Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tyler Cowen Is Full of Beans in Claiming ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ Had No Deleterious Impact on Larger Society - In Fact, Homomania Canonized Lies as the New Truth

Tyler Cowen, whose future vision for most Americans is to consume more beans, is full of hot air when it comes to the ‘gay rights’ and its larger impact on society. In an interview with Camille Paglia, Tyler, the Harvey-Weinstein-minus-the-gonads-look-alike-fool, smugly remarked that, you see, the world didn’t come to end and the sky didn’t fall because ‘gay marriage’ became the Law of the Land. So, the LGBTQ revolution was no big deal. There was nothing to be worried about. It was just about homosexuals getting their due ‘gay rights’ and becoming like the rest of us. Society just ‘evolved’ by accepting homosexuals as people just like you and me. And even now, whether its Cowen, Steven Pinker, and Jonathan Haidt, we keep hearing the term ‘gay rights’ when it comes to the issue of this phenomenon called the LGBT(Q) movement. This is fundamentally false for several reasons. The fact is homos got their ‘gay rights’ ages ago. Except for some localities, most of America came to accept homosexuals for what they are and even came to tolerate trannies. Following the social and cultural transformations of the 1960s, most homosexuals had full rights as individuals and could work at just about any job. Also, in some many elite industries, homosexuals were not only well-represented but favored, not least among themselves, just like many industries that came to be dominated by Jews went out of their way to favor Jews over others despite the fact that discrimination against Jews was a thing of the past. The Jewish-dominated media created the impression that homos were still oppressed and persecuted all over America by favoring certain narratives. So, if there was a case where a homosexual got attacked by local thugs, it made the national news. But the media covered up stories of homosexual degeneracy and bad behavior.

The media have the power to mold mass perceptions. Consider the media blackout on the instances of black thugs playing knockout games against whites or non-blacks. Despite the problem, the media turned a blind eye, and many Americans didn’t know about it unless they looked to alternative news sources on the internet. However, when some blacks pulled knockout games on some Jews in NY, it was suddenly newsworthy. The Jew-run media obviously deems Jewish lives more worthy.
Or consider the whole Trayvon Martin affair. There are so many cases of blacks acting aggressive and brutalizing members of other races, but the national media pay almost no attention to this problem. It makes the local news and then sinks into a memory hole.

Colin Flaherty had a Youtube Channel in which he gathered up various local news about bad black behavior and thus made it available to the worldwide audience. But the Jews who run Youtube shut down his channel because it went against the Narrative. Jewish power relies on white submissivism to Jews, and the only way to ensure such servility is to paralyze whites with ‘white guilt’. Since white Americans had nothing to do with the Shoah, the guilt-bait that Jews use on white Americans is about black slavery and ‘Jim Crow’. The Jewish Narratives says blacks were these noble, wonderful, and wise people who were greatly wronged by white people for no reason. So, anything that whites did in the past to secure their well-being against blacks was ‘irrational’, ‘unjustifiable’, and ‘evil’. So, if whites are made to feel that they’d mistreated a people who are so very good and noble, they are bound to feel extra-guilty. Thus burdened with ‘white guilt’, whites feel paralyzed in terms of pride of identity. Their only redemption, then, is to serve other peoples... such as Jews and whatever groups Jews find particularly useful at the moment. And that is why Colin Flaherty was banned from Youtube. His videos and narration drove home the point that there is something innately dangerous about blacks, and therefore, whites in both past and present often had valid reasons for fearing and loathing blacks. 'Racism' wasn't just this irrational fear of skin color but a response to blacks being more violent and tougher because they evolved in Africa. Flaherty's truth was too power for Jews who run youtube.

But when it comes to whites spewing vitriol against Muslims, Jews are far more forgiving because Jews need white warriors against the Arab/Muslim/Persian enemies of Zionism. So, if Colin Flaherty had made anti-Muslim videos highlighting how cruel, barbaric, and murderous Muslims are(especially in Muslim nations as Jews do have use for American Muslims as wonderful immigrant allies against White America), he would still have his Youtube channel as does Pat Condell, most of whose shtick is to attack Muslims as the source of 99% of all the problems in the world. Condell is apparently in good graces with ADL, the Zionist-supremacist organization, that partners up with Facebook, Google, and Twitter to decide who should or shouldn’t be terminated.

