Friday, August 7, 2020

Jewish Power has used Toohey-ism in fusing Money Power and Morality Cult into Absolute Power — What Ellsworth Toohey of Ayn Rand's THE FOUNTAINHEAD tells us about the Nature of Power — Why Chinese Power will fail in the West: It's all Money Power without Moral Protection

It's been said the Chinese have invested heavily in the US, buying up all sorts of properties and spreading the cash around to people in various industries and politicians. They are doing what the Japanese did in the 1980s. And yet, we see the weakness of this approach, the over-reliance of money without gaining power over the morality, or moral narrative. It reminds us of the power dynamics in THE FOUNTAINHEAD. Gail Wynand is the tycoon while mid-cult Ellsworth Toohey isn't stinking rich. And yet, Toohey gains the upperhand against Wynand because he has cornered the market on public morality and opinion.

This is why Jews were smart to push the Holocaust Narrative to prevent any moral criticism/condemnation of Jewish behavior. By spiritualizing the historical tragedy of Jews as a world-shaking event, the greatest evil in history that transformed every Jew into a little christ and every critic of Jews into an 'anti-Semite' or 'nazi', Jews made it nearly impossible to criticize Jewish Power. Money Power goes a long way, but it's a double-edged sword. While money can buy influence, it also naturally attracts criticism as the People like to blame the rich, privileged, and powerful. Thus, Money Power is a disadvantage as well an advantage. Moral Power, on the other hand, can be righteous and shielded from criticism but, without the backing of money, can only go so far. But money combined with morality is formidable. Even though Ellsworth Toohey in THE FOUNTAINHEAD isn't himself stinking rich, he has created a name for himself as the voice of 'public conscience', built up a loyal cult-like following, and formed networks with oligarchs all over the city. So, even when Gail Wynand fires him, others at the newspaper follow him than continue to work for Wynand. And Toohey joins forces with Wynand's competitors. Wynand the tycoon was about buying people left and right. It was only about the money. In contrast, Toohey, though a power-hungry operator, was always careful to wrap his words with concern for public morality, decency, justice, and etc. Initially, he did this under Wynand who assumed that Toohey was just a whore who said whatever to please his boss. Actually, Toohey, though acting the flunky of Wynand, was building up his own cult, his own army of devotees, and taking control of public opinion. While his loyalty to Wynand was based on money, the loyalty of those under him was based on fanaticism and his cult of personality. His minions regarded him as the voice of decency, justice, morality, and truth. Though a cold-blooded Machiavellian who resents the power of originality and brilliance(as truly great individuals would see right through his BS), he honed his skills as a public intellectual and moralist. He created an image of himself as a man deeply committed to the public good.

Jews gained power as Wynands of the world, but they also played Toohey, or Joohey. They cleverly used the Holocaust Narrative as a global cult that got so many people, especially in the West, feeling that NO PEOPLE suffered as much as Jews. And on that basis, there must be something wrong, wicked, evil, and irrational about disliking Jews. Only pathological nuts like the Nazis could possibly hate and murder Jews. Therefore, ANY expression that is critical of Jews must be sick, demented, dark, and irrational. If Wynand and Toohey became enemies(until Wynand finally caved and became a 'spiritual' slave of Toohey despite his own riches), the Jewish Wynand and Jewish Toohey worked hand in glove to use Money Power and Morality Cult to gain near-total control of the US and the West. Indeed, what with all this BLM nonsense, we can see how the Power of Money often feels intimidated by the Cult of Morality. Cult of Morality doesn't have to be real morality. It could be sham-morality, utterly false, and even downright evil. While there is true morality, the fact is anything can be 'moralized', especially as, for most people, emotional and sensory manipulation often overrides moral reasoning. Thus, falsehood or evil can be moralized by any side. Ruthless men can invoke God and Jesus to justify wars for gold. Scum rulers can invoke Patriotism to justify imperialist wars. Adolf Hitler could iconize the Aryan Myth to justify wars. Mao Zedong could stir up the social justice of class struggle to unleash demonic energies. Neocons could scaremonger about the threat of terrorism to invade and destroy nations that had nothing to do with 9/11. Madeleine Albright could claim it's 'worth it' to kill 500,000 Arab children as a lesser evil than letting Hussein's Iraq return to normal. Moralize wars for Israel into sham talk of international ethics. And how many evil deeds have been justified on account of spreading 'liberal democracy'?

