Saturday, February 9, 2019

We live in a World of Global Village Idiots or GVI — Global Village as Virtual Bubble controlled by the Conglos(Conglomerates) — Why Elites are so slavish to GV

Look all around us and we live in a world of Global Village Idiots or GVI. Even many Libs agree that the culture is inundated with excess of PC, a household term for several decades. Bill Maher had a show called POLITICALLY INCORRECT to highlight the importance of free speech and independent voices. But then, it was mostly a conceit as he never deviated much from its core tenets. He was either a faker or, when push come to shove, a company man.

In some ways, globalism has done wonders in spreading technology and knowledge all around the world. But it has also spread idiocy and degeneracy in equal or greater measure. It's gotten to the point where the elites are hardly more elevated culturally than the hoi polloi. Elites might as well be called the haute polloi. (In turn, the lower orders, in their addiction to fantasy and drugs, have become just as decadent as the spoiled rich wallowing in perversion.) In the past, when urbanites were mindful of class prerogatives and respectability, they could justifiably feel superior(at least culturally and intellectually if not morally or spiritually) to the rubes in small towns and villages. They were well-educated, refined in manners, and versed in arts & ideas. In contrast, the rubes had folk music, broken fiddles, and overalls for fashion. To an urban sophisticate, even a normal villager would have seemed hardly distinguishable from the village idiot. In those days, to leave one's village and make something of oneself in the cosmopolitan world was to be elevated.

But now, urban centers shamelessly wallow in degeneracy, stupidity, and idiocy spread by satellite media all around the world. People in the West and their eager imitators in the Non-West get all excited about a bunch of parading homos and associate what homos and trannies do(such as homo fecal-penetration and penis-and-ball-cutting) with the 'rainbow'. If a man dons a wig and says he's a 'woman', we better believe it.... but if he changes his mind a few weeks later and insists he's a man again, we better go along again. If we refuse the offer, it means we are not only backward & less-evolved idiots but evil and 'hateful'. By the commands of our 'betters' who control academia, media, and the state, we are supposed to believe that Covington Highschool produces neo-KKKids while the Black Israelites are nice fellas quoting from the Bible and preaching 'equality'(according to CNN). And BLM must be true because there are, of course, so many white KKKops prowling around da Hood to gun down innocent black kids. Never mind that murder rates spiked after the police retreated from black parts of Baltimore and Chicago. It's Inverse Reality that is fed to us by Global Village or GV media.

Today, being part of the globalist community is to be an idiot sucked into virtual reality controlled by Jewish oligarchs and deep state agents. What passes for fashion according to GV? Tattoos, piercing, green hair. And how does one make a political statement? Go into permanent PMS mode with 'pussy hats' and vagina-costumes. And, what kind of shows do urbanites(the 'best educated', most intelligent, and 'most evolved' among us) watch? Stuff like Lena Dunham's GIRLS, now replaced by even worse trash. This is sophistication according to rules of GV. This is 'intelligent', 'woke', and 'edgy'... or 'more evolved'. Honestly, it makes bumpkins in overalls look downright respectable and classy by comparison. Being a member of the cosmopolitan urban community used to mean having class, refinement, and kultur. In the present, it really means you're just a Global Village Idiot.

Furthermore, the notion of 'global village' is misleading because it implies the meeting of hearts and minds of ALL THE WORLD on the basis of equal opportunity to say their say. Actually no, GV doesn't work like that. In reality, Global Village is an electronic artificial bubble created and sustained by Media Monopolies. Being part of Global Village doesn't mean you're part of a larger humanity who are all equal in voice and power. It means you are part of a Virtual Village or Gay-Trix manufactured by a handful of media conglomerates that get to decide what is 'real' or 'unreal' for the Village Sheeple.
So, what is REAL news and FAKE news in the GV or GVV(global-virtual-village)? Most of us with a modicum of sense and experience(and less amnesia) know not to trust 'reality' as defined by the GV media. We know GV is about Elite Media power, not Middle Median power. So, the elites(fatally biased due to ethno-domination of Jews) deign to tell us what is truth and what is false. Elites design the props of this virtual bubble we've all been sucked into. According to GV, Russia Collusion is real. CNN and MSNBC are trustworthy news sources while Alex Jones peddles conspiracy theories. Now, Jones has often been a kook, but have CNN and MSNBC really been better? In a Truth Village, we'd have to agree that most of mainstream media does little but peddle conspiracy theories to serve the Power that is overwhelmingly globo-homo-shlomo. But truth doesn't count in GV because WE do NOT get to control the levers that prop up the virtual illusion of Global Village. The elites do.

