Friday, February 16, 2018

All Respectable Ideologies and Movements Are Base and Primal at Their Root - In Other Words, George Hawley and Globalist Zionists Are Full of Shi*

George Hee-Hawley, professional investigator of the radioactive movement called the Alt Right

Making Sense of George Hawley.

George Hawley the so-called expert of the American Right has written couple of books on the subjet. One, RIGHT-WING CRITICISM OF AMERICAN CONSERVATISM, doesn’t exclusively deal with the Alt Right but does touch upon the views of certain key Alt Right figures. MAKING SENSE OF THE ALT RIGHT is like an addendum to the earlier book and, despite its short length, focuses solely on the Alt Right movement. Hawley, a dork who should be called Hee-Hawley, is essentially an academic toady and cucky ass-kisser of Jewish supremacist power; therefore, it’s hardly surprising that he resorts to the usual name-calling so common in academia and media. That said, because the academia and so-called mainstream media are such no-go zones for anyone right of Conservatism Inc., some Alt Right and Race-ist(aka Race Realist) figures are grateful for Hee-Hawley’s coverage of their movement. They figure any attention is better than no attention.

From Hee-Hawley’s writings, you come across the same old same old accusations of ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacism’. Granted, there are unsavory figures on the Alternative Right landscape, but Hee-Hawley’s labels fail at grasping the dynamics of what’s really happening. And if on some level he does sense there’s far more to the Movement than current PC labels can do justice to, he’s too much of a wimp to follow the facts and logic to their conclusion because his wussy self might wet his pants over the sheer shock of realization. So, to keep his pants dry, he sticks to the usual labels and formulations to explain the shifting ideological landscape. He makes an effort to be sufficiently empathetic to understand where the Alt Right is coming from and why, but the plug up his ass is too tight for him to break wind to make space for new air. If you’ve seen pictures of him, you know he’s a Grade A dork and dweeb, lacking in sufficient-sized marbles to venture into places where others dread to tread. He hasn’t the nerves to be a real hunter for truth. He’s at best one of those guys with binoculars on a safari venture, watching the animals from afar.
At yet, a part of him is surely drawn to the Alt Right because it’s a movement with white guys with nuts bigger than his own. It’s like that dweeby officer in HEARTBREAK RIDGE who finds Eastwood’s character crude and vulgar but nevertheless can't help admiring him for his manliness.
Boyd Gaines as Lieutenant Ring in HEARTBREAK RIDGE, a professional careerist dork like George Hee-Hawley
Even as the goo-goo bourgeois side of Hee-Hawley constantly reminds him that Alt Right is made of up ‘baddy bad guys’, he can’t help but be fascinated because the only white men with any spine and balls can be found on the Alt Right. Hee-Hawley is like Richard Dreyfus’ character in AMERICAN GRAFFITI who, despite being intimidated by the local hoodlums, feels honored to take part in one of the exploits.

Hee-Hawley’s squirrel-sized nuts simply don’t provide him with enough mojo to speak truth to the homo, mofo, and the Zio, so he leans his ear to the Alt Right. Of course, having been raised to be a goody-two-shoes nerdling, he is disturbed and distressed by what he hears from the Alt Right, but surely a subconscious side of him must feel, "these guys are persecuted by the entire power structure because, by golly gee whiz, they say it like it is."
To understand someone, it’s not enough to know what they’ve read or committed to ideologically. You need to get a sense of the man, and in Hee-Hawley’s case, he’s the kind of guy who still goes to work with a lunch box with tidily packed sandwich, a cookie, an apple, and love-and-kisses note from ma(or wifey). But we can’t really blame him because it’s genetics. A man born with chipmunk-sized nuts simply can’t be expected to burrow for truth like a gopher.
In terms of emotional makeup and overall sensibility, Hee-Hawley is strictly middle-of-the-road, incapable of grasping what has really transpired all around him. He's rather like the main character in IDIOCY who remains clueless as to how the world became like that when, even in his own time(prior to arriving at the future), signs of troubles were all around him.

Hee-Hawley is the sort of guy who should go around wearing a shirt with the words, "I’m a good boy", his other shirt having the words, "I feel even gooder today". Now, it’s good to be good, and we’re all sure that Hee-Hawley is a good person and all that. But there are times when being good isn’t good enough. After all, ‘goodness’ is relative. Goodness can mean conscience and integrity, but its connotation of moderation usually implies something nice, tame, pleasant, and compliant. Any social and political order has its share of good people. You could find good people among Nazis, Commies, Japanese militarists, and Fundamental Muslims. They all share the same traits. They are polite to others in the community and mindful not to upset the apple cart. They want to get along and be good to others. But because goodness tends to be moderate and cooperative, it rarely asks the Big Question of the What and Why. It’s like a good German in Nazi Germany was civil to his neighbors, obedient to the state, and dutiful to his country. But being modestly good, he didn’t have the yarbles to ask the question of "What is Hitler really about?" Same goes for militarist Japan. Take a Akira Kurosawa film THE MOST BEAUTIFUL that’s about patriotic, dutiful, and self-sacrificing young Japanese women who work at a factory to make armaments for the military. They are good girls and don’t mean harm. They are full of simple virtues, but they don’t have the vision and soul to ask the really big question of what’s up with Japan’s foreign policy. Similarly, Hee-Hawley is surely a good person. If he saw an old lady struggling with grocery, he would surely help. He wouldn’t be like a ghastly Negro who knocks her over and runs off with the purse. But all said and done, it’s his mild and modest goodness that prevents him from asking the great big ball-busting questions about the true dynamics of power in the US and the world.

Paradoxically, the preponderance of good people can support a great evil system. Indeed, the reason why Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, and militarist Japan were so dangerous was because they had so many good people: hard workers, civic-minded idealists, comrades, patriots, men of discipline, women of loyalty, and/or etc. Because there were so many such people that the elites were able to summon up great industrial and military might. After all, if Nazi Germany was about Hitler ruling over a bunch of jiggity Negroes and lax Mexicans(aka Laxicans) who throw garbage all over the place, there would have been no industrial might to conquer other nations with. Consider Mussolini Italy where so many people were lazy, sloppy, corrupt, and acting like Giancarlo Giannini in SEVEN BEAUTIES. There never would have been a Wehrmacht worthy of its name, and if Hitler gave orders to invade France, the soldiers would have soiled their pants and run off to mama like a bunch of petty cowards without honor. It’s like the part in Ernest Hemingway’s FAREWELL TO ARMS where a couple of Italian deserters eat the food but the moment there’s any trouble, they bolt to save their own asses. Unlike Italy, Germany had lots of good men and women with a strong sense of honor and duty. But their narrow goodness failed to ask big questions about this dark-souled sorcerer named Hitler ruling over them. But then, the reason why Germany and Japan recovered so spectacularly from the rubble of WWII is because there were still so many good people who were willing to work hard and together to rebuild their nations. So, good people are a great asset, but because they lack vision and depth, they could easily be hoodwinked into serving a diabolical power that manipulates the trusting ‘innocence’ of goodness in men and womenfolk.

In a perfect world, it should be enough for people to be good. But in a world beset with excessive corruption and deception, it takes people with the Will to be ‘Bad’ to make a difference. Badness is also relative like goodness. What is deemed good in one system could be deemed bad in another. Still, there is a kind of universal badness that all systems would condemn. After all, despite their great differences, I think Nazis, Zionists, Communists, Catholics, Muslims, Anarchists, and Homomaniacs would all agree that it’s bad to kidnap a baby, roast it on a BBQ, and feed it to a pitbull. I think even Satan Worshipers would agree that’s not good. Also, virtually all social systems(at least ones controlled by non-blacks) believe stealing is bad. So, there is bad as bad. And there are plenty of criminals and thugs who do things that they know are bad. The men in GOODFELLAS don’t pretend that they are good citizens. They enjoy doing bad things. They get a kick out of it. That kind of badness has no value.

But there is another kind of badness that isn’t badness-for-badness’ sake. Rather, it’s the courage to be impervious to accusations of ‘badness’ in defiance of established norms. Such a person is not trying to be bad per se. Indeed, he may have a strong moral sense. But because he dares to prefer truth over social acceptance at any cost, he is willing to risk being considered ‘bad’. He may even get an edgy kick out of being shunned or denounced by society and peers. Not because he’s a criminal or sociopath but because of an innate sense that the big truth cannot be had simply by being nice and getting along. It’s like if you want catch the big fish, you can’t just hang around the beach fishing with worms. You won’t catch marlins that way. You have to be like the character of Santiago in Hemingway’s THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA and set out to deeper waters and be willing to risk it all and put up a fight.