Anyway, the media can make a mountain out of a molehill and make a molehill out of a mountain. The media can look at something small with a convex lens to make it loom large OR look at something large through a concave lens and make it shrink small. Via ‘convexing’ or ‘concaving’, the Jewish-run media can play all sorts of tricks to mess with collective perceptions of reality. When it came to the horrors of the AIDS epidemic unleashed by the homosexual community, the Jew-run media downplayed the role of degeneracy among homos. Instead, the usual narrative was that homos were angelic victims struck down by some mysterious ailment when, in fact, virtually all of them contracted the disease by out-of-control ‘bunging’. Rather than give us the hard facts, the media and entertainment gave us stuff like the Tom Hanks movie PHILADELPHIA that would have us believe that a homo guy, who is more normal-than-normal, got the disease almost accidentally and unknowingly. To further drive home the point of angelic homo victim-hood, he partners up with a black guy. And we are to believe in that in a big Liberal city in the 1990s, no law firm will take a legal case of a homosexual. (Few years ago, when the ‘gay marriage’ issue made it to the Supreme Court, the side opposing 'gay marriage' could not get representation from any big law firm. And Richard Spencer, up to his neck in frivolous lawsuits from Charlotesville's Jews and cretins, can’t find a single lawyer to defend him. And Christian bakers who are driven out of business and hit with huge fines for refusing to bake perversion cakes for ‘gay weddings’ have a difficult time getting legal representation. But in the Jew-run universe of media and entertainment, we are to believe that it’s the beleaguered homosexual in a big city who can’t find anyone to represent him against a big corporation and had to settle for some cynical black guy who, in time, learns to revere the homosexual guy as some angelic figure. "Sheeeiiiit, homos be even holier than us niggaz.") But then, the Jew-run media had us believing forever that Israeli Jews are under threat from crazy Palestinians when, in fact, it’s the Palestinians who’ve been oppressed and brutalized by Israelis ever since Jewish Zionists decided to murder the nation of Palestine and build Israel over its grave. The motto, "Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you" is so apt when it comes to so many crises around the world. The Jew-run US is the aggressor against much-diminished Russia, but Americans are told that Putin is ‘new hitler’ and Russia meddled in US elections. (If anything, the US has been meddling in Russian politics since the 1990s when Jews financially raped that whole nation.) Jews use American Power to rip apart Muslim nations like Libya and Syria, but we are to believe that good ole Americans were just acting in defense of 'human rights' to protect innocent people from evil tyrants. And even though Iran hasn’t invaded anybody forever whereas Israel has invaded its neighbors so many times, the power of Jewish money and influence forces every politician and newsperson to carry on as if the Israel and maybe the US are facing an ‘existential’ threat from Iran.

Anyway, when Jews like Cowen, Haidt, and Pinker refer to the homo agenda as ‘gay rights’, they are just playing mind-tricks with us. They must know that ‘gay rights’ was a thing long time ago. What we’ve had since the 1990s was the rise of Homomania, Queertianity, or Gay Rites. Jews having used the power of media and entertainment to turn homosexuality into a holy icon. Jews want Americans to abandon Christianity and traditional symbols & values and surrender to the bacchanalian quasi-spirituality of Homomania. It’s like worship and festivity all rolled into one, like the Mardis Gras in New Orleans turned into a neo-religious event. But then, these very same Jews transformed gambling from a vice to a new kind of ‘virtue’ that even corrects historic wrongs by tossing some shekels at American Indians in reservations. (Now, why didn’t the Germans and Poles think of that? Why not run casinos in former Nazi camps? And run some in Ukraine to in honor of the victims of Stalin. And then, the owners and operators can rake it in big time while tossing some shekels at the ‘survivors’ and their descendants to prove that it’s all for a good cause.) Steven Pinker is deeply anti-religious and takes pride in his thoroughgoing atheism... but he seems to be utterly blind to the fact that Homomania is the new defacto religion of America. Since homos, as yet, don’t have their own temples in honor of the holy bunghole, they’ve decided to take over Christian churches and drape them with homo colors, easily done since most Mainline churches are run by deracinated and decadent lesbians or oddballs and because Baptist churches are mostly run by hucksters looking for easy bucks from Zionist oligarchs by turning their churches into centers of hatred against Palestinians and Iranians. It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that Evangelical Christianity in America is 70% about ‘Muh Israel’ and "Let’s drop some more bombs on those subhuman ‘muzzies’", which is amusing because American Jews despise white Evangelicals more than any other group, yes even more than Muslims. But that’s Amerika in a nutshell. Jews despise and spit on a group that reveres and serves them the most, and Evangelicals weep and pray for the group that reviles and abuses them the most. Is it any wonder why one group has so much more power over the other?

