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White Gentiles Must Operate by the Rule of GFJGFU or What’s Good for Jews Is Good for Us

Whenever Jews think or act, in the back of their minds is the question, "Is it good for the Jews?" Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with such an attitude. Just like every individual acts in self-interest(to a large measure if not entirely), a person who belongs to an identity and culture will have to think of the good of the tribe as a whole.

Should a person just see himself as an individual? Should everything be determined by the narrowest self-interest?
Or should a person see himself as part of humanity and try to act in a way that is good for all of mankind?
Actually, both are extremes. A person is more than himself. After all, he didn’t make himself but was created by his parents who fed, nursed, nurtured, and cultivated him. Furthermore, his parents were also created by their own parents, and all such people were part of a heritage, culture, and community. So, a person who only thinks of himself as a godly individual who made himself is living a conceit.
But then, a person who sees himself as a member of all of humanity is also deluded. While it’s true that all humans are part of the same species called Homo Sapiens, mankind not only branched out into different races but, within each race, distinct cultures and histories came into being. So, even though Russians and Poles are racially closely related, there is Russian culture & history that is distinct from Polish culture & history. So, even though any people must recognize the rest of humanity as part of the same species and wish others well(and find constructive ways to trade, communicate, and learn from one another), it is practically impossible for any person or any people to belong to all of humanity. There are over 200 nations in the world and so many cultures. And so many languages, histories, customs, and heritages. Anyone who claims to belong to all those peoples, cultures, and histories is being presumptuous. Even though he may consider himself tolerant and ‘inclusive’, he is pretending to belong to cultures he knows nothing about. He is laying claim to other lands and cultures. The so-called ‘global citizen’ is implying that he has the right to go to any nation and demand the right to live there and belong there(like illegal 'dreamers' do so in America). So, Obama the glob-citizen thinks he has the right to go to, say, Hungary or Japan and demand all the rights as a 'citizen of the world', a truly neo-imperialist notion. No wonder the US, with such mindset, has been embroiled in so many invasive wars and so much cultural imperialism. A 'global citizen' is also under the delusion that cultures will survive and be enriched if he allows limitless numbers of foreigners into his own nation. Of course, the result of mass invasion will be the loss of distinct identities and cultures, like what happened in North Africa and Latin America where no one really knows what they are.

So, the best solution is the Goldilocks rule of the middle. Just like hot soup is too hot and cold soup is too cold but warm soup is just right, a person finds the most meaningful place and purpose in life as a member of a tribe, the domain of shared culture, history, and identity. It’s too selfish and petty to only live for oneself and too daunting & confusing to live for all of humanity. It is best to temper one's individuality to find a place and purpose within the world of one’s tribe. And if all persons chose that path all around the world, they and their communities & nations would be much better off. Indeed, that is the core principle of nationalism.
But instead, the current globalist order only tolerates the libertarian individual(on the capitalist ‘right’) and the communitarian universalist(on the socialist ‘left’). People seem not to understand that it is via nationalism that capitalism and socialism can best be combined to produce and maintain a well-ordered system.

The reason why nationalism is Taboo has to do with the question of "Is it good for Jews?" But, upon carefully scrutinizing the Jewish argument against nationalism, it turns out nationalism is not bad for all peoples and for all times. Nationalism is wonderful for Jews as far as Jews are concerned. Not only do Jews safely guard Israel as a Jewish state but they demand that gentile nations(especially Western ones) bend over backwards to secure the future of Israel as a Jewish state. Well, well, nationalism must be wonderful, at least for Jews.
Also, Jews will fan the flames of nationalism or tribalism among gentiles when it serves their own interests. Since Jews hate Russia, they are not averse to fanning Ukrainian and Georgian nationalism against Russia. (At the same time, Jews try to weaken that very same nationalism with Homomania. So, Jews use Ukrainian nationalist rage against Russia BUT also subvert it in relation to Jewish power by pressuring Ukrainians to bend over to Homomania, the proxy cultural and quasi-spiritual agent of Jewish globalism.) To break up Yugoslavia and Syria, Jews were more than willing to encourage tribalism in those regions. As a result, Yugoslavia is no more, and Syria was seriously damaged by the ‘civil war’ that has raged since 2014, a conflict that was stoked along ethnic and sectarian lines. And Jews threaten to subvert Iran the same way by driving wedges among various ethnic groups in a nation where the majority Persians barely make up the 50%. So, when Jews say "Diversity is Our Strength", the ‘our’ doesn’t mean all of us but only the Jews. Diversity means Jews can play divide-and-rule among the various groups of gentiles.

