Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Jared Taylor Cannot Win with Facts and Reason Alone - Vision of Future trumps View of Reality - Richard Spencer’s Vision Needs to Smoke Less Crack

There are two prominent figures in the alternative sphere of the rightist spectrum. There is Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer.

Jared Taylor makes good sense backed with facts and logic on a host of issues, but he lacks the vision thing. After all, Moses didn’t manage to lead all those Hebrews out of Egypt just by noticing facts around him. He inspired his people with the vision of a better tomorrow and the Promised Land. He promised them the laws of God on the conviction that God, the one and only God, was on their side. Without such prophecy, neither the mythical Moses nor the historical Muhammad could have achieved what they did. We may learn a lot from someone who points to things around us and gives a factual analysis of every item. But we aren’t likely to be inspired by him or look to him for The Truth, the one that lends meaning, purpose, and direction to our lives. Rather, it is the man who points to the distant horizon and speaks of the great future that inspires people and make them want to follow him. He is the prophet who is far-sighted, whereas the ‘factualists’ are short-sighted.

We need all the fact-based people we can find as they get things done in the world, but the future is made by those who lead the people to ‘another’ world. This another world could be literal in the sense of discovering or conquering a distant territory. Or it could be a vision of how our own land could be transformed into something far greater.
Now, Jared Taylor does have a passion and objective of sorts. He is passionately committed to his own race, culture, and heritage. And he looks forward to a world where whites will be safe and secure in identity and posterity. But it doesn’t excite or inspire because the Taylor’s vision of a good society is all about the A-B-C’s of stability. If he could have a Father-Knows-Best-like society for his own people, he would be content, and that would be that. Such a society would certainly be nice, but it’s not visionary enough to inspire masses of white people to view it as their Promised Land. To inspire the masses, the vision must be more than something nice or something-that-had-been. It has to be something that has yet to be, something so great, wondrous, and glorious. It needn’t be something as fanciful(and ridiculous) as Wakanda, but the vision has to be powerful enough to turn people into zealots and true believers who are willing to kill and die for this vision.

If Bolsheviks, Italian Fascists, National Socialists, Zionists, and Lazarusites have one thing in common, it is the Vision thing. Benito Mussolini convinced Italians that they could once again become a race of heroes, like the warriors of Roman Times, if they come together as a people under his leadership. Bolsheviks intoxicated both the educated elites and landless peasants with a future vision of the End of History of justice and truth. Zionists excited Jews with the hope not only of nation of their own but the recovery of their lost Holy homeland. And the cult-worshipers of Emma Lazarus romanticized the notion of America as a Proposition Nation, the full greatness of which has yet to be realized with the arrival of dreamers from all over the world. Good or bad, sensible or insane, those -isms offer more than facts and reasons. They offer a vision.

In the end, people are not moved by clarity of the empirical mind but the fever of the imperial spirit. Clarity of facts and logic reduces our emotional heat. So, while Jared Taylor makes a convincing case on matters of race and culture, he leaves us feeling calm, cool, and collected. But history is not made by gentlemen. Gentlemen are good managers and officials. But they are not the ones who supply the heat and the juice to make the people want to do something more than the usual, the normal, the routine, and the mundane. Napoleon didn’t inspire his men with facts and data. He made them believe in him, his abilities as leader and his vision of glory for France and the Revolution. T. E. Lawrence convinced all those divided Arab tribes to follow him and serve him not with dry lectures on history or cold political analysis. And it wasn’t just the promise of loot either. He made them believe in his special powers and the dream of Arab unity and glory that had been out-of-reach under Ottoman Rule.
And he did all this despite not even being a Muslim. He managed to convince Arab Muslims to fight fellow Muslims of the Ottoman Empire because his showbiz quasi-prophet act was so compelling.

In the end, history is made by people who believe in a Taboo. They feel what they believe isn’t merely factual or true but holy and sacred. Indeed, the holy and sacred is favored even over factual evidence. After all, we can factually debunk or intellectually deconstruct much of Jewish religion, myths, legends, and history. We can say that, as there never was a God, the notion of Promised Land or Holy Land is just nonsense. Based on chemistry, the dirt in Palestine/Israel is no different from dirt in any neighboring nation. So, there was no Covenant. It was all an invention. And Moses probably never existed, at least in the version told in the Old Testament. But none of that matters to Zionists, even the most secular ones. They BELIEVE in a covenant with history if not with God. And this myth fills them with a vision of the future that MUST be. It is NOT negotiable. And this vision is so powerful that even the most secular leftist Israeli Jews will pick up assault rifles and kill bushels of Arabs, Muslims, and Persians IF that’s what it takes to preserve Israel as the eternal vision of home for the Jews.

