Thursday, October 7, 2021

Yes, PC Wokeness Is Mostly about Blacks but Primarily because Jews Control Media-Academia-Finance-State, i.e. Jews Need Blacks as Allies & Moral Cattle-Prods against Whites — Uncertainty Craves Certainty, or Secularism Breeds Dogma of New Gods & Idols — Paradox of Fools Being Harder to Fool and Smarties Being Easier to Outsmart

THE POX THAT HAS NO NAME by Robert Weissberg -

Much of what Robert Weissberg says is true and interesting.

But he left out the J-factor. Why do people think they way they do? What controls mass consciousness, especially in the age of electronica when TV, radios, and internet matter most?

Whites suck up to blacks because Jews want it that way. Jewish Power relies on white submission, and Jews fear nothing more than the idea that whites may gain sense of autonomy and agency. Autonomy comes by way of pride. So, to control whites, white pride must be pushed back into the jail cell. Without awesome race-ism, whites are doomed. Whites must be paralyzed with guilt. This way, would-be white leaders become afraid to call on the white masses. He hopes to lead whites(like Moses led the Jews), but he’s rejected and reviled ‘racist’ & ‘white supremacist’ because white masses too have been conditioned by media and academia to believe nothing is worse than ‘racism'(that now includes anything positively white). After all, schools now teach courses on how ‘whiteness’ is at best a delusion and at worst an absolute evil.

Of course, WGTOW or whites-going-their-own-way need not be dangerous to Jews. After all, whites are not beholden to the folks of Thailand but still mean them no harm. Just because whites break free of submissive to Jews doesn’t mean whites will hate or attack Jews, though the very notion of having broken free of Jewish Power will remind whites that they’d been soul-slaves of Zion. But, it still means whites won’t be doing the bidding of Jews, like Wars for Israel. And even if whites don’t become virulently anti-Jewish, they may oppose certain Jewish agendas for fairness sake, like lending a helping hand to Palestinians and Syrians, both of which have been terrorized by Zionists. Also, if whites support fairness and justice, Jews would get away with less with financial crimes, media mendacity, funding of Antifa, and etc. Free whites may not be out to get Jews, but their adherence to equal justice would undermine Jews-uber-alles. Whites may come to see BDS as partly justified, given Jews are trying to gobble up remaining parts of West Bank.
Of course, if Jews continue to act badly, white freedom can lead to white anti-Jewishness. After all, it’s only natural for one people to push back against and/or hate another people who do them harm or cause problems all over the world. Because Jewish Power is now so obnoxious and psycho beyond belief, white freedom may turn whites against Jews. Not because whites want to hate Jews(or any other people) for the hell of it but because bad behavior of one people offends other peoples.

Jews know that, unless one people by worshipped by another people, there’s no guarantee that the former will be shielded from the latter. Consider. White people didn’t think much about Syria. White Americans for the most part have neither loved or hated Syrians. Indeed, majority of Americans probably can’t even find the nation on the map. But even if whites don’t particularly hate Syrians, they don’t love or worship them either. So, when Jewish Power used the US military to invade Syria and lend aid to terrorists(or ‘moderate rebels’), most Americans said and did nothing.
Now, imagine what would happen if a politician or some deep state official said US should bomb Israel and invade parts of it to support ‘moderate rebels’ against the Zionist regime. There would have been a HUGE outcry. Jewish media would have howled with fury. Democratic politicians would have fumed, Nancy Pelosi would have wept like a baby. Republicans would have sobbed along with Pelosi and called fo total cancellation of the monster who proposed such. And all those conservative evangelical Christians would have marched and carried banners in support of Israel. Because of the cultish worship of Jews and Israel among whites especially, it’s inconceivable that the US can act against Jews, even when Jews act badly. But because Americans feel neutral about Syria, they could live with being peaceful toward Syria or blow it to smithereens. Even without hatred, a people can be indifferent to the suffering of others. Jews don’t want white neutrality toward Jews. Neutrality could mean whites being peaceful with Jews, but it could also mean whites not lifting a finger to come to the aid of Jews and Israel. After all, even parts of the West that despised Hitler and feared Germany did precious little to save Jews from destruction because they felt indifferent. Even if many whites in America didn’t hate Jews, they didn’t love them either. To Jews, ‘silence is violence’. Jewish Supremacist Power must have vocal support.