According to the GV propaganda machine, the US is a nation where poor helpless blacks are set upon by the KKK and neo-Nazis. In truth, racial violence is almost entirely black on white. But because Global Village Idiots are mentally and emotionally weaned on the 'surreality' of GV, they believe in falsehood as their favored 'reality' and disbelieve in truth as 'triggering'(or prickly to the Comfort Bubble they've become so accustomed to). Kids raised on PC are like Bubble Boys and Girls. They are germ-freaks when it comes to fresh ideas and views that may infect their bubble world of correct thought. (To be sure, one reason why Jewish urbanites and Libby-dib gentrifiers rhapsodize about the supposedly noble and wonderful blacks is to create a moral smokescreen for their not-so-hidden agenda of driving black criminal elements out of the city. In order for Jews, fancy homos, and hipster-yuppies to push dangerous black underclass elements out, they must create the illusion of comity & camaraderie among the two communities while pretending that Trump and MAGA types are the cause of all the woes in the black community. By flattering blacks while scapegoating ‘rednecks’, the very people -- mostly Jews, homos, and yuppies -- who are socio-economically engineering the mass relocation of blacks get to work under moral cover. They wear Atticus Finch masks while carrying out Bull Connors work. For sure, Bill Clinton was able to lock up tons of black criminals precisely because he disarmed the Negro community with his shtick as the ‘first black president’. Same trickery prevails in Middle East Policy. Notice that the more the US goes about smashing Muslim nations, the more it pretends to care about the welfare of Muslims. In the 80s and 90s when the US was less involved in the Middle East, there were all these Muslim-as-terrorist movies. Now that the US has been invading, intervening, and smashing the Muslim world, there is much oh-so-precious condemnation of ‘Islamophobia’.)
According to the 'narrative logic' of the Global Village or GV, Jews are forever the Holocaust People who need protection when, if anything, they are the dominant power in the US and the most deadly & destructive force in the world. GV says the US needs to stay in Syria to protect Israel when, in reality, it is Israel that has been bombing Syria and aiding ISIS & Alqaeda there. GV tells us that US is a 'liberal democracy' but Congress just passed a bill that criminalizes BDS and Justice for Palestinians. So much for free speech and freedom of conscience. Jewish Power hates white Americans, but white Americans, having been sucked into the Conzo version of GV, act as if Jews and white Christians are the best of friends. LOL. Jews claim to care about Muslims who are held in contempt by 'Islamophobic' white Christians, but it was Jewish Hollywood that spread the Muslim Terrorist trope and it was Zionists who insisted on Wars for Israel that destroyed millions of Muslim lives. As for Palestinians, they hardly show up on the GV radar.

Now, things would look differently if the global village were truly democratic and equal. After all, on the ground level, there are people on both Right and Left who know the truth about the Palestinian situation. But GV ignores and even suppresses such individuals who dare speak the truth. Free thinkers are shunted to alternative outlets, but then GV works tirelessly to have even those shut down. Consider what GV tried to do to GAB. Apparently, GV gets to decide what is 'hate speech', therefore not free speech. AIPAC's calling for hatred against Iran, stealing of more Palestinian land, and support for apartheid-like policies in West Bank is not Hate. But if you denounce Zionist imperialism, that is 'hate'. Because GV says Jews are a protected group, the implication is Jewish supremacism is a protected supremacism. Now, what happens when the 'protected' Jews oppress the 'protected' Muslims? Since Jews are oppressing 'protected' Muslims, shouldn't we call out on Jewish supremacism? But then, as Jews are 'protected' too, it just gets more complicated... and ludicrous. It's like the conundrum when a 'made' guy in the Mafia kills another 'made' guy? What is to be done? Well, I guess some people, esp Jews, are 'more protected' than others.

In a true Global Village that would treat all peoples the same, our impressions of the world would be drawn equally from Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, and Russians as from globo-homo media conglomerates controlled by Jews and their cuckatoo puppets. But despite the tireless efforts of independent voices to spread truth and justice, they have no control over the levers of GV that still dominates world discourse. The World according to GV is defined and shaped by the venal Deep State. Across borders, it's like the Seep State because US influence seeps into EU and many parts of the world. So, how well-grounded in reality is GV engineered by the Deep State?
Well, what does this globo-homo Deep State tell Europeans about the likely consequences of mass-immigration-invasion? Europeans are assured that hundreds of millions of African migrant-invaders will do wonders for the Continent. That's 'reality' according to GV for you. Now, if people arrived at an honest assessment of Africa(and why it is the way it is) and Europe(and why it is the way it is), they would realize that tons of Africans in EU will wreck the whole continent. That would be global reality. But the GV says otherwise. Why, all those blacks are Magic Negroes, and the future will be bright. The Daily Mail story below shows the difference between truth and falsehood. GV controlled by the Deep-and-Seep State tells whites that they should aspire to be cucky-wuck dads and daughters into ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs.

Why does GV command such power and authority among the elites, the people who really matter in controlling the world? One reason is status-vanity. Elite-educated people like to be associated with kultur, sophistication, and refinement(even in our Age of Degeneration), and GV controls respectable opinion outlets like NYT, New Yorker, Atlantic, and etc. In truth, those are essentially little more than mouthpieces of the sinister Deep-Seep-State, but they still manage to maintain a veneer of 'class', 'prestige', and 'respectability'. Indeed, it is often less the product than the venue that determines worth in the eyes of the vain and shallow. So, even though HAMILTON the musical is trash, it played in respectable venues in NY and won the praise of all-the-people-that-matter, so the status-keepers and status-strivers all flocked to see it and agree as Global Village Idiots because blacks are magical and anything associated with Magic Negritude is miraculous. Remember that the critical community also praised New STAR WARS and BLACK PANTHER as great important works.

Also, GV owns the brands that matter. Harvard is a brand, so it doesn't matter that many of its graduates and bigshots have been some of the most destructive, greedy, and repulsive people on Earth. The brand counts, and most strivers, preferring status over integrity and truth, flock to fancy brands. As long as GV controls venues and brands, it can get away with tons of nonsense. Just consider. Homomania and Trannymania are ridiculous, BUT if the top institutions, brands, and venues promote and rhapsodize about them, gee... maybe they are really special. Notice even Charles Murray bent over to 'gay marriage', the silly bugger. And Terry Teachout is supposed to be a conservative critic of culture. That grotesque fat-body cried like a baby over HAMILTON and fumes about Russia because it won't bend over to globo-homo propaganda. What a worthless Fat-Cuck to Zion. Just another shill and Global Village Idiot or GVI.

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