Richard Spencer understands this need for Big Vision, a sense of not only being right but righteous. In the end, an order cannot exist for long without its zealots. Israel may have secular elites who think about ‘higher’ and drier things, but it survives only because it has its core neo-Zealots who are willing to go to any length to defend the nation from enemies from both within and without. Now, if an order is totally overrun by zealots, things can get out of hand, like Iran during it rabid Islamo-revolutionary phase. A healthy society needs more than vision, passion, and conviction. There is value in liberal open-mindedness and inquiry. But if an order is only open-minded and dryly intellectual, it won’t have the ferocity to come together and defend the order against enemies. It’s like a person needs more than passion and fists. He needs a mind and heart. But without the fists ready to fight off the threats, the mind and heart will have no security. Before any idea or value, the person must survive as an organism, and that means it must be ready at all times to move into the mode of ferocity and fists to fend off any enemy that threatens his survival and well-being. And this will to survive isn’t based on an idea but an animal passion. But since animal passion alone will just keep a person on the level of an animal(like so many blacks), the mind and heart have to create a vision for the fury and fists to serve. And this vision is something more than objective accounting of reality. Israelis are not committed to defending their nation because they have an objective assessment of their land in terms of economics, minerals, agriculture, water, and etc. After all, the rules of agriculture and market economics, like laws of gravity, are pretty much universal all around the world. All nations read from the same economics and chemistry books. No people ever wanted to defend their nation based on the mere sciences of economics, sociology, psychology, or archaeology. After all, a rational and scientific understanding of anything is a universal endeavor and belongs to all peoples. Even non-Germans can read about German history or brush up on what archaeology has to say about ancient Germanic folks. Even non-Greeks can learn about Greek philosophy, and even non-Jews can read about the history of the part of the world called Palestine/Israel. Knowledge doesn’t belong to any single people. So, if anyone can learn about the history of Jews or Israel(and can even gain more knowledge about Jewish history & culture than your average Jew does), why is it that Jews believe that Jewishness and Israel belong to them in the way such don’t belong to any other people? Why are Jews willing to fight and die for Jewishness and Israel in ways that mere gentile scholars of Jewish culture and Israel do not? It’s because Jews have something more than objective or scholarly interest and knowledge about Israel. They have a powerful sense of their myth, narrative, tragedy, and future/destiny that binds them together. And Jews feel that even gentiles who strongly identify and sympathize with Jews cannot be part of the Tribe. (Incidentally, the reason why many whites so strongly identify with Jews and Israel even though they’re rebuffed by Jews is because they’ve been denied passion in their own identity or failed to develop something on their own with their own vision of the covenant.)
Furthermore, it’s not enough to say that whites are special and especially accomplished. After all, a people who do great things only attract attention from around the world. All great empires not only tried to conquer the world but absorb the world. So, if whites are said to be so great, then, it leads to the logic of universalism, i.e. whites should spread their greatness all over the world(because, after all, greatness wants to rule and doesn’t want to be contained), and the rest of humanity should be able to partake of this greatness.
If whites are to survive as a unique race and culture, the notion of greatness or superiority(in IQ or talent) isn’t enough. Greatness only attracts the attention of others. Also, greatness wants to be admired by others. What great actor or actress doesn’t want to be loved by as many people as possible? What great corporation doesn’t want to expand its market share all over the world? Indeed, when it comes to their great achievements in science, financial power, entertainment, and media, Jews want to take over the entire world. While greatness seeks to dominate others, it also absorbs them, and as the result, the Other also becomes a part of the Great Power. Also, greatness, in its sheer meritocracy, doesn’t necessarily favor one group over another. In some cases, group differences are so stark that meritocracy does lead to total or near-total domination by one group. On meritocracy alone, women cannot compete with men in sports. If women want to play, they need a sports league of their own. In basketball, meritocracy has led to near-total black domination. But greatness in many fields does not so decisively favor one group over all others. Greatness in chemistry, physics, and computer sciences led to the rise of many white, Jewish, and Asian scientists and engineers. Since greatness favors greatness over mediocrity, white greatness will favor non-white greatness over white mediocrity. So, even if one could make the argument that whites have achieved the greatest things in history, putting greatness, ability, and talent at the center of everything will undermine ethno-nationalism and identity of collective racial inheritance. After all, even if it’s true that whites have been more adept at reason and science than other races, the fact still remains that most whites are not very smart or creative. Meanwhile, there are plenty of non-whites who are very smart and creative, and if given a chance by the Western system, will do head-and-shoulders better than most whites. And then, whites of intelligence and creativity will favor non-whites of intelligence and creativity because the system would put greatness and meritocracy at the center of all things. And this is why all this stuff about IQ doesn’t cut it. It’s interesting and informative but doesn’t support the Vision necessary for the survival of a race, culture, and territory.