This is why Jews must control whites, especially those of northern European extraction, as they are the most capable people in the world. While Jews do the leading, much of the heavy-lifting in managerial positions must be done by goyim, and who are better than this than white folks(though increasingly Asians are useful to Jews also)? To control whites, Jews must paralyze white pride and fill whites with redemptive submissive ‘guilt’. And blackness is the main weapon of Jews. Why? Why don’t Jews use American Indians? After all, whites wiped out the Indians in what some call the ‘American Holocaust’. Or how about Vietnamese who were killed by the bushel by US bombs? Vietnam War left a huge scar in the American soul. Or how about all those dead Arabs and Muslims as the result of US invasions? Or, what about browns of Latin America as the story of the New World was largely about whites, Anglo and Latin, invading and spreading disease and raping and plundering, leading to mass deaths of the natives? Why don’t Jews use those to guilt-bait white Americans? Why do Jews use blacks?
It’s due to the song-dong-wrong-strong factor. Jews know whites are most prone to feel guilty about what they are in most awe of. Whites believe all they had was lame polka music and Lawrence Welk before black rhythm & beat liberated white souls from lameness. For many whites, there was no music before Rock. British whites believe their culture was hopelessly frigid and repressed, but the black sun smiled its fat luscious lips upon Albion, which finally thawed from the funkiss. And in our sexualized age, white women got jungle fever and white men got cuck-syndrome because black men got bigger dongs. This would have mattered less when sexual propriety was a thing, but in our pornified age(and Jews not only control porn but use their ownership of Disney to spread pornification, negro and homo, even to kiddie stuff). The novel Mandingo is like the new bible of white mentality. Even blacks notice this: the movie GET OUT. And blacks dominate sports, and the modern world looks up to black athletes as heroes and champions. So, whites are far more sensitive about what they may have done to Negroes. Look how the news about all those dead Afghanis hardly moved anyone in the US, but the entire West had conniptions over St. George Floyd, a lowlife pile of crap who actually died of overdose than under a white policeman’s knee, a technique taught to US police by IDF under a program brokered by ADL. And because blacks got boom box voices that soulfully bellow ‘Ole Man River’, whites almost hear it like it’s the lamenting voice of God saying, “Repent Honkey, and wash the Negro’s feet.” Even Archie Bunker did.

So, it’s not really about morality but idolatry. If anything is absolutist, it is the idolatry of PC that elevates Jews, homos, and blacks uber alles. Everything revolves around that trinity.

‘Absolutist’ implies powerful conviction in a set of immutable truths or timeless wisdom. Or an iron dogma, like Marxism’s emphasis on class struggle. And this truth has higher authority than political authority. In Christianity, Jesus is King, and even political authorities dared not alter the teachings and the lesson of Jesus(though it is now possible to drag Christianity through the mud as anti-Christian Jews are on top).

The strange feature of the Current Year is globalists are so sure about what is so unsure. Their way of thinking and feeling is closer to toeing the party line than adherence to dogma. Under communism, there was the absolutist dogma about class struggle and capitalism supplanted by socialism then by communism, but there was always the ever-changing party line along Orwellian lines: ____ has always been at war with ____. In the novel, people are emotionally impassioned and sure about things that are ever ‘evolving’.

While communism-as-dogma couldn’t tolerate fascism, the Moscow Line during the Nazi-Soviet Pact was about how all good comrades must support the partnership and anyone who disagreed should be purged. But when war broke out between Germany and Soviet Union, it was as if USSR and US had been friends all along, until they weren’t after the war ended.
At one time, China said its bond with USSR was unbreakable. But when the Sino-Soviet rift happened, Russia was the worst country for all times, and China was talking with the capitalist US. Indeed, precisely because the political authority of the communist party was absolute, the party line was anything but. It changed according to the whims of those in power. The strange thing, however, is that so many mindless minions went along without thought, just like a dog can be made to cuddle up to a bunny or chomp it to death. Either way, affection or assault, the overriding factor in the dog is approval from the master. Maybe the dog really wants to kill and devour the bunny, but if the master demands it be nice, the dog’s emotion follows the master. Or, maybe the dog really wants to make nice with the bunny and play, but if the master orders ‘kill’, it will maul the bunny. The overriding factor is obedience to the master.

Emotions can be powerful but never absolutist because, on their own, they aren’t about anything particular. A strong sense of nationalism can be for any nation. One can feel strongly about communism or capitalism, about monarchy or democracy. The current woke-types have strong emotions, but their ideology, if it can be called that, is always shifting and mutating. Theirs is a kind of emotional-moralism, or ’emoralism’. But as emotions alone have no ideological content, the themes have to be supplied by another, and who would that be? The controllers of the elite centers government, culture, information, entertainment, and the like. In the current West, it’s the Jews.