Pinker claims to be atheist, but he’s apparently okay with the neo-religion of Homomania enforcing taboos just as a religion does. But then, where does one start with the lies of the homo agenda? First, the very idea of using ‘gay’ to denote ‘homosexuality’ is a perversion of language. ‘Gay’ meant happy, blissful, giddy, light-hearted, and/or debonair. Even if gay qualities are more pronounced among homos than straight people, there are homos who aren’t gay in style and manners, and there are straight people with gay qualities. And yet, homos claimed the whole term for themselves, and then the adjective was turn into a noun, as in ‘gays’ meaning a bunch of homo guys. Imagine blacks owning ‘fast’ to mean ‘black’ because blacks generally run faster than other races. Imagine Asians owning ‘studious’ because they tend to study harder than other races. But the lunacy didn’t end with ‘gay’. Recently, with full support of Jew-run media and Jew-run advertising — it’s hard to tell which is which anymore — , the ‘gays’ decided to own ‘pride’ too. ‘Gay pride’ sounded ridiculous enough because, after all, where is the pride in homo fecal penetration and men sucking each other’s penises? Worse, with LGBT(Q) combining ‘gays’ and trannies into one single combo-meal identity, ‘pride’ is also supposed to apply to men who put on wigs, wear dresses, pump themselves with artificial hormones, and even have their genitals mutilated to be altered into fake genitals of the opposite sex. As if that wasn’t enough, homos decided that their symbol should be all the colors. Yes, 2% or 3% of LGBT(Q) folks should lay claim to the entire color spectrum. And then, homo-ness should be ass-ociated with things that have no relation to homosexuality. So, we are supposed to buy homo-colored Oreo cookies. Now, why would anyone want to associate cookie-eating with homos buggering one another or with trannies going to doctors to have their genitals mutilated?
Whatever one may say about feminists into Pro-Abortion activism, their cause isn’t associated with cookies and drinks. After all, who wants to think of a fetus being turned into spaghetti sauce while one’s eating spaghetti? But homos, with full support of Jewish advertising firms, have decided all sorts of food items and beverages should be ‘homosherized’, the homo equivalent of koshering even foods mostly bought and consumed by non-Jews. (Perhaps, there is something a bit ‘gay’ about oreo cookies, at least when homos eat it. Maybe homos see the white cream between two black cookies as akin to sperm with feces up the bunghole.) Why must most food be koshered when most Americans are not Jewish? Why must so many food products by ‘homoshered’ even though most Americans aren’t homo? Evidently, Jews promoted homos because they want to normalize for all Americans the sense that the great majority must favor and serve the minority elites. Since both Jews and homos constitute minority elites, their powers are complementary. It’s like the Jewish and Homo alliance in the Coen Brothers’ HAIL CAESAR. Jews are wizards of profits and prophecy. Homos are wizards of creativity and visionary prowess. Jewish prophets profit from Homo visionary vanity. Since the masses want to stare up at icons and idols than gaze at humdrum humanity, Jews need their homos who have an exquisite eye for details in creating iconic figures and images. That aspect of creativity is one thing homos can lay special, though hardly unique, claim to because a disproportionately higher percentage of homos have that keen eye and touch than straight people do. It’s hardly surprising that the homo revolution was top-down than the other way around since it was the rich, privileged, and vain who could most afford the services of the whoopity-doopers. Still, most homosexuals aren’t that creative, and even the ones that are tend to favor shallow vapid expression than anything with depth. If anything, homosexual creativity was much more substantive in the past because, having to remain in the closet, homos channeled their creative energies to explore and represent things of deeper or higher value. But once society turned libertine and allowed homos to indulge totally in their own vanity, homo creativity has gone mostly into self-indulgence in fashion and kitschy pageantry. Most of homo expression today is self-parody.

Anyway, to further elevate Homomania into a neo-religion, the Jewish-run media and heavily Jewish-influenced mass education spread the notion of ‘homophobia’. It was a total misuse of the term phobia that really means extremely fearful and panicked reaction to something harmless. A man who freaks out over a small white mouse could be said to have a phobia. But ‘homophobia’ could mean anyone who found homo fecal penetration gross, opposed ‘gay marriage’ as insane and immoral, or cracked a joke about homos. Imagine that. Finding homos to be amusing in a ridiculous way is ‘phobic’. Using this logic, Polack Jokes would be ‘Polophobic’. Jokes about fat people would be ‘fatophobic’. Jokes about short people would ‘shortophobic’.
Now, some may argue that terms like ‘homophobia’ and ‘xenophobia’ aren’t to be taken at face value. They should just mean something like strong animus or opposition to a cause, culture, or movement. But this is disingenuous because designating someone as ‘phobic’ means something far more than anti- or counter-. It implies he is clinically sick in the head, totally irrational, or completely delusional. After all, if ‘phobic’ just means anti- or counter-, why isn’t the open borders crowd not referred to as ‘border-phobic’? Why aren’t feminists called ‘man-phobic’? The term ‘phobic’ is inherently judgmental, so when a people are called ‘homophobic’, it means they are sick, demented, or evil.

But because Jews gained monopoly over the terminology and have control over all media and platforms, they get to invent terms — indeed, ‘homophobia’ was invented by some Jew — and enforce their usage on all of us through schools and news. Considering that men like Steven Pinker, Jonathan Haidt, and Tyler Cowen flatter themselves as free-thinking intellectuals free of PC mental prison, you’d think they would expose the corruption of language in the current political, cultural, and ideological debate, but they just play along with the Jewish-invented terminology. Why? Because despite their liberal, libertarian, or secular credentials, they must feel something deep inside that is powerfully tribal?

