Friday, June 8, 2018

Homomania or Queertianity = Satanic Jewish christianity

How Jewish Oligarchs & Commissars of Google observe Easter
How Jewish Oligarchs & Commissars of Google celebrate Homomania or Queertianity
Sometimes, what had been a great triumph for a people can turn into a matter of great shame and tragedy. When white Americans used black Africans as slaves, it was a great boon to the economy. White Americans even took pride in the act of civilizing black African savages into a people governed by law & order in a complex and advancing civilization. White people told themselves, "Those Negroes would be acting wild & crazy and dancing with gorillas IF we didn’t put them to good use as slaves in our superior order." So, white subjugation of blacks seemed like a good thing at the time. But once the Narrative changed and condemned the evil, greedy, and ‘racist’ whites for having enslaved and exploited an innately noble and superior-souled(and-bodied) people, white treatment of blacks in the past became a matter of great shame for white Americans, especially those in the South. Proud triumph turned into shameful tragedy for the white race.
Likewise, Nazi Germans were full of triumphant pride when they conquered and lorded over much of Europe. It was deemed as evidence of ‘Aryan’ superiority and awesomeness. It seemed as though the next 1000 yrs would be the ARYAN MILLENNIUM. The Germans seemed unstoppable. But then, the Soviets began to roll back Nazi gains, and eventually, the entire Nazi Empire came tumbling down. Then, everything the Nazis had done was deemed ugly, shameful, and evil. The change in reality and narrative turned Triumph into Tragedy, Pride & Prowess into Shame & Guilt.
This could also be said of Communism. There was a time when many people sincerely and passionately believed in Marxism-Leninism. They saw it as the wave of the future. They were so certain of its goodness and rightness that they believed ANY MEANS NECESSARY were justifiable to spread communism. Terror, mass imprisonment, state slavery, and mass killings were all fair game because History was on the side of Scientific Materialism of Marxism-Leninism. Communism would surely triumph and justify everything that’s been done in its name because its victory was as assured as the Sun rising in the East and setting in the West. But as communism became increasingly discredited and then finally collapsed, every triumph that had been associated with it came to be seen in a tragic light. In the Stalinist Era, it seemed as though all of Stalin’s deeds and accomplishments were awesome, superb, and morally justified. But in retrospect, Stalinism came to be associated with fear, paranoia, terror, ruthless repression, and mass killings. The once proud Red symbol of Communism came to stand for bloodbaths and rabid lunacy.
And consider the Narrative of Jews and Jesus. Jews worked with Romans to have Jesus killed and His Disciples harassed and persecuted. And when Jesus died on the Cross, Jews saw it as victory and triumph. They got rid of a heretic Jew with the blessing and support of Romans. Just like Jews today pressure goy elites to do the bidding of Jews, Jews back then pushed Romans to kill a renegade Jew. Of course, Jews today have supreme elite power whereas Jews back then were subjects of the Roman Empire. But it goes to show how even Jews-without-power have the Will-to-Pushiness that can make a great empire do their bidding. Anyway, Jews were satisfied and relieved that the dangerous Jew Jesus was killed and gotten rid of. They thought they won. But then, there arose the Narrative of Jesus as the Son of God who returned from the dead and gained entry into Heaven. As this Faith spread, what had been a triumph for Jews turned into tragedy. Jews came to be collectively blamed for the killing, indeed the murder, of the Son of God. (Jews say it was most unfair for ALL JEWS FOR ALL TIME to be blamed for the killing of Jesus, the blame for which btw has been shifted more to Romans after WWII, BUT Jews have no qualms about blaming ALL GERMANS AND ALL CHRISTIANS FOR ALL TIME for Shoah. It goes to show Jews are such hypocrites. They want to milk German Guilt and White Goy Complicity forever and ever and ever... just like the Overlook Hotel in THE SHINING wants to own the soul of Jack Torrance forever and ever and ever.) Anyway, the main point is that what had once been deemed triumphant/proud can later be regarded as tragic/shameful, and vice versa. It all depends on who controls the Narrative. Thus, any triumph/pride is vulnerable to reinterpretation that renders it as a case of tragedy/shame. (The British who used to be so proud of their Great Empire are now made to apologize for its abuses and exploitations 24/7, even tearing down symbols of past British pride in their own nation.) Likewise, what had once been deemed tragic or shameful can be re-jiggered to seem triumphant and proud. It’s like what Moses says of his staff to Ramses in the TEN COMMANDMENTS: "You gave me this staff to rule over scorpions and serpents, but God made it a rod to rule over kings." Ramses gave the stick to Moses as a beggar’s tool, but Moses wields it like the rod of God. Later, when Moses goes to receive the Commandments of God, the restless perverts among the Jews decide to go Ron-Jeremy-and-Sarah-Silverman and erect an idol of the Golden Calf to worship and celebrate. They are full of pride and riding high. But then, Moses returns and, with the power of the Lord, destroys the pride of pagan idolatry. What is ‘cool’ is made ‘fool’.

