Sunday, December 29, 2019

Lack of Perspective and Angles in the Age of Insta-Pleasure & Insta-Outrage Makes White Nakba so much Easier — White People Need Perspective and Multiple-Angles More than Ever

There is a scene in THE PLANET OF THE APES(1968) where Taylor(Charlton Heston) and Nova(Linda Harrison) are on the run from the apes. When Nova sees food, her immediate response is to go for it. She acts by impulse and is blind to the potential dangers lurking about. In contrast, Taylor acts with caution, fully aware that it could be a trap or a vulnerability. He has a sense of perspective about the matter, something missing from animals, children, and dumb people. (Granted, even though animals lack depth of reason and perspective, they do possess instinctive fear, jumpy anxiety & trepidation. While rats cannot understand the human hand behind the mouse-trap or rat poison, they evolved to feel certain hesitation when face-to-face with something-too-good-to-be-true. Rats evolved to sample food before consuming the whole thing. If, after the initial sampling, they feel sick, they eat no further. But if they feel no negative effects, they eat the whole thing. This is why warfarin was developed as rat poison. As a blood-thinner, its effect shows up only gradually. And so, the rat goes about consuming warfarin-laced food unaware of its long-term lethal effect.) Why do fish get caught all the time? Because they see worm-on-a-hook as merely food. They don’t see the hook, let alone understand the human mind behind hook, line, sinker, and rod. So, humans have been fooling and catching fish for as long as we can remember and will go on doing so indefinitely. The fish just don’t get it. The fish just see the easy food and not the angle of the angler.
Even intelligent mammals fall for traps all the time. So many mammals, big and small, have been snared or crushed in traps. They saw the easy food but didn’t understand the mechanics of the trap or the mind behind it. Even nature has devised in certain organisms the trap mechanism. Consider the Venus Fly Trap, or the Alligator-Snapping-Turtle that has a tongue that mimics a tiny worm, thus attracting unsuspecting fish. Of course, all such attainments were the ‘accidents’ of evolution than consciously thought-out tools created by the organisms themselves. Most likely, only humans have a truly conscious understanding of how to conceive of and use stealth, camouflage, misdirection, deception(& decoys), and snares to gain advantage over their rivals, animal or human. And this applies not only to instruments of warfare and/or violence but to information, ideas, and idols(images/sounds of culture) used to gain a lead or advantage. More often than not, the clever and resourceful feign sincerity and good will while deploying their messages, expressions, and promises as tools of deception to gain an advantage. Even Jesus spoke of being fishermen of men.

