Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Dirty Canard of Conflating Blood-and-Soil with Nazism

One of the biggest canards in the current discourse(approaching hysteria, or hyscourse) is that Blood and Soil is about Nazism.

If Nazism was really about Blood and Soil, there wouldn't have been WWII. Germans would have been proud and content to be German in their own beloved nation-state. And there would have been peace with other nations. The very notion of Blood and Soil didn't begin with Nazis. It goes back to the 19th century when Modern Germany was coming into being under the leadership of Bismarck. And blood-and-soil was a sound formula for creating a nation. The idea was that Modern Germany should incorporate territories populated by German peoples. It meant Germany should lay claim to German territories, no more and no less. Granted, it didn't work out perfectly as some Germans remained in non-German lands and Germany had some non-Germans, but the core vision was valid on moral, political, and pragmatic grounds. It was nationalist, not imperialist. Blood and Soil meant Germans of shared blood should unite German territories. It didn't make claims on Spain, Italy, Balkans, Greece, Russia, and etc.

If anything, the troubles that set off WWI, the Great War, began in Austro-Hungarian Empire that dismissed the blood-and-soil guidelines. In the end, the troublesome Diversity made it more like bloods-and-the-crips.
As Austro-Germans ruled over different peoples, there was a lot of resentment and hostility(that went both ways). It was hardly surprising that Hitler was the product of Austria than Prussia.

Blood-and-Soil is a great idea. When practiced by the Japanese, there was peace with Asian neighbors. But as a new imperialist power, Japan invaded China. In other words, Japanese imperialists violated the principle of blood-and-soil by invading and colonizing other nations. Chinese anger boiled over, and Asia blew up. And what were the Chinese fighting for? Why did the KMT and CCP, though bitter political foes, come together? Because despite their ideological differences, they were united in the blood-and-soil patriotism of China for Chinese.
And the great postwar anti-imperialist struggles were all about blood-and-soil. Kenyans and Indians told the British to go home. Algerians and Vietnamese told the French to do likewise. Indonesians told the Dutch to get lost. Granted, some of these new nations were the inorganic geographic creations of European imperialism beset with problems of diversity, but they all wanted the European imperialists to go home. And both the US and USSR, as supporters of national liberation and anti-imperialism, appealed to the Third World. Indeed, the US accused the USSR of crushing the nationalist dreams of Hungarians. And the USSR accused the US of imperialism against the Vietnamese patriots.

So, the universal consensus was that the Third World peoples have a right to organize their own nations on the basis of blood-and-soil. And as the European imperialists returned home, they were also back into the blood-and-soil mode. And this was great template for world stability and peace.

The idea of fatherland and folk is nationalist. Even though Nazis invoked those concepts, Germany was not not destroyed by them nor were other nations invaded & destroyed in their name. Those concepts were not the basis for the wars, invasions, and genocide.
When Hitler was taking back Rhineland, it only seemed right. It was Germans reclaiming a part of Germany. When Austro-Germans wanted to unite with Germany, it was Germans unifying with ethnic Germans, and the vast majority of Austrians supported it. When Germans gained control of German-heavy Sudetenland, the world could see justice in that. The problem began when Hitler got crazy with ambitions beyond the fatherland and was no longer content with being fuhrer of his folk. He wanted the fatherland to rape the motherlands of other nations. And his empire would rule over other folks who were not German and had their own identities and heritages.

The association of WWII with nationalism and blood-and-soil is a canard that must end. If anything, Nazis were defeated by the true nationalism of other nations. All resistances to Nazism were essentially nationalist. Czechs wanted to be free again. Poles hated German rule. Russians feared being wiped out and losing motherland forever. This was a time when even the left was fiercely nationalist.

In Poland, the resistance was mostly right-wing because the rightist government refused to collaborate with Germans. Germany invaded Poland, and then leftist Soviets invaded too. So, the Polish Right became the main patriotic fighters. But in other nations, the right-wing regimes collaborated with Germany, and so, the resistance was bound to come from the Left. But even this Left that gained power after WWII was essentially nationalist, especially after suspected Internationalist-Zionists were purged in the late 40s and 50s.

