Monday, April 16, 2018

Why Jewish-controlled US Foreign Policy serves something much Bigger than Israel -- Homomania, Queertianity, or Gay Rites as the Reason why ‘Progressives’ now support Neo-Imperialism, Deep State, and Warmongering

This is in response to Philip Giraldi’s Whose Wars? Israel continues to wag the dog for Middle Eastern wars.

I think the Inclusion of Russia in the equation — as well as animus against Hungary and Poland — suggests that Israel is not central to the equation. Rather, it is EOJ or Empire of Judea. Its hegemony derives from a network of Jewish power all over the world from NY to LA to DC to Tel Aviv to London to Paris to Moscow to Rio to Capetown to etc. It is a truly global in scope and ambition. Israel is its Temple. NY is its bank. DC is its tanks and guns.
It's like the British Empire was much bigger than Britain. The power was in the mastery of seas, the control of far-flung territories, access to resources and manpower(made to serve British overlords). One difference is that British Imperialism was proud of its power and bragged of its glory. In contrast, Judea is an Hidden Empire... which is all the more dangerous because Jewish power cowers behind gentile nations as fronts.

Suppose Israel were to vanish. Suppose a massive earthquake swallows both Israel and West Bank into the ground, and both are gone forever. So, will Neocons and etc. begin to act on the basis of what is good for America? No, they will still push their agenda because Jewish Power is not about one single place but a network of power dynamics all over the globe. After all, Judea had been operative long before Israel was created. It was powerful enough to push gentile nations toward helping Jews create Israel.

But the big question that must be asked is, "Why is there such lack of anti-war opposition from the Progs?" They were out in full force in 2003. Where are they now? Why are progs so silent now or even enthusiastically support of neo-imperialism? Why were they so silent when Obama carried out attacks that destroyed Libya? When he aided terrorists in Syria? When he messed up Ukraine?
Well, most progs are idiots into TV culture, just like most conzos, so most of them have no interest in world affairs. But what about the Prog elites who are well-educated and know what's happening in the world? Partly, it was because Obama as Prez was a 'historic black president', so he had to be made to look good. Symbolism trumped real lives. So, never mind all those dead Libyans. More important was the Idolatry of Obama. Maybe it might have been somewhat different if John McCain or Mitt Romney were president.

But I think the bigger factor is the rise of Homomania and the the total PC-ization of Deep State and Military. There was a time when the Left perceived Deep State and Military, rightly or wrongly, as mainly the bastion of Wasps, conservatives, right-wingers, and etc. But Deep State drank the PC kool-aid, and FBI is now about Diversity and MLK worship. And CIA and NSA work closely with proggy Silicon Valley. And the US military now allows open homos, trannies, and even women-in-combat. These changes were gradually gaining, but they accelerated and came to full fruition under Obama. Military turned homo, tranny, and feminist. And Deep State totally with Obama in waving homo flag. (Granted, core of the military still consists of conservative white men, but things are often judged by its branding than its substance.)

Homomania is especially important because it constitutes a neo-religion for the Progs. It's not merely a support for 'gay rights' but a worship of Gay Rites. Homomania is now regarded as so holy that churches feel a need to associate with homo colors to feel blessed. It used to be that repentant homos went to Church to confess their sins. Now, churches seek benediction from the 'rainbow' angels who are into fecal penetration or tranny pud-chopping.

Homomania may have been most effective in turning Progs into pro-imperialist and pro-war devotees.
Consider Old Imperialism. It was about invading other lands, subjugating native folks, and plundering resources. Surely, the adventurers, profiteers, and materialists loved it. But many people didn't feel good about it. After all, it's not nice to invade and exploit other peoples. So, why did so many people in the West support imperialism? Because the West spun it as spreading God and Jesus to the heathens. Thus, the materialist was made spiritualist. And so, many people, from elites to masses, felt a moral imperative to support imperialism.

With the decline of Christianity, the West no longer had a spiritual rationale to unleash neo-imperialism around the world. 9/11 gave an opening because the US was attacked. People still can support revenge. But vengeful emotions eventually burn out.
In contrast, the missionary or crusading passions are eternal. That was why Christianity or Islam was so useful over many centuries in justifying wars and invasions. It provided moral and spiritual makeover and uplift to material conquests and plunders.

9/11 justified the invasion of Afghanistan and War on Terror in the eyes of most Americans. But vengeful feelings don't last forever. After all, both US and USSR patched things up with Germany and Japan after WWII. Bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones.
In contrast, crusading spirit keeps burning.

Because West is dominated by prog elites and proggy industries, Neo-Imperialism must have them on-board as an enthused support system. But why would they support US militarism if they just regard it as naked aggression and warmongering? Most people, progs and conzos, would not feel good about supporting mere aggression. But what if there were a neo-religion that could captivate the Prog community? What if they came to see it as the Highest Good, something to spread all over the world? What if it could define their sense of Us versus Them? The good 'us' are those who are part of this new faith. The evil 'them' are those who resist it. It's like Christians once divided the world between Christian folks and Heathens. Onward Christian soldiers to bash Heathens and convert them. And Muslims divided the world between the servants of Allah and the Infidels.

