Tuesday, February 6, 2018

On the Banning of the Concept of WHITE NATIONAL LIBERATION, possibly the Most Feared and Dangerous Idea on the Internet

Apparently, no idea frightens the globalist elites more than White National Liberation. Indeed, do a Google Search for "White National Liberation" with quotes included. (Quotes ensure proper word order in search results.)


You will notice that the search results show 1,800 entries. But on the bottom of the screen, only 2 pages are available. If you click page 2, you get:

In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 13 already displayed.
If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included.

But if you click ‘repeat the search for omitted results included’, you still only get two pages despite there being 1,800 search results. So, it is obviously a rigged game.

Google is censoring most search results for "white national liberation". Why would Google be so afraid of that term and concept? It doesn’t require rocket science to come up with the likely answer. The fact is Google is owned and run by Jews. It has massive operations in Israel and works closely with ADL, a Zionist and Jewish-supremacist organization. Google claims to be ‘progressive’ and ‘inclusive’, but if so, why doesn’t it work closely with BDS and Palestinian Rights Organizations to curtail and censor the imperialist and supremacist ideologies and activism of groups like ADL and AIPAC? After all, Palestinians are the underdog, the David to Jewish Power’s Goliath and Pharaoh. If indeed Google is all about the rebels and mavericks against tyrants and oppressors, why does it not only allow powerful Jewish supremacist organizations to reprogram algorithms and outright censor certain individuals, groups, and ideas from its platform? It should be obvious to any honest person that Google’s so-called ‘progressivism’ is just a front, a facade to enable its massive accumulation of money and monopoly control, especially in collusion with the Deep State, which is also largely controlled by Jewish Globalists.
Is it any wonder that, like super-rich and monopolistic Wall Street and Hollywood, Silicon Valley giants like Google have been especially partial to Homomania as the new faith for mankind? Why would a bunch of homosexuals and trans-gender people be the darlings of the 'revolution'? Because with pinky-dinks as the vanguard of the movement, the oligarchic capitalist class has NOTHING to fear. After all, the main mode of homosexuals and trannies is vanity and narcissism, and that means the queers are fixated on access to privilege and celebrity. Being natural aristocrat-wanna-be’s, they are more prone to serve the upper-classes. Also, because Jews are the ruling minority elite, they want to normalize among gentile masses the notion that it is natural and proper for minority elites to rule, and what better way to accomplish this than by normalizing homos & trannies as the natural aristocrats, even elevating them to holy angel status, as objects of worship. If the great majority of straights or real-sexuals can be (mis)led to adore and adulate a sexual minority of freaks and deviants, then it's all the easier to persuade gentiles into believing that it is natural, normal, and even divine for the 2%(the percentage of Jews in America) to rule America(which, by default, means to rule the world).
Also, by favoring so many blacks and people-of-color in its search results, Google gives the false impression that it’s a company of Diversity and Equality when, in fact, it’s a Jewish-dominated company where most of its managers and minions are whites and Asians.