This is obvious from the case of Jews. If indeed Jews should primarily care about greatness and meritocracy, then the smartest, most creative, most successful, and most powerful Jews should primarily seek out their counterparts of excellence among the gentiles. Smart Jews shouldn’t care about dumb Jews just like smart whites are told to dump on dumb whites. Smart whites are told to think meritocratically and identify mainly with smart Jews and smart non-whites. If smart and powerful Jews acted just like smart and privileged whites, would Jewish people, Jewish culture, and Jewish nation survive? After all, even though Jews are, on average, smarter than other groups, there are plenty of not-so-smart Jews. And yet, Jewish identity, culture, and nationalism remain strong because smart Jews believe they should primarily identify with other Jews, smart or dumb. So, even though smart Jews will work with smart non-Jews in elite endeavors of physics, chemistry, finance, and computers, when away from work their main identity and loyalty are with Jewishness, Jewish history, Jewish culture, and Jewish nationhood in Israel.

In contrast, look at the decline of Episcopalians despite the fact that they had an IQ equivalent or possibly even higher than of Ashkenazi Jews. So, why did Jewish power keep rising whereas Episcopalian power faded despite their individual successes. As individuals, there are still many successful, rich, and/or super-privileged Episcopalians. But because they abandoned their sense of racial/cultural unity and history/heritage, the sense of their own community was lost. Episcopalianism was both too exclusive and too weak to survive as an identity. Those within the denomination were exclusive enough to set themselves apart from other white Christians, but they lacked an communal sense that was powerful enough to hold the community together like among Jews(or even Mormons). Power isn’t more than a series of individual successes. True power is the unity of those of individualities. It’s like a bunch of individuals can be great warriors, but if each fights only for himself than coming together to form an army, they won’t stand a chance against the power composed of individuals working as a team. If every wolf acted as a lone wolf, it could not bring down a moose, elk, or bear. But if they work as a team, they can bring down the biggest game.
Jews retained a powerful pack instinct, whereas Episcopalians, despite equal intelligence, eventually turned into lone wolves. Since Episcopalians couldn’t form a pack of their own, their lone talents attached themselves to those with pack instinct. Today, most successful white gentiles just serve Jewish interests because Jews still act as a pack to form a dominant team. The only way this team can be countered is by forming counter-teams, but Jews have used their control of academia and media to indoctrinate white gentiles with the idea that pack-mentality is noble among Jews(and blacks) but downright evil and ‘supremacist’ for whites.

Imagine single beams of light. They are all very nice but unless all those beams converge, there cannot be the super-beam that burns as bright as the sun. Indeed, the Sun is powerful because so much matter converged over time within a single gravitational field to create that great furnace in space. It’s like charcoal. If you have 20 lit charcoals and place them apart, you won’t be able to cook anything because there is no combined heat. To cook a steak, you have to pack the coals together for a real flames that can cook a whole pig(though, to be sure, pigs should be spared for their intelligence). It’s like what Albert Speer pulled off at the 1936 Berlin Olympics where all the beams of light converted to create a super-beam, an artificial sun in the sky.
Jews got the heat because their coals are placed together in a pile. In this pyramid of flames, some coals are placed higher than others, but they all work together to generate the heat for the burnt offering to Jewish Power. In contrast, the only kind of coal-burning that is fashionable among white gentiles is white women having sex with black men to spread ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs.
So, it isn’t enough for White National Liberators to focus so much on metrics of intelligence, creativity, originality, personality traits, or whatever. This is especially because ability and superiority tends to be disloyal to the tribe. If a white guy is good in basketball, he will play with blacks in the NBA because he wants to be with the best. A pretty white cheerleader will not side with race. Since she has something of special value(her looks), she will want to be associated with someone else with special value, and if a Negro beats a white guy in sports, she will go with the Negro because of his athletic superiority. A brilliant Chinese scientist may decide to move to the US and work at MIT because American academic institutions are where the best minds are. And even smart Jews are tempted to forgo Jewish interest IF doing so boosts their chances of being with the best people.