In a way, fever-pitch eagerness bordering on hysteria may be deemed necessary precisely because the current ideology is so unsure and changing. When status relies so heavily on fashion, one must be on the lookout at all times to know what’s in and what’s out. The worst thing one can imagine is to be out-of-fashion, like a hippie in the era of disco, or disco-diva in the era of new wave music. When you’re ‘in’, you’re with the hottest thing in town. But if you’re ‘out’, you’re a total laughing stock, though what people are laughing at was, not long ago, the hottest thing around. To keep with the fashion, one is more anxious, more observant, more eager to jump on the bandwagon. Especially because political correctness suppressed critical thinking and discouraged personal conscience, entire generations grew up with something like mental-soul-slavery. They rely upon others(as the masters) to tell them what’s what, what to love, what to hate, what to celebrate, what to revile. Without a core conviction in a canonical set of values and a firm sense of reality, one’s sense of worth isn’t foundational(with roots and base) but navigational(in accordance to the prevailing winds).

Of course, Jewish Power wants it this way because it fears consistency in ideology. After all, principles intrinsic to ideology may stand in the way of Jewish Power: If ‘racism’ is bad, then Zionism must be bad also. This is why Jews prefer idolatry over ideology. This way, ‘racism’ is bad when it’s by whites, but the same rules don’t apply to blacks and Jews because they are deemed holy-schmoly. Idolatry > ideology. ‘Ethnocracy’ overrides ethos-cratic or ‘ethocratic’ principles. If truth is fixed, Jewish Power would also have to bow to it, and truth may be harmful to Jews. This is why Jews would have us believe, truth is soft but conviction is hard. Simply put, Truth is whatever Jews say it is. For example… Covid 19 came from nature, and yes, you better believe it and shut up about it or else be censored, so say the Jews, and the prog-minions all agree and repeat the mantra and call for censorship of naysayers who say it could have come from a lab or may be a bio-weapon. But then, Jews say, it could have come from the Wuhan Lab, and all of sudden, the minions who were 100% committed to the the natural origin theory now say the lab theory may be correct. To win approval and be favored in the New Order, one must always be up to date with the Current Year or Current Month or Current Week or Current Day or Current Minute or Current Second. It’s like one big game of Simon Says where everyone fears to slip up and do the wrong thing. So, everyone’s on edge and so loud in his show of loyalty and denunciation of the mis-steppers. After all, while other PC wokies are comrades, they are also the competition, and it’s always to your advantage to have some of them purged or at least penalize and sent few steps back while you remain ahead of the pack just behind the master.

Uncertainty craves certainty, and when there are no certain truths or principles, the only certainty is being in step with the fashion and/or toeing the party line. Paradoxically, more the world is made uncertain, more the people flock to what seems certain(at the moment).
Truth and principles are like an island. Big or small, it is solid and you can stand firm and straight on it. It won’t sink into the ocean. In contrast, wokery is like a log or raft in the middle of the ocean. It has no solid footing. It is always afloat, and indeed, the name of the game is keeping your head above the sea of uncertainty.
Then, it’s no wonder so many eagerly and desperately cling to the rafts and logs. And they better cling for dear life because there are no firm grounds to stand on. The current order is like Jews in their powerful ark and goyim on rafts or clinging to logs. Everyone else goes under water. In the Bob Dylan song “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”, there a sense of the Uncertainty Principle. The carpet is being pulled from under you, and the bottom drops off, and you don’t know anything for sure anymore. But human nature craves something to believe, something to hang on to, and this is where Jews use their wokery-idolatry. To those who feel lost and adrift, wokery is the lifeline to some kind of ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’. Another Bob Dylan song, “The Times They Are A Changing” paints a portrait of a world in flux, where things are always changing, and what is right and wrong anymore? Same sense of uncertainty in “My Back Pages” with the memorable line “I’m younger than that now.”