Recent revelations have shown that Google is full of shi*. Its motto used to be "Don’t be evil", and most people thought Google would play fair, uphold liberty, and not rig the system to favor certain agendas, especially those closely aligned with the interests of the Tribal Overlords of the company. Apparently, investing heavily in Israel, a nation that occupies West Bank and enforces Apartheid policies against Palestinians, is NOT EVIL according to Google. Apparently, colluding with Deep State operatives who’ve started a ridiculous New Cold War with Russia and used propaganda & terror to spread chaos & mayhem in Libya, Ukraine, and Syria is not evil according to Google. And rigging the search engine to favor one political candidate over another is also not evil by Google’s standards. Indeed, some Google big shots just couldn’t keep their mouths shut about how much power they got and what they can do to alter reality by altering the perceptions of reality. It’s gotten so bad that it isn’t much of an exaggeration to say that Google is the most dangerous and evil capitalist company in the world. Sure, it offers many great and invaluable services, but Google rigs the system inside and out to favor the interests of globalist oligarchs. Just ask the Palestinians. Like Twitter and Facebook, another Jewish oligarchic company, Google partners with ADL than with BDS, despite the fact that ADL is a Jewish Supremacist Organization that supports Israel’s Zionist-Imperialist policy of crushing the body and soul of Palestinians. If indeed these companies are for the little fish, shouldn’t they be inviting BDS to offer advice on which voices to be shut down? Of course, if given such an opportunity, BDS will point to all the abuses carried out by Zionist imperialists and Jewish supremacists. It should be obvious by now that the owners of Google and Facebook are first and foremost members of the Tribe. Their core self-perception is as Jews, indeed not only as Jews but Jews with the quasi-divine-right to rule the world. While it’s possible that they had some ideals in the beginning, their sudden rise made them addicted to power and domination. Also, when the truth threatens to undermine the Narrative that sustains and shields Jewish Supremacist Power, all principles are tossed to the winds, and there is a circling of the wagons to ensure the supremacy of Jewish power. If not always conscious, it’s instinctual among powerful Jews that they must ‘stick together’.

And this is why Google fears the concept of ‘white national liberation’. It threatens the Narrative that Jews have woven over the years. It says Jews are on the side of justice, equality, and freedom(especially for underdogs, marginalized, and ‘victim groups’). In contrast, there are supposedly these ‘white supremacists’, ‘racists’, and ‘anti-Semites’ who threaten to undermine and even destroy this Forward March to Progress. Entire generations of kids have been raised on this tripe, not least because, for some time, Jews have had near-monopoly control over the media. Also, controlling Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Big Pharma, and high-tech, Jews have amassed fortunes with which to buy up all whore politicians. Also, as gentile Liberals are reflexively anti-right, anti-white, and pro-white-guilt(and because Jews have been associated with the Left for so long), they’ve been reluctant to honestly assess the true nature of Jewish power. After all, Jews have been sanctified as the People of the Holocaust, supposedly the greatest evil committed in history by Adolf Hitler, the most evil man in history, in the name of ‘antisemitism’, the most horrible ideology that ever existed, aka, the ‘longest hate’.
In the past, criticism of Jewish power usually came from the Right, but due to apotheosis of White Guilt as the main religion for whites(though Homomania is now giving it a run for the money), even the White Right has been mostly ‘cucked’ into eternal atonement mode. If anything, American Conservatism will go to hell and back to prove how it loves Jews more than the 'left' does.

With Jewish power of money, media, and taboos, few people have dared to voice their concerns about Jewish Power. Jews have either excommunicated them as ‘antisemitic’ renegades or rendered them invisible because, for the longest time, anyone even faintly critical of Jewish power has been marked for blacklisting in the institutions and industries of consequence. Jews have been so aggressive in targeting their critics that even the American Right got to expelling men like Joseph Sobran. Another trick used by Jews has been to sensationalize and greatly exaggerate the visibility of extreme groups. So, few gusts of animus from KKK or Neo-Nazi skinheads have been made to look like storm clouds looming over the horizon to send the Great Deluge to drown all of humanity. Indeed, it’s hardly surprising that the media have made such a big deal over Andrew Anglin while simultaneously trying to shut down his Daily Stormer site. Anglin is obviously a demented freak with class clown personality who will spout the most outrageous opinions to gain notoriety and attention. Even his fans don’t take him seriously and mainly enjoy the wacky humor in the way that some people love Howard Stern or Mad Magazine. But Jewish media would have us believe that the pathetic loser dork Andrew Anglin is some dangerous skinhead overlord who may become the next Hitler. Even more ridiculous are the KKK scares. At least Anglin is a real person with a real face. In contrast, the KKK threat has been hyped as a bogeyman around every corner and in every college campus. Generations of kids have been so inundated with KKK Scare by books and movies that they react like characters in horror movies. In their fetid feverish minds, the Evil of America isn't primarily found in warmongering Pentagon, avaricious Wall Street, sordid Las Vegas, degenerate Hollywood, crooked intelligence services, propagandistic media, and mendacious Ivy League BUT in some peckerwoods who supposedly wander around with sheets over their heads to scare Liberal college kids half to death. This Horror Movie trope of the KKK has spread so far and wide that ‘hate hoaxes’ featuring KKK-sightings or KKK-vandalism have become like a national pastime among the Proglodytes and People of Color. Of course, Jews, as the People of Dollar, egg this on because it is in their interests to misdirect people’s gaze from the real power owned by Jews.