Because the Power of Narrative can turn black into white, white into black, black into white again, and white into black again, one must be careful and mindful of what he selects, blesses, and promotes with his use of Narrative. One must be sure to associate pride with what is deserving of pride. One must be sure to associate justice with what is just. One must associate beauty with what is possessed of beauty. After all, if the pride of beauty has been associated with something ugly, then it is only a matter of time before someone calls out on the discrepancy in the manner of the boy in "Emperor’s New Clothes".
But then, the power of Narrative is such that even the Worthy can be ‘discredited’ and condemned as Unworthy. Even Truth can be demeaned as False. Even real Beauty can be demeaned as Ugly. Even Tyranny can be sold as Justice. Of course, it’s more difficult to push the Bad as the Good, but the Power of Narrative and Social Conventions is such that Enough People can be fooled into believing that black-is-white. After all, how was it that all those Hindus thought it was a good idea to stick a piece of metal through their noses? And how was it that all those Chinese thought it was a good idea to ‘bind’ women’s feet? How was it that all those women in the Victorian Era thought it was a good idea to tightly strap corsets around their waists? (One thing for sure, women can be more easily goaded into doing totally stupid shit.)

We don’t need to look far to see how the Bad can easily be promoted as the Good in the Current Year. Just look at Homomania or Queertianity. It is now associated with ‘rainbow’ colors. Yes, homos(who indulge in gross fecal penetration) and trannies(who mutilate their puds and poons) get to hog all the colors of the rainbow. A symbol that had once been associated with the profound moral tale of Noah’s Ark and with the realm of the great Germanic gods is now the symbol of ‘pride’(more like poo-ride if you ask me) of Homos and Trannies. Also, what had once been called ‘gay pride’ is now just called Pride. Joining 'gay' and 'pride' is ridiculous enough as what is so pride-worthy about penises inside the anuses of men? And if trannies are so proud, whey do they go to the trouble of radically altering their hormones and bodies to be what they are not? But apparently, 'gay pride' wasn't good enough for homos. They want 'pride' to automatically mean 'gay'.
Just like homos appropriated the term ‘gay’ for themselves — ‘gay’ used to mean being light, happy, or debonair and didn’t apply ONLY to homos — , they decided to appropriate ‘pride’ for the LGBTQP — P is or Pervert-Pedophile — community or cum-unity. Talk about arrogance and megalomania. If Jews got chutzpah, homos got (poop)chutespah. An entire generation has been raised to associate the beautiful rainbow and the term ‘pride’ with homos, trannies, fecal penetration, and pud-or-poon-cutting. So, young children, upon seeing a rainbow, think ‘gay!!!’ Upon hearing the term ‘pride’, they think ‘gay!!!’ As if that isn't enough to stoke their egos, even food items are homoshered. (Jews insisted all foods to be kosherized, and now homos want all foods to be homosherized.) So, there have been homo-colored Oreo cookies. Burger King came up with ‘Pride Burger’. (Burger King might as well rename itself Bugger King.) Starbucks is always ‘pride this’ and ‘pride that’. (It might as well rename itself Starbuttfuc*s.)
And the Jews who control Facebook and Google add homo-themed doodles, symbols, and icons all over. It’s like a waiter sprinkling curry on every dish you order. Imagine you order pizza, but its sprinkled with ‘pride spice’ of curry. Suppose you order ice cream, and you get the same thing. The tutti-fruities are now a bunch of Toots who push Tootalitarianism on everything. Every TV show or popular movie must have a positive homo or tranny character. Ads feature homo ‘parents’. It used to be that every hotel room came with a Bible. Now, every social network platform, every other show, and every other product come with homo-this or homo-that. And every city is inundated with a ‘Pride’ parade that celebrates decadence and degeneracy of Jewish-financed-and-promoted globalism. But as if that isn’t enough, homos have even pushed their perversion as the new holiness into churches. And most European churches and most mainline churches in the US have complied to this insanity. According to Homomania-Queertianity, there is no higher purpose or meaning to God and Jesus than blessing homo fecal penetration and pud-and-poon-mutilation. People like Tim Cook and even the current pope(who should be called the Poop) say God blessed with certain people with homosexuality. (I suppose God also blessed pedophiles, incest-sexuals, and bestiality-practitioners with their hankerings.) According to the vain and narcissistic pseudo-theology of Queertianity, one need not make an effort to rectify and save oneself to atone before God but, instead, bend the meaning and purpose of God to bless one’s predilections, orientation, and indulgences. If Alcoholics Anonymous followed the model of Queertianity, everyone would just drink and drink in the conviction that God gave them alcoholic tendencies that must be indulged to the fullest. So, if Tim Cook spends his life by having other men ram their penises into his bunghole and ejaculate sperm to mingle with his fecal waste material, it’s because GOD blessed him with such wonders of sexual deviance. When we see homo colors take over one church after another, it should be plain-as-day that the cause of ‘gay rights’ hid something sinister: The project of instituting Homomania as Gay Rites, a neo-religion of the West. But more crucially, this was more the project of Jews than homos themselves, even though, homos and trannies, in all their bitchy and hissy megalomania, were fully onboard with this enterprise of self-apotheosis. Why did Jews feed on homo-and-tranny vanity? Because Jews have always loathed Christianity as a religion stolen from Jews by dimwit goyim. Prior to Christian conversions among goyim, God only belonged to Jews. God only favored Jews. Sure, God sometimes punished Jews because they acted badly, but God never favored goyim over Jews. But with Christianity, there was the idea that the New Covenant didn’t belong to any particular Tribe but to those of all tribes who would convert to the New Faith. What had been a well-contained and organic religion of the Jews went ‘viral’ and turned ‘cancerous’ and spread out across so much of humanity that came to not only outnumber Jews but revile Jews. (No wonder Susan Sontag called the white race the 'cancer of humanity.) After all, Christianity didn’t just claim to go beyond Jews but condemned Jews as the killers of the Son of God. Imagine that. The very people who invented the one and only God got blamed for killing His Son. Buddhism, as outgrowth of Hinduism, never attacked Hinduism in such manner. Roman mythology, as outgrowth of Greek mythology, didn’t attack the latter in such manner. But Christianity, though having arisen from Judaism, made Jews out to be the worst folks(after pagans). Then, it is no wonder that Jews welcomed the arrival of Islam that, though not exactly nice to Jews, waged war on Christendom and, at the very least, acknowledged and respected Jews as fellow People of the Book. If not for the rise of Islam, the chances are all that all of the Middle East and North Africa would have become Christian, and then Jews would have been condemned for Deicide not only by European Christians but by Arab and other kinds of Christians. (Indeed, the current forms of Christianity that remain theologically most anti-Jewish are in the Third World. Not having fully emerged into modernity, people in such nations are much more likely to accept literally whatever is written in the New Testament. So, if it says in the Good Book that Jews done it, they believe it. This is one reason why Jews loath the spread of Christianity around the world and want to replace it with something else as the hegemonic voice of the West.) If not for the creation of Israel and Zionist interests in MENA(Middle East and North Africa), World Jewry could be far more favorable to Arabs and Muslims. After all, Jews find Muslims useful in the West as such folks are far removed from political tensions between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. Once the Muslim population is firmly ensconced in the West, Jews find them most useful as demographic and cultural armies against whites & Christians. It is only because of the Zionist vs Arab conflict that some Jews in the West see the necessity of fanning white/Christian animus against them ‘Muzzies’ and ‘ragheads’ who are featured mostly as Terrorists in Jew-run Hollywood movies and TV shows.

