Sunday, May 6, 2018

Three Kinds of Treason: The Good, the Bad, and the Clueless — The West, the Rest, and Rebellion — James Comey the Scummy — Delusional Symbolic Morality of Justice Junkies

Let’s consider the three kinds of Treason(though surely there are other kinds). The first is a kind of higher loyalty directed by conscience and moral compass. The second is driven mainly by greed & opportunism(and cravenness). The third kind of treason feels like the first kind(an act of conscience) to the traitor but is actually manipulated by a devious power with lock on media and academia. In the modern West, many white people have found themselves in one of the three categories.

Generally speaking, ‘Treason’ is a dirty word. But it is also a relative concept. Benedict Arnold is considered to have been a traitor, but one could argue that the thirteen colonies were treasonous against the Mother Country and the King. Robert E. Lee was loyal to Virginia, but Virginia was deemed to be treasonous to the Union. Also, it wasn't unusual for a person to have divided loyalties. During the Civil War, a mother could find one of her sons fighting for the North and the other fighting for the South. Who was the traitor in the family?

And in a way, many great leaps of human discovery and advancement were the products of a kind of treason. Mythologies are filled with themes of righteous or liberating treason. Young gods rebel against older gods and take over the divine realm. Prometheus, half-man/half-god, betrayed the gods in stealing their fire and passing it to mankind. Christianity could not have been born without ‘treasonous’ Jews such as Jesus, Peter, and Paul whose conception of God’s will and design was seen as heretical, blasphemous, and intolerable to the Jewish community.
And America was born of Inspired and Idealistic Treason against the supposed Tyranny of the British Empire(and the Mother Country). All great revolutions were acts of rebellion, indeed treason, against the existing order. One could also say all of life is the product of treason. A daughter, the beloved of her father, goes off with another man and becomes his. The movie FATHER OF THE BRIDE illustrates the father’s ambivalence in giving his daughter away. (This may be a bigger problem when the groom is a man of another race, as in OTHELLO when the white hussy goes off with a blackamoor). And so often in life, the son finally becomes a man by standing up to his father in an act of defiance. Even as the father or father-figure resents such rebellion, there is also a sense of pride in the realization that the child has grown into a man and can finally think and act for himself. It is why John Wayne characters in RED RIVER and THE SEARCHERS come to grudgingly accept and even admire the younger partner as having grown into full manhood with a mind and will of his own. Without that element of rebellion against the father, a man will never be his own man. He will never be a wolf and remain a dog all his life.

Indeed, this was one reason why the West advanced far ahead of the East. In Asia, there was far greater emphasis on sons to remain obedient to their fathers and on subjects to remain loyal to their masters/rulers. In China and Japan, there was nothing worse than being accused of disloyalty and treason. And in India, the complex caste system demanded strict adherence to rules of social belonging and obligations. Anyone deviating from his caste duties could come under the harshest punishment. It was seen as treason against the cosmic will, the Karma.

