Monday, August 10, 2020

Is there really a Difference between the Heaven’s Gate Suicide Cult and What is Now Happening in the West? — National Suicide Cult is Infinitely Worse than the Self-Destruction of a Tiny Cult

Is there a difference between Heaven's Gate Cult and what is now unfolding all across the West?

Heaven's Gate cult promised life but ensured death. But the followers blindly toed the line and went over the cliff. They weren't forced(as some members of Jim Jones cult were) but nevertheless felt obligated to go along to get along to fulfill their mission. And most likely, they felt it in their hearts to comply because they'd come under the sway of hocus-pocus presented to them a 'spiritual' redemption and rapture. Whatever trepidation they may have felt, it was overpowered by their sense of True Believer-ship. These people were not retarded or even necessarily Low IQ. But they came under the influence of a would-be guru who somehow persuaded them that his way was the only way, the ONLY path to goodness, salvation, and 'spiritual' superiority toward which one must cast away all skepticism & doubt and just believe! If not, the master would be disappointed and you couldn't be part of the special community. To 99.99% of people, Heaven's Gate cult and its members were surely fools, crazies, or retards. And yet, what is obvious in the other is often overlooked in oneself. It's like a religious person may find other religions ridiculous but fail to realize that the underpinnings of his own faith may seem just as ridiculous to peoples of other religions. So, people who are too quick to dismiss Heaven's Gate cult as merely crackpot should do some soul-searching and examine their own unquestioned beliefs(or unquestionable dogmas). After all, couldn't it be argued that what the Current West is undergoing is mass suicide based on false and even utterly ludicrous assumptions that, by the way, are not even to be questioned in respectable places and consequential institutions?

People in the West are told that their civilization can survive ONLY with endless infusions of Diversity via mass-immigration/migration and, furthermore, can be redeemed only through heartfelt devotions to Jew Worship, Negro Adulation, and Homo celebration. And impervious to all facts and evidence to the contrary, countless white people not only believe but passionately FEEL that the globo-homo-shlomo-negro dogma is the only correct one, so much so that they seethe with contempt or even boil over with murderous hatred at those who say otherwise. But, let's consider the OBVIOUS. Mass immigration invariably leads to the Great Replacement. Look how the natives of the New World were replaced by immigrant-invaders from the Old World. Look how Palestinians were replaced by Zionist immigrant-invaders. Look how Kosovo, once the Serbian heartland, now belongs to Albanians. look how the once all-white London is now only 40% native British. As for the oft-touted elixir of Diversity, it leads to more dissension and/or atomization. All evidence have shown that blacks are by far the most destructive race; if other races are troublesome in wartime, blacks are wantonly destructive even in peacetime; even with full bellies, they love to rob, rape, loot, and burn down cities over any excuse. Jewish Power has shown itself to be hostile to whites or any goy majority that stands in the way of Jewish supremacist hegemony. Jews have pushed the Invade-Invite Strategy to swamp white nations with non-white immigrant-invaders and to destroy non-white nations(especially Arab/Muslim ones that have agendas contrary to those of Israel) with wars and/or sanctions. Globo-homo is a form of satanism, the very opposite of true spirituality/morality. It goes far beyond pleading for the rights of homosexuals to be tolerated as homo. The 'gay' agenda is essentially an insane mission to invert morality and values so that Jews can mind-fuc* the goyim and subvert all sense of autonomy of truth independent of what Jews demand and decree. So, globo-homo-mania would replace Christianity with Queertianity. Notice increasing numbers of churches that celebrate sodomy and tranny-penis-cutting over god and jesus. (Or they are flying BLM flags, as if the Black Ego and cult of Magic Negro are bigger than god.) If Jews can use globo-homo to convince you that a man who says he's a woman is really a 'woman', what else couldn't they do with your mind?

And yet, Jews didn't 'win the culture war' in a world of free inquiry, open debate, facts, and reasoned logic. Instead, they turned the academia from a center of free debate into a monopolistic bastion of political correctness and conformity. And they used their power of media & entertainment to idolize and 'iconize' certain ideas, agenda, and biases as quasi-holy and beyond the realm of debate and discussion. The mantras must be chanted, the dogmas must be BELIEVED, and the idols must be worshiped; otherwise you're a heretic.
A religious fanatic is far more impossible to deal with than an arrogant intellectual. An intellectual, however snobby and contemptuous, believes he is right because his ideas are correct or better. As such, at the very least, he's open to debate, as with the cases of Christopher Hitchens and Noam Chomsky. In contrast, a religious fanatic believes his views are not merely true but holy, therefore those who disagree are heretics who should be burned at the stake.
And yet, being religious per se doesn't necessarily make one a fanatic, as there are plenty of religious people who've accepted the need for tolerance, forgiveness, and even a bit of skepticism. And of course the virtue of humility. After all, can anyone really know the ultimate truth or the divine mind when even God is full of contradictions in the Old and New Testaments(and in the Koran)? Furthermore, one doesn't need to be religious to be fanatical with quasi-religious fury. Even an atheist can feel so passionately about something — his vision of justice, his hope for redemption, his cult of collective guilt, or his sense of awe regarding a particular person or group — that he can feel and act like religious fanatics of old. Consider the save-the-world cult around Climate Change. PETA's almost 'spiritual' view of animals. The Shoah as Holocaustianity, where we must believe in the 6 million number as numerology and convince ourselves that no people suffered as much as Jews and that all their suffering made Jews especially wise and noble.
Consider the hysterical hatred among those who believe homos are holy, and therefore the rejection of 'gay marriage' isn't merely wrong but evil. And of course, the mindless cult of MLK and Negroes as akin to a demigod-race. Such dogmas and idolatry go to show that one can be atheist, materialist, and nominally rationalist and yet still come under the spell of irrational convictions. (It is precisely because of the hysterical and even violent nature of these passions that even the skeptical and non-committed choose to keep their heads low and speak out. Whereas rational people or genuine liberals may engage with opposing views, true-believers and fanatics will call for the heads of heretics and renegades. It's like New York Times went from arguing for more 'gay rights' to decreeing that no further argument should be tolerated once the institutional consensus of 'gay marriage' has been reached. It's like the HAL computer, which has a god-complex, shutting off all further dialogue with David Bowman in 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. It knows best, and that's that.)