Anyone with a honest set of eyes and with a modicum of integrity knows that the supreme power in America is with Jews. This power isn’t merely supreme but supremacist, i.e. Jews believe they must use any means, by hook or by crook, to ensure permanent domination over goyim in America and thereby the entire world. But Jewish Power is all the more dangerous because of the Jew Taboo that forbids honest noticing and criticism of it. According to ADL’s logic, even mild criticisms of Jews should be discouraged because they may lead to stronger criticisms that may lead to ‘antisemitism’, which may lead to pogroms and then another Shoah. This is obviously paranoid nonsense.
Granted, we can understand why a minority elite may be more allergic to criticism than a majority elite. Majority elites at least have the support of the masses of shared identity. In Israel, the Jewish elites are of the Jewish majority, and so, there is greater open discussion of Jewish power. Even if the current Jewish elites were to fall, they will be replaced by new Jewish elites since Israel is majority Israel. So, power will remain with the Jews no matter who's on top in Israel. In contrast, when a minority elite falls from grace in the eyes of the majority, their fall may be permanent, and their vaunted position could be taken by either a different minority elite or the resurgent majority elite.

But even if Jewish anxieties are understandable, the Jew Taboo carries the danger of paving the way for truly frightening anti-Jewish violence in the future. It’s like the delaying market corrections can lead to a far greater economic crash down the line. Consider what happened with the Dot.com and Housing Bubble craze. The tendency of power is to grow more corrupt. This is true in all places and for all peoples. So, unless there is a countervailing force to criticize, expose, and correct the abuses of power, the power grows more corrupt. And in order to hide its increasing corruption, it grows more repressive and mendacious in its public relations. Even more corruption is needed to hide the corruption, just like some nations or companies come to rely on more loans to pay off the interests on existing loans. This has a snowballing effect, growing bigger and bigger.

If Jews had allowed and accepted some measure of honest criticism in their rise to power, perhaps some of their worst abuses could have been avoided. And then, Jews wouldn’t have been so desperate to cover up the abuses with yet more abuses of power and wealth. It’s like Richard Nixon might have saved his presidency if he’d owned up to the scandal and cut his losses. But the coverup required another coverup to cover up the coverup and then another coverup to cover up the coverup and so on. It’s like the corruption in the movie MICHAEL CLAYTON got so out-of-control because the company opted for layers upon layers of deception to cover up what was all too obvious.

At this point, it may not be possible for Jewish Power to come clean and still hold onto power. The abuses have been so great that honest discussion of Jewish Power could lead to the collapse of Jewish power. Especially since the end of the Cold War, Jewish abuse of power has gone into overdrive and destroyed so many lives in so many fields. There was the unconscionable Rape of Russia in the 90s. There was the rigged market in the Dot.com and Housing Bubble that funneled tremendous profits to Jews in finance. And when the bubble collapsed, Jews used their boy Obama to get massive bailouts and got even richer. The very people who’d been most responsible for the economic crisis also profited most through a web of connections to media, deep state, and government. Jews also took over foreign policy and destroyed entire nations in the Middle East, resulting in deaths of 100,000s and displacement of millions of people. This led to the massive migration-invasion of Europe. Jews, who’d invoked War on Terror as rationale to invade and remake the Muslim World, ended up aiding terrorist elements, some directly linked with the very people who did 9/11, to destroy nations like Libya and Syria. Jewish power also turned Ukraine into a hell hole. Though most vocal(verging on hysteria)in warning of the Neo-Nazi threat, Jews recruited Neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine to do their globalist-imperialist bidding.

