Thursday, February 1, 2018

Why White National Liberation Movement Must be Wary of Asians in America

White National Liberationists are familiar with the machinations of Jewish power, the plague of black thuggery, and the Reconquista revanchism of Mexicans. But what about Asians, especially East Asians, who constitute an invisible minority? How do Asians fit into the bigger picture?
If America were a white-dominant nation, there would be little to worry about as Asians are programmed genetically and culturally to obey and conform to the prevailing power. Unfortunately, the ruling elites of America are not white gentiles but Jews, most of whom are hostile to white identity and white interests. Just like Asians in the Soviet Union dutifully served the central authority of the Communist Party, Asians in current America will dutifully serve the prevailing authority of Jews & Homos in promoting Diversity, White Guilt, Homomania, and Negro-Worship.

Most East Asians in America are proggy because they’re yellow dogs. As teacher's pets and imitative followers, they uncritically swallow the official ideology without reflection or contemplation. Consider the Cultural Revolution that ravaged China in the 1960s. Consider how Japanese became fanatic militarists during WWII. And then, under American Occupation, the Japanese became the most obedient toadies of Uncle Sam even though the US had killed millions of Japanese. Koreans have shown themselves to be little more than imitative monkeys or servile dogs. Either they are imitating rapper thugs or serving as commissars of PC. In the Vietnam War, they served as yellow attack dogs of the US empire. Perhaps, higher IQ was wasted on East Asians, a race of dog-like people that know how to learn and follow but not how to lead and think.

Since PC dogma reigns in the US, yellow dogs mostly lean to the ‘left’ and bark rabidly at ‘whitey’. Mao made his minions destroy thousands of years’ worth of arts and treasures all over China. The victorious US tamed Japanese into a bunch of hapless toadies. Uncle Sam merely needed to yell "Attack" to make South Korean dogs maul and murder Vietnamese. North Korean masses are mindless robots and dogs of the Kim regime. Sure, there are always exceptions, but history is made by the general rule, not by outliers.

Given the nature of Asians, it’s hardly surprising that some of the most rabid and virulent anti-white agents in America are these yellow dogs who bark on command of Jews, homos, and Negroes. Since Jews rule the US and have anointed Homos and Negroes as the quintessential and iconic Americans and Magical People, the slavish and dog-like Asians feel it is their duty to serve the Three Holy Peoples. If the Holy Three say whites are the source of all evil and injustice, yellow dogs in their roles as teacher's pets will bark like mad at white people even though the ONLY reason why Asians got to enjoy their place in American society is because Europeans envisioned, founded, and did most to build America. Yes, yes, blacks did a lot of heavy lifting in the slavery era, and Chinese played a key role in the building of railroads, but without Europeans, there would be no America, period. But that isn’t what is taught or emphasized in schools; therefore, Asians, as simple-minded teacher's pets, tend to earnestly follow the official narrative of PC that permeates all textbooks. Also, because they are so deficient in the Cool Factor, they are so eager to seem hip and 'edgy' by imitating or sucking up to Pop Cultural fashions that glorify blacks, homos, and Jews. Even though white gentiles are prominently featured in Pop Culture, they are not allowed to express any racial identity, solidarity, or pride, and almost all villains are white, except in cases where they are Asian or Muslim. (Notice the villains are almost never Jews, homos, or blacks.)
While it’s true that many Asian kids don’t come to America with anti-white animus or are raised that way by their parents, even they will likely turn proggy once they undergo years of PC indoctrination. Also, being status-obsessed, yellow dogs will submit and conform to ANY ideology that happens to be associated in the Current Year with prestige and social approval. While all people try to avoid social opprobrium, such concern is a much bigger factor among Asians because they lack a strong sense of individuality. As such, their main identity comes from fitting in, belonging, and being approved by others. Notice how the Japanese are so mindful not to upset the cart and raise the ire of the larger community. While this aspect of Asian-ness comes with certain advantages — more cohesion and cooperation — , the downside is Asian individuals tend to be more defined by what OTHERS think of them than what they themselves think in their heart of hearts. As such, a true sense-of-self fails to fully mature and develop among Asians.
Since Americanized Asians seem more outgoing and expressive than Asians in Asia, one may be tempted to think that they have gained or developed true individuality. But in fact, most of them are merely trying to imitate the American Norms to win acceptance and approval. In contrast, Jews, Homos, and blacks, despite their minority status, have exhibited stronger will, attitude, and agency in creating their own styles and narratives, in time even changing the norms of the White Gentile Straight majority itself. In contrast, Asians in America, as ‘yellow cake’, is blander than ‘white bread’. Having no assertive will of their own, Asians need to draw upon the energies of the Other to feel purposeful in life. Why did so many Chinese become such mindless sheep of Mao? Having no individual will or soul, they were attracted to the Great Man who imbued their dog-like existence with direction and goal.

