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Why White People Need Their Own COVENANT in a One-Truth and One-Power World

Why did Jews need a Covenant with God? It was because they believed in only one God. If Jews believed in many gods for different peoples as pagan folks did, then there would have been no need for the Covenant. Jews would have said Romans have their gods, Syrians have their gods, Persians have their gods, Egyptians have their gods, and so on; therefore, we Jews have own God or gods. If Jews have their own God or gods and if other peoples have their own gods, then every people are satisfied and secure in the worship of their own gods. In the absence of one God and one Truth to rule over all the heavens, all the earth, and all of man, there is no need for a Covenant. After all, the gods of your people are yours. Granted, pagans might ‘steal’ other people’s gods or fuse their gods with foreign gods. Romans fused many of their gods with Greek gods. Still, your people have a unique set of gods and other peoples have their more-or-less unique sets of gods. Even when one pagan tribe took the gods of another tribe, they eventually transformed the gods into their own. And Jews could have been content with God or gods of their own while believing in the legitimacy of other peoples having their own gods to worship.

But Jews didn’t go that way. Out of boldness, imagination, arrogance, megalomania, or whatever, Jews came to believe in only one God for themselves. So, if pagan folks worshiped many gods, Jews only worshiped one God. But Jews didn’t end there. They decided all the other gods of pagan folks are false gods. They don’t exist, they are not real, they have no validity. Only the one and only Jewish God is the sole maker and ruler of all. In a way, such a development may have been defensive. After all, since many other tribes were bigger and stronger than Jews, there was the chance that Jews might be tempted to ditch the Jewish tribe and its God and go join some other tribe that is mightier and worship their god-idols. But if every Jewish child were instilled from childhood with the warning all other gods are false — and it is a GRAVE SIN to worship their idols — , there was much less chance of Jews going over to other tribes to worship different gods.
But the development of Jewish psycho-theology was also aggressive, ambitious, and ‘imperialist’. If Jews couldn’t conquer the material world with hands and feet, they could conquer the spiritual world with the feat of imagination. So, in their souls, Jews came to believe that their God not only conquered all the world but own all the world. Indeed, Jews went even further and said their God created the world. Pagan mythologies were far more humble in their claim. Few if any said their gods created everything. Even in Hinduism, the gods are as created by the cosmos that is created or ‘dreamed’ by them.

So, in the Jewish spiritual imagination, there is only one God, and this God is for all times, all places, and all peoples. But here’s the rub. If there is only one God, and if He did indeed make all the world, all the peoples, all the places, and all the things, why would He favor any one people? Wouldn't all the world be part of His holiness? Wouldn’t all peoples be His beloved children? Wouldn’t all things be His precious creations? If God is the only God and if He has universal ownership and mastery over everyone and everything, then why would He belong to Jews alone?
Now, such considerations didn’t worry Jews prior to the development of monotheism. At one point, the proto-Jews had their god or gods, and they respected the fact that other tribes had their own gods. So, Jews prayed to their god or gods, and other tribes had their own forms of idol-worship. But at some point, Jews got into ferocious prophetic mode, and their leaps of imagination led to believe that they must worship only one God, and furthermore, their one and only God is the one and only God of all the universe. With a blinding stroke, the Jewish mind exploded an atomic bomb in the spirit-verse and wiped out all the competing gods. " I am become Death, the destroyer of gods..." And in the end, the Jewish mind decided there is only one God and one Truth. All other competing gods are not even inferior gods or even defeated gods. They are false gods, and they never existed. They were phony from the start, because from the beginning of time to the end of time, there was, is, and will be only one God, the God of the Jewish imagination.