For many people, PC began as a status-thing. They jumped on the bandwagon not with great passion or deep conviction but because it seemed the proper thing among the 'better kind of people', aka the educated, sophisticated, cultured, and/or 'progressive'. But just like social drinking can lead to full-blown alcoholism among some, PC went from a matter of status to a matter of sanctity once its ruthless logic kept dissecting and 'dichotomizing' the world between 'are you with us' and 'are you against us'. It went from chic to shrill. Worse, it went from an ideology, where good-or-bad was a matter of ideas and values, to an intoxicated case of idolatry, whereby certain groups(especially Jews, Negroes, and Homos) were holy simply for their identities whereas certain other groups, especially whites, were deemed innately evil(or just 'meh') for their identities.
Given all such craziness, it's no wonder so many white people are blind to their own cultish lunacy that has spread from elite institutions right down to the unwashed masses, all of whose hearts and minds are at the mercy of media/academia controlled by Jewish Supremacists whose long-term plan for the white race is White Nakba and reduction of white people into commodities to be traded like corn and pork bellies. Jewish Power is to the white race what Jewish pornographers are to white 'sex workers'. Jews are masters and owners, whites are meats and property.
Consider how the entire Irish people, from educated elites to the lowly masses, are now little more than mental putty and human-property of the Globo-Homo-Shlomo-Negro agenda. The current Irish Policy will surely lead to national suicide, but the majority of the Irish just go along(and Poland is following in the same trajectory). Too many Irish have been persuaded that Irish racial survival is not only secondary to other concerns but even downright 'evil' as a form of 'racism' and 'white supremacism'. As Irish are white, how dare they think of Irish interests? White concern for white survival must be 'evil' because the globalist agenda insists that the holiest of the holies are Jews, Negroes, and Homos, and therefore, the Only Good Whites are those who put their own identity and interests in the back-burner and prioritize what is demanded of them by Jews, homos, and Negroes.
So many white people have bought into this crazy suicide cult. They are embracing what is most harmful and deadly to them as the very stuff of life, meaning, and redemption. They’ve chosen to be willfully blind. The Irish are happy to piss away their nation and heritage in their worship of sodomy, diversity, and colonization of Irish wombs with black seed. Then, how is this any different from the madness of the Heaven's Gate cult? If anything, it is far worse. After all, Heaven's Gate had no impact outside the cult itself. In contrast, the current mania of globo-homo-shlomo-negro cult has swept through the entire West. It is preached in college campuses, promoted by mass media/entertainment, and provided with mass funds by the richest oligarchs, both Jewish and goyim. (Jews surely know this is a death cult for whites because they do not push the same lunacy on Israel. In the land of Zion, they push nationalism, heritage, and natal-oriented family formation among their kind. But because Jews are so revered by stupid whites, Jewish power goes unquestioned and Jewish hypocrisy goes overlooked. To be sure, some do notice this discrepancy in the Jewish outlook, but the proposed solutions are hardly any better. Some on the white 'left' argue that, since white nations are nobly committed to Diversity & Great Replacement as a virtue, Israel should jump onboard too. A saner argument would be, "What works for Jews should work for us", i.e. nationalism for every people. Instead, the 'left' offers, "What doesn't work for us should be forced on Israel so that it won't work either" on the assumption that anything that destroys nationalism is good for mankind. As for the white 'right', especially the cucks at Conservatism Inc., the general notion is that Jews are deserving of special privileges of nationalism and identity because they are a greater and superior people. Such cucks look up to Jews as serfs once looked up to aristocrats.)

Ideally, national leaders should aspire to lead and defend their own people. And they should use the media and academia to instill the national masses with patriotism, solidarity, and pride. But Jewish-supremacist-dominated globalism has bought off the elites all over the world. They are offered super-rewards of money, privilege, and status for collaborating with World Jewry in the spread of Goy National Suicide Cults. As most elites are vain status-seekers, their priority is to be in good graces with the masters of globalism who have the handle on the trends and treats(to be doled out to be obeisant and servile).

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  1. Another great article, this one linking the suicidal Applewhite and the genocidal Spectre. Both are studies in pathological behavior and well worth looking at. Awesome original work, you're doing. Keep it up, Andrea, as the hour is drawing very near.