Friday, July 24, 2020

It's Not Enough to Blame Anarcho-Tyranny for the Current Mess — Name the Power Wizard behind Anarcho-Tyranny, and It is AnarKOSHER-Tyranny

Anarcho-Tyranny? Okay, but controlled by WHOM?

After all, anarcho-tyranny doesn’t mean total breakdown of order but selective use of ‘anarchy’ by the tyranny that directs the wild energies.

Take the Cultural Revolution in China. At first look, it may have looked like total mayhem and anarchy, but there was a guiding iron hand behind it: Mao Zedong and the Gang of Four. The Red Guards attacked Old Culture and ‘capitalist roaders’ targeted by Mao. They didn’t attack Mao and the Gang of Four.

So, it’s not enough to say ‘anarcho-tyranny’. One must ask, WHAT is the tyrannical force that is directing the ‘anarchy’? To whom/what are US ‘leaders’ of both parties beholden to?

How come there is so much moral outrage over Fentanyl Floyd and a handful of black thugs killed by police every year but total silence about the countless dead Arabs, Muslims, and etc. slaughtered by US military men who are hailed as ‘heroes’ by both parties? US police are boy scouts compared to the US military, the Murder Inc. around the world — not because US soldiers are evil by nature but because their violence is orchestrated by vile and venal globalist elites.

Notice there are no murals about PALESTINIAN LIVES MATTER. There is no outrage about how blacks rob, rape, assault, and murder, often white victims.
Instead, there's the Antifa allowed to run riot to beat up patriots like Michelle Malkin, and there's BLM to keep whites paralyzed with fear & ‘guilt’ and thus subservient to the Other(that holds the power).

So, what is this power? Unless Malkin and others are willing to loudly name and blame Jewish Power, this madness will never abate. Just calling out ‘anarcho-tyranny’ is like calling out WAR during World War II without naming Germans and Japanese as the main instigators.

What we’re witnessing is Jewish-supremacist-orchestrated anarcho-tyranny. It’s better labeled Zionarcho-Tyranny or Anarkosher-Tyranny. Jewish Power uses PC education and Pop Culture to spread anti-white hatred. This way, the ire of Diversity is directed against whites than on Jewish Power, and furthermore, many whites become burdened with ‘guilt’ and feel that the ONLY way whites can be righteous is by hunting down imaginary ‘nazis’ and screaming ‘racism’ 24/7. Jewish-controlled media are certainly spreading anti-white propaganda more murderous than anti-Jewish propaganda spread by National Socialists in the 1930s. Jews are trying not only to instill guilt among whites but to strike fear into their hearts. Jews are telling whites, "We've spread anti-white hatred so much among blacks, non-whites, and brainwashed self-loathing whites that you white goyim better obey us... or we will unleash violence against you and your children."

Also, don’t be ashamed of hate speech. Hate can be liberating. A slave must hate his master to seek freedom. A slave who only speaks love for his master will remain a slave. It is when he feels and speaks hatred about the master that he begins the path to freedom. When Jewish masters say that whites-as-cucks must only speak loving words to Jews-as-their-masters, it's a formula for white enslavement. White Liberation from the shekel-shackle begins with defiant hate speech against the Jewish Master Class. Did Poles love the Nazi invaders? Did Hungarians love the Soviet occupiers? Did Algerians and Vietnamese love the French colonizers? Did socialists love the exploitative capitalist oligarchs? No, they felt hatred, and it was hate that was liberating and led to resolve & action. White Liberation requires white hatred for Jewish supremacism. Just like Jews have a right to feel hatred about anti-Jewish oppressors, whites have every right to hate Zionarcho-Tyranny or AnarKosher Tyranny.
Now, Jewish Supremacists will say whites are not oppressed but the oppressors. Historically, a case can be made for this, but history is never static. It’s like the Romans, once conquerors over the Germanic tribes, became conquered by them. It’s like Mongols were once rulers over Russians, but later the Soviets dominated Mongolia. Muslims conquered large swaths of Europe and were once the oppressors but later they were conquered and oppressed by the Technological West. Latin Americans feel oppressed by Gringos, but Latin American societies are about the oppression of browns by mestizos and oppression of mestizos by blancos, generally speaking. Jews are now in the supremacist master race position over goyim. As they are such terrible masters and elites, they must be hated if whites and goyim are to find liberation. Palestinians sure hate Zionist oppressors, and why shouldn’t they? For the oppressed, hate speech is the most potent kind of free speech. It speaks truth to power. Moses sure spoke a lot of anti-Egyptian hatred in TEN COMMANDMENTS when he said, “Let my people go.” We need white moseses filled with righteous and liberating hatred.