Things were somewhat different in the West. While it also placed great emphasis on loyalty and fealty to kings, lords, church, and patriarchs, there was more leeway and wiggle room for individuality, independence, and liberty. Part of the reason was genetic. White people were innately less servile than East Asians. (If racial and cultural uniformity may have encouraged conformism in East Asia — people who look alike tend to think and act alike — , excessive diversity in India may have necessitated an iron regimen of conformism to maintain the order. Diversity + Freedom = Chaos. Therefore, to keep the peace among so many different ethnic groups, the spiritual-cultural order of India had to insist on the most obsessive adherence to core caste principles of Hinduism. If the Jewish Covenant spiritualized the ethnic uniqueness of the Tribe, Hindu Karma spiritualized one's caste obligations as a sacred duty. The Covenant united Jews in body and soul. In the most intricate way, Karma both separated and interwove the lives of so many castes of Hindus. Perhaps, Jews might have devised something like a caste system had they come to rule over vast numbers of gentiles but, unlike the Aryans who gained dominance over India, Jews were generally surrounded by far more powerful empires. Thus, the main obsession of Jews was preservation of their own identity. But in today's world, Jewish Supremacists have become the Master Race overlords in the World, and in the rapidly diversifying West we are seeing the rise of neo-caste-systems that are unavoidable with excessive Diversity. Earlier, Latin America already and organically ended up with a caste system even though such wasn't explicitly devised as had been in India long ago.) Another reason for the greater spirit of rebellion in the West owed to Christianity that said there is a Higher Power and Higher Truth than anything devised or known by man. Indeed, Christianity itself produced a rebellion called Protestantism that denounced the corruption of the Catholic Church. Catholic Church accused Protestants of heresy and treason, but Protestants accused the Church of having betrayed God.
Also, unlike pagan gods who weren't all-powerful and compromised by their failings, Christianity said there is only One God and One Truth; and Jesus was the Son of God, the Perfect Man sent to Earth to die for mankind’s sins. So, even as a European might serve his King or Lord, he believed there is a Truth and Justice far greater than any temporal master on Earth. As such, it was justified in the eyes of the righteous to betray one’s lord to serve the higher good and higher glory. Such a betrayal is at the center of BECKET where the eponymous hero(played by Richard Burton) betrays his friend(played by Peter O’Toole) and king for the higher truth. And in CHARIOTS OF FIRE, the devout sprinter believes he must go against God and Country to remain faithful to the greater glory of God.

Of course, a people who are overly rebellious and treasonous will cause social chaos and havoc. But a people who are overly servile and obedient will not produce the kind of individuals with the audacity to think differently. After all, all great change are bold acts of 'treason' against the status quo. To achieve the power of flight, one has to defy what most people presume to be impossible. A short story by Ray Bradbury, "The Flying Machine", surmises that China fell behind the West because its rulers and elites favored status quo, harmony, and continuity over leaps and bounds in history. So, even as the flying machine is marveled at, the inventor is to be put to death because his wondrous contraption violates the existing harmony. Such momentous leap in possibility may well upend the entire social order... indeed the kind that enveloped Great Britain in the Industrial Revolution. That was a profound rebellion against tradition and nature. Ironically, the fact that the Romantics denounced Industrialization’s war on nature and countryside in a poetic and passionate way shows that they too were imbued with the spirit of defiance. Industry defied nature with machinery, and Romantics defied machinery with imagination.

We can go on and on with many other examples, but the point is, even as Treason is usually regarded in a negative light, it(or an aspect of it) is intrinsic to every great change. In the Ayn-Randian myth-making, the great innovative hero can’t help but upset the existing order by envisioning something no one had thought before. As such, he is met with fierce resistance and opposition from conservative, conventional, or controlling forces that insist on continuity of established forms, ideas, and means.

For some people, an act of treason is a moral necessity. A famous example involved the German officers who conspired to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Though their plan was clearly an act of treason, the conspirators felt they must do something to bring an end to Der Fuhrer’s madness. (Those in the Deep State who are now conspiring against Trump may be seen by some as today's 'Good Germans', but if the German officers conspired against Hitler for his reckless warmongering that brought Germany to the brink of ruin, today's Deep State operatives are the warmongers who hate Trump because he spoke in favor of peace with Russia, no more Middle East wars, and limited nationalism than for boundless globalist neo-imperialist hegemony.) More recently, there was Edward Snowden who spilled the beans on the Deep State to expose its abuses and general contempt for the American public and other nations, even supposed allies. Of course, James Comey would have us believe that he too acted out of ‘higher loyalty’ to the greater good, but revelations show that his loyalty was to the Deep State. He is a sleazebag and slimeball, and one wonders how such a lowlife could have ascended so high in government. But then, it makes perfect sense because any kind of complex organization usually favors yes-men, toadies, ass-kissers, boot-lickers, and shmoozers over mavericks, free thinkers, and men of honesty. Comey’s combination of craven careerism and schoolmarm-ish moralism not only made him an ideal candidate to climb the ladder but the kind of fool who could easily dupe himself into thinking he is a real-life Atticus Finch. In fact, Comey was always a teacher’s pet whose horizons as careerist and pseudo-moralist never veered from the conventional path of what-to-do and what-to-think. It goes to show that intelligence and diligence are not enough to create a real human being. Comey is a classic company-man-type. He is a suit, an empty suit at that devoid of real soul and agency. He dutifully swallowed all the a-b-c’s of do-goody PC without question, led the life of a cucky-wuck hubby-and-dad, and climbed the ‘corporate ladder’ of the Deep State. Thus, for Comey the Deep State drone, it has always been all-for-the-company and in the spirit of PC ‘progressivism’, the verity and validity of which he never gave any consideration because his personality is of the type that never deviates from the path chosen for him by others.