And this is what the Alt Right has. It has the will to sail into darker and deeper waters to fish for the bigger truth. It is out to harpoon the whale. (Just a metaphor for we don’t condone the killing of whales.) In contrast, Hee-Hawley hasn’t the spine and nerves to get onboard to go after Moby Dick. He is afraid of losing sight of the establishmentarian harbor. So, the most he can do is interview some Alt Right individuals without plunging for depth as to the true configuration of power in America and the world. As such, Hee-Hawley is essentially a scribe of the Power than a true intellectual that asks the big questions.

Now, we don’t mean to suggest that Hee-Hawley has to agree with the Alt Right or admire Alt Right ideas to arrive at a deeper truth. Besides, there is no single Alt Right ideology, and there are some loony figures in the movement who need to get their heads screwed on right. But if the Alt Right is not the answer for Hee-Hawley, he should find his own way to comprehend what is really going on, but he has utterly failed in this regard because he’s too puppyish to bark at the master who’s holding the leash attached to the collar around his neck. After all, for honest people, whether they agree or disagree with Alt Right ideals and visions, it should be plainly obvious that the US is really a Jewish Supremacist nation. This is not just opinion or conjecture. It is a FACT. The fact that the media and academia in America cannot address that FACT is the proof of its factuality. Power protects itself with Taboo.
If the Alt Right has any single value, it’s as the ONLY voice that is willing to address this FACT in a sane and rational way. True, there have been Neo-Nazi types who screamed about Jews a million times, but they were cartoons growling at cartoon Jews. In contrast, the Alt Right addresses the real problems caused by real Jewish power that has its hooks into nearly all elite institutions and industries. In this sense, the Alt Right is ‘bad’ in the most essential way. If one’s entire life is about goodness, one will lack the daring and audacity to ask the big questions about the Power. A modest and nice kind of goodness means to have grown up to gain approval and acceptance from the System controlled by the Power. While such good people may sometimes offer criticism and/or rebuke the system, by and large they accept the main premise of the system without really questioning its underlying dynamics or transformations.

Granted, it’s possible that the foundation of the system is sound, so why try to fix what is not broken? But then, every system, despite its ‘timeless’ principles, is really a tool of those who control the main levers of power. In the case of the US, so many people have believed they’re living in the same wonderful system with its ‘timeless’ set of principles going back to 1776 because, after all, the US has continued to be a democratic republic since its founding. Because politicians still pledge loyalty to the Constitution and participate in regular elections, there’s the widely shared impression that they’re all living in the same good ole USA. What people fail to realize is that revolution can happen silently and invisibly without the eradication of the system. By this, I’m not talking about new presidents and newly elected officials. Nor am I talking of great scientific breakthroughs and technological transformation of society that are integral to the modern world. What I mean is that a new kind of force can surreptitiously take over the key instruments of power and fundamentally alter the course of the nation. Indeed, everything could be different despite the same/similar-sounding official rhetoric. Consider the issue of Immigration. There was a time when the most American thing to do was to control demographics so that whites shall remain as the essential core of America. The notion of America as a nation of immigrants meant a nation of white immigrants. But then, beginning in 1965, the notion of ‘nation of immigrants’ began to change. It still prioritized the existing Americans with historical roots in America but also believed in the hope that new immigrants, many of them non-white, would learn to appreciate the great achievements of Americans and try to assimilate and become Good Americans themselves. But now, the notion of ‘nation of immigrants’ means that those yet-to-come are more-American-than-existing-or-rooted-Americans because the essence of America is the dream of what is yet to be, especially by welcoming the entire world. So, the idea of America as a ‘nation of immigrants’ is not fixed but always remolded in accordance to the agenda of those who have the Power. Because Jews have the most power in America, they altered the meaning of ‘nation of immigrants’. But because so much of the New(and disruptive and destabilizing) is described and defended using the same rhetoric and terminology, Americans are misled into thinking that America Now is a meaningful and organic continuation of America Then. In fact, the revolution that happened in American Power is as dramatic and radical as the changes that occurred in Russia with the fall of communism. But the revolution in America happened under the radar because the mechanics of the system remained intact even as a new kind of people, mainly the Jews, took over the system.
Now, imagine if the American Democratic system remains intact but the Chinese-American community takes control of US media, academia, deep state, finance, gambling, law firms, & narrative(thereby making Americans, especially white Americans, especially guilt-ridden about and servile to Chinese), and furthermore, steered US foreign policy to be especially favorable to the interests of China. Wouldn’t one say a kind of great revolution took place in the dynamics of American Power? Even if America would still have the same system of elections and due process, the fact would be virtually all politicians, financial industries, media power, academic influence, intelligence services, high-tech, and the war machine would be controlled by the Chinese-American community that constitutes a small percentage of American people. US would defacto be a colony of globalist Chinese imperialism. What happened in Russia in the 1990s is a testament as to how a nation, despite the trappings of sovereignty and independence, could effectively be controlled by an alien power. With Jewish oligarchs having bought off so many whore-politicians and controlling so much of the media and banks, they were the defacto lords of Russia, the puppet-masters behind the throne and parliament. Indeed, the big visible revolution, the fall of Soviet communism, was followed by a silent and insidious second revolution whereupon Jewish insiders of a globalist network took control of Russia. But because these Jews used Russian gentile fronts as their puppets and because the global media are mostly controlled by Jews, this startling ethno-revolution — a revolution where the political system remains intact but another ethnic group takes power and steers national policy to their own benefit — was hardly investigated and analyzed around the world. And most Americans dared not notice because doing so could have gotten them labeled as an ‘anti-Semite’, which is like the mark of Cain in American media. (Jewish power in Russia was so insidious that it took another insidious power, that of Russian intelligence services, to regain some measure of wealth and sovereignty for the Russian nation. Putin's experience in the KGB & FSB and his deep state connections made it possible for his faction to rein in the worst excesses of Jewish globalist power. To regain total control, Jewish globalists pushed stuff like Pussy Riot and Homomania, a proxy of Jewish influence, into Russia. When Russia pushed back, Jews went about toppling the Ukrainian regime and pushing all kinds of sanctions against Russia on bogus grounds. Hee-Hawley simply doesn't understand that the struggle of Russians, Palestinians, Iranians, European Right,and Alt Right all have one thing in common in that they are pushing back against Jewish supremacist evil.)
Just ask Rick Sanchez who got fired from CNN and couldn’t get another gig after he mentioned Jewish Power in the media.
Ultimately, Hee-Hawley has no desire to understand the nature of the Real Power and the significance of the Alt Right in relation to it. Instead, he is a servant, scribe, and water-boy for the Real Power that uses him as a shabbos goy clerk. The Power needs someone to do the ‘dirty work’ in accessing and explaining the Alt Right. While many reporters have written about the Alt Right, they just followed the preordained narrative about Alt Right being just a new bunch of ‘white supremacists’, ‘racists’, and ‘Neo-Nazis’. And the reason why MSM makes a big deal of the clownish Andrew Anglin(who jumped on the Alt-Right bandwagon only when it attracted media buzz despite having impugned it earlier) is they want most Americans to believe that some errant ‘skinhead’ is the core of Alt-Rightism. As far as the Jewish-run media are concerned, the hoi polloi shouldn’t know anything about the Alt Right except the $PLC line, which everyone in journalism has to toe whether he wants to or not. But for the more educated and curious, the boilerplate PC narrative won’t do. There has to be subtler and more precise delineation of Alt Right ideas, and this is where Hee-Hawley enters the picture. Now, he has the right credentials as a scribe of the Power. He’s too goody-goody, neutered, and well-trained to run free of the PC leash. He’s been trained and conditioned to be a good doggy all his life. He fetches and rolls over when ordered. So, there is no chance of him going off the reservation and joining the Alt Right wolf pack that stands for white identity and freedom. Rather, he’s like a scout dog who’s been trained to go near the perimeters of the Alt Right movement and pick up enough scents and on occasion get a good sniff of wolf butt. And then he goes back to his masters in the academia and duly reports what’s he’s seen, heard, and sniffed. Now, it’s possible that, being a white male, there are elements of the Alt Right that stirs some long-forgotten warrior-instinct within him. It’s like dogs are fearful of wolves but also feel excited in the company of wolves that haven’t been turned into obedient servile doggies. When a dog goes from canned or dry dog food and tastes raw meat for the first time, it begins to growl as its predatory instincts are revived. But alas, a dog is a dog, far too domesticated to be a wolf, and it must return to its masters. And Hee-Hawley is the same way. On some subliminal level, he might sense something organic and genuine about Alt Right white identitarians, but the conditioning ultimately makes him withdraw and retreat in fear and panic.
So, if wolves exult in tribal-pack unity and solidarity when they pick up each other’s scents, Hee-Hawley’s dog-like conditioning makes him recoil from the White Racial Odor as ‘noxious-odious’, and he runs back to his Master, rolls over, and barks, "Wolf butt smell stinky. Ewwwww." It’s like a Hindu dotkin being conditioned to find the smell of curry offensive.