Anyway, even a cursory examination of the homo agenda in its unholy alliance with Jewish power makes it obvious that so much of morality, culture, and intellectual discourse had to be compromised and corrupted in order to push the agenda through. There was no way Homomania could go beyond ‘gay rights’ into the ‘promised land’ of Gay Rites unless the American elites were bullied into compliance and the American masses were duped into Summer-of-Homo kumbaya. Secular Liberals generally love to point out how stupidly misinformed the American public is, but they don’t seem bothered by the fact that Americans believe that 25% of Americans are homosexual based on Jewish media saturation of homo characters and themes. Intellectual Jews who love to bemoan the dire state of American education are more than happy to keep most Americans ignorant and misled about issues and matters IF their ignorance is a boon to Jewish power. On occasion, some Jews do lash out at the utterly stupid ignorance of American gentiles who’d for so long been browbeaten into not noticing Jewish Power. It’s getting embarrassing for both Jews and gentiles. I mean, how are Jews supposed to keep insisting that they don’t control Hollywood? And how are gentiles supposed to be respected by Jews when they are dumb enough to fall for the ADL and Ben Shapiro’s line that Hollywood is not run by Zionists but by a bunch of ‘leftists’ who hate Israel. I’ll believe it when Hollywood begins to make a spate of movies about the nobility of Palestinians? Indeed, how about Jews make a BLACK-PANTHER-like movie for Palestinians that imagines the existence of a super-technological Palestine that might have existed IF Jews hadn’t come barging in to steal the land? Joel Stein couldn’t take it any more on the issue of who really controls Hollywood. Enforced ignorance and willful naivete makes either a**holes or idiots out of all of us.

In a way, the West is suffering from the Knowledge Paradox of Jews. In many ways, it’s true that Jews are more educated, more knowledgeable, and better informed than most other groups. They are closer to the news, they read and write more books, they earn more Ph.D’s, and they are more curious about what’s happening around the world. So, naturally, Jews are frustrated with so many gentiles who aren’t well-educated, curious, inquisitive, intellectual, and knowledgeable about world affairs. On one level, Jews do want gentiles to be smarter & more engaged and less ignorant & dumb. They do want to raise the intellectual and information bar higher for gentiles who tend to be less intelligent, intellectual, and informed than Jews. But Jews also love their power and privilege. They also know that not all of Jewish money and influence were gained honestly, morally, or meritocratically. Jews also want to expand their power and wealth even more, and that means they will have to keep bamboozling the goyim.
Now, the climate change controversy may indeed have merit as something we should all worry about, BUT it’s also obvious that Wall Street Jews are hyping it to build another massive tech bubble, this time in green energy. The plan is they’ll put in the money in IPO’s and then watch their stocks grow sky high as sucker gentile money pours in, and then they will pull out their great gains just before the big crash. So, Jews get in first and get out first.
Also, Jews know full well that Diversity will be awful for white gentiles in the US and EU. This is so patently obvious to anyone with eyes. Then, why do Jews want white gentiles to be so ignorant and brainwashed on the issue? It’s because Jews want to secure their supremacist power permanently by destroying white majority power in the West. As rising Diversity will pit gentiles vs gentiles — just consider the likes of Pat Condell bickering endlessly with Muslims — , Jews will get to play divide-and-rule. And even if whites do discover that Jews had pulled a dirty one on them, it will be too late for them to do anything about it. If all of America were like California, then resurgence of white power through elections would be impossible. Jews on top will just play the various gentile groups against one another.

This is why we see the funny phenomenon of Jews berating white people(especially conservatives) for being so ignorant and dumb but then flip out when white people finally do some research and figure out who really has the power. Whatever one thinks of Paul Nehlen, he did some independent research and realized which people have the most power in America and what they are doing with this power against White America. But Jews hate him even more than they hate dumb ignorant ‘white trash’ who voted for Trump and support Israel. So, there’s the paradox of Jews wanting whites to be smarter but freaking out when whites actually use their brains to figure out what’s really going on. Jews have long prided themselves in being independent thinkers who go against the grain of institutional power or official narrative. And Jews act as though they want to inspire the rest of us to be likewise, but when gentiles do follow in the path of the ‘culture of critique’ and learn to see the real power and devise ways to analyze this power, Jews throw a fit and try to shut them down like they shut down the free speech rally in Charlottesville.

Indeed, Jews with god-complex now see us as God saw Adam and Eve. God wanted Adam and Eve to know stuff, but He didn’t want them to eat from the Tree of Knowledge lest they gain the secret of God’s power. So, when they dared to eat the fruits, they were violently exiled and denied the amenities of the Garden. Charlottesville was like the Garden of Eden story. The Alt Right dared to eat the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Power. Having eaten the forbidden fruit, the Alt Right was willing to spill the beans on what the real Power is like in the US. Jews-as-god simply couldn’t allow such knowledge and truth to be known to the people. So, just like God destroyed the Garden and made life difficult for Adam and Eve, the Jewish Power in the US used the police and antifa goons to attack and disperse the Alt Right patriots and White National Liberationists. And just like Adam and Eve found the new reality hostile and forbidding without the old amenities, many on the Alt Right have been fired from jobs, denied service, banned from platforms, and etc.

