Friday, May 25, 2018

US Policy of Regime Change around the World has been Destructive — One Regime Change that the US & the World must pursue is Deposing Judeo-Nazis from American Power

We’ve all heard of how certain regimes must be deposed or changed by American Might. The US acts like Judge Dredd around the world, deciding which regimes can stay, which must go. There is no moral consistency in the judgement by the US. The very ‘human rights violations’ that the US invokes to denounce an ‘evil regime’ are practiced, even to a greater extent, by an ally of the US or even by the US itself, a nation that resorted to Torture during the War on Terror(that, soon enough, morphed into War with Terror against secular modern Arab governments). Or, the US will declare a certain nation as a grave threat to world peace. Iran, we are told, is dangerous because it has a Nuclear Program. Never mind Iran never developed nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, Israel is reported to have 200 to 300 warheads. Also, Israel was created through massive pogroms against the native population, the Palestinians who are still living under Occupation. And yet, American politicians cheer and praise Israel 24/7 and pledge to shower more money on the Judeo-Nazi Empire.

Given such lack of moral and/or ideological consistency, the US position on ‘regime change’ makes little sense except as power trip, power game, out-of-control militarism, and nihilism of Tribal Power(mainly that of Jews). All people who seek power want to flex their muscles, and the world arena is a convenient outlet for those pent-up energies. After all, even the killing of an odd black thug in an American city can lead to outrage, riots, investigation, and endless lawsuits. But if the US state uses drones to kill scores of Muslims in Pakistan, no one gives a damn. No one cares about US military gunning down people in Somalia. And despite all the rhetoric in the US about the 'evil nazis', the State Department can even recruit Neo-Nazis to pull off a coup in Ukraine. So, whatever the US government cannot do IN the US, they can do all over the world. Foreign Policy is like the Wild Wild West of American Power. What isn’t allowed IN the US is allowed ABROAD, especially the Third World. One thing for sure, Muslims Lives Matter NOT.

During the Vietnam War, there were some on the Left who drew parallels between social injustice in American History & Home-Front AND the horrors unfolding in Vietnam. But most war coverage has been sanitized since then. One reason is the major involvements since the Gulf War have essentially been Wars for Israel. So, the Jew-run media have found it conducive to their tribal interests to suppress much of the bad news from abroad. Jews certainly don’t want Americans to feel sympathy for Muslims and Arabs as the victims of US neo-imperialism directed by Jewish Globalists. During the Vietnam War, the yellows were compared with American Indians(as facing ‘genocide’ at the hands of whites) or even with Jews in WWII. Muhammad Ali became famous by saying he had no reason to fight the Viet Cong since they never called him no ‘nigger’. Even though the war in Iraq turned very badly, much more so than the War in Vietnam at least in the discrepancy between expectation and reality, the news coverage(though increasingly sour) didn’t reach the sheer skepticism and disgust that engulfed the media in the late 60s and early 70s.
If anything, a bigger strike against Bush was the fiasco of Hurricane Katrina despite the fact that it was essentially a natural disaster of winds, flood, and Negro jungle-jivery. The fact that Bush’s reputation could be hurt more by domestic crisis than a foreign one(that was much more dire and costly in life & limb and of course ordered by the Bush & Cheney regime) goes to show that American Power is constrained in the US in the way that it isn’t abroad.