This is why most Asians in America are proggy, filled with anti-white animus, and call for Diversity.
As the most powerful will, attitude, and agency are now with Jews, homos, and blacks, most Asians in America obey Jews, serve black rage, and worship homos. If Asians in Past White-Christian-dominated America tended to become good obedient Christians, today’s Asians become commissars of PC or consumers of trashy Pop Culture.

Most Asians in America are earnest-naive-stupid. At least Jews push PC notion like Diversity to boost their own power. Jews are the ruling elites who use Diversity for divide-and-rule strategy in a gentile majority nation. Jews are too smart to push for non-Jewish diversity in Israel. So, Jews know what they’re doing. They know PC and ideology are mere instruments to further Jewish Power. They don’t really believe in that stuff. Faith in PC is for the birds. It’s like Stalin and Mao used Marxism for their own ends. They often deviated from the theory because their main agenda was about power and control. Smart people know that ideas exist to serve a people. Stupid or childlike people believe they exist to serve an idea. Jews, being smart and savvy, know well enough to promote Diversity in gentile nations but NOT in Israel.

In contrast, earnest yellow dogs ingest the Rules of PC as holy text. They seek academic and professional success in the West not to gain dominance but to serve the dominant power, which currently happens to be Jewish and Homo. And since yellows swallow the PC whole hog, they sincerely export the nonsense back to their homelands. All those imitative yellows in Canada and US are regurgitating the PC they imbibed(in Jew-homo-run America) back to their nations of origin. Why is else Taiwan so crazy for ‘gay marriage’ now?

Paradoxically, as yellows gain more positions in elite ranks in the West, they will end up doing more harm to their own kind as well as to whites. Just think: Yellows seek status to serve the Dominant Power that happens to be Jewish-Homo-Americanus. Since Jewish-Homo-American globalism is against all vestiges of gentile-nationalism, these privileged yellows in high positions will eventually export anti-gentile-nationalism to their own homelands and end up unwittingly working AGAINST their own kind. Because Asians in America are so devotional to the Dominant Power as the purveyor of all truth, they earnestly believe that PC is the highest good for all mankind. (They are too innocent and stupid to ask, "If Jews push this Diversity stuff on gentile nations, why don’t they do likewise on Israel?") Asians in America gaining elite positions doesn’t necessarily translate into greater Asian power. If anything, the result could be the very opposite. It’s like, when a Negro was elevated from a Field Negro to a House Negro, it made the prospect of black power and liberation even dimmer. Why? The House Negro wasn’t allowed into the master’s house to take over. Rather, he was let in to serve the massuh in controlling the rest of the Negroes even better. Likewise, these yellow dogs enter Ivy League colleges to become servants than masters. Just look at the spread of homomaniacal crap in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and even Vietnam, the proud nation that sacrificed millions of lives to drive out American Imperialists!

Whites must oppose yellows as either servants or masters. There is no reason for white nations to be ruled by non-white elites/masters of any kind. Also, when yellows become servants, they are NOT serving white gentile nationalism but Jewish-Homo Globalism. Because the West is ruled by Jews and Homos(the quasi-spiritual proxies of Jews), white people have become a subject people, a colonized people. Since yellows love to serve the Master, they currently serve Jews and Homos to break the body and will of white gentiles.
But then, since the Jewish-Homo agenda is to weaken the national pride & unity of all gentile nations, these yellow dogs will, in time, serve as agents of Jew-Homo-Globalism in the cucking of Asia. Taiwan is a harbinger of things to come. It is now just a yellow Canada, a cultural Puerto Rico of the Homo West.

Given their nature, yellows will never gain dominance in the West, but they are dangerous nevertheless because they are diligent and dutiful servants of the Power(of Jews and homos). And if yellows feel frustration and dissatisfaction in America, Jews will manipulate childish Asian minds to blame it all on Whitey. So, if black criminality harms Asians, it’s Whitey’s fault. If Jewish Hollywood stereotypes or excludes Asians, it’s Whitey’s fault. If Jewish-run elite colleges discriminate against Asians, it’s Whitey’s fault. If some Asians lose themselves in drugs and decadence, it’s Whitey’s fault. Now, why would Asians in America be discontent? Some Asians will surely wonder why they never seem to gain real traction and power despite their excelling in academics. In truth, they fail to gain dominance because, once they come to the West, yellow women lose all respect for dorkus yellow men like the silly ‘Jap’ loser in FARGO. So, even as they pass exams, they fail in making love and life, and this failure now has infected yellow nations themselves. Also, as alpha Asians will mix with whites & other races, the remaining Asians will become even more passive and dorky because the alpha genes will have been lost even more from the Asian gene pool. It’s pure genetics as more able and adventurous Asians mix with other races. So, those Asians who stick together will be dorkier and dorkier… like Amish genetics being weeded of adventurous and individualistic traits.

