Monday, April 13, 2020

Covid-19 Crisis has led to Tug-A-Jew Struggle among Wanna-Be-Cucks around the World — Will Anglucks or Anglo-Cucks regain their Status as the Top Cucks of Jewish Supremacism?

Covid-19 Crisis has exposed what the World Power Game is really about. It's a contest among cucks to win the approval of the Jews. In this, Iran is the only true exception. Even China and Russia are in the Cuck-Victory or Cuctory camp. They are trying to win the game of "Jews Favor Us Most".

Anglo Cucks are Anglucks. Chinese Cucks are Chucks. Russian/Moscow Cucks are Moscucks. Hindu Cucks are Hinducks. They are all playing the game of Tug-a-Jew. Jewish Power is like the most awesome bachelor, and the various cuck nations are pleading with Jews to "Marry me, fuc* me, and let me have your baby." It's truly a sorry sight. Among Anglucks, we see such putting-out behavior not only from the usual whores(in the Democratic Party, Republican Party, 'mainstream liberalism', and 'Conservatism Inc.') but from so-called Dissident Rightists like John Derbyshire whose anti-Chinese screed amounts to "We Anglucks sucky sucky you better. Master Jew, come to OUR whore house." How pathetic that these major goy powers/nations are into 'Me So Horny, Me So Horny' mode at the feet of Jewish Power.

Of course, Anglucks have a longer history of cucking to Jews. Indeed, Anglos once had power OVER Jews. They weren't always Anglucks. But what historical ironies. Adolf Hitler and Nazis appealed to Anglos in UK and US for partnership. Northern Anglo whites and Germanics as Fellow Aryans who'd rule the world together. The official narrative says the Anglos, despite being imperialist and all that, said NO to the sinister Darth-Vaderian German offer. "Luke, join the Dark Side." Anglos had supremacist tendencies and had their share of 'racism', but they had a sense of limits and were doing their best to move toward greater justice and liberty for ALL mankind. Anglos said NO to German 'Aryan' supremacism. They sided with pitiable Jews who were being victimized and slaughtered by the Nazi 'Aryan' war-machine that sought to 'conquer the world'. Then, how ironic that the very Anglos who said NO to German supremacism ended up saying YES YES YES to Jewish supremacism? And Jews, the people who've been parading themselves as the primary victims of Racial Supremacist Ideology, are now the biggest practitioners of Racial Supremacist Agenda premised on the vile conviction that any number of goy lives and liberties should be sacrificed on the altar of the Almighty Jew. If millions of Arab lives are destroyed? Who cares? If Iranian women and children are made to suffer? Let them suffer, let them die. If EU is flooded with tons of African and Muslim invaders because Wars for Israel destabilized borders in North Africa and Middle East? Let the whites be invaded and replaced. Besides, Diversity is useful for Jews in playing Divide-and-Rule among goyim. Anglos rejected one supremacist offer(of the Nazis) to end up serving the supremacism of the other(the Jews as main victims of Nazis). Of course, as the Official Victims of Supremacism, Jews get a pass on their own Supremacism. Jewish checks, no matter how costly and ridiculous(or bogus), are written off as Reparations for the Holocaust. It's the Holo-Cost.