The Stink Factor is important in tribal politics. Why did so many Jews love FIDDLER ON THE ROOF and YENTL? Those movies reek of Jewishness. This stink, though offensive to non-Jews and wasp-ized Jews, remind Jews of their lost home. Even Wasp-ized Jews who might be offended by it initially can’t help thinking it’s a reminder, a scent-signal from a long lost corner of their consciousness. In a nation like America, many people lost their Stink Factor for two main reasons. The Anglo-Americans, German-Americans, and Celtic-Americans who played the foundation role of American civilization were non-odorific peoples. Their foods tended to be bland, with less use of spices and stuff like garlic, which is why Mr. Potter in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE refers to Italians as ‘garlic eaters’. For Anglo folks, tribalism was visual. "I’m white, he’s white, they’re white; we are all white." But many other cultures had an element of Stink Factor. It’s like that story the "Jewbird" by Bernard Malamud. Part of becoming American was to be scrubbed clean of the ‘stink’. It’s like the thesis of Michael Novak’s THE RISE OF THE UNMELTABLE ETHNICS, a more scholarly version of the kind of sentiments shared by Mike Royko.

The other reason why Americans became ‘odorophobic’ is paradoxical. On the one hand, the mass immigration of different peoples made Americans more tolerant of different odors. And in time, even Anglo-Americans became excited about ethnic cooking from all over the world. And in the UK, Indian food is a big deal now. But, diversity also meant people smelling weird to one another. It wasn’t pleasant to stand inside an elevator where some Negro smells like onions, some Mexican smells like chili peppers, some Korean smells like kim-chee, some Italian smells like garlic, some Pole smells like pickles and herring, and some old Hindu not only smells like curry but blows a nasty fart that is so pernicious that it renders a Negress hysterical in crazy laughter. So, over time, all these different kinds of ‘Americans’ became more mindful not to offend others by curtailing their own Stink Factor. So, everyone in America kinda became ‘white bread’. For diehard odorificists, a Hindu fart will cure them of their fetish.

Still, there is a longing for something real and authentic. Maybe everyone being more ‘white-bread’ is the best formula for social peace, but it feels generic and boring. Then, it is not surprising that there was the rise of multi-culturalism where Jews, various non-white groups, and White Latin-Americans posturing as honorary ‘people of color’ craved for something realer than assimilating into ‘white bread’ Americanism. And yet, the emphasis on the visuals in the concept of people-of-color reflects considerable Wasp influence. Multi-culturalism is really multi-coloralism. Indeed, its Jewish conceivers weren’t really interested in the cultures of non-whites because, after all, most non-white cultures are very conservative and traditionalist. So, if every non-group were to stick with their own cultural values, they would be an obstacle to ‘progressivism’. So, what multi-culturalism or multi-coloralism was really about was convincing non-whites that they are victims of white people and must unite on the basis of their shared colorfulness. Forget about your culture, just focus on your color, remind yourself that people of your color are oppressed by white people, and join with other peoples of color under the banner of whatever ideology Jews put in front of you. Then, it is not surprising that the essence of ‘multi-culturalism’ is a bunch of peoples of color standing together under the banner of Homomania, the most ‘colorful’ symbol ever concocted. For some reason, homos, who comprise 2% of the population, came to own all the colors of the rainbow. Jews sure are clever this way. Via ‘multi-culturalism’, Jews hoodwinked non-white peoples into forsaking their true and traditional cultures, pretend they have anything in common with other non-white groups — according to multi-cultural logic, an Arab has more in common with an Mexican Indios than with Europeans despite the fact that Arabs are mostly Caucasian and have had contacts with Europe for over thousand years — , and worship Homomania as the essence of what their cultures are really about(or should be about). No wonder Jews feel contempt for goyim. Jews manipulate goyim of all colors like Bugs Bunny manipulates Elmer Fudd.
Some say the Alt Right is a reaction to the rise of identity politics of the ‘left’, but the truth is far more complicated. After all, Alt Right is one but not the only white reaction to the identity politics of the ‘left’. But more crucially, Alt Right’s concept of identity is far deeper and more meaningful than the nonsense pushed by Jewish-controlled Political Correctness. As stated earlier, ‘multi-culturalism’ is a fraud, at least in America. It’s not about encouraging non-whites to reconnect or preserve their cultures of origin. Rather, it’s about persuading non-whites that their main identity is ‘victimhood’ under ‘whitey’. It’s not an identity of roots but of resentment. Multi-culturalism doesn’t care if a Hindu-American, Iranian-American, Chinese-American, or Mayan-American knows nothing of his own history or culture. But it will be disappointed with any non-white who doesn’t see himself as a victim of ‘whitey’. So, the main identifier of ‘multi-culturalism’ is shallow sense of self-pity and victimhood. Indeed, take away the victim narrative, and multiculturalism offers nothing. This is why so many non-whites who’ve come under multi-culti-nonsense are so insipid and trite in their same old PC cliches. Their simple formula is "Me victim of whitey; me love homos and trannies uber alles; me too angry with ‘racist’ whitey" to notice that it’s the Jews who got the real power.
And of course homomania, in waging war on ‘essentialism’, has turned identity politics into a real farce. Homomania led to LGBT-backed Trannymania that says a man with penis and balls must be accepted as a ‘woman’ if he so chooses. This dealt a serious blow to feminism. Feminism used to be about ‘Sisterhood is beautiful’, but what is ‘sisterhood’ worth when a brother with a penis also counts as a ‘woman’ if he so insists? And some say that trans-gender mania will open the way to trans-racial-mania in which case anything goes.
I mention this because Alt Right is not just another variation of this kind of Identity Politics. Instead, it is a true politics of identity rooted in biology, history, culture, and territoriality. It’s not a fanciful game of "Oh, I suddenly discovered I want to wear a wig and pretend to be a woman." Also, Alt Right identity doesn’t require victim-ism to have value. Now, all peoples have their victim narratives that fills them with a sense of tragic nobility. Poles remember Russian imperialism. Greeks remember Turkish occupation. Chinese remember European and Japanese imperialism. Vietnamese remember 1000 yrs of war with China. Jews remember the Shoah. But true identity is about far more than victim-hood. After all, no people were always victims. They won sometimes, they lost sometimes, they ruled sometimes, they got ruled sometimes. History is a complex symphony. Alt Right identity is about taking the full measure of European-ness. It isn't just another tune in the Identity Politics songbook but a wholly separate songbook conceived differently.
Also, Alt Right seeks autonomy of authorship in its writing of its Narrative and Template. In contrast, the core body of Identity Politics has been scripted almost entirely by Jews to be foisted upon others. If Asians, Muslims, blacks, browns, and etc. had all written their own Identity Narrative, would they all be standing under the homo rainbow banner made and paid for by Jews?