Extensive diversity is so problematic that very diverse nations can maintain stability only under autocratic or oligarchic rule. When democracy is introduced into a diverse region without a dominant majority, the result is often what we witnessed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Indeed, the reason why democracy has been more problematic in Latin America was due to its great diversity. This is why Jews can practice democracy in Israel where they comprise the solid majority but must rely on military rule in West Bank where they’re a decisive minority.

Jews know a good thing when they see one, and they see nationalism as the most useful, secure, and powerful foundation for power. That is why Jews love nationalism for themselves. True nationalism combines identity, history, and homeland. But even without a homeland, a people can survive as a nomadic-nation. But a people-and-culture without a land are in a unstable situation. They are like a people on a boat than on a rock. They can go from rock to rock but don’t have a rock to call their own. And because of such uncertainty, there is a tendency for the members to jump ship and assimilate with other peoples in the various lands. Why be stuck on a rickety boat when one can live on an island and join with the native tribesmen?
Indeed, it is not natural for a people & culture without a homeland to survive as a distinct ethnos for long. With each generation, more people will be lost to other tribes with more secure roots and footing in their own lands.
So, in order to keep the kinfolks within the Tribe, Jews expanded the field of Talmudic studies. The rabbis informed Jews that they are the most special people with a special Covenant with God. Also, through the great Talmudic scholarship, each generation of Jews would learn the great tradition and discover new revelations through debate, prayer, and prophecy. With such heady stuff happening in the Jewish community, there was less chance of Jews opting to cut ties with the Tribe and join with the goyim. Not only were the goyim filthy and unclean but they lacked the Talmud and its living wisdom.
One of the core objectives of the Talmud was to boost morale to keep the biological family of Jews together, but it had paradoxical and unintended consequences, for good or ill for the Jews. It’s the Tribal-Cerebral Paradox. Because Jewish culture became so intellectual as a result of Talmudic studies, many Jews, male and female, came to value the life of the mind over the life of the body. The danger was that ideas, unlike sperm and eggs that remain in specific bodies, tend to morph into universality. After all, ideas are abstractions and, as such, divorced from their material or biological foundation. While every body belongs to a single person, the scientific facts about blood, bones, and cells apply to all human beings and all animals. So, even though Talmudic studies were meant to be about the Covenant between God and Jews — a spiritual idea inseparable from Jewish blood — , the thought processes grew ever more complex & elaborate as theories. By their nature, theories want to be tested for universal validity in the larger world. So, Jews who maximized the power of ideas to persuade their kinsmen to stick to their own race inadvertently ended up creating lots of Jews whose intellectual curiosity went far beyond the Tribe.
As a result, we live in a strange world of Jewish neurosis. Because Jews rule America that rules the world, the entire world spins on the axis of Jewish Neurosis. We've become infected with Jewish confusion because Jews control the media, academia, and the Narrative. On the one hand, Jews are a very cerebral and intellectual people whose ideas are supposed to have universal import. But if we dig far back enough, the origins of Jewish intellectualism are to be found in Jewish tribalism. Jews didn’t embark on intellectualism to construct universal ideas for all of humanity. Jews didn’t mean to be purely abstract in their thinking like the Greeks in their philosophy, science, and math. Jewish intellectualism was meant to come up with powerful reasons as to why Jews should all stick to the Tribe and keep it all in the family in the name of obeying God, the master of the universe. But because Jews thought so very hard to justify their tribalism as the greatest thing in the universe, their mental processes grew ever more abstract, and abstract thinking, by its own logic, longs for universal validation of truth. So, modern Jews are so radically universalist but also emotionally entrenched in a deeply rooted tribalism that will not compromise on anything.