Jews fear the new language of the Alt Right. They don’t want anyone to hear it, so the Jewish media mendaciously distort the message of White National Emancipators. Just like God destroyed Babel and scattered people all over, Jewish power seeks to smash and destroy the rising tower of white consciousness and unity. Jews also know that people can speak the same language but still not understand one another since they favor different terminologies — pro-life vs pro-choice — and work from different premises. So, two groups could speak the exact same language and comprehend each other but still not understand the other side that seems so ‘evil’. So, there is more to English than English. Because Jews control most of media, academia, and government, to come under the influence of English in the modern world is to come under the sway of Jews. English is now essentially Zionglish. (And what blacks speak in rap is essentially ‘nigglish’.) Jews would have all of us learn and speak Zionglish and think as Jews want us to. We don’t have to learn a special language apart from English to use Zionglish. Knowing English is sufficient for us to fall under the spell of Zionglish, the power of which draws from the (1) narrative premise (2) terminology in how certain terms are defined and in how new terms are created (3) the icons of images and sounds that are associated with certain terms or narratives.
For example, by rules of Zionglish, the narrative premise of the Modern West is ‘white guilt’ derived from the history of white evils of ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, and whatnot. A term like ‘gay’ is defined to mean homosexual, thereby impressing upon us the notion that homosexuality is defined more by style than the gross fact of homo fecal penetration. And a term like ‘racism’ is defined as ‘supremacist hatred for other races, especially black’, when in fact, ‘ism’ should just mean belief in something. Also, via the power of electronic media, Jews associate certain ideas, attitudes, and stories with certain images, sounds, and sensations. So, white power is associated with KKK and Holocaust. Black history is seen totally in terms of saintly black victimhood, like the incident at Selma. And even though most black slaves were not beaten 24/7, the iconic image of the slave experience is some black man with badly scarred back. And the narrative of Jim Crow Era is linked with images of lynched blacks even though, in a span of a century, not all that many blacks were lynched. So, that’s how Zionglish works. All you need to know is English but just learn to read, listen, think, and speak as the Jewish media and academia want you to do.

In contrast, Alt Right rejects Zionglish and puts forth a new way to use English. It rejects the terms pushed on white folks by Jews. Alt Right rejects the the simple-minded narratives that, though not entirely false, are rigged to protect and favor Jewish power and privilege. And Alt Right white national autonomists have their own storage of images, sounds, and memes that they want to share to counter the Mono-Narrative pushed by Zionglish.
After all, when Jews talk about Diversity, they don’t mean they care about diversity of views. They just mean diverse races and peoples should all submit to the power of Zionglish that pervades all the global media, academia, and politics. This is why Jews fear true intellectualism, independence of mind, and critical spirit among gentiles. There’s too high a chance that gentiles who learn to see, think, and speak on their own will NOT think like Jews. Sigmund Freud tried to use Carl Jung as a student and follower, but Jung had his own will and agency. He didn’t feel like cowering to anyone. So, we are stuck in a strange world where Jewish elites encourage us to learn more and think more but also tell us what to see, what to think, and what to say. Jews want to make us believe that we, of our own volition, have arrived at the same conclusions as the Jews, but if we were truly free to see, think, and speak, then the chances are we will arrive at different conclusions, all the more so since Jews don’t really believe what they say.
Indeed, there are two Jewish conclusions: the official and the esoteric. So, to the rest of us dummies, Jews will tell us such-and-such as the official conclusion. But among themselves, they have their own modes and codes to, wink wink, send signals that are not supposed to be picked up by us. So, when Jews say, ‘diversity is our strength’, it has two conclusions. The official one would have all of us believe that diversity will indeed enrich and empower each and everyone of us. In contrast, the esoteric conclusion among Jews is, wink wink, "It’s good for the Jews because a gentile house divided unto itself cannot challenge our power."
Diversity babelizes. It not only sets whites against non-whites but sets whites against whites as some whites will remain skeptical of the cult of diversity while others will drink the whole kool aid. Diversity also sets non-whites against their own kind. Muslims who choose to assimilate to trashy Western Pop culture will feel alienated from Muslims who choose to remain true to the faith.
In the globalist order, if all the many diverse peoples are to have one thing in common, it is Zionglish, the usage of which instills in every goyim that the holy three of life are Jews, Homos, and Negroes. Holocaustianity, Homomania, and Rap.

Anyway, just how did the LGBT(Q) movement prove to be especially damaging to the modern world? Why is Cowen so wrong in claiming that the world just went on as usual, and everything is back to normal... except for the fact that homos can ‘marry’?

What LGBTQ-ism did to American society, in which PC had already made it dangerous to speak the truth, was to institutionalize the telling of lies on a grand scale. If, prior to LGBTQ-ism, the thing was to keep your mouth shut and not utter obvious truths(such as relation between blacks and crime) that might offend certain sensibilities, the new norm with LGBTQ-ism was to boldly and brazenly expound the lie not only as the 'truth' but the holy sacrament to which we must all bow down.