Anyway, Jews are riding high right now with Homomania. They are amazed and delighted with how fast it caught on in the West and even parts of the non-West. Jews know how power works. Jews know that most people are sheeple and are easily swayed by the elites. So, in order to spread Homomania around the world, Jews only needed to bribe, blackmail, or brainwash the non-Jewish elites of the academia, media, law, finance, and the state. Even if most people were to object to Homomania, the fact is they rely on mass media for information, mass entertainment for escapism & enjoyment, and mass education for their children. So, it’s only a matter of time before something like Miscegenation or Homomania is normalized among the masses. After all, the Nazi monopoly of media soon made majority of Germans supportive of Hitler. And monopoly of media in Stalin’s USSR made the majority worship Stalin as a god-man and their children grew up as fanatical communists(for whom all other ideologies were either false or evil). People are like reeds swaying in the wind. Elites control the winds, and most people-as-reeds blow in one way or another. So, there was no need for Jews to go door-to-door(like Jehovah’s Witnesses) to win the hearts and minds of individuals. They only needed to alter and reprogram the New Normal at the top/center, and then, it was only a matter of time before the majority just followed like sheep. It’s like Google doesn’t need to go door-to-door to change the programming in every computer. They only need to alter the coding in their headquarters, and then, ALL computers around the world work according to the new algorithms.
Not only do Jews understand that Elite Control is most crucial but that people are swayed less by ideas and reason than by idols/icons and sensation. After all, religions have outlasted ideologies. And Catholicism and Orthodox have outlasted Protestantism that has, for the most part, been austere and spartan, void of iconography and idolatry. Indeed, the most successful brand of Protestantism in the US is Evangelicalism that is passionate, bombastic, and rapturous. The more subdued Mainline churches have either faded away into crusty irrelevance or sought rejuvenation with homo colors. Religions outlast ideologies because of the power of the irrational-inspirational. It's like people find more meaning in astrology than in astronomy. Furthermore, ideologies that hope to survive turn into ‘idologies’ because worship and rituals are more inspiring and exciting than logic-and-thought. After all, an ideology can be called into question or discredited IF new thinkers find fault in it. But if it is worshiped as an ‘idology’ with sacred icons and rituals — as with the cult of personality around Stalin or Mao — , then the masses will likely worship it like religious folks worship God.
That said, serious ideologies and religions have one disadvantage in the Age of Entertainment. Ideologies tend to have fixed ideas(or dogma) and idols/icons. In the end, communism got boring year after year because of the same rallies, same icons(Marx, Engels, Lenin), and same slogans. What had been an object of passion and commitment became the same-old-same-old. And religions now seem boring to modern people raised on the New Normal of fads and fashions. Because certain ideas, icons, and themes are sacred in religion, they can’t be toyed with like styles and wiles of fashion industry and entertainment. In our Attention-Deficit world, people are fashion-addicts who crave Something New all the time. Granted, most of what is New is just repackaged or recycled Old, but don’t tell that to a nation of amnesiacs. They are satisfied with the semblance of the New. Even though Pop Culture and Fashion are about short-lived trends and here-today-gone-tomorrow celebrity, that very transient nature is what makes them so resilient and powerful. They are less about attachment to one dominant idea, attitude, or style than about the continual search for something New. Change is the constant,and people find it exciting.
And this is one reason why Homomania has caught on with so many people. It glows and glitters with the iconic colors of the ‘rainbow’, and every ‘Pride’ parade, like the Mardi Gras or Brazilian samba festival, offers new fashions and styles of celebration and revelry. It is especially appealing to affluent white people because Homomania in the West is implicitly white. Even though affluent yuppie types denounce White Identity and embrace Diversity, they still prefer white neighborhoods to non-white ones(especially crime-ridden black ones), and they find the blatantly anti-white rhetoric of PC and Multi-Culturalism trying at times. Most time of the year, white progs are supposed to be in apologetic mode toward non-whites. But come Homo Season, they can celebrate 'Pride' that is overwhelmingly white in expression.
But then, around the world different peoples have varying reasons for embracing Homomania. Prior to the US legalizing ‘gay marriage’, European nations, Mexico, and Canada regarded Homomania as anti-American. The so-called ‘progressives’ in those nations saw the struggle as between revolutionary support for Homosexual Rights versus Evil Christo-Fascist America that oppresses innocent blacks and pure-as-snow Homos. Especially during the Bush II years, many peoples around the world defied the US by embracing the homo agenda against Evangelical Crusader Bush. They thought they were being anti-American. (Because the US is so ahead in science, technology, military power, and pop-cultural capital, other nations hope to best the US in something, and the cheapest & easiest way to appear 'more evolved' is by embracing whatever that's deemed to be the latest in progressive thought.) They were blind, often willfully, to the fact that the Real Rulers of the US are Jewish globalists who’ve been the main funders of Homomania around the world. (While homosexual culture and struggle for homosexual rights didn’t originate in the US or even with Jews, Homomania-as-a-neo-religion is essentially the baby of Jewish-American Globalists.) Amusingly enough, all those anti-American progs around the world who opposed and defied American Power by embracing Homomania were actually dupes and tools of the Real American Power held by Jews. Indeed, Bush II was also a tool of Jewish Globalists who cynically manipulated patriotism and Christian-Zionism to maneuver Bush into waging these Wars for Israel. As they say, Follow the Money. The money trail in the US and EU(and elsewhere) leads to Jewish control of both ‘conservatives’ and ‘liberals’. Whether one is ‘anti-liberal’ or ‘anti-conservative’ in the US, it all boils down to ‘We love Jews more’ and ‘We support Israel more’.