Oppression is relative. Those who oppress can also be oppressed. French oppressed the Vietnamese who historically oppressed the Cambodians. During the Nazi Occupation, the French oppressors were oppressed by the Germans. Europeans oppressed the Manchu ruling class that was oppressing the Chinese. It’s like a bully can be bullied by a bigger bully.
So, while it’s true that whites are in a oppressive position vis-a-vis certain peoples, they are also in the oppressed situation vis-a-vis Jewish Supremacists. It’s like Asian Indians had an oppressive caste system but were oppressed by the British. Oppressors can also be oppressed.
So, whites need to stop oppressing whomever they are oppressing but also end the oppression over them by Jewish supremacists. As long as there is no white liberation, whites will be stained with oppression over others at the behest of Jewish supremacists. It’s because whites are such pathetic cucks to Jews that they serve as Janissary oppressors over Arabs and Palestinians who are seen by Jews as less-than-human. Jewish Supremacists oppress whites into oppressing Palestinians who never did any harm to whites.

Mentioning Anarcho-Tyranny without mentioning Jewish Power is like mentioning Brown Shirts without mentioning Hitler & Nazis or like mentioning the Janissary without mentioning the Ottoman power behind it. Or, it’s like mentioning the Sikhs without mentioning British Imperialists who employed them as the warrior wing.
Michael Tracy should have said, "I will say Black Lives Matter IF you say Palestinian Lives Matter and End Zionist Genocide of Palestinians."
We must name the source of the 'anarcho' violence. Jewish capitalists fund and direct ‘Marxist’ goons to attack white patriots who dare to gather. At Charlottesville, white nationalists did NOTHING WRONG but were shut down and exposed to violent mobs of Antifa goons and black thugs who had the protection of the police. Following Fentanyl Floyd’s death, Antifa and BLM mobs have been on the rampage but with total support of Deep State Power and with hardly any condemnation from Republicans who are ALL pathetic puppets of Jewish Donor Class. Antifa scum gets away with lots of crap because they are protected by the Power just like Jewish 'settlers' are in West Bank. The 'settlers' can terrorize Palestinians, but if Palestinians touch one hair on the Jewish Settlers, the IDF comes after the Palestinians, and Israeli courts almost always favor the Jews. Jews perfected lawfare over Palestinians.

In a way, white Americans are now reaping what they sowed when they allowed Jews to get away with murder in the creation of Israel. Most Americans didn’t think much of it, but it sent a message to Jews and whites that Jews are above the law… because of whatever, such as ‘muh holocaust’. By aiding and abetting the total destruction of the innocent Palestinians, white leaders/people set the template that (1) Jews get whatever they demand (2) Jewish lives are more precious than non-Jewish lives (3) Jews live by a different set of standards (4) Jews can do ANYTHING to goyim.

Of course, whites didn’t realize the full boomerang implication of this because it was Jewish terror directed against Arabs. But once Jews were emboldened with such attitude and power, they could then eventually direct it against OTHER peoples as well. And whites couldn’t say NO because they’d agreed to the New Template that said Jews are holy and above human standards and must be treated like gods.

So, here we are today. There is now the insane phenomenon of White Nakba. Jews encourage blacks, Diversity mobs, and white Janissary or Antifanissary to attack any sign of white identity, patriotism, or resistance. Any notion of white territory, white race, white history, white pride, white heritage, white unity, and etc. must be expunged. Whites must open their nations to Diversity, obey Jews, worship blacks, and celebrate homos. White lands are no longer white lands. White wombs are no longer for white seeds. White history for others to pilfer and appropriate. Whites must not 'steal' from other cultures, but non-whites have the 'human right' to take all they can from whites.

When Jews made demands about Palestine back in the 1940s, American Power should have been firm and sent a strong message to Jews that their identity and interests will not be favored over others, especially the Palestinians who never did any harm to the US or the West. In other words, while Jews shall be treated fairly, they shall not be favored over others just because Jews demand it be so. Jews will abide by the same principles governing all nations and peoples.
But whites relented under Jewish Pressure, and the perverse covenant between Jews-as-god and whites-as-cucks became “Jews demand, whites serve.” It began with whites helping Jews destroy Arabs and Muslims, but now, the Jewish agenda of White Nakba targets the entire West. But how can whites say no when the terms of relation with Jews is “Jews are holy, and all their demands must be served.” (Of course, Jews maintain their supremacism by BIG stick and BIG carrots. If you go against Jews, you will be totally crushed and destroyed. But if you cuck to Jews like Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham, you shall be rewarded most handsomely. The choice is between starvation and feast, and most white elites go for the grand buffet. If the choice were between little stick and BIG carrots, more whites will be less fearful and defy Jews. Or if the choice were between BIG stick and little carrots, more whites might choose not to cuck because the reward isn't worth it. But when it's heaven if you cuck but hell if you don't, most white elites go for 'heaven'.)