Fortunately for Jews, even when Jews go for total meritocracy, they can be assured of being with lots of fellow Jews since Jews have a decisive advantage in IQ. And even when Jews marry non-Jews, it’s usually the case that the latter decides to raise the kids as Jewish since Jewishness has such prestige in the halls of power. The thing is Jews didn’t become so powerful with merit alone. It wasn’t simply because Jews tend to be smarter, and therefore, there are more smart Jews in high places. It’s because all those Jewish beams of light converged to create the Jewish sun of power. Because Jews know this is the secret to their own power, they discourage it among gentiles. Without their strong sense of tribe and unity, Jewish advantage in ability and intelligence could paradoxically be a liability where Jewish power is concerned. Again, despite higher general Jewish IQ, most Jews are not geniuses or even very smart. Your average Jew has an IQ of 110 to 115, which is good but not outstanding by any stretch of the imagination. And there are Jews with IQ considerably lower than that. Israel has a lot of Sephardic Jews, and their IQ isn’t much above that of Arabs. So, if Jews went by meritocracy alone, they could easily become like Episcopalians in no time. The smart and successful Jews will only watch out for their own individual interests and, being deracinated, prefer to identify with fellow successful people regardless of their race, color, or creed. In time, the top talents among Jews will feel closer to smart Anglos, smart Arabs, smart Chinese, smart Russians, smart Latins, and even smart Iranians. The middling Jews and dumb Jews will have no representation, leadership, guidance, and protection from powerful Jews. Eventually, they will lose heart and confidence while the smart Jews just look out for self-interest like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Notice that Jews never speak up for Anglo-identity, Christian power, or European heritage. Indeed, such are seen as bad or tainted. In contrast, Hillary supported Israel even in its savage beat-down of Gazans, and Joe Biden, though a deracinated piece of turd, calls himself a ‘Zionist’. According to the likes of George Hee-Hawley, white people are evil ‘racists’ or ‘white supremacists’ if they want to preserve their own identity and heritage, but it’s perfectly okay for Jews to not only uphold their own identity, culture, and territory BUT compel even non-Jews like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, John McCain, Donald Trump, and Nikki Haley to go all out in their support of Zionism, indeed even Zionist imperialism over West Bank.

The fact is whites need to be like Jews. Smart, middle, or dumb, it doesn’t matter. If you’re white, you’re part of the family. It’s like a decent member of the family doesn’t disown his brother or sister because he or she isn’t very smart. A race is an extended family. A true nation must be a place for this extended family where every member, from smartest to dumbest, has a sense of belonging. So, even though a white chemist at work must cooperate with chemists of all colors around the world, away from work he must be a white man whose main loyalty is to his race, culture, and nation. And if Jews complain, tell them to stop having their own pack mentality.

