Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A Message to Patriotic White Men in the US Military: Is Current America worth Killing and Dying for in the Service of Israel and Empire of Judea?

Iraq War happened in 2003, and back then, the US was still recognizably a normal country. In retrospect, it should be obvious to any sane, moral, and responsible person that it was a criminal enterprise cooked up by Zionist-supremacists, Deep State, and the Military-Industrial Complex. In truth, the people most responsible for 9/11 were the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and their proxy terrorists. The US and its allies had built up terrorist Jihadis in the hope of using them against secular Arab nations, Iran, and Russia, but there was blow-back, whereupon the terrorists turned their fury on the Metropole of the US itself. But then, it turns out that the Israeli Intelligence knew there was a plot among Muslim extremists and nudged & guided them to carry out 9/11 attacks. Zionist agents thought the attack would be good for Israel and the Jewish Empire. Using 9/11 as justification, the US(then led by George W. Bush and Neocon Zionists) decided to invade & occupy Afghanistan indefinitely and to cook up bogus excuses to invade & occupy Iraq. It was all a pile of manure, but many Americans bought the lie and supported the war. Majorities in both political parties gave Bush II a blank check to invade another nation on false pretext.

Still, we can understand why so many white/conservative Americans were then willing to fight for America. Not only did they feel that the US had been attacked by Muslim terrorist-extremists but that the US was a sane, sound, and normal nation that deserved defending. Turn back the clock to 2003, and there was no 'gay marriage'. There was no trannies reading books to children at libraries and kindergartens. No all-out Jewish Agenda to confiscate guns from White Americans. There was no revelation about Jeffrey Epstein. There was considerably less promotion of Jungle Fever and Cuckery. There were no explicit TV Shows calling for the culling and mass-murder of whites-as-Nazis as in recent shows like THE HUNT. Hollywood had yet to make movies like DJANGO UNCHAINED and GET OUT. Tattoos and piercings were, as yet, not so common. While the silently lethal opioid crisis had already begun, it had yet to claim over 100,000s of more lives. American churches were not desecrated and culturally vandalized with globo-homo 'gay' victory banners. Bakeries weren't destroyed for refusing to bake 'gay wedding' cakes. Businesses were not threatened with lawsuits, bankruptcy, or curtailment for not supporting the 'gay' agenda. Hate Hoaxes had yet to go totally out of control. Universities didn't yet have 'safe spaces' and explicitly shut down free speech. Big Tech had yet to show its true Zionist-supremacist face and use monopoly power to shut down white patriots and Palestinian Rights activists. Though there were plenty of skanks in pop music, twerking had yet to appear on the scene. And Miley Cyrus and worse were yet to arrive on the horizon as 'role models' for young white girls. There were no trannies in washrooms, and there were still only two 'genders' or sexes. There were movies like BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, but globo-homo had yet to saturate popular culture. And shameless Jewish moguls in sex culture and pornography had yet to make so explicit the New Ideal of Black Male and White Female to push ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. Also, Barack Obama, the product of ACOWW, had yet to become president as an interracist symbol celebrating white wombs being colonized by black seeds. TV shows still weren't as deranged as Lena Dunham's quasi-porn GIRLS. Not every other character in TV and movies was homo or black. Jewish Power hadn't as yet OPENLY declared demographic war against whites with hideous glee. The financial collapse of 2008 hadn't yet happened, what with Jewish Wall Street getting bailed out to the tune of $1 trillion plus. US had yet to declare new cold war with Russia on account of its saying NO to globo-homo 'gay pride' parades and 'gay marriage'. The US had yet to cook up more BS to destroy Libya(despite Gaddafi's peace overtures), pull off a coup in Ukraine, and use terrorists to rip Syria apart. BLM lunacy had yet to grip the US. And it would have been hard to imagine something like the Pussy Hat March in 2003. Back then, anti-war marches against Bush II were on point. And so on and so on.
Trends weren't looking good in 2003, but the US back then still looked like a normal nation with ties to the tradition and values. But consider all the things that happened since 2003. The implosion of Bush II's idiotic presidency(thus disgracing all of conservatism by association) and the degenerate acceleration of culture, values, and ideas in the Obama years. US is now a totally transformed nation, one in which the Vile Jewish Cat has come out of the bag to scratch out the eyes of White America. Current America is beyond sick.
Americans may denounce Iran as a theocracy, but the US is allied with a worse theocracy of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the US itself, far from being genuinely secular, liberal, and free, is really a new kind of theocracy or a neocracy. Or a Idolacracy, a nation that worships certain groups and figures as the new idols. US is a idolacracy where it’s mandatory to worship Jews & Shoah, Magic Negroes & MLK, and Globo-Homos. MLK cult is the religion of the US. We must worship MLK as a saint, perfect man, the true founding father, bigger than god and jesus rolled into one. If you question or deconstruct the promises of Diversity, you shall be hounded and un-personed. If you take moral action against globo-homo desecration of churches festooned with ‘gay victory’ banners, you will be tried and sentenced to 16 yrs in jail.
