Sunday, October 25, 2020

Two Kinds of People in Current Political Culture: The Easy and the Hard — Jewish Power prefers the Easies because They are Easy to Mold and hates the Hards because They resist Jewish Supremacist Indoctrination and 'Idolatration' — 'Gay' Agenda emerges from the closet as Vanity-Supremacism of Sexual Deviancy as object of worship by 'Neocracy'

If Pope Francis doesn't want to judge, why not join a disco than a church? Religion exists to judge, and Christianity is a judgmental religion. If he doesn't want to judge, he should find a new 'faith' or some hobby. But then, Francis really does love to judge. He loves to judge and condemn traditionalists for refusing to bow down to the latest fashions of degeneracy.

'Gay' Rights Campaign Obtains the Imprimatur of 'Pope' Francis and his 'Magic Circle' -

1. It has gone from so-called ‘gay rights’ to Gay Rites, a 'neocracy' of globohomo-mania as new object of reverence, rapture, and worship. It’s been noted by many that the West is becoming irreligious. True, in the sense that traditional faith is waning. But no, in that there's a neo-theocracy or 'neocracy' of satanism with Sodomania and Tranny-scendence as the highest value, along with Magic Negro Cult and Holy Jew Worship. Idolatry is the new religion, and its adherents foam at the mouth in their faddish fanaticism.
For the longest time, the 'gay' agenda was sold as a secular and 'rational' movement in favor of individual rights, i.e. some individuals are homo, and they have rights as individuals to practice homo-fecal-penetration and be what nature made them to be. Then, the 'gay' agenda became the official policy of statism: Government and politicians must either observe, celebrate, and praise homosexuality OR keep their mouths shut if they lack the requisite enthusiasm. But, they must NOT oppose the agenda as it would displease the Jews who control both political parties, big media, and the deep state. Finally, we now see globo-homo nuttery being pushed into houses of worship. It is no longer secular but 'neocratic'. For some reason, churches and temples fling their gates wide open to the worship of satanism. And Jews turned the Holy Land into Sodom and Gomorrah, and we must all praise the fact that Israel annually(and anally)has one of the biggest 'gay' parades in the world.

2. Jews were the main force behind globo-homo. Anyone who denies this fact is either ignorant or mendacious. It’s been a way for Jews to enforce and reinforce minority-elite-supremacism. As homos are minorities all over the world, any society that puts homos on a pedestal puts minority before majority. Such developments complement Jewish minority-supremacist power. People who bow down before minority-homos are also more likely to be accustomed to bow down before minority-Jews. Also, as homos are alienated from their own societies, they make ideal collaborators of Jewish Globalist Power. Jewish Power coddles and bribes them, and they do the bidding of the Empire of Judea.

Sign says ALL ARE WELCOME but of course decent people who refuse to celebrate Homo-Fecal-Penetration and Tranny-Penis-Cutting are NOT welcome in this neo-satanist church gone rotten.

3. Jews hated Christianity for historical reasons(of 'antisemitism' and having passed the Jewish God to the goyim) and for being a key bastion of conservative values. The church was, at one time, the main force against globo-homo and other forms of decadence, depravity, and degeneracy, often pushed by Jews. Jews figured there are two ways to deal with this problem. Bring down the church and discredit it with salacious scandals, mocking caricatures, and secular arguments. Or change it from the inside. Turn the church into a dispenser of globo-homo, and then there would be no effective force against the ‘gay’ agenda, especially as secular ‘conservatives’ only cater to power and money and will suck up to anyone on top — notice that once rich Jews told GOP to stop opposing globo-homo, ALL Republicans followed suit. Also, a christianity that’s gone globo-homo is spiritually dead. No sane religion celebrates sodomy and tranny-penis-cutting in its houses of worship. The fact that so many people in the West will approve of christianity ONLY IF it embraces the 'gay' agenda is proof that they put sodomy and tranny-vanity over God and Jesus. They don't expect homos and trannies to repent and atone before God and Jesus(and Allah and Muhammad). Instead, they expect Divinity to bow down to the fad-fanaticism of the day. In other words, divinity now exists to flatter the vanity of sexual deviants.