This is why TRUST is a dirty word to any sensible person. Always be wary of trusting others, especially outsiders, though, in certain times, outsiders are more trustworthy than insiders. After all, blacks in America and Africa are better off trusting non-blacks than fellow blacks whose idea of life is jiving and acting crazy. If Trust should be a dirty word, why are Trust Societies better than Distrust Societies? Trust is good if and only if those within the trustful community share in the virtues of honesty and codes of honor. Thus, trust can be made sensible, and this is a great advantage to human communities. (And even among animals, those capable of mutual trust and cooperation within the pack or herd, such as wolves, hyenas, lions, elephants, and orcas, gain a formidable advantage.) But it’s a question of what kind of trust and how it was arrived at. Within a genuine trust community, people are raised from cradle to exhibit mutual respect & cooperation and inculcated with shame or sense of dishonor were they to fall short. Thus, trust is cultivated, developed, and maintained.
Furthermore, there’s an understanding of a penalty(more emotional than monetary) for those who violate the trust. Such trust comes with a price but is upheld and sustained by most people because they sense the alternative, a culture of distrust, would be worse. (The problem with nations like Sweden is the people have forgotten the historical cost and ethno-cultural basis for their culture of trust. In other words, Nordic culture of trust is not some universal truth but a particular reality that came about due to a confluence of factors, biological, cultural, geographic, and spiritual. The extreme cold had the effect of narrowing and hardening Nordic temperaments. The racial homogeneity led to stronger sense of unity. Relative geographic isolation led to fewer invasions, especially by non-whites. And Protestantism had a sobering impact on the Nordic soul. Today’s libertine Nordics may choose to believe that their societies became so stable and tolerant because they are oh-so-nice, kindly, and warm, but in fact, the historical roots of Nordic values owe much to ethno-homogeneity, culture of strict discipline & sobriety, even severity, spiritual devotion, and fear of shame. But silly secularized Nordics, especially the Swedes, have forgotten or forsaken their history and roots as ‘patriarchal’ & ‘oppressive’ and conveniently congratulated themselves that their modern success owes purely to liberal attitudes and tolerance. The real issue is less about liberalism and tolerance, both of which have pros as well as cons, than about what-kind-of-national-character-makes-best-use-of-freedom? After all, freedom is only as good as the person using it. If two people are released from prison, the person with resolve to be virtuous can make good use of his freedom and fare better than in prison while the person with ill-intent will likely use his freedom to commit crime, making things worse for himself and others. This is why libertarianism is only half-right. While it’s true that people want to be free, it's no less true that what people will make of their freedom relies mainly on their genetic makeup, moral upbringing, and cultural conditioning. Why is it that some of the most functional modern societies were those with long histories of authoritarianism, cultural as well as political? Even the Anglos, though pioneers of modern liberty, were part of a highly disciplined and hierarchical society steeped in manners and politesse. Surely, a properly reared child and a spoiled brat will grow up to use their freedoms differently. Libertarians assume that market-forces and rule of law are sufficient to maintain social balance, but a society where most people grow up with Las Vegas and Hollywood values will be too vain, narcissistic, infantile, shameless, and irresponsible to use their freedoms sensibly. And due to their lack of introspection and reflection, they will never blame themselves but point their fingers at everyone else. It'll be even worse if they happen to be genetically predisposed to be less inhibited and egocentric. Take blacks for instance, the race that evolved to be loud and loutish? Is it any wonder that blacks in America always blame OTHERS for their problems? Black idea of justice is, "If we steal and if you notice that we steal, you be racist and shit." How can libertarianism work with such people? Libertarianism might work if society were filled with people like Ron Paul, a man of personal self-restraint and family values, but can anyone imagine a functional libertarian society with the likes of Al Sharpton? How long will rule-of-law be honored by such apelike men?)
Trust is good and sound only within a closed system of shared identities, loyalties, and values. Trust among people is valuable precisely because the default position of mankind must be distrust. Indeed, how many people would you trust with your money, property, or secrets? Even family members cannot be trusted sometimes. For safety and security, we all live in a world of distrust. Even in Trust Societies, people lock their doors when they go to sleep. Even among People-of-Trust, it is a matter of degrees. For example, even Nordics and Japanese don’t share their banking information with others. If people through the ages and across the continents needed to be distrustful in order to survive, how precious it's been for certain communities to produce a culture of trust, which is really a culture of honor. After all, why do people go out of their way to appear trustworthy in some societies? It’s because they’ve been raised from childhood that it’s a matter of honor to be trustworthy. Without that sense of gratification tied to honor(or shame from lack thereof), people would be far less invested in being trustworthy.
Trust grew out of a world of distrust, the natural way of things, and that’s why people valued trust as a valuable commodity. They knew that if they lost the trust, things would revert to the ‘natural state' where everyone tries to cheat the other for petty gains(and without shame). (But over time, Trust Societies got so accustomed to the culture/habit of trust all around them that they took it for granted as something that would always be there; they even got to thinking Trust was the natural way of things. Well, Swedes are in for a rude awakening as tons of foreigners arrive without a Trust Culture. It’s like people who grew up rich may take wealth for granted, failing to realize that poverty is the natural state of being.)
The balancing act necessary for a Trust Society isn’t easy to maintain. It calls for the Goldilocks middle among tribal loyalty, national unity, and higher ideals. While some societies are high on distrust all around, some fail to turn into Trust Societies precisely because they are so heavily invested in one kind of trust over another. A society where people are extremely loyal and trustworthy to fellow kinsmen is likely to be less trustworthy overall because everyone, being so loyal and trusting of close-knit folks, fail to see the bigger picture and the higher good. In a way, Michael Corleone's deep loyalty to his family makes him less trustworthy as an American citizen in THE GODFATHER. On the other hand, a people who are overly loyal to higher ideals or universal ethics will destroy trust in another way. By trying to be One with all of humanity, they neglect the particular needs of their own communities and nations. Just look what the cuck-Scandinavian-Americans have wrought in Minnesota by embracing Blacks and Somalis as representatives of All Humanity than by preserving what had been so successful as Nordic-America.