In contrast, Edward Snowden, while no saint, really did embark on a course of action that took courage and conscience. One may argue Snowden was overly idealistic, naive, egoistical, or judgmental, but the fact is he fully understood that his life would never be the same after spilling the beans on the NSA. It would especially be risky because he would make Obama’s administration look bad. At least if Bush or McCain had been president, Snowden’s act of betrayal might have gotten sympathetic coverage from the ‘Liberal’ Media or the ‘Progressive’ community. But because he exposed the Deep State under Obama, almost all the powers-that-be in media, academia, and Deep State(all controlled by Judeo-Nazi Democrats) decided to collude to make his life as miserable as possible.
Snowden’s deed was clearly an act of treason but also an act of counter-treason as Snowden believed that the Deep State had betrayed the trust of the American people and the protections guaranteed by the Constitution. His act was truly that of higher loyalty. He didn’t do it for money, privilege, or power but to expose the truth of the Deep State and what it was capable of in not only spying on American citizens but subverting foreign nations, all the communication networks of which had been infiltrated or sabotaged by the US government. Snowden exposed that the US as the Lone Superpower functions not as a democracy but operates as a Deepocracy. Power and Righteousness(as the ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ nation) have not only corrupted but blinded the people in the Deep State to their own arrogance, corruption, and foulness. They are worse than organized criminals who, at the very least, know they are crooked scum of the earth. In contrast, all the vile deeds of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Pentagon are whitewashed with the conceit of the US as the necessary policeman, judge, and jury of the world.

Men like Snowden and Joachim Fest’s father(who refused to serve the Nazi regime) are relatively rare. Even people who want to do likewise haven’t got the spine to stick their necks out. This is understandable for obvious reasons in tyrannical societies where those suspected of treason or disloyalty could be locked up or even executed. Because Stalin destroyed even those who were loyal to him, a climate of fear gripped the USSR, and as such, few dared to say or do anything that carried even the slightest whiff of dissent. (Soviet government was bound to be paranoid and repressive because everyone involved in the creation of the New Order was radical, ruthless, cunning, devious, and subversive. Unlike the American Republic that was formed more-or-less by like-minded, like-cultured, and like-blooded Anglos, the 'Russian' Revolution was made by groups intoxicated with extreme ideology and/or extreme personality. Stalin knew it was either his faction or the other faction. And he knew about the nasty personality of Jews, which he countered with his Georgian-Caucasian bandit cutthroat cunning that totally blindsided Jews who thought they could outwit him.) But then, freedom + opportunity can also turn people into craven cowards. This may seem counter-intuitive because freedom and opportunity connote individuality, high spirits, and daring. But freedom and opportunity also mean possibility of great success in wealth and privilege. And those who become addicted to and defined by wealth and privilege become deathly afraid of losing their trophies and treasures by saying the ‘wrong’ word or doing the ‘wrong’ thing. Consider the sudden fall of Donald Sterling from grace and fortune simply because he told his mulatto mistress to stop whoring around too much with Negro ball-players. That's all it took to bring down someone that big. So, in a way, a very libertine America has created a class of uber-successful cowards and dorks. While they have the individual spirit and drive to make great gains in business or some endeavor, their addiction to success makes them fearful of bad publicity. Since one’s reputation is determined by the prevailing PC and the media(almost entirely controlled by Jews in the West), the rich and/or successful dare not step on the wrong toes.