But if this God is so great and if Jews are such a humble insignificant tribe, why would God favor the Jews? I mean, if there were indeed just one God in the universe, wouldn’t it be likelier that He would favor and side with a great powerful tribe than one so pathetic as that of the Hebrews? In ancient times, the Jews weren’t even close to being a great power. Even at the height of their glory, they ruled over just a bit of land and soon got invaded by others and had to survive at their mercy. So, why would the great God have favored such a pathetic tribe? After all, in pagan stories, gods favor the strong and powerful. Greek gods, Persian gods, Roman gods, or Germanic gods, they bestow affection and favors on the heroes, adventurers, and conquerors. Jews were far less accomplished in those fields that other tribes and kingdoms that were much greater.
And this is why Jews needed to come up with the Covenant. Without it, there was no guarantee that God would stick with the Jews. Imagine there’s an island with only women. Suppose each woman believes in her own dream man. Some women are beautiful, some women are plain, some woman are ugly. But each has a dream of her ideal man. But suppose one homely woman says all their dreams are false. Only HER dream of the ideal man is true. So, her dream and only her dream of man has validity. Now suppose what she says comes to be true. While all the men of other dreams never materialize, the man of her dreams does materialize. Suppose one evening, a man arrives on the shore of the island, and it is the man of the homely woman’s imagination. So, she was right, whereas all the other dreams of man were false. There is only one man, and he is it. BUT, if indeed it is true that he is the only man, a wonderful handsome man, where’s the guarantee that he would choose the homely woman over other women who are much prettier? So, if the homely woman is to bind the man to her, she has to come up with a covenant between him and her. Without that sacred bond, he might act like Bill Clinton and drive her crazy like Billy Boy did to Hillary. Also, not only would he want to go to others, but all the women will want him since the word is out that he is the one and only man. When the women had believed that their dreams of man were also valid, each could hope for the arrival of her special man. But if they all now agree that there is only one man, then all will want to do it with him.

The Jewish way of spirituality and truth has always been ultra-contradictory. They wanted their God to be Lord over all but belong only to the Jews. Jews were like an ultra-jealous wife. Jews insisted there is only one Truth for the world, yet they wanted sole ownership of this truth. We still see this Jewish trait today. America is like the god of power, the one and only superpower in all the world. On the one hand, Jews promote America as the lord of all nations, the one and only model for all peoples and cultures. The American Way is the only way, and all the world must be Americanized abroad, and all peoples must aspire to come to America. And yet, America must serve Jewish interests above all. Even as America is a ruler over and savior of all peoples, it must have a special covenant with the Jews. AIPAC makes sure that the US pledges no loyalty to any other nation but Israel. Jews hate Donald Trump even though he’s pro-Zionist because he ran on better relations with Russia(a nation totally hated by Jews) and ending the Wars for Israel. What? United States improving relations with Russia that refused to let Jews take over everything? What? United States not fighting more wars to strengthen Israel’s hands in the Middle East?

Also, Trump’s anti-immigrationist stance is threatening to the Jewish notion of the special covenant between the US and Jews. After all, the people with the greatest historical claim of covenant with America are the Anglos. They are the ones who settled it with colonies, they are the ones who fought the Revolutionary War, and they are ones who laid the foundations of America. So, if any people can claim a special covenant with the US, it is the Anglos(and their Dutch and Germanic brethren) who did the most heavy-lifting in the formative stages to expand and build the nation. American Indians were here first, but they had to be removed in order for America to be possible. Black slaves did a lot of heavy-lifting in the South, but it wasn’t their vision, ideas, values, culture, and language that made America.

But if Anglos have a special covenant with America, then it means Jews have no right to steer the one and only America as lone superpower to their own ends. If America must serve Jews like the one and only God serves the Jews, then the American covenant must be with Jews, not with Anglos. Just like God lords over all peoples but only serves Jews, America must lord over(and provide for) all peoples but serve only Jews. Imagine if America decided to serve the interests and the narrative of Palestinian-Americans as well as that of Jewish-Americans. Zionism would come under a lot of heat, like white rule in South Africa.
Trump’s implicitly pro-white anti-immigration stance is seen by Jews as an attempt to restore the American covenant back into the hands of white gentiles, especially people of Anglo-Celtic-Germanic stock. Even though Jews frame the immigration-debate as one between ‘white supremacist’ America and wonderful Diversity, it’s really between white American special covenant and Jewish American special covenant. Jews are pro-immigration because, on their own, they simply don’t have the numbers. Now, if the US were 80% Jewish, I guarantee Jews would NOT be calling for more immigration unless it’s Jewish.