In a way, the new order was supposed to be about rebellion against authority, but in the absence of certainty, people in the new order became desperate to find the ‘real’ meaning, but they couldn’t on their own. And so, in the end, the generation that had defined itself by rebellion spawned future generations of conformity. In the darkness, people fear bumping into things or falling into holes, and so, when they see the light, they flock to it. But suppose the light is ever moving. In a way, it seems to be in the same place because all one can see is the light in the vast darkness. So, even if the light moves from point A to point B to point R to point X to point Z, for those chasing after the light it seems fixed in one place because it is the ONLY thing visible. Because Jewish-controlled wokery is about canceling and purging all incorrect ideas(which can be anything on account of “Is it good for Jews in the here and now?”), it’s the only game in town, especially in elite and wanna-be-elite realms(and among the hoi polloi that wants to feel superior to other hoi polloi by status-imitation; this way, even a graduate of a community college, by parroting the elites, can feel he or she is superior to the rabble of deplorables even though he or she isn’t socioeconomically above them).

In the current order, whites get ‘canceled’ for saying “It’s Okay to be White” but BDS is canceled even worse even though it calls for justice for Palestinians who are being crushed by Jewish racial supremacism. So much for PC being ‘anti-racist’. And blacks can steal, rape, murder, and do whatever and always be forgiven or even praised for their law-breaking. It’s like they are racially superior and above the law. Fish rots from the head, and there is a link between black nihilism and Jewish nihilism. As the new elites, Jews set the template of certain favored groups being above the law. No matter what Jews do, they get away scot-free. Jonathan Pollard is somewhere in Israel giving a big fat middle finger to America, and both political parties look the other way. Jews are the nihilists of the upper realm and blacks are of the lower realm.

Here is a good example of ’emorality’ or emotional-morality without firm foundation:

Notice how something that almost NO ONE cared about or believed in becomes the New Certainty(at least for the time being) because the megaphonic fashion-makers say it’s the hot item. Everyone knew women got pregnant — uh duh! — , but now, the correct term is ‘pregnant people’ because women who claim to be ‘men’ can become pregnant. Now, some in elite realms may personally find this absurd, but they know the rules: “It was always pregnant people who had babies”, just like “Oceania was always at war with EastAsia”. Otherwise, their careers will be jeopardized. But for everyone who just goes along for career-sake, there are others(especially among the impressionable young) who really come to swallow that stuff whole hog, especially because their parents are either shallow decadents or the ‘helicopter’ type who urge their kids to toe the line for future-sake.

Feeble-minded fools believe it because they’re dumb enough to believe anything, but then, why do plenty of smart people believe that stuff? Because of the conceit that they understand something that is beyond the simple-minded common sense of ‘deplorables’. It also gains traction because the Power associates the new nuttery with quasi-sacral slogans like ‘love’, ‘equality’, ‘stop hate’, and ‘inclusion’. So, saying that a man with penis and balls is a ‘woman’ and deserves to play in women’s sports is about ‘equality’, ‘stopping hatred of trans people’, and ‘including’ them. Unfortunately, Dumb Slogans Matter. Take Black-Lives-Matter that has no bearing on reality as blacks are killed by blacks, not by ‘racist’ whites, but as Jews control media and academia(and the whores in federal, state, and local government), the idiot mantra has spread everywhere, and plenty of fools feel holier-than-thou in chanting them. In a world without God, people seek certainty in new gods, and in the US, they are Noble Negroes, Holy Homos, and Sacred Semites.

In a way, things are more convoluted than ever because modern-day persecution isn’t bloody and violent. Long ago, heresy could mean torture and execution. When Galileo finally toed the line, it was under extreme pressure. Whether one stuck with one’s conviction/conscience and paid the ultimate price OR folded under pressure and caved, others could feel sympathy. People feel admiration for courageous martyrs, and people understand why some people were broken by threat of torture or death. People admire Socrates who chose death. And people don’t hold it against Galileo that he finally relented under great pressure.

But the current power doesn’t torture or kill people. Or even send them to Gulags. Rather, people are ‘canceled’, and even though it’s unpleasant and even career-destroying, it’s not the end of the world. Because ‘canceling’ isn’t an extreme form of persecution, the ‘cancelled’ lack the aura of noble victimhood. (Granted, the powers-that-be CAN turn molehill into a mountain, like how the Jewish-controlled media and academia once did for Jewish communists and fellow-travelers who were blacklisted for several years during the ‘Red Scare’. Even though Jewish commies and other such ilk couldn’t get gigs for several years — hardly the end of the world — , they were sainted as victims on par with those during the Inquisition.) Furthermore, because of wokery’s hysteria, anyone not up-to-date with the program must be a bad evil witch who is all about ‘hate’ and therefore undeserving of free speech that cannot tolerate ‘hate speech’.