So, the US is a paradoxical society where freedom to succeed has actually diminished freedom of thought among the very successful. If you can’t rise too high or make too much money, it’s no great loss to say the ‘wrong’ word and be demoted or fired. Suppose you have a job making $80,000 a year but get fired for courageously sticking up for your beliefs and have to settle for a job making $50,000. It’s a loss but not something totally momentous. But suppose you have an opportunity to make $100 million but could lose it all by saying the ‘wrong’ word... like Don Imus with the 'nappy-headed hos' remark. You’re likely to play it safe and just go along with the Official Dogma and Approved Narrative(that define who is respectable and who isn’t) to make the big bucks. Cucks make the bucks.
It is then no wonder that so many successful people just caved to ‘gay marriage’. As Jews control the media, academia, law firms, and government, they got to decide what is ‘more evolved’ and what is ‘hateful’ or ‘irrational’. Ill repute could lead to shunning by the ‘right kind of people’, and therefore, one learns to play along and go along... as the eponymous character intended to do in BARRY LYNDON to win favor among the aristocrats.

The second kind of Treason involves those without conscience. They will betray anyone just for personal greed. Take Paulie in THE GODFATHER who, it turns out, cut a deal with the Tataglias for extra cash. Guys like Paulie lack not only moral conscience but even the slightest modicum of honor. Real slimeballs, they will do ANYTHING to get ‘what is mine’. This is a characteristic commonly found among Southern Italians, Greeks, and Hispanics. Greasy and sleazy, such types are incapable of shame, let alone remorse, as they stoop to any level to get ‘what is mine’. They usually have the personalities of toadies and sidekicks. They are like the couple of hoodlums in MIDNIGHT RUN who serve as a foil to the pair made up of Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin.

De Niro’s character won’t take a bribe, and Grodin’s character got in trouble because he did the right thing(like Edward Snowden). In contrast, the two toady hoodlums will do just about anything to get ‘what is mine’ in their sordid world of crime and corruption. And the other bounty hunter, Marvin, is also a sleazebag. At one point, he is willing to sell the Duke(Grodin) to the gang boss for a million dollars. (He must be an Irish pig.)

The world has TOO MANY people who will betray their convictions, principles, and values just to get ‘what is mine’. The criminal world is full of them, but then, so is the legitimate world. People just love money, success, privilege, and pleasure at any cost. Look at the Mormons who preach morality but are always willing to cut deals with Big Money to rake in the dough. Mormons are fake moralists. Their clean-cut lifestyles create the impression of morality but really serve as a shield to hide all their materialist-driven compromises. Look at the total scum Mitt Romney. Or conehead Evan McMullin. But then, US elite society is filled with these careerist-opportunist liars who betray their core principles just to get ‘what is mine’. Just how is it that all those Republican Conservatives who supposedly believe in Family Values didn’t raise the slightest opposition to the agenda of Homomania? Where was their conviction?
The fact is they were mainly concerned with their careers in a nation where most top industries and institutions are controlled by Jews who can make or break anyone via the media that decree who is of good or ill repute. As Jews promoted Homomania as the neo-religion(even replacement for Christianity), even the most 'conservative' members of the GOP just went along because what mattered most to them was not courage of conviction but careerism and opportunity. Why open their mouths and risk losing lucrative careers as politicians(who rely on Jewish money and media coverage) and lobbyists and lawyers(upon leaving office).
Even law firms, now mostly controlled by the Tribe, only serve clients and cases deemed safe and ‘reputable’ by the Jews. So, the side that opposed ‘gay marriage’ in defense of True Marriage before the Supreme Court couldn’t get any support from top law firms. And top Jewish-run law firms are using all their resources to sue Richard Spencer and shut him down while truly courageous dissidents can’t get any representation.

Even though the second kind of Treason is crass and lowdown, at least there’s an element of honesty. Craven careerists and weasely opportunists know they’re just in it for the money, for ‘what is mine’. They betray morality, values, and principles to move up the ladder or feed at the trough. Now, people like Paulie in THE GODFATHER aren’t betraying principles or values because they got none. Paulie betrayed the Corleones, his employers, but he didn’t betray his own values because he’s utterly devoid of any moral sense. At Connie’s wedding, the Chico-Marx-lookalike-jerk mutters to himself about how he would steal the money bag if it were anyone else’s. So, a total slimebag like that has no sense of morality to betray. The most he can do is betray other people.