As Anglos went from Anglo-Lords or Anglords to Anglucks, they set the template for all of the world. Following World War II, the Anglo World was richest and most powerful. US, Canada, and Australia were in great shape. UK was drained by WWII but less damaged than most major European nations. Also, its empire was still intact. Even with the decline of UK and rise of US, it was Anglo Power just the same as the ruling elites in the US were WASPS and Anglo-Americanized whites. Anglords had the supreme power.
But their Christian Moralism of guilt and redemption gave an opening to Jews. Also, there was an element of naivete and 'innocence' in the American Character owing to the official mythology of America as the Nation of Freedom, Liberty, and Equality that had broken free of old, repressive, and corrupt Europe. As such, Anglo-Americans were more sensitive to criticism of American failures. Still, Anglords would surely have kept the power if not for the presence of Jews who not only took over key industries and institutions in media and academia but used them to bait White Guilt. Also, Jewish Big Think or Propheticism seemed sexy like Ron Jeremy's dong to the Anglos who'd grown accustomed to moderation, pragmatism, empiricism, and restraint. Whether it was the Big Think of Jewish Leftists or Jewish Libertarians(like Ayn Rand), Anglos felt 'liberated' by the sheer excess of Jewish ego, confidence, and pride. (Likewise, black music had a similar effect on whites because blacks held nothing back and drew their musical energies directly from their loins.)
Initially, Jews began to gain influence over Anglo/Americans by intellectual fireworks and moral appeal. Back then, Jews didn't have the power to FORCE Anglos to change their views and values at the drop of a hat. They just seemed to make the stronger or more compelling arguments, made easier by their increasing control of the media and narrative. As such, Anglos who changed their minds in accordance to Jewish appeals were not necessarily Anglucks. But with each passing year, Anglos went more and more from Anglords to Anglucks. The children of WASP parents in elite colleges were trained to regard 'racism' as the worst crime and made to believe Jews are pure as snow in historical innocence. They grew up with Anne Frank as the new madonna and the Holocaust as the new crucifixion. And as Jews grew richer and more powerful, more whites came to realize they can't get anywhere without Jewish support. But it wasn't just the increasing influence but the consecration of Jews as Holy Holocaust Victims that made it nearly impossible to speak honestly about or challenge Jewish Power. Whether it was Democrats or Republicans, their highest concept of Morality and the Good was "We are more supportive of Israel and servile to Jewish interests."
If such dynamics had unfolded in some second-rate nation, it wouldn't have mattered much. But it happened in the US, the richest and most powerful nation on Earth. And the people who cucked to Jews were Anglos, the most dominant people around the world for at least three centuries. So, whatever Anglo-Americans did wasn't just something they did on their own with Jews. As the very national group associated with world dominance for centuries, it had a seismic effect on all the world. If Anglos, the lords of the world, cuck to Jews, it must be the New Standard for all mankind. If lowly Greeks or Mexicans had cucked to Jews but if Anglo-Americans hadn't, things would have been different. But Anglo-Americans were the guys who beat Germany and Japan. They were the guys who contained the awesome Soviet Union in the Cold War. Indeed, they'd achieved the tremendous feat of turning the North American wilderness into a superpower in a historical blip. And yet, these mighty people submitted to Jews and found themselves unable to say NO to Jews on anything. So, the ripple effect of this was HUGE. Furthermore, Anglucks didn't just submit to Jews politically and economically but 'spiritually' and 'morally'. Jews weren't merely giants but holy gods. Jews were might and right. And this holiness was associated with Jewish Victimhood, a Narrative that could be used to hide the extent of Jewish Power. So, the message around the world was 'Jews Rule America and Are Not to Mess With' but also 'You Cannot Call Out on Jewish Power'.

As Anglucks surrendered Moral Legitimacy and Political Power to the Jews, their only hope was as comprador cucks of Jews. Let Jews play first fiddle, but Anglos can at least play second fiddle IF they suck up to Jews. This mentality has seeped so deeply into the American Psyche that even those Anglos and whites who've been persecuted and de-personed by Jews do everything to win back the Jewish Affection(that never really existed in the first place). So, the National Review magazine, which cucks to Neocons, had John Derbyshire purged, but Derbyshire thinks his China-bashing will put him back in good graces with Jews. Alex Jones was de-platformed by Jews, but he pretends as if the 'Chicoms' are behind it. Jared Taylor was taken off Twitter and Paypal by the Jews — and his views are often censored on Youtube — , but his priority is always to suck up to Zionists and censor anyone on his site who calls out on Jewish Power. If Dissident Right Anglos act this way, just imagine how Anglos in Democratic and Republican Parties act. The Joe Bidens and Mitt Romneys of the world. What a pathetic bunch.
Now, why didn't Jews accept the Angluck bargain in good faith? After all, Nazi Germans would have been more than happy to form a partnership with Anglos. Indeed, Germans would have accepted an equal or even an subordinate partnership with Anglos. Germans had no designs on the British Empire. Hitler admired the Anglos and wanted to be on good graces with them. Hitler was a shit in many ways, but he did believe in mutual respect with leaders and nations he admired. We see this between Germany and Italy. Though Hitler's view of Italians wasn't much, he truly admired Mussolini and kept his end of the bargain. He did everything to make the cowardly Italians look good. After the third-rate Greeks whupped fourth-rate Italians, Hitler had Germany take Greece to save Mussolini's face. So, if Anglos had made a deal with Hitler, Hitler would have kept it: Germans and Anglos together as best friends forever.