With 80% of sheeple Americans now supporting ‘gay marriage’ and shedding tears(or wetting their pants) over Holy Homo nonsense, surely Jews are confident that they’ve succeeded in replacing the much dreaded-and-reviled(among Jews) Christianity with the new faith of Homomania or Queertianity. After all, in the new US, you will never lose your job or get in trouble for mocking Jesus, Mary, or Disciples. (The most famous person named ‘madonna’ is a skanky pop star whose second act in a mostly sordid career was the worship of the black dong.) But if you say anything that is critical of homos & trannies and their chosen lifestyles, you are shrilly condemned for ‘homophobia’, ‘transphobia’, ‘hate’, ‘intolerance’, ‘exclusion’, ‘bigotry’, and hounded, fired, & blacklisted. (The only reason the stupid Negress Joy Reid survived despite her critical posts about homos in her past blog is because she is black, which makes her a holy person: The Holy Three are Jews, Homos, and Negroes.) Now, even many ‘conservatives’ are onboard in condemning anyone who has unkind words for stuff like homo fecal penetration or tranny penis-cutting. As Jews command the top of the food-chain in the US, there’s a trickle-down effect that shapes all of society. Just like Jews in pre-Emancipation Europe couldn’t enter into certain professions or careers as Jews and had to convert to Christianity to gain fuller access, there is little chance of anyone today making the socio-economic climb into spheres of privilege UNLESS he or she professes enthusiasm for Homomania. One must be ‘born-again’ into Homomania if not raised with Homomania from cradle. All politicians in big cities must show up at Homo ‘pride’ parades just like everyone-who-was-anyone had to take part in Communist parades in the Soviet Union. Jews find Homomania more useful than Zionism in gaining mastery over goyim. While AIPAC, ADL and other Zionist organizations do their best to pressure all members of American political and economic elites to support Israel, the problem is it sends a message to Americans and the World that Jews Control Everything and that All Politicians & Businessmen are Whores of Jews(if not Jewish themselves). Even though Jews relish their supremacist power, they are nervous about people noticing that Jews got Too Much Power. So, Jews use Homomania as a front and proxy for Jewish Power. As Jews are the main funders of Homomania(that also has powerful Jewish homos and trannies), Homo Power is essentially Jewish Power. It’s like Neoconservatism isn’t explicitly Jewish and has prominent non-Jews among its members, but it is essentially a Zionist-supremacist ideology. Now, if anti-Jewish forces were to take control of Homomania and use it to attack Jewish power and Zionism, Jews may have a change of heart. But Jews have created, shaped, and controlled Homomania from the beginning. It is so closely entwined with Jewish power that it is as crytpo-Jewish as Neconservatism and Tory Party of UK(that is sometimes called the Torah Party). There have been attempts by some people, including Jewish homos like Glenn Greenwald, to re-jigger Homomania as a weapon against Jewish power and Zionism. So, there are images of Palestinian Homos waving the homo flag in opposition to Israel tyranny. Or some in the BLM wave the homo flag and denounce Israeli policy as Apartheid. But those are anomalies than the norm. The fact is Homomania was, is, and will be a Jewish Baby. Also, if Christianity was the Baby of heretical Jews who were rejected by the Core Jewish Community, Homomania has been approved and embraced by the Core. Jews love it because Homomania tells the overwhelming majority of straight people to bow down at the altar of Homo Elite Minority Privilege. This dynamic complements the idea that the vast majority of non-Jews should revere and serve the Jewish Supremacist Minority Elites. In other words, Jews love Homomania because its Elite-Minoritarian outlook parallels Jewish minority-elite-supremacism. The fact that so many people haven’t yet figured this out goes to show what total morons and dummies most sheeple are.