It should be obvious to everyone that we cannot live by focusing on the Moment. We need a sense of perspective and angles. Even unintelligent people know this on the basic level. Even children understand life is a game of deceit and trickery. After all, no one wins a game of chess by moving pieces in accordance to the Moment. If you thoughtlessly take an 'easy' piece, your opponent could be exposing his piece just to draw you into a trap. So, you must broaden the frame of reference before you make a move. You may take a pawn, knight, bishop, or even a rook, but your opponent could be planning devastating counter-moves. He could be baiting you like a fisherman baits a fish with worm-and-hook. Chess thankfully is a cerebral game, and those who play it know they mustn’t make moves on impulse or sensation. One must be cautious.
And yet, look all around at society-at-large, and so many people who seem to understand the concept of perspectives and angles(at least as theory/principle) are sorely lacking in mindfulness and its application to real life. Of late, how did things get so bad? Partly, it’s due to the infantilization of culture that has allowed so many people to act shamelessly. Also, our pop culture has sensationalized the thrill of the Extreme This or Extreme That. In other words, if something jolts you in the Moment with super excitement, pleasure, or blast, just shut up and GO FOR IT! Just consider the obesity epidemic. Fatkins know that they should eat a balanced diet, but they often binge on excess food in the Moment. They are so fixated on MY PLEASURE NOW that they become oblivious to the fact that they will grow fat by over-eating, especially junky stuff. A more dire case involves dangerous drugs such as meth or various kinds of opioids. People who abuse them know of the long-term dangers, but they are so into the Moment that they don’t care about the consequences or the future. Especially as so many Americans since the 1960s grew up with so much comfort, leisure, and plenty — to the point where even many poor Americans are fatter than middle class folks in many parts of the world — , they never developed the essentials of self-discipline and sense-of-shame. Their mode of life is WANTONNESS. Obesity, drug epidemic, porn-addiction(and pornification of even kiddie pop culture via Disney), vulgarity & violence(especially in mindless video-games), online narcissism(especially on Instragram), insane ‘gay pride’ parades, and etc. didn't come by accident. They are all part of a pattern of a culture that has surrendered(rather happily) to Wantonness, Extreme Thrills, and Pleasures of the Moment. One might argue it really took off with Rock n Roll music of the 1950s, and black jungle boogie and Jewish merchant wits had something to do with it.

But one thing for sure, the Rise of Wantonness has robbed so many people of their sense of perspective and angles, especially if it offers them shameless jolts of pleasure. Even the so-called SJW or Woke phenomenon is really part of the Wantonness. After all, it seems so many Wokers are into politics for the euphoric highs of extreme self-righteousness by vaping on hatred toward Pure Evil. While it may feel good to believe one’s on the right side of history, it feels super-greater to believe one’s side is totally noble while the other side is PURE EVIL. Jewish Power has gone from vilifying Nazis as pure-evil to defaming white patriots as the New Nazis. Thus, hating white people is like a super-moral-drug for the proggies and people-of-color. (And as homos have been elevated to angel-status, celebrating them has taken on orgasmic proportions.) But, Conservatives shouldn’t be so easy to pat themselves on the back for being more sober-minded. After all, they couldn’t vape enough of that Neocon narrative of a New World War where the Gung Ho American Good Guys are at war with the New Nazis made up of ‘Islamo-fascist’ terrorists.