Of course, some might argue that the US isn’t really a democracy but an oligarchy where the elites pull all sorts of dirty tricks via Deep State, Media, finance, and law. Even so, the US government cannot kill bushels of people in the US like it routinely does abroad. Even if the Deep State plays it dirty inside the US, it cannot do what it does in places like Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and etc. And this explains why so many pathological power-lusting looneys are drawn to the State Department, a Center for the License to Kill. Granted, the psychos in the State Department cannot just hate and destroy ANY nation. No one would dare say anything critical of Israel, for instance. Imagine the US government forcing sanctions on Israel that killed up to 500,000 children and a US official saying it was ‘worth it’ like Madeleine Albright once said of Iraqi kids. There's no chance of such happening because the Jewish CHECKMATE on power in the US is so total.
So, the psychos in the Deep State cannot wreak havoc on just any nation around the world. They have to get orders from the Top Elites who are Jews, and of course, the main targets of hostility are usually those nations/peoples that happen to be HATED by Israel and World Jewry. So, John Bolton, Samantha Power, and such ilk all foam at the mouth about certain nations targeted by Jews. They are essentially like a house-dog that must behave in the house before the master and mustn’t bite the kids and house cat even if they harass it all day and night. After all, the master ordered it to be nice to kids and the cat... no matter what. So, US officials can’t do much about nasty blacks in the US. Numinous Negroes are forgiven no matter what they do. And there isn’t much US officials can do about illegal invaders. And there’s nothing they can do about bad corrupt Jews. So, their pent-up energies must be directed outwards. A dog that can’t do much in the house can be led to hunt rabbits and other creatures with great fury. All its frustrations in serving the master and being nice to the kids and cat are taken out on rabbits and other creatures targeted for mauling and death. Likewise, US officials find an outlet for their pent-up fury in nations hated by Jews. Jews allow them to run wild and free in the destruction of certain nations hated by Israel, and the officials and generals just can’t get enough. Finally, in destroying other nations(hated by Jews), they can feel ‘powerful’... just like a dog finally feels like a master-in-its-own-right by chasing, mauling, and killing rabbits.

If some governments are nicer at home but brutal abroad, other nations are the opposite. Because of Rule of Law and Rights in the US, there is only so much the US government can do to American citizens. Of course, many in the government would love to get tough and destroy us. And when it comes to the Alt Right, there’s been green light within the Deep State, Media, and Finance to shut it all down even by trampling on Constitutional Rights. Even so, they can't just haul Alt Right people into prison and have them shot. They can't order a Drone Strike on Richard Spencer or Jared Taylor. They can’t even do what Woodrow Wilson did to German-Americans during WWI and what FDR did to Japanese-in-America during WWII. But in the name of fighting Terror, the US government can order drone strikes on any number of Muslims. And in the name of opposing Evil Regimes, the US government can arm and support Terrorists(even those affiliated with the killers who pulled 9/11) in places like Libya and Syria.

Some other nations are the exact opposite of the US when it comes to abuse-of-power and state violence. As brazen tyrannies, they can do just about anything at home but must be sensitive when dealing with other nations. Hussein’s Iraq, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, and Kim’s North Korea were such nations. Domestically in the absence of Rule of Law, the rulers could, on a whim, abuse their power and treat people like slaves or dogs. They could even use poison gas and kill scores of people, as Hussein did against Kurds. But their power rarely extends beyond national borders and, in dealing with other nations, must be mindful of international agreements and protocols. Lacking superpower status, they can’t push the world around like the US routinely does, and so, the pathological power-lust of their rulers lords over the helpless minions at home.

Anyway, no single nation is the World or represents the dreams of the World. And whatever injustices may exist within, the nation has no business terrorizing the rest of the world. Now, some nations may claim to be superior, especially in being ‘indispensable’ or ‘exceptional’, and therefore implying the moral right to intervene in or even invade other nations to spreads ‘human rights’, ‘democracy’, and ‘end of tyranny’. Even if some nations are morally and socially more advanced than others, no nation is perfect and, furthermore, it’s a bad habit(and precedence) for a nation to use naked aggression against other nations in the name of justice. After all, given the brutal history of humanity, every nation has grievances and its own justifications for power. So, if the world establishes a norm whereby any ‘superior’ nation can meddle or invade some other nation deemed morally inferior, it will be a world of endless wars, even world wars.