At any rate, Jews are feeling so awesome and powerful because they managed to replace Christianity with Homomania. After all, the Jewish-globalist-supremacists Google ignore Easter every year but go all out to promote, celebrate, and ‘iconize’ Homomania. Again, this isn’t merely for ‘gay rights’ but for Gay Rites, an effort to elevate Homomania as the new-religion of the West and the World, which is why Jews even push the madness on Latin America, Asia, and Africa. In their ambition at least, Homomaniacs are like early Christians who weren’t merely asking for religious freedom and tolerance BUT eyeing to one day take over the Roman Empire, spread the faith to everyone, and smash all competing faiths and practices of paganism. Early Christians weren’t satisfied with something as humdrum as ‘Christian rights’ to be left alone to worship as they please. They were absolutely convinced that their Faith was the only true Faith, must prevail over the empire, and wage total war on all false idols and rituals. When Christians didn’t destroy or remove pagan temples or iconography, they took them over and remolded them to serve and represent Christianity. In the same way, Homomaniacs are now taking over Christian churches and reinterpreting the Faith to be about God and Jesus blessing holy homos. Likewise, when Muslim Turks took over Constantinople, they didn’t smash all Christian churches and symbols. They took over some of them and remade them into Mosques in honor of Allah and Muhammad.
Homos and trannies should never have been trusted in the realm of power because, by their innate nature, they are excessively vain, narcissistic, hissy, bitchy, sneering-and-sniveling, and whoopee-pee-poo. Indeed, homos must make an extra, indeed herculean, effort to boost their pride and confidence because what they do is so obviously foul and ewwww. I mean, what good thing can one say about homo fecal penetration, let alone stuff like ‘fisting’? That's some ‘gay’ shit. There is even less pride about a guy wanting to have his penis and balls removed to get a fake vagina. Because there is no natural pride to such behavior, homos and trannies must go all out and shoot themselves with artificial-pride-as-emotional-steroids to feel so good about themselves. Indeed, it takes some chutzpah or (poop)chutespah to claim the term ‘pride’ to be synonymous with homos having their asses rammed with penises or trannies having their puds or poons mutilated to get fake genitals. But then, this total weirdness may paradoxically be quasi-spiritually appealing to so many globalist proggy types. Though too educated and secular to literally believe in God and miracles, they nevertheless have some spiritual longing encoded in their DNA. They long for miracles in a world without miracles. So, when they see some man ‘magically’ transform into a 'woman' or vice versa, it's like a secular version of the modern-day miracle.

Jewish Globalist Supremacist may be celebrating their great victory, but things can easily turn against them. How is this possible, you may ask? After all, both the non-Jewish elites and the great majority of the masses are for ‘gay marriage’ and onboard with Homomania. Even Christian churches have bent over to take it up the ass with homo colors. All Democratic politicians worship Homomania, many Republican politicians endorse it, and even those who haven’t converted to the Homo faith dare not oppose it openly. Among politicians, it is well-known that Homomania is a Jewish proxy, and therefore, opposing Homomania means infuriating Jews. It’d be like a US politician favoring Palestinians over Zionist imperialists. Despite the Constitutional concept of Separation of Church and State, the fact is the current US is a deeply quasi-theological in its practice of power. The cult of MLK, the Shoah, and Homomania are essentially State Religions. They aren't matters of individual conscience or personal creed. They must be embraced and worshiped by anyone who wishes to make it in government or succeed in business, law, academia, or media. And their Narratives must be accepted at Face Value. They cannot be questioned or argued with. Did 6 million die in the Shoah and were Jews totally guiltless throughout history? You better believe it... or else you are a ‘Denier’ and ‘antisemitic Nazi’. Did white people have absolutely NO legitimate reason for discrimination against blacks even though blacks are naturally more muscular, tougher, and more aggressive? Yes, you better believe it or else you are ‘racist’ who has no place in America. And you better believe that MLK, the degenerate pervert thug, was not only a saint but a figure greater than God and Jesus. And you better believe that Homos are the new angels, miraculous creatures of joy and wonder. If you disagree, you are a ‘homophobe’. The mindless sacraments for these favored groups and the enforcement of taboos against free discussion concerning them suggests that there is a quasi-religious aura that surrounds them. Therefore, in order for the US to truly separate State from Church, we need to promote open discussion and argument about all historical, racial, demographic, and sexual issues. We must not take anything at Face Value for mindless reverence and worship.