Lies aren’t good but a part of everyday life. We all tell lies, little ones and big ones. Sometimes, people tell white lies to be diplomatic. Sometimes, people tell lies to save their own necks for reasons that may be justifiable or not. But we still know, deep down inside, that lies are lies. No one should be proud of telling lies. And we have rule-based means by which to distinguish truth from lies. So, when Jayson Blair of the New York Times was exposed as having written a bunch of false stories, he was reprimanded and fired despite the Times being a ‘liberal’ paper that supposedly feels sympathy for blacks. After all, the world would be scary indeed IF we were told that reality is whatever anyone claims it to be. So, if journalists make up stuff and call it trans-reality and if all of us are compelled to accept such lies as truth, what are to make of real reality and false reality? This was the problem of communist nations where the people were supposed to believe the official narrative no matter how ludicrous it was and had no relation to the reality that the people could see all around. Lies are lies, and they will always be around us like flies. We have to tolerate them, but we must never mistake them for truth.

This is why the institutional protection and promotion of lies as the ‘truth’ is so dangerous, indeed downright cancerous. It means society no longer has the integrity, courage, and resolve to expose and expunge lies and falsehood to defend and uphold the truth. It means there is now a Power that can arbitrarily decide what is ‘true’ and what is ‘false’; and the debate is OVER-AND-DONE-WITH and you better just shut up, follow along, and sound off when called upon.

Nothing, not even the much corrupted black politics, promoted and spread lies as spectacularly as LGBTQ-ism did. According to its loopy logic and fanciful narrative, homos were merely blameless saintly victims of HIV epidemic. We straight people should blame ourselves for not having sufficiently cared for the homos who were buggering one another in bathhouses. (If memory serves us right, whenever homos were given warning and advice on the riskiness of their behavior, their main attitude was mocking laughter or the middle finger. But then, how can we judge a holy people for anything? Even when they do wrong, they are holy, and that means they’re blessed, and since they’re blessed, the blame must fall on us, not them, for not having done more for such a blessed people. But now, some of you will say, "But we did warn them, but they did it anyway and brought it upon themselves." Ahhh, but such attitude is mistaken because it assumes that homos should act according to our sense of reality and responsibility. Since homos are holy and blessed, they should be able to do whatever they please in their own ‘reality’ and revelry. So, if whatever they love doing to each other leads to problems, then it is incumbent upon us, not them, to find the cures and solutions so that they can do as they please and not suffer the consequences. It is the ‘right’ of a holy people to do as they please and not suffer the consequences. To fully such a ‘right’ for a holy people, it is up to us to toil and sweat to come up with The Solution. So, if homos want to bugger one another all over and all the time, it won’t do for us to admonish them and warn how such behavior can do great harm. They must be free to indulge in such behavior because they are holy and, as such, anything they do is blessed. What we must do is try to come up with a cure for all diseases related to homo behavior. That way, homos can bugger a 100 bungs a night and not catch some dreaded disease. That is true progress.) By the logic of LGBT-ism, we are to believe that homo man’s anus, the fecal organ, is a sex organ. We are supposed to say, yep, a bunghole really is, just like a vagina. And ‘two daddies’ or ‘two mommies’ are just as biologically and morally feasible as two real parents of mom and dad.
After all, some homos are rich while many straights are poor, and that means money and privilege are the final arbiters of worth and meaning.
So, the biological and social facts of homosexuality are just as legit for matrimony as the bio-moral basis between man and woman. And if you disagree, you are suffering from a ‘phobia’, or ‘homophobia’. Furthermore, if you entertain funny thoughts about homos or trannies in your head, you must also be irrationally fearful of homosexuality. Yes, homosexuality is so wonderful that entire city blocks must be shut down for massive parades with ‘rainbow’ colors. Most of history must be disregarded as oppressive, backward, and less ‘evolved’ because civilizations around the world never thought to associate homo fecal penetration with rainbow colors and find the highest meaning in hysterical celebration of marching fruitkins and tootkins. Why stop there? Golly gee, homos are so angelic and saintly that every church should be pressed upon to get with the program and festoon its exteriors and interiors with homo colors. And since trannies are allied with homos, they must be holy too. If Jews are holy, then homos are holy because they’re Jews’ best friends, and if homos are holy and if homos say trannies are included in LGBT-ism, then, trannies must be holy too. The logic of Holy-by-Association. Therefore, we better believe a man is a ‘woman’ if he puts on a wig and dress. And of course, his penis and balls can become a ‘vagina’ through surgery. Or, if he decides to keep his penis and balls, he is a ‘woman’ with penis and balls(meaning that penis and balls are no longer distinctly male, and vagina is no longer distinctly female), and you better make sure to believe it because if you don’t, you are ‘transphobic’, and that means you’re a bad bad person. Just have faith in the ‘science’ of LGBT-ism, and believe that a man can have a vagina, and a woman can have a penis. And if you make sure to address him as a ‘her’ or her as a ‘him’, you should be fined for big bucks, and if you don’t pay up, you should be thrown in prison. If you don’t accept the New Truth, you should end up like that baker who refused to bake a homo wedding cake and was prosecuted, dispossessed, and destroyed.