So, why didn't Jews take this offer from the Anglos: Jewish power and Anglo power together would have been unbeatable. But there was one difference. The factor of ethno-psychology. It all hinged on how Jews saw Anglos and regarded themselves(through the imagined Anglo gaze). If the Nazis regarded Anglos as racial equals and brethren, Jews regarded Anglos as the Goy Other(and felt that Anglos, despite their all-too-sudden sentimentality about Jews, privately regarded Jews as a bunch of nasty 'kikes'). Also, if Nazi Germans regarded Anglos as equal to them in every way — intelligence, ability, vision, talent, looks, etc — , Jews felt both massive inferiority complex and superiority complex vis-a-vis the Anglos. Too many Jews who looked like Anthony Weiner and Woody Allen hated the fact that they were funny-looking compared to Anglos. Even when Anglos didn't make fun of Jews and treated them nice, Jews got into an Edgar-Allan-Poe-like paranoia about what Anglos REALLY think. It's like Woody Allen in the opening of ANNIE HALL saying he heard the guy say 'Jew Eat?' instead of 'Did you eat?' So, as long as Jews co-existed with Anglos, the very reality of Anglo looks was an affront to Jewish self-image, made all the worse by the fact that Jewish Portnoys agreed that Anglo women were preferable to Jewish women in looks, the subject of THE HEARTBREAK KID. As Jewish women rose up the ranks, they brought their own brand of neurosis into the mix from the hurt that they felt over Jewish men and society finding White Women more desirable than Jewish Women.

At the same time, Jews felt superiority complex over Anglos as they couldn't help feeling smarter, more clever, and wittier than the Anglos. Whether Woody Allen vs Anglos in his movies or Frederic Raphael's GLITTERING IMAGES, there is abrasive Jewish arrogance in beating White goyim in the arena of wit, insight, and cunning. So, both the angry inferiority-complex-side and arrogant superiority-complex-side of Jews in relation to Anglos didn't make for a stable partnership. No matter how much Anglos sucked up to them, Jews were offended & belittled by the fact that Anglos were taller & more attractive AND felt contempt & arrogance toward the less intelligent and/or more naive Anglos.
Besides, it must have been a truly piteous sight for Jews to see the once-mighty Anglos grovel at their feet. Here was this race that had conquered and ruled the world. The race that produced Douglas MacArthur and George Patton. But they were now on their knees begging the Jews, "Can I suck your cock? I will swallow." It's impossible to feel any respect for such cucky-wucks. It's one thing for poor folks in some hapless third-rate nation to act thus. But for Anglos, the world conquerors and leaders? And to a bunch of nebbish Jews? (Ethno-psychology matters. If Hitler would have kept his bargain with Anglos, he certainly didn't keep it with Stalin and the Slavs, whom he despised racially and culturally. Had Anglos cut a deal with Hitler, they were on safe ground. But Russians weren't.)

Because Anglos created the New Order, Jews formed a partnership with them, BUT it could not be equal or based on mutual respect/interest. Rather, while Jews increased Jewish Power, Jewish Identity, and Jewish Interests, Anglos were to ever decrease their own. Jews would grow more the Master while Anglos would grow more the Dog. While Jews emphasized Jewish unity among Jews of all nations and classes, they demanded that Anglos totally abandon Anglo/white identity except as a dirty epithet or smear. 'Jewish' is noble, 'White' is awful. Therefore, the Terms of Agreement in the partnership was that (1) Jews keep their identity, interests, & unity, and furthermore, whites support, defend, and honor Jewish identity, interests, & unity (2) White elites denounce white identity, white interests, & white unity, and whites may operate & succeed ONLY AS deracinated individuals IF AND ONLY IF they cuck to Jewish Power, Magic Negro Cult, and Globo-Homo-mania.
In other words, Anglos and whites can still become rich and rise up the ladder BUT only as individuals and as cuckish servants & toadies of Jewish Power and Jewish Supremacism.