According to Hee-Hawley, Alt Right is ‘racist’, but he refuses to question how that loaded term was conceived and has been used as a political weapon. Calling someone ‘racist’ today is like calling someone a ‘savage’ in the 19th century. So, if European imperialists killed a bunch of ‘savages’, it hardly raised eyebrows because, of course, ‘savages’ act savage and had to be put down. Likewise, ‘racist’ is this bad evil white guy who just hates non-whites and Jews just for the sake of hating. They live for ‘hate’ because they are bad people, and so, they must be banned from public discourse. But this is all babytalk. By using the loaded Establishment meaning for ‘racism’(that has no consistency of meaning), Hee-Hawley is simply incapable of understanding not only the Alt Right but bigger world phenomena. While it’s true that racial theories can become radical and dangerous, that doesn’t invalidate, morally or scientifically, all views and theories on racial realities. Similarly, just because Christianity and Islam have been invoked to commit some of the worst bloodbaths in history doesn’t mean they are ONLY about religious fanaticism. Likewise, just because a virulent form of socialism called communism led to Stalinism, Maoism, and Pol-Pot-ism doesn’t mean socialism must always be radical and murderous.
Then, this logic also applies to the meaning of race-ism. I spell it as 'race-ism' to accentuate the meaning of Ism. Ism means belief, so race + ism should really mean belief in reality of races, possibility of substantive racial differences, and/or the need for racial consciousness. Now, such an idea can be made radical or fanatical. It can degenerate into something like Nazism just like socialism can morph into communism and Christianity can turn into Jim-Jones-nuttery, the African Lord's Resistance Army, or the insane Taiping Rebellion.
But the notion that the even the most basic consciousness about race must always be associated with the most extreme radical racialism is utterly disingenuous. If Hee-Hawley were a honest scholar, he would question the very rules by which the term ‘racism’ is defined. Why is Race + Ism automatically defined as supremacism, hatred, hostility, and etc.? Again, race-ism can become radicalized, but then, the real evil is radicalism. Now, ‘radicalism’ is also defined differently by different peoples. It has both negative and positive connotations. For California teenagers, it just means something is far-out cool. For the CIA, ‘radical Muslim’ means a Muslim who has committed himself to purist fundamentalism and terrorism. I personally favor the negative connotation because radicalism in the modern world almost always means something purist, hubristic, intolerant, all-knowing, arrogant, self-righteous, and totalist. A radical is so sure of his ideas, devotion, and abilities that he believes in the rule of 'by any means necessary'. While such people may be admirable in their courage and conviction, they have god-or-messiah-complex in believing that their version of truth is the only acceptable one. Nazism was dangerous not because Germans gave thought to racial ideas but because Hitler and his henchmen insisted on a single racial theory that had to be accepted by all Germans. So, Nazi Germany wasn’t merely race-ist but radical-racist. It was the radical element that made its race-ism so dangerous. But one can apply radicalism to any idea and end up with the comparable results. Indeed, radical pacifism can be just as harmful as radical socialism(aka communism) or radical German race-ism(aka Nazism). Gandhi urged the world to use peaceful resistance against Nazi Germany. If Soviets had taken his advice, they would have committed total national suicide. And why is the West dying today? It’s not because of Diversity but Radical Diversitism that says the West must never ever doubt the goodness of More Diversity. Now, if the West had accepted moderate diversity and added some color to their nations, no big deal. But radical Diversitism says the West must keep taking in more and more non-whites until it becomes majority non-white and then take in even more. It says white Europeans have no special claim to European lands. As if that committing racial and national suicide isn’t bad enough for Europe, the West is exporting these crazy ideas even to the non-West. For example, the Jewish-controlled West keeps pressing on Japan to welcome Diversity and have Japan turn into Islamo-African-Asia. What made Diversity poisonous and cancerous was the radicalization.
And same is true of Philosemitism. Given the history of anti-Jewish violence, it made good sense to be sensitive about Jews. But Philosemitism is radical Jew-worship. Jews are to be regarded as a holy race who can never do wrong. Any criticism of Jewish power or Zionism is ‘antisemitism’, to be associated with Nazis and the Holocaust. Radical servility to Jews, aka Philosemitism, is doing great harm to the West. (If Jews were without power, fawning over them couldn't do much harm. Many Americans fawn over Tibetans, but Dalai's people have zero influence on the West. But uncritically fawning over the most powerful people in the world is bound to be very dangerous. It's like adding more fuel to a fire raging out of control.)
Powerful Jews in Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Deep State go unpunished despite 2008 financial debacle and the terrible Wars for Israel. Indeed, it is a sickening sight to behold when Jews, the very people who caused the wars in the Middle East, posture as humanitarians who care about Muslim refugees. Considering that Israel stole Golan Heights from Syria, you’d think this would be a good time for Jews to make amends and let refugees settle there. Or, if Jews are such humanitarians, they would be pressing on Israel to stop aiding ISIS along its border with Syria. But no, Jews keep pulling all sorts of dirty tricks to destabilize Arab nations but then make grandiloquent save-the-world gestures as weepy-eyes humanitarians who just can’t bear to see all those suffering Muslims... who are to be steered to Europe in one of the most massive human-cattle-drives in history!

If Hee-Hawley had true insight, he’d realize the true source of any evil is not some -ism but its radicalization. It’s good to be nice to Jews who deserve it, but it’s insane to be servile to ALL Jews, especially when so many Jews are so powerful, corrupt, devious, and/or demented in their hatred(like Jennifer Rubin and Max Boot).
It also goes for homos. Radical anti-homo hostility is ugly and stupid. It’s also anti-scientific. After all, it’s a fact that some people are born homo and naturally want to indulge in fecal penetration. It’s just a fact we need to accept, and on that basis, we need to let homos do their fruity thing. But it’s also true that homosexuality is a natural DEFECT. The idea of sticking a male sexual organ up an bunghole is NOT something to praise or celebrate. And a bung is NOT a sex organ. And two lesbians grinding their poons together is not real sex. It’s pseudo-sex among lesbians whose confused sexuality is the result of weird bio-chemistry. Anyway, we can both accept homosexuality as a naturally occurring phenomena and acknowledge that it’s a natural defect because it violates the basic principles of sexuality. Basic biology 101 makes it plain as day that male sex organs and female sex organs were meant to be complementary. Why do balls produce sperm? Why do women produce eggs? Because one was meant to fertilize the other. What good is sperm up a bung with the poo? So, we could have arrived at a scientific and rational understanding of homosexuality and its deviant but particular role in society. But instead, Jews decided to radicalize homo agenda into homo worship or homomania. We were supposed to believe that homosexuality is just as legitimate as real sexuality on both biological and moral grounds. That meant homos should get ‘married’ and be ‘two daddies’ or ‘two mommies’. And we should associate homosexuality with ‘rainbow’ colors and have massive parades, destroy bakers who won't make ‘gay wedding’ cakes, and place homo symbols even inside churches as if Jesus died so that Bruce Jenner could be a ‘woman’. Initially, the homo cause was on the side of science against Christians who just read Bible as ‘God hates fags’, Freudian psychologists who thought homosexuality resulted from childhood trauma, and certain therapists who thought homos could undergo ‘conversion therapy’ and be made straight. (But apparently, sex-change operation can really turn a man into a woman and vice versa.) The scientific fact is some people really are born homo. But people who sympathized with homos as ‘victims’ overlooked another scientific fact about homos: Homos are naturally vain, narcissistic, prone to artificiality and fantasy. Such traits have given homos a certain edge in arts and creativity, but it also meant they would never know where to stop if allowed to run wild and free with their fruitkin egos. The radicalized form of homo admiration, Homomania, denigrated anyone who opposed the homo agenda as ‘homophobic’. Yes, you are sick in the head(suffering from a phobia)and should be treated as a pariah if you think it’s ewwwww for a penis to be up a bung. Apparently, all mentally healthy people happily associate homo fecal penetration with the rainbow. They blissfully adore and love homos so much that they support the homo-makeover of entire churches. So, homo agenda went from a secular movement for individual rights for homosexuals to an all-out deification of homos and trannies as angels and saints. (Because homos came to be so revered, millennials couldn't be warned about the dangers of fecal penetration lest homo feelings be hurt. The result is many more millennial girls experimenting with 'butt-sex' and even guys going for 'pegging', and unsurprising, cases of rectal cancer have quadrupled among that age group. If this isn't evil, what is?) The radical sickness of Homomania is connected to the radical sickness of Philosemtism because the main sponsor of Homomania has been Jewish power. Homomania could have been checked if Jewish power had been held accountable for funding and enabling the radical sickness, but the taboo against criticism of Jewish Power meant people couldn’t counter Homomania because Jewish Power and Homo privilege were joined at the hip. This is the danger of radicalism, but Hee-Hawley just doesn’t get it. He just plays good doggy and falls back on cliched terminology to dismiss the Alt Right as just ‘racist’.

But what is especially clueless on his part is the contention that certain elements of the Alt Right are merely fancy-waxing the same old ‘racism’ with high-toned sheen of respectability. So, the scholarly articles in THE OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER or the reviews of books & culture in COUNTER-CURRENTS are not the real thing but just fancy wrapping over what are nothing but repellent, odious, and noxious views. Beneath the veneer, it's all just a fraud.
Now, it’s true that people can package BS with pretty words or pictures. Indeed, Hee-Hawley doesn’t need to look to the Alt Right to find such examples since today’s academia are so rife with second-rate & third-rate theses and articles that are little more than same old PC tripe or ‘leftist’ identity politics. This is especially true of Black Studies, Women’s Studies, and Gender Studies departments. But even the English Department has been taken over by ideologues who wrap their PC agenda with highfalutin discourse on art and culture. And consider what Donna Zuckerberg, the whiny spoiled-bitch sister of Mark Zuckerberg, has done to Classical Studies. For her and her minions, it’s little more than a weapon against whiteness, by which she means white gentileness. As for the media, we know it’s nothing but a Jewish supremacist propaganda organ that dishes out endless fake news to keep the goyim dumb and ignorant as mindless sheeple. Despite all the professional-sounding hemming and hawing, most of the media is nothing but the shill of Jewish supremacist power. It would be most refreshing for every news program to run a disclaimer that it’s been funded and managed by Jewish-Zionist globalists. That would at least provide some truth in advertising.
In finance, Wall Street Jews bundled good loans with bad loans, stamped them with AAA approval rating, and sold them to goy suckers all over the world. In foreign policy, Neocons and Liberal Zionists in deep state and big media colluded to mix real news with fake news to create bogus narratives about Hussein & WMD to invade and destroy a nation.