In a way, things will be worse for whites than for Palestinians. At least, Palestinians never bought into the Zionist lie and knew they were going to lose everything under Jewish Power. Even in physical defeat, Palestinians still retained soulful pride as an identity. Jews failed to make Palestinian hate Palestinian-ness. In contrast, Jews are not only destroying whites physically but making whites feel disgusted over their own whiteness. We have ‘conservative’ Rich Lowry cucking to Jewish Power and cheering the destruction of Confederate heroes.

Well, at least there is a kind of poetic justice to this. Whites cheered on Jewish Terror and jeered at Palestinian plight. They cackled with hideous glee at the Palestinian tragedy while sucking up to Zionist gangsters. Well, how does it feel that the same is being done to whites? It’s like the refrain in the Bob Dylan song, "Like a Rolling Stone".

How does it feel?
How does it feel?
To be on your own
With no direction home
A complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?

By the way, why back the blue? Police in the US are like police everywhere. Mere attack dogs of the Power. Under Hitler, German police did the bidding of Nazis. Then, under Soviet domination, the very people who’d served the Nazis served the commies.

US political process is about white cucks taking orders from Jewish supremacists. So, if cops are ordered to stand down and let Antifa thugs(the Janissary of Jews) attack white patriots like Michelle Malkin, cops aren’t going to do anything about it. Malkin the Filipino is hopelessly romantic about White America. White America is now, from top to bottom, totally enslaved by Jewish Power and enthralled with mindless Negro Worship.
So, it's no surprise that Michelle Malkin and Gang got Charlottesvilled in Denver, and the police did nothing to protect them, and if anything, was complicit in the violence. US police and US laws are now totally controlled by Jewish supremacists. Just like US military goes and murders Arabs and Muslims left and right because it's all about following orders, the US police is no different. If the Power orders the police to stand down and let the mob attack patriots, the police won't do anything. Malkin must drop her faith in White America and the police, the dogs of the Power.
Finally, Anarcho-Tyranny need not be anti-white. If white supremacists controlled the US, they could use anarcho-tyranny against the Left. What was Kristallnacht but German supremacist anarcho-tyranny against Jews in Germany? Right-wing regimes in Central America allowed ‘death squads’ to carry out anarcho-tyranny on the indigenous populations. Rape, rob, and terrorize them into submission. In China, Mao used anarcho-tyranny to attack his rivals, the ‘capitalist roaders’. In South Vietnam, mercenary troops served as anarcho-tyrannists over villages suspected of harboring Viet Cong guerrillas. In Ancient Greece, Spartan youths routinely went on rampages to terrorize and frighten the helot population to keep them in line. So, anarcho-tyranny is a tool, not a particular ideology. As Shane said, a gun is only as good as the man using it. If someone is beaten with a hammer, you don’t blame the hammer but the man who used the hammer. Anarcho-Tyranny in the US is the hammer of Jewish capitalists.

So, it’s not enough to say ‘anarcho-tyranny’. It’s too fuzzy and vague. We need 20/20 vision and must see with clarity who/what is pulling the strings of anarcho-tyranny in the US and West, and it is Jewish Power that provides protection and lawfare for Antifa. It’s AnarKosher-Tyranny.
Notice how these 'leftist' types have no sense of honor. They use violence and terror against the 'system' but cry like a baby the moment they get hurt and even lie about it. A real man fights and licks his wounds. These 'leftists' use ugly violence but play 'innocent victim' the instant they get hurt. And contrary to fighting the 'system', they are enabled by the Deep State as part of coup attempt Trump. But don't expect dummies to realize they are tools.
As for faux-communist larpers like Antifa, they’re just grungy spoiled brats without elite prospects getting some thrills as 'radicals' because they can’t make it as studs and athletes. And they are funded and protected by Jewish capitalists who use them as Janissary against white patriots. German conservatives used anti-communist Nazis against Jewish Power, and Jewish Power uses ‘anti-fascist’ communists against the prospect of White Power. This has led to the odd phenomenon of capitalists supporting communists against fascism. It’s odd because fascism was willing to work with capitalism whereas communism sought to destroy it. But for Jewish Minority Power, white ‘communists’ are more reliably anti-white than white fascists, and, furthermore, Jewish Power altered the terms of Leftism into being more about globo-homo and idolatry of certain groups(blacks, Jews, and homos) than about class struggle and hate-the-rich. So, even if Antifa may be anti-rich, their primary animus against 'nazis' means that Jewish capitalists can goad them into attacking 'white supremacists'(even fantastical ones, as so many Antifa morons are on drugs) than ever getting around to attacking capitalists. In Israel, Jewish capitalists side with Jewish fascists because fascism in the Zionist context is pro-Jewish. But as fascism in white nations tend to be pro-white and even anti-Jewish, Jewish capitalist must form a symbiotic alliance with the 'communists'.

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