Even a mega-company like Chick Fil A is forbidden under Jewish/homo pressure from donating to Salvation Army and other Christian groups. Any politician who doesn’t agree that Israel is America’s greatest ally is targeted for the purge. So much for liberal democratic liberty and secular values. PC or wokeness, like Marxism-Leninism in communist nations, is merely the basis of a new set of sacrosanct symbols and catechisms. Iranian theocracy may be bad, but at least it doesn’t equate spirituality with celebration of twerking blacks, psychopathic Jewish supremacists, and shameless sodomites. At the 1992 GOP convention, Pat Buchanan called the US "God's Country". Given all the political, social, and cultural transformations whereby sodomy became the highest value among even so many so-called christians and Mormons, it's fair to say the New America is Satan's Country. Iran has called the US the 'Great Satan', and it proved prophetic. A country that worships idolatry and degeneracy will become just that. When Americans worshiped God, they believed in a power beyond anything of, by, and for Man with all his flaws. But once America came to worship identity groups(mainly Jews, blacks, & homos) and certain individuals(esp. Mandela, MLK, Oprah, Harvey Milk, Netanyahu, & Anne Frank) as the holiest of the holy, the ultimate power was invested in identity-politics and cult of personality. So, the new heresies are 'antisemitism'(or daring to question/criticize Jewish Power), 'racism'(noticing facts about blacks), and 'homophobia'(or the idea that you're mentally sick and morally decrepit if you don't see sodomy as a wonderful rainbow). Thus, certain groups and individuals are now bigger than God, the Truth, and the Cosmos. Everything revolves around the megalomania and egotism of Jews, blacks, and homos as the Holy Three. A people who worship such false gods are living in Satan's Country.
Given the current state of the US where Jews routinely smear and insult the white race and, furthermore, encourage anti-white hatred among blacks and other non-white groups, do white men in the US military really want to fight for Jewish globalist interests and Israel? By the way, what have Jews done to the Holy Land? They turned it into Sodom and Gomorrah. Some say Israel is the 'gayest country in the world'. If you think Sharia is bad, think of Gayria that spreads and enforces degeneracy as not only the New Normal but the New Sacred. Jewish Power even says a sentiment like "It's Okay to be White" is 'hate speech' and gets the FBI to look into the matter. Jews fund ADL and SPLC to spread libel and slander about white patriots and Christian groups. Anyone who doesn't totally toe the Jewish line is attacked as 'nazi', 'white supremacist', or whatever. Think of what Jewish Power did to Nick Sandman and the Covington Catholic kids. Consider how the Jew-run media suppress stories of black-on-white violence & crime and instead use Hollywood and TV to spread the false impression that innocent blacks are being hunted by evil cops.
Indeed, why should white cops go out on a limb to protect Jews from black criminals when Jews in media and entertainment always blame white police and idealize blacks as precious darlings(even when they are depicted as criminals)? It makes no sense for white cops to protect Jews from blacks, and it makes no sense for white soldiers to fight for Jewish interests when one of those interests happen to be War on Whites. Jews are hellbent on Afro-colonizing white wombs and Globo-colonizing white lands with Diversity. Even as Jews promote their identity and interests, they deny any such to whites on the grounds that anything with even a whiff of white consciousness is 'nazi'. Unless you're a dog, cuck, or Janissary moron, why would you serve such a people? Why would you kill or die for the mortal enemy of your race? It's bad enough that whites do nothing against Jews who are waging War on White. But it's truly atrocious that white men sign up for the military and do the fighting, killing, and dying for the aggrandizement of this most vicious Tribe. It's like working for a gangster thug who kills your father, rapes your mother, addicts your brother to drugs, and turns your sister & daughter into hookers.
White men need to wake up. Arabs, Muslims, and Iranians are far from perfect and have their failings, but they are NOT the enemy. They are not the ones who control the West and engineer White Nakba. Also, if Jews ally with Diversity against whites, whites should return the favor and side with elements of Diversity against Jews. But, pathetically enough, even as Jews use Diversity against whites, whites vow to protect Jews from Diversity. If someone comes at you with a knife, would you then try to protect him from that very knife? The fact is whites in the West and Iranians have one thing in common. Both groups are targeted for defeat and destruction by the Jews. Jews intended to carry out White Nakba and turn all white nations into non-white majority countries. Jews intend to desecrate Christianity and true morality among non-Jews with globo-homo filth and Afro-jive idolatry. Jews intend to demonize whites and scapegoat them for all the problems in the world, not least to distract people from the fact that Jews got the ultimate power. When Jews regard and abuse whites in such manner, should the attitude of whites be the cuckish dream of, "Gosh, gee, maybe if we do this favor for the Jews, they will finally love us and hug us." What kind of sappy shit is that? And if Jews call you an 'Anti-Semite', tell them that you're a Anti-Supremite because the Semites are now Supremites or supremacist Semites who seek world hegemony. Sure, Jews will deny it as conspiracy theory, but the cat is out of the bag. There is so much evidence of Jewish supremacist agenda and power. And Jewish arrogance sometimes blurts out that White Nakba is happening, Jews are behind it, and Jews are celebrating total victory over whites.
The current reality is truly incredible. Jews use media to make some of the most rabid and virulent movies and shows about whites. Some of these are near-genocidal, portraying MAGA-rians as subhuman filth that must be eradicated. In other words, White Patriots are the new Kulaks or KKKulaks. When both whites and Iranians are equally dehumanized by Jewish power, one would expect them to unite against Jews. But white morons in the US are sucking up to Jews in the hope that, gee whiz, maybe just maybe, if they root for Jews and against Iran just ONE MORE TIME, the Jews will finally be nice to whites. What dummies.