4. Any institution is more about personnel than principles. There is nothing in teachings of Christianity that would celebrate sinners and sodomy. Jesus opened His heart to everyone, even murderers and rapists, but on condition that they sought repentance and redemption. So, all this globo-homo stuff has nothing to do with church doctrine or principles. But, that doesn’t matter as any institution is really controlled by the people inside. If satanists take over the church, it will become satanist. If capitalists take over a communist government, it will practice capitalism. If communists take over a capitalist industry, they will run it along communist lines. If the Supreme Court is taken over by radicals or Jewish supremacists, it will do away with free speech, gun rights, freedom of assembly, and etc. EVEN IF those are guaranteed in the Constitution. People of Power decide, not core principles. So, if catholic church is taken over by globo-homo types, it is effectively 'sodomitic'. It doesn’t matter what church doctrine has said since time immemorial. This is why ‘muh constitution’ types are misguided, indeed clueless. They really believe laws and policies are governed by principles. No, it's the Power that decides. Jews took over US institutions and used their power to shut down BDS, suppress free speech, and promote tribal supremacism of Zion. Such policies don't flow from the Constitution, but Jews enforced them because they got the power. They even passed ‘gay marriage’ through the Supreme Court. Where is that in the Constitution? People of Power or POP can just pull stuff out of the thin air. It’s like Stalin had the power to make a pact with Hitler even though it went against communist principles. In this sense, fascism has a better understanding of how things really work. Power itself is the ‘principle’ of history.

Welcome to Anno Sodomini

5. If the masses were at odds with the elites, then the People of Power or POP would have far more difficulty doing as they please. In other words, even if all the institutions were pro-homo, they would have a hard time pushing ‘gay marriage’ as too many people would be outraged. So, popular will matters. But then, popular will, especially in the age of mass media and public education, is molded by POP or people of power. They decide on the Narratives that young ones grow up with. They churn out pop culture, movies, and TV shows that affect how people feel about topics & issues and, furthermore, decide what kinds of images and idols will colonize their minds. And Jews have control of mass culture and pushed ‘gay’-as-angel iconography to the masses. As most people are sheeple, they fell for it like children fall for Santa. So, Jews got elite power and control mass passion, or 'massion'. It’s like, on the eve of the Cultural Revolution, Mao had both institutional/military power and mass-youth power because young ones were whipped into mania by Maoist propaganda. And Jews got that kind of control. They rule from the top, and they also mold the hearts and minds of the masses. And what have conzos been doing about this all these years? They offered us nothing but “Muh Israel” and “Gay Marriage is now a conservative value.”

Jewish Satanism and Homo Vanity demands that the Christian God and Jesus cater to the narcissism of sexual deviancy.