And so, Anglords turned into a race of Anglucks. And as Anglo-Americanism was the template of whiteness in the US, whites of all other ethnic groups followed suit. We have Italian-Americans who follow the Angluck model. Rudy Giuliani kisses Zionist ass and wears woman's clothing at globo-homo parades. This means that while rich elite Jews can care for and champion the needs of ALL Jews, white elites could not act for white interests or white solidarity. White elites can keep their elite status ONLY IF they serve Jewish elites who stand for Jewish Unity. So, even as whites did everything to ensure and promote Jewish preservation, power, and glory, Jews did everything to chip away at white power and unity. Paradoxically, the Jewish allowance of white elite success undermined white power/interests even more. Had Jews targeted all whites for collective ruin, then ALL whites would have gotten the message that they are NOTHING in the Jewish Dominated Order. Then, there would have been white unity and resistance as smart whites would have sided with lesser whites against Jews. Jews figured that the best way to undermine white unity is to provide lots of carrots for the best-and-brightest whites who would be showered with prizes and accolades as long as (1) they sought success as atomized individuals (2) praised & revered Jews (3) denounced white identity and white pride in favor of Diversity and Jungle Fever. That way, Jews got to own the best-and-brightest whites who, otherwise, might have sided with the white masses against Jewish Power. The most effective kind of oppression is not to equally oppress all of the Other but to provide goodies to the best-and-brightest among them so that they will work for you than champion and lead their own people. (It's interesting how Jews went from appealing to white vulgar mentality to appealing to white elite mentality. When Jews were on their way up, many non-elite whites cheered the Jews as 'populist' bad boys, as with the Marx Brothers, who gave the Middle Finger to rich white snobs. Of course, the Marx Brothers ridiculed the goy in the street as well as the goy in the Ivory Tower, but the sheer anarchic energy of such Jewish comics was appealing to many whites who felt down and out. Back then, plenty of whites in the South, Midwest, and the West resented the 'Eastern Establishment' of Anglo Brahmins. So, when Jewish comedians and mavericks championed unruly class rebellion, they seemed like heroes of the Common Man. The unwashed goyim had no idea that Jews were mocking Wasp elites so that THEY THE JEWS would take over as the new elites. Once Jews did gain the status as the New Rulers of America, they no longer had use for white American populism. If Marx Brothers and the Three Stooges once used to represent Jewish comedy, Jewish humor was epitomized in the 90s by Jerry Seinfeld whose show appealed to urbane yuppie tastes and went over the heads of the hoi polloi. And then, incredibly enough, Jews even waged War on Humor as comedy and jokes could be used to mock Jewish Power and Supremacy by the likes of Sam Hyde. Of late, Nick Fuentes has used comedy to provoke Jewish Power, and Jews won't have any of it, which is why he was taken off Youtube. And today, Jews appeal to white elites in the denunciation of lowly, crude, and vulgar populism of the white working class, the very opposite of what they'd done with the Marx Brothers.)

Anglos, once the rulers of the world, turned into Anglucks. And the world realized this. They came to understand that the US, the lone superpower, is essentially about White Folks cucking to Jews. Jews are like the gods of politics, and in US as Valhalla, Angluck Warriors worship and sing praises to the Jewish gods. If Anglos and Anglo-Americanized whites, the bulk of the US(as lone superpower) act this way, then the message heard around the world is the formula for global success is to serve the Jews to gain their tolerance, approval, and blessing. (It's like Sollozzo the Turk needed Don Corleone's approval to do business in New York in THE GODFATHER.) And Jews know that the world sees Global Power this way. A people or nation won't rise to great wealth UNLESS they put out to Jews as the global godfather or godpimp. Though Anglos had been much diminished under Jewish Power, the fact is many continue to do well in the New Jewish Order only because they serve the Jews for approval and blessing.

And so, the Angluck Template led to the rise of the Chucks(Chinese Cucks), Moscucks(Moscow Cucks), and Hinducks(Hindu Cucks). Of course, there are many others such as Polucks(Polish Cucks) and Japucks(or Japanese Cucks), but as their nations are second-rate political puppets of the US empire, it doesn't really matter. They have no choice but to be cucks. But China, Russia, and India still have some degree of real sovereignty. They are not part of the US empire and therefore must make an extra effort to win over Jewish Approval and Blessing. They must play the game of Tug-A-Jew.
Of course, they play this game with a certain trepidation. They don't trust the US, and they don't trust Jews. (And they don't want to end up as pathetic as the Anglucks.) At one time, Russians did trust Jews in the 1990s and got burned real bad. Boris Yeltsin and his crew thought being Moscucks would bring many blessings. Invite Jews to fix the Russian economy, and both Jews and Russians would get richer and do well. But what did Jews do? They raped the entire economy and let countless Russians die of despair and drugs. Of course, some Russian elites did get rich by collaborating with Jews, but the Jewish-Russian bargain was like the Jewish-Anglo one. Russians could get ahead as individuals(collaborating with Jews), but they better forget about Russian solidarity or Russian nationalism. But things got so bad that it led to a backlash under Vladimir Putin who rejected the Hyper-Moscuck strategy of the 90s. Russians realized that Jews could never treat Russians on equal terms. Jews saw Russians as either collaborators or cattle. Still, Jewish Power around the world was such that Putin could not drop the Moscuck Strategy completely. Rather, he changed the dial from Hyper-Moscuckery to Moderate-Moscuckery. Of course, for Jewish Supremacists, even this was outrageous. How dare Russia not totally put out to the Jews? Don't these dumb, stupid, drunken Russians know that Anglos, once the mightiest people on Earth, totally cucked to Jews? Then, how dare the Russians not totally cave to Jewish demands? (Ukrainians totally cuck to Jews, and that's really been great!) So, that set of the Jewish War on Russia, but there still hasn't been a Russian War on Jewry because, even as Jews piss on Russia, Putin knows that Russia still needs connections to the Empire of Judea to have a role in the global economy. Putin's partial-cuckery is on display every time he meets with Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel undermines everything Russia tries to do in Syria. Jews in Israel work with Jews in the US to sanction Russia and apply pressure. But Putin has to show his philosemitic credentials by shining Netanyahu's shoes and kissing his arse.
One thing about cuckery is it breeds jealousy. While all cucks are in the same boat of cuckery, they are jealous of the affection or approval that other cucks get. It's like all dogs are dogs but envious of other dogs getting more hugs, pets on the head, or doggy-biscuits from the Master. If you give one dog something, other dogs feel resentful. If you hug one dog, other dogs want their hugs and more. Cucks are like Concubines. If one concubine is favored by the lord, other concubines feel jealous and want to knock her down a few pegs.