At every turn, Jews have tried to morally justify their actions by using their media monopoly to demonize Putin as ‘new hitler’, Assad as ‘terrorist’ & ‘mass murderer’, Iran as ‘new Nazi Germany’, and of course Trump as ‘white supremacist’. Even when a Jewish guy like Bernie Madoff defrauded the entire world, the Jewish media spin was, "It’s antisemitic to notice the Jewishness of Madoff and ethnic patterns in financial fraud."

Jews are master projectors. They blame Putin and Assad for everything that they themselves initiated and did. They blame Palestinians of ‘hate’ and refusal to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist when, in fact, Israel’s creation was a denial of Palestine's right to exist. And even though Israeli planes and tanks have killed many more Palestinians than the other way around, the main Narrative has been all about how Jews are so beleaguered and vulnerable in that part of the world. Too much money and too many lives have been destroyed by Jews since the end of the Cold War. The record has been so dire and the present reality is so fraught with dangers that Jews are now afraid of honest discussion EVEN IF they wanted to move in that direction. It’s like Hitler’s transgressions might have been forgiven if he’d stopped earlier and made amends. But once he went ALL IN, even invading the Soviet Union, there was no way to negotiate any kind of peace. It was Moon or Bust. He could win everything or lose everything. He’d gone in too deep and violated trust too many times to come to the table and engage with others in good faith again. The Allies would only accept unconditional surrender.
Likewise, if honest discussion of Jewish power and recent history were allowed, the skeletons would just pour out of the closet. With foreign policy turned neo-imperialist, finance turned fraudulent, media turned utterly mendacious, and culture gone degenerate with pornification of mainstream culture(even for children), Jews are afraid, very afraid. And there are now even murmurs about how the opioid crisis is largely due to the Jewish Sackler family.

If the #MeToo scandal is observed as an experiment, the implications are grim for the Jews. Just like Mao’s Hundred Flowers Campaign began slowly but soon broke the dam when people realized they could criticize the Party freely, the #MeToo phenomenon soon overwhelmed the Jewish community when mostly gentile ‘shikes’ realized they could air their grievances freely against Jewish men of power. When they saw a big fish like Harvey Weinstein go down and when Time Magazine gave green light to the aggrieved women by making them the ‘Persons of the Year’, Jewish power found itself bewildered with an avalanche of accusations in every corner of media and entertainment. Anyway, the #MeToo stampede suggests that it could have been avoided IF the pathologies of Jewish horniness hadn't been allowed to fester. Also, Jewish females often put tribal loyalty over ethics and worked with Jewish male cretins to sweep the problem under the rug. But then, plenty of gentile women deserve blame too because they’d exploited sexuality to gain advantage in the workplace. So, both Jewish excesses and female careerist opportunism worked in tandem to corrupt corporate culture. Since Jews were shielded by the Jew Taboo and since female careerists were shielded by feminist rhetoric, both groups came to indulge in pathologies degrading to institutions and industries. But because Jews are far and away the most powerful group in America with connections and support networks from coast to coast and from nation to nation, their abuses were bound to have far more serious consequences.

In a way, history missed a golden opportunity to arrive at an understanding between Jews and white people(Europeans and European-Americans) after WWII. 20th century witnessed the evils of radical antisemitism by Nazi Germany, but it was also a time of Jewish horrors committed against humanity. Jews played an essential role in communism, as both theorists and executioners. If anything, the horrors of ‘commie’ excesses emboldened the radical right in Europe and convinced enough conservatives to throw in their lot with Fascists and even National Socialists. Indeed, up to the outbreak of WWII, the communists had committed the worst excesses of political tyranny in Europe. Nothing the Italian Fascists or German National Socialists did until 1939 came anywhere near the bloodbaths carried out by communists in the Soviet Union. And as Yuri Slezkine has detailed in THE JEWISH CENTURY, Jews played an essential role in the creation of the Soviet Union and held elite positions in carrying out some of the bloodiest purges and mass campaigns. So, why has this side of Jewish history not been addressed properly?