Jared Taylor is a perfect gentleman, but gentlemen don’t make history, esp if they don’t have power. Gentlemen can inherit and manage power, but they lack the power of vision to generate the necessary passion for power. Gentlemen stand for moderation, civility, and order, all of which are fine qualities to have in an order, but the forceful will of power was not generated by those qualities to conquer lands or convert souls. Gentlemen are about compromise and negotiation, which are necessary modes in what we call a ‘free society’, but an order is almost never created by compromise but by a compulsive drive to make a vision or dream come true(as long as it has real-world chance of success). Granted, the visionaries can’t only be insistent. While it’s true that Jews realized the dream of Zionism by being insistent, persistent, and zealous, they also knew when to negotiate. Also, Jews had developed many sources of power in finance, media, and government to exert influence over goyim. If Jews had been like lowly Gypsies and just made demands, they would have gotten nowhere.
And it’s also true that Stalin, Hitler, and Mao often played it passive/aggressive. They could put on a nice face, appear moderate or willing to compromise, and be very diplomatic. But even when they were playing ‘nice’, they still had a fire burning within them for the fullest realization of their vision. They could speak softly, but they always carried their hot poker. They could lower to heat to assure rivals and enemies that they favor warmth all around, but they still tended the hot fire within the furnace of power. Jews were passive/aggressive in their push for Zionism, but the passive side always served the aggressive side. Jews were sometimes willing to seem ‘nice’ to look for vulnerabilities on the other side so that, when the time was right, they could drive the stake right through the heart. It’s like a boxer will sometimes move back, throw light jabs, and pretend to go easy... only to find that perfect moment to land the real blows to send the opponent to the canvas. So, Jews weren’t just sparring with their opponents. Even when they seemed to go ‘easy’, they had KO on their minds. And this is a kind of instinct that is alien to Jared Taylor. Raised with southern gentlemanly qualities and patrician instincts, he lacks the power of balls and the instinct to bite-and-tear-off-the-other-balls. He wants to remain above the fray and keep his hands clean. He wants to be dignified, rational, and moderate, even though his views are considered ‘extreme’ by the current Narrative. In contrast, Jews, even though they can seem civil and gentlemanly like Taylor, do have the chimpanzee-an power of balls and instinct to ball-bust other balls. Chimpanzees got big balls because they want to hump as many chimpanzesses as possible. They are truly Portnoic in their lust for domination and fun.
Pondering the balls of a chimp, we better understand the nature of Jewish Power.  Despite Jewish intellect and sophistication, the core emotional thrust of Jews is ultra-aggressive, obsessive, insistent, persistent, and boing-ish. If the gentlemanly Wasp way is to courteously back away when the other says NO, the Chimpan-Jew way is to keep pressing on and on and on. It's like Benjamin Braddock in THE GRADUATE. Sure, it's based on a novel about a Wasp written by a Wasp, but the way Dustin Hoffman played it, he was almost like an ape in heat. Or consider THE HEARTBREAK KID where Charles Grodin's character, despite his seeming passivity, goes full-ape to overcome all obstacles to stick his Portnoic pud into the prime poon of a golden-haired shikse. Jews got what Tony Montana has. Big Balls. So, when dealing with Jews, it's not enough to estimate their brain power or consider the validity of their arguments. One has to ask, "How magnum are the balls of these Jews?"
To better understand the problems with Taylor, imagine him standing naked facing off against a naked Harvey Weinstein. The first thing Taylor will wonder is, "Now, why am I standing here with no clothes on?", and he will look for some clothes. And then, upon noticing the naked Weinstein, Taylor will feel embarrassed for both of them and look for some clothes for Weinstein as well. But Weinstein thinks differently. Instead of the Wasp gentlemanly way which is to shrivel the balls into the size of beans and act civil, the Jew expands his nuts to the size of bowling balls(like in BIG LEBOWSKI) and fills himself with ultra-chutzpah. But it doesn’t end there. Like chimpanzees ferociously attack the balls of rival chimps, punching them, bashing them, biting them, and ripping them off, Weinstein the chimp-souled Jew lunges at Taylor and attacks his balls and tries to bite them off. To know your Jew is to know your chimp. Jews are like Italians and Gypsies with higher IQ. Despite their greater knowledge and credentials, they will stop at nothing to go for the kill and get their prize, and their intense tribalism will spare them from any feelings of guilt or remorse.
Anyway, the world would do well with more gentlemen but ONLY AFTER the power has been established and secured. Also, the game of power has to go beyond reason and minutiae. The Narrative Sweep will blow away verisimilitude in favor of vision.