This attack on blood-and-soil is ironic because the detractors, mainly Jewish, are totally for blood and soil in Israel. Zionism is about blood-and-soil. To emigrate to Israel, one has to be of Jewish blood. And Israel has pro-Jewish natal policies. And Jews wanted to reclaim that piece of territory because it's holy to them on grounds of history and religion.

So, why do Jews, who zealously support blood-and-soil in Israel, oppose it so rabidly and virulently when it comes to gentile nations? Consider the sheer hatred and hostility directed at Poland and Hungary for their simple insistence that Poland belongs to Poles and Hungary belongs to Hungarians. Now, who, in his right mind, thinks that such blood-and-soil sentiments are going to lead to WWIII and massive genocides? I mean seriously.
 It was imperialism and universalism that led to wars and conquests. Imperialists wanted to rule over other peoples to exploit resources and expand their own power. Universalists like communists wanted to spread the radical fire all over the world. Soviet Union was an empire based on a universal idea. Who grieves its passing from history?
The breakup of the Soviet Empire was all about blood-and-soil. Non-Russians got weary of living under the Great Russian yoke. And didn't the US praise the fall of the Soviet empire and the rise of new national republics?

So, why this hostility to blood-and-soil when Jews love it for Israel. Not only do they support it themselves but demand that all goyim in US, EU, Canada, and Australia also support the Right of Israel to survive as a Jewish State.

Of course, we know why. It's not because Jews fear another Shoah or WWIII. It's because they are now the great imperialist power in the world via networks of finance, media, academia, entertainment, and deep state and their control of US as superpower. So, even as Jews love blood-and-soil for Israel, they see such as a barrier and obstacle for Jewish-globalist penetration and takeover in other nations. Deep in their hearts, Jews feel that they, as the smarter and prouder people, should have elite control of other nations, especially in the White World.

WWII turned uglier and uglier because of Hitler's imperialist and ultimately genocidal Lebensraum idea. German ambition to rule over non-Germans set Europe on fire and led to the massive conflagration.
Today, if any power is acting Nazi-like, it's Jewish globalism. Why can't Jews see this? Are they so morally full of themselves as Eternal Victims of the Holocaust that they've become blind to their own evil? Are they so power-hungry that they've become nihilistic and amoral?

Let's look at recent history. Was blood-and-soil the basis of the terrible economic Rape of Russia in the 90s? Was blood-and-soil the basis of wars in Iraq, Libya, and Syria? (As I recall, 'no blood for oil' was closer to the truth.)

No, if those nations had maintained their sovereignty, the ensuing tragedies could have been avoided. It was globalist imperialism, disproportionately controlled by Jewish elements, that led to one disaster after another. Disasters that destroyed millions of lives.

Now, it's somewhat understandable why Jews want America to be a world power than a mere nation. The Jewish Narrative says Jews were helpless under the Nazis because the world wouldn't do anything to defeat the evil Nazis. So, 'isolationist' America First meant Americans minding their own business while the Nazi empire expanded over Europe and hunted down Jews. (But then, Jews never insisted that the US must do something to save Ukrainians from Stalin or Armenians from the Turks. And I can't imagine Jewish parents sacrificing their sons to fight in wars to save OTHER peoples. Indeed, isn't it telling that so many American Jews would rather serve in the IDF than in the US military? If they must kill or die, it's for Israel.) So, the Nazi Empire could only be defeated by other empires. If US remained in nationalist mode, it might not meddle in world affairs and do something about the evil Nazis. Only in empire-mode would the US act as a hegemon and take on other empires, such as that of Nazi Germany. And indeed, it was the rise of US as a military-industrial empire that allied with the USSR to defeat Nazi Germany.
But Jews are overlooking one crucial point. Germany became dangerous not because of its blood-and-soil or fatherland/folk mentality. It was the shift to imperialist mode that turned Germany from a nation to an empire. So, even if it's true that Imperial US defeated Nazi Germany, it was not a war on German nationalism but on German imperialism. In other words, if Germans had remained in nationalist mode, there never would have been a need for the the clash of empires to set things straight. Furthermore, the US had to revive German nationalism to some degree in the postwar era to push back against Soviet imperial power.
Also, what got Americans into the war? It was nationalist passion, not imperial ambition. Americans got riled up with patriotic fervor only when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
After the war, if not for the Cold War, most Americans would have preferred return to nationalist America where 'business of America is business'. It was the Cold War that transformed the US into an Empire, so much so that even after the Cold War, the US kept cooking up new rationales to keep Empire Inc. going. And what has this led to? Disasters in Korea and Vietnam. Bad blood with Iran and Central America. Big headaches in Latin America. And total disaster in the Middle East. A crazy 'new cold war' with Russia that would make no sense but for the egotism of a certain ethnic group and gluttony of the War State.
Sometimes, "you are what you defeat".
The great irony is the America that moved into empire mode to defeat the Three Evil Empires of Japanese Militarism, Nazism, and Soviet Communism ended up becoming intoxicated with its own power. And especially when Jews became the new ruling elites and couldn't resist riding the Iron Horse of America to run roughshod over the world, America in the 21st century became, sad to say, an Evil Nation, or worse, an Evil Empire. When the Cold War ended under the tutelage of two great men, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, it could have been the dawning of a great era. But America, which had reluctantly moved into imperial mode to defeat or contain the Evil Empires, gloated in its triumph and began to see the entire world as its backyard. It went from seeing empire as a necessary evil to an essential feature of Americanism. America became what it defeated. And people like John Kerry and Hillary? Counterculture became The Man.

