Thursday, September 6, 2018

In the Jewish War on Whites(or J-WOW) and Palestinians, Zionist-Globalists regard White Patriots and Palestinian Nationalists as the Biggest Threats to their Hegemony

Jewish War on White or J-WOW.

An interesting fact is that the Two Peoples who are most repressed by Jewish Supremacist Globo-Homo Power are (1) White Patriots and (2) Palestinian Nationalists.


Jewish supremacism fears white patriots and Palestinian nationalists the most because...

(1) Jewish supremacism cannot sustain itself around the world without cucky White Submissivism. Jews don't have the numbers to rule the world. White numbers and talent must be in service of the Jewish Agenda. In order to make whites serve Jewish interests than white interests, Jews must 'pathologize' any hint of white identity and white interests as 'white supremacism', 'nazism' or 'far right'(even though genuinely far-right elements in Israel are never called such by NYT and Jew-run MSM). And yet, the great irony is that Jewish supremacism attacks 'white supremacism' not to eradicate supremacist ideology but to ensure the continuance of Jewish supremacism. It's like the master 'pathologizes' the desire for freedom on the part of the slave as 'uppity' not because he's opposed to uppitiness per se but because he wants to safeguard his own uppity status as the master. So, Jews must 'pathologize' all forms of white identity. (For this reason, true white patriots must distance themselves from neo-Nazi morons who really do harbor supremacist ideology, albeit as a crutch as Neo-Nazi types tend to be low in IQ and ability. White Patriots must support national autonomy for ALL peoples. Richard Spencer shot himself in the foot by saying he's for empire. He wants to replace Jewish globo-homo hegemony with Spencerian 007-Darth-Vaderian awesomeness. The best way to fight Jewish supremacism is to oppose supremacism of all kinds.)

2. Jewish supremacism fears Palestinian nationalism for two reasons. For Israel to have come into existence, Palestine had to be wiped off the map. We never hear any US politician say, "Palestine has the right to exist". They say "Israel has the right to exist" while totally ignoring that it came into existence by geo-ciding Palestine off the map. Jews sure love to project. They wiped Palestine off the map but they accuse Iran of wishing to wipe Israel off the map when, in fact, Iranian leaders never said such thing.

Anyway, Palestinian nationalism is a threat to Israel because Palestinians have a legitimate claim to the land that European Jews wrested from them.

Jews fear Palestinian nationalism for geopolitical and MORAL reasons. In some parts of the world, there is no clear right-or-wrong in territorial disputes. India and China still disagree on border issues. Such disputes are common all over the world. But there is NO DENYING the fact that Israel came into existence by massive Nakba Pogroms of 1948 that destroyed Palestine in whole.
Incidentally, 2018 is the 70th anniversary of the Nakba Pogroms that wiped Palestine off the map and denied the right of Palestinians to have a nation of their own. Notice the Jew-run media remain shhhhhhh about this anniversary. (Everyone in the Alt Right should run with the 1948-2018 Nakba Pogroms theme.) So, something like the BDS movement poses not only a geo-political but moral challenge to Jewish-Zionist supremacist power. It is an 'existential' threat to the Holy Holocaust Narrative that has so many people believing that Jews have always been gentle, kindly, and helpless souls who were incapable of harming a fly but were abused and murdered by 'anti-Semites'. But a closer examination of history reveals that Jews were among the biggest killers of all time as Bolsheviks and have been acting like Judeo-Nazis against Palestinians. Also, isn't it strange how conveniently the world forgot that Israel was the closest ally of South Africa during the apartheid years(while communist Jews in South Africa worked with blacks against the Boers; in effect, the backroom deal seems to have been that Jewish communists would help the blacks who, in turn, would go easy on Jewish capitalist diamond merchants; Jewish communists and Jewish capitalists work like hand in glove; white goyim think in terms of white left VERSUS white right whereas Jews think in terms of Jewish left AND Jewish right; this is why Jews feared fascism; it was the unity of white leftism and white rightism, a most potent combination of socialist benefits for workers and capitalist incentives for the elites, with both sides being united by nationalism)?