One reason was the pretense that the Soviet Revolution was essentially a Russian Revolution that didn’t have much to do with Jews. Some argued that Jewish communists were no longer Jewish since they were atheists. Some have noted the prominence of Jewish figures like Leon Trotsky in the early stages of the Revolution but argued that Stalin’s preeminence effectively ended Jewish power in the USSR. Some even argued that the Revolution might have been more humane had Trotsky outmaneuvered Stalin. (All evidence shows that Trotsky was just as repressive and ruthless as Stalin. Furthermore, his contempt for the Russian masses went far beyond Stalin's attitudes. Also, Trotsky not only fully endorsed, from exile, Stalin’s greatest crime — the forced collectivization of agriculture — but complained that Stalin didn’t go far enough.) Some argue that since the USSR weathered and ultimately defeated Nazi Germany, its sins were washed by the greatest deed done for humanity. So, whatever crimes Jewish communists might have committed, they(along with their communist comrades) more than redeemed their name by defeating evil Nazi Germany. Some have argued that because the Soviet Union turned ‘antisemitic’ since the creation of Israel, Jews should be regarded essentially as victims of Soviet Union(as the Evil Empire) than as its diabolical founders. And some have argued that, as terrible as communism turned out to be, its ethos was noble, certainly far nobler than that of National Socialism. So, if National Socialism was evil incarnate itself and premised on doing evil unto mankind, communism was a noble failure at trying to save the world. Of course, Jews could push all such favorable Narratives in the West because they had the power of media, and even non-Jewish media tended to be dominated by Liberals who felt sympathy toward Jews as champions of social justice or victims of Wasp discrimination.

While there is some degree of truth to any Narrative, there is no getting around the fact that Jews were among the Great Powers in the 20th century(though unacknowledged as such because Jewish power was dispersed across the globe than concentrated in one nation) and were involved in events and movements that led to great suffering. However one tries to spin communism, its excesses were comparable to Nazi horrors and other demented movements in the 20th century. One cannot absolve Jews of their ‘guilt’ in communism simply by claiming that they meant well or were misguided by impatience to reform humanity. Too many Jews were well-aware of the insane murderousness of the Soviet Union, and furthermore, they didn’t merely go along but often led and exulted in the sadism and violence. Jewish communists not only waged war on human lives but on culture and history. They destroyed countless churches and looted arts & treasures in every area they controlled. These horror stories surely pushed many Europeans to support the Far Right as a bulwark against the Far Left.
But the rise of National Socialism wasn’t just a reaction against the heavily Jewish Far Left. Too many Jewish capitalists in Germany and elsewhere played fast and loose with the financial system to rake in obscene profits at the expense of the middle class and working class who were reeling from the traumatic aftermath of WWI. Just as bad, Jews perverted culture and morality, encouraging all sorts of deviance and pathologies to degrade German society at every level. Even though most Jews were not involved in fraud, gangsterism, and radicalism, too many were, and they came to amass huge fortunes and/or influence throughout society.

When panic and poverty are compounded by corruption and degeneracy, people can either resign themselves to defeat(like the masses of Latin America) or come together around a would-be-savior-prophet for social, spiritual, and national renewal. Germans opted for the latter around Hitler who tragically turned out to be a madman even crazier than the radical or avaricious Jews.
Anyway, the fact is Jews played a major role in the rise of National Socialism. There are two ways people can create a problem. By directing involving themselves in its making or by creating conditions that make such a creation welcome to so many people. Obviously, Jews didn’t want a man like Hitler to come to power with an ideology like National Socialism. And most Jews did what they could to stop Hitler. But by spreading radicalism, degeneracy, and corruption all over society, Jews indirectly helped create National Socialism.
Some Jews surely felt that degeneracy, decadence, and leftist radicalism were weapons against the radical German Right, and if indeed they’d succeeded in thoroughly corrupting German Society, the Jewish Plan would have worked. Too many Germans would have been turned into degenerate trash to come together and join a movement for national renewal.
But in some ways, the problems of degeneracy, decadence, and leftist radicalism were the best kind of fodder for the German Radical Right because they amply demonstrated to so many Germans that the National Socialists were largely correct about the corrosive role of Jewish in national and international affairs. Jews who spread degeneracy and radicalism were only proving in practice the Nazi theory of Jewish toxicity. Indeed, Jews made the job easy for the Nazis as Germany spiraled out of control financially and culturally as a nation of gangster bankers and vile pornographers.