Now, the examples above are all brazen and insane lies, but the Power protected and promoted them. The Power enforced them through all the media and academia they control. Liberal politicians, out of degeneracy or opportunism, enthusiastically got on board, and Conservative politician hung their heads in muted shame in servility to the Power. They knew they lacked the balls to stand up for truth and morality. After all, the Power is with Jews, and if Jews say homos and trannies are their best friends, it is as good as holy writ, indeed as irrevocable as AIPAC demand that the US always favor Zionists over Palestinians(despite the fact that Jews never tire of decrying Old ‘white supremacist’ America for having favored certain groups over others).

Well, what happens to society and culture when that level of mendacity is not only permitted, not only promoted, but even enforced and sanctified by attacking and destroying any voice or agenda that won’t play ball? The end result was the spread of Lying as the New Truth.

BLM was the black counterpart to LGBTQ. Blacks got envious of homos getting all the love and attention with their spectacular lies and hype, so why shouldn’t blacks do likewise and scream ‘black lives matter’ even though the biggest threat to black lives in America is guns and knives in the hands of other blacks. Notwithstanding the problems of police brutality and corruption, black lives are saved by increased police presence. But who cares about the truth when fantasy feels so much better? And if homos have the 'right' to alter reality to whatever they wish, why shouldn't blacks do likewise. When blacks sided with OJ Simpson, much of white America still had the fortitude to shake its head and cry foul. But with BLM in the Age of Obama, we were all supposed to believe in its utterly crazy premise of white cops going around randomly killing innocent blacks. Just like straight society no longer said NO to homo vanities, white society succumbed to Obama-ism and couldn't say NO to BLM lies, what with the mendacious Jew-run media pushing it 24/7.

We always had lies, but the lies today are truly mind-boggling. During the Cold War, it’s true that US exaggerated and lied about Soviet strengths. Still, it was true enough that the USSR was a superpower and a rival to the US. It had also been inhuman and committed mass terror and carried out mass-killings. And even after Stalinism, it remained repressive and left people no choice but to submit to Big Brother.

But is Russia today a ‘new nazi nation’? Is Vladmit Putin really a ‘new hitler’? Where do the media get this stuff? It’s totally fantastic. For over a year, we’ve been bombarded with nonsense reports about how Russia hacked the election. And this from a nation that gloats about how it successfully screwed over so many nations with CIA dirty tricks and secret meddling through NGO’s. And this from Liberals whose great pride during the Cold War was having stood up to ‘paranoid’ and ‘hysterical’ red-baiting elements of the American Right and the military-industrial complex. Was there never any principle involved, or have the new Liberals, in their total collusion with the Deep State and Military-Industrial Complex, completely lost their bearings with too much power, privilege, and connections?

And just how did War on Terror turn into War with Terror against Assad and Gaddafi? How did the US, which got involved in the Middle East after 9/11 in the name of taking out terrorists, forge an alliance with remnant Alqaeda elements(labeled as ‘moderate rebels’) in the destabilization of secular and modern Arab state? How could so many people in media and academia remain so utterly silent about this? Was it because Obama was supposed to be The One, and therefore his presidency was not to be derailed by the revelation that his foreign policy turned out to be even worse than that of George W. Bush? But then, wasn’t Obama himself just one big lie than The One? A huckster pimp elevated to some Hollywood vision of Jesus, Lincoln, Kennedy, MLK, Sidney Poitier, and even Reagan all rolled into a nothing-burrito? Yes, even Reagan. When there is just one total power in the media(that of Jewish globalists), the truth is infinitely malleable according to its whims.
The insipid war on ‘essentialism’ has led to preference for fantasy over reality. So, if Bruce Jenner fantasizes that he is a woman, he is, and you better believe it. And if illegals fantasize that they are ‘dreamers’, they are more-American-than-real-Americans, and we must swallow that BS too.
And if blacks and cucks fantasize about this Wakanda in BLACK PANTHER, we should get all excited and pretend it’s better than real. It is Black Eden and Valhalla that WE must build for them because such a ‘cool’ and ‘badass’ people deserve something so awesome. Favor the fantasy. And never mind that yuppie Progs have been using immigration, gentrification, and incarceration to save cities from black crime. Just believe in Wakandanics as a legit vision on how Earth can become a Black Planet.

LGBTQ-ism was one of the worst cancers to befall mankind. Cowen’s smug view wasn’t worth beans… but then he’s the guy who wants us to subsist on beans.

In a nutshell, Lies + Righteousness = Cultural Cancer. Ordinary lies just come and go. Big lies exposed as such are shamed and destroyed. But when big lies are consecrated as the New Truth, it not only kills one truth with an ugly lie but sets the template for endless multiplication of lies. Once a civilization is about favoring the big lie over the essential truth, it sends a message throughout the system that a lie has precedence over the truth. The Power feels it can peddle any lie as the truth since it not only got away with a big lie but convinced the masses of its holiness.
And in a democratic nation like the US, such template emboldens everyone to feel that he or she also has a ‘right’ to demand that his or her fantasy be favored over the inconvenient fact. So, if Lena Dunham is convinced that she is sexy and attractive, we are supposed to play along.