Because Anglos and Northern Europeans have the most powerful rationale for a special covenant with America, Jews have done everything to impugn, discredit, invalidate, or reinterpret the founding and development of America. So, Jews say the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were not foundations for a creation of white Christian nation but a universal proposition nation. So, Jews make a big fuss about black slavery to instill whites with guilt. (Jews don't make a fuss about slavery in Latin American nations even though they brought over many more slaves — and many Jews were involved in slavery in Brazil — because Jews need Latinos as allies against whites. Jews also don’t make much of a fuss about the ‘genocide’ and ‘rape’ of the indigenous folks in Latin America for the same reason and also to promote race-mixing as a good to deracinate the white race. And Jews are no longer interested in American Indians because their tragic story is about how immigration-invasion can destroy the native cultures of a land. It’s difficult to be romantic about Emma Lazarus when one considers what happened to American Indians. It’s like Zionist immigration to Palestine led to Nakba and dispossession of Palestinians who ended up on their trail of tears.) To instill whites with guilt, Jews made the Civil War a bigger event than the Revolutionary War. It won’t be long before Jews make the date of Emancipation Proclamation or the end of the Civil War a bigger holiday than the Fourth of July. Jews also love the Civil War because it could be spun as ‘good whites’ siding with ‘justice’ against ‘bad whites’, a theme that would recur in WWII(for far more valid reason as Hitler was really something else). The Jewish lesson of the American Civil War is that whites must attack and fight other whites than side with fellow whites. Jews thrive from divisions among gentiles. Jews remember how the rapprochement between Northern whites and Southern whites led to tremendous revival of white power that held back Jewish interests in the first half of the 20th century. The massive immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe drove many Northern whites(even former Liberals and Progressives) into an alliance with fellow Anglos in the South. All their own problem with immigrants made them sympathize more with Southern whites’ problem with blacks. Northern whites felt, "If we are having such trouble with white folks such as Poles, Russians, Hungarians, Greeks, Italians, Jews, and etc., imagine how tough it must be down south with all them Negroes?" And, so there was growing unity of spirit and purpose between Northern Anglos and Southern whites, and this unity led to tremendous political victories, one of which was ending mass immigration in the mid 1920s. Jews see this as a calamity because of WWII and the Shoah. Jews feel that, had the immigration gates been kept open, many more Jews could have escaped Europe. But Jews never ask themselves whether things would not have gotten so bad for Jews if (1) they didn’t play such a prominent role in the Bolshevik Revolution that ended up killing and tyrannizing so many people (2) they didn’t employ financial dirty trick and cultural degeneracy to make things far worse for Germans in the depressions that followed WWI. But expecting self-reflection among the likes of Jennifer Rubin, William Kristol, Jonathan Podhoretz, Max Boot, Harvey Weinstein, Sarah Silverman, and etc. is a bridge too far.

Anyway, Jews eventually gained near-total control of the elite institutions and industries of America as the one-and-only-superpower(following the Cold War and so-called End of History), and they decided to change the narrative and whatever necessary to ensure that the American Covenant is with Jews and only with Jews. And to secure this, America must rule over Diversity because Diversity cannot unite against Jewish power. And white people will forget about White America because such a concept stirs up memory of a different time when most white Americans felt, most justifiably, that the main American covenant is with Anglos and Anglo-Americanized white European Christians. This is why Jews are so eager to destroy the notion of White America. This is why Jews promote stuff like HAMILTON that has the Founding Fathers as a bunch of ‘groids’. And of course, Latin American whites are eager to collaborate with Jews since the much greater success of Anglo-America had made them feel so small and insignificant for so long. It’s the Latin American way of getting revenge by serving as toadies of Jews.
And it is also why Jews have been especially committed to spreading PC in Northern European nations like UK, Sweden, Ireland, and Germany. After all, those peoples were the covenant-ial building blocks of America. Consider the films EMIGRANTS and THE NEW LAND by Jan Troell. In the past, when white Americans looked back to those nations, they saw whiteness, all whiteness, and the whiteness reminded them of their true origins and roots. But now, due to Jewish intellectual virus having infected the institutions of all those nations, they’ve been committed to (1) massive non-white immigration (2) declaring that their identity is purely cultural and not of blood (3) race-mixing makes for superior people because pale whites sucks (4) feminism that makes white women hate white men, thus breaking the sexual covenant between white men and white women (5) Jungle Fever and ACOWW(Afro-Colonization of White Wombs) on the premise that white women must go with ‘superior’ Negro males while cucky white males accept their inferiority and crawl into their Cuckanda (6) retro-characterizing European heroes and giants as black, a common practice with BBC; even a Finnish TV movie cast a black guy in the role of a famous military officer.