However, to the extent that the US tirelessly yammers about the need for REGIME CHANGE all over the world, maybe the world needs to make the US get a taste of its own medicine. The good people of America and all the people that aspire to be free should call for Regime Change in the Most Powerful and Most Evil nation on Earth. The US is now the most evil nation on Earth because of (1) its power makes it most dangerous (2) its values are corrupt and decadent (3) its neo-missionary themes are depraved, savage, and/or infantile and (4) its global interests & agenda serves a very narrow group of Tribal Supremacists & their venal allies. Now, power alone doesn’t make a nation evil. The fact of American Power could make the US one of the better nations in the world. A nation that uses its power to do good. Though critics of American Imperialism always had a point, the fact is American Imperialism did a lot of good around the world in the 20th century, or at the very least, it compensated every bad thing with a good thing. And during the Cold War, the dirty tricks of the CIA may have prevented something worse: Communist takeover. Pinochet has blood on his hands, but maybe Chile did better under his right-wing government. Anti-Imperialists like Abby Martin do some good work, but they have this Manichean view of history as Evil West/America vs everyone else(especially non-whites) as saintly victims. But much of history was really more about bad vs bad, or more enlightened bad vs backward bad. There was once a time when US power, for all its faults and betrayals, still offered something better for many peoples around the world than competing empires or native tyrants did. But such view is no longer tenable as the ruling elites are now Jewish Globalists who utterly lack the element of magnanimity of Anglo elites and idealism of Jewish Leftists of yesteryear. Today’s Jewish Globalists are totally about Jewish Supremacist Tribal Power. They are Judeo-Nazis who are capable of ANYTHING to get what they want.
Also, US popular culture back then meant stuff like John Wayne movies and more mature entertainment. And in morality, it was essentially a Christian nation. One doesn’t have to be a believer to respect Christianity as a great religion with moral seriousness. Also, the US was a more literary and sober nation back then. And Jazz, though racy, wasn’t depraved like rap would later be. And even upon the legalization of pornographic cinema, it was understood there was a clear line between mainstream culture and seedy ‘red light district’ vice. But what is American Culture these days? It is not just individual rights for homosexuals but Gay Rites, Homomania, and Queertianity as Satanic-Jewish-christianity or SJC. Incredibly, Jewish power has replaced Christianity with Homomania as the New-christanity. Homos who claimed to be secular and libertarian in struggling for individual rights took over institutions(with the support of Jews) and are now indoctrinating young children to worship Homos and Trannies as holy peoples. And many parents are so spiritually hollow and morally vapid that they sincerely think they are raising kids properly by immersing them in homo-rainbow-mania. We are living in an Age when Boys Scouts, once a Christian and moral institution, is all about praising and celebrating homo buggery and tranny penis-lopping. Homo celebration is related to mainstreaming of pornography. Invariably, every ‘clean cut’ and ‘innocent’ Disney star grows up to be a slut or skank. And what passes for ‘wholesome’ today simply means road-to-skankdom. Now, it’s been said prostitution is the oldest profession, so skankdom is nothing new. What is alarmingly new is the Normalization of Sluttony(slut gluttony) and Skankdom as the New Conscience. Not only are young girls encouraged to act like sluts but to take moral, ideological, and even intellectual pride in it. It’s pussy this, pussy that, pussy everything. Want to protest Trump? Yammer about how you’re a ‘nasty’ whore and go ‘pussy, pussy, pussy’. But then, this is a nation where gambling is no longer seen as a vice but as a means to wash away 'historical sins' related to Indians. As for Negroes, they are utterly depraved with reversion to savagery. The American Negro used to be morally inspiring to the world. Given the history of slavery and racial discrimination, much of the world sympathized with the Civil Rights Movement and its struggles for equality and justice. But since then, Negro antics in the US have turned into celebration of thuggery, shameless fuc*-dancing, ‘muh dick’, ‘muh twerking-ass booty’, megalomania(about how blacks be superior and better that all other races in just about EVERYTHING... sheeeeeeiiiit), endless Hate Hoaxes, parasitism, and sheer obnoxiousness. But one of the main themes of current American Globalist Cultural Imperialism is that filthy rappers are prophets and poets. This is what happens with the Cult of ‘Raciality’ or Ethnicity. Because of the cult of eternal victimhood around blacks, even their filthiest and rottenest behaviors and manners are valorized as uplifting and inspirational. (We even have Conservatives wetting their pants about the insane Kanye West be a ‘role model’ and shit now that he’s wearing a MAGA hat.)