Still, there's a difference between right-and-wrong and holy-and-unholy. At the very least, right-and-wrong issues can be debated. For instance, one may be deemed wrong for opposing 'war on terror' foreign policy but isn't necessarily deemed evil. In contrast, on matters that are holy, it is deemed downright unholy and evil to say or act in ways that seem to go against its spirit. For instance, MLK isn't a matter for debate. He is now bigger than god and jesus, and any rational discussion of the man is not possible. You are either on the side of angels or with the devil. Same goes for Jews whose main identification is not with religion or heritage but with the Shoah. As such, to be anti-Jewish means you're a 'nazi' who wants to gas Jews. You can only be evil to be anti-Jewish or even anti-Zionist as the combo of Jewish Money Power and Jewish Morality Cult now insists that to be anti-Israel is tantamount to being 'antisemitic'. Thus, Jewish power/money is shielded. Generations of people in the West were raised with official dogma associating Jews with the Holy Holocaust. For most of Christo-European history, goyim felt moral/spirituality over Jews on the basis that, (1) whereas goyim did real work(like grow food and make things), Jews made their fortunes with usury and other parasitic practices and (2) whereas goyim worshiped Jesus as Son of God, Jews were unrepentant of having killed the Messiah and refusing to convert to the universal faith. So, no matter how rich Jews became and used their money to buy favors & influence, the goyim(elites and masses) felt free to criticize and even condemn Jews. But it began to change with the rise of the Holocaust Cult. Just when the power of religion was waning big time all over the West, Jewish Money Power did all it could to push the Holocaust as the new faith. But Jews didn't end there but also pushed White Guilt about blacks. Thus, whites were doubly paralyzed from the moral standpoint. They needed to atone forever for Holocaust and Slavery — never mind that genocides and slavery were nothing new in history. Though Ellsworth Toohey is the villain of THE FOUNTAINHEAD, he is the most useful and instructive figure on the art/science of real power in the world. While Howard Roark is a shining ideal that can only exist in fiction, the Tooheys of the world do amass tremendous power in the world. Just like the rich and powerful through European history had to seek approval of the Church on moral and spiritual matters, the rich and powerful today must 'take the knee' to the dominant Narrative that often originates from media and academia, the hives of Tooheys. Robin DiAngelo's WHITE FRAGILITY is the latest example of Tooheyism. It's nonsense but promoted as the New Morality. People like Amy Harmon also serve as the new tooheys. They are not after the truth but push the Narrative by moralizing endlessly about 'racism' and 'white supremacism', the equivalent of 'bourgeois' in communist nations. (Even when BLM and Antifa thugs burn down cities, city leaders often blame 'white supremacists', which is blaming witches for whatever goes wrong.)
Chick-Fil-A owner washes the feet of an amused Negro as holy saint
Now, Tooheyism isn't about total domination of Morality Cult over Money Power. After all, Toohey couldn't have done much if he didn't have the backing of other oligarchs and bigshots when Wynand canned him. Rather, Tooheyism is the compromise between Money Power and Morality Cult whereby the money flows to the moralizers in exchange for the moralizers devising the rules so that those doling out the money will be spared the brunt of the abuse. It's a way of buying indulgences like in the old Catholic days. Indeed, consider the Tooheic contract between Big Capital and 'Progressivism' in the creation of 'woke capital'. As Big Capital supplies the Money, the Progs have replaced class conflict with Ass Politics of globo-homo, something that Big Business can embrace as homos tend to be vain, narcissistic, and oh-so-cozy with the rich & famous. Replacing Mayday with Gayday was a huge boon for Big Capital. But then, the Old Church played similar games. They rather spent more time denouncing the poor and the wretched while sucking up to the rich and powerful. The rich provided the funds for the clergy, and the clergy, even though committed to a religion that spoke of the virtues of the meek and poor, favored the rich and went easy on them. It's no wonder why so many of the poor in Russia felt no particular sadness when the revolutionaries who burned down churches. They could recall Orthodox priests admonishing the poor and wretched to stop complaining and accept their lot in life while catering to the rich and powerful who wallowed in luxury and ate like pigs. In current America, the Mainline churches are just globo-homo centers catering to the elites, and the major Evangelical churches are dominated by disgusting fatsos who whore themselves out to Neocons and Zion. Tooheyism is alive and well.
Some say BLM is like a new religion, and it's certainly useful for big corporations. Since blacks have the cool factor as rappers & athletes and carry the aura of nobility in association with MLK & Civil Rights Movement, it is so easy for crass profit-oriented corporations to burnishing their image by invoking BLM symbolism. Nike is a cutthroat company that exploits cheap labor abroad, and what an easy way to 'moralize' its image by paying big bucks to the likes of Colin Kaepernick. And of course, the people who take the money from Big Capital get the message and focus their ire than anything but their sugardaddies. Antifa is purportedly communist, but its main obsessions are globo-homo and tranny-stuff, both favored by Big Capital as replacement for themes of class struggle. And instead of attacking Big Capital, Antifa leaders direct the rage of their drug-addled minions toward attacking Trump supporters, white Americans, and patriots.