In contrast, there are many people who do have a sense of values but betray them out of material self-interest, social approval, or cowardice. If they’re honest, they will admit, at least to themselves and maybe close ones, that they’ve betrayed moral values for material values. If less dishonest, they will rationalize their compromises with all sorts of twisted logic. If truly dishonest, they will pretend that their act of betrayal was actually done out of realization of higher morality. A good example is Charles Murray changing his mind on ‘gay marriage’. The craven bald-headed fool caved to Jews and Homos, but he desperately tried to convince himself that his change of heart was brought upon by becoming ‘more evolved’. Not much better is Ross Douthat, the chunkheaded pompous Catholic jerk, who got down on his knees and begged for ‘terms of surrender’. In other words, he’d be willing to bend over and take it up the ass but please oh please, don’t force Christian bakers to make ‘gay wedding’ cakes. Some courageous Christian. And since when do Jews and homos show any respect or consideration for craven cuck-cowards like chunkhead Douthat? Opportunists like Murray and Douthat can rationalize all they want, but deep down inside, I know and they know that they caved under pressure because they don’t have the true grit, the kind of character that informed Joachim Fest’s father who refused to go along with the Nazis. Murray and Douthat are ultimately little more than putty in the hands of Judeo-Nazis.

Finally, the third kind of Treason is the most problematic. Suppose we apply the three types of Treason to white people. Let’s consider the first kind of Treason, that of higher loyalty to Truth and Honor. Suppose there is a white nation that is committing a grave wrong to a non-white nation. Suppose a white person in the white nation betrays his own nation and sticks up for the non-white nation out of moral conviction. So, even though he wants to be loyal to his nation, the great wrong compels him to stick up for the other nation. When Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan opposed the Iraq War, they were accused of treason by many Conservatives. But their ‘treason’ made a moral argument against what they deemed to be illegal and unjustifiable US actions. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, and the US had no legitimate reason to bomb or invade Iraq.
Now, let’s consider the second kind of Treason, that of craven opportunism, among white people. The most obvious example of this is all those white politicians and cuck-elites saying or doing anything, even at great harm to their own race and nation, just to win favors from all-powerful Jews. Whether Democratic or Republican, most white politicians, members of the Deep State, or big business will betray their own race and nation if serving Jews will further their careers or fill their pockets. They’ve grown so cynical and/or shameless in a debased Jewish-run nation of amorality that they don’t believe in anything but their personal status and prestige. Patriotism is gone in a US that is no longer a white nation. Faith is gone in a nation that is no longer about God but about holy homos. And morality is gone in a nation where most kids grow up to rap, trash, tattoos, and piercings. In such a fallen world, what is the only thing worth salvaging? Gimme ‘what is mine’.

The first and second kinds of Treason are easy to understand. The first kind is about higher morality and conscience. The second kind is about base desires. Though the first and second kind are different, they have one thing in common: Agency. The man of higher morality thinks and reasons on his own and comes to his own conclusion of what must be done. The man of base desires may not be admirable of character but, at the very least, he freely chooses to act out of craven greed.
But what about the third kind? It is marked by lack of agency. The person who practices the third kind of Treason is convinced that he or she is acting out of higher morality but is really nothing but a tool. Consider all the pussy-hatted white feminists or SJW-types into self-righteous supremacist vanity. They believe they are betraying the white race for the noblest reasons. They associate whiteness with ‘racism’, ‘white privilege’, patriarchy’, ‘xenophobia’, and etc. As GOOD white people, they believe that their anti-white stance speaks volumes about their higher virtue. After all, they’ve transcended base tribalism of us-versus-them and have chosen to side with rest of humanity in the name of Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion. The people afflicted with the third kind of Treason really feel this way. But do they have agency?