Current American intellectual culture, mass entertainment, and neo-spirituality(endless nonsense about Holy Homos and Noble Negroes, or Numinous Negroes) spread little but garbage around the world. It’s mostly junk. Not only is American militarism murderous, its cultural imperialism is demented. How such a people could pat themselves on the back and brag about their lone superpower being the ‘indispensable’ and ‘exceptional’ nation on Earth is truly astounding in delusion and retardation. When so many Americans sincerely believe they are ‘more evolved’ than the much of the world because they have ‘gay marriage’, one wonders just how a nation could become this insane. In the past, Americans may have tolerated or defended some degree of decadence and degeneracy as the price of freedom and tolerance — at least people back then knew the difference between good and bad — , but today, they are most proud of manifestations of their decadence and degeneracy. So many people believe themselves to be socially, morally, intellectually, and spiritually ‘more evolved’ because they have their kids attend sessions where trannies read pro-‘gay’ children’s stories to them. The US is fortunate for its Land and Legacy because, if not for such advantages, it would sink like a stone with its increasingly trashy and demoralizing values. When a society moralizes institutionally that which is most demoralizing intuitively, things begin to fall apart because the people, from top to bottom, have lost the sense of the fundamentals of right and wrong.

And much of this sickness owes to Jewish Minority Supremacism. Jews, as the ruling minority elites, have been SO INSISTENT on the majority non-Jews serving the Tribe that they even went so far as to insist that majority of straight folks bend over to sexual deviants, perverts, and freaks. It would have been one thing for sexual deviants and freaks to have the freedom to do their thing, but that wasn’t good enough for Jews and Homos, two groups that had in common the boundless lust for vanity, narcissism, neurosis, paranoia, and persecution complex(along with persecution sadism).

If any nation needs Regime Change, it is the US, and it would be good for EVERYONE... except for Jewish Supremacists and Homomaniacs. Indeed, it will even be better for most Jews who might finally learn to be a Normal People than a Neurotic One. As long as Jewish supremacists, by hook or by crook, insist on Complete Control of the US(and thereby most of the world), it will be bad for Americans and non-Americans, not least because Jews, as nasty ‘mixers’, will keep goading non-Jews to hate and even kill one another. The Jewish-run US government talks endlessly about how Regime Change is necessary to liberate peoples around the world from tyrannical governments, but are American people free? No, American people are under the oligarchic control of Jewish supremacists with ethno-monopoly of media, academia, finance, law & courts, and the Deep State. As such, their so-called Democracy is really a sham. Even after Donald Trump won a historic victory, he’s been helpless to improve relations around the world. So much of his foreign policy is a continuation of Obama policies that were a continuation of Bush policies and so on.
Indeed, if one asks what the various top agendas of the US have in common, the one sure factor is JEWS WANT THEM: Anti-Russian hatred, anti-Iranian hatred, unconditional support of Israel & utter disregard for Palestinians, Homomania, ACOWW(Afro-Colonization of White Wombs), Afromania, Anti-white vitriol & insistence on White Submissivism, Trashy Feminism, Pornification of Mainstream Culture, Wars for Israel, Mass Invasion & Replacement of White Population in US, Canada, & EU, and etc. All these matters may not have much in common with one another, BUT they’ve all been pushed most vociferously by the Jews.