Given such reality in academia and media, why should things be any different in the Alt Right? Yes, there are simpletons and nimrods in the Alt Right or Other Right or whatever Right that wrap their stupid tripe with fancy packaging with neo-classical images or allusion to arts and philosophy. It's like plenty of third-rate ‘African-American Studies’ professors have nothing to say except ‘muh race’ & ‘gibs me dat, whitey’ and dress up their racial hucksterism with academic jargon and scholarly-sounding terminology. So, if one stumbles upon similar counterparts in the Alt Right sphere, it’s just part of the universal phenomena of people padding their empty rhetoric with fancy-sounding talk or people wrapping simple & primal objectives with bogus abstractions.

But of greater importance is the fact that, even when people do have something to say of intellectual substance and/or have the proper credentials to lead the discourse as bona fide culture critics, their ‘high’ ideas are always connected in many more ways than one to themes and energies that are elemental, primal, and ‘chthonic’. When we boil anything human(or even spiritual) to its essence, there is the ‘animal’ in basic form and energy. Just like all phenomena in the field of physics can be reduced to calculations of matter and energy, all of politics and culture are rooted in something elemental and primal. It’s like we may go to fancy restaurants, order items with haute-sounding names, and act with impeccable manners, but the fact is we are animals chewing on dead animals. Whatever fancy-sounding dish you order and however exquisite the porcelain dish & the silverware may be, the fact is you are using your beastly teeth to grind the tissues of a dead animal that was bashed in the head and then slaughtered & butchered in the most brutal way. So, fine-dining is a pretense. All said and done, you’re just a human animal who is devouring a dead animal whose meat is gnashed between your teeth, churned into goopy-goo in your stomach, and then changed into feces as it’s processed through your intestines. That is the truth.

Now, I don’t say this as a polemic against fine-dining and good manners. While we are animals, we have enough intelligence and foresight to understand that we live in a world of greater comfort and efficiency if we arrange our behaviors around rules, manners, and decorum, at least if you’re not a ‘crazyass’ Negro whose main mode of thinking is "Gots to have me..." Just look what Negroes did to Detroit and whole swaths of Baltimore and St. Louis because they don’t understand the importance of agreed-upon rules. But then, even if they did get the concept, their emotional makeup, that runs in three main modes of impulsiveness-laxity-slickness, tends to derail their understanding. It’s like an alcoholic can’t stop hitting the bottle even as he understands the detrimental effect of chronic intoxication. It’s like some people have a tendency toward degenerate gambling and can’t stop rolling the dice even when they know they’re destroying their lives. So, the problem with Negroes is twofold. Too many Negroes don’t understand the centrality of rules and manners, but then, even those blacks who do get the idea are plagued with emotional imbalance. Blacks lack the Goldilocks emotion of moderation and balance. They are prone to be overly aggressive & impulsive, exceedingly lax & lazy, or slickity-slackity than truly well-mannered. Consider blacks in schools whose modes are (1) hollering, fighting, or dancing on desks (2) snoozing off & yawning because the instructions be too ‘white and shit’. It’s like dogs get excited about running outdoors & playing fetch OR just want to lie around & sleep; there's almost nothing between those two modes of thrill or chill. Black character was colorfully illustrated in the cartoon "Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat". Notice how the Negroes be so lax and lazy, feeling drowsy and nodding off. But when they see a sexy mama and hear da music, they be flipping out and acting wilder than baboons showered with bananas. Granted, the cartoon is heavy in stereotype and offensive, and I can understand how Negroes would be offended, but there is a rough truth to racial stereotypes. Indeed, traits we see in past Negro caricatures are all-too-visible today. If indeed blacks believe their culture should be about respect and dignity, they sure are blind to their current culture being little more than rap-ho-bling-twerking that is as ‘offensive’ as anything in the cartoon.

Anyway, given that the root of any idea or system is elemental and primal, Hee-Hawley is missing the point when he says certain Alt Right figures just give a high-toned scholarly sheen to what are plain old ‘racism’. The fact is all ideas and traditions, at their root, is elemental, tribal, sexual, or animal. This is perfectly illustrated in the story of the Covenant between God and Abram. God in Heaven, as we know, represents the highest truth, spiritual holiness above and beyond man. And yet, Judaism wouldn’t exist with that high abstract idea alone. Judaism is the association of that abstract cosmic idea with the Jewish tribe. It says God bestowed His blessing on, of all things and for all time, Abram’s pud, and all the descendants of Abram must carry on this tradition via circumcision that reminds every Jewish boy of the connection between God and his wiener. Judaism is about seeking the highest truth but in relation to the primal nature of man: ‘muh dick’ or ‘muh schwarz’. Without that animal-primal-elemental side, there is no Judaism. So, despite all the highfalutin rhetoric and exegesis coming from Jews about the profundity of their faith and tradition, the fact is Judaism is a blood religion that links Jewish tribalism/nationalism to the Heaven above.
But this fact about Jews totally goes over Hee-Hawley's head. If he'd dug deeper and posed bigger questions, he might have connected the dots, but being a dweeby and goody-good scribe of the Power, he takes at face value the Narrative that Jews are for truth, meaning, and morality whereas the ‘anti-Semites’ are a bunch of ugly tribal-primalists who only care about blood-and-soil and disregard higher truths. Nothing can be further from the truth. While it’s true that many Jews are involved with intellectualism, scholarship, research, and the sciences, it’s no less true that they are rooted in their own tribal blood-and-soil and pud-and-poon mentality; and therefore, the ultimate goal of their ideas and discourse has been to prophetically guide, lead, and serve the Jewish community and Jewish power.
Because Jews were intermittently victimized by gentile tribalism or collective fury, there is a tendency to believe Jews are anti-tribal. In fact, Jews were targeted by gentile communities because Jews themselves were so resiliently tribal in their own pursuit of wealth, influence, power, and privilege. Indeed, had Jews surrendered their own tribalism and just assimilated into rest of humanity in the spirit of ‘race is just a social construct and we all bleed red’, there never would have been ‘antisemitism’.

So, there is no difference between an Alt Right publication(highbrow or lowbrow) and a Zionist-funded publication(like Commentary, American Interest, Weekly Standard, New Criterion, etc) to the extent that both, while discoursing on intellectual and cultural matters, are essentially rooted in the mindset of blood-and-soil and pud-and-poon(as sexual behavior shapes and determines the identity of a people; if all white women in the UK had children with black men, it'd be a very different nation with a different culture; this is why Jews seek to sever the covenant between white puds and white poons to make white women surrender to ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. A people are finished if the women of the race no longer respect the men and go off to sexually/reproductively serve the men of another race). After all, will Commentary magazine publish an article, no matter how intellectually brilliant it is, IF the writer happens to sympathize with Palestinians who live under apartheid conditions in West Bank due to Israeli occupation? Has Weekly Standard ever printed an article by a renowned intellectual or academic who is critical of Israel or Zionism? In the case of Weekly Standard and Commentary, their pro-Zionist positions are blatant. But it’s hardly different in the National Review. Though explicitly a magazine of American Conservatism, isn’t it rather odd that it is so vociferously for identity-ideology for Jews and the ethno-state of Israel BUT so harshly hostile to Trump and his America First nationalism & implicit pro-white politics?
As for most mainstream journals like Time magazine and the Atlantic that are supposedly above partisan politics or tribal-national interests, has it ever occurred to Hee-Hawley that their anti-tribalism is implicitly pro-Jewish tribalist? For starters, the true nature of a thing can be understood by the power behind it. A puppet’s actions cannot be understood without the hidden will of the puppet-master, and the puppet-master cannot be understood without the artist wrote the puppet-play. Likewise, most people working in the media are either puppets or dogs. Puppets are happy to just do as the bosses command. Dogs are a bit more curious and sniff around for clues, BUT all said and done, they cannot run free of the leash... or else they’ll be fired like Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas.
Now, who owns and controls all those media outlets? It ain’t Eskimos. It ain’t Hawaiians. It’s mostly Jews. And even non-Jews like Jeff Bezos and Carlos Slim(a Lebanese Semite pretending to be ‘Mexican’), despite their heavy investment in US media, must stick with the overwhelming Jewish-controlled Narrative that has spread its ivies into every institution. So, the reason why MSM condemns tribalism is actually to serve Jewish tribalism. Because the US is majority white, the media war on tribalism is really mostly directed at whites. Furthermore, MSM doesn’t condemn all identities and tribalisms equally. Rather, it promotes non-white tribalism as weapons against white tribalism. So, in denouncing and demeaning the tribalism of whites, MSM pretends to be condemning tribalism itself when, in fact, the pretext for attacking white tribalism shields and encourages the tribalism of Jews and their favorite allies.
But all of this goes over Hee-Hawley’s head because he’s a goo-thumbsuckapoo boy. He is fooled by ‘respectable’ professionals with nice manners in suit-and-ties in the Big Media and Establishment Academia as honorable people whose hearts and minds are devoted to things of higher truth and value. He’s blind to the reality that the lives, ideas, and activities of those people are no less rooted and linked to the raw struggle for power. They too are about the primal urge to dominate. After all, even if members of the Liberal Elite are not white tribalists or ‘white supremacists’, they are imperialist-supremacists who believe the US should be the only superpower, which is another way of saying the US must remain the one and only supreme power in the world. It is Imperial Supremacism. These people who work for FBI and CIA know that the Deep State is all about dirty tricks and acting above-the-law. They know all about the history of CIA subversion, terrorism, and covert wars all over the globe. They know that the FBI always played loose with facts and data to push a Narrative and Agenda favored by the ruling elites. They know that the US government have been telling lies in collusion with the Jewish-run media to favor Zionist-globalist interests, Wall Street greed, and the insane military-industrial complex.
They have estimable academic credentials, wear nice suits, and comport themselves with an air of dignity(like James Comey), but if we take a hard look at the nucleus of their egos and ambitions, they are all about obsession with power, privilege, and control. They seek power not to serve the good of the nation. They relish it because they're addicted to Power Supremacism. They love power for its own sake just like a crack addict smokes crack because he’s addicted to the highs. They are a bunch of nihilists. But, in the end, even their nihilism ultimately goes to serve the tribal supremacism of Jews. While for white gentiles, the cocaine-high of power-nihilism is enough, Jews believe in something other than power and privilege; they believe in the Covenant that says Jews are better than stupid goyim that should serve as cattle to the Jews. Since nihilists just want power-for-power’s sake, they lack a coherent worldview and agenda, and this is why Jews ultimately get to tie a leash around their necks because Jews do have a tribal agenda and sense of historical direction & tribal prophecy. Jews give these power-addicted nihilists a sense of meaning and direction just like Vito Corleone gave meaning and direction to a bunch of crooks and hoodlums in THE GODFATHER saga. Nihilists don't care what they do AS LONG AS they get to use power to mess with the world. It's like hunting dogs don't care what is being hunted as long as they get to tear the prey limb from limb. So, if Jewish supremacists say the role of the US is to serve Israel by 'spreading democracy' around the Middle East or to start a New Cold War with Russia, the gentile power-nihilists are more than willing to play along since they just love the FEEL of using power. It's like mercenaries don't care which side they're fighting for as long as they get paid and get to use big guns to blow things up. Of course, these power-nihilists will claim to be patriots or idealists, but if so, why have they been so blind to the problems of the white working class whose lives have been devastated by globalism and the opioid crisis resulting from the Jewish Sackler clan's promotion of addictive drugs on Middle America? If they're such humanitarian idealists, why have they been so silent about what the US policy has done to Palestinians? Why, after having witnessed the devastation of Iraq and Libya, are they willing to push for more wars and confrontations with nations and peoples hated by vicious Jewish supremacists?