Lies are just lies but when lies are armed with righteousness, it emboldens other liars, fantasists, and nutjobs to follow suit and make similar demands.

Now, Tyler Cowen is right that ‘gay marriage’ didn’t lead to explosions, fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, and comets falling from the sky. But not every catastrophe is so dramatic. It’s like smoking. Almost no one dies of cancer or heart disease right away because he or she begins to smoke. But the risk of cancer is much higher... just like fecal penetration greatly increases the chance of anal cancer. Not every deadly thing is sudden or violent. Rather, the effect can be insidious. This is the nature of cancer. Cancer doesn’t begin with a bang. It begins with the most silent of whimpers. It involves just a few cells. If it begins so small and so quietly, why is it so deadly? Because it introduces a new ‘code’ into the system. Prior to the development of cancer, the body followed a code that regarded cancerous cells as dangerous. So, those cells were corrected, contained, or destroyed. But what happens when cancer begins to go out of control? At that point, the body has lost the means to say NO to the spread of this new programming. Even the healthiest bodies have some cancer cells, but they remain alert and identify the cancer cells as problems to be dealt with. It’s like even good societies have lies and corruption, but the system works hard minimize such bad things. But when the body loses the means to say NO to cancer cells, it is as if the cancer has been ‘consecrated’(or cancercrated) in the body. They now feel emboldened to keep growing and spreading, and in time, they take over the entire body.

LGBT-ism was cancerous, but it still could have been held in check if enough Americans and if the institutions upheld the eternal truths of biology and morality. As long as the main coding of the system only tolerated LGBT-ism while maintaining the core truths of biology and core values of morality, the LGBT-cancer cells could have been contained. But when the very core institutions of media, academia, government, and then even the church accepted the total lies of LGBT anti-essentialist biology and the degenerate immorality that would have us pretend that two men or two women could have kids together, it led to the big cancer of ‘gay marriage’.

Marriage has been the most essential, most crucial, most meaningful, and most fundamental core institution of human civilization. It is the mother of all covenants. It fuses true biology with true morality, the idea that man and woman should commit to one another to take care of children they create together. This was no game, no lifestyle choice, no fashion. It was the core truth from which life sprung and found meaning. In a tolerant society, homos can be homos and can live together and pretend to be ‘mates’, but homo stuff can never be marriage, just like imitation crab meat cannot be real crab meat, just like a plastic tomato can never be real tomato, and just like fool’s gold cannot be real gold(even if one invokes ‘metal equality’). ‘Gay marriage’ was pushed on the notion of ‘marriage equality’, as if invoking ‘equality’ justifies anything. In fact, it is demented to pretend that things of such unequal value have equal value. According to LGBT-ism, we must pretend that a man’s anus has equal value as a woman’s vagina in the name of ‘sexual organ’ equality. This mindset has led to trannies insisting that a penis and balls can be female sex organs if they so choose to believe. What ‘gay marriage’ set off was a hell. The ideas behind ‘gay marriage’ undermine core truths and principles and forces us to not only accept the lie but treat it as holy writ. Being forced to live with lies is one thing. But when lies are consecrated, they turn cancerous. When incest-freaks call for ‘same family marriage’ and if polygamists call for multi-marriage in the name of ‘marriage equality’, what will the likes of Cowen say?

But the cancer of LGBT-ism goes much further than issues of sex and morality. It created a culture where a lie isn’t only to be tolerated but esteemed, revered, and even worshiped. Hang the LGBT flag in churches and make believe that Jesus died to honor men who indulge in fecal penetration and men who go around pretending that their penises and balls are really female sex organs. When that kind of lies is instilled in the hearts and minds of children all over America, the message is loud and clear. There is no set truth, there is no set morality, there is no real biology. The New Truth is about pushing one’s fantasy as fact with the hope and dream that it will come true. And how do you make it 'come true'? By gaining power like Jews and homos who, with their vast media and deep state power, now feel emboldened to make up any bunch of lies and spread them shamelessly. The reason why this Russia Hacking nonsense has gone on for as long as it did is because we no longer have a culture based on any sense of truth. Instead, truth is just a game played by those with power.

Since Jews and homos have the most power and since both groups have a tendency toward neurosis, we are living in a real clusterfuc* world. Just how did Jennifer Rubin Erderly concoct that bullshi* story in Rolling Stone magazine about the gang-nazi-rape that never happened at UVA and fool so many people? It was not only because PC silenced so many voices but because LGBT-ism encouraged us to tell brazen lies and indulge in loony fantasies about 50 genders and pretend they’re all real. But don’t just pretend but press on all of society to comply to the demands of one’s ego and vanity.

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