So, there is a reason why Jews have intensified their culture war in Northern European nations. Why did Jewish media pour so much efforts into those nations? It’s because of their historical, cultural, and racial ties to their cousins in the US. As American browns, white Anglos, Germans, Irish, Swedes, and other are bound to look to the old countries for identity and roots. But if even their ancient homelands are Africanized, Asianized, and Islamized, they don’t even have a homeland to hark back to. (Imagine if you remember a time when everyone in your community was white, and things were so much better. The memory of an earlier time might inspire you to rebel against the current order. But suppose Jews have a mind-device that alters your memory so that you remember half of your white friends as blacks or browns. Then, even memory would no longer be a guide to action to restore what you've lost.)

Now, you don’t see Jews doing the same to Israel. Why would American Jews support Jewish-only immigration to Israel but push for non-white invasion of nations like UK, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, and etc? It’s not only to break the white will in those nations but to gaslight and demoralize white Americans. If white Americans see the very lands of their forefathers and foremothers going the way of Diversity and even celebrating it like retards, then what hope is there for white revival in the US? And once white hope is broken, Jews will own the American Covenant for themselves forever as NO OTHER PEOPLE have claim to it once whites are out of the picture. It’s also like Jews believe Israel can have nukes but not Iran.

Anyway, the Jewish contradiction of God, Truth, and Power wasn’t exactly stable. Indeed, it was radioactive. How can a people come up with an idea of the one and only God but insist this God serves only Jews even as He rules over all? And why would He make a special promise to Jews but not to any other people? How can such a singular and universal God be cuffed to one people? Now, this contradiction didn’t matter so much when most gentiles just ignored Jews and showed no interest in Jewish spiritual ideas. Indeed, for the longest time, the Romans scoffed at Jewish pretensions. The Roman way was to just let the Jews be as long as they paid their taxes. I mean what did it matter to gentiles or to Jews if Jewish faith belonged only with Jews? Even if Jews say there is only one God, your own pagan tribe can go on believing in your own gods.
But then, something happened. Jesus, His Disciples, and Paul decided to ‘democratize’ God’s rule. He would be made into a ‘propositional’ God, and the Jewish Biblical ‘constitution’ would be reinterpreted to mean that, from the beginning, the REAL prophecy of the Torah pointed to the arrival of Jesus who would make God’s justice and love equal to all the people of the world. This was bound to make the Jews shit, not least because the crazy idea was hatched by a bunch of Jews. I mean, the Old Testament is clearly Tribal and says God gave the Covenant to the Jews. But the New Testament claimed deeper understanding of sacred texts that interpreted events in the Old Testament as prophecy paving the way for Jesus the Messiah for all mankind. Jews reacted to this like Alan Dershowitz reacts to Norman Finkelstein or Philip Weiss.