Anyway, Jews are convinced that their way is the best. One reason why Jews cannot tolerate ‘anti-Semites’ is because the stupid dummies fail to understand and appreciate the rightness, greatness, and nobleness of Jews. Jews like David Brooks, Thomas Friedman, Paul Krugman, Richard Cohen, Anne Applebaum, Jennifer Rubin, John Podherotz, and so many others are shocked and outraged that there are still all those repellent gentiles who dare defy and resist the way of Jews. A Jew like David Brooks thinks, "We Jews know what's right whereas them white deplorable dummies don’t know jack shit. So, why don’t they just shut up, kiss my brilliant hynie, and just do like we say?" Be a ‘changemaker’ or some such.

But increasing numbers of white Americans are growing skeptical of the Jewish Way. Some even think Jews are out to harm the European goyim with ‘white genocide’.

Well, I have a perfect solution that will solve the tension between Jews and whites/gentiles. Instead of denouncing the Jewish Way as harmful to goyim, the goyim should find more creative and useful means to adopt the Jewish Way. What way would this be? GFJGFU or "What is good for Jews is good for us". So far, the problem hasn’t so much been the Jewish Way but how it's been presented to the goyim. Jews have done wonderfully by the Jewish Way but white gentiles have done poorly from it.

If the Jewish Way is so good for Jews, why has it been so bad for whites? Because whites have gone about the wrong way of learning and mastering the proper way of using the Jewish Way. Thus far, the rule has been Jews using the Jewish Way for themselves but telling white gentiles to do the opposite of what Jews do. We’ll call this the Jewish Way #1.
Imagine a soccer game where Team A has a way of winning. It is to work as a team to kick the ball to one another to move down the field to ultimately score a goal. So, the Team A Way is to work together to score and win. But suppose Team A tells Team B that the Team A Way is for Team A to work as a team to score goals whereas the Team A Way for Team B is for members of Team B to think of themselves as individuals than as part of a team and not play defense while Team A cuts down the field to score more points. Naturally, this formulation of Team A Way is great for Team A but terrible for Team B.
So, should Team B conclude that Team A Way is bad? No. What Team B should do is study the Team A Way and realize that it should do like Team A does. They should realize that the Team A had hoodwinked them about the Team A Way. Team A had convinced the Team B that the Team A Way for Team B is for Team B to not play like Team A does. But that was the great lie. If indeed Team A Way is so great for Team A, then Team B should also play like Team A. In other words, the real Team A Way for Team B would be to play like Team A, coordinate the game as a team, try to convince Team A not to play as a team and defense, and score as many points as possible. After all, what was the Team A Way? It was (1) Team A playing as team (2) telling the other team not to work as a team and not to play defense (3) score as many goals as possible. So, if Team B were to use Team A Way properly, it should (1) play as a team (2) tell members of Team A not to play as a team and forget about defense and (3) score as many goals as possible.

And that is the way whites need to play the game with Jews. Whites should admire the Jewish Way, learn from it, and do the same thing Jews do. If whites were to act thus, Jews should have no reason to blame whites of ‘antisemitism’ because, after all, whites would only be emulating Jews. If whites are wrong to act like Jews, then aren’t Jews wrong to act like Jews? If the Jewish Way is great and noble, then whites should do like the Jews do. But if whites acting like Jews is terrible, then acting like Jews must be terrible, in which case Jews shouldn’t act like Jews. If whites acting like Jews is ‘antisemitic’ then, Jews acting like Jews must also be ‘antisemitic’.

Anyway, if the Jewish Way #1 is Jews acting like Jews but telling whites not to act like Jews, the alternative Jewish Way #2 would be Jews acting like Jews and whites acting like Jews.

