Monday, April 30, 2018

Reponse to "Black Saints, White Demons: The Martyr-Cult of Stephen Lawrence" by Tobias Langdon

Would there be such fuss if it were a dead Muslim or Hindu?

Negrolatry(or Negro Idolatry) has power because of combination of white cuckery and white guilt. White guilt alone doesn’t go very far. Spanish killed tons of natives in South America, but most people don’t care because the short brown indigenos are seen as lame.

It’s because Anglos are so taken with black music, black jive, black rhythm, black booty, black dong, black muscle, black sports, and etc. that they go for Negrolatry. In other words, it would exist even without white guilt about blacks though, to be sure, the ‘white guilt’ element gives it a certain glow.
Suppose there never was slave trade or imperialism. Suppose some blacks came to the UK and made funky music, won in sports, acted wild and fun, shook their booties, and swung their dongs. In a libertine hedonistic society, they’d get much attention bordering on mammonic love.

The Brits look back on their history and see repression, rigidity, inhibition, coldness, and etc.
So, Brit history is seen as ice, fog, and overcast skies. But the Negro comes along with the heat, friction, and warmth. It’s like the sun finally broke through, and there is heat generated within the body with all that grinding, bumping, and humping. It was the great liberation from frigidity of cold damp Britain. It’s like how the nuns in LILIES OF THE FIELD turn into Lilies of the Field Negro.

So, why does this Negro kid matter so much? Because of the Negro-as-metaphor of warmth, soulfulness, heat, and radiance brought to Brits. Modern Britain may have been saved militarily by Winston Churchill, but the Narrative is it was finally liberated from its own shackles by the Magic Negro. The subconscious narrative goes… If Anglos ended the slave trade and freed blacks from physical bondage, the Negro soul and rhythm liberated Anglos from the chains of repression, manners, and politesse. And this is why the Beatles and Stones were so significant. Britain, though highly accomplished in literature, had lagged in musical achievements compared to Italians, Germans, French, Russians, etc. Brits were too orderly and ‘bourgeois’ to have the passion.

But in pop music inspired by black music, the Brits once exploded all over and dominated the world for a couple of decades. So, in the British Mind, the Negro is holy. Negro is the booty-and-dong-messiah that thawed the white body from repression and made it boogie woogie like a Negro. And one must say it is true enough that black influence did wonders for Brit pop music. Consider Bee Gees ‘stayin alive’, a great song. And Clash and Sting took a lot from reggae.

So, to better understand Negrolatry, one has to look to Pop Culture and Sex.

Because of the role of the Negro in modern British cultural imagination, black are now seen as the natural royalty. Afro-royalty or Afroyalty is becoming the new trope in not only UK but in EU. Listen to Macron speak of Eurafrica. It will lead to the Othelloing of Europe without even an Iago to mess things up. If anything, the neo-Iago is there to help the Negro go around yelling ‘where da white women at?’

For most people, culture is about fun, thrills, and excitement. They love blockbuster movies, dumb TV shows, music videos. rap music, pornification of mainstream culture, pulp fiction, trash comedy, (look at the success of Stephen King novels and 50 SHADES OF GREY), etc.

So, for most people, blacks are the natural royalty because black women shake their booties so lasciviously. And there is the song-and-dong factor with black men. They sing rap about ‘muh dic*’, and most women think about sex than ideas at most times.

Chelsea Handler is a Jewish comedienne. She may be higher IQ and grew up with privilege, but she’s a song-and-dong girl.

Anglo-Saxons are turning into Junglo-Saxons because of these factors.
It could well be that Jewish power will be destroyed by black dongs. If Chelsea Handler is sign of future Jewishness pooterin passion, it will be junglowizc fever. It’s no wonder so many Jewish guys feel dejected and go with Asian girls. But that will lead to Jewish dissipation because of yellow mellow factor. Jewish power grew from high IQ, tribalism, and chutzpah. But if future Jewish kids are yellow-mellowed, they will be obedient than pushy. Look at Sean Lennon. John Lennon had a kid with Yoko, and the result is some dork-ass kibbler. (Incidentally, Cynthia Lennon, who was dumped by John, went off with a Negro).

Most people prefer to watch TV, movies, and listen to pop music than do heady stuff involving intelligence and ideas. More women talk about inches on puds than calculus of the universe just like most men are more interested in boob measurements than latest physics formulas about black holes.

This is why there is a real chance of the world turning black. Blacks got all of Sub-Saharan Africa. They will take over Brazil which is already 60% black. They are the majority of Cuba. Blacks are the main idols of US and UK and France. Canada worships Negroes. Jungle Fever is promoted all over EU. Japan promotes half-black kids of black fathers. They will take over sports and will become the ‘national heroes’ as athletes are the biggest heroes of any nation. Then, Japanese will cheer for black heroes, and more Africans will come and have kids with Japanese women, and Japanese women will be cuck-roaches. Few yrs back, Miss Japan was black child of a black father, and she attacked Japan of being ‘racist’ and called for open borders. She is now the new voice of Japanese national conscience.

In France, tons of black babies are being born, and lots from white wombs. And Macron the cuck is calling for 200 million blacks in EU to colonize white wombs.

Now, this could be stopped with race-ism. It’s obvious that nothing more destructive of civilization than black DNA. Too Many Blacks always means social breakdown: Africa, Brazil, Detroit, Baltimore, parts of London, parts of Paris, and etc.
But, all this Afroyalty mindset has white folks worshiping blacks like the animals worship the lions as natural royalty in THE LION BLING.
Also, white guilt about blacks have become so sacralized that it’s gone universal. So, not only must the West open up to more and more Negroes but Japan too is attacked as ‘racist’ if it has doubts about the blessing of having too many Negroes.

Homos and Negroes. There is a universalist cult around those two groups. All societies are expected to ‘welcome’, ‘include’, and celebrate them as special. And of course, the two groups have bee promoted mostly by Jews who seek to weaken and break down gentile(especially white and Christian) pride and defenses against globalism.

The Western elites like reggae, and ‘white trash’ are into rap.

In a poll, elites chose reggae as their favorite music.
They like chillbilly calypso music for some reason.

John Boehner’s daughter married a reggae guy. Song and dong factor.

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