Now, if Christianity had merely spread to some weak pagan tribes under Roman rule, it might not have amounted to much. But it eventually made inroads into the Roman elites, and they finally decided to make it the official and then the ONLY faith in the land. This meant that the universal vision of Jesus would have the backing of universal military might. The word and the sword would work together. Now, why were the Romans finally attracted to Christianity? Outwardly, one might say some Romans were moved by the story of Jesus, His love, His sacrifice, His Resurrection, His message of peace and justice, His promise of afterlife to the virtuous and redeemed. But there was surely another reason. Through Jesus, Romans could claim to have the blessing of the most powerful conception of God ever. So, the message of Jesus’ love was really a cover for what REALLY attracted the Romans to the new faith. Its God was the most powerfully conceived deity in the universe. Compared to Him, Jupiter was but a gopher. Indeed, all the pagan Roman gods combined didn’t amount to pack of prairie dogs compared to the Jewish conception of God. After all, the Roman gods weren’t all powerful. They weren’t around at the beginning of time. They have to negotiate with other gods since each power as limited powers. In contrast, the Jewish God is infinite, eternal, all-encompassing, all-knowing, all-powerful, and everything under and over the sun. Romans had always been dissatisfied with their own gods because they were limited in form and power. For a people hellbent on conquering all the known world, their gods just didn’t keep up with the pace. It was like having a rock band where the lead guitarist played only acoustic. For them to really make it big, they would need a Jimmi Page or Eric Clapner as electric guitar god. Likewise, if Romans were to be masters of all, they needed to follow a God who was the ruler of all. This way, Romans could not only own all of earth but all of heaven. They would conquer not only bodies but souls.

And this is when things got really serious for Jews. It was one thing to be live under pagan Roman rule. But when Romans had the Jewish God as their own and not only spread the faith among Romans but all peoples within the Empire, Jews really needed to hold onto the covenant to remain a special people. Prior to the spread of Christianity, the special relation between Jews and God could be maintained simply because non-Jews showed little or no interest in Jewish culture or faith. But once the Jewish concept of God went nuclear, exploded, and spread all over the world, it was only the Covenant that assured them a fallout shelter... like the one that the school-master is trying to open at the end of Coen Brothers’ SERIOUS MAN as a tornado approaches. Without that Covenant, Jews could have been swept up with the rest of humanity in the new faith and become scattered, assimilated, and lost among so many other tribes.

Now, what does this have to do with White folks? It’s a question of survival. When the Jewish God was universalized, how were Jews able to survive as a people and culture? Because, despite the fact that Jews and Christians(and later Muslims) worshiped the same God, only Jews had the Covenant that made them feel that they and only they had a special contract with God. So, in the end, it didn’t matter to Jews if their God went over to gentiles who called themselves Christians or Muslims. What mattered was that Jews could carry on with their ancient conviction that, even if God rules over all of mankind and shows His love to them, only the Jews have a special covenant with Him.
Of course, Christians and Muslims could tell themselves that Jews are deluded, that the Jewish Covenant was broken with the coming of Jesus, and that Jews are just so full of shi* with their conceit of a special Covenant. Also, how could Jews compete with growing numbers of Christians and Muslims — as both encouraged conversion among all humanity around the world — when Jews, who favor Covenant over Conversion, remained fixed in number and expanded only by the slow process of childbirth? And yet, the lack of a special covenant among Christians and Muslims meant that their power would be diffuse, divided, and confused than concentrated. Because Jews were a family of people, their Covenant bound their shared blood with God. In contrast, precisely because Christians and Muslims came to comprise such large populations, they couldn’t agree on much of anything. So, Catholics and Protestants got to fighting. And Shias and Sunnis got to hating each other. Also, even if the faithful were all of one sect or denomination, they could be divided along race. It’s like white Christians, black Christians, and Mexican Christians never had much in common, and each people invoked God for totally different purposes.
But because Christians, especially white ones for some reason, theoretically identify with and care for all fellow Christians regardless of race, creed, or color, their sense of white identity and interests grew weaker. Also, try as they might, even with the utmost goodwill, to connect with non-whites as fellow Christians or possible converts, there wasn’t much that whites felt in common with non-whites. In contrast, Jews were compact and united, relatively speaking, and all the more remarkable considering that they had to survive as minorities in exile and scattered all over the Middle East and Europe. Jewish power was like a city where the population is closely packed together. The Covenant provided Jews, even in exile, with a sense of shared blood and purpose. So, some Jews could be in Poland, some Jews could be in Germany, some Jews could be in Italy, some Jews could be in Iran, and etc., but the Covenant made them feel close even though they were so distant from one another and unlikely to ever meet one another. But as long as the Covenant existed, there was the Israel of the heart even before there was Israel of the feet that called on World Jewry to come together in family unification. Now, consider the Japanese in contrast. Because they have no Covenant, they can easily become estranged from one another. Japanese in America just become Americanized and ridiculous like Yoko Ono. And when Japanese who’d settled in Brazil returned to Japan, the Japanese people didn’t relate to them, and they didn’t relate to Japanese people. And in neighboring Korea, there is hardly any passion for national reunification because, lacking a national Covenant, Koreans don’t feel very close to one another despite their long history of having survived as one people and culture. And have you seen Josef Stalin’s granddaughter recently? That Russo-Georgian idiot, having no real grounding in meaningful identity or heritage, has degenerated into an idiot teen-wanna-be. And of course, Jews who lose a meaningful sense of Jewishness are also likely to lose it and turn into flotsam and jetsam.