In the decadent West, the neo-religion came to be Homomania, and Jews promoted it through massive parades, 'rainbow' colors, entertainment, TV commercials, cucked out politicians, pathologization of opposition as 'homophobic', and movies & music videos. Also, Pop Culture was mixed with PC. It used to be that people went to rock concerts just to have a good time. Jews understood that the mindless masses are most vulnerable to brainwashing in a place of rapturous emotions. It's like how Televangelists take advantage of the crowd through spectacle, hollering, and/or hysteria. Imagine you're screaming and shouting at a rock concert with 10,000s of fans and fireworks go off displaying homo colors. Everyone is screaming his mind off, and you are carried along with mass passion. You come to associate rapturous quasi-transcendent emotions with homo colors. Of course, fecal penetration and pud-cutting have nothing to do with the rainbow, but the mind is associative, like in the Pavlovian trick with dog, bell, and food.

Anyway, the spread of Homomania, especially in Obama yrs, instilled Progs with a new missionary zeal. It is to homo-genize the world. Without Homomania, most Americans would never have become so anti-Russian. It did the trick because the media said "We holy worshipers of Homomania" versus "Those evil reactionary homophobic Russkies whose idea of religion is creepy and discredited Christianity, ewwwwww."
Anti-Russian hatred reached new heights due to the Homomaniacal Factor. If Old Cold Warriors hated the Soviets for being Godless commies, the New Cold Warriors hate Russians for being Homoless Christians. And how did Hillary Clinton praise Israel? She said it is so wonderful because it has one of the biggest homo parades in the world.

So, when progs hear about Russia aiding Syria, they think of an evil Homoless empire aiding a regime that protects creepy Christian minority. In contrast, Israel and US are justified in bashing Syria because they are Homomaniacal. US military has open homos. (To be sure, Russian military also has homos, but Russia doesn't worship Homo-ness. And it doesn't allow Red Square to be overrun by Homo whoopsy-doopsers and NO 'gay marriage'.) Even if people don't discuss it in such terms, I think many Progs subconsciously feel that way. They see the New Cold War as between the Homo-worshiping West and Homo-denying Russia and allies.

Progs are said to be 'liberal' and 'secular', but one doesn't need a real religion to feel religious about something. Communism was said to be 'materialist' and 'scientific' but it was essentially a religion with its sacred canon, messiahs and prophets, and demigods. If anyone rationally critiqued Stalin or Mao, he would have ended up like heretics in the Middle Ages.

Likewise, today's Progs are neo-religious. They worship ideas like 'diversity' or 'inclusion'. They worship MLK and the Magic Negro or the Mandingo and the Negro dong, like in the movie GET OUT. They worship Homos and the 'rainbow' color.
Jews also push Shoah as religion, but the problem is it's too much of a bummer, especially in the Age of Hedonism and Narcissism. In the Age of American Idol, who wants to think about people who were killed in death camps? Shoah may instill guilt but not much in the way of enthusiasm. After all, Christianity's appeal wasn't just about the death of Christ. It was also about His Resurrection and Happy Easter and Merry Christmas and all that. It has a tragic side but also triumphant side. But can anyone imagine saying 'Happy Holocaust Day'? Maybe if Jews are cleverer, they would come up with a new concept that commemorates the 'resurrection' of Jews from the Shoah, something that can be celebrated, indeed even an occasion for giving gifts, especially from gentiles to Jews.

Anyway, in contrast to Shoah-as-religion, Homomania-as-religion is so fun. It's about homo 'angels' of rapture parading down streets, celebrating with wild abandon, and making everyone feel 'Hollywood-ish' in his participation in spectacle. It's like circus-as-faith.
Also, whereas not every nation has Jews, every nation has its share of homos, and Homomania says they must be liberated, supported, and made to lead those nations.
As such, Homomania is great for spreading the power of Judea. Jews can reach out to homos in every nation, favor and fund them, and push them into seats of power. And then, these grateful and vain homos will serve Judea than their own people.

Homos are so holy that even Trump justified his 'Muslim Ban' on account of the need to protect homos from terrorists.

Even in 2003, most progs didn't associate the US military with something holy. They saw the military as a killing machine, an instrument of 'Christian-fascist' George W. Bush. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN divided the nation. It wasn't universally acclaimed.
But under Obama, the homo-ization of the military changed how progs perceived American Power. And the fact that the Deep State was so chummy with a black president convinced Progs that CIA, FBI, NSA, and etc were really on their side, something they would not have believed during Bush yrs or even Clinton yrs.

What a masterstroke by the Jews who understand the Politics of Psychology. Homomania was concocted to be the new christianity or Queertianity. It came to be quasi-worshiped by Progs. Even in protests and rallies unrelated to homos, many activists arrive waving homo colors as if doing so bestows blessing on whatever they are promoting. So, we see homo colors mixed with BLM. We see homo colors at Illegal Immigrant rallies. It's as if every group now feels that their movement will get more traction and sympathy IF it's associated with homo colors. It's like Christians in the past used to associate everything with the Crucifix.

So, unless progs break out of the spell of this phony perverse satanic pseudo-religion, the Deep State can do a lot of damage. With so many prog elites and masses associating US power with spread of Holy Homomania, the neo-imperialists can do a lot of damage. Their evil ambitions will be shrouded with holy homo colors.

Even though the US is the force for evil in the world like Stephen Lendmen's article says, American progs think they have homo-god on their side against evil Russia that won't worship the Holy Homo.

Zionists failed to sink USS Liberty, but they did sink Truth in Journalism. Truth RIP.
American Politics and Journalism are a sunken ship in which there's no honest soul left alive to speak truth to Jewish Power.

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