Anyway, a culture that prioritizes the Moment will weaken and eventually paralyze the sense of perspective & angles even among those who do get it, at least cerebrally. Just like the sensation of rapture in a church can make people abandon their conscious will(or the hysteria of mass politics can make even generally sober-minded people become swept away by someone like Hitler or MLK), the emphasis on the Moment will increasingly make people overlook the deeper meaning, the obligations, and the consequences. One reason why globo-homo-mania spread so fast even among the intelligent and educated is due to the ecstatic pageantry with all those ‘rainbow’ colors. Just like Oprah fans got swept away with her cult-of-personality, even smart people get swept away with Momentary Sensations of ‘Gay’ Celebrations. They are like Hansel and Gretel who lose sight of things because they got busy with cookies and candies. Or they are like Pinocchio and young boys who are lured to Pleasure Island to be turned into donkey-slaves(like the girls on Jeffery Epstein's island). Then, it is no surprise that even so many adults today are more like Nova than Taylor in PLANET OF THE APES. Whenever some new morsel of pleasure, delight, thrill, or high is dangled before their eyes, they must have it and be on Pleasure Island. This is as true of politics as anything else. Ever notice that for many progs(and also cuckservatives), what matters most is the rapturous FEELING of being holier-than-thou and high-and-mighty about being on the ‘right side of history’ without ever contemplating the long-term effects of mass-immigration-invasion, spread of globo-homo decadence, and mindless idolatrous worship of Nasty Negroes and Jealous Jews. We went from Bill of Rights to Feels of Righteousness.
It is precisely because so many whites now define truth and meaning in terms of Momentary Feels that they’ve become blind to the real dangers of White Nakba(whereby whites in Europe and North America will be replaced by Diversity much like Palestinians were replaced by Jewish immigrant-invaders). Consider all those silly Europeans holding up signs welcoming ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’ without thinking about (1) Jew-run America’s role in smashing the Middle East and North Africa, thereby displacing millions of Arabs/Muslims and (2) the long-term cost of all those non-white newcomers and consequences for the demographic integrity of Europe. How could they be bothered by such details when they got so HIGH on virtue-vaping of the Moment? Of course, the Moment is always more exciting than History, just like someone who visits a brothel is focused on sex/orgasm than the moral/social reverberations.

Paradoxically, Current Jews are at the center of both the Culture of Memory and Culture of Moment. One might ask, how did a people so steeped in memory, morality, and meaning become so involved in the vices of the moment, especially in urging them unto goyim? Given Jewish history, one might say Jews have been more ants than grasshoppers. A people with a serious and sober sense of who they are and what they must do to maintain their community and morality. A people who pondered God and His meaning for Jews and mankind. One would think such a people would be filled with piousness and solemnity. After all, it’s difficult to be both serious/responsible and wild/crazy. It’s hard to be both ant and grasshopper.
And yet, Jews became like 'ant-hoppers', and not least because what started as a Day of Rest turned into days of revelry. Being more intelligent, Jews need expend less of their energies toward work and could indulge in more fun. If a none-too-bright person has to focus a lot(like an ant) to get his work done, a bright person could likely do the work in half the time or even less. That means he has more time for revelry, and this is what we see in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. Even though Jordan Belfort was a crook, he was also very hard-at-work in his crookery. He was a hardworking crook. And yet, he was a crazy party animal too. How could a man do so much yet still have so much time left over for self-indulgence? He was very smart. But then, how did Jews get to be so smart? It was because of their mindful piety that pondered God and rewarded the most brilliant religious scholars with better opportunity for marriage and family formation, often with daughters of successful Jewish merchants who also proved their superior intelligence. So, oddly enough, Jewish debauchery has roots in Jewish piety and Jewish work ethic. A community that stressed higher intelligence & brilliance in God-think and making money led to evolutionary factors favoring Jews with higher IQ. Being smarter, Jews realized in the modern world that they could make more money with less time than it takes for goyim, and that meant more leisure time for acting like Jordan Belfort or Jeffrey Epstein.