Compared to these disingenuous freaks, the Alt Right is refreshingly honest. For example, unlike white conservative libertarians, the Alt Right doesn’t hide behind abstract principles to justify their political position and ideological objectives. Right-wing libertarians were always implicitly pro-white because their line of reasoning figured that meritocracy would favor whites over most other groups since whites are naturally smarter. Many pro-white people gravitated to right-wing libertarianism because Jewish-supremacist media and institutions instilled white people with the notion that White Identity and White Interests are evil. So, right-wing libertarians invoked ‘universal’ principles that might be most beneficial to white interests. It was indirect white race-ism.
Clever or not, it was fundamentally dishonest because it was just a case of tribalism hiding behind the veneer of universalism and individualism.
Alt Right won’t have any of that, and its candidness makes it the most honest ideology and movement in America. While Jews push for Jewish tribalism under the guise of attacking Tribalism and while right-wing libertarians try to achieve pro-white ends via the rhetoric of meritocracy and individualism, the Alt Right is open about it being a an identitarian movement for white people and their interests.

Furthermore, even ‘highbrow’ Alt Right journals and organizations do not try to mask or deny their core convictions and visions in the way that most outlets and organizations attempt. For example, despite the obvious, Weekly Standard will call itself a conservative journal about America when, in fact, its real goal is to steer the US foreign policy to serve Jewish tribalist Israel.

So, when the likes of Hee-Hawley think they are unearthing and exposing some dark truth about COUNTER-CURRENTS PUBLISHING or OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER, they are full of BS. Kevin Macdonald and Greg Johnson, like them or not, never tried to hide their core beliefs and objectives. In other words, the Alt Right is not trying to hide anything. Alt Right ideas range from highbrow to lowbrow, but all are honestly and openly grounded in the fact of identity, biology, history, and territory.

If anything, it’s the Zionists who put on this veneer of moralism and universalism when, in fact, their true motives are not only tribal and nationalist but downright imperialist and supremacist.
ADL, for instance, presents itself as an ‘anti-hate’ organization committed to not only protecting Jews from ‘antisemitism’ but other ‘victim groups’ from bigotry. And SPLC or $PLC claims to be a group committed to identifying ‘hate groups’ and warning the larger society of their existence. In actual truth, the ADL is a totally Zionist-supremacist organization whose activities are closely coordinated with that of AIPAC, the most powerful lobby(and foreign one at that) in America that pressures all politicians and big businessmen to support the Zionist occupation and oppression of Palestinians. Sure, ADL and AIPAC operatives wear nice clothes, are well-spoken, went to good schools, and act like gentlemen, but, in fact, they are committed to stealing more land from Palestinians(who've already lost so much) and using the shabbos goy US military to wage more Wars for Israel and Jewish globalist hegemony. As for SPLC, it’s essentially a Jewish-funded organization that is on the outlook for dissident voices at odds with the Jewish agenda. While SPLC makes big noises about going after Nazis and KKK(hardly existent in current America), their real targets are just about ANY group hated by Jews. So, even Christian groups that resist the Homomaniacal agenda have been labeled as ‘hate groups’. Why would SPLC do that? Because it’s funded by Jews who use Homomania as their proxy.

Many responsible journalists, on left and right, have reported on SPLC fraudulence, but MSM continues to consult the organization(and ADL) as if it’s a responsible and expert source of news and information on ‘hate’ in America. Why is this? Because MSM is owned and controlled by Jewish globalist supremacists working in cahoots with organizations like ADL and SPLC. Indeed, consider the clear violation of First Amendment and Civil Rights in the bills and laws that would criminalize one’s vocal support of BDS movement that calls for justice for Palestinians who lost their nation 70 yrs ago and have been living as an oppressed or exiled people ever since. And since 1967, Palestinians even lost control of West Bank and Gaza. Furthermore, neither Clinton, Bush, Obama, nor Trump has been able to stop the building of invasive new ‘settlements’ in the West Bank. But there is nary a voice in the media or among American politics of this great injustice. And even an academic like Hee-Hawley mainly serves as a shill of Jewish globalists or is too afraid to speak honestly about the Real Power.
In his books, he mentions one, yes one, prominent donor to Alt Right causes: William Regnery. He makes a big deal of this even though it’s just ONE individual whose donations are peanuts compared to the billions and billions that pour into Jewish-globalist-supremacist-controlled organizations, institutions, think-tanks, lobbying groups, and etc. Indeed, just about all the tax dollars that go into Pentagon, CIA, FBI, Federal Courts, and Public Education are also paying for Jewish Supremacism because Jewish elites control all the top industries and institutions. It sure wasn't the Alt Right that controlled US foreign policy and wreaked so much havoc upon nations hated by Zionists following the end of the Cold War. So, not only are explicitly Jewish organizations showered with tons of cash and prizes but even institutions and departments that are supposed to represent and serve all Americans are essentially little more than vehicles of Jewish supremacism. Just ask the Palestinians about the impartial justice of US foreign policy. It sure isn't fair-and-balanced despite the Official rhetoric that America treats all people equally, especially as atonement for its past 'racism'. Then, why does the US support Jim-Crow and Apartheid policies in West Bank that is still being colonized by Jewish imperialism? Again, you bet Hee-Hawley will never look into this issue or raise questions along these lines. Dogs don't question their masters. They just serve.