Even though something deemed Sacred has greater power than something deemed secular, it is paradoxically more vulnerable for that very reason. At first glance, the Sacred appears shrouded with divinity and protected by taboos. In contrast, a secular item can be freely debated and called into question by skeptics and rationalists. A secular item is always vulnerable to new critiques and analysis. In contrast, the Sacred cannot be touched or questioned. Those who dare do so can be attacked and destroyed as ‘heretical’ or ‘blasphemous’, the PC versions of which are ‘racist’, ‘antisemitic’, or ‘homophobic’. But because the Sacred is so highly regarded, when it begins to lose its luster and iconic status, it fails and falls faster than any secular idea. A secular position can be weakened by reasoned argument but also supported by counter-argument. Thus, there can be a back-and-forth see-sawing between opposing sides. In contrast, once a Sacred Something has been dethroned, it loses its value immediately. It’s like once you know the trick behind the magic, you will never be wowed again. And once you realize that a certain preacher used deception to fool the flock with pseudo-miracles, he can never regain your trust. Or, suppose some guy claims to have magic powers in Martial Arts. Instead of having demonstrated his real ability in the secular arena of the ring, there is an aura around him akin to the Force around Yoda and other Jedi Knights. For those who’ve fallen under the so-called Master’s spell, he might seem invincible and awesome. But all it takes is one real fight to expose him as a fraud, and then his star falls totally and permanently. Sacred cows can become bullshit almost overnight.

Even though Jewish Globalist supremacists and Homomaniacs say they ‘won’ the ‘debate’ and the ‘culture war’, they did nothing of the kind. Jewish ethno-monopoly of the Media only promoted one side while defaming the Other wide as akin to the demented Westboro church. Also, instead of putting forth real ideas and reasoned debates, Jews used the power of icons like ‘rainbow’ homo colors, manipulative ads, and TV shows(and movies and music videos) that idolized homos and then even trannies as a specially blessed people. As Joe Biden said, the acceptance of ‘gay marriage’ had less to do with debate than Mass Media propaganda made possible by Jewish ethno-monopoly of the Media. Of course, Joe Biden blurted this out in total admiration and praise of Jews — he claimed "It was all for the good" — , but he did spill the beans on the extent of Jewish power in the West. Jews, with their ethno-monopoly of media and so much else, can fool masses of dummies and sheeple into believing anything. Of course, what Joe Biden doesn’t mention is the use of gangster-and-bullying tactics as well. Jewish strategy, like that of homos, has always been passive/aggressive. Jews pretend to be nice and pleading for their agenda, but it’s an offer you can’t refuse. If you say NO, Jews will set out to destroy you. So, you better support Israel 100% and you better worship Homomania because, if you don’t, the entire Judeo-Globo-Homo media complex will come after you, like what happened to Carrie Prejean when she said NO to ‘gay marriage’. GET WITH THE PROGRAM, GOY... OR ELSE!!

And Jewish control of finance will cut off funds and loans unless you bend over to Zionism and Homomania. And even non-Jewish and non-Homo companies will, either out of fear or true conviction(as Homomania is the most sacred neo-religion for many cucky-wuck stupid and shallow people), fire you if you defy Homomania. In summation, Jews and Homos didn’t win a clean honest debate to win the ‘culture war’ but cheated, used smoke-and-mirrors tactics, and threatened people with dire consequences if they were to resist. Imagine you’re a boxer preparing for a fight. But while the promoters make your opponent out to be cool and wonderful, you are made to be a lowlife thug scumbag. And then, you get a message that if you fight back against your opponent for real, you will be financially destroyed and your house will be burned down. And then, the referee allows your opponent to do anything, even low-blows and eye-gouging, while you are penalized for having done nothing wrong. You have no choice but to take a dive. THAT is how Homomania won in the arena of US culture & politics officiated by vile Jewish supremacist a**holes as corrupt promoters and referees. Likewise, Zionism never won a honest debate in the US. Anyone who looks at the facts would have to admit Palestinians got a raw deal, were terribly wronged, and continue to live under humiliation. But notice all US politicians support Israel. Even when Israel pummels Gaza and kills women and children, the entire Congress pledges to support Israel and stand with Israel. There is NOTHING about Palestinians and their plight. So, what Jews did to Palestinians and their supporters in the US, they did the same to sane, decent, and moral people who stood firm and said NO to Homomania. It's often been said that Jews won so much of the Culture War because of their superior verbal intelligence, but that's not the main reason. It had more to do with Jews controlling the media, rigging the perimeters of permissible discourse, using loaded terms like 'antisemitic' and 'homophobic', and underhandedly threatening financial ruin on their opponents. Edward Said had high verbal intelligence, but how often was he featured on the MSM? No matter how intelligently and factually you expose Zionist lies and terrorism, the Rigged Narrative and Terminology will brand you an 'anti-Semite' and ban you from 'respectable' and 'acceptable' discourse. Of course, Jews themselves can push any nonsense they wish, like the hysteria about Russia Hacking the 2016 election. Many in the Alt Right could easily defeat Neocons and their ilk in open debates, but they are shut out of media and college lecture tours because their views have been deemed by Jewish supremacist power as 'unacceptable' and 'toxic'. There are plenty of BDS people, some of them Jews, who could take on any Zionist in a debate, but they are virtually shut out of MSM and banned from certain colleges. Trying to be heard in an honest and open battle of ideas is now as difficult as it was for Jake Lamotta to secure a title shot in a sports so overwhelmingly dominated by Jewish gangsters and the mafia. The Jewish ducks(who duck honest fights and debates) will only allow cucks. American Discourses is mostly about Jewish ducks and goy cucks.

