews, though, to be sure, it killed many more whites, especially in Slavic nations. (Of course, Jews also benefited great from white supremacism, especially of the Anglo and Hispanic kind. Jewish bankers invested in Western Imperialism, Jewish merchants plied their trade in expanding empires, and Jews surely gained tremendously from Anglo-and-Hispanic destruction of native cultures in the New World. And Jewish diamond merchants in South Africa are there ONLY BECAUSE of white imperialism. So, Jews mostly had no problem with 'white supremacism' as long as it wasn't anti-Jewish to boot.) If in the past, Jews were fearful of anti-Jewish form of white supremacism, today, it's not about white supremacism at all. Jews now characterize any white identity or interest as 'white supremacist' to keep whites browbeaten so that they will serve Jewish SUPREMACISM that really rules the West. We have a surreal situation of Jews decrying white non-supremacism as 'supremacism' to perpetuate their own supremacism while posing as eternal holy holocaust victims.
Jews yammer about justice, fairness, and equality — ROTFL — , but Jews don't want whites to be fair-minded. Fair-minded whites will, after all, question the Wars for Israel and address the problems faced by Palestinians. Take the term 'Arabists', a truly dirty term oft-used by Neocons to smear fair-minded whites. The so-called 'Arabists' did not FAVOR the Arabs. They were not owned by the Arabs. And they certainly were not Arabs. So, why were they called 'Arabists'? Because they wanted the US to (1) prioritize US interests over Jewish-Zionist interests and (2) they wanted the US to be fair-minded BOTH sides in the Israeli-Arab conflicts. They were not for favoring Arabs over Jews but for objectivity and balance in US foreign policy. But simply because they weren't 100% subservient to Israeli interests and Jewish demands, they were called 'Arabists', as if they had a special thing for Arabian Nights or kebabs. So, the mere notion that Arabs should be given a fair hearing is to be 'Arabist', just like the notion that whites have an identity and interests of their own is 'white supremacist'. Jews are like the pimp who see whites as the whore. The whore has to remain totally loyal to the pimp while the pimp can do as he pleases and play around with other whores. What a ghastly people, and yet, whites ceded total power and moral authority to them. Is it any wonder that white demise is happening all around?

The current madness teaches us something about the nature of power. It is one of those trite lessons that need repeating because people so easily forget. Power isn't only about manpower and material but mettle and morale. In manpower and materials, white people have the means to vanquish just about any people and anything in the world. If white people in the US, UK, and Canada felt 'enough is enough' and restore order by kicking Negro butt, it could be done. There are lots of white people and lots of white means. Whites have lots of guns. There are many white police officers. Most politicians are white. Majority populations are still white. But what is striking in current events is not so much that savage blacks and rabid white progs are attacking status, monuments, and symbols but the totally impotent lack of will, confidence, pride, and courage among whites to do anything about it. There are violent mobs and silent whites. Why the silence? It's as if they're too afraid, demoralized, guilty, and browbeaten to express their anger. Thus, the notion of the 'silent majority' during the Nixon years was problematic. While Richard Nixon was speaking for the Silent Majority, he didn't raise the core question as to why they remain silent and only express their views anonymous through the ballot box. If you silently vote for preserving the monuments while never voicing why they should be defended publicly, the younger generation won't learn anything.
In the distant future, when historians study the fall of the West, they may well wonder the WHY? Why did whites lose when, based on all statistics available, they had so many advantages in manpower, materials, and means in the first half of the 21st century. Why didn't they push back against negative trends when they had the material means and the number of people to do so?
It's like asking,"Why did the French lose so quickly against Germany in 1940 when they had the manpower and materials to last longer?" Or, "Why did the KMT lose in the Chinese Civil War when, following the end of WWII, they held more territory, had more men, and had more materials." It's like asking, "Why did South Vietnam lose to North Vietnam when it had more people and received massive amounts of money and weapons from the US?" They had men and materials but they lacked morale. And there is no White Morale anymore. The new morality pushed by Jews has destroyed white identity and white pride. Via education, media, and entertainment, whites have been made favor globo-homo over true morality, celebrate blackness as cool or revere it as tragic(and all because of 'white racism'), worships Jews as eternal holocaust-people, and hate their own identity as the source of all evil, or 90% of it. (After all, Jews need to blame Iranians and Muslims to in order to make whites fight Wars for Israel.) So, even though whites still have the manpower and materials to save their race, their nations, and their heritage many times over, they dare not do anything. White Power has something akin to penile dysfunction syndrome. It may be big but cannot get hard. And a limp penis, no matter how big or fat, is useless. It is morale that hardens a people with will, courage, determination, and righteousness. It is what makes a people willing to kill, willing to die. North Vietnamese and Viet Cong had morale; South Vietnamese soldiers, as virtual mercenaries of US empire, did not. North Vietnamese respected their leaders and believed in the rightness and righteousness of their cause. South Vietnamese, even as most of them didn't want communism, saw their leaders as feckless whore-puppets of the US. They may not have wanted communism but they weren't willing to fight and die for the existing system. Likewise, white people may not want the future of Jewish supremacism, black thuggery, and fruit-tyranny, but they don't believe in their identity, culture, and traditions sufficiently to fight for them, to kill and die for them. But then, this could be said for browns of Latin America as well. Browns in some of those nations have the manpower to take power from whites but they lack unity, solidarity, and confidence. They lack meaningful identity and just carry on as the perpetually colonized.

How many civilizations in the past fell not because of lack of manpower and materials but lack of mettle and morale? White Multiple Sclerosis has spread all through the West... and even across non-white vassal states of the US.

The brilliance of the Jewish Trick is that Jews associated white cuckery with white status. Ideally, white elites must lead the white masses. But elites are inherently vain and narcissistic. They not only want material privilege but moral pride. And it just so happens that education and entertainment taught white elites that their high status depends on white cuckery, white self-debasement, and white guilt as expressions of virtue-signaling. If white debasement only came with pain and humiliation, there's a greater likelihood that whites will rebel. But a select group of white collaborator elites are showered with praise and goodies for their cuckery. Take Tom Brokaw, that worthless pile of scum shi*. He's cucked and cucked and cucked and been heaped with praise by the Establishment and lives with his many millions.

Anyway, so-called white patriots who refuse to mention Jewish Supremacist Power as the cancer of all this are pretty useless. They are like doctors who notice every symptom but refuse to mention the 'c' word.

Best chemo against supremacist shlomo, or best shlomo-chemo? If Jews use blacks and diversity against whites, whites must do so in kind. Begin with PALESTINIAN LIVES MATTER. No, it's not 'Arabist' but fair justice for all sides.


  1. Great analogies regarding Jews hiding behind their "Noble Negro" cloaking device. And the unseen tribal power and influence being like a massive "black hole" where we only feel it's vast gravitational power yet cannot see it directly. It would be well to remember that the last time the Jews came out from behind their cloaking devices and fully exercised their vast concealed power, was in 1917 Bolshevik Russia, where 10's of millions of White Christians were put to death, savagely.

  2. The "limp dick syndrome" is the perfect icon for our current state of White identity politics. Historically huge and powerful, able to destroy entire civilizations and reach the moon and beyond, yet terminally limp and impotent, for all the world to see.