So, Jews fear white identity and Palestinian nationalism the most. They do everything to repress anything that is white-and-proud and anything that is Palestinian-and-for-freedom. Jews use Big Tech(which is mostly Jew-tech) to silence white voices and deny financial services to white patriots. Jews use their whore politicians to criminalize BDS and to deny financial services to pro-Palestinian groups.
Even though Jews pressure the US to funnel billions to Israel, a nation that supports ISIS and Alqaeda terrorists in Syria, just about any pro-Palestinian group in the US is targeted and defunded as a 'terrorist' group.

Given what Jews do to both groups, you'd think white patriots and Palestinians would make natural allies. But Jews pit them against one another, like Kirk Douglas and Woody Strode, as slave-warriors, were made to fight and kill one another by the haughty Roman elites in SPARTACUS.
Incredibly, the two groups who are most repressed by Jews are always insulting and hating on one another. Even as Jews crush Palestinians OVER THERE, they coddle Muslims OVER HERE and tell them that 'white racists' are the biggest danger to Arabs and Muslims when, in fact, it was Jewish Hollywood that made all those All-Arabs-are-terrorists movies and it was the Zionists who used their power in media and deep state to make White Christian Soldiers fight Wars for Israel that, along with unrelenting sanctions, have killed over a million Muslims. (Of course, many Muslims ally with Jewish globalists despite their loathing for Zionism because their main priority is to gain entry into the West for material improvement. Since Jews are for non-white invasion of the West, even anti-Jewish Muslims work with Jews.)
As for white cucks and paycheck conservatives, they are spineless & gutless, eager to do anything to win favors from Jews inside the Beltway. As for men like Jared Taylor, there is this pathological hope that, some day, all these high IQ wealthy Jews will wake up and side with whites. This is purely delusional. Notice in the video below, Taylor refuses to Name the Jew even though it is the real power behind the Russia-Hysteria and the censorship of White Advocates like Taylor himself. It wasn't the Chinese or Mexicans who got Taylor and Alex Jones removed from many platforms. It wasn't the Chinese or Mexicans who denied basic financial services to Taylor. It's the Jews. Just like "It was Barzini all along" in THE GODFATHER, it was the Jews who were the real force in the War on White.
Jews want supremacism for themselves, not 'equal partnership' with goyim. Jewish personality is such that it cannot accept equal-anything with any other group. Just think... Jews are fuming over Russia because they weren't allowed to take over and dominate that country. Imagine that. Jews are less than 1% of Russians, but they think THEY have the right to call all the shots. Since Putin denied them this 'right', he is defamed as a 'new hitler' according to Jew-run MSM and cuck-dogs who bark for their Jewish master.
And remember how Jews once said Palestinians have no reason to worry about Jewish migration into the Holy Land because Jews only want to peacefully co-exist with Palestinians and would pose no threat to the demographic integrity of Palestine as Arab-majority territory? Well, how did THAT work out? Palestinians who trusted Jews were like whites who fell for proto-cuck Ted Kennedy's promise that the European character of America would not be altered by radical changes in Immigration Policy. Today, Jews rule all of Israel, and IDF death squads ruthlessly mow down anyone in Gaza or West Bank who stand up for Palestinian freedom.
Ann Coulter on Ted Kennedy and 1965 Immigration Act
White patriots and Palestinian nationalists must wake up. They must realize that the Main Power doing most to repress the aspirations of both groups is Jewish supremacism. It is about time White People apologized to Palestinians for having aided and abetted in the Zionist destruction of Palestine. White people supported Jewish aggression against Palestinians in the hope that grateful Jews would use their wealth and influence to support white-and-Christian-friendly causes and interests. But the idea of Jews being grateful for anything is laughable. If you do favors for Jews, they don't feel grateful. They feel contempt for you as a sucker who disadvantaged himself in favor of The Other. It's no surprise that Jews showed no gratitude for white support of Zionism. If anything, as Jews gained more power, they began to treat whites in the West in the same way they treat Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza. Whites were dehumanized, whites were shamed & scapegoated, whites were discredited, white lands were to be invaded by non-whites(who would vote for politicians who shill for Jewish interests), white towns would be demographically transformed by color, young white minds would be infected with PC, and white wombs were to be colonized by black seed.
Jews hire yellow dogs like Sarah Jeong to spew hatred against whitey... just like Jews hired white cucks like Mitt Romney to spew hatred against Palestinians. The first step toward freedom is to say NO. White people must say NO and refuse to cuck out to Zionist-imperialism that is destroying the Palestinian people. Why should whites support Zionist policy against Palestinians when Jews in the West regard & treat whites the same way that Israeli Jews regard & treat Palestinians? In West Bank, Palestinians are dehumanized and their lands are to be resettled by Jewish migrant-imperialists. And in the West, the Jew-run PC spreads anti-white hatred among POC(people of color) and instills self-hatred among whites(who end up like Mollie Tibbetts); and its end-goal is to flood the West with immigrant-invaders who are to take over white lands and colonize white wombs.
Mollie Tibbetts, the white prog whose mind was poisoned by Jew-run Media & Academia. Jews got their hooks so deep into white minds that her father defend mass migration-invasion(that led to the death of his daughter) because it means more guacamole and enchiladas for his stupid cuck-self.
In the Jewish-Zionist mind, White Patriot = Palestinian Nationalist. Both groups must be broken in pride and spirit in order to secure Jewish Supremacism for all eternity. 14/88 for Jews is 66/8 -- Rule by Semitic Noses for eternity. (Some people say that Diversity will eventually undermine Jewish Power because many POC are anti-Jewish. While this may be true in France and UK where so many of the immigrant-invaders are Arabs or Muslims, there is little chance of that in US and Canada where immigrant-invaders are mostly not Muslim and come from all over the world. Also, most of them don't have the brains to rise very high. East Asians do, but their dog-like personality leads them to serve The Power than challenge the power(like Jews did against the Wasp elites). Since the Power is Jewish, most Asian elites become little more than yellow dogs of Jews. In the US, the majority of immigrant-invaders come from south of the border, and their votes mostly end up serving Jewish supremacism. As all politicians rely on Jewish money, American people have only two choices: Republicans who suck up to Jews and Democrats who also suck up to Jews. So, even as POC supply the votes to elect Democratic politicians, the politicians take their orders from the donors[many of whom are Jewish], not from the masses whose idea of culture is the bread-and-circuses of TV shows[made by Jewish Hollywood]. There are many more black, brown, and yellow voters than Jewish ones, and yet, all Democratic politicians take orders from rich Jews and usually ignore their constituents. Why? Because, before they can campaign for votes, they must be vetted and funded by Jewish interests. Many more Mexicans and blacks than Jews may vote for a Democratic candidate, but the candidate's priorities will be Israel, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Homomania[proxy of Jewish power], and whatever Jews want, like 'new cold war with Russia' and more sanctions against Iran, a nation which most Mexicans and blacks in America couldn't even find on the map. Indeed, even Muslim votes that go to Democrats end up serving Jewish interests because the politicians are chosen and groomed by Jews. Even politicians who started out as critics of Israel soon change their tune and sing hosannas to Israel-First policy as they seek higher office.)