And this is why Anglucks, Chucks, Moscucks, Hinducks, and others sometimes go out of their way to show that they are more 'horny' and 'sucky-sucky' with the Jews as top pimp. Part of the reason why Anglucks are so hostile to China and Russia is that they see them as cuck-competitors for Jewish Blessing. "We Anglucks cuck to you Jews most, so please oh please love us most, dear master." In the 90s, the Jewish-Russian Axis became nearly a thing as Jews were totally taking over that country. Also, the Jewish-Chinese Axis began to emerge around the same time as Jewish Globalists figured on totally destroying white unity in the US by having corporate elites hire Chinese and others while dumping on the American working class. As Russian elites and the Chinese had much to gain from this New Order, they cucked to Jewish globalists. Though Anglucks didn't publicly protest this(as they were totally afraid of their Jewish Masters), they were feeling jealous and neglected. Instead of strengthening the Jewish-Anglo partnership, Jews seemed to be forming New Partnerships with other would-be cucks. Israel was building Jewish centers in China. The Jewish-Chinese marriage became a big thing in elite circles. China fawned on Jews, and Jewish Media promoted closer US-China ties in the 1990s and 2000's. Around the same time, Thomas Friedman was traveling in India and promoting the Hindu-Jew or HinJew partnership. Jews seeme to think it'd be a neat idea to replace many white professionals with Hindu ones. Google hired a Hinduck as CEO. Jewish Disney figured on bringing over tons of Hindus to replace white managers and professionals. Anglucks were feeling sad and blue over such developments, but if the Jewish Master wanted it, what could they do?

But the Covid-19 crisis offers an opportunity for the Anglucks to win back the affection of their Master. Even though Jews spearheaded globalism and made all those deals with Chucks and Hinducks, Anglucks don't blame the Jews. Instead, they hope to regain the status as the main cuck-darling of the Jews. So, Anglucks make noises about, "Look Master, Chucks lied and People died. Chucks are bad, so please love us Anglucks, dear master." Hinducks see an opening too. "Oh, Jewish Master, Chucks are bad news, so please send bulk of the global economy our way to India, and we Hinducks will serve you most loyally like that Uncle CEO at Google." And I'm sure Chucks will look for some pathetic way to appeal to Jews by sucking up to Israel more, cutting ties with Iran, and collaborating with World Jewry to suppress white identity.

It's all so pitiful. It's time for Russians to stop being Moscucks. Chinese must stop being Chucks, and Indians must stop being Hinducks. Maybe they see themselves as just playing the game, but Jews always win because they got so many cuck-suitors willing to take it up the ass. These nations need to learn to live within their means. Let Anglucks have the Jews. Anglucks may believe their future is bright as the main 'partners' of the awesome Jews, but they are doomed. Even if Jews once again chose Anglucks as their main cuck-allies, they will continue to do everything to reduce whites to a occupied and defeated people who must always take orders from Jews, be demographically replaced by diversity, and be sexually Afro-colonized. If Anglucks are so eager to serve such a master, the world should let them have it.

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