White Goyim must regain their sense of perspective. They must realize that they are locked in a deadly game of chess with the Jew. First, white goyim must realize that the Jew is the opponent, the enemy. Not because it’s right to be knee-jerk anti-Jewish but because Jews most certainly see white goyim as their rival to destroy and own. When Jews play chess by regarding white goyim as the opponent/enemy, it is utterly foolish and retarded for whites to see Jews as their partner and even advisor. Such lack of perspective! There’s the Jew playing the game to checkmate your king, and you act like he’s on your side and trying to help you out. And because you see the Jew as friend, you try to help him win and lose sight of your own purpose of checkmating his king & his purpose of trying to checkmate your king. It’s like what Deke Thorton says in THE WILD BUNCH: "You think Pike and old Sykes haven't been watchin' us. They know what this is all about - and what do I have? Nothin' but you egg-suckin', chicken stealing gutter trash with not even sixty rounds between you. We're after men - and I wish to God I was with them." (Granted, there is an element of irony because Pike is confused in his own ways.) Consider THE GODFATHER PART 2. Both Michael Corleone and Hyman Roth try to put the other at ease as a partner, friend, and ally, but deep down inside, they know they’re rivals, even mortal enemies, and each knows that the other knows what he knows. At the mildest, Jews see white goyim like Michael Corleone sees Senator Geary: Someone to own and control.
If whites can’t win against the Jew with a checkmate, they must at least play to a stalemate. But idiot whites are under the illusion that Jews are their best friends and coaches in life. Because whites are so retarded at the moment, they don’t even understand the Jewish gambit. When Jews offer whites an easy piece from the table, whites take it with both eagerness(as it seems SO EASY) and guilt-ridden gratitude as the Jew seems so self-sacrificing in offering one of his pieces to the goy. The white goy doesn’t realize that the Jew is setting him up to take the BETTER PIECES. Consider how Jews advised Conservatism Inc to support Mass Immigration because immigrants are ‘natural conservatives’ and especially because most of those coming from South of the Border are Christian Catholics. So, one might have thought Jewish ‘liberals’ and Neocons were doing a favor for American Conservatism and Christianity. Immigration = More Conservatives and More Christians. And so much of Conservatism Inc fell for this gambit without realizing that Jews knew that more immigration would favor their own power. How and Why? (1) The #1 animus of those from Latin America is inferiority complex and resentment toward gringo, and as long as GOP is seen as the Gringo Party, the beaner-folks will vote Democratic. (2) While browns and non-whites supply the votes for the Democratic Party, the policy & agenda are determined at the top by Jews. Non-whites take up the oars while Jews control the steering. Jews play political chess with a sense of perspective, angles, and context. Whites play political chess for the Moment. They go for easy pickings, especially in total trust and gratitude vis-a-vis the Jewish opponent-in-friend's-clothing, and lose sight of the big picture of what the game is really about. But then, even those who do know dare not say anything as the Truth will get them censured or censored, purged or pulverized in the current system where the rules have been totally rigged by Jewish gangster-lawyers and shyster-judges.
Of course, in the Current Year, it is perfectly okay for Jews to play the game as though whites are the enemy, the baddies, the villains, and even the New Nazis. Jewish attitude toward whites can be as hostile, vicious, vitriolic, and demented as they like. So, Jews can play political chess with whites as the opponent who must be destroyed. But whites better not play political chess in kind. The whitey must look upon the Jewish opponent across the table as his dearest buddy, helpful adviser, noble guru, and the most wonderful person on earth. This is a road to serfdom, and Jews keep winning and winning because they play to beat the opponent who sees the Jews as 'muh best pal'. And the reason why Jews want to keep whites in the mode of the Moment, either in orgasm or outrage, is because they sense that white goyim shaken free of the programming may start to think soberly about the perspective and angles of what the Jews are REALLY up to; then, whites will start playing a very different kind of political chess. Jews see whites as children, and we know adults feel free to lie to kids who are deemed unworthy and unprepared of the truth. Jews see themselves as the superior adult-race and see rest of mankind as children-race, and that’s why goyim mustn't expect honest talk from Jews. When Jews talk to you, just remember that they see themselves as adult and you as child. To their credit, they are not without reason for being so arrogant. The fact that so many goyim have been duped by Jews, just like kids fooled by adults, says volumes about how stupid or dumb goy-kind can be. Time to wake up and grow up. Put away childish things.


  1. "vaping on hatred of evil" How very true.

  2. Another outstanding essay. Like a fine rare wine, I'll sip a paragraph, or two, and view a video clip every day, or so, to savor the full-bodied taste of experiencing pure genius at it's finest until the next bottle is uncorked. Cheers!