In the current order, the purged cannot claim the mantle of noble victimhood because ‘canceling’ is mild compared to past punishments involving imprisonment, forced exile, torture, and even execution.
Also, as big business and the deep state work hand in glove, Jewish Power can use the state to do the bidding of business and make business do the bidding of the state. Because the First Amendment protects free speech, the government cannot outright censor speech. But as the state works in cahoots with the media and big tech(‘private companies’), big business can effectively shut down free speech in the main square of public discourse. And companies like Gab cannot even access payment systems and banking services.

So, people are left feeling both free and unfree and must navigate in an unsure world. The academia is, at once, a bastion of free inquiry(as there is still sufficient freedom in many fields) but also a place where careers can be cut short in an instant. But because they won’t shoot you or send you to a gulag, you can’t really claim nobility of martyrdom. You just lost your job. As for those who caved, because they folded under less-than-terrifying pressure, their craven submission cannot generate the kind of sympathy that Galileo got.

Because nothing is certain, especially as PC changes goal posts ever so often — it went FROM stop-and-frisking even law-abiding black males in New York and pushing black issues to the back of the bus in favor of globo-homo TO the anointing of the loathsome George Floyd as the saint of our age and fanning riots & looting in his name — , the game is really about self-censorship.
So, even though one’s logic ends up being contorted beyond recognition, one convinces oneself that the PC-approved conclusion came by way of free discourse and attention to facts. Even though the result is the product of convolution under pressure, one must pretend it offers a solution based on truth and freedom. How else can we explain tards like Kathryn Paige Harden and their multi-layered BS. She is obviously a product of academic and media pressure trying to navigate through the harbor laden with mines, but she pretends she freely rowed her way to the truth.

The current order is especially confusing due to paradoxes of “the hoi polloi are harder to fool because they’re easier to fool” and “the elites(or 'haute pollaute') are easier to fool because they’re harder to fool.”

The hoi polloi are easier to fool because they hardly use their brains and have limited capacity for reason and interest in facts. It’s no wonder they are such easy suckers for blockbuster movies and silly pop songs. And junk food. They like what hits them right away, what makes them feel good.
This means they are less likely to appreciate things of complexity, higher value, or deeper meaning that aren’t always evident on the surface, on first impression.
But their simplemindedness and/or preference for common sense means they are less likely to fall for convoluted BS. While some things of deeper value aren’t immediately apparent(and shall always remain inaccessible to the hoi polloi), lots of highfalutin nonsense and ridiculousness will also. After all, not everything of ‘complexity’ and ‘sophistication’ have real value or innate worth. The hoi polloi may miss out on a lot of great classical music but they also miss out on Serial Music, which has almost no value. Or much of what passes itself as ‘fine art’ these days.

In contrast, elite-minded people are less easier to manipulate with hoary tricks. They are more likely to see through the BS of Hollywood movies and TV shows. If elite people make such tripe for the masses, it’s not because they themselves believe in the stuff but because it’s effective as control mechanism over the masses.

Elite people like to believe they’ve risen higher and become ‘more evolved’, i.e. they are ‘advanced’ in their thinking and understanding of reality, like physicists have gone beyond classical physics into quantum theory and the like. They think they’ve broken through the sound barrier. They are out in space intellectually. Whereas the hoi polloi are still gravitationally bound to the old ways of thinking, the elites make their own centers of gravity unbound from earth gravity. (Nationalism is about gravitational bond to homeland, globalism is about floating in space.) They believe they’ve cleared the hurdle and left behind ‘childish things’. They believe they have a higher mindset that is ready, prepared, and willing to accept new and higher truths.

But, here’s the rub: While attainment of complexity does require going beyond common sense, tradition, and conventionality, it can also be a conceit of superiority based on fashions. And this attitude has made the elites into easy suckers for every cockamamie nonsense that comes down the line. ‘Pregnant people’ than ‘women’ indeed. That’s what counts as ‘science’ among the elites these days. They’ve risen not to higher truth but just a higher form of sucker-dom, but their conceit blinds them to this fact. And because this conceit relies on the pride of going against conventionality, it’s difficult to tell what has value and what doesn’t, and this is where the ‘experts’ step in. To the hoi polloi, a film like Chantal Akermann's JEANNE DIELMANN is just excruciating boredom. And truth be told, most elite-types naturally feel the same way… but they believe themselves to have jumped the hurdle of conventional thinking and are thus open to other, more sophisticated, interpretations. And the ‘experts’ can exploit such eagerness and make the elites believe in just about anything.

Robert Weissberg: "Will Exhibiting Art by Black Artists End Rioting and Looting?"