For every dollar that goes to Alt Right, a billion dollars goes to forces of Jewish Supremacism. But being a goody-good dog of the Establishment, Hee-Hawley sees more alarm in the fact that NPI got some cash from this one donor Regnery. As things stand, Jared Taylor has been banned from Twitter even though he didn’t violate any terms of service. He’s been denied use of Paypal even though he was never associated with a violent group. His organization American Renaissance operates at a pittance compared to what SPLC and ADL get. For many yrs, Taylor could barely find a venue to hold his conferences. and NPI are also denied Paypal service and host of other internet services. They’ve been banned by Patreon that also banned Lauren Southern for calling out on the invasion of Europe by Muslims and Africans.
In contrast, any Jewish supremacist who calls for more oppression of Palestinians and more Wars for Israel(this time against Iran or Syria) is showered with cash, appointed to the most prestigious positions in universities & think-tanks, provided with all kinds of favors, praised by politicians of both parties, and etc. Red carpets are rolled out and all doors are opened to them. These Jews are the ones who came up with Wall Street schemes to fleece the world. These Jews are the ones who used ‘privatization’ of Russian economy in the 90s to grab all the loot and leave Russians destitute. These Jews are the ones who forced sanctions on Iraq in the 1990s, leading to the deaths of 100,000s of women and children. These Jews are the ones who spied for the Israeli nuclear program. Israel has 300 nuclear weapons and even transferred the technology to South Africa during Apartheid. And yet, these Jews used their power to make the US force sanctions on Iran, a nation with zero nuclear weapons, a nation that passed international nuclear inspections with flying colors.
If supremacism is about favoring one group over another — as if certain special groups should be above the law — , then no honest person can deny the fact that the US is a Jewish supremacist nation since all Americans are made to support whatever Jews demand and since Jews don’t have to live by the same laws and principles as goy peoples and goy nations do.
But all of this goes right over Hee-Hawley’s head. Being an Establishment scribe, he just conforms to the Official Narrative that Jews are just little darlings who are so kindly and loving, so committed to world peace and social justice because, golly gee whiz, those are the core values of Jewishness. Well, just ask the Iranians, Iraqis, Palestinians, and Russians what ‘Jewish values’ can do to a nation. Just ask morally decent bakers who, out of religious values or individual conscience, refuse to make ‘gay wedding’ cakes in celebration of a total abomination that says a man’s anus is a sex organ and that it’s so beautiful for two homos to indulge in fecal penetration or for trannies to be pumped with tons of artificial hormones or have their genitals mutilated into the organs of the opposite sex. Jewish Bankers have waged total war on Christian Bakers. Jewish dough attacks white bread.

All of this fails to register in the mind of Hee-Hawley not because he’s a bad person but because he’s too much of goody-goo-thumbsuckapoo-boy to look and think beyond what he's been taught from cradle in PC-controlled America. There’s too much of the Teacher’s Pet about his mental makeup for him to raise the antennae higher and pick up the signals of truth jammed by near-total Jewish control of media and platforms.
Of late, Twitter and Facebook, in cooperation with Jewish-supremacist ADL, have gone on a rampage in deleting irreverent voices and daring accounts that are seen as threatening to the Zionist Narrative and Jewish globalist agenda. Naturally, Jews and their allies are allowed to spew all the vitriol they want and then some, but then, it’s how supremacism works. "There is only one side." Only one side is above the law, gets VIP treatment, enjoys the protection of a special shield, and can get away with things others aren’t allowed. Just like Jews and Palestinians are treated differently in Zionist-occupied West Bank, Jews and their favorite allies get special treatment in the US whereas others, especially White National Liberationists, are treated like the Palestinians of America. Just like Palestinians were vilified as terrorists and haters by hateful Jews who invented and employed modern terrorist tactics to commit a massive pogrom against Palestinians called the Nakba, white people are vilified and dehumanized by Jewish globalist supremacist Jews whose endgame for white people is hardly different from the fate of Palestinians.

In Palestine, Jewish colonizers had the numbers to take over and reduce Palestinians into a helpless minority. In the US and EU, Jews don’t have the numbers to become majorities and gain dominance. Jews can only rule as minority elites in the West, and in order to keep their dominance indefinitely, they push for Diversity so that there won’t be a gentile majority that can unite against Jewish power. Jews figure on making gentiles bicker with gentiles while Jews play both/multiple sides against one another.
For example, the Invade-Invite Strategy is about using White Christian Soldiers to smash Muslim nations to boost Israel’s advantage in the region and then 'welcoming' displaced Muslims to the West and setting them against white Christians.

Unlike all those Establishment individuals and institutions that put on airs of respectability but are really engaged in the supremacism of Zionism-on-steroids, Wall Street robbery, Las Vegas crookery, Hollywood degeneracy, Big Pharma narco-trade(not unlike how the Jewish Sasson family drugged the Chinese with opium in the 19th century), ACOWW(or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs promoted by Jews as a message of white male inferiority vis-a-vis the ‘badass’ Negro), and Deep State nihilism(so evident in the manufactured hysteria of bogus ‘Russiagate’), it can safely be claimed that the Alt Right is downright refreshing in its admittance of aims, values, and beliefs.
The Alt Right view of power is like a tree. A tree has beautiful leaves fluttering in the wind and bears fruits up high, but its roots are deeply seeped into the ground. The sky realm of tree is thus connected with its earth realm. The high cannot exist without the middle and the low. While there are clearly distances and barriers between the high and the low, everything high must be linked to the low in the realm of truth. So, even though it’s important to have fine manners at a nice restaurant, we must never lose sight of the fact that eating is about humans-as-animals devouring the flesh of dead animals that were brutally slaughtered for that purpose. Alt Right understand the connection between the high and low. Alt Right understands that America was created through conquest, invasion war, and violence as well as with ideals and principles. In other words, even though a people must be guided by higher principles in order to be human than merely animal, the higher values must ultimately serve and ensure the survival and well-being of a set of human organisms. In the end, ideas must serve the human-animal than vice versa. Before we have ideas in our minds, we must exist and survive as a set of human-animal organisms with their own distinct identity, history, and mythology. Andrei Tarkovsky the great Russian film-maker illustrated how the high is integrally related to the low. Art, though a lofty endeavor, must be fueled by real experience. In ANDREI RUBLEV, it wasn’t the painter’s genius alone that inspired him to create those great iconic works. Rather, it was genius enriched by historical experience with all its tragedies and miracles. And consider the processes that went into the making of the bell that rings a pure sound. Yet, it was made of blood, sweat, tears and rose from the mud.