Anyway, it is time for white people to stop the War on Palestine. When the Jewish War on Whites now treats white Americans like Zionists treat Palestinians in Israel/Palestine, Gaza, and West Bank, isn't it about time for white folks to see the light? White people need to look in the mirror and say "We are the New Palestinians." And white people need to atone for what they've done to Palestine. Palestinians did NOTHING to white Americans, but white Americans chose to support the Jewish destruction of Palestine. Unlike Palestinians, many Jews had taken part in mass murder of whites in the 20th century. Many top Bolsheviks were Jews. And the main spies and agents for the Soviet Union were Jews. (While the current Russia Hysteria is total fantasy concocted by crazy Jews, the Red Scare was premised on the REALITY of extensive Soviet-Jewish espionage in the US. But in Jew-run US, the Red Scare was a terrible time of political repression while the current US is ruled by Trump-as-new-hitler-as-puppet-of-Putin-as-another-new-hitler.)

And yet, white Americans supported Jews in their destruction of Palestinians in the great Nakba tragedy of 1948. Now, if Jews had felt grateful for white support of Zionism and returned favor in kind, the white support of Zionism would have made political if not moral sense. After all, much of politics(especially involving foreign policy) is amoral and based on realpolitik considerations of "What's in it for us?"
But guess what? Jews only felt contempt. Given an inch, they demanded a mile. Given a mile, they demanded the whole nation. Given the whole nation, they now demand the world. It's incredible that the US must wage 'new cold war' with Russia simply because of Jewish neurosis for supremacist madness. So, the white support for Zionism turned out to be both a moral and political disaster.

It is time to wake up.

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