For a long long time, there was a kind of defacto covenant between Europeans and Christianity. Even though the origins of Christianity are in the Middle East and even though the faith spread all over Near East and North Africa, the eventual triumph of Islam turned those areas into Islamosphere. Had those parts remained Christian, the history of Christianity for the first 1,500 yrs might have been bi- or tri-racial. But because Arabs and other non-whites became Muslim, Christianity became mostly a mono-racial power in conflict with Muslims who were not only different in both faith and face. As such, there was no danger of the Vatican being overrun with a bunch of darkies and swarthers. A blackamoor like Othello was an exception than the rule in most of Europe except in parts that had been colonized by North Africans for a spell.

Had Europe kept to itself, its people-culture-religion may have remained all-in-the-family. But for a host of reasons, the West came to dominate all the Rest. Indeed, the Western Way became so dominant and so pervasive that people all around the world don’t even realize how Westernized they’ve become in terms of their dress, technology, eating habits, and use of time. This Triumph of the West can be a matter of pride for Europeans(and white Americans are really just transplanted Europeans), but as with the Romans who conquered everyone but then got conquered by everyone, there is a good chance that whites will lose their way precisely because the Western Way has become the World Way. Because the West did so much to transform the world, there is this idea that the world should not only learn from the West but come to the West, become part of the West, and constitute the New Way. So, non-whites should abandon their way to join the Western Way as the only World Way, and in turn, whites should abandon their identity to accommodate all the non-whites who want to be part of the Western way. So, non-whites lose their culture to become Western, and whites lose their race to universalize the Western Way.

Obviously, this is a recipe for disaster for the white race, white heritage, and white territoriality. The current globalism is a pipe dream. It’s one thing to find John Lennon’s "Imagine" to be a nice in melody and sentiment, but it’s quite another to form a world order on the basis of such tripe, all the more so when so much that is now called ‘Western’ is really Jewish supremacist, Afro-thuggery, and Homomaniacal. Therefore, it is of the greatest essence that white people look deep into their hearts and history to formulate a covenant for themselves in the current globalized order. We cannot put the genie of universalism back in the bottle. The Western Way of math, science, economics, technology, pop culture, and dress have become universalized. Also, all the world has caught onto the concept of ‘human rights’, and there is no going back from English being a World Language. Just like what had been unique to the Jews became universalized through Christianity, what had been unique to the West has become universalized through Western military power, communication, free trade, pop culture, media, and academia, much of it controlled by Jews. When so much that had been uniquely white had been made rendered worldwide, how can anything uniquely European survive. This is where it requires individual with leaps and depths of imagination and vision to formulate a unique covenant between white people and the destiny of the world.

Even when the Jewish God became a World God, Jews survived as a people and culture by doubling down on their Covenant that said their relationship to God was special. So, even as Jews recognized how God could be revered and worshiped by peoples all over the world, they maintained that they had a special connection to God that was unlike any other. Then, likewise, whites people need to come up with some way to believe that even though the Western Way has become the World Way, there are still things so deeply unique and special in being white that white folks and only white folks have this Covenant with the Western World Way.

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