Perhaps if the Nazis hadn’t gone to such insane lengths in their war against Jews, there might have been more soul-searching on both sides in the aftermath of WWII. Maybe the Shoah traumtized the Jews so much that they could only see themselves as victims, even saintly ones at that. And it must be said that the fact that Nazis targeted ALL Jews instead of just the bad ones made all Jews feel that they must stick together in a hostile world.

But then, maybe the real problem is Jews love being a**holes. After all, it’s not only with Germans that Jews play the innocent lamb while dumping all the blame on the other side. Consider Jewish attitude toward Russians. Now, it’s true that there was a history of Russian repression of Jews and even outbursts of violence in pogroms. And this is why Alexander Solzhenitsyn addressed the Russian side of the problem. Russians must reflect on their history and admit their wrongs. But Solzhenitsyn hoped that Jews could do the same when it came to Russian history, especially because Jews played such a key role in monstrous communism. But all we get from most Jews is, "We ain’t done nothing wrong, we were totally innocent, we were the victims, and etc."
Indeed, we are now in the Third Jewish War against Russia. The first one was Bolshevism. Second one was the Rape of Russia in the 1990s. And now, it’s the New Cold War, which might as well be called the Jew Cold War. Jews put all the blame on Russians and even invent wild fantasies about Putin-as-Hitler to push their insane supremacist narrative. And in the US, Jews act as if their exclusion from Wasp golf clubs long ago constituted some great injustice that supposedly explains, even justifies, the bad behavior of leeches like Jordan Belfort and other creeps. "Bernie Madoff, why did you steal billions from the world?" "My grampy couldn’t play golf." I mean it takes a special kind of chutzpah to pull off such shit.

Anyway, the real reason Jews at Google and elsewhere suppress the concept of White National Liberation is because that’s what the Alt Right is about at its core. It’s not a supremacist ideology or movement to conquer non-white worlds. It’s not a hegemonic ideology to bring non-whites to the West to lord over them as a helot class. It’s not a class-supremacist ideology that say white elites should work with fellow elites of other nations to reduce all non-elite masses into interchangeable units of cattle.