One key difference between Iranians and White Americans is this:

When Jews/Zionists dehumanize and undermine Iranians, Iranians defy the Jews and push back.
When Jews/Zionists dehumanize and undermine white, whites cuck even harder and serve the Jews.

When Jews belittle Iranians, Iranians stand up to Jews and vow to resist.
When Jews belittle whites, whites kneel before Jews and vow to serve.

Still, the end result is goyim vs goyim as the Jews wish.

This is why White Liberation is so essential and will save the world.
Iran doesn’t endanger the world because it says NO to Jewish supremacist power and hegemonic agenda. In contrast, whites endanger the world because they say YES-YES-YES to Jewish supremacist power and serve it most loyally like dogs. If whites were to look to Iran for inspiration and gain white liberation, independence, autonomy, and emancipation from Jewish Supremacist Power(JSP), then Jews wouldn’t be able to wage more wars(and more cold wars). Without the compliant white horse and saddle, the Jewish rider couldn’t go very far. The world would be a safer and better place. Indeed, this very reason is why Jews are so hellbent on vilifying Russia and Iran as two major nations that remain independent of JSP. What Jewish Supremacist Power fears most is that whites in the West might do what the Russians and Iranians have done. Gain true autonomy. After all, why should whites serve the Jews when the Jewish Agenda is the Great Replacement, Jungle Fever and Afro-Colonization of White Wombs, anti-white propaganda & scape-whiting(or scapegoating of whites), globo-homomania as replacement for Christianity, and etc? Whites must be the dumbest people on Earth as they go about serving the very people who mean them the most harm. It’d be like Poles serving the Nazis during WWII or Hungarians welcoming Soviet tanks in 1956. Jews have harassed Trump from day one, but he serves them. How pathetic.

In a way, Iran is fighting for all of us goyim. Just like the French were once under Nazi Occupation, we are under Globo-Homo-Shlomo Occupation. Americans need to be shaken out of the Jewish Media hypnosis. They need to be liberated from the Occupation. The West is currently just one big West Bank. US military is just a Janissary force doing the bidding of Jewish supremacists and LGBTQ degenerate neo-aristos. Say NO to White Nakba. Say NO to the cuck-traitor comprador elites of GOP and Democratic Party. Go Iran, No Zion.

US invaded Iraq and removed Hussein, the obstacle between Iran and Syria. Without Hussein, Iraq joins the Shia crescent. Jews didn't like that, so the US took on the role of Hussein. What irony. US has become the ‘New Hussein’. We must ask, ‘who sane?’


  1. Excellent. If one could get the average brain-dead borderline-illiterate normie to read this, it might actually make a difference.

  2. I just did. They called it a conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory with no proof. Go figure. Some seed falls on rock.

  3. This was really, really on point till the end when it kept talking all Blue Pilled about WW2. Like somehow France were the "Good Guys" lol. Iran fighting global jewish power good, Germany fighting global jewish power bad! I think this person needs to do more research about that period of time...

    1. My sentiments exactly. Calling out tge fake Jewish narratives, and tgen falling back on it in the end. Stupid or subeterfuge?

  4. "Whites must be the dumbest people on Earth as they go about serving the very people who mean them the most harm. It’d be like Poles serving the Nazis during WWII" This would have been the smartest thing Poland could have possible done... Wake up Sir! Poland was nothing but useful idiots for the jews and after they got Poland to pretty much start WW2 they threw them under the bus! Germany was protecting all of Europe from Bolshevism / Communism, the blood crazed jews would have razed the whole of Europe otherwise.


    Nazis took on the Jews and they lost
    Germany knew just exactly what it’d cost
    They made the ultimate sacrifice for us
    Their voices are screaming from the grave listen up
    Hitler shut down the Rothschild banks!
    Kicked all Freemasons out of their ranks!
    Opened up their lodges for the public to see!
    Freed Germany from Jewish usury!
    That’s why they drag Hitler’s name through the mud!
    So you won’t ever see him for the hero he was!
    And that’s why they do the fucking same thing to me!
    ‘Cause the Jews don’t want you to know their real history!
    Now this is what your country must do!
    Print your own money, tell the banks to go screw
    Themselves and their debt system
    This is my mission, call it goyim revolution!

  6. "In a way, Iran is fighting for all of us goyim." Pretty valid observation.