Of course not. Take James Comey, a race-traitor who serves the Jewish-controlled Deep State that is hell-bent on destroying White America. Comey may believe himself to be a goody-good white man with a ‘higher loyalty’ who counters white ‘racism’ to make for a better America founded on the principles of MLK’s teachings. But did James Comey, a man with a teacher’s pet personality and company-man's lack-of-imagination, ever dare to think outside the Box of what he was told by the media and academia? Did he ever ask hard questions about the Power? Did he ever notice that the Power is full of hypocrisy? Was he ever self-aware of the fact that he violated FBI codes of conduct to favor certain outcomes in service of End-of-History that insists on hegemony of US as the ‘indispensable’ and ‘exceptional’ nation, presumably because the US is about Jew-worship, Magic-Negro-and-Mandingo-Worship, and Homomania? Has there ever been a man so tall in body but so tiny in understanding? Still, one could argue that Comey-ism doesn’t really qualify as the third kind of Treason. His treachery could be categorized with the second kind. He is essentially an opportunist and company man. He may have deluded himself that his betrayal of Trump and the white race is about ‘higher loyalty’, but he’s always been about climbing the ladder and serving his own career. He may see himself as a kind of proggy Howard Roark, but he is actually pure Peter Keating. Indeed, had he grown up in Nazi Germany or Commie East Germany, he would have been someone like Adolf Eichmann, a yes-man who just swallowed the official dogma and followed orders.
Keep in mind that Comey violated the rules of the FBI not out of personal conscience(as Snowden did) but in total obeisance to Deep State power. The order came down to protect Hillary Clinton, and he did just that. Also, his meteoric rise in the agency suggests he was spotted early on as the kind of toady who will dutifully serve The Power above all. The Power controlled him in body, mind, and soul. And Comey was fine with that because his pathological personality wants to be accepted, approved, and appointed.

In contrast, there are white race-traitors who truly and sincerely believe that their treachery is for the higher good. They believe their Treason is of the first kind, a greater loyalty to a higher justice. They see themselves as above the brutish tribal politics of ‘us versus them’. They see themselves as possessing sympathy and compassion that too many tribal white ‘racists’ lack. Even when they are told that their positions will lead to White Genocide, they stick to the anti-white program in the conviction that whites must atone and pay the price for their unforgivable historical crimes. They feel so noble of heart and soul that they are even willing to sacrifice their racial-communal well-being for world justice. Also, unlike the Comeys, Hillarys, Bidens, McCains, and Bushes of the world, these race-traitors of the third kind of Treason have little to gain by spouting the nonsense that they do. They usually gain nothing by posturing as deracinated do-gooders. So, at the very least, they are not primarily opportunists and company-men like Comey or other such sleazeballs.

But they are nevertheless delusional moral morons because they lack agency and understanding of The Power and how it works. Indeed, it is doubtful if these clowns had a single independent, autonomous, or original thought/observation in their entire lives. Everything they believe and say is just druggy incantation of PC catechisms planted in their minds by Jewish-run academia or media. And the idolatry that governs their imagination is the product of Hollywood and Jewish-run music industry. Indeed, the narrowly selective nature of their social justice sympathies shows how utterly controlled by Jews they are. Because the West is so thoroughly Jewish-controlled, the general rule is "The more your views align with the agenda and narrative of the Empire of Judea, the more you are a tool of The Power." Because most Jews are Zionist, anti-white, Homomaniacal, pro-Mass-Invasions(to all nations except Israel), and promote interracism(with black men) for white women & cuckery for white males, the chances are you are a total tool and puppet of Jews if you, as a white gentile, also support those policies to a tee. Granted, there is a chance that you, all on your own, arrived at the same conclusions, but there is a greater chance of winning a national lottery.