The once glorious revival of the American South in the American Imagination despite the terrible defeat in the Civil War owed to the Southern control of their own Narrative. The South stuck with the Narrative that white Southerners were the tragic victims of Northern white race-betrayal and aggression. And Southern historians depicted the Reconstruction as rape of the South by carpetbaggers, much like Russians feel that their nation was ravaged by Jewish globalists in the 1990s. Also, Southern Whites depicted blacks as the big threat to white social and moral order. D.W. Griffith’s THE BIRTH OF A NATION had an electric effect on the nation. And GONE WITH THE WIND blew away UNCLE TOM’S CABIN. While Harriet Beecher Stowe won the war, Margaret Mitchell won the peace by ennobling the tragic defeat of the South as a romantic epic. Almost no one reads UNCLE TOM’S CABIN, but GONE WITH THE WIND still has countless fans around the world. Even William Faulkner, though very critical of the South, had great nostalgia for Southern heritage. All of this came crashing down with the Civil Rights Movement and thereafter that not only championed the rights and the counter-narrative of Negroes(which was understandable and justifiable since blacks also had a tragic narrative that had been suppressed by White Southerners) but waged total war on anything that imbued the South with tragedy, nobility, integrity, and beauty. In time, Jews got white Northerners to despise everything about the white south, and Southern elites, having been educated by Jews and Liberals, came to loathe their own heritage. According to the current Narrative, there was NOTHING redeemable about the South. So, if there's any glory to America, it all belongs to the North(mainly because it defeated the South) and Immigrants. But this is, of course, bogus since the North, even more than the South, led the Manifest Destiny that wiped out the Indians. Isn’t ‘genocide’ worse than slavery? Also, didn’t the arrival of all those Immigrants lead to greater westward expansion and more ‘genocide’? Jews may have been escaping from pogroms in Eastern Europe, but they came to a nation created by pogroms against Indians. So, how noble are the Jews? (Furthermore, Jews played a key role in the Southern slave economy.) Now, the American Narrative of Westward Expansion shows that one can have a dual narrative about a nation. One can admire the great white vision of conquering the West and turning what had been a savage wilderness into a great new nation. But one can also acknowledge the tragedy of Indians who got trampled and cast aside by the march of progress. We can honor both the triumph of the cowboys and the tragedy of the Indians. But when it comes to the South, "there is only one side", and this BS from Jews who were heavily involved in communist mass-killing, financial destruction of nations, and Nakba & Wars for Israel in the 20th century and 21st century.

This is why one must KNOW YOUR JEW before doing battle with them. For persistent, insistent, and obsessive Jews, there is no compromise. It’s their way or the highway. Notice how Putin made things very good for Jews despite his move against certain Jewish oligarchs who looted the nation in the 1990s. Many Jews were allowed to remain filthy rich, and the Jewish community in Russia gets extra-protection as anti-Jewish sentiments and actions are severely proscribed. But do Jews show any appreciation? No, the likes of Max Boot the chimpan-Jew wants to get together with other nasty Jews and chew on Putin’s balls all night long.

Jared Taylor is under the delusion that Jews can be negotiated with on grounds of equal partnership. It is a gentlemanly approach, but it is deeply flawed because Jews aren’t interested in equal partnership. They want total domination and control. Jews are pushy and fierce. They want it all. Was the guy in THE HEARTBREAK KID willing to compromise? No, he wanted total ownership of the golden shikse poon. If the father had said, "Okay, you can’t marry and screw my daughter, but she will give one blowjob per month", does anyone think the Jewish guy would have said OK? No way. He wanted the whole nine yards.
There are three reasons why Jews don’t want equal partnership with white goyim. (1) Being smarter, Jews think they have the right to dominate others. (2) Being a minority with far fewer numbers than white gentiles, Jews feel that whites may one day renege on the equal partnership and use their numbers to gain dominance over Jews, as sort of happened in Russia. (3) Jewish appetite for power and control is just insatiable regardless of any other factor. Just like Harvey Weinstein had to grab all those women and just like Anthony Weiner had to keep sending his penis pictures to so many women, Jews can’t help themselves.

So, when people like Taylor offer equal partnership, Jews see no point in negotiating. Also, people like Taylor are now so powerless that they are in no position to negotiate. While all the Zionists who support the violent policies of Israel get to run the media and all the think-tanks, Jared Taylor can’t even keep his Twitter account. And while AIPAC rallies calling on all US politicians to support Israel’s brutal occupation of West Bank are lavishly funded and held at huge stadiums, American Renaissance conferences could barely secure a venue. So, Taylor’s fig leaf to the Jews means NOTHING to the Jews. They see him as a defeated man and are out to silence him totally.
Now, if people like Taylor held the real power in America and if they offered equal partnership to Jews on the premise that Jews must be nice to whites, Jews may take up the offer strategically to bid for time as they keep gaining in power to the point where they can finally dethrone and ‘discredit’ anything associated with whiteness. It’s like Jews in the Old American South arrived at a compromise with the Plantation system, and Jews in Russia pretend to go along with Putin while looking for ways to eventually steer Russia into the pocket of Jewish ownership.