Just imagine a World in which the US, the most powerful nation on Earth, is NOT controlled by Jewish supremacist globalists. Suppose Jews in America were Normal and just learned to get along with others instead of trying to lord over them. Not only would the US be a much nicer, healthier, and saner place for Americans but it wouldn’t be messing up the world(and bring about the destruction of millions of lives) at the behest of the vile and venal Jewish supremacist agenda. Just imagine US & World History since the end of the Cold War IF America had not been taken over by the Jewish Globalist Regime. US and EU would likely have developed sound relations with post-communist Russia. But thanks to Jews, Russia was financially raped, thus setting the grounds for tensions later. Even without Jewish power, there might have been the Gulf War, but there might have been rapprochement between US and Hussein once the dust settled. But because Jews ran America, Iraq was not allowed to develop again, and so many civilians died as the result of sanctions. Also, the Israeli-Palestinian problem might have been resolved if the US didn’t lean only to one side, an inevitability in a nation where most politicians are whores of Jewish power that controls most think-tanks, media, academia, banks, and etc. US and Iran would have patched things up long ago on a live-and-let-live basis. US would not be foaming at the mouth about Iran as a nuclear threat to the world. And even the problem with North Korea might have been resolved had it not been for Jewish fears of North Korea as trading partners with nations hated by Israel. Without Jewish domination of media, academia, and courts, homos and trannies would likely have the freedom to do their thing, but they would not have been hailed and near-worshiped as neo-saints and neo-angels. And the idea of bakers being fined and destroyed because they refused to bake degenerate ‘gay wedding’ cakes would not be a thing. Also, American feminism would be saner without the Jewish neurotic element of late that is all about Slut Pride and ‘my pussy’.

Without Jewish control of so many industries and institutions, there is no doubt the US would be a much better place. Sure, there would still be lots of bad things, but the good things would have the confidence and power to push against them. But under Jewish supremacist control, the good things have been restrained and even forbidden to resist and push against bad things. Given that the #1 Rule of America became "Obey, appease, and never displease Jews", even most Conservatives were silent on the Homo Agenda. The main reason was they were afraid of offending Jews. Jews or no Jews, the battle between good and bad is eternal, but the good can usually win because society has more innately good people than bad ones(at least among whites as there seems to be more bad blacks than good blacks in any society). The reason why the Jewish elites have been so dangerous is that they, as corrupt and venal referees of Power, have generally tipped the balance for the bad against the good.

Liberation of Americans from Jewish Supremacism would also be a great boon to the world. There would be no ‘new cold war’ with Russia. The Media would not be endless Hate News against Russia, Iran, Syria, Hungary, Poland, White folks, Straight Men, Christianity, Courage, and the Truth. Look at most of the troubles the US got involved around the World since the Cold War, and they are related to Jewish supremacist power. As Andrew Bacevich noted in one of his books, the US was almost never involved militarily in the Middle East and North Africa during the Cold War — Lebanon and attack on Libya under Reagan were minor exceptions — , but following the end of the Cold War, almost all US wars have been involved with Muslims, Arabs, and others in Central Asia, Middle East, and North Africa, especially against nations hated by Jews. And when US was not attacking them with bombs, it was crippling them with sanctions. And why? Why was there all the hype about ‘new hitlers’ and ‘Munich’ and ‘appeasement’? We know why. It’s because Jews want to hype us dummies into supporting more confrontations and wars for Israel. Jews sure are great projectors. They bitch about ‘appeasement’, but the world is now as it is because the craven non-Jewish elites and politicians of the EU and the US, the most powerful nation on Earth, have been doing little else but appeasing Judeo-Nazis, the real New Hitlers.

How may this Regime Change of Jewish Supremacists be realized in the US? That is a topic for another day, but what sane person would disagree that the ONE REGIME CHANGE that will surely benefit the entire world would be the fall of the evil Judeo-Nazi Regime? It may be a daunting task, but everything starts small. The removal of the Judeo-Nazi regime must be done. The problem is not Jewish success or even power per se. The problem is Jewish supremacist power that has reached Nazi-like levels of pathology, megalomania, bloodthirst, and utter disregard for so many lives, even those of women and children. And THAT CANNOT STAND.

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