The more you diverge from official dogma and narrative, the more you’re independent of The Power controlled by Jews. This is why Jews are using all their power to attack the Alt Right more than any other force. Alt Right is the most liberated and emancipated in mind and body from The Power. Paradoxically however, the further right you veer from the Alt Right, the more you’re likely to be an Unwitting Tool of the Jews because it is in the interest of Jews to associate any white identity politics as ‘nazi’. Indeed, the 14/88 and Neo-Nazi elements are not what Jews fear most. If anything, Jews find such lunatics and losers very useful as ‘bad optics’ to smear White Identitarians with. It is then not very surprising that some of the key leaders of Neo-Nazism have actually been closet-Jews. In Canada, Jews encouraged Neo-Nazis and skinheads to make a scene in order to use the ‘scandal’ to fear-monger and push for Hate Speech Laws. (Of course, Zionist Judeo-Nazi vitriol against Palestinians and Muslims is not deemed as ‘hate speech’.) This is why ADL and SPLC fear Jared Taylor far more than David Duke. Whatever Duke says, right or wrong, the Jews can always smear him as the ‘former Grand Wizard of the KKK’. But no such smear can be done to Jared Taylor, which is why Taylor has been banned from Twitter but Duke hasn’t been. And in the end, it is Mike Enoch’s intelligent and rational discussion of the Jewish Question that trigger Jewish Supremacists. Jews don’t fear the side of Enoch that larps as ‘nazi’ because Jews could always use it to smear the Alt Right.

This is why Ramzpaul had a point in bemoaning Alt Right’s flirtation with parodi-nazis like Andrew Anglin.

Even the slightest association of the Alt Right with ‘nazi’ element will be used by Jews to smear the entire movement. In contrast, New York Times can run sympathetic articles about Marxism and Maoism because (1) Communism was once a weapon of Jews to smash Christian Churches and to kill millions of Slavs and (2) Communism has been regarded as the main enemy and destroyer of fascism(though, ironically, Israel adopted a fascist conception of the nation-state, and former communist nations like China and Russia are now governed along lines that resemble fascist theory of power and history).

Anyway, one look at something like the Pussy March, and you know that all these deracinated and insipid race traitors lack agency. I mean, what self-respecting person imitates countless other minions and idiots whose idea of ‘social justice’ is wearing a ‘pussy hat’ or walking around in pussy costumes? All their chants and slogans are tiresome cliches spoon-fed to them since cradle. The sheer lack of coherence and consistency in their world-view proves how feeble of mind and weak of conscience they are. Their hysteria is not the outpouring of deep passion but desperation of people who must throw tantrums to again attention for their 'virtue' toy-playing. "Look Ma, I'm so goody-good." It’s like a crybaby who wants love, attention, and huggy-wug. Their movement is about tantrums of the Current Year, not deep passion for what really matters.

These people have hive-minds. Their morality is purely symbolic than substantive. So, the ONLY reason they opposed the Iraq War was because they hated Bush. The only reason they were silent about Obama’s wars and greater destruction in the Middle East and Ukraine was because Obama had the ‘progressive’ symbolism of being a ‘historic’ black president. Granted, there are plenty of such morons on the American Right as well. They supported Edward Snowden only because he made Obama’s administration look bad. But if Snowden had spilled the beans on the Bush regime, then many of those Rightard dolts would have hated him and called him a ‘traitor’.
Symbolic justice/morality is really a form of injustice. Consider Bradley ‘Chelsea’ Manning who was pardoned by Obama ONLY BECAUSE he’s a tranny. Because of the symbolic value of LGBTQ in the current PC, Manning got a get-out-of-jail-free-card. If not for that symbolism, he would have rotted away in prison for a couple of decades. And because of the symbolic value of Jews(and Jewish clout in law and government), Jonathan Pollard got pardoned and rewarded by rich Jews with a plush job. This man was a total traitor, but Jews take care of their own. Indeed, while Pollard was in prison, Jew-run Media always ran Christ-like photo of him.
And in the case of Charlottesville, Deandre Harris the thug was set free because his blackness has symbolic value. In contrast, Jacob Scott Goodwin who counter-attacked him for having attacked a white guy is facing ten years in prison. This is how Symbolic Justice works in PC-ruled US, one where illegal alien leeches are symbolized into sacred 'dreamers'. If your identity has symbolic value, you get ‘affirmative justice' points. But if you’re a white guy and totally innocent, you are attacked and persecuted even though it is YOU who have been victimized. Richard Spencer, for instance, is being sued by Powerful Jewish Law firms because he symbolizes ‘white supremacy’.
Now, we know how Palestinians feel. One of the biggest mistakes that white race made was sympathizing with Zionists over Palestinians. Whites thought that if they supported Jewish nationalism and identity, Jews would reciprocate and support white people. Instead, Jews decided to do to whites on a grand scale what they’d done to the Palestinians. The West is now turning into a giant West Bank. White voices are being silenced. White people are fired and destroyed. They are denied justice and representation. They are dehumanized by the Judeo-Nazi media and entertainment.