Anyway, Taylor's offer is meaningless because Jews already have the power. Why would they take up on the Taylor Plan when they have nothing to gain from him? What do the likes of Taylor have to offer to Jews who got Wall Street, Ivy Leagues, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Big Media, Deep State, High-Tech, and Biggest Law firms? Now, there is a chance that Jews may have to come to the negotiating table in the future if something really BIG happens. Suppose things get so bad for whites that there are violent upheavals in both the US and EU. Suppose the current ruling elites are toppled from power, and a New White Power emerges to take center stage. In that case, Jews better pray that there might still be some whites who are sympathetic to them.
So, one could argue that Taylor’s Offer to Jews is less about the Now than about the Later when Jews might find themselves in big trouble. Or even if whites do totally lose out to Jews and globalism, Jews may face more dangers from non-whites, especially Muslims in the EU. If indeed the EU becomes heavily Muslim and if these Muslims become ever more violent toward whomever they regard as ‘Zionist’, then Jews better hope that whites will side with them and protect them from violent Muslims and Africans.

Anyway, like it or not, the Jewish elites do have a powerful vision of uniting the whole world under the glob-dome of Political Correctness as virtue-vanity ideology, Pop Culture as the only culture, Homomania as the new religion, US militarism as the sole hammer, and Wall Street finance as the final arbiter of all things. The unholy trinity of Jewish Money, Jungle Boogie, and Justice Junkies. And masses of sheeple addicted to celebrity culture. White females to become meat for Jews & Negroes, and white males to become sappy cucks like CucKen Burns.
Yes, it’s all shallow and crass but nevertheless powerful, enthralling, and mesmerizing because it is so pervasive and relentless in fueling vice, vanity, and (delusion of) virtue as a single combo of ecstasy and rapture, best exemplified by the hysterics of Homomania, the celebrations of which convey the excesses of hedonism, conceits of narcissism, and arrogance of moralism. The vanity of vice is the new virtue.

Of course, it’s all ludicrous, but the power of the electronic media, monopoly of terminology, and fulsome pageantry override the senses that render clear thinking almost impossible for so many people. Because the power of media amplifies images and sounds that have such spellbinding impact on so many people, the effect is sufficient to win over and hold most people... in the way that Christmas lights and celebrations are enough to convince children that Christmas is so wonderful even though they know nothing of the religious foundation of the holiday. It’s like Las Vegas, and its endless cascades of lights. It’s not just the prospect of gambling that draws people there. They feel alive, like a ball inside a pinball machine being bounced around endlessly regardless of rhyme or reason.

To be sure, the very nature of globalist power is its biggest vulnerability. Because it is so false, phony, and degenerate, it can only be kept alive by endless supercharged voltage of fun, frills, and fortune. In Old America prior to the rise of electronic media, many families were isolated and had little, but they found real meaning in the family, community, Church, and patriotism. But all those are gone, so what is there but bogus visions and values? Since bogusness is shallow and stupid, it can only be sold with a lot of glitz and shine. It’s like Bread and Circuses of Ancient Rome. Once the state couldn’t provide them anymore, there was nothing to go on. True value has meaning even when ‘unplugged’. It’s like a genuinely worthy song has value even without all the layered effects of electronica. In contrast, many current hits have very little content without the production values that just add a lot of bells and whistles. It’s like a dish with lots of sauce but hardly any meat. Still, as long as the globalist elites have the juice to keep the mojo flowing, billions of people all around the world will remain captivated by the kumbaya.

Against such power, Taylor’s arguments may be sound and factual but are ultimately ineffective. It’s like facts and data sound boring, insignificant, and irrelevant when uttered between two giant speakers blasting words and music that incite the masses into chants and convulsions.
Rappers yammer nonsensical crap, but why do they have such power over so many people, even those who are well-educated and well-read? It’s because rappers are thunderous and hurl fire and brimstone to the beat. Their way isn’t to argue or discuss a point. They command and demand respect.
The thing is, before humans are creatures of reason, they are emotional and sensual beings, and the reason loses out to the rhythm. Consider the success of the utterly stupid Disney revamping of STAR WARS into yet another franchise. The sheer power of hype makes the myth live.

Whatever his faults, Richard Spencer understands that a vision, however corrupt and tawdry, has to be countered by another vision. This takes boldness and a leap of imagination. Would communism have collapsed in the Soviet Union and neighboring Communist nations if the Capitalist West hadn’t existed? After all, as inefficient and underdeveloped Eastern-European communist nations were, they were still far more advanced than nearly all of the non-white world and the Third World. So, if the US and Western Europe hadn’t existed, many people living under communism would have thought they have the best system in the world... just like the Byzantine Empire, being cut off from developments in Western Europe, thought it had the best of everything in comparison to the nearest neighboring powers. And prior to the challenge posed by the West, the Chinese were confident that they had the best of all worlds. Their own vision of things was enough. It was when the more advanced vision of the West challenged the Chinese vision of civilization that the whole system began to gradually but surely unravel, eventually gaining steam whereupon the nation came to be racked by one revolution after another. Would the people of Romania have stood up to Ceausescu if their only vision of Romania had been the one pushed by the state? Weren’t they inspired by what they heard of the world outside Romania and communism, one of freedom and enterprise and ambition and success? It is the counter-vision that undermines the current-vision.