This is why the Chinese are foolish. They think they will gain more power and influence in the West by throwing more money around. But paradoxically, the more money they spend to gain influence, the less power they will have at the end of the day. Because there is no moral taboo against China-bashing, the increase of Chinese influence-buying-and-peddling will simply provide more ammo to the China-bashers. Same happened with Japan in the 1980s. As there was no taboo against Japan-bashing, the more money Japan poured into the US, the more the media and various talking heads warned of the Japan menace. "The Japs are buying everything." Ironically, the Jewish media treated Japanese Power like Christian Goyim used to regard Jewish Power: All Money and No Morality. Because Jews experienced this, they were careful to morally launder their money power in the post-war period. Jews did it by pretending to push socialism against greedy capitalism. Thus, even though Jewish power was growing by leaps and bounds through capitalism, there was the impression that Jews were mostly socialist and committed to 'equality' than to greed. Also, they pushed Western/White Guilt via Holocaust Cult and Slavery Narrative. Jews mastered a Tooheic method of fusing Money and Morality to gain near-absolute power over the West. Jews even sham-'moralized' homosexuality and tranny-stuff into something next to godliness. Again, anything can be 'moralized'. And anything can be 'immoralized'. Wickedness can be 'moralized', as 'gay marriage' was by the power of TV shows and news/education as propaganda. And virtue can be 'immoralized'. Christian bakers who would rather face financial ruin than bake cakes to honor satanism have been vilified as 'homophobic' and 'bigots'. And women who insist on biological womanhood and believe trannies are not real women are denounced as 'transphobic' TERFS. Most people respond to the sensory-manipulative idolatry and emotional manipulation of propaganda than rely on truth and moral reasoning.
This is why China will lose everything in the end in the West. The more money they pour into the US and the West, the louder will be the outcry that the 'Chicoms' are taking over and buying up everything. Money Power without Moral Protection is vulnerable. After all, one can attack George Soros as a billionaire but NOT as a Jew. One can denounce the abstract 1% but not the tribal 2%(the Jews). If Chinese really wanted to gain greater foothold in the West, they should have found Tooheic ways to promote Western/White Guilt about the history between East and West. The history of imperialism, Opium Wars, West's partnership with Japan in carving up China, and US neo-imperialist wars in Asia. And the sad story of Chinese railroad workers in US and Canada. Whether such guilt-tripping would have worked or not, it is foolish for China to invest big money in the West without moral protection. China-bashers can have a field day with 'Communist China is buying up America' narrative, and the ruling elites can cook up some 'human rights' excuse to freeze and grab all of Chinese assets in the West and renege on all debts. It goes to show that the Chinese are still amateurs when it comes to the psychological dynamics of power.

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  1. China would be very wise to heed your words. Chinese have closely studied Jewish money-making methods but neglect the psychological machinations of the Jews. Confucius never had to deal with the Jews, he would have found great wisdom in your words, however.