The fact that so much of Western ‘justice’ is now based on symbolism than substance is proof that most White Race Traitors are more dogs than humans. They have no understanding of anything except on the surface of which-group-is-deemed-holy and which-group-is-deemed-wicked by the Powers-that-be. Indeed, most Progs are too lazy and stupid to do any searching for themselves and just rely on either Jew-run MSM, Organized Education, or Hollywood(!!) for their impression of how the world works and what is happening. When a truth-teller on black crime like Colin Flaherty gathered up all the evidence of bad black behavior, the Jews-who-run Youtube took him down.

As far as Jews are concerned, reality is too triggering and undermining of Jewish supremacist power. To prop up their tribal domination, Jews need to favor symbolism over substance. Because Jewish supremacism cannot operate without White gentile submissivism and because White Submissivism cannot exist unless White Identity & Pride are paralyzed with ‘white guilt’ and white cuckery(before the Negro), Jews push the symbolism of the Magic Negro and Mandingo. The Magic Negro myth promotes the symbolism of blacks as the perfect children of the christian god(of course, the Jewish God favors Jews), a people horribly wronged by wicked and satanic whites who must atone forever. And Mandingo myth — it is time to replace TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD in classrooms with MANDINGO the novel — says blacks are the true master race with more muscle and bigger dongs. So, there is the symbolism of blacks as noble victims deserving of white guilt & sympathy and as nature’s true aristocrats, the authentic race that must be worshiped by slow, dweeby, and flabby white boys who should surrender their women to the superior black men.

Now, if we sweep aside the bogus symbolism, a more sensible view would be, "Yes, it’s true that blacks were once enslaved or discriminated against in the US, and it is also true that blacks are more muscular and tougher than whites." So, what does that mean in the real world? It means blacks can kick white ass. It means black thugs are filled with arrogance and contempt for the ‘faggoty-ass white boy’. It means blacks don’t believe in equal dignity with the white race but feel that white wombs exist to be colonized by black seed and white boys' faces deserve to be smashed by black fists. It means black males see white males as ‘white boys’ who should suck up to blacks. In other words, it’s a clusterfuc* of complexity with no easy solutions.

But do NOT expect the SJW self-righteous-supremacist types to be aware of anything. They have no idea that their anti-white treason is a programming coded into their minds by Jewish Supremacist globalists, the real terrorists of the World (Dis)order. They just go for symbolism of black holiness... just like plenty of idiotic ‘conservatives’ on the so-called ‘American Right’ fixate on the symboism of Jews as a Holy Holocaust people who can never do any wrong... which is why Pat Buchanan has to school that idiot Sean Hannity on why Bibi Netanyahu is so full of shi*.

Anyway, the third kind of Treason is about the controlled minds of pets and dogs of PC. There is no agency, no real conscience, no true understanding of what is what or what is really happening in the world. It is about being addicted to the feeling of holier-than-thou, more ‘evolved’, more ‘righteous’, and pure-of-heart(which is hilarious when your average prog is a total degenerate). They are really more like crack addicts or sugar-junkies of delusional justice. They are Justice-Junkies whose idea of right-and-wrong has been totally implanted in their minds through electronica controlled by heinous Judeo-Nazis who continue to destroy Palestinian lives.
Granted, there are some people on the Left or Progressive side who are awaking to the bogusness of Russia Hysteria Conspiracy narrative, the corruption of Neo-Liberalism, and the urgency of Palestinian calls for justice. They also realize that Obama’s foreign policy was essentially a continuation of Neocon nuttery under Bush because, after all, there is no real difference between Zionist Neocons and Liberal Zionists who, in essence, play Good Cop and Bad Cop to fool the world.

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