Saturday, February 3, 2018

Mass Immigration by Foreign Elements Is Imperialism, Pure and Simple

US should have severely restricted non-white immigrants like the Founders intended.

We hear all this whining about ‘hate’, but ‘hate’ is appropriate to cases where a people aggressively attack and invade other peoples, not when they defend their turf from outsiders who are different in race and culture.
Were Algerians and Vietnamese ‘haters’ against the French in their resistance struggles? No, they only hated French aggression and imperialism. They had no hostility against the French nation per se. They were only trying to reclaim their beloved homelands from foreign occupiers.

Japan doesn’t want to be invaded and colonized by Muslims. Is that ‘hate’?
Must a people invite demographic invasion to be on the side of angels? No, a people who invite invasion are HATE their own kind. Self-hate is the worst kind of crime.

Donald Trump deserves a lot of criticism from all sides, but on the plus side, he has allowed Russia and Iran to finish off the psychopathic ISIS in Syria. He also condemned the Iraq War and Libyan War during the Presidential campaign. If anything, it was the ‘progressives’ who were tight-lipped about all the War Crimes committed against Libya, Ukraine, and Syria during the Obama-Hillary years. Notice that those who now claim to love Muslims did nothing to protest the invasions and destruction of Muslim nations prior to Trump’s victory.

Now, if Trump’s stupid talk about Iran turns into real escalation, he’s be just another pezzonovante of the Jews. I suspect he has no personal animus against Iran. He’s just sucking up to Zionists because Jews are the real masters of America no matter which way you turn. Paradoxically, one has to be more pro-Zionist if hated by most Jews. Because Jew Worship is mandatory and because ‘antisemitism’ is a cardinal sin, one has to go the extra step to prove one’s pro-Jewish credentials when attacked by Jews themselves. Since Jews say Trump is hitler, Trump must do heavy-lifting to demonstrate he’s the best friend of Jews and the ultimate shill for Israel. Even so, there’s no guarantee that he will opt for war with Iran. He could be using heated rhetoric against Iran to keeps the Jews at bay.

Concerning the ‘refugees’, the solution is for the US to stop meddling in the Middle East. Then chances of war will greatly diminish, and then, there will be no more refugees. Muslims can stay in their own nations. If Muslims want to flee their own nations even in peacetime, it means they hate their own kind and prefer to live with whites. They would be the self-haters. Why should the West welcome self-hating Muslims who don’t even want to live with their own kind?

Anyway, no nation can survive by allowing massive foreign invasion-immigration. Mass immigration of foreigners IS invasion. Mass arrival of Jews led to destruction of Palestine. Mass arrival of Spanish led to demise of native peoples in Meso-America. Hawaiians are a minority in their own homeland because of white and yellow mass immigration. The only kind of immigration that works on a large scale is one that lets in the same kind of people. This is why Israeli immigration is Jewish Only. More Jews arriving in the Jewish State means Replenishment, not Replacement. But if Israel allowed tons of non-Jewish immigrants, Jews will face Replacement, and then, the Israel as Jewish State is lost forever.

Anyone who pushes mass immigration by foreigners is an imperialist.

People like Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Theresa May, John McCain, Joe Biden, the Bush clan, and etc no longer have any concern for their own race, culture, and people. They identify with power and privilege(mostly dominated by Jews). If it’s globalism they must serve to keep their positions and privilege, they will do so.

The difference between past imperialism and current imperialism is the former was about one people colonizing another people’s land whereas the latter is about ALL nations being demographically colonized by all peoples as the elites around the world collude to favor their own aggrandizement and privilege above all other considerations. Of course, Israel gets pass-over rights in being exempted from obligation to welcome foreign invaders.
But then, which people control globalism? Only Jews are allowed an arrangement where elites identify with and protect their ethnic kin. Among gentiles, elites are to despise and abandon their own national folks in favor of the company of ‘cosmopolitan’ People of Privilege, all of whom must serve the higher power of Jewish Globalist Supremacism.

Of course, these immigrant-invaders play the passive/aggressive game. They aggressively colonize other nations but then play ‘victims’ of ‘hateful bigoted natives’ who won’t let more of them in. Just look at those Hindus. They seek to take over Anglo-made worlds with massive colonization, but they harp as ‘victims’ of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’. Invading other nations is now a ‘human right’ according to globo-dominated UN. Mass invasion by boat, foot, or by plane is hailed as some god-given right. So, the US is expected to offer ‘sanctuary’ to illegals sacralized as ‘dreamers’. EU must absorb all those who invade by boat or boot.

Natives are supposed to be in self-hate mode and gain love points only by welcoming invaders.

How did the world become this stupid?

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