Finally, if Alt Right is ‘white supremacist’, it is in the sense that white survival, white well-being, and white heritage are of supreme priority to the people in the movement. It is intra-supremacist, meaning white people who care about their own kind. It is not extro-supremacist meaning that white people should conquer and dominate other peoples. In contrast, Jewish Supremacism and Globalism are extro-supremacist because they seek hegemony over all other peoples. Jews seek to convert all the peoples of the world to their pseudo-religion of Homomania. Jewish supremacists seek to convince all American to hate Iran and Russia as nations that must be destroyed as rivals or obstacles to Jewish globalist control. Jews demand that all Americans support any policy in the Middle East that favors Israel even if it destroys millions of Muslim or Arabs lives. Jews say BDS movement and White National Liberationist speech & assembly must be banned or even criminalized because such hinder the cause of Jewish Globalist Supremacist Agenda. This is the Real Power in America and the World, but there is nary a voice or movement to challenge and counter this power. The only such voice comes from the Alt Right, but instead of appreciating its role in blowing the whistle on Jewish Globalist supremacist power, Hee-Hawley meekly sides with his Zionist masters in trying to smear and discredit the Alt Right. Now, if Hee-Hawley’s point is that there are some people in the Alt Right who are unhinged or extreme, he’s right. But this is true of any movement. Barack Obama was associated with Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright. Howard Zinn, the popular historian, was friends with Bob Avakian, the avowed Stalinist-Maoist who still thinks the Bolshevik Revolution was just dandy. So many Liberal academics gave aid and support to far-leftist lunatics of the 60s that set off bombs, and some of those former-terrorists got tenured gigs in universities. Especially Jew-heavy New York University hired a professor who welcomed White Genocide.
When we take an honest look at the real Power Structure of America(that controls the world), any person with integrity should understand that the greatest dangers for the future comes from Jewish Supremacism. That being the case, a person of integrity should welcome any voice or movement that gives criticism to this looming evil force. In history, one must always have a sense of priorities. For example, Nazi Germany was so evil that the US had to ally even with the other evil, the USSR, to stop Nazi expansion. And the US role in Vietnam got so out of control that even anti-war criticisms from the Left became invaluable. One doesn’t have to agree with Noam Chomsky’s core ideology to admit that he’s been very perceptive about the insane reach of US military-industrial complex. One doesn’t have to agree on everything with Oliver Stone to appreciate his contention that the Deep State has long played an insidious role in US politics.
So, while it’s true that there are things about the Alt Right that leave much to be desired, it is an invaluable presence in the current political discourse because it is the only honest and effective critic of Jewish power.
The reason why Jews and ultimately even Hee-Hawley seek to conflate the Alt Right with the 14/88 crowd is because Jews actually welcome Neo-Nazis clowns as self-defeating paranoid lunatics who make a mockery of countering Jewish Power. It’s like the Jewish-run media purposely hyped the Westboro Church to give the false impression that those opposed to the homo agenda must be similarly cuckoo. Because the Alt Right criticism of Jewish Power is so cogent and so true, Jews regard it as the biggest threat to their power, the David to the Jewish Goliath. This is why Jews are trying to BAN THE STONES. It’s because the Alt Right is so adept at gathering up stones and aiming them at the Jewish Supremacist godhead. And this is why Jews are so eager to silence people like Jared Taylor than some of the more outlandish ‘shitlords’ on Twitter. Taylor’s arguments are too rational and often irrefutably based on empirical data. He doesn't fit the stereotype of the far-right skinhead or Hollywood Nazi disseminated by the Jewish-run media.
In fact, most White Identitarians, White National Liberationists, and White Advocates are sane and normal people. Hee-Hawley got it backwards. He thinks white people who are for their own kind are, deep down inside, like the Neo-Nazi freaks in AMERICAN HISTORY X. He thinks Alt Right people are just closet-skinheads larping as normie-looking people. The truth is actually the opposite. Most white people who care about their race, culture, and heritage are not skinheads, Neo-Nazis, or militia-men who are training for RED-DAWN-type of invasion. (By the way, notice it’s Liberal Jewish Hollywood that instilled so many American minds with fears of Muslim, Russian, and North Korean invasions, what with the new version of RED DAWN having Norks invading Michigan. ROTFL. If Wakandans want to rule the white world, they should forge an alliance with North Koreans who apparently can invade and rule whole swaths of America with ease.) Most white patriots are people who look and act normal and sane. If anything, the Ugly Demented Style has been promoted by (1) LGBTQ gender degeneracy (2) celebrity & sports culture big on tattoos (3) the cult of universal narcissism that would have us believe even Lena Dunham is a sex symbol. While there are ‘white trash’ elements on the Alt Right who go for tattoos and the like, such deviants are far more likely to belong in the 14/88 crowd, which has had its share of Jewish infiltrators urging low-IQ whites to make fools of themselves as 'white supremacists'.
The fact is the core of the Alt Right is not about skinheads and Neo-Nazi thugs. If people like Hee-Hawley think so, it’s because they’ve been brainwashed by decades of Jewish propaganda. The Alt Right is not a case of degenerate skinheads in nice suits and neat haircuts. Alt Right people are exactly what they are in dress, demeanor, and speech. Rather, it was the Jewish supremacist media that created the impression that any white-person-into-white-interests must be a sinister extremist figure who worships at the altar of Adolf Hitler and has a swastika tattoo on his butt. This anti-icon of White Pride has been so deeply ingrained in the minds of people that even an academic like Hee-Hawley is taken aback upon encountering sane and sober white people who believe in white identity and heritage but don’t yell "Heil Hitler" every other minute.
So, Hee-Hawley concludes that the Alt Right people must be concealing their true selves. But really, what is there to hide when the ideas, critiques, and objectives of the Alt Right are so out in the open?
The great paradox is that so many people oppose the Alt Right precisely because, deep down inside, they can't help feeling that the Alt Right is right or at least more right on most issues than other groups are. People are naturally triggered by exposure to truths made inconvenient by the Power. People want to believe that their lives have heretofore been free and/or meaningful within the predominant system of rules and rationales; therefore, when they're presented with alternative perspectives that may turn their worldview upside down, they are torn asunder by conflicting emotions: One part of them finally feels as if the scales are falling from their eyes, but another part of them feel triggered & disturbed because everything that had given them meaning & purpose in life has been exposed as false. They become like the despondent mother in GOODBYE LENIN who prefers to live in her own communist bubble. And this is why Jewish supremacists were so frightened by the Charlottesville Rally. It wasn't the occasional Nazi flag or the odd KKK sighting. It was the possibility that the world might get an earful of plain Alt Right talk about the True nature of power in America. This is why the Jews had to shut down the rally like the nascent movements are suppressed in MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON and MEET JOHN DOE in which the Power is afraid of losing control of the Narrative that sustains its wanton abuses. But, one may ask, "If Jewish power is understandably triggered by the Alt Right because it fears loss of power, why do so many whites recoil from Alt Right ideas that can liberate and emancipate them?" For some, especially politicians, it's pure opportunism. As they made their careers by collaborating with Jews, they stick with the official script. But even many whites who have much to gain from Alt Right ideas reject them with fury because their sense of moral worth has been molded by the PC cult of 'white guilt' and white atonement. Accepting the Alt Right would mean that all those yrs of cuckery on their part had been just a fool's errand; it would mean they wasted so much of their lives on an illusion fed to them by Jews. And no one wants to feel that the entire meaning of his or her life had been built on a falsehood.

If anything, even nations that essentially operate on the basis of Alt Right ideas can’t admit to doing so because of decades of official indoctrination that associates any concern with white interest and/or criticism of Jewish Power with Nazism or some such. Consider Hungary and Poland that ban Alt Right gatherings. And yet, their recent political policies are essentially Alt Right. Viktor Orban identifies rootless Jews like George Soros as a threat to European survival. He’s about identity, culture, and borders. And Polish defiance of Judeo-Franco-German-dominated EU has everything to do with nationalism, rational race-ism, Polish pride, and cultural sovereignty. Poles don’t want to be pushed around by Jewish globalists who seek to Afro-Islamize Poland. But because the global media and narrative are so dominated by Jews, even white people who organize around Alt Right principles must pretend they are motivated by Other ideas more palatable to the globalist cognoscenti of know-it-alls.

Hee-Hawley’s writings may be informative to some. And his book MAKING SENSE OF THE ALT RIGHT may be a useful primer for those who know NOTHING of the movement. But Hee-Hawley is incapable of seeing the larger picture. He frets about ‘white supremacism’ or ‘white racism’ when, in fact, the real supremacism that is destroying America and the world is Jewish. Let me list just a few of the recent tragedies and disasters around the world. Who had a hand in them? Jews or the Alt Right?

1. Massive Wall Street theft via bubble economies in which countless peoples lost so much of their savings. (Who controls Wall Street and the Fed? Keith Preston of Attack the System?)
2. Spread of gambling that has led to addiction, destitution, and degradation of morality and culture. (Who are the top 10 biggest gambling tycoons in the US? Is Daniel Freiberg among them?)
3. Opoiod epidemic that turn so many Americans into junkies whose lives spiral out of control, often leading to OD death or suicide. (Is the Sackler family Jewish or Alt Right?)
4. Mainstreaming of Pornography to the point where young girls are raised on Disney idols who all grow up to turn out like Miley Cyrus who ‘twerk’ and act like degenerate apes. (Does Richard Spencer or Jared Taylor run Disney? Or is it another group of people?)
5. Promotion of Rap thuggery whereby most black males grow up emulating lunatics with guns who got nothing on their minds but ‘blings’ and ‘bitchass hos’. (Who runs the music industry? Greg Johnson?)
6. Wars in the Middle East that coincidentally targeted nations hated by Israel in the name of ‘spreading democracy’. But if US is all about secular values, why has it been so close to Saudi Arabia while working behind the scenes to destabilize secular modern nations like Syria? (Who could be behind the US foreign policy that committed war crimes on Iraq, Libya, and Syria? Is the State Department run by Greg Conte?)
7. The spread of rectal cancer among millennials with the normalizing of Homosexuality and mainstreaming of porn. Rates of anal-rectal cancer multiplied 4X among millennials who imitate the latest buzz created by the media. (Which people have been behind homomania and the normalization of fecal penetration and ‘pegging’? Has Vincent Law been going around passing out flyers recommending that straight women take it up their bungs?)
8. The sharp rise of homicide rates among blacks since 2015 with Ferguson and Baltimore riots. (Which group fanned the crazy irresponsible flames of BLM that had blacks believe that innocent brothers and sisters were being gunned down by out-of-control white ‘racist’ cops? The hysteria forced cops to retreat from heavy crime zones, leading to more violence and death among blacks. Who controls the media to push such a crazy narrative that only made things worse for blacks? Let me guess. All those blacks got their crazy ideas from Red Ice Radio.)
9. The erosion of civil liberties whereupon nearly all politicians support the criminalization of BDS, a movement that calls for justice for Palestinians who not only continue to live under Occupation but keep losing more lands to Jewish invader-settlers. (Maybe Kevin Macdonald is behind this one. I dunno. I mean who else could be pulling the strings of politicians to shut down BDS?)
10. The rape of Russia in the 1990s that left most people destitute while a handful of globalist oligarchs snapped up 50% of the Russian economy almost overnight and then bought up all the media and traded Russian women around the world in one of the biggest cases of white slavery in modern times. (It must have been the guy who does Black-Pigeon-Speaks videos and his cabal of vegetarians. I mean, I can’t imagine another people who would pull off something so dirty.)

If one knows the REAL POWER in America, one should value the Alt Right as an essential critic and challenger to what is now the most dangerous, most evil, and most insane power in the world. Given the totally corrupt and sociopathic state of the media, deep state, Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and etc., one would have to suffer from total lack of understanding to side with the People of Power against the one of the few budding voices of dissent that has the simple audacity to notice that the Emperor Wears No Clothes.

Madeline Albright... she was not Alt Right.

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