And yet, precisely because Jews and Homos won so unfairly, their sacred cows are so easy to call bullshit on. The Zionist Narrative on the Israel-Palestinian conflict is now unraveling so fast that Jewish Power has to push its whore-politicians to criminalize and shut down BDS. But doing so will only embolden more critics of Israel to come forth and say Enough Is Enough. Indeed, even many young Jews are calling BS on what is being done to Palestinians. Especially as the Internet is a great equalizer and has given Palestinians and their advocates a platform to get their messages across, the bogus Sacred Cow of Zionist-Hegemonism is eroding. Sure, Jews still have immense power and monopoly of so-called ‘mainstream media’ and internet platforms, but it’s difficult to play whack-a-mole with so many opposing voices. Youtube and Facebook, both Jewish-owned, work closely with Zionist organizations like ADL and SPLC(funded mainly by Jews) to deny voice to anti-Zionist voices, but there are Too Many now. And things are getting so bad in Gaza that the Sikh whore Nikki Haley(who sucks Zionist cock 24/7 and swallows) is finding it ever harder to bully or bribe other nations to kiss Israeli ass.

Precisely because false beliefs have no basis in fact or evidence, they have to be sanctified with fake holiness, protected by taboos, and promoted with mindless hysteria. As such, they may seem invincible for awhile, but they've been waxed with the sheen of invulnerability precisely because they are so vulnerable. Consider the sudden fall of Ceausescu in Romania. He was a total hack with no special talent or vision. He even had a speech impediment, especially problematic for a leader. So, he created a ridiculous cult of personality around himself and his wife. And for awhile, he seemed to ride high, and the masses seem to worship him. But once it became obvious that he was a phony, the cult around him rang hollow, and his fall was total and brutal. This is why the fatso in North Korea is afraid of real change. As his just a third-rate fat-boy, the only claim to power is the aura around his dynasty. Once that goes, people will laugh him as Boy Pig, and his fall can be swift and brutal. Even estimable leaders with genuine ability & talent — Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, and etc. — needed to surround themselves with the cult of greatness to hold sway over the masses during trying times. Even so, when they began to believe in their own myths, they brought about disasters like WWII or the Great Leap Forward. And even Stalin, who weathered the storms, defeated Germany, and was admired around the world as a great statesman, soon became a near non-person in the very nation he'd built a few years after his death. By the late 1950s, Stalin was hardly featured in Soviet iconography centered around Marx and Lenin. Whatever Stalin’s achievements(some of which were great), the fact is the cult-of-personality around him went far beyond reality, decency, and proportionality. Therefore, his overblown iconic status had to be deflated and shelved in order for the Soviet Union to be a normal nation with real expectations.

Today, the Holy Three of the West are Jews-with-Shoah, Blacks-with-MLK-cult, and Homos-as-angels. Because of the quasi-religious aura and sanctimony around them, they seem invulnerable. But that very advantage is their fatal weakness. After all, spiritual aura, especially around secular entities, is not based on anything real or provable. While it’s true that Shoah happened, there is nothing in history or reality that says a people are forever-holy-and-innocent because of a horrible tragedy that befell them in a particular place and time. This is true of Jews and blacks. It is ridiculous to judge all their past existences and future destinies in relation to Shoah or Atlantic Slave Trade(or Jim Crow that was hardly one of the great injustices in world history). As for Homomania, it is a total joke, a pure fabrication by the utterly corrupt and degenerate Jew-run media.
At any rate, decent, sane and sober people must not approach the Holy Three as matters for secular debate but as false-religions that need to be exposed and false-idols that must be toppled. It is totally irrational and insane to assume that because Jews suffered Shoah, they were always pure & innocent and shall be wise & noble indefinitely no matter what they do. As for blacks, the fact is they were brutal savages for 100,000s of yrs before they were brought to the New World. And even though slavery had its ugly and dark side, the main reason for black problem is not history but biology, or BAMMAMA: Blacks are more muscular and more aggressive. We need to prick the bubble of Black Holiness that would have us believe blacks would have Wakandas all over the world if not for ‘evil racist honkey’. And MLK, though an important figure in an important social movement, was no saint but a punk, boor, and thug in reality. As for Homomania, it’s some bogus neo-Golden-Calf mass cult that fools us into thinking homosexuality is mainly about ‘rainbow’ colors than gross fecal penetration among men. It is putrid and demented, the product of mindless hype pushed by Jew-run media, entertainment, and finance. We need to approach the Holy Three like we approach Televangelists, false preachers, charlatans, cults(like Scientology), and other nonsense.