It’s about white people waking up to realize that there’s more to oneself than consumerism, hedonism, and PC dogma. It’s about reconnecting oneself to one’s roots, heritage, and territory. And in order to do this, a people must break free from the chains of supremacist hegemony. In the West, Jews have hegemonic and supremacist power. They have denied white people in Europe, Canada, United States, and Australia a sense of autonomy, independence, and sovereignty. Jews have wormed into all the elite institutions and industries and reprogrammed the core code to fundamentally alter the meaning of the West. White people used to think that they had a territory, history, and culture to call their own. But Jews used their control of media and academia to indoctrinate white elite minds with the notion that whiteness is just a social construct, white lands don’t belong to whites(but to the world), white women should reject white men as inferior and welcome Afro-Colonization of White Wombs, white history should be retconned to make believe that the great figures of Western heritage were black or non-white, and white people should forever feel ‘guilty’ and atone for their ‘sins’ by making amends to serve other people(especially Jews and blacks). So, according to the Jewish globalist template, there is NOTHING that whites can call, claim, defend, or preserve as their own. Everything that is European, Western, or white must be ‘shared’ with the rest of the world but especially with Jews of course. After all, if white people were to adopt PC to the letter and tried to treat Jews and Palestinians the same way, Jews will flip out and call such equal treatment ‘antisemitic’. Jews demand that whites favor Zionists over Palestinians and ADL over BDS. So, Jews are not really motivated by sincere universal idealism. Jews want access to everything that whites have. Now, if Jews said that they, as Jews, want all that white stuff, it will seem greedy and self-serving. So, Jews mask their greed for white stuff with universal call for ‘inclusion’. But this is most advantageous to Jews since Jews are most adept at taking wealth from other people. Consider Russia in the 90s. In that freewheeling world, Russia was wide open for plunder. But which people looted most of Russia? The Jews because they were most adept and savvy at pulling the strings and rigging the system to fill their own pockets. Imagine a land of kangaroos where things are so good. Suppose rabbits want access to loot the place. Now, if rabbits called for openness just to fill their jowls, it would sound greedy and tribal. Therefore, suppose the rabbits call for universal inclusion of all animals to enter the land of kangaroos. So, will all kinds of animals end up grabbing the loot of kangaroo-land equally? No, since rabbits can run faster, they will grab all the good stuff before others can. If a land is open to rabbits, tortoises, sloths, wombats, gophers, and skunks to pillage, which bunch of animals will get to grab most? The rabbits of course because they can race over there before others. Universal involvement doesn’t lead to universally equal results. Even if all Americans are presented with the same opportunities, Jews will out-compete most in business, science, and law. And blacks will out-compete most in sports. The naturally superior — Ashkenazi Jews have higher IQ — will rise above universality to hierarchy.

It is because Jews want access to white stuff that they mask their greed and self-interest with bogus high-minded rhetoric of ‘inclusion’ and universality. Jews know that they can beat the competition in reaching the highest echelons of power and privilege in the West. And Jews want power and privilege to serve their own tribal interests. But lest Jewish-centrism come across as wanton and gluttonous, Jews pretend to be leading all the huddled masses of the world to partake of white land and wealth that Jews say whites don’t really deserve because of ‘white guilt’ — whites supposedly stole from other peoples — and because ‘exclusion’ is ‘racist’ and ‘supremacist’. According to Jewish Supremacists, whites merely wanting to live in white lands and guard their white culture is ‘exclusive’, which makes it ‘xenophobic’, which makes it ‘racist’, which makes it ‘antisemitic’. This is how Jews play the game. It’s all just one big con-game, the kind pulled by slick operators in David Mamet films.

Jews are the ones in supremacist mode. They are the ones who hold whites in bondage to Jewish-centrism, Israel Firstism, Jews Uber Alles, Jewish Nihilism, Jewish Above-the-Law-ism. They are the ones who make white soldiers fight and die in Wars for Israel. They are the ones who control all the media to brainwash whites into hating their own race, Russia, Iran, and whatever Jews don’t like at the moment. Jews have no sense of principles. They will denounce Trump supporters as ‘nazi’ even as they work with real Neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine. They will say the US must engage in more Wars against Terror, only to make the US work with terrorists to undermine the governments of Syria, Iran, or any nation hated by Jews.

What Jews fear most in the present is not White Supremacism because such doesn’t exist in the US or EU. The few KKK or Neo-Nazi elements are scattered, dumb, and have no power of any kind. If indeed the Alt Right movement was made up of such morons, Jews would have nothing to fear as most people see white-supremacist ideology for what it is: Idiotic stuff you see on Jerry Springer. It’s bald-headed guys with low IQ and tattoos giving the nazi salute.