Anyway, while we can understand why Jews see the American Empire as the essential savior of Jews from both Nazis and ultimately the Soviets(who turned against Zionism) -- a more complicated matter because so many Jews had been initially pro-Soviet and against the Anglo-Right-wing 'paranoia' that set off the Cold War against the USSR, the great power that defeated the Nazis, until they realized that mediocritist communism doesn't do much for Jews -- , it's foolish to analyze the present and future based on past realities. Jews no longer need America to save Jews from horrors around the world. Despite Neocon scare-mongering, the world is not full of 'new hitlers' and 'new stalins', and even if such exist, Jews are not in their harm's way.

Jews are now addicted to America-as-empire to gain dominance over other peoples. And if so many gentiles, especially Muslims, get mangled and slaughtered due to American aggression, Jews don't care. And if many Russians are harmed by sanctions, again, no concern among Jews. 'Save Soviet Jews' was somewhat understandable due to blatant discrimination against Jews and also because there wasn't much freedom for anyone in the communist system. But Jews have it so nice in the Current Russia where Putin goes out of his way to ensure the well-being of the Jewish community. So, why is there more hostility against Russia today than in the past? Because Jews are no longer worried about survival. They are addicted to power like crack or cocaine. They want the American Empire not as a stretcher to save Jews but as a hammer to threaten or crush any nation or people standing in the way of Jewish hegemony.

Trumpism, if not so much Trump(who keeps shape-shifting), is about America as a nation than empire. Considering that both Germany and Japan become most dangerous as empires than as nations, it would seem that the lesson of WWII is that a nation should take care of itself, mind its own business, and meddle less in other nations.

Also, if it's wrong to invade and colonize other nations, it's worse to allow the invasion of one's own nation. This massive immigration-invasion wasn't wanted by the American people. It was imposed from above as decree. When people rejected the invasion by votes, the elites used the power of courts run by whores of globalism and commissars of PC.
SOME non-white immigrants add to the color of a nation. But TOO MANY is a full-blown invasion. It's like SOME Jewish settlers in Palestine made the place more interesting. But TOO MANY Jews turned Palestinians into People 1.0 to be replaced by People 2.0. If it was tragic for Palestine, why wouldn't it be for Europe and America? And I don't want to hear this stuff about America being different because it was founded as a proposition. If so, why are the globalists pushing the SAME PLAN on Europe and even Japan? But not on Israel?

The lesson of WWII is that Germans failed morally & politically and committed great horrors because they betrayed the ideal of blood-and-soil, of fatherland and folk. They should have minded their own business in their own blood-and-soil nation. Instead, they stole the soils of other people and bloodied them all over.

Gee, I wonder which nation acts like that today? Poland? Hungary? Iran? Which nation could that be? And who are the ruling elites of that nation?

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