So, yellows are not dangerous like Jews with a powerful sense of identity, indeed even when they didn’t have a nation of their own for 1000s of yrs. In contrast, Asians lose their identity and culture the moment they leave their homelands. In their new nation, they just want acceptance and approval from the dominant power, which currently happens to be Jewish-Homo Globalism with Negroes as magical icons.

Still, yellows will make a difference in the future of American Power because they will serve as the most dutiful commissars of PC. Look how all these yellow dog judges and lawyers have been working so diligently to block Trump’s agenda and the interests of white Americans. For that reason, yellow dogs must go.

Now, the Hindus… that’s another story. They are more likely to stick together. There is less out-marriage, so their identity will remain more intact.
Also, Hinduism has a sense of truth beyond the temporal, and this gives them a power akin to that of Jews.
East Asians, steeped in Confucian philosophy, have no sense of power or truth beyond the political or social. The biggest man-made power is the ultimate authority for East Asians. So, if PC is the highest man-made authority in the West, East Asians kowtow to it 100%. It’s no wonder why so many Chinese swallowed Maoism 100%. When Mao was alive, he was god-emperor simply because he had the most political power.

In contrast, even as Hindus or Dotkins play along with PC, their cultural habit is to behold(and hide) a sense of truth deeper and higher than the ever-changing social constructions of man.
Jews had this sense too. Even when dwarfed by much greater political-military might of gentile empires, their sense of the Covenant with God made them feel special and unique beyond any temporal or worldly consideration. Their ethno-spiritual consciousness meant more than all the empires of the world. Hindus, with a similar ‘ethno-spiritual’ worldview, are more adept at the chess game of power. They know how to play all the pieces whereas East Asians only know how to play the subordinate pieces to serve whatever happens to be dominant man-made power of the Current Year.


Asian-Americans will be the uber-unter(or over-under) class.

They will rise over the great white middle but serve as commissars under Jewish, Homo, and white cuck elites.

Yellows are diligent and study hard to make the climb but lack agency to think or lead on their own. They only know how to follow, imitate, seek approval, and obey orders. So, they will be the commissar-class of globo-hegemony. They will work against both white patriots in America and yellow patriots in Asia. They will identify mainly with globalism and seek privilege within it. As commissars of Jews and Homos, they will work to undermine white power in the West and subvert native sovereignty in Asian nations. It’s like Francis Fukuyama is a shill of George Soros. He doesn’t defend Japan from globalism. He wants Japan to be open to globalist elite and demographic takeover.

Jewish Globalists push Diversity in elite institutions to make gentile elites identify mainly with their shared privilege under Jewish hegemony than with their own national folks.
British Imperialists employed the same strategy. They trained diverse elites of all colors to identify primarily with British Imperial Glory than with their own peoples. So, if Hindu, African, Arab, or Asian elites all studied together in British institutions, they were likely to identify more with one another as blessed subjects of the British Empire than identify with their own racial kin back home. (In the past, white ‘racism’ awakened the diverse elites to their inferior status within the Empire, and their hurt pride inspired them to struggle for national liberation than continue to serve the Empire of White Privilege. But because the Jewish-dominated American Empire now often favors non-white elites over whites(who are usually blamed for everything), there is a great temptation for non-white elites to side with globalism than with their native folks. The new imperialism of globalism allows non-white elites to reach the top in America and Europe, the richest areas of the world. So, non-white elites often choose to permanently align with American globalism than with their the nationalism of their own folks. If anything, they work with Jews to undermine the sovereignty of their own nations. Because of the PC impression that 'white supremacy' and 'white privilege' are the greatest evils in the West, non-white elites think they are taking over the West by besting the whites. What they remain unaware of is that Jewish supremacists who hold the real power are merely using Asians against white power. So, the rise of Asians in the West is not about gaining mastery but serving the true mastery of Jews who, after having fatally weakened white power, will do the same thing to Asian nations with, of course, the collaboration of Asian agents of globalism.

The Old Imperialism came under attack following WWII as Anti-Imperialist struggles accelerated around the world, heralding the Golden Age of Universal Nationalism.

But, following the end of the Cold War, Jewish-Homo globo-hegemony centered has been pushing a new kind of Universal Imperialism where ALL NATIONS(except Israel) are pressured to resign themselves to massive demographic invasion and the cultural imperialism of Homomania and Negromania.

If white gentile patriots ruled America, yellows would dutifully serve them. But because PC is the official Template of the land, the naturally servile yellows will serve Jewish/Homo globalists and Mulattoes. Also, they will race-mix with Jews, white cuck elites, and mulattoes. They'll just be the minions of Jewish-Homo or Jomo Globalism.

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