Maybe the purpose isn’t to end the rioting and looting but to justify(and romanticize) them.

There’s an element of the battered-wife syndrome and (homo) rough trade in the abuse that whites take from blacks(and Jews of course).

In the battered-wife syndrome, the woman is either so dependent on or so besotted with her man that she keeps making excuses for the ongoing abuse. Oh, it must have been something she did. Oh, he didn’t really mean it and just flies off the handle sometimes. Moreover, she may feel it’s her duty to stand by her man, therefore guilty about any thought of abandoning or turning against him. And it could be that the guy isn’t always abusive but sometimes fun and endearing. It’s like Connie loves Carlo despite all his infidelities and brutality towards her in THE GODFATHER. More disturbingly, even as the wife fears the violence, a part of her may be turned on by the rages of the 'Real Man' who puts his ‘bitch’ in her place. Furthermore, it could be she is so dependent on him that she can’t conceive of a life without him. Of course, the dependency factor is more instrumental in white attitude towards Jews than blacks. Whites are so dependent on Jewish Money that they, especially the politicians, cannot conceive of any prospect without Jewish favors, approval, and backing. In D.C., Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, and etc., Jewish Money is the only game in town.

The wussified white race exhibits signs similar to the battered-wife syndrome. It always makes excuses for blacks. And just like the abusive husband/boyfriend can be charming at times, blacks can be fun and entertaining as pop stars and athletes. (After blacks loot and rob, whites always come around to rooting for blacks in the Rose Bowl and the Super Bowl. Blacks can act the thug, but whites will always return to swooning about them as gods, idols, and heroes.) Also, 'white guilt' means abandoning blacks is nearly inconceivable to the white psyche. (If anything, as if US and EU aren’t plagued enough by too-many-blacks, they are welcoming millions more from Africa and the Caribbean.) White Guilt has instilled whites with the sense that, whatever they achieve and how much money they make, their ULTIMATE meaning in life derives from serving the black race materially because only the black race(along with Jews) can spiritually redeem whites from ‘racism’. Whites saying NO to blacks is akin to Peter denying Jesus three times. Also, whites feel a sense of thrill and excitement in black thuggery and criminality. While most races are like lame farmers, blacks are still like hunters. Just like farm boys looked up to cowboys on horseback, law-abiding whites admire the black outlaw who be ‘badass’. Blacks are like the new Jesse James and Billy the Kid.

There are also similarities between how whites regard black violence and how homos used to feel about Rough Trade. On the one hand, homos wanted to meet up with other homos and have fun. However, especially in the past, homos felt a degree of self-loathing because society deemed homosexuality as either a sin or sickness or both. So, even as a part of them wanted to revel in homo behavior, another part of them wanted to be punished. It’s like the homo business man in MIDNIGHT COWBOY says, “I deserve it” when Joe Buck beats him up for money. Also, the more effeminate homos want to be dominated by tougher homos. White Race has been reduced to the homo businessman in MIDNIGHT COWBOY. Blacks kick white butt, and all whites can do is whimper, “I deserve it.”

Because blacks are tougher and more aggressive, the white race feels either wussified or homo-ized in relation to them. Then, it’s hardly a surprise that whites exhibit signs of battered-wife syndrome and rough trade masochism. Especially because Jews control media/academia and have long instilled whites with pathological guilt feelings about blacks, one side of the white psyche feels deserving of punishment at the hands(and fists) of ‘rightfully’ angry blacks, but another side of whiteness finds masochistic thrill in being pushed around by the alpha race, or the ‘real man’ race because of black domination in sports and pop music. Also, Jews push jungle fever to the max. Why do Jews show images of black men and white women in TV shows, movies, and commercials? Jews are saying Black Men are the REAL MEN, so white women should welcome ACOWW or Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs while white men might as well accept their lot as wussified cuck-dorks and maybe become trannies and compete in women’s sports(because they can’t win against black athletes).



  1. I disagree with your ideas about black idolatry. It has nothing whatsoever to do with blacks per's strictly the result of the jewish media lying about blacks and marketing blacks as gods. Prior to the onslaught of jewish programming, whites had a much better understanding of blacks and the danger that blacks pose. If today's whites had an accurate understanding of blacks, there is no way that whites would admire them.
    But your point about jews attacking white pride is completely accurate; jews have disarmed whites by convincing whites that they are evil, and because of this evil whites must give tribute to jews and non-whites.
    It's fucking stupid.

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