6. There are two kinds of people. The Easies and the Hards. The Easies are push-overs. Easily molded by public education, advertising, fads & fashion, state propaganda, and political correctness. Most ‘liberals’ today are Easies. They are so easy to influence, so receptive to the latest manias. They are so trusting of elite institutions, so status-conscious, and so into proggy conceits that they fall for anything packaged as ‘new’, 'radical', 'hip', 'cool', and/or pro-'social justice'. So, if the Power says a man can be a ‘she’ or even a ‘they’, the Easies just go along with it without thought. They sure are Easy. As even higher-IQ ‘liberals’ fall for this, Easiness is less a matter of IQ than a matter of self and conviction. Easies have weak individual sense, racial consciousness, and/or awareness of culture/roots. They’ve been uprooted but hardly inculcated with the importance of individuality and critical thinking. A rootless person with strong individuality and critical mindset wouldn’t be so Easy. He may not be conservative, but he won’t fall for every fad and fashion either, especially for approval. But today’s ‘liberals’ have not only been uprooted but denied individuality and criticality. That means they’ve been made Easy to any fad/fashion; however, lacking any sense of individuality, they latch onto the judgmental emotionalism of PC. 'Easy' connotes tolerance, taking-it-easy, and live-and-let-live attitude(the kind seen in the movie DAZED AND CONFUSED), but today's Easies are instantly 'triggered' by whatever that goes against their indoctrination and 'idolatration'(the process of instilling idol-worship). In a way, so-called ‘wokeness’ is paradoxical. Ideologically, it is so flimsy and keeps changing at the drop of a hat. And yet, its minions are puritanically rabid. Now, how can anyone be SO SURE about an 'ideology' or idol-driven-ideology(or 'idology') that is changing all the time, often contradicting itself, and/or going from one outrage to another at breakneck speed? One moment, the all-consuming outrage is over ‘those poor immigrants’. Next moment, the immigrants have all been forgotten and it’s about celebration of ‘gays’. Then, the ‘gays’ are neglected and the new outrage is about the Noble Negroes and 'systemic racism'. Then, it’s about trannies. Then, it’s Me-Too and feminism(even though the 'liberal'-dominated pop culture has pornified womanhood). Then, it’s something else and etc. People who would have scoffed at the notion of Bruce Jenner as a ‘woman’ are suddenly SO SURE that he is one, and YOU BETTER AGREE or else you’re a ‘transphobe’ who must be fired, purged, and blacklisted. So much conviction with so little consistency. How can this be? It’s because PC is essentially amnesiac. It instills people with a righteous sense of outrage but without roots/heritage and/or individuality/criticality. Conservatives argue for roots/heritage, for values with deep historical and spiritual pedigree. Classical liberals and libertarians argue for a strong sense of individuality. PC rejects both and calls for Collective Outrage over the latest ‘injustice'(to be decided by the Power). PC minions are game for this because they have no roots and weak sense of self. They are neither like Patrick Buchanan nor Ayn Rand. Whatever one feels about Buchanan, he has a strong and hard sense of tradition and heritage as a shield against the winds of fashion. Whatever one thinks of Ayn Rand, she believed in the power of the individual to think for himself/herself. She refused to agree with anyone under pressure or merely to seek approval. But lacking such qualities, PC minions have a kind of passion without a core of roots or criticality. It’s a passion of amnesia that easily conforms to the latest fads. PC created a population that is ‘Easy’ but also Queasy. They are Easily molded by the Power but feel so queasy about anything that won’t jibe with the latest fashionable outrage. They are puritans of impurity as the current PC ideology or 'idology' is actually more a mindless idolatry of Jews, homos, and blacks, thus a kind of Tri-Supremacism. It should be obvious to anyone with sense that 'wokeness' is not leftist, egalitarian, or progressive. It is about the supremacism of Jews and whatever Jews prefer uber alles. In a way, Easy-Queasies are like dogs. Notice dogs can be made to bark/bite at ANYTHING by their master. A dog that is gentle with a rabbit can be turned instantly to maul it. Their emotions of servitude to the master overrides all other consideration. Even though most Jews claim to be ‘liberal’, they themselves are not easy-queasy. If anything, they push the Easy-mentality on the goyim because, deep down inside, they themselves are Hard-minded about their own tribal identity and interests. Jewishness is hardcore tribal supremacism wrapped in ‘liberal’ clothing.

The Easy-Queasies hate the Hards. If Easies have soft clay heads molded by the Jewish hand, the Hards are hard-hats who are tougher to crack. Some are hard due to a sense of heritage or tradition. People like Buchanan are true Catholics with a deep sense of church history and values. They won’t cower to the latest fad or outrage. Others are hard for reasons of individual pride. They believe that right-or-wrong and good-vs-bad must be a matter of individual reasoning and conviction. It shouldn’t be decided by popular outrage or political pressure. These individuals may disagree with one another, but each of them is Hard in that he or she trusts himself/herself than pressure from above or below or from their peers.
This is why Jews like the Easies and hate the Hards. Easies are easy to control, whereas the Hards have their own ideas rooted in tradition or individuality.

Of course, there are Hard-Tards as well, such as moronic Creationists or the ‘god hates fags’ crowd who simply won’t believe the science that homos are born that way. Being dogmatic or stubborn for the hell of it isn’t a good way to be Hard. There are also the Hard-Lards, those who seem to be Hard but are actually all talk and no walk. All those ‘right-wing’ talk show hosts sure talk big but usually fold when push comes to shove. Donald Trump is hard-lard. He acts and talks tough but usually caves to every fashion and to the Jews who hate him. ‘Muh Israel’.


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