Even though I’ve never been religious and don’t believe in God or Satan, I would still say Homomania is satanic. Even if Satan doesn’t literally exist, certain things are so sick, demented, vile, and disgusting that they might as well be the work of the Devil if he existed. And even though I’m not a Christian, I’m deeply offended when Homo degenerates befoul a Christian church with homo colors or mock a Buddhist site with their putrid air of contempt. One doesn’t have to be a believer to acknowledge or admire the great visions and deep values those religions stand for. There is a reason why Christianity and Buddhism resonated so deeply with so many people for so long. And same can be said for Judaism and Islam(albeit to a lesser extent perhaps). It really takes a satanic mindset to associate those faiths with Worship of Holy Homo. Only a sick soul would drape a Christian church with colors associated with homo fecal penetration, bathhouse follies, or tranny penis-cutting. Only twisted ultra-narcissistic deviants could take Ass-selfies in front a monument to Buddha.
Never mind the Ugly American. In the Age of Homomania, we have the Butt-Fugly American. These homo degenerates' idea of appreciating culture and spirituality is to take Ass-selfies in front of Buddhist Temples. But what do you expect from homo tourists from a nation that now drapes churches with homo colors and practices Gay Rites as the highest expression of sanctimony?
Jews think they are winning with Homomania. They think they are digging for the ultimate gold to control the world with a neo-religion of their own making. But they could be digging their own grave because it will be a matter of time before people wake up to the fact that Homomania is really Satanic-Jewish-christianity or SJC. Once the scales begin to fall from the eyes of the people who realize that they’ve been duped, messed up, and mocked by vile, disgusting, and sinister Jewish globalist supremacists, they will begin to wake up fast and reject the false religion of Homomania. The fall of Homomania will be like the fate of Humpty-Dumpty or Ceausescu cult. It can never be put together again. When Jesus died on the Cross, it seemed like the end of Him and His movement. But what He’d stood for and preached was so deep, profound, and moving(even if impossible) that a great Narrative could be spun from it and proselytized as a great religion. And it is why Christianity has lasted for so long and even survived communism. But the foundation of Homomania is total nonsense and filth.
Now, the homo struggle in the form of ‘gay rights’ was legitimate to the extent that it’s a fact that some people are born homo, and it is not their fault for being what they are and in having deviant sexual preferences. So, it only seemed right not to treat homos as ‘mentally sick’ individuals to be banned from jobs and housing. But once homos and then even trannies were promoted as saints and angels whose lifestyles are akin to the miracle of the rainbow and deserving of mass ‘pride’ parades, society went the way of Sodom-and-Gomorrah. And then, when the meaning of marriage, the most important institution of humanity, was desecrated to appease homos and to conflate the homo fecal penetration & tranny penis-cutting with the real sexuality of men and women that produce the miracle of life, the West became a sick and evil civilization. And then, when people’s lives were ruined financially and/or professionally because they refused to comply with Homomaniacal decrees, like baking ‘gay wedding cakes’, the homos and their Jewish globalist supremacists revealed their true face of utter wickedness. And then, when homo colors were even pushed into churches, only the stupid and retarded can keep with the BS that homo agenda is a secular and rational program. If so, why are homos even targeting churches for takeover? No, the fact is Homomania is a satanic Jewish agenda to replace Christianity, a true and great religion, with a false religion of their own making. It’s like THE OMEN series where Satan produces a counter-messiah to take over the world. One doesn’t have to be religious to see the utter wickedness of Jewish Globalist Supremacists. Not all Jews are onboard with this craziness, but unfortunately, the majority of them are, just like, at one time, majority of Germans supported the psychopath Hitler.
Jews did this. They did it to humanity, civilization, morality, and spirituality. It is a great evil. Jews are dancing with joy in victory and triumph, but a false religion cannot last for long. It’s only a matter of time before it is outed and exposed. And we need to speak out and tell the world that Homomania = Satanic Jewish christianity, i.e. Jewish attempt to replace Christianity(or any other great religion or philosophy like Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, or Confucianism) with a cynically concocted Global Cult of their making. Whenever we discuss Homomania, we must mention that it is not a secular movement but a neo-religion, and we must state loud-and-clear that it is the creation of Jewish radicals, Jewish globalists, and Jewish financiers. Make Jews own the filth they foisted upon the world. Tell the people of every nation that IF they cuck out to Homomania, they are effectively bending over to be fuc*ed in the ass by Jewish Globalist supremacism. No people who respect their own tradition, culture, heritage, and forefathers could do such a thing to their own nation. When pressured by Jews to embrace Homomania, people must stand firm, look straight in the eyes of Jewish supremacism, and say "I don't worship Homomania. I have my own religion or value system, and if I pay respect to anything, it is the line of my ancestors who bequeathed a rich and meaningful culture to me and my people."

We need to expose the true nature of the Homo Agenda, connect it to the Jewish globalist enablers, and then tell the whole world. Once peoples around the world come to realize that Homomania is the latest instrument of Zionist-American cultural imperialism and pseudo-spiritual crusade, the tide will turn.
And once all these idiotic Millennials realize that their lives, sensibilities, and morals have been compromised and degraded by kneeling before the altar of the Homo as the holiest icon and highest value in the world, they will crave real answers and real truth. And it is then that the Truth — Homomania = Satanic Jewish christianity — will hit them like a bolt of lightning, and they will reach for true meaning and justice.

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