Now, how do Jews act? (1) Jews preserve their sense of history, heritage, and ancestry. They are big on inheritance and identity. (2) Jews believe that the best way to ensure the continuation of Jewishness is to secure a territory for themselves. Even though Jews ‘stole’ land from Palestinians, Jews operate on the principle of ‘takers keepers, losers weepers’. (3) Jews tell their white/gentile competitors, rivals, and enemies to forgo identity, territory, and sense of history. Jews tell gentiles to be just atomized amnesiac consumers whose entire culture revolves around watching blacks go ‘muh bling’, ‘muh butt’, and ‘muh dick’. (4) Jews tell gentiles to abandon border security and open their nations to endless invasions. (5) Jews tell gentile women that gentile men are their worst enemies. Jews say white women should see white men — fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons — as wicked a**holes. Jews tell white women to welcome ACOWW or Afro-colonization of white wombs. (6) Jews say white history is ‘sinful’ and whites should be filled with collective guilt forever. (7) Jews say white people should replace Christianity with Homomania and Queer Worship. (8) Jews say gentiles should let Jews take over the elite institutions & industries and never complain about Jewish abuses of power. (9) Jews say whites should blindly admire, praise, and revere Jews and never ever criticize Jewish power or even notice it.

By practicing such a way, Jews have accumulated great wealth and gained mastery of the world. Shiite, I have nothing but admiration for the Jewish Way. Now, between Jewish Way #1 and Jewish Way #2, I prefer the latter. Why? #1 means only Jews get to play ball while others must just stand around and let Jews score all the goals. In contrast, #2 means gentiles can play by the same way, the Jewish Way.

So, what should whites do when they play the Jewish Way #2? The following:
(1) Europeans and Euro-Americans must preserve their sense of history, heritage, and ancestry. They must be bigly mindful of their own inheritance and identity. (2) Whites must believe that the best way to secure whiteness and white power is to secure their own territories. Even though whites ‘stole’ America from Indians, whites must operate on the principle of ‘takers keepers, losers weepers’. (3) Whites must tell their Jewish competitors or rivals to forgo Jewish identity, territory, and sense of history. Whites must tell Jews to be just atomized amnesiac consumers whose entire culture revolves around watching blacks go ‘muh bling’, ‘muh butt’, and ‘muh dick’. (4) Whites must tell Jews to abandon border security and open Israel to endless invasions from Muslims and Africans. (5) Whites must tell Jewish women that Jewish men are their worst enemies. Whites must urge Jewish women to see Jewish men — fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons — as wicked a**holes. Whites must tell Jewish women to welcome ACOJW or Afro-colonization of Jewish wombs. (6) Whites must tell Jews that Jewish history is irredeemably ‘sinful’ and Jews must atone for their collective guilt forever: Genocide of Canaanites, stoning homosexuals, evil Jewish patriarchy, murdering Jesus, theft through usury, communist mass murder, Nakba, etc. (7) Whites must say Jews should replace Judaism & Holocaust Remembrance with Homomania and Tranny Worship. (8) Whites must say Jews need to allow gentiles to take over the elite institutions and industries of Israel and never complain about gentile abuses of power. (9) Whites must say Jews should admire, praise, and revere whites and never ever criticize white power or even notice it.

In other words,



So, it’s about time Jews stopped giving advice to whites and gentiles. There is a saying, "Action speaks louder than words." So, the BEST lesson that whites and gentiles can learn from Jews is to closely observe and study what Jews really do in terms of action and then formulate that knowledge into a course of action that enables whites and gentiles to follow the successful Jewish way to power. And why should Jews complain? After all, isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

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  1. Oh, the utter irony of this article in the light of your shitting on the German people for what they had to do to try to save themselves 100 years ago.
    The poor Germans were doing exactly what you are talking about here:
    Ingroup preference
    Outgroup hostility
    Genetic purity
    The Nazis were the mirror image of judaism.
    Yet, you say the Nazis were "evil."
    So....which is it?