The core message of the Alt Right is White National Liberation. It is a struggle for emancipation from Jewish Supremacism that dominates globalism, the current world imperialism that is the most evil force in the world, possibly in all of human history because globalism is an all-out assault to sweep away all races and all cultures on every corner of the world with Israel as the lone ark to survive the flood.
But then, lords of Chaos like George Soros are so demented that they might even sacrifice Israel for the nihilistic delight of transforming the whole world into a ceaseless melting pot of change. If Soros could blow up the Moon and upset the geological balance of Earth, he would. Some people see Soros as a Holocaust Survivor and some see him as a Nazi Collaborator. Some say he had no choice but to hide his identity and collaborate with Nazis to save his own skin. Some say he felt no remorse about what he did. In a way, both sides are missing the bigger picture. The fact is Soros is a sorcerer as pathological and demented as Hitler. His deeds as a young man weren't merely acts of desperation or opportunism in relation to the terrible moment. They were manifestations of his true nature as a nihilist who is capable of anything, not so much to survive or even to thrive but to attain godlike power to turn the world upside down just for the thrill of it. In this sense, he even frightens some Jews. Most Jewish elites will do anything to make Jews richer and stronger. Soros seems to do that too, but then pushes even further even if it endangers Jews because he wants the power of a god. He is Harry Lime with a god complex.

Anyway, there is no idea Jews fear more than the notion of White National Liberation because it undermines the whole edifice of controls based on the concept of White Supremacism. Jews have fooled so many white people(and non-whites) into believing that any sign of white identity, white interests, white history, white culture, and white territoriality is ‘white supremacist’ or ‘nazi’. And because of Jewish monopoly of media and academia, counter-narratives and counter-arguments have not been allowed in mainstream channels or respectable discourse. It’s been Jews talking with other Jews to decide on the proper definition and destiny of whiteness. The only role for white people is to listen, learn, agree, and obey. Any sign of dissent is diagnosed as signs of ‘odious’ and ‘noxious’ White Supremacism.

But the notion of White National Liberation, White Emancipation, White Autonomy, and White Sovereignty gives the lie to the Jewish Narrative. White Identity is not about white supremacist will to lord over other peoples but the white desire to break free of the real supremacism in America that is totally Jewish. Jews are masters of projection, and they are merely projecting their own supremacism onto whites to shame and guilt-bait whites into remaining as perennial servants and cucks of Jews. This is why Jews are banning the notion of white people seeking liberation from Jewish Supremacism that really rules American business, media, academia, law, and politics(which is mostly about gentile cucks taking money from Jews and doing as told).

In a nutshell, the US is a Jewish Culture of Hate where all Americans are obligated to hate whomever and whatever happens to be hated by Jewish Globalist Supremacists.
Why do Jewish Supremacists hate Alt Right? Because Alt Right won’t join in on this culture of Jewish Supremacist Hate. Alt Right refuses to hate Russia for defending itself from Jewish globalist financial rapists. Alt Right refuses to hate Iran, a nation that hasn’t invaded anyone and hasn’t a single nuke. Alt Right refuses to hate Syria, a secular-modern nation before Zionist-controlled US pushed ‘color revolution’ into it to foment mayhem and chaos. US and its allies violated Syrian borders and sent terrorist killers to rape, loot, and destroy ancient treasures. CIA aided Jihadi lunatics. Alt Right refuses to hate Palestinians, a people who’ve long been treated like white patriots are treated in US and EU. Alt Right refuses to hate Venezuela. Let Venezuela embark on its own course, whether left or right. It’s not the business of America to stick its nose into the affairs of Latin American nations. Alt Right refuses to hate Hungary for wanting to maintain Hungary as a Hungarian civilization of people and culture. Alt Right refuses to hate Poland for insisting that Poland remain Polish in ethnos, territory, and memory.
Alt Right refuses to join in the Jewish Supremacist Culture of Hate. It is for white identity and interests independent of the Jewish Globalist Mafia boss. The Big Jewish Hater accuses Alt Right of hate to mask his own ugly hate.
Alt Right howls like a wolf independent of the master narrative decreed by Jews. The wolf-hunt is on. Jewish masters and their pack of cuck-dogs are out to capture, muzzle, and cage Alt Right wolves. But always remember… the howl of a lone wolf can be heard over greater distances than the barking of a thousand dogs. An independent wolf is nobler for its freedom and independence. That is why Jews fear the idea of White National Liberation.

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