In understanding this, Spencer is onto something. But if Jared Taylor’s view is too short-sighted and factual, Spencer’s vision is too grandiose and delusional. When the West must struggle to save itself and survive, does it make sense to dream of colonizing Africa once again... or flying off to Mars and stars for interstellar colonies? Maybe such is in the cards centuries from now, but white people today need to fix their vision on matters that are most essential. After all, if the West is lost to the darkies, there won’t be the future of great science and technology. Spencer might argue that whites being a majority is not important, because, after all, Jews are a minority yet have so much power. And Brits ruled all of India with a small imperial caste. But what eventually happened to the Brits in India? They got overwhelmed by sheer numbers and got booted out once nationalism and mass political consciousness got universalized. As for the dominance of Jewish minority elite, it's possible only because Jews have white gentiles to serve them and support them. Could Jews have gained such power if they’d stayed out of white world and set up communities in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America? Blacks would have just raided and raped them. Asians would have ignored them. Muslims would have severely proscribed their freedom. And Latin Americans would have been too lax and corrupt to provide a system in which Jews could thrive with assurance of Rule of Law and Private Property. It is no accident that Jews gained the most power among white people. So, Jewish power depends on white support. This was the case in South Africa too. Jews grew very rich there because they were protected by the white Anglo-Boer support system. But when blacks took over and the white support system dramatically weakened, Jews found their place in South Africa far less certain, which is why Jews are deeply worried about black and Hindu(who compete with Jewish diamond merchants) condemnation of ‘white monopoly capital’. Given that Jewish supremacy depends so much on the white support system, one would think that Jews wouldn’t be so eager to keep pushing for more invasion-immigration and Diversity that will diminish white power, in which case Jews will have less of a white support system to rely on.
But, the Jewish idea is that Immigration and Diversity should be pushed at least to the extent that white majority power is broken. In other words, Jews want to live in a nation with lots of whites but one in which whites cannot form a majority to block whatever agenda Jews want. Now, shouldn't Jews worry about non-whites working as a new majority against Jewish power? No. Why not? Because non-whites will be too diverse — blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Hindus, Muslims, etc. — to agree on anything and unite into an effective force. Also, even though non-whites will supply the votes(almost entirely for more immigration and more gibs), they will not get to control the agenda since most of them don’t have the means to reach elite positions, and the only ones that do, the Asians, tend to be pretty docile and obedient to the dominant Narrative and Agenda. Non-whites will supply the votes to keep Jewish elites in power, but it will be the Jewish elites who make all the important decisions. And if non-whites get restless, Jews can always use the power of media to direct non-white ire at 'white privilege'.

Anyway, the Vision is the key. Whites must be instilled with a passion so powerful that makes them feel the world is intolerable UNLESS their vision is realized. This vision must essentially be national since white people need to respect the national visions of other peoples as well.
In big things, there must be mutual respect and reciprocity. The notion of one people or nation ruling or controlling the whole world will lead to more disasters. One must have a passionate vision, but one must also have a sense of limits.
Richard Spencer thinks white people have some 'Faustian' destiny to rule, but this is total misreading of history. So much of the world was once easy to conquer because (1) The West was so advanced in arms and technology and (2) the Non-West societies lacked national consciousness. So, when whites conquered a territory and took out its elites, most natives didn't care because their concept of power was something that happened above. They saw themselves as subjects than citizens. So, what did it matter if they were subjects of local power or foreign power? Subjects are meant to obey. So, if foreign imperialists took out local elites, it was the war between the 'gods' that had little to do with most native folks.

That was then, this is now. All the world have gained development in modern technology, and all peoples around the world have national consciousness. India even has nukes. What would happen if the British tried to invade India or China today? Even the lone superpower like the US got badly bogged down in a third-rate power like Iraq.

People need vision, but every vision must have limits. The world is not a STAR WARS movie where people get to play Darth Vader. On the other hand, Taylor's C-3PO-like factualism doesn't quite inspire.

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